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24 Jul 2021 17:46:19
A First and Levi for Reinhart?! That’s it? Man I hate Treliving, also how the heck did Risto fetch more lmao.

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24 Jul 2021 17:59:58
Well the first is in 2022 where the divisions are re-aligned to normal and I think Shane Wright is an option in 2022 right?

So that first is more likely more valuable than the ones being offered this year.

It may still be too little but teams are not as easily giving up their first in the next 2 years due to Wright, Bedard, etc.

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24 Jul 2021 08:33:03
Man I actually hate Treliving… Sam Reinhart is apparently going to FLA. Bean could’ve been had for a 2nd.

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23 Jul 2021 23:10:56
Seth Jones is probably one of my top 7 or 8 dmen in the league but a 9,5 mil cap hit? Holy Toledo.I guess dougie is going to want over 9 too now. Maybe it's a good year to just go with what you have and work some young guys into the lineup

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24 Jul 2021 01:06:35
So the leaked expansions picks ruined the expansion draft and now it appears the flurry of trades that couldn't wait a few more hours is going to ruin the entry draft.is it even worth watching the rest of this I wonder.long way yet to pick number 31 lol

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23 Jul 2021 20:51:00
That's a somewhat new approach being taken by that waste of a franchise Arizona coyotes. Tank for next years draft before the current draft.

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24 Jul 2021 01:14:13
I like what they’re doing honestly.

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24 Jul 2021 01:20:29
I feel bad for their fan base, and that’s coming from a leaf fan. It’s like they don’t even try and do a permanent rebuild.

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24 Jul 2021 01:30:43
Move them to Quebec already. Phoenix, and not the old Winnipeg Jets, are one of the worst franchises in North America Sports.

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23 Jul 2021 18:45:31
Ebsolutely, what Oilers fan liked him lmfao? I know a lot of Oilers fans who couldn't wait to get rid of him. Lmfao he was litterally hot trash there. Oilers fans despised losing Eberle for that bum.

As for his solo 50 point season on the Island, pretty sure White did that exact thing in his rookie season and had better points per games played this past season and is younger. Or is 49 points too big of a gap from 50?

I'm saying asside from panarin inflated stats helping strome, White is better in every possible way. So if Stome is worth 10th overall as you say that means White is worth at least the 5th overall. Lol

Oh and if White were on ghe Rangers being inflated by Panarin, he would likely be near a point a game player fyi.

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24 Jul 2021 01:25:20
You can find fans that hate anyone but if you follow Oilers Twitter or read articles on him, he was actually liked in Edmonton. Fans knew he had more offense in him and it would come. He only had the one good season in New York but he was still young. A White’s career high is 41 points? He has a better points per game this season? Strome was almost a point a game. Lol plus I never said he’s better than White or that he’s worth the 10 OA cause he definitely isn’t. If New York thinks White can earn his contract, which I doubt they do, then they’d for sure make that trade considering there ages. Neither one of them are worth 1st round picks.

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23 Jul 2021 18:44:24
Kyle bubas is killing this team with good intentions and stubbornness.
When your core doesn't include a goalie or a defenceman you are in trouble.
He needs to move mariner and or rielly.

Who do you think needs to move and who do you bring in? .

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23 Jul 2021 18:14:45
Philly got Ristolainen damn.

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23 Jul 2021 18:27:23
I’m one of few on here that actually considered risto decent but that is a huge return for him. If he gets that much can you imagine what jones will get?

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23 Jul 2021 18:47:09
1st and a 2nd and Hagg, holy christ.

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23 Jul 2021 23:08:15
Yeah you were pretty close when thinking of them still going after defense. Surprised Ristolainen was the target over Hamilton though.

The question is are they able to address any offence depth. Maybe find a way to replace Voracek? Philly if they find a consistent game could be at least a fringe playoff team next year.

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24 Jul 2021 01:31:23
Seems like a lot for Risto.

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24 Jul 2021 17:38:23
Way too much for Risto imo.

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