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07 Nov 2023 13:02:58
Monahan @ 50% retained
Pearson @ 50% retained
2024 2nd MTL
2025 2nd MTL

2024 1st NSH

Montreal gets some picks and prospects
Nashville gets a potential 2nd line center, some depth scoring, and a young D-man and some picks


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07 Nov 2023 16:45:33
Nashville won’t trade Kemell imo.
Monahan for a 2nd or 3rd is all that’s needed imo.

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07 Nov 2023 17:57:19
- I assume it’s Askarov, the NSH goalie prospect?

- there is probably a fit to be found here, perhaps by leaving Harris & Kemell out?

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08 Nov 2023 21:31:48
Laughable for Nashville. A potential top 5 pick won’t be moved for that lump of crap. Montreal has a better chance of winning the cup then Nashville.

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06 Nov 2023 11:40:04

- Campbell
- 2nd
- 3rd


- Armia
- Montembeault

- an exchange of awful contracts, IF Campbell agrees to waive his NTC

- Armia is a big body and still has some tread on the tire when he shows up. Playing with McJesus might inspire him to do just that.

- EDM will win more games with Campbell gone, and Monty is a competent NHL G who is cheap, and on an expiring deal.

- MTL a can buy out soupy in June, add a couple of picks, and see what they have in Primeau. If he stinks, Dobes on the farm looks like a keeper.

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06 Nov 2023 21:49:20
To me, Montembeault will be a goat. A goalie with his heart and passion for the game combined with his skills and ability to learn makes me hopeful in the future in the goalie department.

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06 Nov 2023 22:49:08
I wouldn't do this if I was in Habs management. At 27, Montembeault is hitting his prime. I dont ever see him as a star number 1, but I think he can be a decent starter that is capable of holding down the job for 4 to 5 years. As for Primeau, it's time to move on from him, give him a chance elsewhere.

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07 Nov 2023 00:23:45
Man Campbell Will require Atleast a 1st to dump.

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07 Nov 2023 20:45:00
And Armia would take at least a 2nd. Don’t mind this deal!

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05 Nov 2023 19:26:53
Canucks rasmus Anderson
flames tom willander 26 first.

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06 Nov 2023 17:27:38
Andersson is worth more and I doubt they’d trade him to the Canucks

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07 Nov 2023 00:25:50
Is he worth more? Pretty much a top 10 pick in a strong draft and willander and a 1st that’s the Canucks which you’ll never know where that’ll be. How much more is he worth?

But yes definitely won’t be moving him to the Canucks.

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07 Nov 2023 18:17:08
My idea was just if they decide to rebuild they should see if they can get a haul for him.

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07 Nov 2023 18:17:37
Should be able to since he is cost controlled at a good price for a few more seasons.

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22 Nov 2023 21:00:42
Van isn't making that trade. Sorry not sorry.

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05 Nov 2023 03:40:25
Timmins 1.1 Jarnkrok 2.1 and 1st for xhekaj 0.8, Sean Monahan 1.9

Knies Matthews Nylander
Bertuzzi Tavares Marner
Robertson Monahan Domi
Gregor Kampf Jarnkrok

Reilly Xhekaj
Brodie Klingberg
McCabe Liligren.

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05 Nov 2023 16:09:26
Another one sided Leaf trade.

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05 Nov 2023 18:34:05
I can’t think of any reason that Montreal does that

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06 Nov 2023 18:44:43
Easy no for MTL.

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07 Nov 2023 00:29:23
I really don’t think if Monahan is moved he will get a 1st at the deadline. Think he’s worth a 2nd and prospect. But Xhekaj is worth more to the habs then anyone else. Honestly just because of his rarity wouldn’t be surprised if he returned a 1st,2nd and 3rd type package. At minimum I see him worth what Hagal and Jeanot brought back.

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02 Nov 2023 12:39:59
MTL receives: CAR 2024 1st, Suzuki
CAR receives: Monahan 50% retained, 2024 3rd

SJS receives: CAR 2024 1st, Gallagher

Basically MTL dumps Gallaghers salary for future signings and to have room to act as a broker this year and gets Suzukis brother

SJS gets a third 2024 1st round pick for rebuilding for taking that salary

CAR gets center depth (face offs and depth scoring) at a super cheap one year deal since they are win now.

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02 Nov 2023 18:17:53
MTL declines, and I’m guessing Dundon declines trading the 1st for short-term help. CAR just doesn’t do that kind of trade very often.

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03 Nov 2023 10:21:47
Carolina says no. I think they want to keep Suzuki and Monahan Is not a guy that fetches a 1st.

Remember last deadline he cost a first to dump, so him at 50% is prolly a 4th or 5th.

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03 Nov 2023 14:28:49
I'd like to find a way to keep Monahan.

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04 Nov 2023 01:13:42
Monahan might be the first player that was traded to unload with a first, then be traded for a 1st. If he keeps healthy and continues his pace he'll get a 1st at the deadline for sure.

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31 Oct 2023 13:58:20
Toronto Trades

Vancouver Trades

Pros and Cons for both Teams.

Vancouver gets the better player but WNylander is on an expiring contract.

Toronto gets maybe a better suited RWinger for Tavares, and even though Boeser has an extra year on his contract WNylander was more likely to resign with Toronto while Boeser probably moves onto a different team.

Both Contracts basically cancel out each other this season so this isn't any type of Cap Trade for either team.

Thoughts ?

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31 Oct 2023 16:19:57
If Vancouver resigns Nylander is be expecting a 1st and prospect coming back with beoser.

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31 Oct 2023 18:11:07
Terrible for Leafs.

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31 Oct 2023 18:50:45
Kudos Pinball, this is one of your best.

- As you say they’re close in age, salary and both play RW.

- leafs are getting an extra year with Boeser’s contract, so they’d have to part with a 2nd or comparable prospect.

- when players get traded after lengthy and fruitless contract negotiations they rarely re-sign with their former team. I can’t think of one example. If this trade went through I’d expect VCR to try hard to sign Nylander long-term, but regardless, I wouldn’t expect him to sign with leafs if he’s traded before then.

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02 Nov 2023 22:51:56
Nylander is the leafs best player this year. To suggest there is any chance what so ever he is traded is idiotic.

If the leafs make a move it’ll be for Chris Tanev.

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22 Nov 2023 21:02:30
No chance by Van. Nylander will make too much on his next deal to fit in with Canucks. Not happening. Also, Nylander isn't a consistent player. Brock's stats aren't steady either but his is more due to injury.

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29 Oct 2023 14:12:15
To Philadelphia Flyers :
1st Round Pick in 2024 or 2025 - CGY/FLA
LW - William Stromgren ( 900k @ 3 RFA ELC )
LD/RD - Nikita Zadorov ( 3.75 @ 1 UFA )
3rd Round Pick in 2025 - CGY

To Calgary Flames :
RW - Travis Konecny ( 5.50 @ 2 UFA )

Konecny lives in Calgary with his wife, she is from there and he was talking about how they made the move there. He is exactly what they need, he’s available and he’s familiar with the area. Judging by Philly’s prospect pool they could use some more left-wingers. Zadorov could be resigned or traded at the deadline. So Philly is grabbing a 1st, 3rd, prospect from the Flames and potentially a 1st or 2nd for Zadorov? Flames would eventually have to trade Vladar to make the cap after acquiring Konecny.
Stromgren, 20 (drafted 45th in 2021)

Huberdeau - Lindholm - Konecny
Mangiapane - Kadri - Coronato
Ruzicka - Backlund - Sharangovich
Dube - Coleman - Duehr

Hanifin - Andersson
Weegar - Tanev
Solovyov - Oesterle

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30 Oct 2023 05:42:33
Think that's a little to much. He's to close to FA, . I think Calgary should hang onto firsts as well, they aren't a team that is a cup contender. They maybe playoff contenders, but do we really see them as cup contenders with the addition of Konecny.

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30 Oct 2023 11:19:39
I don't think CGY can trade any of their first rounders for the next 3 years due to the conditions attached to the Monahan trade and the CGY-FLA trade.

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30 Oct 2023 13:35:38
@sosahabs24 @chickenfoot

Yeah I just think if ownership was going to approve a rebuild, it wouldn’t be a long or thorough one. It would be a small rebuild/retool and Konecny being 26 would fit with the age. The Flames ownership won’t even let management use the word rebuild lmao, they are what’s holding this franchise back from succeeding.

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30 Oct 2023 16:17:49
CASUAL: agreed regarding CGY ownership. There’s too many owners that all want to be heard, so reaching any decision is slow and occasionally acrimonious. This leaves the team underserved without question.

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30 Oct 2023 17:13:44
I think that all flames fans should want to blow it up and build for when new arena is built. Just saying.

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30 Oct 2023 20:16:57
Zandorov would cost then 3rd and no name contract ( if you want to call him a prospect then okay but he has zero value) .

1st and Coronato for Konechny or Zadarov, Vladar, Coronato, 1st and 2nd for Konecny is more fair.

Konechny is looking like a star this season.

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31 Oct 2023 18:00:40
Geez I guess the leafs should trade Matthews straight up fo Konechny then. 🤔.

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29 Oct 2023 13:54:15
To Calgary Flames :
C/RW - Calle Jarnkrok ( 2.10 @ 3 UFA )
RD - Timothy Liljegren ( 1.40 @ 1 RFA )

To Toronto Maple Leafs :
RD - Chris Tanev ( 4.50 @ 1 UFA )

Tyler Bertuzzi - Auston Matthews - Mitch Marner
Matthew Knies - John Tavares - William Nylander
Max Domi - David Kampf - Nicholas Robertson
Noah Gregor - Pontus Holmberg - Ryan Reaves

Morgan Rielly - TJ Brodie
Mark Giordano - Chris Tanev
Jake McCabe - John Klingberg

Jonathan Huberdeau - Elias Lindholm - Matt Coronato
Adam Ruzicka - Nazem Kadri - Andrew Mangiapane
Yegor Sharangovich - Mikael Backlund - Calle Jarnkrok
Dillon Dube - Blake Coleman - Walker Duehr

Noah Hanifin - Rasmus Andersson
MacKenzie Weegar - Timothy Liljegren
Nikita Zadorov - Jordan Oesterle

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29 Oct 2023 15:57:25
Been there and done that with Jarnkrok. Not interested.

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29 Oct 2023 16:14:09
I proposed the same idea a few months back. I do think the pot would have to be sweetend with a 3rd round pick as 24 RD for a 33 injury prone Defenseman.

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29 Oct 2023 19:40:27
@BM4TML 220/254GP (34 missed) over the past 3 seasons isn’t really injury prone. He’s also one of the best defensive defensemen in the league which the Leafs could really use. He is 33, and I think it would be smart to trade him cause they are not even close to being good enough to contend for a cup. Leafs have a way better shot.

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30 Oct 2023 05:45:21
If I'm Calgary, I'm asking for future with Lillegren? What was the kid that was just there ( Blazers )
Or Lillegren and a 1st

Tanev, although not the star player, is the type you win with when it counts.

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30 Oct 2023 17:59:14
I am fine with the Leafs adding a prospect as long as its neither Knies or Niemela. But Jarnkrok has to be in to make money work. Besides they could get a decent pick by flipping Jarnkrok with a little retention.

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30 Oct 2023 19:54:05
@Coulson I agree and maybe they ask for someone like Moldenhauer. I don't know how the Leafs or their fans value him but he could be a very intriguing piece. However, I personally think adding a prospect would be overvaluing Tanev just a bit. He's older with 1 year left on his deal but you could still get some very good value for him at the deadline.

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30 Oct 2023 20:21:15
The flames would Beyond stupid to not retain on Tanev to maximize value I’d go as far as saying to suggest Tanev is traded without retention is idiotic. What else are the flames going to use the space on? If they trade Tanev they aren’t making playoffs. But yeah I’d hate to move Lili I’d prefer to move Knies but I’d do one of Lili/ Knies or Minten or a 1st for Tanev@50% retained.

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31 Oct 2023 17:01:13
@vbb I think you’re right actually, it would be smart to maximize his value by retaining as much as they can. I agree

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28 Oct 2023 21:31:04
Timothy Liljegrin 1.4 Calle Jarnkrok 2.1 and Ryan Reaves 1.35 2nd for

Nico Sturm 2 and Jan Rutta 2.75 Givanni Smith 800k.

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29 Oct 2023 11:31:06
Why? This trade does nothing at all.

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29 Oct 2023 12:40:59
Jan Rutta provides play off success and size and strength.

Nico Sturm is 60% fow win percentage size strength

This get rid of 37 years old Reaves who does not have enough speed and replacing him with local Giovanni Smith at 25 years who can achieve the same 800k

Knies Matthews Marner
Bertuzzi Tavares Nylander
Domi Sturm Robertson
Gregor Kampf Smith

Reilly Rutta
Brodie Klingberg
Giordano McCabe.

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29 Oct 2023 17:42:16
Reaves has negative value.

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30 Oct 2023 11:25:03
- Reaves just signed with the leafs this summer as a Free Agent, and has played 8 games.

- If a team ever traded someone they just signed like that it would be seen as a bad-faith move, and players would avoid that team & GM in future negotiations. That's why it never happens.

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04 Nov 2023 00:19:59
Better then waiving him. He 0 for 6 GA Hes not hitting or fighting anymore ( ie Marchand nor even intimidating) does have to be today but soon.

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26 Oct 2023 15:49:35
WSH: Mantha & 2nd (2025)

MTL: Future Considerations

- WSH needs cap space now to improve their roster or their season will be over by U.S. Thanksgiving.

- MTL has plenty of cap space with injuries & LTIR relief.

- WSH is apparently in on Connor Garland, and getting rid of Mantha's full final year of 5.7M would provide the space necessary for this season.

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26 Oct 2023 17:46:36
They get cap space by moving Kuznetsov who requested a trade.

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26 Oct 2023 19:43:26

- it is absolutely possible that WSH moves Kuznetsov.

- I suspect it will be easier for WSH to move Mantha at 1 X 5.7M than Kuznetsov’s 2 X 7.8M.

- Kuznetsov’s NTC means he’ll have some say in where he ends up, whereas Mantha lacks any trade protection.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see what WSH does. They don’t seem to be as serious about making the playoffs as they are in getting Ovie to break the great one’s goals record.

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27 Oct 2023 00:56:24
Deadline most likely, full retention, I can see a team like Winnipeg or Dallas being interested.

Ovie isnoffnto a slow start, but is catching wind now. He'll pass gretz eventually, probably go the selanne pp specialist route at some point.

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27 Oct 2023 09:07:25
Good trade

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27 Oct 2023 17:52:22
HRENKLIN: I suspect WSH will be forced to make a move sooner than the deadline. My guess is WSH makes a move by mid-November to clear cap space and add missing parts to their lineup.

Also, I tend to agree with you that Ovie will pass the Great One. The organization is firmly dedicated to that, so it will happen at some point.

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27 Oct 2023 20:35:20
Washington season was over before it started, this is an aging team that hung on to long without injecting new life.
This organization seems content to get Ovi the record, but not be a contender.
They will have a shot at a top 5 pick this year however.

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25 Oct 2023 00:13:37
Arizona Trades
3rd Round Pick 2024

Toronto Trades
Moldenhauer (Big-10)
1st Round Pick 2024

*Brodie would have to waive his NTC.

This would be both a player and cap trade, once Timmons is ready a move will have to come and it looks like even though early it's Woll's net not Samsonov.
Leafs add a physical RHanded Shooting Defenceman and a capable backup in Ingram.
Yotes get some future back more in this proposal.

Thoughts ?

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25 Oct 2023 21:28:21
Trading Dumba and taking back Brodie would make no sense for Arizona but the rest doesn’t look too bad. But I do understand it would be for cap reasons, Toronto would be better off trading Brodie separately before doing a deal like that with Arizona.

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26 Oct 2023 03:18:31
I don’t think people understand how mediocre Dumba is.

He’s on par with a player like Dennis Gilbert.

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26 Oct 2023 14:41:34
Treliving is a respected hockey man, and I can't imagine for a moment that he would trade depth in net and run with Woll and his 14 NHL games of experience.

It may well turn out to be that Woll wins the starting job, and he looks very good early on. However, teams that win lately seem to have 1A & 1B tandems, and frequently the 3rd goalie on the farm (or by trade) comes into play.

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27 Oct 2023 09:08:18
@VBB he’s definitely not as bad as Dennis Gilbert lol Gilbert is an AHLer

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30 Oct 2023 20:27:25
So is Dumba. No chance he’d make the leafs or even your flames.

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