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19 Apr 2022 04:43:37
In 20+ years .. who had the best career.

Lafrennier vs Caufield
Mathews vs MacKinnon
Makar Vs Fox
Zegras vs Byfield.
Hart vs Askarov

Bedard vs Michkov

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22 Apr 2022 15:58:04
1. This one is probably the most risky. Caufield will be a good player. Lafranier could surprise us all and be a great player or he could be a bust. I’m going Caufield.

2. Mathews without a question. There are very few goal scorers as good as him.

3. I’m going with Makar here I think his offensive game is on a level we have not seen since Coffey ( who I never seen play )

4. Zegras bigger players take longer to develop and. Tend to be under appreciated.

5. Goalies are Vodoo I doubt either will be anything special

6. Michkov for the same reason as Mathews.

05 Apr 2022 00:19:36
Who would ya rather have

Josi vs Hedman
Marchand vs P Kane
Fox vs Makar
Shesterkin vs Vasilevsky
Mathews vs MacKinnon vs Draisitle
Campbell vs Demko
Zegras vs Caufield

Young Crosby vs Current McDavid.

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05 Apr 2022 13:23:30


05 Apr 2022 23:54:29
Probably would take the same as Memarcus but Shestekrin is doing very good on an inferior team. I think if he repeats then my choice changes there.

06 Apr 2022 15:39:42
I like memarcus list an would not change a thing.

08 Apr 2022 14:36:21

Kane and Marchand is almost a toss up, but I like Marchands 2 way profile more than kanes wizardry. Also as much as I dislike the Leafs Matthews is a beast.

30 Mar 2022 19:22:04
Sad to hear the passing of Eugene Melnyk. He did a lot to ensure the Senators stayed in Ottawa, if it wasn't for him, I don't believe they would have stayed.
I hope that all his work he has done will keep the Sens in Ottawa.

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28 Mar 2022 18:30:25
If Husso is the starter for St. Louis in playoffs, will it cost them a lot to unload Binnington or does he have value? He’ll have 4 years left after this season at 6M. Will they just have to let Husso walk to free agency? I think I pretty close comparable is Driedger and he got 3 years at 3.5M.

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30 Mar 2022 16:06:01
I’m sure Buffalo would take Binnington. Well pretty sure. He has a solid pedigree and hasn’t been as bad as Murray before he was traded.

24 Mar 2022 12:20:58
I am hoping to see a team like Detroit and Ottawa offersheet some cap-strapped teams.
Just using Vegas as an example, both Nicholas Hague and Nicholas Roy are RFA and Vegas has no cash available.
Sure they might get someone to take on one of their contracts, but is that enough.
Signing Roy at under 1.35 has no compensation and sign Hague for the 1 year for 2million costs a 3rd tound pick.
It would look real good on Vegas.

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23 Mar 2022 01:38:29
I’d give Kane a blank cheque with a 4 year term on it. Never knew how good he was until seeing him every night. Maybe one of the most underrated players in the league. I don’t know if the Oil can clear enough cap space but I have a feeling he’d show loyalty and take a slight discount to stay in Edmonton.

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23 Mar 2022 15:07:55
I love Kane and wanted him on the leafs but I doubt he’d take a discount. Doesn’t seem like that type of guy.

23 Mar 2022 17:27:40
Considering his money situation maybe not. He’s been run out of what 3 cities, if he fits in well in the room and continues to rack up points then I think he will. I don’t know how many teams were willing to give him a shot this season and I don’t think he’ll forget that either.

24 Mar 2022 00:36:53
Money talks. He’s in no position to take a discount I know I wouldn’t. Business is business Edmonton gave him a opportunity and he showed them that it was the right choice and that’s that.

24 Mar 2022 14:46:31
Players take discounts all the time. I don’t think they’ll clear enough cap room for him anyways so we probably will never find out.

30 Mar 2022 16:07:41
He declared bankruptcy a few years ago. He’s not any player. He needs all the money he can get.

22 Mar 2022 07:45:13
So the MapleGoofs GM and BlackHawks GM don't agree on some trade.. and the Toronto media makes a bid deal of it. What a Joke. This is why the Leafs are always considered better than they are. Damn media. Same thing with Mathews.. calling him a Hart fav. .. he's most over rated player in the game.. what a Joke. Sorry to you MapleGoof fans.. but your stupid media makes them better than they are..

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23 Mar 2022 15:11:35
I think you under rate Mathews. He’s a overrated offensive player I don’t see him being anything more then a 60 goal 50 assist guy but man is he ever good at stripping pucks. He is a far better defensive player then he is offensively go watch a few clips of some of the defensive plays he makes it’s unreal.

25 Mar 2022 22:21:53
We’ve talked about this before Sosa. You’d be kissing the ground Matthews walked on if he were a Hab, even though you hate Americans. His game has taken a big step this year, whether you like it or not. Toronto media is absolutely brutal, they also don’t help the leafs players at all. They are a big reason players don’t want to go to Toronto. The pressure the media puts on the players is a bonus to the rest of the league.

26 Mar 2022 02:43:20
Haha Toronto17, I don't hate all Americans. Just the ones that aren't in Habs Jerseys haha. I don't see him as any better than last year. In a regular game or a game against lesser opponents, he dominates. Big game, he's not all that.

26 Mar 2022 02:45:45
But Toronto17, there is something about Mathews i really just don't like, ever since he was a number q prospect that went to Switzerland. not sure what it is.

26 Mar 2022 23:25:31
You never hear me praising players, but Matthews deserves it this year. He’s playing at both ends of the rink. He constantly strips pucks, good on the face off and starting to throw some hits. Let’s stop judging a player by the jersey they wear.

21 Mar 2022 22:00:29
Another first round exit for the leafs.
They need to fire dubas after their exit.

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22 Mar 2022 00:16:50
They deffenitley won't be able to over take Florida or Tampa. Dubas did what he could, but he needs to

Honestly, not that Montreal is in playoffs, but I think with a healthy Price. Habs would still beat Leafs in a series. The Leafs have no heart or character.

24 Mar 2022 21:21:16
Yes they got a shot at both of them. Do you know who doesn't? The Habs.

Maybe Montreal has no heart or character if Price is not in net, ever think about it that way? ^^.


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