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16 Oct 2023 02:56:32
I'm still waiting on Nylander or TJ Brodie to be traded because there's no way the leafs can become cap compliant without it.


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06 Oct 2023 18:29:18
If anyone is wondering how the leafs will be cap compliant to start the season well here it is-

No the leafs won't make a trade.

Connor Timmons, Jake Muzzin and Matt Murray to be placed on IR

Dylan Gambrell to be placed on waivers. Nick Robertson and Holmberg to be sent to AHL.

TJ Brodie and William Nylander will remain leafs

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27 Sep 2023 21:05:53
As soon as I post it, Backlund is named Captain lmao

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27 Sep 2023 21:05:12
Flames press conference at 3:30 today.. signs an extension today and now a press conference, mhmm. I’m assuming he’s being named captain.

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10 Sep 2023 07:57:11
Dallas Stars look pretty stacked. Very early prediction that they win the cup? Or atleast make a deep run.

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12 Sep 2023 03:36:11
They’re literally the same team but with Duchene instead of Domi.

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17 Sep 2023 05:34:19
I don't see them as the top in the West, however a hot Oetinger could win it. I still see Oilers, Knights and Avalanche a bit ahead.

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09 Sep 2023 21:51:19
Just some Flames predictions

- Lindholm resigns at 8.90 @ 8 UFA
- Hanifin traded to Buffalo Sabres

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09 Sep 2023 23:57:37
Sabres have Dahlin and Power on the left side. Not many teams need a LHD. Kings make a ton of sense tho.

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16 Aug 2023 01:11:10
What's your opinion on Winnipeg Jets sign a one year contract or PTO with Nolan Patrick.
Maybe him coming home might be exactly what he needs to start over. ?

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16 Aug 2023 12:56:53
There is a handful of young UFA’s I’d want to give a shot on my team. Puljujarvi, Comtois, Gregor, Patrick. I think Patrick would be a good idea for Winnipeg especially if there going to be sellers.

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06 Aug 2023 18:02:58
Chicago offer sheets lafreniere 5×5m. Dirt pool but would cost a 1st and 3rd and not much nyr can do.

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10 Aug 2023 00:24:00
I’m sure they gladly take a top 5 pick.

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10 Aug 2023 01:41:25
Rangers would love Chicago’s first for Laf. Chicago could also offer 4.3M or less and only give up a 2nd. He’s probably worth 2.5-3?

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10 Aug 2023 15:38:26
Is he even eligible to be offer sheeted?

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27 Jul 2023 01:13:56
Don't wanna be that guy but I was the one who said Matt Murray will be put onto LTIR next and was met with a ton of back last. Well I told you all so.

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27 Jul 2023 03:27:05
Don't be that guy then VB. Congratulations on a good call, but just be humble.

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13 Jul 2023 07:25:43
Maybe tarasenko says, maybe next year when the cap goes up and better options try again, 1 year, 6.75 to chicago to play top line with Bedard and hall. Heck, hes already fired an agent and l, heard Carolina but maybe leaning to a 1 year deal like a few others for a bigger payday next year, never know.

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11 Jul 2023 04:03:35
I think the biggest misconception in the NHL is that Mathew Barzal is a centre. He is stapled as a winger beside Horvat this upcoming season and his max career FOW is only 30 more then William Nylanders career high ( also that was during 2017 Barzals rookie season and ironically Nylanders largest exposure at C )

During that season Nylander was 51% in the dot vs Barzals 43% ( career high 46% )

So in short Barzal is highly overrated but with that being said I think he is a PPG+ player in a offensive system as a winger.

A player who is a winger that pretends to be a C.

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11 Jul 2023 23:36:18
If the Canucks put bieksa in for one face-off in 82 games and he wins it, does that mean his 100% face-off percentage makes him better than Patrice bergeron?

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12 Jul 2023 16:40:26
Well if you put him out for only over 400 faceoffs like Nylander and he wins all of them then yes it does…….

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13 Jul 2023 07:56:59
Faceoffs are important and 46% stinks, toews best ever at 63.1. Most 1st line centers would be at 53-54 . 46 is bad. that's why some people here have a bad misconception of lindholm. Old toews old kopitar, old Bergeron, they all have the same in common. End of game, 1 goal down and offensive zone f/ o, they there, defensive zone 1 goal up, they're there. That's a true 1st center. 54% or better and even better in bad spots.

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