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19 Oct 2019 19:12:47
Carolina Trades

Toronto Trades


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19 Oct 2019 21:42:11
Yes please with a side of pretty.

19 Oct 2019 22:15:57
I don’t see Carolina doing this deal at all.

19 Oct 2019 23:11:50
Carolina laughs.

20 Oct 2019 01:02:48
Why wouldn’t they?

Hamilton only has two years left. This year and next year. They got lots of good prospects. Not much up front. Ceci gives them fall back guy. They got lots of good guys already too so he can wLk. And they get Kapanen. A guy they can really use and are heavily rumored to be linked to.

19 Oct 2019 17:12:33
“According to sources in contact with Stars management, the stars have indeed been contacted by two team regarding the structure of a Jamie Benn trade, Carolina hurricanes and Montreal Canadians.

Jamie Benn has a full no trade clause, and last season when the ownership called out the players, the rumors circulated then, but he believe was the Vancouver Canuks and the Vegas Golden Knights would be the only two teams Benn would waive for.

Both west coast teams, something the Stars weren’t interested in. ”

Crazy. I wouldn’t trade Benn right now if I was Dallas. Sends a bad message to Pavelski and Perry who you just brought in for a cup run.

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19 Oct 2019 18:08:27
If this is true both montreal and carolina are great trade partners

C. Fleury, N. Suzuki, Caufield


H. Fleury, Necas, R. Suzuki

I mean if this was anywhere near the asking i'd go for it

Unfortnetly, all this is just speculation about Benn but something to pay close attention to. Benn would turn montreal and càrolina from playoff hopefuls to contenders with just one move.

19 Oct 2019 21:18:11
Neither team would offer that craigger especially not Montreal.

19 Oct 2019 23:25:34
Yeah, suzukis, necas and caufield may be much

Lets try
Tatar, Fleury 4th rd pick

Dzingel, Fleury 3rd rd pick


19 Oct 2019 23:30:49
I really like Benn, however, it seems like his best is behind him. don't get me wrong, he's still a great player, but to give up so much youth for him, I just don't think Habs should part with those young guys. Benn isn't enough of a peice to make the Canadiens a true contender.

20 Oct 2019 01:07:10
Dallas don’t trade Benn for prospects. So those Montreal and Carolina deals are no good. Dallas did good last year. It was a successful season by all accounts. Look for them to build on last season. Not rebuild.

20 Oct 2019 04:21:02
From what I've read, its a roster player, top prospect and a 1st. But doubt they get that with his contract.

20 Oct 2019 04:33:20
That's closer craigger but I think it would have to be a little more going to Dallas this time. maybe not much though as he really isn't living up to his cap hit lately.

20 Oct 2019 17:51:15
Habs: Jamie Benn

Stars: Habs 2020 first round pick, Poehling, and Leihkonen.

18 Oct 2019 22:30:37
" To Leafs
B. Tkachuk- Adds goal scoring and grit.

W. Nylander-skilled centre or winger
Kerfoot-speedy centre
N. Robertson- Leaf prospect averaging 2pts a game with the Peterborough Petes in OHL
2nd rd pick 2021"

This is a copy and paste from HF Boards with Senators fans saying they'd take it and run with all other fans saying leafs lose. I feel like you guys will have a much different take.

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18 Oct 2019 22:44:13
Wow. Them handful of Sens fans on that site are just as dumb as their owner.

18 Oct 2019 23:30:59
Yikes, that’s a fat no from Ott.

19 Oct 2019 05:42:02
Sens take on 10 mil more in cap seems highly unlikely especially for them.

19 Oct 2019 06:35:11
No from Sens

19 Oct 2019 12:10:03
Sens laugh and hangup right away.

19 Oct 2019 12:10:24
Either this site has heavy bias against the leafs or there is Differentiations of hockey knowledge between the two sites. While HF boards may have a higher concentration of leafs fans the Ottawa fans still like it. I think people should look at this form posted on HF Boards I feel as if many people here have been Brainwashed into Believing Nylander isn’t a great hockey player. I for 1 believe Ottawa takes this and runs but as said Melynk does not take the 10 million it can be argued Nylander is currently the better player then Tkachuk ( we all know this site’s opinion as an whole ) Kerfoot a young 3C, A solid prospect and a pick.

19 Oct 2019 13:42:12
I looked up that trade on there and it seems to me most sens fans didn't like the trade but to be fair I only read a few pages of the replies.

19 Oct 2019 13:57:13
I don't think either team takes this kind of deal. Sens would add a lot to their cap and are in a full rebuild. Tkachuk may command 7-8 million in summer 2021 but that's not until the conclusion of next year. By then kerfoot would only have a year left and nylander only 2.tkachuk would have 5 years of control plus whatever extra years of ufa ottawa signs him to in his next contract. ottawa passes

Toronto while taveras is hurt would be left with only 1 top 3 center. Even when he comes back this deal still makes leafs worst right now . which right now is the goal not in a few years. Yes the cap savings is great butwhats the point of icing a cap savings team. Unless toronto replaces kerfoot right now than this leaves the leafs weak up the middle. i'd also hate losing robertson. he'd be
Reády when johnsson is an ufa. toronto passes

Not a bad thinker of a deal.

19 Oct 2019 20:03:42
Lol what? How are people saying this is bad for the Sens? The bias against the leafs in this website is going way to far. Hear the leafs are trading an elite winger, a 3C who can jump into a top 6 role, a future top 6 forward, and a 2nd for an elite winger.

Nylander straight up is fair. Lay I checked Tkachuk has yet to hit 50 points while Nylander has hit 60 twice.

19 Oct 2019 20:46:11
Robertson is a defenceman no? Lighting up the OHL. We’re ypu referring to another prospect named Robertson?

19 Oct 2019 21:20:25
Isn't nylander on pace for 50 points? It's not like he's tearing up the ice or anything. Not saying he won't get there but ill hold off on the elite talk for awhile yet.

19 Oct 2019 22:22:11
I’m still hoping for vbb’s prediction of Nylander 90pts and Marner 130pts. The leafs are barely holding a playoff spot and without Tavares, it may be a tough couple weeks or more. It’s still early but Toronto hasn’t beat a good team yet.

19 Oct 2019 23:15:54
Robertson is a LW who is indeed off to a great stsrt along with another leaf prospect as his center SDA.

20 Oct 2019 01:12:00
Is Brady Tkachuk really that much better than Nylander that Leafs need to add all that? It’s a huge premium.

20 Oct 2019 03:48:10
Nylander is an elite winger? You do realize he’s on pace for about 45-50 points right? Not exactly elite unless standards have fallen more that I realized.

20 Oct 2019 11:34:50
Aho is on Pace for 30 does that mean he’s not elite?

20 Oct 2019 17:37:53
No it doesn't vbbb but at least he was elite at one point of his career.

18 Oct 2019 18:17:12


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18 Oct 2019 19:31:18
Buffalo had too many defensemen as it is. They want to move a defenseman for a forward.

18 Oct 2019 19:36:27
Agree with Marcus in this one. So Ehlers for Risto makes more sense.

19 Oct 2019 14:33:54
Tor: Nylander
Buff: Risto
Leafs free up $2.4 mil cap space. Buff dumps a useless -54 d-man that would fit in well on the Leafs defense. STOP with the Ehlers for Risto trolls.

19 Oct 2019 16:27:29
A deal for risto would need forwards going back not a dman.

Kapanen would be a perfect target for buffalo but toronto would need to add a mid level prospect or a 3rd round pick

Nylander if was involved in this deal, much like i said with ehlers, buffalo would need to add prospects on their end. tage thompson, matej pekar would be my suggestion.

20 Oct 2019 04:39:44
Islandjet, what would any of your precious jets defenseman +/ - be at playing for a horrible team for their entire career? But then again pionk is jets best defenseman at the moment so ristolainen isn't an upgrade on their best defenseman? Such a homer its stupid.

20 Oct 2019 11:36:27
Wtf you know nothing about hockey if you think Poink is better then Morrisey.

20 Oct 2019 15:37:32
Shoots you think -54 d-man is an upgrade worth Ehlers shows how little you know about hockey. Better to be a called a homer than be a moron who contributes nothing here but stupid comments.

20 Oct 2019 17:59:45
Erik karlsson when his teams suck in ottawa was an awesome -62 in 4 season. this year he is an amazing -9.Thomas Chabot isn't he considered great. well his -24 in 2 seasons with ottawa must mean he sucks.

Either these guys really really suck or the +/ - stat is a crappy stat. can't be both.

20 Oct 2019 19:57:21
The Karlsson point I’d like to see Islandjet argue.

20 Oct 2019 21:02:14
Karlson was -64 in 4 seasons for an average of -16 per season. Risto was -128 the last 5 seasons which is an average of -26 per. Also Risto is no Karlson in so many other ways. The Jets don't want him for Ehlers.

18 Oct 2019 05:32:41
Oilers need a 3rd Line Center and some scoring from bottom 6.
Sens aren’t making the playoffs and would want picks for their UFAs.

Oilers: Gagne + 2nd round
Sens: Pageau

Both UFAs and same money.

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18 Oct 2019 09:23:36
i'd do it from sens prospective.

18 Oct 2019 16:43:50
Pageau is at least an nhl level player. Gagne is not. If Ottawa is wanting picks, why would they want a 30 year old AHL player?

18 Oct 2019 17:34:01
Because they have the money to take back Gagner to receive a 2nd which is better than any pick they would probably be offered. So to get the best pick offered they need to take back some money to a team that needs money going out for money coming in.
Make sense now Fanatic?
It’s a good proposal, suggestion.
I’ve wanted Pageau or Tierny from Ottawa for Edm third line center. I’m not liking Granlund in that role, he’s more a solid fourth line winger and PK but we have tons of them.

19 Oct 2019 00:20:47
Gagner is NHL caliber IMO. He was on a 30+ point pace last season and had a strong pre season. He has skill and a little bit of grit. I haven’t been able to see much of the Oilers this season so far but I bet he’s better than a few guys on the roster. The reasoning I heard he got sent down is because Holland didn’t want to risk losing Patrick Russell on waivers.

20 Oct 2019 01:13:38
Nope. Bad trade. Oiler’s don’t do this.

17 Oct 2019 20:56:02
Arizona Trades
5th Round Pick 2020

Toronto Trades

This is more a Cap trade proposal once Hyman and Dermott are back.

Thoughts ?

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17 Oct 2019 21:35:58
Nice trade value wise

Only thing i will say is if tavares is out for 8 games then leafs gain 1 million salary on the cap. every game is like $125,000 in savings. Sucks he is out but silver lining on the cap i guess.

17 Oct 2019 22:16:09
Demers is old and sucks. And he’s signed for another year. Would rather just ride Ceci for the year and see what we got.

17 Oct 2019 22:43:26
Cant really see why Arizona would do this. Demers is 6 years older and the better defenseman and cheaper, ceci needs a new contract after this season and most likely want a raise. Arizona is close to the cap ceiling like Toronto and have a few rfas after the season. Would be bad cap management in my opinion. Not bad at all but just wouldn't do it from Arizona's side.

18 Oct 2019 06:44:37
That’s not quite how LTIR works Craigger, they don’t get cap relief they can just exceed but his amount on a replacement while he’s on it. It doesn’t help them accumulate cap or anything like that, just let's them replace him.

18 Oct 2019 16:40:28
yeah, there is also a 20 day rule on ltir. don't think leafs can put him on it unless they really feel he will be out that long or longer. once put on ltir he has to sit out the 20 days regardless.

so many rules with ltir its hard to keep track of them all. lol.

18 Oct 2019 17:34:53
I think it’s 10 days. Edm just put Nygard on the injury list and he’s now unavailable for 10 days from the day they listed him. Pretty sure that’s what I read yesterday.

18 Oct 2019 19:28:19
I wouldn’t say Demers is better then Ceci.

17 Oct 2019 19:36:34
Wild: Brook, 2020 first round pick, and 2nd round pick:

Habs: Dumba.

Any thoughts out there?

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17 Oct 2019 20:47:22
Take out the second and add Drouin, Domi or Kotkaniemi. Otherwise there's no reason for the Wild to consider it.

17 Oct 2019 21:09:24
Why so many dumba proposals? Is there rumors they are shopping him? Otherwise there is no reason to trade him or have to be a crazy overpayment.

17 Oct 2019 21:37:23
Minnesota is off to a horrible start thus the dumba proposals .

17 Oct 2019 22:24:33
How much did Trouba get traded for? I don’t think defensemen are worth what you might think they are. This trade would go a long way in helping restock Minnesota’s prospect pool. If they do it right, we should expect a few trades like this from them.

18 Oct 2019 14:53:57
There have been talks that Dumba could be available since like last offseason. It’s not just because Minny is off to a bad start, but it helps push it.

18 Oct 2019 15:55:24
Montreal Canadiens will not give his 1st round pick reason:
the nhl 2020 draft is in Montreal.

19 Oct 2019 12:33:01
Revised proposal:

MTL: Dumba

Wild: Brook, 2 second rounders, and 2020 first round pick.

I think this proposal is definitely more appealing.

17 Oct 2019 16:38:12

Barclay Goodrow


Olivier Rodrigue

5th Round Pick 2020.

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17 Oct 2019 17:34:13
Easy no from Edmonton.
Rodrigue's value >> Goodrow's.
Oilers also don't need anymore bottom 6 players.

18 Oct 2019 10:08:45
Rodrigue is looking solid.


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