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11 Mar 2020 04:33:30
Should Habs extend Tatar and Petry??

I would like to see both back in 2 years... however, not at 8 year deals.
So.. I'd offer both 4 year deals.. doubt either take it. But would be nice to have em

Tatar 4 at 6.0
Petry 4 at 6.5.. i think it's fair.

Also.the 4 years is the window I believe Price can still be a number one goalie...and Weber can be a top 4 effective dman

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11 Mar 2020 12:37:35
I think the Habs should do it, plus get Kovalchuk back as well. I think they would all want 6 year deals though and for more than what you're offering.

11 Mar 2020 15:53:35
6 years for Kovy? No way man.

12 Mar 2020 02:04:28
I would see what’s out there in trade options more so for Tatar then Petry. But if there is a good deal to be made at the draft I’d go for it.

11 Mar 2020 01:47:44
Watching the Habs tribute Henri Richard.. made me think. Who are the best brothers to play in NHL?

Some will say Sedins..Richard's.. Tkachuks could be next ones..Sutters, Hunters.. ect , guys I grew up with were good, Scott and Rob....
I'll go with Maurice and Henri Richard... ( sorry Cranny boys)

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11 Mar 2020 15:52:59
Stastney boys.

11 Mar 2020 18:33:54
The Gretzkys.

10 Mar 2020 20:36:51
Since Montreal last one the cup in 93,, what has been the best Canadian Franchise??? Habs have been mediocre won a couple division titles but.. who cares.Canucks and Sens have been season powerhouses,but couldn't seal the deal.Leafs have had some fun runs, Flames and Oilers each had a memorable playoff run, but not much else??
I don't know the stats or anything, or who has most playoff wins ect..

I'm leaning towards Canucks..but kinda by default.. but it is kinda sad now that I think about it. When I grew up, it was Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal.. usually they won.

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10 Mar 2020 22:12:20
It might surprise you to know how close the Habs are still to the top spot even with how bad they have been.

11 Mar 2020 04:28:59
I don't know who it is, but I know who it ain't. And that would be Toronto. Leafs suck and have sucked for a very long time They didn't even make the playoffs for a ten year stretch. And even now that they are squeeking in, they lose first round in humiliating fashion. They just aren't good. Not good enough. Just plain not good period.

11 Mar 2020 13:44:30
I agree Habby that they are close. Although they have had some rough years. they haven't had any seasons in the 60 point range. like all the other Canadian teams have at some point during this time.

14 Mar 2020 18:56:10
Humiliating fashion? The leafs went to game 7 with the Bruins 3x and the capitals once.

10 Mar 2020 01:40:56
Is Saku Koivu a Hall of Fane candidate?

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10 Mar 2020 08:51:52
Due to injuries I would say no.

10 Mar 2020 17:25:48
As Habby said. his injuries and illness hold him out. Although he had a solid career, it was not spectacular.

Maybe more of a Habs fans question? Does his #11 belong in the rafters? I will also say no to this.

11 Mar 2020 04:31:46
He didn't win any cups or hardware that I know of. I didn't check so I could be wrong. But I don't think so. No. He is not good enough to get in HHOF. 832 points in over 1100 games doesn't even get you more than a mention as possible candidate. Like right here for instance.

10 Mar 2020 01:34:17
Any chance that Jason Pominville becomes a Hall of famer?

-Stanley Cup champion

-Olympique Gold winner

-All Star

-80 point player

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10 Mar 2020 08:52:14
I don’t think so.

10 Mar 2020 15:27:10
Pominville won Olympic gold?
What year? He’s American is he?

10 Mar 2020 17:28:46
Your not serious are ya? If Theo Fluery or Mats Naslund or Kevin Lowe. ect ect aren't in. then why would Pominville be in? Kovalev isn't in, nor should he be, but he had a better career .

11 Mar 2020 04:35:21
Pomminville never won a Stanley Cup. I'm less sure about the fold but I don't think he won a gold medal either. He never won any major individual awards either. 730 points in over 1000 games played are not HHOF numbers.

11 Mar 2020 18:35:04
Lol no chance he’s a HOF and I like Pominville.

08 Mar 2020 02:41:15
Alright, I know we talked about this plenty of times but do you guys have any new thoughts on the Jesse Puljujarvi situation?

Will he be back in the NHL next season? Will he stay in Finland? Will he be traded? Where? For how much?

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08 Mar 2020 11:11:34
The best situation for the Oilers and Pully would see him come back and play for the Oilers. However if he doesn't want to buy into what they Oilers expect from him he should be traded at the draft. He could bring the Oilers a high 2nd or low 3rd round pick, a decent 3rd line forward or a solid B prospect. No team wants a player that puts himself ahead of the organization, see Ho-Sang, so that diminishes what he is worth in a trade.

09 Mar 2020 13:24:41
He’s such an idiot. If he just worked hard his first few years after he was drafted, learnt the North American game and developed properly he has the best opportunity in the world to play alongside two of the best players now in the game. Look at Yamamoto, shuts up and grinds out proper development, gets his call and takes his opportunity and runs.
Pul has the hockey skill to be a really good second line supper scoring winger in the NHL still. Possibly 30G 20/ 25A? Maybe he can get a decent 2nd rounder or a good third line player in the off season.
He wouldn’t get a crazy cold tract. $1M for 1 year? Maybe $900K for two years? Maybe teams like Ottawa, Bew Jersey, Florida, Columbus, Montreal?

10 Mar 2020 17:30:18
If the price was right, I'd give him a shot on Habs. big strong YOUNG winger. why not.

Send Josh Brook for him? I'm sure Oilers may want more.

11 Mar 2020 04:41:56
Big P isn't exactly tearing it up in Liga. He has just under a point a game playing against guys that are old. Basically a group of retired from real hockey but still want to play at something better than beer league. Liga is like the tenth worst professional league in the world. I can't see him becoming a success in NHL. Everything he learned about the NA game is now lost again. So he would have to adapt and develop all over basically.

11 Mar 2020 15:53:44
Didn’t Kakko play in that league? He would’ve been 17 or 18 so yes different situation but you just don’t know much about the league I don’t think. Curious to know how many actual retired NHLers are in the league. Puljujarvi’s team has Jokinen which is the only notable one I saw. Who also has less points than Puljujarvi by the way.

06 Mar 2020 14:12:13
I wonder how much the Sens regret the Zibanijad trade?? I really like his game.. not just the fact he scored 5 last night.. but overall he is one of the better 2 way guys in the game.

I can't remember why Sens traded him,, can anyone remember? Was it potential contract, or they just wanted Brassard??

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06 Mar 2020 15:58:42
I think it’s because they were in more of a win now mode. Could be wrong but yeah yikes.

11 Mar 2020 04:54:01
Brassard was the better player up til that point. After the trade their careers both changed direction. Brassard tanked and Mika went on to where he is now. Ottawa could have won that trade. Except Ottawa sucks. They suck the life right out of their players and into Melnyk's wallet.

11 Mar 2020 17:43:17
The season prior to the trade Brassard had 7 more points and he’s 6 years older. Zibinejad also had a 45 point season already which was already close to the numbers Brassard was putting up. Wasn’t much of a chance Ottawa was winning that trade.

11 Mar 2020 18:58:07
Pretty sure they don regret the Karlsson trade right about now though.

04 Mar 2020 04:27:46
This upcoming draft we could see a goalie go top 5 for the first time in a long time.

Yaroslav Askarov is a star in the VHL (Div2 KHL) 18GP 2.45 GAA .920 save % this season at 17 years old. This is not your regular goalie that will take 4-5 years to develop. We could see him in the NHL in 1-2 years after his draft.

With a team like Ottawa looking to pick twice in the top 5, I think they should seriously consider picking up Askarov.

There's no way he gets past Montreal and Minnesota.

What're your guys' thoughts on Askarov? Where will he go?

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04 Mar 2020 12:45:18
No way Montreal would take him they have price and debatably the best goalie prospect in Primeau.

04 Mar 2020 12:45:56
Also no I don’t think he goes in top 10 I’m guessing around where Knight went.

04 Mar 2020 13:23:59
I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with vb that Montreal wouldn’t take him due to having Primeau. Overall I doubt a team takes him in the 1st round unless it’s very late. Goalies like Samsonov and Vasilevskiy we’re home runs and went in the 1st round as a result. With respect, a 17yr old in Div2 isn’t a home run. 🤷🏼‍♂️
I suspect he will be a 2nd round pick for someone like Chicago.

04 Mar 2020 14:25:57
Samsonov and Vasy weren’t on the same level as this guy,
they were playing in the MHL which made them first round picks.
Askarov is playing in a league with men, a league much better than the MHL.
He’s basically playing in the AHL as a 17 year old when Vasy and Samsonov were playing in the CHL when they were 17. He’s putting up the same numbers they were putting up but in a better league.

04 Mar 2020 20:23:56
It's hard to say with goalies. and also Russian players. I think he should go in the first round, and with Sens having 3 in the first . they should grab him. he's maybe the most hyped goalie prospect since Price. I agree Habs won't pick him, since Primeau looks like the heir to Habs net.

04 Mar 2020 22:05:52
Vasi put up better numbers in the MHL his draft year (2.23/ .931) and if there is a league between the MHL and KHL he skipped it making his KHL debut the next year and full time year after that, never appearing in the VHL.

05 Mar 2020 06:25:41
There is no way he doesn't go first round, he's been hailed as the best goalie prospect in at least a decade. Even with the russian factor, I'd be very surprised if he doesn't get picked in the lottery.

05 Mar 2020 09:51:04
I think he goes top 15.

05 Mar 2020 19:12:29
by the lottery do you mean top 3 or non playoff teams?

06 Mar 2020 07:29:40
Well VB, how many teams are in the lottery? 3 or 14?
"Lottery picks" is literally defined as all teams not making playoffs lol.

07 Mar 2020 13:09:30
I thought there were 15 teams and regardless I don’t think he’s going top 10 and Primeau is the better prospect imo.

07 Mar 2020 19:16:31
lol what? Primeau is not the better prospect, not by a long shot.

Also, is somebody able to explain the hype about Primeau to me? Seems like Habs fans over-valuing their prospects once again.

08 Mar 2020 01:44:28
Funny you say that tyba when it wasn’t Habs fans who were saying it. But yeah Primeau is a very solid prospect.

08 Mar 2020 03:31:44
Lmao. Primeau is pretty good prospect. He’s gets most of his hype because he was drafted in the 7th round. At least that’s the reason if you ask me. He’s being heralded as the heir to Montreal’s crease, definitely a possibility. Wouldn’t say he is better than Askarov. Although having him does make it easy for the Habs to pass on Askarov.

09 Mar 2020 02:26:03
I don't know why he is being ''heralded as the heir to Montreal's crease''.
Yeah, he was good in the NCAA when he was on a 2nd best team in H-East.
Struggled in the AHL this season. Don't know why you wouldn't take Askarov the same way you did Price when you had a young Halak.

09 Mar 2020 03:35:06
I mean, he's only like twenty. His first year as a pro. I know nobody watches AHL games, but Lavals defense hasn't been very solid but Primeau has helped them win quite a few games. He also looked pretty good in the two NHL games he got this year. I see no reason why it would be outrageous to think he could take over for Price when price is finished.


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