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23 Jan 2021 14:56:31
Laine and Roslovic to CLB for Dubois and 3rd


Islandjet and Memarcus thoughts on this... I think Winnipeg got fleeced

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23 Jan 2021 15:23:05
ThE jEtS wIlL not Be TrAdInG lAiNe At This Time, lmao, I love PLD as a player but the Jets got hosed.

23 Jan 2021 15:31:22
@vertius in all seriousness though Winnipeg got fleeced. We all know Laine alone would’ve got PLD. I have no idea what Winnipeg was doing. Can’t really blame Memarcus and Islandjet honestly, that’s a horrible trade and everybody knows it. Like they acquire slightly overpaid Statsny to address their C Depth and then trade their best goal scorer for another C. And the fact that they even included Roslovic for a 3rd. I don’t think we should come down on them too hard, nobody can see into the future.

23 Jan 2021 15:35:31
If I'm a Jets fan, i'm not happy. Also, if I'm Laine , i'm really regretting my trade demand. He will not be able to play for a coach like Torts. If Columbus is planning on Torts to keep coaching, they should flip Laine immediately, for the sanity of both Laine and Torts. this is a match made in hell.

23 Jan 2021 16:39:44
I honestly think Dubois will be a great fit in Winnipeg his dad is employed by their AHL team and they’ve been looking for centre depth. Laine wasn’t utilized properly in Winnipeg being handed low minutes on the 2nd line. Keep in mind Laine wanted out and from other players POV keeping a player who wants to leave doesn’t help attract UFAs. The jets were under pressure to move him and every team knew that. Clearly they weren’t getting any good offers for him as he made it into the season. They took the best deal they can get getting a more well rounded player who plays a more valuable position. Anyone with any brain in their head knew that the jets were never going to win a Laine trade but they did better then I expected. Columbus on the other hand while on paper “won” the trade Laine will just not be a fit in their franchise I think 90% of people can see that. When star players are traded teams generally aren’t happy. I think the jets did as well as they could and I actually think their GM is one of the best in the league remember guys we all said the same thing when they traded Trouba and now look at Poink. I could see a big break out by a motivated Dubois. With that being said the Jets fans here had astonishing highly unreasonable expectations.

23 Jan 2021 16:47:46
Wow jets really overpaid on this guy. As much as I like Dubois. Laine is a player with generational talent. Columbus got a haul good for them the fans deserve it hand down. THANK GOODNESS Montreal didn’t over bud for this guy. It’s being speculated that Montreal’s offer was KK+Caufield+Byron+1st round pick. Nobody was beating the jets offer lol.

23 Jan 2021 17:04:42
So, this is a tough day for all the trolls here. All of them told us that Winnipeg would need to add a first minimum on top of Laine to get PLD. Now they find out, as Jets fans said, it would be a 1 for 1 trade at worst and Laine would only be traded for a position of need not a wing downgrade. So, lots of backpedaling by the trolls today.

Casual, we'll have to see what comes out it in the next few weeks. Maybe Laine is determined to to go to UFA in 3 years, no matter where he was traded. Plus the Jets should have a better chance of getting PLD signed long term since his Dad is a coach in Winnipeg. For Roslovic, I think they just decided to do him a solid since he didn't have a spot in Winnipeg anyways.

Overall, I think it comes down to the Jets having a chance to fill a position of need long term and have a backup for Schiefele. There would probably only be two or three suitable trades league wide, so when one becomes available, you have to consider it. So, even though the Jets gave up the more valuable player, they rounded out the team better with this trade.

While the Jets could maybe have gotten more "value" by taking a more futures based deal, this one fits short and long term needs perfectly.

I can't say I love the trade, because as a fan you always want an outright overpay. However, I can't say I hate it.

23 Jan 2021 17:33:36
So according to the trolls here, Winnipeg clearly won this deal by a landslide right? I mean all the Leaf trolls were adamant that Winnipeg would need to add a first minimum to Laine to get Dubois.

23 Jan 2021 18:08:07
And. this is why you get so much hate Marcus. Lol.

23 Jan 2021 18:08:15
I hate to see Laine leave and hope that PLD is able to solidify the Jets center position. The team that ultimately wins the trade is the one that can sign their player to a long term contract. Roslovic for a 3rd doesn't help the Jets much unless they can pick a good player in that position.

23 Jan 2021 18:10:59
I never heard anyone say laine and a first for dubois. I usually heard laine for dubois and an add.

I think this trade is closer than it appears. Laine is the better player right now anyways, but he doesn't seem to affect the win total by more than 2 a season. I know it's ridiculous, but they seem to win just as much with him as without him. I feel he's going to be more beneficial in the playoffs. Which is also true of dubois and his play style.

This trade i feel makes the jets better this year, as a condensed schedule is hard on players, and now they probably have the best centre group in the division. (When dubois gets there anyways) . Roslovic I think was clear he would sit out and hurt his own value anyways.

Columbus is better or worse depending on laine. I don't like Tortorella, but he's always fair, and if laine does what asked, he'll get top line minutes. I think it should have been a 2nd instead of a 3rd, since roslovic proved he can play in the NHL.

I think it's a good trade for both teams, and I hate it, since I'm not rooting for either team.

23 Jan 2021 18:11:46
And i'm not going to hate on ya. I like you Jets guys, ya make this site interesting. however, some on here might rip ya apart .

23 Jan 2021 18:13:02
@memarcusjoe it’s all good man. Hopefully Dubois works out great for the Jets. I honestly don’t think Laine will resign in Columbus honestly

23 Jan 2021 18:24:56
I think both teams went off well. All 3 players wanted out of their current situation and wanted trades. All involved in the same deal.

Roslovic may be a huge downgrade from Dubois but for essentially a 3rd round pick it is a good pick up for them. He wants to be there and could surprise some people in Columbus.

I feel like Laine will be a sink or swim situation in Columbus when you consider he'd have to adapt to Torts system. I believe he'll get every opportunity possible there, but if he doesn't mesh with Torts it could be disasterous and we could be talking about a Laine trade within the next year again when his contract is up for renewal.

Dubois in Winnipeg solidifies himself as the bonified number 2 center behind Shieffle and gives Jets an amazing 1-2 punch down the middle they need. Shieffle and Dubois could potentially be Jets version of Crosby/ Malkin or Matthews/ Taveres or McDavid/ Draisaitl.

23 Jan 2021 18:42:22
Yeah boys it is what it is. It seems that Chevy had no other choice. No one wanted to pay the price on laine. The jets didn’t get a bad return whatsoever. I just expected laine to get a haul in the off-season. Dubois is one hell of a player tho! Apparently laine and the jackets already discussed a contract extension @Notacasual.

23 Jan 2021 18:47:09
'As a base this should work, but Columbus would need to add something as they are giving up the least valuable player and getting the most valuable.
Barzal > Laine > Dubois. '

In response to,
‘Three way trade

Cbj: Barzal
Wpj: Dubois
Nyi: Laine’

‘Savard as a 30 year old rental wouldn't hold much value to Winnipeg, and Gavrikov as a bottom pairing LD isn't anything Winnipeg needs. Columbus would need a better add to Dubois if they want Laine and Roslovic. ’

In response to,
‘Winnipeg: Laine, Roslovic, 2nd or 3rd
columbus, Dubois, savard, Gavrikov’

I'm not here to hate, personally, I thought Dubois for Laine was going to be a likely outcome, with adds here and there, but I never got the unjustified overvaluation of Laine, which is fair, considering you're Jets fans, ofc you're going to evaluate your own player higher than the rest of us. But by constantly calling everyone who disagreed with you a 'troll' or a 'leaf hater' or whatnot, it wasn't really justified. It's true that there were some people who did say Laine would need an add to get Dubois, and low and behold, the add was Roslovic, maybe not the 1st round pick or whatnot, but an add nonetheless, on top of eating up 25% of Laine's salary, which is a good bit as well.

Laine didn't bring back the dman on a long-term deal that was alluded to, nor a centre-man on a longterm deal. It brought back another disgruntled player who is very good and very young, and will be a solid second line center behind Schief. Obviously, it's going to be too hard to get you to admit that you were evaluating high, but that's what this sites about. i just pulled out receipts cause its all in fun, y'know :)

23 Jan 2021 18:57:49
Why would that get hate Sosa? Sampson, Nylander and MoxNix all said Winnipeg would need to add a first to Laine to get Columbus to even think about it. They know they said that and they were wrong. There's no shame in that.

If a jet fan had made ludicrous, biased statements like that, imagine what we would be seeing here today.

So, after hearing for the they last month that no team would EVER trade a center for a winger, because centers>>>>wingers, we find out that they were wrong. I'm just trying to get them to look at trades without bias like Jet fans and many others here do.

23 Jan 2021 19:06:13
Casual, I kind of get the same feeling, I can't see Laine signing long term in Columbus, but I guess we'll see.

23 Jan 2021 19:29:32
So, being off by something like a 3rd round pick makes Jets fans wrong Topshelf? I don't think any true unbiased poster here ever thought Dubois was more valuable.

Why don't you go back and pull out all the offers of Laine + for Dubois, or Laine + for a bunch of nothing?

Jets fans were much closer to the actual deal when we continually said, if the Jets trade Laine it will be for a 1 for 1 quality for quality deal that mist importantly meets team needs. While most everyone else said the Jets were going to be stuck taking quantity for quality.

Obviously, it's going to be hard for you to admit that Jet fans were evaluating fairly and closer in predictions of the actual deal than non-Jet fans, but it is all just for fun. :)

23 Jan 2021 20:40:46
Top shelf: I was in the right ball park with my speculation, jets just didn't get any d-men back in the deal and instead of adding the pick they got one.

23 Jan 2021 21:12:08
Well. For 1.ya didn't have to call everyone a bunch of trolls Marcus., and for the rest, ill let ya figure that out for yourself. Lol.

23 Jan 2021 21:44:23
Winnipeg wins this trade bigtime.

Finnish GM overpays for another Finn. They're just going to lose him after this year anyhow when he demands a huge pay raise. If the arbitrator doesn't give it to him he'll sulk until Columbus gets fed up and trades him too.

23 Jan 2021 21:57:52
Sorry, if that hurts your feelings Sosa. The guys who are the trolls here, know who we're taking about and know that those comments apply to them. The guys who were being unbiased know the comments aren't directed at them.

All I was pointing out is that for the last month, we've been hearing on here how there is no chance Columbus would trade Dubois for Laine from many posters, because Columbus would be losing the deal badly on value. Now that the deal is made, those same posters are coming out and saying how badly the Jets lost the deal, because Laine is so much more valuable. I'm just wondering what their explanation is for this sudden turnaround.

23 Jan 2021 21:59:32
@memarcus the only trolls around here are you and jet. All you do is talk rubbish, call names, misquote and outright lie about others have said before.

23 Jan 2021 22:28:37
Lol. MoxNix, the guy who has been called out at least twice by neutral posters for deliberatly misquoting people so that he can argue against that, is complaining. That's rich. A true troll move.

23 Jan 2021 22:58:07
Lol. Thanks Marcus. my feeling isn't very sore.
However, can you honestly say your happy with the return for Laine? Wouldn't you have preferred a possible top pairing Dman? PLD is a good player, hopefully he left his attitude in Columbus, but he's good, just I think Jets made a mistake on this. Maybe I'm biased towards Laine, cause I see so much potential there. jus seems like a shame the Jets lost him.

23 Jan 2021 23:34:03
I never once said jets would need to add a 1st to Laine to get Dubois. I haven’t even posted on here since all the Dubois for Laine talk came up. I did say I’d prefer Dubois over either Barzal or Laine in a 3way trade though.

I just laughed when you said Philly would need to add to Konecny, Myers, frost, 1st etc. To only get Laine.

They have posted above where you say jackets would need to add a lot better asset than gavrikov And Savard to Dubois if they wanted Laine and Roslovic. In reality they gave less than that. It’s okay for a GM to let down a fan base and not get the return you assumed, that’s not your fault. Don’t know why you take it so personally like someone saying Chevy didn’t get enough is an attack on you.

Dubois is a sick player and hopefully the Jets can convince him to stay. I’m not convinced him or Laine will be on their new teams past next season, but hopefully it works out all around.

24 Jan 2021 00:06:49
MoxNix. did you have a different user name on here before? Just curious.

24 Jan 2021 02:58:20
As much as some of y’all don’t want to admit it, Memarcus kinda has a point.

24 Jan 2021 04:05:44
Sosa, as I said on the NHK Talk page, I don't love the trade, but I don't hate it. Top 4RHD is a need, but so is a young, long term 2C that could possibly take over 1C as Schiefele ages out. So, to me either would be good. If a trade wasn't there for a defenseman then you work with what is there. Had Dubois not become available, the Jets likely wouldn't have traded Laine this year.

Sampson, if that is true, then I apologize as it must have been others that said that. On the other hand, no Jet fan here has said that Philly would need to add to a Konecny, Frost, Myers and a 1st offer as that has never been proposed here. What I have done is said no to a Konecny, Myers and 2nd offer and other similar offers based on team need, not value. As I said at that time, a wing downgrade and a guy who hasn't proven yet that he is a top 4RHD, isn't what Winnipeg needs as main pieces in return for Laine.

Same with the offers of Gavrikov and Savard. Bottom pairing defenseman and rentals are just a waste of cap space for Winnipeg, so they aren't a needed part of the return and don't add much value for Winnipeg.

Trading Roslovic for the 3rd today is likely just giving him a chance to play elsewhere, so I can live with that. As you said, we don't know what our GM'S think, or the entire situation, so as fans it is hard to understand sometimes. We always expect that every trade will be for the exact fair value, but in reality it just doesn't happen often.

24 Jan 2021 13:18:39
1.755 Winnipeg eats and his in cap hell

Hellboy shoulda asked for Price money cause if jets make playoffs he is league mvp

Dubois is a top 5 2C in nhl but laine is a top 5 pure sniper in nhl

Give laine a capable pass first center that makes him hungry you get 50 goals
You give him nothing and unhappy bets almost 30 in his damn sleep. 1 rubbish that’s all it takes

You give Dubois a scorer (Atkinson) and stud (panarin) on his wing he will get you 30g and be a point a game guy. Take away that stud and it drops to 25g 70 points tops if he stays motivated. Now take away that sniper and replace him with another passer in Ehlers and no motivation and pure disappointment follows

At least laine not giving 2 hoots and playing with nothing still produces goals almost as well as Dubois with a stud and sniper on his wing
Dubois has shown without panarin the points dropped. Without Atkinson who knows to what level that dropping becomes

Ehlers roslovic heinola vesalainen probably got this deal done and now laine and Dubois together hit their full potential

This deal keeps both players struggling to remain happy or motivated to make it affect either team

Horrible all around deal.

24 Jan 2021 13:19:24
Forgot to mention

Roslivic is from Columbus keeping him happy won’t be tough.

24 Jan 2021 15:14:29

No I've only ever had this name here. That's just marcus doing what he always does making things up.

24 Jan 2021 15:32:07
At any rate while I don't think I ever said it'd take Laine + 1st for Dubois I very well could have.

No matter how Marcus tries to spin it after the fact, Columbus got Laine + Roslovic (a first round pick right there) and a 3rd round pick.

That's after Marcus and Jet kept insisting it would take a lot more than Dubois to get Laine, that Laine would not be traded this year / at this time, etc., etc.

24 Jan 2021 18:48:17
Typo, the 3rd round pick went to Winnipeg not Columbus. Correcting that before the troll blows it up into something else.

24 Jan 2021 18:53:26
I have to give props to Marcus for putting on a such a brave face and trying to keep his usual arrogant persona going. I mean, it wasn't Konecny, Myers, Frost and a first for Laine, but they got Dubois at least, right? Oh, and they lost Roslovic (a former first round pick) essentially for a third hahahaha

I'm so thankful knowing that I can always come back here and rely on the clownish Jet duo of Marcus and Island for some good laughs. Never change guys.

23 Jan 2021 14:36:57
Laine and Roslovic for Dubois

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23 Jan 2021 14:57:49
I think Dubois will flourish in Winnipeg. Roslovic might bounce back in Columbus but Laine is going to be eaten alive by torts. I really don’t see Laine lasting long in Columbus.

23 Jan 2021 15:01:01
What is Chevy doing man. He needs to go, first he acquires a slightly overpaid 2C to solve their C Depth issues and now he trades his best goal scorer for a C. Bruh last year Jets were already one of the lowest scoring teams. This doesn’t help them at all

23 Jan 2021 15:01:41
25% retained on Laine too, with a 3rd back to WPG.

23 Jan 2021 15:13:17
Lol can’t wait to hear from Marcus and Island!

“Laine is not being traded at all”

“Definitely not this season”

“If he’s traded it will be for another star++”

“Jets would never add anything to a Laine trade”

Now you had 2nd pick in 2016 and took Laine, only to have it not work out and now you add your first rounder from 2015 just to get the guy that was on the board for you and went 3rd anyway 😂

Don’t get me wrong, PLD is a hell of a player and I’d take him over Laine. But the fact these guys thought Laine was going to stay there AND if he was leaving they would be getting so much more than this is hilarious.

23 Jan 2021 15:15:24
Hahahaha i can't wait to see the Jets homers thoughts on this.

23 Jan 2021 15:16:22
But. I've been told multiple times that Laine is worth way more than that?

23 Jan 2021 15:31:25
I checked posts from before haha, and I saw ‘Laine>Dubois’ being mentioned by em, and even Laine+Roslovic would bring in way more than just Dubois, Gavrikov and David Savard. Now we get Laine and Roslovic for just Dubois, which imo, is a pretty even trade, Laine has more potential to be a homerun but just isn't that yet, espec with his dzone woes, and Dubois right now is a much more complete player.

Cant believe that they rrally thought theyd get Konecny, Myers + + for Laine tho, haha.

23 Jan 2021 17:31:48
They said koneckny, Myers, frost and a 1st wasn’t enough! Lol

Now they added to get Dubois and somehow it will be a win for Chevy in their eyes.

23 Jan 2021 18:17:27
Casual, though I do agree they'll miss the extra 10 goals from laine over dubois yearly, but dubois is too solve their centre depth for 10 years, not just statsny this year.

I would but statsny in laines spot and let dubois centre him, and they can switch spots anytime. But let dubois continue to play C so he improves there. Plus that becomes a hard line to play against. Imagine a reshuffle, if schieffele can centre the 2 left wings effectively, dubois statsny and wheeler could be an amazing line.

23 Jan 2021 19:04:22
I agree with you on where the Jets likely play Dubois, as that makes the most sense.

Yes, the Jets will miss Laine's offense, but the Jets even without Laine, have great winger depth. This trade gives the Jets a much more rounded top 6.

23 Jan 2021 23:56:34

24 Jan 2021 04:22:32
Does Laine have to quarantine? As he's not been within 6 feet of anyone since entering the league.

24 Jan 2021 04:47:55
All in good fun, CBJ got a good player, hopefully he sticks around for them.

23 Jan 2021 13:46:12
Columbus Trades

Toronto Trades

Thoughts ?

Agree1 Disagree8

23 Jan 2021 18:20:02
Dubois just got traded, but Toronto trading reilly for a forward is a bad move. I know their defense looks a bit better than the forwards through like 5 games, but the stars will get their points.

23 Jan 2021 23:56:49

23 Jan 2021 06:39:14

Rasmus Ristolainen

Dylan Cozens

Carter Hutton (40% Retained)

2nd Round 2021

3rd Round 2023 (Becomes 2nd if Dubois resigns after 2y deal)


Pierre-Luc Dubois

Elvis Merzlikins

Hall - Eichel - Reinhart

Skinner - Dubois - Olofsson

Girgensons - Eakin - Okposo

Rieder - Lazar - Thompson.

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23 Jan 2021 10:49:38
I think Buffalo hangs on to Cozens, he could end up being better than Dubois

23 Jan 2021 11:37:05
Can’t put stipulations on trades anymore. New rule change.

23 Jan 2021 02:28:40
A new team is going to sneak in and grab Dubois

To Columbus

To Colorado

Colorado saved 1.4 on the weird Ian Cole for Greg pateryn deal. A deal that wasn't needed. Or was it?

Colorado isn't tight against cap but has an internal cap they must stay within. Taking a guy who is not fit to play in nutivaara @2.5 is the differance between that 1.4 him and byram make. Coincidental I think not. Byram is the LHD needed to join Columbus. He might actually play with Jones so werenski can go back with savard making a deadly top 4. Byram wins Calder

Jost needs to be replaced by any of the taxi squad on Colorado so his cap hit is covered by them. He gives Colorado a center needed in Dubois leaving

Saad and Dubois make the same and saad is a player torts loves and wished never left. Saad had his best years under Tort.

Foudy joins his bro
Kaut is extra I sent to outbid other teams

This deal needs no 7-14 days to quarantine
This deal is a out of conference trade

With mackinnon out a few weeks it's best time to do deal

Colorado becomes Stanley cup favorites when everyone is healthy

Columbus gets rid of distraction while getting a top LHD prospect ready to play along with a Top 6 bluejacket style player and a depth C along with foudy bro and solid prospect. They also get rid of an unfit cap hit

It all just makes sense here

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23 Jan 2021 03:48:01
Nutivaara is on Florida, so unless I’m missing something this trade can’t be done.

23 Jan 2021 03:56:26
They will not be shipping Byram. And idk about you but that’s a huge overpayment. Also should do some research Nutivaara plays for Florida lmao so basically :

Saad, Byram, Jost, Foudy and Kaut for Dubois

Lmaoo i'm sorry but please do your research before posting another trade

23 Jan 2021 10:50:28
I’m sorry for sounding rude @craigger12 I wasn’t trying to

23 Jan 2021 11:43:24
Nutrivaara is definetly in flirida.

Lmfao I did a few Dubois trades last night then did a barkov trade needing Nut to make differance in cap with that trade. Then I did this trade and for some reason Nut was stuck in my head from previous trade. No rudeness. Kinda funny cause I’m all about research.

Sorry me bad

I still think that Ian Cole 1.4 savings is the start to something much bigger

Just a hunch.

23 Jan 2021 16:16:17
It’s all good brother. Sorry for sounding rude, good thinking tho. I like how much thought you put into it

22 Jan 2021 23:42:20
PLD is heading to the jets. Not sure what for yet.

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23 Jan 2021 03:55:34
I thought The jets are currently front runners for Dubois. Montreal and Anaheim are also currently in the mix.

23 Jan 2021 03:58:19
I don’t think he’s going to Winnipeg but if he is Roslovic is 100% included. I keep hearing Laine is going back tho

22 Jan 2021 22:40:43
colombus: dubois and werenski
winnipeg: laine, roslovic, niku and first rd pick 2021

Agree1 Disagree6

23 Jan 2021 03:56:44
Hell no from Columbus

22 Jan 2021 19:30:34
Sam Lafferty
Juuso Riikola

Travis Dermott

Agree1 Disagree5

22 Jan 2021 21:55:49
Pitt would . Toronto probably not . Toronto needs a winger now and pens need a D.

22 Jan 2021 22:30:14
Lafferty can play wing. He's basically going to be another Hyman.


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