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30 Jan 2023 17:27:43
Just wondering question
Flames Markstrom what could you get for him at trade deadline to get his salary off the books and run with vlader and wolf for the rest of season I think wolf needs nhl time...

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28 Jan 2023 01:06:26
Deadline predictions

P.Kane- Returns a similar package to Mantha when he was moved to Washington

Horvat- Traded for a 1st and prospect ( B ) + more contracts potentially

Towes- Traded for a 2nd and a cap dump

O'Rielly/Taresanko-I think they stay but if moved they will return an equivalent to a 1st

Domi- Returns a 2nd or a 3rd

Chychrun- Stays in Arizona

Klingberg- Returns a 3rd

Timo Miere/Erik Karlsson both stay.

Monahan returns a 2nd

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30 Jan 2023 16:54:29
I read Toews salary for this season is only 2.9M so at the deadline it’s like 800K. For a third team to retain 25% of that (200K) it should only cost a mid to low pick. With that being said I could seeing him bringing back a first.

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21 Jan 2023 12:45:02
Man outside of Calgary, Dustin Wolf gets no love. Dude is an absolute beast.

G Dustin Wolf, 21
(WHL) 2019-20 - 34W 12L 2OTL in 46GP
(WHL) 2020-21 - 18W 3L in 22GP
(AHL) 2021-22 - 33W 9L 4OTL in 47GP
(AHL) 2022-23 - 22W 5L in 28GP

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24 Jan 2023 10:38:53
What do you mean? He’s considered a top 10 goalie prospect undisputed. At this point he’s probably only behind Askarov, Wallstedt, UPL, Tarasov and the goalie on Anaheim. He’s probably ahead of Cossa at this point.

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24 Jan 2023 19:34:25
He never gets talked about though, the only thing outside of Calgary i ever hear is "he's too small". He's insanely good.

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16 Jan 2023 14:32:19
Off-Season Bobrovsky Contract Options:

CAP HIT: Next 3 seasons at 10M/year.

TRADE: less likely, given FLA has already traded their next three 1st-round picks, and moving it wouldn't be cheap.

BUYOUT: to buy out the next 3 years it would create a cap hit of 6.666M for 3 years, plus 3 more years at 1.666M. Ugly, but necessary. Bob's game is structurally unsound and at 35 to start next season he's unlikely to be able to change some of his bad habits. (i.e. side to side movement.)

The buyout is ugly, but why waste one more season of this team's core? (At least it's better than the MIN buyout.)

Like Buckley's, it will taste awful, but it will work (better) than status quo.

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17 Jan 2023 19:07:46
3 years of saving 3.4M then 3 years of only 1.6M isn’t actually that bad. They don’t really have any expiring contracts so maybe they wait one more season with him?

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31 Dec 2022 16:10:55
It time to sell high on RNH so Edmonton can get the Big D out of Phoenix. Build the deal around these two.

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01 Jan 2023 23:24:21
You don’t move a player like Nuge if you’re contending.

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30 Dec 2022 21:22:39
JT Miller 50% retained, to any team willing to take on the POS

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15 Dec 2022 12:54:46
Is Nurse the modern day version of early Toronto days Dion Phaneuf? Most overpriced dman in the league is a very good top 4 guy but his price tag makes him extremely overrated?

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15 Dec 2022 13:20:27
He's always been an average 2nd pairing guy at his best. He's had one outlier year offensively, but other than that, average. He's always had the tools, just not the toolbox. It was a pretty huge miss on that contract.

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15 Dec 2022 19:04:46
I dont know about being the modern Phaneuf, but I see your point.
Hes got all the tools to be #1 Dman, but just put it all together. I'd love to have this guy at about 5-6 M per year. But he's way overpaid.
He kinda reminds me of Josh Anderson, obviously different positions, but all the tools, but can't take the next step to being a legit star in the league.

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16 Dec 2022 01:25:09
Josh Anderson is a fair comparison honestly.

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16 Dec 2022 16:35:26
Good post and replies.

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16 Dec 2022 23:46:46
He was a bonafide number one the season he signed his contract. He was a stud defensively and was on a 50 point pace. The GM made a mistake signing him to bridge deals then signing him long term after his best season. Should have either got him at a discount early or waited another season to see if he could repeat his 9M performance. He’s still a 2-3 D, top pair on probably ever team in the league though. I agree considering the cap going up he should have signed for 7-8. He’s been bad but I’m sure he’ll get back his game soon enough.

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17 Dec 2022 02:06:13
I wouldnt even call him bad Ebs, just not worth the 9 million .
When he's on his game, the guy is a force. Love his all around game. ( when he's playing to his ability)

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20 Dec 2022 02:39:13
Definitely agree with all of these points besides him bouncing back to a bonafide number 1 dman. #2-3 dman is a fairer expectation.

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24 Nov 2022 21:27:07
Sad to hear about the passing of Borje Salming.
Was a class act, and true poineer of the game. As well, one hell of a Defenseman.

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