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18 Jun 2024 02:59:36
Utah Trades
65th pick in the 2nd Round
96th pick in the 3rd Round
98th pick in the 4th Round

Pittsburgh Trades
Reilly Smith - retain full salary of $5m


Anaheim Trades
68th pick in the 3rd Round
79th pick in the 3rd Round

Pittsburgh Trades
Reilly Smith - retain full salary of $5m

Maybe retaining this much salary gets Pittsburg draft picks.

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18 Jun 2024 08:32:58
I don't think a team can retain a full salary.

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18 Jun 2024 13:28:32
I’m not sure why Utah trades 3 picks for a 33 year-old that could probably be had for much less IF he chose to waive. (Older players are more likely to waive for a chance to win though. )

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17 Jun 2024 16:44:18
For the record, I dont think Marner wants to be traded but ultimately the decision to trade him comes down to him and whether he feels hes lived out his welcome in Toronto.

With Nashville, it seems like there are many fits that make them the leading candidate if Marner wants out. The line chemistry with O'Reilly, the cap space to sign long term, and a passionate fanbase that has realistic expectations of him and the team.

So with that being said, if Marner were to submit a trade list and Nashville was on it:

To Nashville:

Mitch Marner ($10.9m until 2025)

To Toronto:

Jusse Saros ($5m until 2025)
Luke Evangelista ($797.5k until 2025)
2024 2nd round pick (Winnipegs, 59th overall)

I've been wondering if Marner for Saros 1 for 1 is fair enough or if Nashville would be adding.

I've also looked through their entire roster to figure out what else Toronto could/would ask for in this blockbuster. Evangelista brings the most trade value being on an ELC with 54 points in 104 NHL games. He's not replacing Marner's talent or point production, but he's an ideal player to bring in for a middle 6 forward who might develop into a 50-60 point winger.

The late 2nd round pick seems unnecessary, you could argue its not needed or that its the last ask from Treliving to get the best return for Marner.

Currently, Toronto/Treliving doesnt have a 2nd round pick to use until 2027. The late 2nd round pick holds very little value but if Trotz was asked for a pick to be included in a Marner package, Nashville has 3 2nd round picks this year and 2 in 2025.

Since I'm not a Leafs fan with a fragile ego I welcome any feedback you guys have. Cheers!

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17 Jun 2024 18:06:42
Marner is over valued here.

Marner for Saros maybe. I believe TO adds because of the cap difference.

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17 Jun 2024 18:19:00
The return Marner gets will ultimately come down to whether it's a sign and trade or if he's given permission to negotiate an extension with the potential team before hand. Whatever that number is will determine what the return is. I think this is fairly accurate though.

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17 Jun 2024 18:45:05
I agree MG, what I put together would be a draft day trade but waiting for free agency to start would open the door for a team to negotiate an extension and do a sign and trade deal with Toronto.

@Chazz keep in mind that although the $10.9m cap hit is huge, waiting until after July 1st also means Toronto is picking up his $7.250m signing bonus and it would likely increase the potential return for Marner.

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18 Jun 2024 14:46:21
Fair value both ways.
I like it for both teams. Don’t see Marner waiving to go to Nashville not to resign there.

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18 Jun 2024 17:54:53
I can see Marner waiving to strictly get out of Toronto. But no team should be willing to give up much unless there's an agreement to resign. He's a top player who can put up points and is for the most part very sound defensively. He had a horrible showing in the playoffs though and it definitely hurt his value.

End of the day he likely plays out his contract and hits the road. He's earned that right to do so. The amount of cap space that the Leafs will have come 2025 offseason is huge. And the 2025 free agency class has the potential to be one of the best. Though he'd be a huge loss something has to give cause the 'Pay four players north of $10mill' plan didn't work at all.

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17 Jun 2024 15:30:13
3 Trade Proposals.

Philadelphia Trades

Toronto Trades

*Kampf would have to waive his NTC to complete the transaction.

Seattle Trades

Toronto Trades

SJ Trades

Toronto Trades

These 3 moves would not as much clear up Cap Space as these are hockey trades for all teams involved, which doesn't change much what's still needed for The Leafs but adding those 3 is a good start heading into Free Agency.

Thoughts ?

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17 Jun 2024 05:55:32
To Van - Jack McBain 1.5 Million

To Utah - Ilya Mikheyev 4.75 Million, sharks 6th round pick

Van gets a big forward (perhaps a Joshua replacement). Utah gets speed/skill to their game.

Van trades Joshua rights, for rights to Guentzel from the hurricanes.

Van signs B Dillion (LD), resign Hronek, Zadorov, Myers, Silovs

If trade happens, van would have approximately 31.85 million in cap space. Also assuming the cap projection to be 87.675 total cap space.

Guentzle 9.5 Million
Hronek. 8 Million
Zadorov. 6 Million
Dillon. 4 Million
Myers. 2 Million
Silovs. 1.5 Million

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17 Jun 2024 15:26:56
The UFA rights trade makes no sense, I don't think there's ever been a trade between teams for solely the UFA rights between 2 players.

And I think the reason Hronek hasn't been signed yet is Vancouver isn't willing to go as high as $8m, they want a # lower than Hughes AAV and Hronek has been rumored to be included in their attempts to trade Carolina for Necas.

I do like the Mikheyev trade though and I think Utah would pull the trigger on that if it was offered.

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17 Jun 2024 18:42:57
Good comment!

I think Necas will stay in Carolina, based on his age, which makes Guentzle the odd man out. As for swapping negotiation rights, I feel it's an advantage to both sides if team won't be able to come to terms and specific team needs. Basically it avoids free agent frenzy and missing out or being out bid for a players services.

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17 Jun 2024 20:02:33
Thanks Tuna! I think you're right about Guentzel, the early reports last month suggested that Carolina wanted to try to sign and keep Guentzel but I know I've read that the Hurricanes are open to trading his negotiating rights now.

I think the negotiating rights could be harder to acquire than just offering another free agents negotiating rights though, maybe at least a late round draft pick as well. For example, in the past Detroit has traded a 3rd round pick and the rights to Jonathan Bernier for the rights to Alex Nedjelkovic in 2021 and a 3rd round pick for the rights to Ville Husso in 2022.

Maybe if the Canes are interested in Joshua, his negotiating rights + their 2024 4th round pick would be the right trade value?

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17 Jun 2024 03:40:59
1st line
Slavkosky Suzuki caufield
2nd line
Konecky dach farrabe
3rd line
Newhook frost Roy
4th line
Gallagher evans armia

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17 Jun 2024 03:35:26
Montreal trade with flyers
Mtl sends 5th overall Jordan Harris , josh Anderson Filip mesar
To Philly for
12th overall,Travis konecky Morgan frost and Joel farrabe
Philly drafts demidov to play with mishkov
Habs draft : iginla , eiserman, sennecke, catton , helenius or defencemen :pareck , biuum,yakemchuk or Dickinson

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17 Jun 2024 12:11:27
Flyers say no. going up 7 spots in the draft doesn't doesn't justify sending konecny frost and farabee. It's pretty lopsided.

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18 Jun 2024 00:18:50
I’m suggesting Philly to see if they would want to pair with mishkov

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16 Jun 2024 03:45:13
Calgary Flames :
- Rasmus Andersson (4.5M @ 2 UFA)
- Andrei Kuzmenko (5.5M @ 1 UFA)

Toronto Maple Leafs :
- William Nylander (11.5M @ 8 UFA)

Leafs save 1.4M, acquire a solid RHD on a great contract and a slow skilled winger. Flames acquire an elite forward which they severely lack.

Nylander, 28
82GP | 40G 58A | 98Pts

Andersson, 27
78GP | 9G 30A | 39Pts

Kuzmenko, 28
72GP | 22G 24A | 46Pts

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16 Jun 2024 14:05:07
I like the idea but it wouldn't work for many reasons. Nylander has a full no move clause and seems very happy to be playing in Toronto for the next 8 years.

Calgary already made a long term commitment to Huberdeau which turned out to be a huge mistake. If the Flames are as bad as they were this season WITH Andersson and Kuz, I dont even want to imagine how bad they'd be without those 2 and Nylander instead.

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17 Jun 2024 23:00:57
That would be good to be terrible for the Flames. No team wins without top end (top 5) draft picks. Need that skill.

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16 Jun 2024 03:38:05
Calgary Flames :
- Yegor Sharangovich

Carolina Hurricanes :
- Martin Necas

Necas, 25 (RFA) - C/RW
77GP | 24G 29A | 53Pts

Sharangovich, 26 (3.1M @ 1 UFA) - C/LW
82GP | 31G 28A | 59Pts

Sharangovich is the more complete player which the Canes tend to love. If you look at their lineup, Sharangovich is exactly the type of player they usually go for. I think Sharangovich’s stats are a little inflated but he can still be a 50+ point player especially on a solid team like the Canes. Necas is more offensive and if he was utilized more he’d easily put up 60+ points. Both are very similar players but Necas is better offensively while Sharangovich is better defensively. Necas is a speedy winger (okay centermen) and Sharangovich is a pk specialist with a wicked shot.

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16 Jun 2024 19:12:38
I like the base idea. I'd think Calgary would add, and that's where it would fall apart.

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17 Jun 2024 18:09:32
Calgary prob needs to add a pick here. Most likely a 2nd and both teams would want to work out extensions as part of the deal.

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15 Jun 2024 21:13:13
Blues Trade

Leafs Trade

*Both Saad and Kampf would have to waive their NTC otherwise it can't happen.

This is just a good old hockey trade, Kampf gives St.Louis a good 3rd line checking Centre and Reaves goes back to were it all started giving them some much needed toughness.

Leafs add to their core of Berube type players and Saad would fit in nicely.

Thoughts ?

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15 Jun 2024 23:31:52
This makes all the sense in the world for Toronto. But absolutely none for the Blues. Saad, a 20 goal scorer who can play up and down the lineup for 2 4th liners? No chance.

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16 Jun 2024 00:34:53
St. Louis says no.
Toronto adds more.

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16 Jun 2024 00:55:22
Reaves has negative value.

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16 Jun 2024 01:16:27
Pinball…you don’t have to post EVERY embarrassing notion that comes to mind.

Webmasters, you need to institute some form of quality control to ensure one poster without hockey knowledge or impulse control ruins the experience of your otherwise fine website.

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16 Jun 2024 13:53:04
I'm saad you left Robertson and Liljegren out of your trade offer pinball 😢 you're supposed to make these trades fair for both teams and you left out the 2 most important players the Leafs have of value!

You're going to tell me that not even Dewar deserves to be packaged with this offer? He's too talented to be left out of this. 😩

You got to remember Liljegren and Robertson and Dewar next time pinball, they're absolutely essential to be included in any trade you make especially if you're going to look for a player that can play top 4 right handed D or be the starting goalie, and Saad can do both!

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18 Jun 2024 03:27:59
Is Saad not overpaid for what he brings?

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15 Jun 2024 18:42:29
Montreal trades with devils

Montreal trades caufield and 26th overall
To devils for
10th overall, Alex holtz and Dawson Mercer

Montreal trades with Columbus
Mtl trades Anderson and Barron or Harris
To Columbus for Patrik laine

Believable1 Unbelievable14

15 Jun 2024 19:48:22
No & no to each from MTL.

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17 Jun 2024 12:16:39
Laine should be cheap to get. he doesn't want to be in Columbus, and he's has off ice struggles. At 8.7 million per year. the cap space is to valuable. A team like Utah mY the a shot at him. but cbj probably adds.

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15 Jun 2024 16:50:50
Tor: marner, liljegren, jarnkrok. Chi: Jones, 3rd . Chicago gets marner, rfa, and a cap dump for top de and even generous draft pick.

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15 Jun 2024 20:29:24
No for Toronto. Can get more.

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