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22 Jun 2024 15:43:55
Ottawa - 7th overall

Philly - 12th and Laughton

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24 Jun 2024 04:22:47
Its hard to move up that far in the top of the first round. I'd think Philly adds a little but close. Imho.

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22 Jun 2024 01:52:57
Something crazy.

NYR: Kreider, 2024 1st

ANA: Zegras

I know it's not a RW that Anaheim is looking for, but I think the veteran leadership, playoff prowess and 3yrs until UFA status is what Anaheim would benefit from.

New York gets a younger skilled player to grow with, they could also look at going a different way and offering zegras for necas then move Lafreniere to his natural left wing.

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24 Jun 2024 04:32:27
Ana gets a lot ofl future and a little leadership from a guy not past his prime. Nyr gets most likely an allstar in the future. I just don't see Anaheim doing this or ny doing this. Its a risky move for nyr but could pay off. Or one of the worst trades ever.

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21 Jun 2024 19:15:43
Carolina Trades
Necas (RFA)

Columbus Trades

Thoughts ?

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21 Jun 2024 22:34:57
Your gonna be looking at a good draft pick and a skilled player.

Or a straight 1 for 1 of necas for zegras.

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22 Jun 2024 19:41:05
I actually like this deal.

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24 Jun 2024 03:08:06
It makes sense for Carolina needing Cap Space but because it's me posting it's not what the post is, it's who posted it.
No matter what I post it's always delusional and ridiculous.

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21 Jun 2024 13:10:24
Pittsburgh Trades
Pickering (WHL)

Chicago Trades
6th Round Pick 2024

*RSmith would have to waive his NTC.

Thoughts ?

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21 Jun 2024 13:54:01
At this stage in smith's career. why would he waive his clause to go toba rebuilding team.

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21 Jun 2024 13:59:28
I don’t think Pittsburg would want to give up on Pickering that quick.
I do agree that Smith would be a good add for Chicago. Maybe a lower level prospect than Pickering, or just Smith for a 6th.

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21 Jun 2024 14:58:54
If the Penguins traded a 3rd round pick to acquire Smith, they're not going to dump him and include a prospect in exchange for a 6th round pick. He had 40 points in 76 games on a new team.

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24 Jun 2024 04:37:07
Drwdave, if a team gets a player for a price and does not fit in, they're going to get what they can get. The "insiders" are saying 5th or 6th to get rid of him. I don't think this is far off.

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24 Jun 2024 23:53:45
Pinballlisback - that’s a great trade idea!

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21 Jun 2024 04:59:23
To Van
Mitch Marner (50% retained)

To Toronto
Ilya Mikheyev



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21 Jun 2024 14:01:58
The rest of my pinballisback trades are under fantasy teams which is really humorous. lol.

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21 Jun 2024 17:04:14

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23 Jun 2024 00:42:56
Love the sense of humour Tuna, thanks for bringin’ it🤜


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23 Jun 2024 17:32:14
Lol this just proves Pinball likes his own comments and posts.

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20 Jun 2024 22:45:53

I. Mikheyev
L. Karlsson

Blue Jackets

Laine (25% retained)

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21 Jun 2024 04:44:26
Van doesn't need that head ache. would rather see J Guentzle.

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22 Jun 2024 01:57:37
Columbus is very much a place I see mihkeyev ending up. For a mid draft pick at most.

Laine would be an interesting player for a team like Anaheim to pick up. Age and plays RW, and only 2 yr of control is right inline with their wants. They have some cap space, but the concern is with all the red flags he's had thru his career. I'm thinking he will end up in the KHL or Swedish league after this contract is done.

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20 Jun 2024 21:48:57
Buf 11 oa to Calgary
Cal Coleman and 28 oa to Buffalo

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23 Jun 2024 16:57:43
After reaserching 10th overall and after all time I think to much value is assessed to those draft picks. It is actually very interesting.

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20 Jun 2024 21:47:32
Anaheim Trades

Philadelphia Trades
1st Round Pick 2024(FLAs Pick)

*Couturier would have to waive his NMC to complete the transaction.

Thoughts ?

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21 Jun 2024 06:11:42
Why would the Ducks want to get even older.?

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21 Jun 2024 13:30:22
He doesn't care about what the Ducks would want to do BumbleBee.

He heard Zegras is on the trade block and decided Anaheim will probably take whatever they can get for him even if it makes them worse.

This is what happens whenever he posts something, its always one sided. Im just surprised this wasnt a trade to Toronto for Kampf and Dewar.

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20 Jun 2024 19:47:21
Wild: Robertson, Toronto 4th round pick 2024

Leafs: Gustavsson

Change of scenery could benefit both players.
Robertson would be a good cheap top 9 scoring option for the Wild.
Gustavsson would be a decent tandem partner for Woll.

Also gives the Wild some cap relief.

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20 Jun 2024 22:26:45
Tough to gauge what his value is. Maybe only a 3rd Rd pick would land Gustavsson. Me personally the Leafs need to big game hunt. Not a tandem to figure out what will is.

The Atlantic has proven time and time again (6 years straight I. The finals) that elite goaltending makes a big difference.

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21 Jun 2024 19:43:48
Fair enough.
I’d like to see the leafs get an elite goaltender, I just don’t see them having the assets to be able to get one.
The only really elite goalie available is Saros, and unless Marner waives his NMC or they decide to move Cowan in a package, I think they’ll have to settle for a tandem.

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20 Jun 2024 19:18:28
Blues Trade

Leafs Trade
1st Round Pick 2026(Top-10 protected)

*Both Binnington and Kampf would have to waive their NTC to complete the transaction.

Similar to the Markstrom trade yesterday.

Thoughts ?

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20 Jun 2024 19:34:39
Can you name one time the Blues were rumored to be shopping Binnington?

Because Markstrom was on the trade block since March and NJ were pursuing a trade for him since then as well.

Also, this trade is hopelessly sad for St. Louis and their fanbase would hate seeing such a poor return for their franchise goalie.

But you're not going to learn anything from this reply anyway so I'm wasting my time.

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20 Jun 2024 19:42:12
- STL laughs and hangs up.

- Kampf is a cap dump who’d require a sweetener to move. He’s a minus player and currently rated as 4th liner. At 2.4M x 3 more years you’d need to retain or sweeten the deal to make it palatable.

- Binnington is a hothead, and therefore wouldn’t be a great fit with any market with lots of media. I can’t imagine a worse market for him, with the possible exceptions of NY or MTL.

- leafs have 3 picks left in the first three rounds for the next three years. THREE! I suspect Treliving will want to acquire more picks, not trade more like Dubas foolishly did.


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20 Jun 2024 19:57:35
Not similar.
Binnington is better than Markstrom.
Kampf is not a 23 year old 6’6” D man with upside.

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20 Jun 2024 23:22:15
Binnington was rumoured to be in a deal to Edmonton last season involving Jack Campbell+ I believe but don’t quote me Frank servelli reported that around December. Personally I don’t think Binnington is worth a 1st.

IMO it’d be smart to move Binnington and then sign a good backup like Brossiout. Joel Hoefer to me looks like the real deal.

From the leafs POV I’d rather sign a good backup Broissoit or Kahkonen and run Woll as the starter. While allocating the 6.5 million that’d be spent on Binnington to the leafs Dcore.

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21 Jun 2024 00:46:36
Have you seen Bahl play?
He is at best a 6th Defenceman more a depth player, so upside is quite comical actually, Markstrom and Binnington are close imo.

Is Kampf a Cap Dump because he is a depth fringe NHLer, or is it his Salary because he plays every game unless he is hurt, on St. Louis he is probably a third line checking centre, and he actually is good at that.

So both of you can criticize all you want including Chickenfoot in another post saying no contender wants Marner, again ridiculous and comical.

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21 Jun 2024 01:53:36
Once again you prove that feedback just bounces off of you.

I dont even know why you bother asking what our thoughts are about your trades. Nobody ever agrees with you and you don't accept any criticism when you inevitably get it.

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21 Jun 2024 02:28:59
Yes I know Binnington has been on the trading block, I also believe in Woll and actually Hildeby also but in Toronto they want more security in Goal and Binnington gives them that for sure, Markstrom went for a young 6th or depth Defenceman and a 1st, so the asking price is probably a 1st and a frindge player like Bahl, Kampf is in my proposal because The Blues won't be retaining any contract of Binnington.

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21 Jun 2024 04:50:08
What really laughable is #pinball defending these outragous proposals. Marner is a good player, but all the trades you propose that include Marner. well any Toronto player is just trash. Try thinking about what other teams needs.

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21 Jun 2024 13:36:48
Bahl is 23 just coming into the NHL, D don’t usually hit their prime until 25-28. He has potential to be in the top 4 for Calgary in the coming years. Safe bet for a rebuilding/ retooling team.
How does he compare to a 29 year old 4th line centre who makes 2.4 million?
St. Louis would be better off allocating the money elsewhere.
Fair point Binnington and Markstrom are close, but personally I think Binnington is better. Plus he’s younger. Plus has cup winning experience.

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21 Jun 2024 13:40:27
Kampf is an overpaid 4th liner, why not just waive him to get rid of the $2.4m cap hit and see if someone like San Jose or Chicago will grab him to make the cap floor?

If you're just going to compare something 2 other teams did to what you think the Leafs should do, using your own logic this is similar to Goodrow being waived 2 days ago.

And if you're looking to bring in a $6m goalie as starter, why wouldn't you just re-sign Samsonov for that type of money since he's already got team chemistry and is 3 years younger than Binnington?
Seems like the only reason you are trying to acquire Binnington is that his old coach is now in Toronto, no different than when you came up with trades for Saad and Sanford.

Now you can click that disagree button pinball.

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21 Jun 2024 14:01:27
Bahl a Top 4 Defenceman?
That alone tells me you haven't seen him play, Markstrom was basically traded for a future 1st Rounder Bahl is the afterthought.

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21 Jun 2024 15:07:05
"Today’s trade demonstrates our focus on the infusion of young talented players into our roster as well as acquiring important draft capital, while maintaining our commitment as a playoff competitive team, ” Flames general manager Craig Conroy said in a release. "We thank Jacob for his professionalism and understanding of our decision to make this trade now and at this stage in his career. " - Craig Conroy, June 19, 2024 via TSN

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21 Jun 2024 17:25:57
You know what you’re right Pinball, the kids a bust don’t even know why Calgary picked him up. Might as well ship him to Toronto for future considerations.

Once that happens you can package him with Kampf and the rights to Samsonov for Saros. Once he’s a Leaf he’ll hold trade value.

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21 Jun 2024 18:02:59
Leafs don't want Bahl, Conroy is one the worst GMs is why he asked for Bahl, if you think he is so great hope you buy his Flames Jersey.

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21 Jun 2024 18:58:22
Never said he was great, said the kid has POTENTIAL.
As stated above, on a retooling team he could see top 4 minutes. Not saying he is a Top 4 Dman, not saying he won’t be a bust. Just stating he has more value in a trade for a retooling team than a 29 year old Centre making 2.4 million would for a retooling team.

That all being said if Bahl lives up to his potential and ends up being a top 4 D I just might grab a jersey ;)

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21 Jun 2024 22:42:44
This is horrible for blued. He will garner more than markstrom. But why would blues trade him. why.

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23 Jun 2024 00:59:13
PINBALL…here is exactly what LMac said:

“He has potential to be in the top 4 for Calgary in the coming years. “

LMac, take it as a compliment when Pinball doesn’t agree with you…it probably means you’re making sense. 👍


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20 Jun 2024 17:21:44
Ottawa Senators
- LD Jake Chychrun ($4.6m until 2025)
- G Anton Forsberg ($2.75m until 2025)
- 2024 1st round pick (Boston's pick, 25th overall)

Boston Bruins
- G Linus Ullmark ($5m until 2025)

Ottawa is aggressively pushing to land Ullmark. The former Vezina trophy winner won't come cheap and the package offered reflects that.

Boston acquires a backup for Swayman this season and they recoup their 2024 1st round pick, but the prize here for them is Chychrun.

I dont expect Ottawa to hold onto Korpisalo, either a separate trade or a buyout will happen for Korpi.

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20 Jun 2024 19:51:37
I did see this elsewhere, and while it seems steep for OTT with that 1st, the ARE desperate.

BOS is definitely in the drivers seat since so many teams need a starting goalie, and they have two.

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24 Jun 2024 04:52:50
I really don't think Boston is trying to add salary.

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