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15 Jul 2021 13:10:48
Z. Hyamn (RIGHTS)

4th 2022


A. Ekblad
A. Lundell

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15 Jul 2021 14:30:10
Trading for free agents just means you get an extra two weeks to talk to them before other teams. It doesn’t mean they will for sure sign.

15 Jul 2021 14:44:32
Why is this even being discussed? wasnt Hyman suppose to resign with the leafs this year for a ham sandwich cause his dad is a millionaire and money wouldn’t be of any concern for him?

15 Jul 2021 16:35:03
That’s what Nylander said. I personally think he’ll sign with Edmonton for 4-5AAV.

15 Jul 2021 17:17:18
Lol Habby you have a great memory for calling out Nylander. Surprised you haven’t mention Caufield being an NHL player yet.

15 Jul 2021 17:22:15
Ekblad >> Tavares and Tavares has a NMC he won't waive.

I don't see Ekblad waiving his NMC either!

15 Jul 2021 18:17:23
@ebs I didn’t bother about the Caufield thing that was too easy lol.

15 Jul 2021 19:15:12
How about the time he said (I'm paraphrasing here) he wouldn't trade Kerfoot for Gaudreau, Giordana @1.75 mil retained, Valimaki/ Kylington and a 3rd round pick?

14 Jul 2021 13:13:40
Mtl- gallagher-strubble-2nd pick 2021

Cgy- thachuk

Mtl- drouin-byron-allen-kotkaniemi-guhle-1st pick 2021 and 2022

Buff- Eichel

Seatle- pick chiarot

Habs resign

Danault 6year 27m
Lekhonen 3year 4m
Armia 4 year 11m
Perry 1year 1m
Savard 3year 12m



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14 Jul 2021 19:18:48
Too much for eichel.

14 Jul 2021 21:47:20
Idk what's better, the fleecing of Calgary, or putting eichel behind Suzuki.

14 Jul 2021 22:24:28
That doesn’t get you Tkachuk. That easily gets Eichel imo (KK+Guhle+2 1sts would be enough), but I’m not sure trade works (Buffalo getting 5 players, many free agents, etc) .
Signings look good tho.

15 Jul 2021 02:36:48
Hell no from Calgary.

15 Jul 2021 05:55:52
Calgary says we'll give you Derek Ryan for that.

14 Jul 2021 11:37:22
BUF: Jack Eichel

MIN: Matt Boldy + Calen Addison + Filip Lindberg + 1st Round 2021 + 1st Round 2022 + 2nd 2021.

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14 Jul 2021 12:13:28
I still think Buffalo will need a proven player.
A Minnesota package likely has to involve a Fiala/ Eriksson Ek (seeing his new contract, I’m guessing they keep him), Boldy/ Rossi and 1-2 1sts.

14 Jul 2021 12:55:43
I don’t think minny is ready to make this type of move.

13 Jul 2021 22:43:14
Calgary trades:
Johnny Gaudreau
Mark Giordano @ 1.75 mil retained
Oliver Kylington
2022 3rd round pick

Toronto trades:
William Nylander
Morgan Reilly

Calgary gets the right shot RW they need and replaces Gio with player Toronto can't afford to resign.

Toronto gets Gio to play with Brodie again for next year at the same Reilly would be. After that they can resign Gio for much less if they want. If they don't resign Gio they have a talented young offensive defenseman in Kylington. And with Gaudreau they get a very high skill offensive play maker at LW too.

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14 Jul 2021 03:32:00
The leafs easily decline this.

Nylander>Guadreau. Nylander has term left where as Guadreau is a pending UFA.

Girodano=Nothing he has negative value at this point but with retention he could be given away. He isn’t the dman he once was.

Kylington=a mid round pick. Basically a jermey Bracco


I don’t see this being at all close.

14 Jul 2021 04:02:30
Gaudreau > Nylander
Rielly > > Giordano, Kylington, 3RD

No from Toronto.

14 Jul 2021 05:10:47
That should have been Valimaki instead of Kylington.

14 Jul 2021 05:20:11

Calgary trades:
Johnny Gaudreau
Mark Giordano @ 1.75 mil retained
Jusso Valimaki
2022 3rd round pick

Toronto trades:
William Nylander
Morgan Reilly.

14 Jul 2021 12:33:41
In what world does Guadreau>Nylander? Even Nylander>Jones. Did you not see what Hall got at deadline @75% retention. A 2nd. Rentals just aren’t worth cost controlled players. We will see what Seth Jones gets i'm guessing a 1st and a good prospect. I’m here telling the reality when people somehow think a player under control for a year is worth a player with term. Johnny Guadreau= 1st and b prospect in vacuum @50% retained.

Example Guadreau to Philly @ 50% retained for 1st 2022 and German Rubstov.

14 Jul 2021 15:17:04
Gaudreau isn't a rental he still has a full year left. As I'm sure you know a rental is when you trade a player at or just before the trade deadline not trading him before the season even starts.

Hall was a rental, he didn't have a year left and he had a full NMC. Buffalo couldn't trade him for the best offer, they could only trade him where he wanted to go.

Besides that, Gaudreau and the Flames are talking extension now, he could extended by the time this trade could go down. The trade can't happen before the expansion draft. If the Flames don't extend him, the Leafs will have all year to do it and we all know Dumbass will throw more money at him than Treliving will.

14 Jul 2021 15:44:14
The playoff no shows can stay in Calgary the leafs will keep their players. No interest in any combination of players from Calgary and I’m sure the leafs aren’t either when it comes to the big 4. Stated many times they won’t be moved.

14 Jul 2021 16:23:13
Id say Nylander>Gaudreau because of the term. As players, Johnnys probably the better option but I’d rather keep the team controlled guy. Either way, let's say that that's lateral - Rielly for Gio, one of Valimaki/ Kylington and a pick, personally, Valimaki, Gio and a 2nd is probably close to value (Kylington not so much) but the main issue I have is that if we’re trading Rielly, it’s for secondary scoring imo. The blueline has Sandin and Liljegren as prospects, Dermott OR Holl (depending on who stays after Seattle) and Brodie, Muzzin and more than likely Bogosian as well. To add on Gio and Valimaki just seems lateral, since Valimaki is likely a 6th dman here and Gio doesn’t upgrade from Mo at all.

The one w Valimaki’s a better value imo, but I’d rather just keep the guy with term who was the only leaf besides Kerfoot to show up in the playoffs (Nylander) and if we’re trading Rielly, i’d prefer to trade him for cheap forward prospects rather than d prospects tbh.

14 Jul 2021 20:33:37
@TopShelfSlappers Fair enough answer.

Bumping the pick to a 2nd would be a reasonable request too. I thought about making it a 2nd in the first place but I figured if I did that Leafs fans would say it needs to be a first and that's too much.

What got me thinking about this in the first place is all the Leaf fans wanting to trade Reilly because they don't think the Leafs can afford to resign him next year without giving up other players they'd rather keep. I assumed they'd want a replacement for him. Gio is that for the short term and Valimaki for the long term.

14 Jul 2021 21:51:08
Gio has a no trade. They'd rather waive it for Seattle, since trading for reilly makes them give up andersson, tanev, or hanifin.

14 Jul 2021 22:30:10
It's a modified no trade, he lists 19 teams he can be traded to.

14 Jul 2021 22:31:33
And no they wouldn't have to give up Andersson, Tanev or Hanifin. That's why I said the deal has to wait until after the expansion draft.

15 Jul 2021 14:43:40
MoxNix you have no idea what it’d take the leafs are trying to win now and you don’t do that by trading your number 1 dman for a aging 6th dman, a prospect on the verge of bust territory and Potentially the most 1 dimensional winger in the game signed with 1 year left.

I wouldn’t move Kerfoot straight up for that package you make your self look like a fool here with your hott takes. If you want Nylander you’re giving Tkachuk or Lindholm. Atleast a player that’d hurt to move. If your trading for Rielly then you’re giving a term controlled dman. The leafs will use Rielly as a rental then the flames can sign him in 2022 they are running for a cup so no need for trading him.

15 Jul 2021 18:15:13
@Nylander The only fool around here is you.

Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together would take a lot less than Gaudreau, Giordano, Kylington and a 3rd for Kerfoot. Suggesting Toronto would take that package for Kerfoot isn't foolish it's the stupidest thing anyone has said on here in a some time.

The guy who says things like Hyman will resign in Toronto cheaply because he doesn't care about money since his dad is rich calling others fools.

Nylander isn't worth a Tkachuk or Lindholm. He's only worth a Gaudreau because Gaudreau is UFA in a year. Gaudreau makes a bit less now and will probably wind up making about the same money or a bit more when he resigns.

Reilly isn't term controlled either he's UFA in a year's time too. The expectation is his new contract is going to cost too much for the Leafs to keep him.

13 Jul 2021 22:30:04

Tampa Bay

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14 Jul 2021 02:34:14
This sounds more like a trade Peter o toole would attempt to make.

14 Jul 2021 04:02:58
Let’s trade two young players for the most hated man in Montreal.

14 Jul 2021 15:45:05
Kucherov wouldn’t be hated after he steps foot in Montreal and wins an art Ross.

14 Jul 2021 21:52:09
Who's going to center him to that art Ross? It would be Suzuki.

13 Jul 2021 21:58:07
Alex Kerfoot C

2nd 2022
4th 2021

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14 Jul 2021 04:03:14
Kerfoot gets less.

15 Jul 2021 06:01:22
Kerfoot gets maybe a 3rd. From a team that's picking him up to meet expansion draft exposure requirements.

13 Jul 2021 19:26:30
Where do Parise and Ryan Sutter go? My guess Parise goes to islanders and Suter goes to Tampa or the aves.

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13 Jul 2021 21:04:32
I think you're right on the money Nylander.

13 Jul 2021 22:34:16
I’d be ok with habs making a pitch for suter. he’s still got some game left in him.

14 Jul 2021 00:20:48
Wondering if Suter considers going to Montreal to reunite with Weber. They are both much older since they last played together but it would be interesting to see.

As for Parise, I could see him on the Islanders for sure or maybe Vegas signs him for cheap.

14 Jul 2021 01:25:18
Very good guesses honestly, I could see it.

14 Jul 2021 21:56:22
If rangers trade for eichel, giving up kakko i see them going after parise. Otherwise penguins. And I think Suter is headed to Panthers.

13 Jul 2021 14:04:22
More Mock Sens trades:
Buf: 10OA, Sharks 2nd, Daccord
Ott: Reinhart (5x6AAV)
Buffalo gets two solid rebuilding picks and a backup goalie to develop.
Ottawa gets a centre/winger who can play on one of the top 2 lines and who is young enough to fit their timeline.

Col: Kadri
Ott: Logan Brown, Ottawa 2022 3rd, Tampa 2022 3rd
I see this as an expansion draft move, Avalanche have a lot of players that will need protection. They trade Kadri for a player they won't need to protect and who could potentially be picked by Seattle. They also get two picks.
Ottawa gets an established 2C/3C who can put up points and lead the youth.

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13 Jul 2021 16:39:59
At tgis point I would think avs are stuck with Kadri.

13 Jul 2021 18:47:53
Kadri is worth more than that to the Avs, they'll protect him and leave donskoi/ compher unprotected.

13 Jul 2021 19:09:38
No chance Reinhart signs for less than 6.5-7 AAV.

13 Jul 2021 18:47:53
Kadri is worth more than that to the Avs, they'll protect him and leave donskoi/ compher unprotected.

13 Jul 2021 19:09:38
No chance Reinhart signs for less than 6.5-7 AAV.

13 Jul 2021 19:23:25
@Vertius I figure Reinhart gets 6-6.5 but he might get as much as 7.

14 Jul 2021 20:55:46
If Buffalo likes Daccord I think they'd do the Reinhart trade. But if they don't like him they probably ask for someone Ottawa really doesn't want to part with. A young top 6 forward.

I can't see Colorado moving Kadri for that.

14 Jul 2021 21:57:45
Kadri has the tools to be a good playoff performer, but this isn't his first key suspension.

15 Jul 2021 01:45:17
Here's a line for the playoffs.

Evander Kane - personm Kadri - Matthew Tkachuk.


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