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08 Jan 2020 23:03:55
Jets Hellebuyck for Blues Bennington.
Who would add?

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09 Jan 2020 03:07:52
Hmm. think it's a straight 1 for 1.

Say World Cup was this year. Who is Canada's goalie?

09 Jan 2020 03:09:31
The master “baiter” back at it.

09 Jan 2020 10:20:26
Hmmm I would probably consider in this order maybe
MAF, Helly, Bennington/ Price. Maybe a little bias because I like MAF a lot, and he’s got the good experience. I think I take Helly or Benny tho.

09 Jan 2020 12:20:11
How bout Steen for mcdavid.

Good ol Stanley cup vet for a young up and commer in mcdavid.

Who adds.

09 Jan 2020 13:58:57
I think Oilers add another young kid, some German named Draisaitl. Seems like he could be a good 4th line checking center. he's big, and not to bad of a skater. will never be a star, however I think he does even have 3rd line capabilities. As for that for McDavid kid. I'm not so sure, his skating isn't all that bad. . hmm guess we will have to wsor and see. but if Edmonton could get a savvy vet like Steen for these 2 NHL maybes, that could put Edmonton over the top.

09 Jan 2020 14:02:16
Hellebuyk is ‘Mercian. I would go MAF/ Price and Binnington. I’m a price fan and I think he could be the starter and do well with good defence in front of him.

09 Jan 2020 14:17:26
Steen would be a great mentor for the Oilers.
Counter offer: Stern + 3rd for Mcdavid with $2.5M retain. Can blues fit that or should Oilers retain another $4.7923M?
Wait, they already have super star #1 center Robert Thomas, why would you want to give up Steen for center Mcdavid? Doesn’t fit at all. you're so confusing Homer. 😆.

09 Jan 2020 17:31:28
Blues would need to add Kyrou with Steen for cap reasons.

09 Jan 2020 19:10:08
Steen, Paryanko, Thomas and 1st for McDavid.

10 Jan 2020 03:32:45
That’s WAY too much VB. Thomas alone has more value than Mcdavid. He will be a legit #1 center one day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

10 Jan 2020 04:46:30
I'm not sure how hellybuck got binnington (a comparable trade, though a troll) turns into Steen for mcdavid. I mean at least go nurse for parayko for closer value.

Also I'd take helly over binnington, by a little bit.

10 Jan 2020 12:19:01
Would drais for a broken down zamboni be better to your liking?

10 Jan 2020 12:20:40
Bennington has a cup so got to stay with him. Maybe after Hellybuck single handedly carries his team to a cup it would be worth considering.

10 Jan 2020 18:02:02
I believe any rink would welcome spare zamboni parts Colt, there could be a deal to be made there. But I’m not sure you have the cap space to take on Draisaitls insanely bad contract. Do you have another counter offer? Think this next one through a little more.

10 Jan 2020 18:04:21
Single handedly? Like they didn’t have a really good team in front of him? I want to say Hellebuyck but Binnington has that attitude of a winner. I don’t know close one.

10 Jan 2020 18:52:54
Here is my final offer.

Bag o pucks
Broken down zamboni
Darren pang
1 week rental of drunken hull

Drais and nurse full retention.

10 Jan 2020 21:13:01
Binnington won that come himself? I don’t think fanatic even watches hockey.

11 Jan 2020 02:42:55
No deal, Peng is the deal breaker 😂😂.

11 Jan 2020 08:25:08
Without Binnington Blues wouldn’t have even been in the playoffs, so yes, Binnington won that cup himself. He dragged the team into the playoffs and then had a stellar playoff run. The team in front was good, but not great. The goalie made the team great.

08 Jan 2020 05:55:38
Oilers: 2nd rd + Gagner (for cap reasons)
Blue Jackets: Jenner

Jenner won’t cost a 2nd, but jacket take on ganger’s salary for this season.
Jackets need picks after they gave up a lot of last season’s playoff push.

Oilers need a centreman. He would be great on 3rd line.

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08 Jan 2020 13:46:42
Jenner is worth more than that.

08 Jan 2020 15:46:32
Jenner would be perfect fit for Edm. But I think he may coast more than this. Maybe add Puljujarvic Their Finnish GM may have interest in him.
What’s Jenner’s contract like, how many years left at what $$?
Jenner and Anderson are two of my favorite third line players tho, we’ll they played third line mostly last year for CLB when they were a little more stacked anyways. Haha.

08 Jan 2020 16:17:29
That Finnish GM had a chance to draft Puli but chose Dubois.

08 Jan 2020 18:00:17
Jenner is signed at a cap hit of $3.75M/ year until the 21/ 22 season which i think is a fair contract. Defensive minded 2 way center. I think it would cost more than a 2nd and Gagner that makes the same amount and is a UFA at the end of the year.

08 Jan 2020 19:44:33
The GM won’t want Puljujarvi. He skipped over him in the draft.
Now, I like Jenner, but he isn’t more than 3rd line Centre. He averages 35 pts per season. Plus, he has 2 more seasons after this one at $3.75 m. I think a 2nd (add ganger for cap space) is more than enough.

08 Jan 2020 20:19:16
Ok that’s kinda irrelevant when they wanted/ needed a centre at that draft Donscherry. absolutely irrelevant to him possibly being interested in him now. Good talk.

08 Jan 2020 21:31:58
The GM took the glaring need of who he thought the better player in the draft was. (He was right) doesn't mean he doesn't want puljujarvi. Also Jenner is a great 3rd liner, who got 35 points on CBj without great minutes. Worth more than a2nd, and gagner for cap reasons isn't cbj problem, need to add another pick like 4th.

08 Jan 2020 22:04:52
Just because he thought Dubois is better doesn’t mean he wouldn’t want Puljujarvi. Also Jenner I think wears an A so maybe he means more to the team than a 2nd. I’m thinking it’s not enough.

08 Jan 2020 23:26:59
So he would want him because he is Finnish? That makes your point irrelevant.

09 Jan 2020 03:29:07
Thats not at all all I meant man, lol. Read between the lines.
Small reason I pointed out, that’s all. Read between the lines man.
Just because they needed a center and took a player for team needs doesn’t mean he wouldn’t possibly be interested in this player. Come on now.

10 Jan 2020 12:23:28
Jenner is proven. Puljujarvi is not. If anything Puljujarvi is a proven bust. He gets one last shot at the nhl but it won’t cost a very good player like Jenner to get him. More like a mid round pick if Edmonton is lucky.

10 Jan 2020 18:06:14
He’s a proven bust? Even though he’s been a great player in every league he’s played in except his stints in the NHL when he was a teenager?

11 Jan 2020 08:26:54
That’s right. He can do great in all the beer leagues I. The world. If he can’t play nhl then he’s a bust. And if I remember correctly virtually everyone on this site has called him that at some point not just me.

11 Jan 2020 20:37:01
He’s 21 and hasn’t been a star in the NHL so he’s a bust? He also hadn’t been given that much of an opportunity in North America.

08 Jan 2020 05:52:43
Oilers: puljujarvi + khaira + 4th rd pick or Lageson

Bruins: Debrusk

Debrusk is in the dog house. Oilers need a winger.
Khaira would fit the Bruins style of game. Also, Puljujarvi won’t be as expensive to sign as Debrusk. Lageson could help Bruins blueline. Chara won’t play forever.

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08 Jan 2020 15:57:15
I think it’s a pretty good package but I think because Debrusk is a fan favourite he won’t be moved for that. Good proposal though.

08 Jan 2020 18:07:29
I think debrusk is a hard target. The real gamble is for JP. does he want to come back and play or will he have stipulations regarding his return. He looks good over in Liiga.

08 Jan 2020 21:48:59
Boston says NO.

10 Jan 2020 12:24:42
All those Edmonton guys suck. Even Puljujarvi. Boston easily declines.

10 Jan 2020 18:09:26
Puljujarvi 100% wants to come back just not to Edmonton. Lol and okay buddy. This will be Debrusk’s 3rd year in a row getting 45 ish points. I bet Puljujarvi is the better player next year. Bold statement by me but just trying to prove the point that it’s not at all a bad package.

11 Jan 2020 08:29:24
Yes it is a bad package. There is absolutely no reason for Boston to do this. None. Zero. In fact, why don’t you give me a reason for them to do this since you think it’s a good deal?

07 Jan 2020 23:55:27


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08 Jan 2020 01:05:25
No thanks. Been there done that. I really like Lehkonen.

08 Jan 2020 01:13:52
Hahahahaha good one. alex G will be traded for a late round pick or part of a package.

08 Jan 2020 01:14:51
Why would not want chunky back.

08 Jan 2020 03:47:42
Why would Montreal consider this?

08 Jan 2020 03:56:03
The other day a bird flew over my house. A blue car drove up the street. It snowed last night. I hope you wasted as much time reading my response as I wasted reading your nonsense proposal. No chance mtl makes this trade and you know it.

10 Jan 2020 00:18:37
So your telling me it’s soo crazy to think that Marc Bergevin would give a 24 year old winger who’s never gotten 30 points but does bring a lot to the team and plays on the pk, for a guy who has scored 30 goals and 56 points in a season with his team and he’s just 1 year older. I think it’s more then fair for both sides.

10 Jan 2020 14:57:16
MajicMarc There is more to a players game than just points.

07 Jan 2020 19:21:51
Rangers Trade
DeAngelo - RD
Shesterkin - G
L.Andersson - C (AHL)

Leafs Trade
Brooks - C
Ceci - RD
A.Johnsson - LW (LTIR)
Kaskisuo - G (AHL)
2nd Round Pick 2021

Bold potential move by both Teams.

Rangers in a rebuild with Kreider also probably on the move and Shesterkin pushing playing time I believe the Rangers keep Georgiev over Shesterkin either or would be a great upgrade over Hutchinson who you loan to the Marlies to keep him sharp for depth, Getting A.Johnsson and a 2nd Round Pick are the keys for the Rangers, with Trouba and Fox on RDefence they are strong on the backend so DeAngelo can be moved, Leafs add a good young puck moving Defenceman that upgrades what they already have, Shesterkin and L.Andersson give the Leafs 2 young Players with great potential, again a bold move by both Teams but see this as a Trade Proposal that could be out there.


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07 Jan 2020 19:56:23
SO lopsided in Leafs favor. Easy no from the Rangers.

07 Jan 2020 20:47:17
Take out both the goalies and its closer. Rn its way too much from NYR, lol.

07 Jan 2020 23:41:45
If I'm rangers, I'm not trading a goalie until I see both and decide. Or keep both for when Lundqvist retires. (I'd also ask if king Henrik wants a move to a contender, would look good in San Jose edm)

08 Jan 2020 01:16:04
I think tha ts what they should do. Blues had bishop and Allen and decides to keep Allen.

08 Jan 2020 03:04:33
San Jose is not a contender and Edmonton is border line.

08 Jan 2020 03:14:23
If the king wants to go to a contender than San Jose would be the last place he’d go, Oilers also may make playoffs but not a contender.

08 Jan 2020 03:57:22
Only problem is it is hard to get a good look at the two contenders when the reigning king still runs the show.

08 Jan 2020 08:24:00
Super sneaky way to try and get Shesterkin, hockeys best goalies prospect, to the Leafs in a rubbishty lopsided deal. How stupid do you think people are?

08 Jan 2020 09:25:10
Lmao shesty is worth more than this package . pinball strikes again.

07 Jan 2020 15:58:55
Wings: Price, KK, Habs 2020 first round pick,and Petry.

Habs: 2020 first round pick and Mantha.

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07 Jan 2020 16:22:12
Wow no thank you. Keep your garbage contracts and the Wings will get rid of theirs this summer and use that cap space wisely.

07 Jan 2020 19:02:22
Garbage contracts? There’s only two real contracts there and I’d say the Petry one is ok and the Price one may be a mil or two overpriced but many consider him the best or one of the best in the game. Nothing “garbage” there.
I’d be more critical of the fit of Petry and Price in Det. Zero need or want for them two players there right now.

07 Jan 2020 23:51:27
While I like KK, I don’t feel it’s worth adding on two pieces that don’t fit and a lower draft pick.

I rather keep our High first and Mantha as they fit our trajectory better.

So similar to Yupp, Petry and Price don’t fit our needs and giving up Mantha and our 1st for KK and a First don’t really fit either.

08 Jan 2020 01:07:03
What about

1st 2020
2nd 2021

Detroit 1st. if they win the lottery.

08 Jan 2020 17:49:27
So basically this is a trade of rebuilds/ let's give Detroit 16 million in wasted cap space (I don't care if Price is the best goalie of his generation he's still grossly overpaid) and in exchange Montreal will take back Detroits best player and potentially their first 1st overall pick in 20+ years.

Montreal looks well set up for a rebuild after this and Detroit looks like their set back another 6 years from being a contender or a rebuilder.

Again, no thank you. Montreal got themselves in that cap mess they can get themselves out of it just like the Red Wings are doing.

08 Jan 2020 18:57:48
Lil Tuzzi. would you do the one I'm offering.? Only cap you have is Drouin, keep Mantha. I jus want your 1st.

08 Jan 2020 18:58:11
Well your 1st overall.

08 Jan 2020 21:09:31
Honestly I wouldn't. Drouin doesn't move the needle much further than they already are, its still a roster of 1 2nd line and 3 4th lines.

Yzerman has had a few months to look over what's in front of him and so far he's only added low risk roster players that are pending RFAs (Perlini, Erne, Fabbri) . Many believe he wants to wait this year out before he decides whos staying or going.

I wouldn't do it any differently, let the team keep racking up losses and increase the odds of getting the 1st overall pick. Hold onto Mantha and Bertuzzi, offer up Howard and Green and AA at the deadline.

08 Jan 2020 22:07:47
Sosa, I saw the one you’re offering it’s not bad but in terms of needs we would prefer Centres, Defense or Goalies rather than Wingers.

I would at least consider an offer if it was based on something like this for our 1st overall (Lafreniere) :

1st 2020

That would at least make me scratch my head as we would add to a solid D core and have a nice Goalie prospect.

Truthfully though, we won’t be moving our 1st right now barring an extreme overpayment. (Not even considering it’s a divisional rival factor) .

So essentially based on our current position, I’m comfortable keeping our 1st + Mantha since they both fit our timeline.

The only chance our first is considered to be moved is if we lose the lottery and we slide down for more picks/ prospects in a trade.

08 Jan 2020 22:36:35
Fair enough Dasyuk and LilTuzzi. hmm. I want Lafrennier. back to the the drawing board lol.

07 Jan 2020 15:13:43
Edm: Puljiarvi
NYR: Anderson

NYI: Ho Sang
Dallas: Honka + 2nd.

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07 Jan 2020 20:21:09
I think the Oil lose that trade but at least they get a young player with potential so I wouldn’t be too upset about it.

08 Jan 2020 05:35:51
Islanders have no use for Honka. They are loaded in defense. Especially right shot defenders.

06 Jan 2020 20:02:45
NY Rangers:

• Alexandar Georgiev

SJ Sharks:

• Jayden Halbgewachs

• 2nd/ 3rd Round Pick 2020.

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07 Jan 2020 00:11:24
If SJ has better goaltending they still wouldn’t be in the playoffs. They need a lot more than just a backup with starter potential to turn it around. I don’t see them making this trade at all when there is so much more that needs to be done first.


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