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26 Nov 2021 02:35:23
Lindgren for Brannstrom

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25 Nov 2021 17:52:34
To Montréal Kravtsov
To Ny Rangers: Lehkonen.

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26 Nov 2021 01:37:18
Id deffenitley take that, however i believe it will take a lot more than Lehkonen.

23 Nov 2021 19:09:02
To Calgary:
RW Brock Boeser (24-RFA2022@5.875mil)
Vancouver Retains $875k
TOTAL: 5.00mil

To Vancouver:
LW Milan Lucic 2.55mil ret. = 2.70mil
RW/LW Dillon Dube (24-RFA2024@2.3mil)
TOTAL: 5.00mil

Does Calgary need to add or is retaining 48.5% of Lucic's Salary and Dillon Dube an RFA@2.3mil till 2024 sufficient?

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23 Nov 2021 20:09:47
Yeah. 0.36 PPG Dube AND abyss Lucic for a 1 year older 0.81 PPG Boeser. you are beyond delusional. Get some help.

23 Nov 2021 21:00:22
Vancouver won't trade Boeser. He's overrated anyhow, would cost a lot more than he's worth.

23 Nov 2021 22:44:17
Last I saw, Boeser is playing on the 3rd Line and is only getting 0.50PPG himself this year and the Canucks very likely won't be able to afford to keep him next year

If you want to compare the last 2 years, Dube is 0.43PPG, but only played 13 minutes per game on the 2nd and 3rd lines and received very little to no Power Play Minutes. If he got the 19 minutes and power play time Boeser does, he'd likely be getting 0.65-0.75+PPG as well, but at only 2.3mil/ year = 40% of what it costs for Boeser. Dube can also play every forward position LW/ C/ RW.

Lucic is 0.39PPG the last 2 years and plays 13:30 minutes per game on lines 3 and 4 with some 2nd line Power Play minutes. He too would likely contribute 0.60-0.65PPG if playing 19 minutes and given the same opportunities Boeser does. My proposal offers him to the Canucks for 2.70mil, which is better than Jason Dickson is contributing at his 2.65mil which cost the Canucks a 3rd Round Pick.

The way I saw it, Vancouver gets 2 NHL Players they can afford over the next 2 years for 1 they can't afford to keep. Maybe there's better offers out there, but instead of the negativity, why don't you provide some help? What do you think Calgary needs to add Draft Pick or Prospect that won't count against the Cap. They'll still need NHL players next year, draft picks typically take at least 2-3 years to be game ready and Calgary is already retaining $2 million in the deal x 2 years = $4 million, what's that worth, nothing?

If you're just comparing players based on Stats alone and not taking in to consideration minutes played and contract value, you should start.

23 Nov 2021 23:28:25
@MoxNix, I trust your knowledge and opinion. Just trying to find secondary scoring and another Right Shot RW for the Flames with potential willing trade partners, just read that Boeser and J. T. Miller may both be on the block.

What about Brandon Sutter? Where's he at this year? Assuming he can get healthy and come back this year, could we send Pitlick and something their way for him? I was expecting more from Pitlick TBH, but maybe I haven't given him enough time.

24 Nov 2021 00:48:13
The problems are:

1. Boeser is overpaid now and he'll want more money on his next contract. As an RFA they'll have to offer him the same money to keep him for another year or offer him even more to sign him for longer.

2. Vancouver is going to ask for a lot more than Boeser is worth.

If Boeser's salary was 4-4.5 mil/ yr I'd do that trade, with retention on Looch and all.

But I wouldn't trade Dube straight up for Boeser with that contract. Dube is has speed, skill and grit, he's a player who's shown flashes (like the hattrick last year) and is likely to pop if given a real opportunity to play in the top 6 and on the powerplay.

24 Nov 2021 01:22:48
Okay Trade Off The Table. New Lines:

2nd Line: Monahan-Dube-Mangiapane and
3rd Line: Lucic-Backlund-Coleman
2nd Line: Pelletier-Dube-Mangiapane and
3rd Line: Monahan/ Coleman-Backland-Coleman/ Ruzicka.

24 Nov 2021 01:35:40
There’s been lots of opportunity for Dube to be a top 6 in Calgary and get minutes and points. Where as Boeser has done it and produces at a top line level. If the Canucks aren’t saving any money with this trade then why couldn’t they afford Boeser? He probably won’t be getting a huge raise. Also give Lucic all the ice time he can take and he won’t be getting too 50 points.

24 Nov 2021 02:02:15
Boeser WITH retention, and you’re giving Vancouver Lucic? Absolutely no chance with a sane GM at Vancouvers helm, howevers its Benning and he could very well trade Hughes for Mike Matheson without batting an eye so who knows lmfao.

24 Nov 2021 05:00:12
Dube is having the same problem Sam Bennett had.

There are too many left shots ahead of him on the depth chart. He keeps getting shuffled around up and down the lineup and never really gets time to build some chemistry with anyone.

He's had the most success at LW and center, so they keep trying to turn him into a RW. Exactly like they did with Bennett.

25 Nov 2021 02:53:51
Biased Flames fan.

25 Nov 2021 14:21:58
JT Miller was also mentioned in that rumor article Trevor referenced. I'd be more interested in Miller as a replacement for Monahan.

Miller makes his contract has one remaining after this season and he's UFA then.

Monahan would have to be going back the other way unless they'd prefer hometown boy Looch.

It could make sense for both teams because Calgary is in win now mode and Vancouver isn't.

I'd offer:

Monahan @1.25 mil retained
2022 1st round draft pick / top prospect + 20202 2nd round pick

The prospect could be a lot of different players, Pelletier, Ruzicka, Gawdin, Mackey, Wolf, etc. The only prospects I wouldn't want to give up would be Zary and Coronato.

Could replace Dube with a prospect if the Canucks prefer that, making it 2 prospects and a 2nd or 1 prospect and a 1st.

25 Nov 2021 14:25:38
The second sentence above should start with "Miller makes 5.25 mil/ yr". Forgot to put his salary in.

25 Nov 2021 15:38:16
At this point, although Lucic would be willing go to Seattle or Vancouver, apparently no other team wants him. Based on the last game, I don't think we should break up the "All Kings Men" line, so he's fine on the 4th line.

Dube's not getting valued very highly and his shots will start going in, so we'll just keep him. Monahan is on the 1st Power Play and will rebound, so let's be patient and not disrupt anything for now, as it's working. Need to be patient with Pitlick, since he's a streaky player as well.

Zadorov is playing decent, so no immediate rush to move him, but other than wanting to trade for Phil Kessel, I will give credit to @NotACasual. Trading a pick and Glen Gawdin to Vegas for LD Braden McNabb @ $2.5mil when Alec Martinex comes back will save Vegas $2.5mil of the $7mil in cap space they need to clear to insert Jack Eichel in to the line-up and if we can trade Zadorov to get a 3rd round pick and dump his 3.75mil salary, we'll be up $1.25mil and likely have a higher 3rd RD pick than our own would have been and a better skating and we'd have a defensively minded 3rd line LD with playoff experience. Love You @NotACasual!

22 Nov 2021 19:58:03
Brock Nelson and Scott Mayfield to Colorado
For Girard and Kaut to Islanders.

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22 Nov 2021 15:50:23
Jake DeBrusk


Travis Dermott
Pierre Engvall

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22 Nov 2021 18:43:17
Are you sure your not Pinball with a post like this?

22 Nov 2021 19:45:24
Too much for Debrusk.

26 Nov 2021 23:27:15
Can't be Pinball, Kerfoot isn't in the deal.

22 Nov 2021 12:48:44
Devils Trade
4th Round Pick 2022*

Leafs Trade
1st Round Pick 2022

*Devils choose which one of their three 4th Round Picks 2022 will be traded to Toronto.

NJ exchanges a 4th Rounder for a 1st Rounder which helps in the teams rebuild, Dermott for Jaros is also a plus, Zacha would have to be going the other way to even the trade.

Toronto gets a Top 6 forward that will fit in nicely with what they have adding Zacha, Jaros is a good depth Defenceman and getting some Cap Space helps in having a 23 man roster if The Leafs choose to.

Thoughts ?

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22 Nov 2021 18:42:14
Same old Leaf favored one sided trades from Pinball.

23 Nov 2021 04:45:45
Zacha >>> Kerfoot

Zacha is bigger younger, has more skill and makes less money to boot! Sure he'll get a raise next year but as an RFA he'll still be under team control for at least a few more years.

If you want to dump two overpaid fringe players AND upgrade on one of them with a cheaper player that's going to cost more than a late first.

21 Nov 2021 01:02:47
Dallas/ Toronto UFA Deal:

Toronto Acquires:
- Joe Pavelski @50% Retention

Dallas Acquires:
- Nick Ritchie
- Roni Hirvonen
- 2022 2nd Round Pick

Forwards don’t cost as much as dman, and considering the difference between a guy like Hall (2nd+Bjork) and Foligno (1st+3rd), I think Pavelskis playstyle falls closer to Hall. So 2nd+Ritchie (whos been god awful but hockey GMs overvalue players like him even though he provides nothing besides being 6’3) should be similar to the Hall return, and Hirvonen is an addition for the 50% retention.

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21 Nov 2021 22:02:39
I don’t mind it, however I think a better prospect would need to be going back to Dallas. Or swap the 2nd for a 1st and take out the prospect. Just comparing it to what Foligno got.

22 Nov 2021 05:50:52
Hirvonens actually a pretty decent prospect, mid-late second rounder in Finland, so I actually think him+2nd outvalues a presuambly low 1st, but Amirov/ Robertson > Hirvonen+2nd. I wouldn't be opposed to Ritchie+1st but I think Dallas may honestly prefer Hirvonen and the 2nd.

22 Nov 2021 09:54:43
Yeah, I could see Dallas doing something like this if they’re out of a playoff spot by the trade deadline. Good deal.

22 Nov 2021 19:44:54
What do the Calgary Flames need to send to get Pavelski @ 50% retained? He'd be a great 2nd Line Centre/ RW IMO.

Line 2: Mangiapane-Pavelski-Dube/ Rucizka
Line 3: Coleman-Backlund-Duehr/ Rucizka/ Dube/ Pitlick.

26 Nov 2021 03:51:18
Pavelski is likely worth more to a top team as a deadline rental than he is now. Assuming he's playing well and the Stars aren't looking like they'll make the playoffs.

26 Nov 2021 11:49:31
Pavelski has been one of my favourite players for years. He’s a clutch playoff performer and destroyed the red wings every time they met up. I do think the leafs should add someone with a Stanley cup though. They have some nice leadership in Spezza and Simmonds, but Muzzin is the only guy that’s one a cup.

20 Nov 2021 21:21:51
Calgary Trades:
Sean Monahan (27-UFA2023@6.375mil)

To Montreal for:
Brendon Gallagher (29-UFA2027@6.5m)

OR Boston for:
Taylor Hall (30-UFA2025@6.0mil)

-Calgary needs a Right Shot RW
-Boston needs a 2nd line Center
-Montreal has Gallagher on 3rd line and maybe Dvorak isn't quite working out at 2nd line Center position.

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20 Nov 2021 22:08:30
I don't know why Calgary would want to do the first deal and I don't think Hall waives to go to Calgary or that Boston wants to trade him yet.

20 Nov 2021 22:38:12
Calgary is in need of a Right Shot RW who can score
Boston is in need of a 2nd line Centre; and
Montreal needs to shake things up

I believe Hall would like to play in his Home Town and may even elevate his play in front of Friends and Family.

Does Boston need a Centre or Hall more is the question?

20 Nov 2021 23:33:18
Yes, Montreal may need to shake things up, but do you really want to take on Gallagher's contract?

Supposedly, Hall has wanted to play for Boston for quite a while, I don't see him being willing to waive that yet.

21 Nov 2021 10:11:16
Hall is a left shot LW. He can score, but the Flames already have too many good left shot LWs and Lucic too.

And like Marcus said Hall chose to play in Boston. He took quite a bit less money to stay there too than he could have gotten elsewhere. He won't be waiving his full NTC now.

21 Nov 2021 15:31:24
The trade makes sense but Hall seems happy playing in Boston so he won't wave his NMC at this time.

21 Nov 2021 20:27:05
Both Hall and Gallagher are 30 goal scorers IMO and it's debatable whether Monahan will get back there, but he's still fairly young and worth the gamble.

I understand Hall may be happy where he is in Boston, but I was thinking he'd contribute and be good insurance in case Gaudreau leaves Calgary. And I don't see the Gallagher contract being that bad, a bit long, but as long as he stays healthy and continues to produce and he's a Right Shot RW that everyone figures Calgary needs. Mangiapane and Tkachuk seem to be quite comfortable and effective on the Right side though IMO.

I'd like to see Monahan traded or even moved to the Left Wing position to focus on scoring and to open up a spot for Rucizka or Pelletier to be tried out at Centre:

Monahan/ T. Hall - Rucizka/ Pelletier - Mangiapane
Mangiapane - Rucizka/ Pelletier - B. Gallagher

Coleman - Backlund - Dube
or better yet, Trade Dube to Seattle for Brandon Tanev
Coleman - Backlund - B. Tanev =Defensive yet Skilled Shut Down Line

Then Sutter can roll his Top 3 Lines, each line contributing more goals as well.

22 Nov 2021 07:31:38
Yes the Flames need a right shot RW but they already have plenty of players similar to Gallagher. Gritty hard working players who check, win puck battles and go into the tough areas. Coleman fills that role at RW on the 2nd line and neither of he nor Gallagher is going to replace Tkachuk on the first line.

What Calgary really needs is a sniper who's dangerous shooting from just about anywhere. The kind of shooter you don't want to give any time or space.

The Flames need a player like that more than ever now because Monahan was the best shooter they had but he hasn't been producing like he used to for over 2 years.

22 Nov 2021 18:55:36
So a floater, like Filip Forsberg, William Nylander, Patrick Laine or Vladimir Tarasenko? I'd prefer a guy that does it all AND puts the puck in the net, like Konecny or Gallagher, but I agree the other guys are more true snipers.

I believe Elias Lindholm could be that RW Sniper if put back on the RW again, but then we would need a #1 Centre and Tkachuk goes to the left side, essentially making Gaudreau expendable, no?

Still sounds like Gallagher would be better for the Flames than Monahan is right now. I give up on the Taylor Hall trade. Both Hall and Monahan were non-factors/ impacts in last nights game.

22 Nov 2021 19:47:23
For Gallagher the contract and injuries history make him difficult to trade and he doesn't worth Monahan.

22 Nov 2021 20:48:49
I wouldn't trade Gallagher for Monahan, he is the heart of the team.

22 Nov 2021 21:15:51
Same goes for Monahan TBH. Gallagher > or = to Monahan, as he's produced just as much as Monahan over the past few years, but in fewer games and he's also better defensively too. Monahan has his own health problem too and is currently recovering from an off-season surgery and isn't 100% himself and some believe he may still be playing injured, as he's not getting shots off like he once did.

23 Nov 2021 05:20:21
Forsberg, Nylander, Laine and Tarensenko are all snipers. I agree Laine is a floater but not the other three.

Laine may be the best pure sniper of the bunch but he's overpaid, the softest of the four and as an RFA again after this season he's more trouble than he's worth. Unless it's as a relatively cheap deadline rental.

Taresenko is the oldest, gets paid as much as Laine but if he's fully recovered now he may be the best of the bunch. He does have another year on his contract. And he's big. Big and skilled exactly they type of player Sutter likes. He'd be a good fit but probably costs too much.

Nylander was a floater until last year's playoffs when he was the only one of the Leafs top 4 who showed up to compete. The Leafs would be crazy to trade him now.

Forsberg is pretty good though he's had some injury issues. As a pending UFA the cost to get him should be bearable. He's going to want a hefty raise next year but if he likes playing in Calgary with all the other Swedes there (and I think he will) it shouldn't be too bad.

23 Nov 2021 18:24:33
Great Breakdown as always @MoxNix. I was using floater as someone primarily looking for an open space to unleash one-timers/ quick release shots as opposed to going in to the corners or boards to work and retrieve the puck.

I think one of Johnny Gaudreau or Matthew Tkachuk have to go to bring somebody great back and for the long-term good of the team, as we can't afford to keep all the upcoming UFA/ RFA's, so best trading partners would be Philadelphia and St. Louis respectively.

Gonna be much harder to move guys like Milan Lucic, Sean Monhan or Tyler Pitlick IMO, so guys like Dillon Dube, Jusso Valimaki, Adam Ruzicka and Jakob Pelletier and/ or High Draft Picks will need to be offered up to obtain a Top-6 guy. Best Trading partner seems like Seattle to me, hence my previous proposal for Jordan Eberle, Brandon Tanev and Carson Soucy.

I just don't want to give up the future for a rental, so I'd ideally like a sign and trade if it's for Filip Forsberg.

23 Nov 2021 18:34:50
I'd definitely be interested in William Nylander (UFA2024), I just don't know what we would/ could offer Toronto other than Matthew Tkachuk (RFA2022) to entice them, yet get good value back for Tkachuk as they are in win-now mode as well.

Only Toronto players I really like that might be available are Ilya Mikheyev (UFA 2022, super fast and dangerous on PK, just needs his shots to start going in the net) and Jack Campbell (UFA2022, who we don't need and will want a pay raise) .

And I agree with you on Patrick Laine, probably not the best fit for Sutter or the Flames.

23 Nov 2021 21:14:12
Tkachuk isn't going anywhere now and if he ever does it'll probably be to to St. Louis.

The Flames will resign him, the question is how much will it cost? He'll want more than his brother for sure ($8.25m/ yr) and if he plays hardball his qualifying offer is 9 million.

But they have to resign even it's just to trade him down the road. If they can sign him long term at price they can afford they'll likely make him captain too.

24 Nov 2021 01:32:18
That’s why I proposed the Trade for Tarasenko and Neighbors, but St. Louis may have to add something to that still.

If Tkachuk wants to stay in Calgary and be our Captain, fine, but he’s going to want $9-10/ mil per year to do so, which is a bit rich for me and would mean Gaudreau would very likely have to go, so we re-sign Mangiapane and Kylington. Unless we can move Monahan and/ or Lucic, which is what I have been proposing as well, but is seemingly very difficult.

Both Dube and Lucic have scored in today’s game already!

24 Nov 2021 20:31:33
Monahan could be moved, so could Lucic.

The issue is what it would cost to do it. No sense moving either if it takes retaining a big chunk of salary unless they're getting a pretty good and much cheaper young player back. Preferably one with at least 1 more year left on his contract after this one (the same as Monny and Looch) and RFA when his current contract expires. Pavel Zacha

And who's going to do that unless Calgary overpays with players, picks and prospects too?

If Monny is injured again (or still injured) they should send him off for another surgery now and put him on LTIR to save cap.

Looch is overpaid but he's still useful plus he's very popular with both fans and teammates. He's a huge improvement over Neal which cuts him a whole lot of slack on the salary.


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