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07 Nov 2022 15:21:21
Seattle Trades

Toronto Trades
Joey Anderson (AHL)

This is type of trade both Francis and Dubas will be looking at.
Soucy gives more of what The Leafs would be looking at on Defense.
Francis looking to add in prospects get a Winger in Joey Anderson that can be a bottom 6 NHLer with The Kraken, with Toronto he looks to be staying in The AHL.
Both Holl and Soucy are UFAs after this season plus the difference being 750.000 in Salary with Soucy making more it's a wash contract wise.

Thoughts ?

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07 Nov 2022 18:59:21
Someone offers a 2nd for Soucy.

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04 Nov 2022 16:57:36

2025-3rd round pick

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04 Nov 2022 17:35:11
So, the Jets give up two young players, one that is really good for rental plugs and cap dumps, but yet somehow add a 3rd.

That is awful for Winnipeg.

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04 Nov 2022 17:53:27
Are the Jets really dumb enough to do this.

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05 Nov 2022 18:32:47
Stop with these trades that help only one team.

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06 Nov 2022 06:08:17
I only did this trade because it brings in more forward depth for the jets.

Heinola has been frustrated with the way jets have been treating him. Logan Stanley is injured and holden would he better for the jets defense. He has more experience and would really boost their defense up.
Stanley has the size but doesn't really use it that much.

Harkins would probably do better with ottawa. Ottawa is technically in the rebuild and having those three young players would really help them out.

Motte brings in good scoring chances to winnipeg and brassaed would be a good 4th line center or winger.

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06 Nov 2022 16:22:08
Thanks for thinking of the Jets and their need for 4th line players but they wouldn't give up these 3 players for what is being offered from Ottawa.

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06 Nov 2022 22:30:33
How about this.



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06 Nov 2022 23:23:45
Why would the Jets trade young players for rental plugs/ waiver fodder? Players of similar or better quality that the Ottawa players are available on waivers all the time.

Try and be slightly realistic if you want to have an actual conversation.

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07 Nov 2022 15:14:47
No chance. The Jets don't want that one sided trade of Ottawa's 4th line players.

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07 Nov 2022 19:00:39
7th round pick could probably land Motte and Holden.

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04 Nov 2022 10:32:50
Tor- matthews

Anh- henrique-drysdale-comptois
2nd pick 2023- 1st pick 2024

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04 Nov 2022 18:01:35
The Leafs won't be trading him away, but I dont think it would be a bad idea . Leafs would want a package based around Mactavish as well as Drysdale would be players id be asking for if I was Dubas

This won't happen though, as Leafs are in a win now mode. However, there is something missing from this team. I think it's passion, heart, whatever ya want to call it.
Maybe some of the Leafs fans can answer what is missing?

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05 Nov 2022 02:29:01
The leafs will trade Matthews this summer when he publicly states he won’t re-sign the following year. Book it.

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07 Nov 2022 13:23:43
Matthews' value, even though he is slightly underperforming this year, is sky high. I think it would probably take Zegras, at least.

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07 Nov 2022 18:00:17
That's not nearly enough of a return for the best goal scorer in the game. McTavish, dysdale, Gibson 2024 first.

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07 Nov 2022 23:19:09
Matthews is a great scorer, no question, but ANA isn’t giving away promising young talents like the names mentioned for ONE year of Auston Matthews, only to lose him after 1 season as a UFA.

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03 Nov 2022 18:46:51
Canucks trade JT Miller to Columbus for Cap dump Voracek, Kirilenko Marchenko and Stanislav Svozil.

The Canucks may have to add another player, in order to make the cap work.

Solves the Centre issue for CBJ, and Canucks start the teardown, that is badly needed.

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03 Nov 2022 20:29:02
Can't see them trading him only months after they signed him to an extension.

Doing this could really harm Vancouvers chance of obtaining Free Agents in the future. Players usually sign with the understanding that they can have security in knowing where they will he calling home for awhile as well as the financial security.
Also, yes, Miller has had a rough start, as all Canucks really have, but its not even 15 games in. Miller isn't the problem, it's the Defense. .

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08 Nov 2022 09:54:14
Agree with Sosa, and a 1st would have to be part of any package for a team trading a player of value from a rebuilding team.

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31 Oct 2022 17:05:07
what would it take for flames to get timo meier
and first (23)

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31 Oct 2022 22:07:27
That looks like a competitive package for Meier.

I’m not sure why the Flames would want to trade for Meier though. He’s an RFA at season’s end with a 10M Qualifying Offer. No team in their right mind would give him 10M/ season. When SJ chooses not to qualify him he’ll go to the highest bidder then, but it won’t be for 10M.

Last but not least, Meier is a career -25, and talented as he is, he just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy Sutter would green-light with management for a trade.

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31 Oct 2022 22:52:15
Likely need cap going other way as well.

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01 Nov 2022 15:15:03
what about someone like bertuzzi wha would that trade look like.

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01 Nov 2022 19:17:48
Bertuzzi would be less. He’s also injured so it’s a bit of a risk.

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02 Nov 2022 14:45:34
if he was doing good when he got back and kylington ws playing what sort of thing do you have to package with kylington to get him he is also a UFA after this season.

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31 Oct 2022 13:30:17
MTL trades Dvorak to PHI for:

- van Riemsdyk (No retention/IR for 6 more weeks)
- 1st ('23)
- 3rd ('23)
- Ronnie Attard (RD prospect)

Philly gets help at C where they're currently dealing with injuries, as well as getting rid of that awful JVR contract, leaving them with roughly 5M in cap space for further moves.

MTL leverages their space for picks and a RD prospect.

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31 Oct 2022 16:10:58
I can't see Philly giving up the 1st for 23.although they have had a great start under Torts, I still belive this team will be a bottom third team, and will have a great chance at landing one of the top prospects at the draft.

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31 Oct 2022 22:09:19
Philly has injuries at C and are in the market. If I was the GM in Philly I wouldn’t do this deal, but Dvorak is one of the C that they are apparently scouting.

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28 Oct 2022 18:34:25
3 Team Trade

to Toronto Maple Leafs -
G - Semyon Varlamov ( 5.00 @ 1 UFA )

to New York Islanders -
RW - Zack Kassian ( 3.20 @ 2 UFA )
3rd Round Pick in 2024 [ARI]
LW/RW - Wayne Simmonds ( 900k @ 1 UFA )

to Arizona Coyotes -
G - Matt Murray ( 4.68 @ 2 UFA )
2nd Round Pick in 2023 [ TOR ]

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30 Oct 2022 19:07:05
The Leafs might wanna inquire about Gibson. However, I don't follow him enough , I know he'd had some struggles the past couple years, I just don't know if that's the result of him, or the poor play of the team in front of him.

Would Leaf fans be into something like that? I also wonder what the cost would be, maybe Nylander? I'm not very good at evaluating talent, why I rarely do trade proposals.

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01 Nov 2022 14:18:51
why would the islanders make this trade? they get nothing in return.

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02 Nov 2022 14:45:09
Switch Simmonds to a 2nd and I think it’s decent. Might not be enough to make NYI trade Varlamov but if they start falling off they might take it.

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28 Oct 2022 18:27:00
to Toronto Maple Leafs :
LD/RD - Oliver Kylington ( 2.50 @ 2 UFA )

to Calgary Flames :
C/LW - Alexander Kerfoot ( 3.50 @ 1 UFA )

to Toronto Maple Leafs :
RD - Nikita Zaitsev ( 4.50 @ 2 UFA )

to Ottawa Senators :
LD - Jake Muzzin ( 5.62 @ 2 UFA )
4th Round Pick in 2023 [TOR]

to Toronto Maple Leafs :
RD - Ethan Bear ( 2.20 @ 1 RFA )

to Carolina Hurricanes :
RW - Wayne Simmonds ( 900k @ 1 UFA )
RD - Justin Holl ( 2.00 @ 1 UFA )
3rd Round Pick in 2023 [TOR]

M Bunting - A Matthews - M Marner
N Robertson - J Tavares - W Nylander
Z Ashton-Reese - C Jarnkrok - N Aube-Kubel
D Malgin - D Kampf - P Engvall

M Rielly - T Brodie
M Giordano - E Bear
O Kylington - N Zaitsev

M Murray
I Samsonov

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28 Oct 2022 22:45:12
I don't think Ottawa has any use for Leafs cast offs. Especially at that cap hit.

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