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25 Mar 2024 01:58:00
I don't think the pens can compete with their old core the currently have. If these players were willing to waive what could the Pens get for-

Crosby (Colorado is probably the only other team he'd go to)

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26 Mar 2024 16:05:12
Crosby may waive for the Habs as well. If he's content with bot winning a cup and more so wants to closer to family and play for his childhood team.

Crosby likely returns a top 6/ 9 player, mid/ high end prospect, a 1st and likely a conditional 1st as well.

Malkin likely gets a mid level prospect and a 1st or 2nd. More likely the 2nd though

Rust likely brings back a mid level prospect, a 1st, and a 3rd. He's still only 31. Can play center and the wing and makes just over $5mill. Probably brings in maybe another prospect or pick if money is retained.

Letang is a tough one cause when he's healthy he's a very solid dman and still shows he can give you top pairing minutes and production. But his health is a big concern. I'd say it's likely a mid level prospect and a 2nd or 3rd for him. Maybe a 1st if money is retained or if a team really wants him.

Karlsson is likely a similar return as Letang. That cap hit is just nuts.

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27 Mar 2024 10:32:27
I think you’re off on Malkin. He’s still a 1C and has that cup pedigree I think he nets a good return if he gives a list of teams. If he is picky then that return makes sense.

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27 Mar 2024 11:33:15
He's just slowed down a tonne. Still has a tonne of skill and gets hot for streaks. Just inconsistent, which is to be expected when you're at his age. Definitely could still be a 1C, but not many teams in need of one, especially contending ones.

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30 Mar 2024 23:06:07
Any contender would take Malkin then shuffle around there team to make the cap work imo.

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31 Mar 2024 02:55:35
For sure no doubt in my mind they would. I was more leading to the likely hood of him being a 1C on a contending team would be low. More likely you see him as the 2C or moved to the wing on a contending team. Still a great player; father time definitely showing his signs on him though and his movement/ trade clause would play a big factor into what his return would ultimately be.

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12 Mar 2024 19:11:35
Idk who's more delusional Pinball posting the awful Dumba to leafs trades or Chickenfoot saying Arizona declines.

Dumba and a 7th for a 2025 5th was what he went for incase someone missed it which I wouldn't blame them because he's irrelevant.

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13 Apr 2024 14:20:20
Is this not the place to make trade proposals and receive feedback? Quit your whining!

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06 Mar 2024 23:09:04
Deadline predictions-

Lindholm- Boston

Debrusk- Pittsburgh

Guzentzel- Vancouver/Carolina

Zucker- Vancouver/Carolina

DeAngelo and Edmonston- Toronto (Hopefully Ryan Johanson)

Markstrom- NJ (Vancek in deal)

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08 Mar 2024 01:35:01
I think Toffoli heads to Vancouver now.

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06 Mar 2024 17:38:58
Senko heads to Florida for a couple of draft picks.

What an addition by Florida. Few things to remember about this deal. Tarasenko had a full no movement clause. He ultimately got to decide where he went and because of this limited what a potential return could have been. This by no means sets the price tag for getting a top 6 winger at the deadline. Ottawa's hands were tied and it was either hold onto him and let him walk for nothing or get something for him and clear the cap.

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06 Mar 2024 23:10:28
Take a look at what he got back last year with no, no trade clause. You're wrong imo. Rielly Smith will return even less.

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07 Mar 2024 10:22:53
He got a tonne last year with his NTC (he had a modified one) tho. Last year he got dealt the Blues got Samuel Blais, Hunter Skinner, conditional 4th (turned into a 3rd), and a conditional 1st that (ended up being the Stars 1st rounder) . That is way more than what he got this year with his full NTC. Not to mention he's playing overall better this year than he was last year.

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29 Feb 2024 08:29:26
Chris Tanev for Artem Grushnikov, 2024 2nd & Conditional 2026 3rd
Sean Monahan for 2024 1st & Conditional 2027 3rd
Elias Lindholm for Andrei Kuzmenko, Joni Jurmo, Hunter Brzustewicz, 2024 1st & Conditional 2024 4th

What do we think Noah Hanifin returns for the Flames? I’m thinking a 1st + prospect + roster player for rental, more if he comes with an extension.

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29 Feb 2024 08:24:00
Flames basically got two 2nds and a 3rd for Tanev, you’re telling me Treliving couldn’t do better than that? It was rumoured that they were asking for a single 1st, why wouldn’t he pay that considering Tanev lives in Toronto in the off-season so there’s no doubt he’d resign, you’re getting him 75% retained and he improves your defence drastically for the playoffs. Flames fans know have seen this from Treliving for years “runner up” constantly lol.

Not a bad return but also not as good as everyone anticipated, I’m pretty sure it was VB who was pretty spot on about his value.

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01 Mar 2024 00:41:36
Isn’t the condition on if Dallas wins the cup? I’d say it’s closer to a 2nd and 3rd as a return.

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27 Feb 2024 05:15:18
After season ... if vancouver really is having trouble signing Peterson, I know 4 firsts would be the price to sign him but don't know if chicago could protect their own picks and trade tb's and Torontos 1sts next two years, would be great for chicago if they can protect their own picks this and next year.

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28 Feb 2024 18:30:33
Might be cheaper to trade for him and no they have to use there own picks as far as I know.

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19 Feb 2024 05:11:52
How do you all see Kirby Dach? I still beleive he has the potential to be the Canadiens best player. I'm probably wrong like usual, but what do you guys see? I wanna hear from some unbiased guys like myself.

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19 Feb 2024 08:14:11
I mean. im biased to Montreal. So want an unbiased opinion.

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21 Feb 2024 13:50:46
I think he has potential, but not their best player. I really think the habs will have depth and balance, but star players never really happen. Price was their star.

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22 Feb 2024 01:53:01
True Turkey. but we are due! . Haha. I remember Richer had a couple 50 goal seasons and thought he was gonna be that Star. been really since Lafleur, that the Habs had a true offensive Superstar.

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10 Feb 2024 15:32:13
If you do redo of the Dubas area what would you change?

My thoughts would
- keep Kadri as 3c,
-keep marchment,
-sign hyman and
-sign strome over Jarnkrok, and
sign better defence

Hyman Matthews Marner
Knies Tavares Nylander
Marchment Kadri Robertson
Lafferty Kampf Marchment

Reilly Brodie
Graves Mccabe
Sandin Benoit.

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10 Feb 2024 19:42:47
Letting O'Reilly and Lafferty walk, trading away durzi.

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19 Feb 2024 08:16:42
I dunno if it all woulda fit in salary. I'm sure every fan of every team wishes they kept certain guys. I wish we kept Phillip Danault as a 3rd line center, ect. but Kadri as a 3rd? He's making to much money, Hyman is making to much. ect.

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07 Feb 2024 02:51:08
The 4 Nations tournament that is happening next year or whenever, should be canceled or revamped? With Olympics back on, we don't need this tournament... or... make it better. With no Russia, no Czechia, Slovakia, no Draisitle.. this isn't a best on best.
To me, this 4 team thing is kinda lame.. thought was a goofy thing last time, but maybe make a young team and a Europe team again.?
No Pasternak and Draisitle( arguably top 5 players in game) not playing is not a best on best... let alone no Russians.( but that's a Putin thing)

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08 Feb 2024 00:16:21
Bring Russia back then make team europe with each player having there nations flag on jersey then I’d be very into it.

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09 Feb 2024 13:54:29
Agreed. If olympics are back anyway you can make this tournament different with team Europe and u23 team. Try out some different rules even.

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01 Feb 2024 01:13:11
what a haul for Lindholm

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01 Feb 2024 13:37:34
I thought other teams could have used him more, but definitely not offering that much for him.

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