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08 Apr 2021 17:54:40
Stl Hoffman + Dunn full retention

Mtl 1st 2022 and 2nd 2021 lekonen

How does that sound.

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08 Apr 2021 19:49:55
Make the 2nd a later pick and the 1st 2021.

08 Apr 2021 20:10:51
You can only retain 50% at the most when trading a player, so full retention isn't allowed.

08 Apr 2021 21:20:40
Full retention = 50%, not sure why some people can't figure that out.

08 Apr 2021 22:05:18
When I say full retention I meant allowed by cba. So retain half on both players. As for the picks I rather have those then Lekhen. 2022 first 2021 second.

08 Apr 2021 15:07:32
Buffalo Trades
THall (50% of Contract Retained)
Ullmark (50% of Contract Retained)

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2021
4th Round Pick 2021

Toronto gets a Top LW to play probably next to Matthews and Marner with Hyman dropping down to the third line to only make all the lines stronger, Ullmark replacing FAndersen with Contract and his health a huge question mark sets The Leafs in Goal for the playoffs.

Before anyone is ready to shoot down this Trade Proposal, yesterday The Islanders and Devils Trade showed all the rest of the Teams what the asking price is for 2 UFA Players, including retaining 50% of Contract Retained, this Trade Proposal is in par with yesterday's trade.

Thoughts ?

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08 Apr 2021 15:43:10
Not comparable unless you think Palmieri = Hall and 2 older UFAs = 2 younger RFAs?

08 Apr 2021 16:17:24
It's very comparable, what did NJ get that's not in par to my proposal? In fact my proposal gives Buffalo better players.
So what you are saying is every Team in The NHL like The Islanders can give up not much besides a 1st Round Pick, but not The Leafs?
That's what you are saying with your response, sorry but NHL Trades between Teams doesn't make only The Leafs have to pay a bigger price tag.

08 Apr 2021 18:03:32
NJ got younger lower paid players, both are RFAs, didn't take on a washed up, injured goalie. And the Ilsanders didn't get Hall.

08 Apr 2021 18:19:41
@Mox, Jobst is a 27 year old undrafted AHL guy, pretty much the same as Barabanov, I'd say.

AJ Greer was a former second rounder in 2015, but has 6 points in 37 games, and hasn't played in the NHL since 18-19. This year even, he only has 2 points in 10 AHL games. He's likely a career AHLer, maybe a 13th-14th forward at his best. I'd say Freddie, despite his woes, is probably worth slightly more than that, especially to a team like Buffalo who'd likely be willing to resign him considering their lack of goalies. Sure Fred isn't great, but to a team like Buffalo they're probably a destination for him in FA anyway, so like they did with Simmonds last year, I think they'd take a stab at him if Toronto offered him.

As well, Palmieri and Hall, honestly, I'd say are pretty even, considering Hall's pretty terrible year. I have a preference for Palms, which makes me sad that the Leafs didn't pay the price NJ wanted, but really, Hall @4M and Palms @2.7 are pretty similar players - one is better this year, one has a better track record outside of this year. The difference really here is Ullmark and Zajac - I'd say Ullmark is a more valuable piece than Zajac on the whole, so probably bump the 4th up to a 2nd or so, and it's probably even.

08 Apr 2021 18:32:03
NJ got 2 AHLers one being 24yrs old the other being 27yrs old, both will not play any part for The NHL Team so they are RFAs for The AHL, Barabanov and FAndersen are both UFAs after this season so weather or not FAndersen is injured or not for the rest of this Sabres miserable season, does it really matter for Buffalo?
Your argument makes no sense.

08 Apr 2021 18:47:29
My Proposal of a 4th Round Pick is a guaranteed Pick, the 4th Round Pick in 2022 NJ will only get if The NYI win The Stanley Cup this year, so I disagree that the 4th in this situation needs to be a 2nd Round Pick, plus Zajak will play a bigger part for The NYI in the playoffs than Ullmark will as a backup Goaltender for The Leafs.

08 Apr 2021 19:51:13

08 Apr 2021 21:02:23

The 4th is conditional with an upgrade to a 3rd if NY makes the final. It’s a fourth otherwise.

08 Apr 2021 14:14:02
Crouse for Kerfoot Hirovonen
Laughton for 2nd 3rd Petan

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08 Apr 2021 12:05:20
Detroit Trades
Bernier (50% of Contract Retained)

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2021
1st Round Pick 2022

UFA traded players have been established with The Islanders/Devils Trade last night, so in this Trade Proposal there is one UFA and one signed long term, I believe this would be what Detroit would get in there situation and what The Leafs would be willing to Trade, a lot on here seem to think Teams have to give up the farm for other Teams better players, unless it's a McDavid or Matthews they don't.

Thoughts ?

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08 Apr 2021 16:05:32
I think Detroit just hangs onto their 26 year old power forward unless they get a really good offer and this isn't it.

08 Apr 2021 16:53:12
I agree with @MoxNix on this. Not enough for us to consider.

I am not saying Mantha is worth an insane amount in return but we have no reason to move him except for an overpay of what he is worth.

We are happy to keep him and have him locked in. He’s not going to get what Larkin or an elite player would get but it would be more than you expect.

Mantha is a piece with high value that is open to be moved in the right deal (compared to Larkin who has higher value and we will not move)

So with that in mind, we expect if we move Mantha, we get the best return for him compared to other available roster players (Ryan, Glenndenning, Namestnikov, etc. )

08 Apr 2021 07:53:59
Mtl- drouin-armia-lekhonen-mete- 1st pick 2021- 2nd pick 2022

Cgy- gaudreau-giordano-50% retain

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08 Apr 2021 12:13:22
Doesn’t make sense for Calgary, if they’re trading Gaudreau and Giordano it’s for Pick/ Prospects.

08 Apr 2021 03:27:10
To PHI : Johnny Gaudreau
To CGY : (2021) First-Round Pick, Philippe Myers and Nolan Patrick

To CAR : Sean Monahan
To CGY : Seth Jarvis and Jake Bean
(Carolina would have to find a way to shed cap, maybe add in Gardiner? I heard he's been on the taxi squad quite a lot this year.)

M Tkachuk - M Backlund - E Lindholm
A Mangiapane - N Patrick - D Dube
S Bennett - G Gawdin - J Leivo
M Lucic - D Ryan - B Ritchie

M Giordano - R Andersson
N Hanifin - C Tanev
J Valimaki - P Myers

I think Ryan, Nesterov, Leivo and Bennett get moved. Giordano should be going to @ 50% retained salary, they need to go all in retool right now before Markstrom, Tanev and Backlund start to regress.

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08 Apr 2021 15:55:41
Johnny trade might be a good starting point. Monny trade isn't, the Flames won't be trading Monny unless they get a far better offer than that.

I think Bennett stays, the rest sounds about right.

08 Apr 2021 16:25:50
Huge no from both teams Calargry won’t get more then 1st and b prospect for Guadreau and a 1st and cap dump like JT Compher for Monahan.

08 Apr 2021 16:28:02
Nobody wants Nolan Patrick. He is one concussion away from never playing again.

08 Apr 2021 17:23:19
I think Calgary should just add a bit to get Konechny for Gaudreau. Myers and the 1st is nice but Nolan Patrick’s a project, while Konechny is a young star.
Bean is an awesome prospect and would be sweet to get for Monahan.
@Nylander you have a lot of dumb takes man. You said Eichel is better than Matthews lol. Gaudreau is still a top 25 talent and while he is expiring soon he still has more year, which adds value. He can get at least an A-/ B+ And B- prospect and a first and maybe a vet.

08 Apr 2021 18:23:38
I like both, honestly. Myers is a nice top4 dman, Patrick is a lottery ticket who could pay off, never a bad idea to take a shot on a 2nd overall pick from a couple years ago, give him some good training/ rehab and he could bounce back, if he doesn't, oh well, cause he's the third most important piece in the deal. I think that's pretty good value for Johnny, my only issue is the Flyers issues are much like the Leafs of past, the defense/ goaltending stinks, so are they willing to give up one of their only good dmen for a forward? Time will tell, but values good.

The Monahan one is very intriguing. Bean is a nice pickup, probably a 5-6 dman but could be something more, but I'm a huge fan of Seth Jarvis, I really think he'll be a wicked player in the NHL in the future. I think maybe add in a pending UFA guy like Nesterov or Derek Ryan @50% or so, but again, I think the values pretty close.

08 Apr 2021 19:55:06
A lot of dumb takes? Look at what other players like stone and Karlsson got. Guadreau is worse then them both at the time.

I said I wouldn’t trade Marner for Karlsson when he was on Ottawa and look at that now. I’ll promise you everything I say is true IMO Eichel is better then Mathews. He’s certainly better then anyone in flames history. ( Gilmore/ Iginla )

08 Apr 2021 21:04:59
Nylander. Matthews is much better than Eichel. Eichel is top 15 when healthy, Matthews is top 5. Stone got a great prospect (Brannstrom > Lilijgren), a 2nd and a vet while being a UFA. Gaudreau isn’t a UFA so is obv more.

08 Apr 2021 22:42:03
@Nylander Gilmore. I guess you never heard of a guy named Joe Nieuwendyk. Gilmore was the 2nd line center behind him.

08 Apr 2021 00:15:02

Kyle Palmieri (50% Retained)
Travis Zajac (50% Retained)

1st Round Pick 2021
Mason Jobst
AJ Greer.

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08 Apr 2021 13:27:08
I think there’s a fourth going to devils too is there not?

07 Apr 2021 18:25:35
As an adaptation to one of the trades

Calgary receives Eichel + Reinhart

Philly receives Gaudreau + 2021,2022 2nds via Calgary

Buffalo receives Monahan + Konechny + Bennett + 2021 Calgary first

Gaudreau has been rumoured to go to Philly and would likely resign there. They've been struggling as of lately and could use a change-up to get back in playoff contention. They also get 2 2nds.

Calgary gets their big centre star to play with Tkachuk as well as a decent 2 or 3C. They give up their valuable first and 2 2nds, but arrange a competing team for next year.

Buffalo receives three players all under 26 years old that probably actually make the team better imo as more roster spots are filled, as well as a valuable first to select a good prospect.

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07 Apr 2021 19:33:18
I think if Eichel is moved, a top A type of prospect is going to be in the deal heading to Buffalo.

07 Apr 2021 19:42:43
Holy that’s terrible for Buffalo I wouldn’t give eichel for that alone. Nylander, Robertson, Sandin, 1st 2021, 1st 2022 and 1st 2023 for Eichel.

07 Apr 2021 20:17:58
@sosahabs yeah fair enough
@Nylander tbh I think Buffalo would be dumb to not accept that offer you laid out.

07 Apr 2021 20:30:58
Reinhart wouldn't be a center in Calgary he'd be a top 6 RW. Likely on the 1st line unless they pick up another better RW.

Also this has Calgary paying too much and Philly receiving way too much for Konecney. Philly should be giving a pick and Calgary trading either a 1st or 2 2nds.

07 Apr 2021 21:23:28
@Nylander Yeah sure why wouldn't the Leafs cripple themselves for the next decade with yet another $10 mil a year center?

o. O.

07 Apr 2021 21:29:10
Mind you if Philly adds Patrick to their end of the deal, Calgary could give up a 1st and two 2nds.

08 Apr 2021 02:46:39
I also don't see him being happy in a Canadian city,
I could see Eichel as a King. some sort of deal with Byfield being the "A Proapect" coming to Buffalo. As well as other peices changing hands between the 2 teams.

08 Apr 2021 12:14:47
Calgary gets fleeced.

08 Apr 2021 17:28:46
@sosahabs the problem I see is say he gets traded for an A prospect like Byfield and it doesn’t work out (say Byfield is a bust), that looks awful because u didn’t get anything.
Monahan + Konechny is a start to a top 2nd line and Bennett a 3C. The first brings in a B+ prospect.


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