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09 Jul 2021 15:22:19

Schmidt 5.95 million + 3rd 2021 + kole Lind RFA 22 years old


Nolan Patrick RFA + Robert Hagg

I have always liked Haggs play when deployed properly. In 2018 he had 253 hits, 153 blocked shots. I wonder if he could possibly become a Tanev sort of player. He is worth the gamble at 1.6 million.

Nolan Patrick needs a change of scenery... his risk is injury prone. Nolan does have up side, therefore a 3rd round pick is added.

Vancouver gives up a Schmidt who doesn't want to be in Vancouver... flyers can handle his contract... if Schmidt was traded there would be a total of 8.7 million in cap space to sign 4 more players for a full roster.



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09 Jul 2021 19:22:45
A bit much from Vancouver. Patrick is one unfortunate morning away from not being able to play again due to his unique migrane problem, such a wild unknown shouldn't have too much value IMO.

Schmidt is a solid T4 guy who just had a really off year by his standards in Vancouver, I feel like him and a 4th, maybe a 3rd at most would get that done.

Either way, I don't think Philly should even really consider moving Patrick 'cause I don't think you're going to get proper value for him.

10 Jul 2021 03:17:06
That’s pretty much exactly what there giving up Phyzsics. If Philly is going to move Patrick at a low point they should be looking for another young player in need of a change of scenery IMO.

10 Jul 2021 10:59:57
@ebsolutely virtanen needs a change of scenery ;)

10 Jul 2021 16:07:26
His potential isn’t high enough I’m guessing. Plus isn’t he not technically on the team right now? ….

11 Jul 2021 09:51:55
I know lol I was just joking.

08 Jul 2021 17:55:51
I really want Flames to keep Lucic but not at that cap hit. Is this legal? Can a team trade a player to a team, and have them trade him back @ retained salary.
My Trade Example :

To Calgary : Seventh-Round Selection in 2021

To New Jersey : Milan Lucic, Second-Round Selection in 2021, Fourth-Round Selection in 2022 and Glenn Gawdin

To Calgary : Milan Lucic ( 50% Salary Retained )

To New Jersey : Seventh-Round Selection in 2021 [NJD]

So basically New Jersey receives 2ND + 4TH + Gawdin for eating 50% of Lucic’s 2 year contract (2,625,000). It doesn’t seem like a lot but it would help Calgary quite a bit imo. Lucic is very liked in the locker room and he loves Calgary and doesn’t want to leave. He’s grown on majority of Flames fans and he’s actually been pretty decent honestly, but not at that cap hit.

If there’s any errors I’m sorry, it’s 11 in the afternoon and I haven’t slept yet.

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08 Jul 2021 22:50:24
A third team or a buyout is the only way that can happen if I am not mistaken.

08 Jul 2021 22:55:16
I understand the premise of what you’re going for to lower his cap.

My thoughts are is that this isn’t legal similar to the recent Orpik situation where he was traded and bought out then re-signed by original team.

Also there may be a situation where a player needs to play a certain number of games for the new team.

Say Lucic plays for Devils for the 1 year and then gets traded back to Calgary at the Deadline as a pending FA. I think that one may be acceptable given circumstances but not even sure if that’s allowed.

If anyone else has greater knowledge please share but that’s where my thoughts go.

09 Jul 2021 01:18:22
11 is the morning. and this makes no sense and i'm sure is clear cut cap circumvention.

09 Jul 2021 05:57:25
Not quite the same thing but with a buyout the player cannot be return to the team that bought him out for 1 year.

It's probably similar for this otherwise teams would have done it before.

08 Jul 2021 17:10:43
A three way trade between Calgary, Montreal and Columbus.

Calgary trades: Sean Monahan, 2021 2nd round pick
Calgary gets : Josh Anderson

Columbus Trades: Patrick Laine
Columbus gets : Sean Monahan, two 2021 2nd round picks

Montreal trades: Josh Anderson 2021 2nd round pick
Montreal gets : Patrick Laine

Calgary gets a physical top 6 right shot RW
Montreal gets an elite sniper
Columbus gets a good center and two 2nd round picks


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08 Jul 2021 17:37:48
Undervaluing Laine just a bit. I doubt Columbus GM will trade Laine, he’s a huge fan of him. Good post tho.

08 Jul 2021 17:42:04
Doubt Columbus has any interest in Monahan.

08 Jul 2021 17:46:50
Habs lose Anderson and a 2nd for a RFA without a contract? I'm also not a fan of Laine, so I hope Habs say no. That is my own Biased opinion.

08 Jul 2021 19:27:55
Laine could fetch more. Anderson is alright but probably not worth his contract. Same goes for Monahan.

08 Jul 2021 22:50:12

I intended to have "with a prearranged agreement to resign with Montreal" in there. It actually was at first but I rewrote the whole thing and forgot to put that part in.

And yeah I'm not a fain of Laine either but everyone else seems to be. AFAIC Monahan and 2 seconds is a bit of an overpay, but Calgary gets a player that fits their needs and the coach's style perfectly while a lot of Montreal fans seem to think they need a player like Laine.

@Nylander give it a rest. According to you everyone on the Flames is trash and your precious Eichel is the greatest player to ever play the game.

08 Jul 2021 23:46:54
Monahan is garbage and there's no way I'd give up Anderson to get Laine.
I usually laugh when I see this guy post.

09 Jul 2021 06:02:55
Sure you do @Nylander you aren't fooling anyone with yet another alias account made to make just one post.

09 Jul 2021 06:13:38
Anderson it's not going anywhere imo.

09 Jul 2021 14:00:24
That’s not my account but anyone over 23 should hold negative value to the blue jackets unless if they come in cheap to help the youth.

11 Jul 2021 14:14:55
I love how you said under evaluating Laine. The guy is lazy and a one trick pony. Btw it was known clb had interest in Monahan

08 Jul 2021 16:38:58
Buffalo: Sam Reinhart + 4th or 5th
Ottawa: Logan Brown, Lassi Thompson + 2nd (higher of ottawa and san jose 2021 pick)

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08 Jul 2021 17:08:27
Buffalo isn’t adding to Sam Reinhart on that. Brown is a 4C, Thomson could be a good Top 6 D, and the 2nd pick won’t cut it.

08 Jul 2021 17:10:07
I want Calgary to go for Lassi Thomson. He’s good friends with Valimaki and is also a RHD. They could easily play together on the 3rd pairing Valimaki - Thomson.

08 Jul 2021 17:26:16
Buffalo will get plenty of far better offers than that for Reinhart.

08 Jul 2021 19:33:06
@NotaCasual and MoxNix practice what you preach.
To Calgary : Sam Reinhart
To Buffalo : Juuso Valimaki, Jakob Pelletier and 45th Overall Selection in 2021
That was your offer.
Thomson >> Pelletier
Ottawa’s 2nd >> Calgary’s 2nd
And Valimaki and Brown are honestly pretty comparable in terms of disappointment with Valimaki being the better of the two so far.
I don’t think either offer is enough for Reinhart, but to say one is while the other isn’t is laughable.

09 Jul 2021 06:39:37

Actually I proposed Conner Zary and Calgary's 2021 first round pick (#12) for Reinhart. As for @Casual's post for some reason I was thinking that was Calgary's 12th overall too rather than 45th.

Valimaki has been disappointing. He hasn't been anywhere near as good as the hype train said he would be. If he was no Flames fan would want to trade him.

Thomson vs Pelletier which is worth more is a moot point. It's comparing apples to oranges. Different players in different leagues. A smallish forward who scores a lot in the QMJHL vs a smallish defenseman who doesn't score much in the AHL.

09 Jul 2021 13:46:01
Valimaki > Thomson
Pelletier >> Brown
What are you even saying.

09 Jul 2021 13:47:10
Valimaki is a roster player unlike Brown, plays a more important position and is a year younger. Brown can’t even crack a weak senators lineup.

09 Jul 2021 13:48:47
I don’t think anyone here would say Brown is close to Valimaki like wtf that’s just straight bias.

13 Jul 2021 14:40:34
Notacasual brown can crack an nhl roster no problem. The only reason he hasn't be given the chance with Ottawa yet is because he is so injury proned. It's been stated on many occasions and on many online sources. Just Google it if you disagree

08 Jul 2021 16:15:03

Nashville:Duchene, Fabbro

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08 Jul 2021 16:31:51
I would be okay with that one.

08 Jul 2021 16:41:43
Bergevin would never move Gallagher, he speaks very highly of him and I remember him getting emotional when talking about Gally.

08 Jul 2021 16:45:02
I see fabbro on their own getting a better package than that, even with duchene's cap hit.

08 Jul 2021 17:27:17
Duchene might be French but even Montreal has to realize he's a cancer in the locker room by now.

08 Jul 2021 19:33:58
Duchene makes every team that trades/ signs him worse.

08 Jul 2021 20:41:23
Nothing French about this Duchene.

09 Jul 2021 15:00:44

Sure there is. His name.

08 Jul 2021 16:04:55
Saint Louis- Evegini Kuznetzkov

Washington- Vladimir Taresanko

Both players are probably on the move. Could be a solid swap.

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08 Jul 2021 16:38:21
I was literally going to post this exact 1 for 1 swap. Solid trade.

08 Jul 2021 20:42:21
Should Blues add a pick? Due to the injury history of Tarasenko.

08 Jul 2021 22:57:30
I agree this looks like it makes sense in my books.

11 Jul 2021 22:09:02
No should caps add a pick for kuzy substance abuse.

08 Jul 2021 12:33:35
To New Jersey : 19th Overall Selection in 2021, Raphael Lavoie, James Neal and Mikko Koskinen

To Edmonton : Jesper Bratt

Jesper Bratt ( 2.75 @ 1 year RFA )
James Neal ( 5.75 @ 2 years UFA )
Mikko Koskinen ( 4.50 @ 1 year UFA )

New Jersey has 36mil in cap space with no important contracts due this year. Koskinen’s contract @ 4.50 expires next season, Neal’s contract @ 5.75 expires in 2 seasons. New Jersey is compensated extremely well with a Top 20 Selection in the draft and a good prospect. New Jersey would have the option to buyout Koskinen aswell.

New Jersey Cap Space [ 29,302,501 ]

Edmonton Cap Space [ 23,720,841 ]

New Jersey selects Luke Hughes or Dylan Guenther @ #4, selects Francesco Pinelli @ #19 and selects Sasha Pastujov @ #28.

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08 Jul 2021 14:23:13
I was thinking Edmonton adds Tyler Benson or Caleb Jones aswell for a sweetener.

08 Jul 2021 14:33:38
I like it for both sides if NJ really likes Pinelli. Edmonton should do it, but would have to make sure they’re using their cap wisely.

08 Jul 2021 14:46:58
Edmonton can buy one of them out, no need to trade the 19th+ IMO.

08 Jul 2021 12:11:50
To Vancouver : Ryan Johansen
To Nashville : 40th Overall Selection in 2021, Olli Juolevi and Loui Eriksson

To Vancouver : Sam Reinhart
To Buffalo : 9th Overall Selection in 2021, Jack Malone and Jay Beagle

To Vancouver : 115th Overall Selection, Kyle Turris and Kris Russell
To Edmonton : Braden Holtby

Elias Pettersson - Bo Horvat - Brock Boeser

J. T Miller - Ryan Johansen - Sam Reinhart

Tanner Pearson - Kyle Turris - Nils Hoglander

Matthew Highmore - Zach MacEwen - Tyler Motte / Antoine Roussel

Nate Schmidt - Quinn Hughes

Alex Edler - Tyler Myers

Jack Rathbone - Kris Russell.

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08 Jul 2021 12:17:48
Frick I meant to say Johansen (25% Salary Retained) leaving Johansen @ 6mil.

08 Jul 2021 16:14:42
Where does podkolzin fit in?

08 Jul 2021 16:33:22
Is Louie Erikson even a thing anymore? I like Johansson size but after watching them for a few years he leaves me expecting more.

08 Jul 2021 16:40:55
I honestly don’t see Podkolzin making the roster tbh, could prove me wrong tho.

08 Jul 2021 17:41:03
Balsam the thought process behind acquiring Johansen would be to experiment and see if he could bounce back in his home town. He’s not a bad player at all, not really what he used to be but maybe a change of scenery would be beneficial.

09 Jul 2021 00:06:59
I’d bet anything that Podkolzin plays 3rd line RW next season.


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