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17 Apr 2021 21:20:02
Toronto: Nylander, Sandin

Washington:Wilson, Lapierre

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18 Apr 2021 12:39:05
No from Washington

17 Apr 2021 03:07:53
Cal:Lindholm, Dubé, Valimaki, 1rdpick

Sabres: Eichel

If Sabres would trade Jack Eichel which I doubt they ever really want to. Do you guys think it clost in terms of value or not?

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17 Apr 2021 04:20:52
Huge no from Calgary.

17 Apr 2021 12:48:28
Not even close Lindholm is to old to hold any value to Buffalo. I’d say Eichels value is 9 1st round picks.

17 Apr 2021 12:50:58
That would be a fat no from Calgary.

17 Apr 2021 13:49:51
Nylander is right. Lindholm wouldn’t hold any value to Buffalo. If they’re trading Eichel then they’d want younger players coming back. But it’s a no from both imo. Calgary would never

17 Apr 2021 14:03:41
I don’t really see an Eichel to Calgary trade being possible. Calgary has a lot of assets (Gaudreau, Lindholm, Monahan, Hanifin, etc), but they’re not valuable to a rebuilding team who will be looking for high quality prospects (which Calgary doesn’t have) and star young players.

17 Apr 2021 18:36:33
Your hockey knowledge is incredible, how do you not have a job in the NHL?

17 Apr 2021 19:51:10
I've said it a few times., but I think LA should be looking at Eichel. They have the top prospects to get this deal done., I mentioned Byfield in an earlier post someone had made.
Obviously i don't know Eichel, but I have a feeling being in a Small market Canadian city isn't going to make him any happier than Buffalo.

15 Apr 2021 23:17:32
New York Rangers- Kappo Kakko, Chris Kiriender (cap), Nils Lundqvist, Georgiev, 1st 2021 and 1st 2022

Buffalo- Jack Eichel and Colin Miller 50% retained

Is this a solid offseason trade?

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16 Apr 2021 11:37:17
A 2nd/ 3rd Liner, a 29 year old, a mediocre prospect, backup goalie and 2 firsts for a “top 100” player and a top 4 d

You critiqued mine harshly and then post this crap.

16 Apr 2021 11:38:36
In all honesty though it really isn’t that bad I guess. Need a better prospect coming back to replace the 2022 first. If I was them I’d ask for Kakko and Fox.

16 Apr 2021 16:04:07
Fox is a top 10 dman in the NHL quietly.

16 Apr 2021 16:55:57
NotaCasual the difference is Kakko is a much better prospect than anything Calgary has to offer.
I think this one is pretty accurate in terms of value, it would take an offer like this to get Eichel.
I could see Kakko, Georgiev, Strome and 2 firsts.

16 Apr 2021 17:58:16
With Lindqist as well.

16 Apr 2021 19:41:55
Strome has zero value but I guess he could be in there I place of Kriender.

19 Apr 2021 20:38:09
Nylander the self proclaim genius, could you explain to me how Ryan Strome who has 44 point in 45 games this year has no value?

15 Apr 2021 10:29:46
Not saying I’d do this trade but would Buffalo accept it?

To Calgary : Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart

To Buffalo : Dillon Dube, Jakob Pelletier, Connor Zary, Dustin Wolf, Mikael Backlund and (2021) First

Dube, Pelletier, Zary, Wolf = Eichel
Backlund, 1st = Reinhart

Obviously they would need to find cap space some how but is this even good value?

J Gaudreau - J Eichel - E Lindholm
M Tkachuk - S Monahan - S Reinhart

V Olofsson - D Cozens - D Dube
J Pelletier - C Zary - J Quinn

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15 Apr 2021 11:06:15
Both teams say no to that one.

15 Apr 2021 11:13:46
Buffalo would definitely pass. Not really much value in terms of prospects - all late picks who haven’t exploded or added much value to their stock.
I think NYR can and will make the best offer for Eichel.

15 Apr 2021 14:24:29
It looks like a lot of pieces but when you break it down into what covers Eichel, and what covers Reinhart, it looks woefully weak.

Buffalo took a “quantity” package for O’Reilly that included 2 veteran players, a young top prospect and 1st and a 2nd and still lost the trade in a land slide. I don’t see them doing similar or less for Eichel who is younger, signed longer and a far higher ceiling.

15 Apr 2021 16:06:50
Calgary adds Gaudreau.

15 Apr 2021 16:11:17
So Buffalo gives an all time top 100 player of all time for 2 mediocre prospects, a good 4th liner that can play 3rd and a AHL starter?

How could they possibly pass?

15 Apr 2021 19:51:04
Why would a rebuilding team want an expiring UFA that won’t resign. You should think before you post @JoshAnderson.

15 Apr 2021 20:48:57
Nylander, it wasn’t an actual proposal it was just joke to basically say the value was that off that Gaudreau would need to be added. A full year of Gaudreau still holds a good amount of value.

15 Apr 2021 21:11:34
Umm how is Eichel a 100 top player of all time? He may get there, but sure isn't there yet VB.

I wouldn't do this if I were Sabres.

Id look at LA, have a deal in place to bring Byfield to Buffalo.
In order to get Eichel, your going to need to bring in an A+ prospect .

15 Apr 2021 23:07:42
If I’m Buffalo, one of Tkachuk or Lindholm would have to be going the other way tbh. Probably Tkachuk+like Zary for Eichel would be close.

Then again Buffalos a tire fire so they probably won’t even make a good Eichel trade, haha. But i agree with the others on the general premise, if Eichels being traded, its for an A+ prospect, A+ rookie or young elite player like Tkachuk.

15 Apr 2021 23:57:15
You like to criticize people for expressing an opinion on trade value then state Eichel is a top 100 of all time lol. You are to much.

16 Apr 2021 00:56:47
Sosa - that’s exactly the type of thing you do. My opinion on trading really good to great players for a package is: atleast one of the pieces coming back has to have the chance of replacing the piece leaving.

So if I’m trading a 2nd line winger, I would want a prospect with Atleast that potential and a mid to late first. Chances are I can find a future top 6 F with that

If I’m trading a 24 year old, franchise type Centerman, there better be a top 5 pick and atleast one A or A+ prospect coming my way. Anything less, I don’t feel comfortable finding a player like Eichel or a combination of 2 that make up for it.

17 Apr 2021 04:02:37
Calgary would be better off passing on Eichel and just trading for Reinhart. They're fine at center now and need a top 6 right shot RW.

Eichel hasn't lived up to the hype around him.

He's been injured often, missing 21 and 15 games in 2 different years with ankle sprains. Now this year he played just 21 games and is out for the rest of the year with a neck injury that requires surgery.

He's a couple good years and a few soso years and this year a bad one with just 2 goals in 21 games.

Every high scoring forward they've brought in to play with him has been terrible with him. Hall, Skinner, etc. Hall is looking pretty good in Boston now though, same goes for O'Reilly who left a few years earlier.

It's starting to look like the problem in Buffalo may *BE* Eichel. Weak ankles, a bad neck, a complainer with a me first attitude and a huge long term contract. He doesn't make the players around him better, in fact he seems to make them worse!

No thanks!

Reinhart on the other hand is one of the few players in Buffalo who's been producing this year in spite of everything. Players like that are the ones you want.

13 Apr 2021 12:40:48
Habs: Kopitar

Kings: Habs 2021 first round pick and K. K.

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13 Apr 2021 19:59:28
I wouldn’t even trade Kk straight up. And the deadline is done so why post?

14 Apr 2021 06:40:51
If ya don't like his proposal., why comment?
Due to age, i'd not want to do see KK go for Kopitar. at, 20 I think KK is just starting to scratch the surface of his potential.

14 Apr 2021 12:39:28
Uhh maybe if you payed attention to hockey you’d know you can make a trade apast the deadline players you acquire just aren’t eligible to play until next year.

14 Apr 2021 13:23:20
Nylander, I know that but if Montreal did this trade it would be to go all in this year. Why trade a young player like KK and a first round pick for a guy who will be 35 years old by the time you can use him? Maybe you should pay more attention to hockey.

15 Apr 2021 03:26:51
Never said it’s a good trade just said you were wrong.

15 Apr 2021 06:26:01
I think the trade makes no sense for habs. But if you can take out k. k. and just use picks mid prospects, Kopitar helping K. K. and Suzuki would potentially be a great mentor to help them become top centres.

However, Kopitar shouldn't be brought in for much, as he's expensive and older.

15 Apr 2021 23:43:27

You are almost right.
A player can still be traded and play, after the TDL, they just can't play in the post-season.

13 Apr 2021 12:39:14
Habs window to win a Cup with Weber and Price is narrowing rapidly. GM must acquire a no.1 center this summer.

Habs: Eichel

Sabres: Suzuki, Romanov, and 2021 first round pick.

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13 Apr 2021 14:31:14
Or we can always hope after price gets another 11 mil in signing bonus this summer some team would be willing to take him or he would be willing to mutually agree to terminate the contract and sign another one with Seattle to be closer to home,

13 Apr 2021 17:02:40
It would probably take Suzuki, Romanov, Caufield and 1st to get the deal done. Which is totally not worth it at all from Habs

13 Apr 2021 20:00:36
Habby2, I knew you weren’t a real Habs fan. Any legit habs fan know that Carey is still the man.

14 Apr 2021 06:20:01
Yeah ok. If that’s what qualifies as a real Habs fan these days then I guess your right. I could think of better ways to spend 10.5 in cap space then to give it to a beat up shell of his former self player though. But maybe that’s just me.

14 Apr 2021 08:44:52
I've always been a huge Price supporter, , but even i know he's not worth the money he gets now, and like Habby said, is a beat up shell if his former self . i'd hate to see him go, but this just isn't working, and Weber has looked tired lately.,

I still want to believe that he can be the " man" and lead the Habs to the cup, but his days of being the most dominant goalie in the game are a few years removed now. As Habs fans, let's just hope he has one or 2 playoff length Supernatural runs. plays the way he did a few years ago.

14 Apr 2021 15:34:23
When Price had his focus he is still the best goalie in the NHL. I agree he needs to find it back tho. When he does Montreal will be in good shape.

14 Apr 2021 17:38:57
Yep and when he starts playing like a top goalie he gets injured so what’s the point . cut the cord I say. they have let every other quality goaltender they have had in the past 30 years leave for less.

14 Apr 2021 20:39:25
Montreal has a really good team and have a great backup for when Price is not performing or injured.

15 Apr 2021 20:30:19
Ok so the team and the back up can carry him? Why keep him around?

12 Apr 2021 19:51:26
Mantha for Vrana, Panik, 1st, 2nd. Wowza.

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12 Apr 2021 20:35:01
Such a huge overpayment

12 Apr 2021 21:02:45
Massive overpayment, Vrana's good man. I get the second to dump Panik, but Vrana and a 1st? Man, Mantha has to turn it around big time for Washington.

12 Apr 2021 21:29:57
Wasn't even sure i read it right at first. Deffenitley puzzled by this.

12 Apr 2021 23:21:04
As a Wings fan, I liked Mantha and would have ideally liked to keep him but this offer was too good to pass up.

Way better offer than the: Leafs 1st, Kerfoot, 2nd, Andersen for Bernier + Mantha deals I saw on here.

12 Apr 2021 23:23:05
Also I don’t mind taking salary players back in his place as we also didn’t have to retain salary.

So big win by not retaining and getting players to utilize in his place.

12 Apr 2021 23:29:09
Good trade.

It's not an overpayment for Mantha. Yes point production is similar but Washington is a much better team than Detroit and that's been true since before Mantha entered the league in the 2016-17 season.

Mantha is also a lot bigger and meaner which is important in the playoffs.

13 Apr 2021 00:19:36
Yeah Vrana is a year younger and has more points. I’m surprised Washington did this tbh.

12 Apr 2021 15:37:30
Habs: Kopitar

Kings: Danault, Habs 2021 first round pick, and Armia.

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