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24 May 2024 21:25:52
Do we think this is the year that the Habs look to get "revenge" on Carolina and offer sheet ones of Jarvis or Necas?

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25 May 2024 13:19:50
I dont think so. That's all over and it's a new regime. It would be nice to add one of those guys, especially Jarvis. But don't think Gorton and Hughes will be doing any offer sheets.

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24 May 2024 13:33:36
I made a draft post earlier that is on the NHL Talk page. In that proposal I noted that there were two teams I thought might try to trade down... does anyone have any trade proposal fits if CBJ or MTL traded down?

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23 May 2024 15:04:13
So... anyone want to take a guess at the draft?

SJS - M. Celebrini (Obviously)

CHI - I. Demidov (paired with Dedard, mimics the Towes/Kane Duo)

ANH - C. Lindstrom (Build the forwards with Leo)

CBJ - A. Levshunov (BAP move, makes their D core younger but could consider trading down to address their forwards)

MTL - T. Iginla (Better D are available but they are pretty young with their D core... could also trade down)

UTH - Z. Parekh (Start building a D first team)

OTT - Z. Buium (Builds a good young core of D with Chabot, Brannstrom and Sanderson)

SEA - C. Eiserman (This could be the sniper they need)

CAL - A. Silayev (Big D to help control their back end and could fall to this place)

NJD - C. Yakemchuk (He could be the RD pair to Hughes)

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25 May 2024 13:21:23
I'm really hoping that Demidov falls to 5, or that Habs can select Lindstrom. I am still not sold on Iggys kid yet.

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21 May 2024 01:36:07
Anyone come up with a Hellebuyck trade?
Winnipeg Jets if possible would be smart in trading Hellebuyck and re-signing Brossoit long term with a decent back-up.
I know he has NMC. But that doesn't mean he is entirely un-tradable. Just means he has full control of where he goes.
He is great in regular season. But look at his playoff stats. Not that impressive.

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25 May 2024 13:23:34
Maybe to NewJersey. for this year's 1st, Allen and Holtz? You could switch out Allen for Dawes for a younger goalie with some potential.

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14 May 2024 03:35:55
I think habs will have demidov at 5

1st sj: celebriny (no brainer)
2nd chi : levshunov ( Chicago will also trade Seth jones to Toronto for marner)
3rd Ana:silayev (they need dmen)
4th clb: lindstrom( they’ll opt for a center to pair with Fantilli )
5th mtl : demidov (thank you)

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16 May 2024 02:11:53
Habs apparently want Beckett Sennecke at #5 which is crazy, Demidov should be their selection if he’s available. If they want Sennecke why not just trade down and grab some assets?

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16 May 2024 04:06:36
I haven't even heard of this Sennecke kid. Yikes. I agree with NotACasual, just trade down for him.
Where is he ranked? Could he be available at the later pick? ( Jets one)

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24 May 2024 15:25:40
I don't think he will fall down that far. It would be nice though!

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08 May 2024 00:01:22
Came back to this website after all this time,

simply for nostalgia purposes, are you guys still running the fantasy pleasure with BJ, Drat and that Montreal fan?

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10 May 2024 13:37:15
I was in it previously, but didn't see it renew this year.

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12 May 2024 13:21:29
This was the first year it ended.

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07 May 2024 02:24:23
With Rick Bowness retirement. Who would make a good replacement coach for the Winnipeg Jets?
I personally think they need someone who can actually light a fire in the players. Someone like Craig Berube. Holds players accountable.
I read an article that had 4 potential coaches
Anyone have any thoughts?
I always thought Bowness was the wrong guy. Don't get me wrong I'm not just blaming him. Players did nothing to help. Play way too soft.
Big changes are needed in Winnipeg. Not just the coach!!

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07 May 2024 13:17:54
I agree, some big changes are needed, but that isn't how True North operates, so there is a very good chance that Arniel is the next Jets coach.

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10 May 2024 13:39:01
Sounds like they took Brind'Amour offer off the table. I would be surprised if they moved on from him. but if they did he would do great in WPG or in TOR.

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03 May 2024 21:13:08
What do mjnisota fans think
Calgary kadri
Minnesota rossi plus cap dump
Maybe retention on kadri just looking at different options

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16 May 2024 02:14:00
Retention on Kadri would be a huge no from the Flames, they weren’t even willing to retain on Zadorov. Kadri just had a 75 point season, if it’s Minny coming to Calgary asking for Kadri then Flames have all the leverage.

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25 Apr 2024 19:20:49
First off Oilers need to play better Defensively. Game 1 was good but they didn't play any defense in Game 2.

Also, maybe tweak the lines for game 3 ....

Henrique - McDavid - Hyman
McLeod - Draisaitl - Foegele
Holloway - Nuge - Kane
Brown - Carrick - Perry

** and quit blaming Skinner for Game 2 .... it was the team for lack of defense

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19 Apr 2024 19:44:08
I thought it might be interesting to see some First Round predictions, so I'll be happy to share mine and kick it off:

- NYR in 4

- FLA in 6

- CAR in 6

- BOS is 6

- DAL in 7

- VCR in 6

- WPG in 6

- EDM in 5

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22 Apr 2024 01:52:10
Tor in 7
Nyr in 6
Fla in 7
Car in 5
Dal in 6
Van in 6
Wpg in 5
Edm in 5.

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22 Apr 2024 05:06:46
NYR in 4
Tampa in 7
Carolina in 5
Boston in 6
Dallas in 4
Vancouver in 5
Colorado in 7
Los angeles in 6.

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13 Apr 2024 14:16:51
Ottawa's Chabot has a no move clause kicking in July 1, 4 years left at 8 mill.

Any offers? I wanna hear them!

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16 May 2024 02:14:26

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