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21 Feb 2024 21:31:24
I have a proposal that I am sure will never happen but if it did.
Wow !

Arizona Trades
1st Round Pick 2024

Toronto Trades
3rd Round Pick 2024 (NYI Pick)

Love to hear everyone's thoughts on this one, in my proposal the best player is Marner so no Leaf homer as I have been accused of in the past.

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21 Feb 2024 22:33:37
This is just another one of your lopsided in Toronto's favour trades Pinball.

You expect that Arizona will be doing cartwheels to give up 2 of their best players with reasonable contracts and term of 2 and 4 years, plus a high first for one year of a good but highly overpaid winger.

As never in a million years would Marner ever, ever extend in Arizona, or agree to waive to go there in the first place.

It may not matter to you, but contract term and dollars absolutely matter to NHL teams. It's just another of your homer trades.

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21 Feb 2024 22:39:10
I actually don't want to lose Bertuzzi. For the most part he's very active at breaking up plays and keeping plays alive when he doesn't have the puck. And offers some good hits. I think he will be past his slump come playoff time.

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22 Feb 2024 01:34:02
See how that response shows Leaf hate, in my proposal I am offering the best player in the deal, I keep hearing quantity isn't quality well quality wise neither of Keller or Schmaltz are in the same class as Marner yet it's a homer trade?
Please don't shift gears when it's the other way, Leaf hate without a doubt with that response.
Plus I know it won't happen at all.

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22 Feb 2024 01:48:14
Memarcus while I agree that Arizona declines and I may have misinterpreted what you said but to insist that Keller and Schmaltz are better then Marner and Marner would not be the Coyotes best player is a pretty ridiculous notion.

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22 Feb 2024 01:51:41
Lol. Pinball. Just completely ignore contract duration.

That's just being completely ignorant on how the league actually operates.

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22 Feb 2024 01:56:32
Brutal trade, and stop with the “leaf hate/ wah-wah-wah” routine every time you disagree with the feedback you receive on your Homer trades.

You had your day, and Memarcus gave his reply. He is right. Grow up, and maybe consider that based on the feedback you continually receive, maybe your trade ideas are one-sided and not particularly grounded.

“There’s no crying in baseball! ” - Tom Hanks

“You hate the leafs because you disagree with my trades! ” - Pinball

🚫 Whining.

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22 Feb 2024 03:12:17
memarcusjoe basically said Keller and Schmaltz are better than Marner which is completely ridiculous.
Saying Marner is a good but highly overpaid winger is complete bias, everyone is entitled to have an opinion but come on Marner is a top 5 RWinger in the NHL imo.

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22 Feb 2024 03:18:38
Vbbb/ Pinball, where did I say Keller and Crouse were better than Marner, let alone insist that they were better?

I said you're asking Arizona to give up 2 of their best players and a high 1st for one year of Marner, since he'd never resign and a cap dump that they wouldn't want.

There's no logical reason for Arizona to do that as they will continue to struggle to be a bubble team, so one year of Marner is meaningless.

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22 Feb 2024 15:55:32
PINBALL: Memarcus said that Keller + Crouse are better than Marner.

He'd rather have the duo of Keller & Crouse RATHER than Marner. Read for comprehension, and think before you post. Your proposals are embarrassingly bad, but your reactions to feedback are just plain embarrassing.

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23 Feb 2024 16:08:48
So to prove to everyone you're note a Leafs homer like you've been accused of in the past, you've come up with:

Toronto gets:
4 more years of Clayton Keller
3 more years of Nick Schmaltz
and a top 5 1st overall draft pick in 2024

Arizona gets:
1 more year of Mitch Marner
2 more months of Tyler Bertuzzi
a 3rd round pick in 2024 (somewhere between the 55th-60th overall pick)

Did I get that right?

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24 Feb 2024 04:33:22
🍿 🍿 🍿.

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21 Feb 2024 15:40:08
Arizona Trades

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2024

*Arizona retains 50% of Dumba's expiring contract.

Thoughts ?

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22 Feb 2024 01:57:50


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21 Feb 2024 12:58:11
Arizona Trades

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2024

*Arizona retains 50% of JBrown's expiring contract.

Arizona still in a full rebuilding process would yes be trading their best player but they will be getting Knies who was the wingman for Cooley in College and they played great together, Liljegren who is an upgrade on JBrown long term, and a 1st Rounder, yes Kampf and Jarnkrok don't fit a rebuild but especially Jarnkrok has value if they decide to trade him.

Leafs upgrade huge upfront and at LW adding Keller, JBrown is the type of Defenceman they are looking at as well, Toronto looked at getting Keller in the off season and I am sure adding talent like that is always looked at getting.

Thoughts ?

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21 Feb 2024 14:28:14
- puts the leafs over the salary cap, and ARI over the roster cap.

- inequitable transaction for ARI

- leafs still need a goalie

- Robertson appreciates not being included this time, but Lilly wants to be left out of your next trade proposal to enjoy a day off. (Robertson or Samsonov can sub in. )

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21 Feb 2024 15:30:18
We don't have the pieces to acquire Keller unless we are going to empty the prospect cupboard and a bunch of our draft capital. This isn't the year to go all in for the cup. We are a year or two away from that when some contracts come off the books and the cap goes up.

I doubt the Yotes are looking to unload Keller any time soon, rebuild or not. He's had some good years with a low high talent team. They draft smart and allow Cooley and him to develop some chemistry they will be a formidable duel for years to come.

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21 Feb 2024 11:22:39
WSH - Martin Fehervary, Nic Dowd & 2024 4th
TOR - 2024 1st

DAL - Jani Hakanpaa, Radek Faksa & 2024 7th
TOR - Tyler Bertuzzi

Matthew Knies - Auston Matthews - Mitch Marner
Max Domi - John Tavares - William Nylander
Bobby McMann - Radek Faksa - Calle Jarnkrok
Nic Dowd - David Kampf - Nicholas Robertson / Ryan Reaves

Morgan Rielly - TJ Brodie
Martin Fehervary - Jake McCabe
Simon Benoit - Jani Hakanpaa / Timothy Liljegren

Ilya Samsonov
Joseph Woll

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21 Feb 2024 13:14:02
I actually like those but I don’t think Washington moves Fehravary.

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21 Feb 2024 14:31:22
- WSH & DAL decline.

- Dowd left with an upper body injury last night, but if he's healthy he'll definitely be sought after, and teams like the Rangers will definitely overpay to get him. If he's healthy I expect to see him on Broadway.

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21 Feb 2024 07:10:03
Stl - parayko

Tor - nemeilA, 2024 1st, knies.

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21 Feb 2024 10:58:37
It would be a huge mistake to trade Knies

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20 Feb 2024 13:26:15
NSH - Juuse Saros and Yakov Trenin
CAR - Martin Necas, Pyotr Kochetkov and 2024 1st

“The Juuse Saros trade situation could be more serious than believed and he could actually be moved.”
(via Michael Gallagher)

“The Hurricanes, Kings and Devils have been linked to Juuse Saros ahead of the deadline.”
(via Michael Gallagher)

“Martin Necas may be a player that the Nashville Predators are interested in.”
(via Elliotte Friedman)

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21 Feb 2024 13:15:55
I like the idea but I think it’s to much from Carolina think you could drop the 1st. Goalies aren’t worth much in trade.

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21 Feb 2024 14:33:10
I could see something like this happening. Saros will draw a healthy return if Trotz pulls the trigger on a trade, and CAR is reportedly in the mix for him.

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20 Feb 2024 13:17:12
Minnesota Trades

Toronto Trades
3rd Round Pick 2024 (NYI Pick)

Considering no retention of Salary and Fleury and Bogosian are upcoming UFAs a 3rd Rounder is fair in this proposal.

Players involved makes sense for both teams imo.

Thoughts ?

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20 Feb 2024 18:13:20
- MIN is 2 points out of a wild card. why would they torpedo their playoff chances to generously help your team like this?

- Quantity doesn't equal quality.

- IF Fleury waives he will bring a better return than this yard sale. If he were to waive it would be to go somewhere to have a much better shot at winning than what's available with the leafs.

- Hartman is already re-signed when his contract runs out this summer for a very reasonable 4M x 3 years. That's a high-value fit for MIN & Hartman.

- In short, your trades focus on leaf needs, and lack any consideration of what the other team needs.

- The fact that Robertson & Liljegren appear so frequently in your trade offers show that you don't regard them very highly either, yet you continue to include them with your one-sided trade proposals. Neither is a meaningful piece.

- Samsonov is a cap dump. Cap dumps require compensation to take them on. Is he an NHL goalie next year? My guess is he's in the KHL.

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20 Feb 2024 19:44:15
NRobertson and Liljegren are 2 reasonable NHL Players that a lot of teams would want on their team, Leafs are still in a win now mode is why they would be added in potential deals, What I proposed isn't really one-sided at all.
Bogosian on an expiring contract was earlier this season traded by TB to Minny for a 7th Round Pick, you don't think Liljegren is an upgrade?
NRobertson and Holmberg for Hartman is about right, which leaves Samsonov and a 3rd Rounder for Fleury which again is about right when it's Liljegren for Bogosian.
I guess I should have made it Matthews, WNylander, Rielly, Samsonov and a 3rd for Fleury, Hartman and Bogosian to make it fair in your eyes.

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20 Feb 2024 22:11:23
Want to add Samsonov isn't a cap dump as he is 7-2 since he had his setback with a shutout and a very respectful Goals Against Avg.
Kampf and or Reaves are cap dumps not Samsonov.

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21 Feb 2024 04:18:48
- how many times per week do you include Robertson and/ or Lilly in trade proposals? If you don’t want them then why would another team?

- Samsonov is a cap dump, and everyone knows the leafs need goaltending. Help won’t come cheap at the deadline.

- Pay attention to what kinds of returns happen at the deadline, and then compare them to your one-sided proposals throughout the year. The value you put on your players is not realistic, and that will be evident with whatever deals happen or don’t happen at the deadline.

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21 Feb 2024 17:01:17
We need to hold onto the only right handed dman we do have. Lily isn't going to be a top dman ever, but he could be a decent top 4 if he continues to round out his game, but most likely going to be a very solid bottom pair dman. And that's okay as long as we don't overpay him.

Are we in win now mode? Sure. Is this the year to push all the chips to the center and try and win it all? Absolutely not. Our goaltending is still questionable (yes Samsonov has been playing decent hockey, but he has also looked very shakey at times too) .

Robertson has shown he's likely going to be a 3rd line player who can score some goals and that's about that. He's not going to be the piece that makes a big trade happen.

We shouldn't be in a rush to deal Holmberg as he's going to likely be a key bottom player for us since we won't be working with a tonne of money. He's got NHL experience and can play that 4th line role well.

As for the Minny players coming back. Hartman would be a great add for any team, but Minny gave him the extension for a reason so they likely aren't looking to unload him this year or next unless things go sideways. Fleury would be a good add as well, but again Minny is still in the playoff hunt. Do they get rid of a goalie who has playoff experience and still plays an overall good game? I doubt it. And finally Bogosian who yes a serviceable player as well, but is he what the Leafs need? I personally would rather us add a more mobile defenseman who plays a good all around defensive game in our end. Also don't think Bogosian really would want to come back to TO.

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22 Feb 2024 16:01:03
Kudos to MG for his consistently realistic and pragmatic view of his team, the league, and the value of various assets.

No one hates the leafs Pinball, but your trades are almost as unrealistic as the leaf fan who posts under the Habs-themed name.

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20 Feb 2024 11:06:31
To Tor - Saros, Carrier, Novak

To Nashville - Marner

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20 Feb 2024 18:19:52
Quiet Guy makes a loud statement with this clever proposal! The leafs would be much better served by this package than what Marner brings.

Thumbs up QG.

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19 Feb 2024 15:03:34
Frank Vatrano@50% retained
Radko Gudas
to Bruins for:


2024 5th
2025 3rd

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20 Feb 2024 02:03:27
Vatrano is better than DeBrusk and Gudas is better than Shattenkirk. Not to mention DeBrusk and Shattenkirk are both UFAs, it's gonna take more than a 3rd and a 5th.

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20 Feb 2024 18:20:54
Casual nailed it.

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19 Feb 2024 13:33:56
MIN - Jake Middleton, Patrick Maroon and 2024 2nd
TOR - Tyler Bertuzzi

Minnesota acquires Bertuzzi in hopes of resigning him long-term. Leafs grab a decent defensemen, winning veteran bottom 6 forward, a draft pick and frees up 2.25M in cap space for more potential moves.

Middleton - 2.45M @ 2 UFA
Maroon - 800K @ 1 UFA
Bertuzzi - 5.5M @ 1 UFA

Matthew Knies - Auston Matthews - Mitch Marner
Max Domi - John Tavares - William Nylander
Bobby McMann - Calle Jarnkrok - Nicholas Robertson
Ryan Reaves - David Kampf - Patrick Maroon

Morgan Rielly - TJ Brodie
Jake Middleton - Jake McCabe
Simon Benoit - Timothy Liljegren

Ilya Samsonov
Joseph Woll

Just wanted to post something new

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19 Feb 2024 14:27:40
Seems fair but I don't think Bertuzzi will waive for a non contending team.

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19 Feb 2024 14:44:44
So the leafs get:

- the best player in the trade (Middleton), who is under contract for the coming year at a very reasonable cap hit. (A D-man with almost identical offensive stats as Bert. )

- 2.25M in cap relief…which is absolutely huge.

- a proven winner in Maroon who would be an instant heart transplant for the leafs at playoff time.

- on top of all this, they get a 2nd too?

MIN gets:

- a head case they could sign as a UFA next season if they really wanted him. (And they won’t because they won’t be able to afford him with their crushing buyout penalties. )

- less depth for a team only 4 points out of a wild card?

I can’t imagine any scenario where Billy G would consider such a move. There’s absolutely no reason for him to do this to his team.

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19 Feb 2024 15:11:10
Maroon is out 4-6 weeks just sayin ;)

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20 Feb 2024 02:04:54
I think you're right, just throwing new trade ideas out instead of posting the same old stuff @chickenfoot.

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20 Feb 2024 16:10:07
Would love to acquire a guy like Middleton. He would round out the defense without breaking the bank in terms of cap hit. I'd imagine to get him though you're looking at parting with a 1st, 2nd, and one of Minten or Cowen, plus a player to make the cap work (Kampf) . Big price, but got to pay to play.

I know Bert personally (grew up playing hockey against him and with him on occasion) and he really isn't a headcase just to make that known. He had a good stint with Boston and got paid. I'm sure we all would take advantage of a nice pay increase if it allowed. As for his performance I couldn't tell yah why it hasn't seemed to click or work in Toronto. If the Leafs trade him to a playoff team I would imagine he would waive, but maybe not seeing as his family just welcomed a new addition and likely doesn't want to be relocating. Hopefully it turns around for him though and we get some production down the stretch and into the playoffs from him.

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20 Feb 2024 18:30:18
Bertuzzi let his team down when he remained the last anti-vax holdout in the NHL. He let his team mates down by missing all Canadian games when his team was in the hunt for a playoff position, and this hurt his trade value as well.

He has the tools to be great, but not the mindset. He scored 30 two years ago, followed by 2 years in single digits. He's on his 3rd team in two years, and the leafs only signed him for one year on a "prove it deal". Call it "mindset" if you prefer, but clearly he leaves his potential unfulfilled for a variety of reasons, and this year did nothing to improve his UFA salary negotiations.

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19 Feb 2024 05:10:54
CGY - Chris Tanev
EDM - 2024 1st, 2025 5th and Philip Broberg

Chris Tanev comes with an 3 year extension and 50% retention on current contract. Price is slightly higher due to dealing with a division rival.
Let’s say the next contract is about 3M @ 3 UFA with a NMC

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19 Feb 2024 10:17:53
Tanev has provided offense at a 1% rate above league average and defense at a staggering 19% above league average.
OZ Impact - 1%
DZ Impact - 18%
Compared to Oilers Defense :
Bouchard | OZ 2% | DZ 5%
Ekholm | OZ 5% | DZ 6%
Nurse | OZ -4% | DZ 3%
Ceci | OZ 0% | DZ -5%
Kulak | OZ 4% | DZ 2%
Desharnhais | OZ -7% | DZ 9%
(via hockeyviz)

| 652.7 Mins | 49 GP | 52.5% xGoals % | 27.2 xGoals For | 24.6 xGoals Against | 2.5 xGoals For Per 60 Mins | 2.26 xGoals Against Per 60 Mins
(via moneypuck)

Tanev 92% WAR %
EV Offense 55% | EV Defense 99% | Finishing 59% | Goals 18% | 1st Assists 41% | Penalties 67% | Competition 83% | Teammates 83%
(via jfresh)

2020-21 | 56GP | 2G | 10A | 12Pts | 6PIM | +15 +/-
2021-22 | 82GP | 6G | 22A | 28Pts | 22PIM | +35 +/-
2022-23 | 65GP | 1G | 12A | 13Pts | 21PIM | +7 +/-
2023-24 | 52GP | 1G | 11A | 12Pts | 10PIM | +10 +/-
(via hockeydb)

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20 Feb 2024 18:42:37
Seems crazy that those numbers show Bouchard as only 1% better than Tanev at offense. Can’t say I agree with that.

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21 Feb 2024 02:07:55
@Ebsolutely Oilersnation posted it
Article - “The Oilers are reportedly ‘making a push’ for Flames defenceman Chris Tanev.”

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21 Feb 2024 16:20:16
@Ebsolutely got to remember a lot of Bouchard's points don't come from the OZ, they come from that initial pass out of the DZ.

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21 Feb 2024 18:26:59
Okay didn’t realize that’s how it’s tracked, makes sense. Still 14 goals vs. 12 points total makes me think these stats aren’t to be fully trusted.

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23 Feb 2024 01:46:04
Completely unrealisric. Taney is way too injury prone and is nothing but a rental. It would need multiple teams to complete this trade and really. Taney is only better than Desardais on the Oilers roster.
Trade would need to be Tanev 50% retained to team 1, Taney to team 2 50% retained, Taney to edm. Desaedais & 2nd to Calgary, 3rd to team 1, 4th to team 2.

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