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11 Nov 2023 06:48:42
Apparently Vancouver and Toronto are extremely high on Zadorov, he has been on Vancouver’s radar for quite awhile now. Vancouver also really wants Tanev.

CGY - Chris Tanev (50% Retained)

VAN - 2024 1st, Aatu Raty & 2024 2nd

CGY - Nikita Zadorov (50% Retained)

TOR - 2024 1st & Fraser Minten

Flames acquire (2) 1sts in the draft and 2 prospects. Aatu Raty could be an important piece if Elias Lindholm is traded.

Jonathan Huberdeau - Elias Lindholm - Andrew Mangiapane
Connor Zary - Nazem Kadri - Yegor Sharangovich
Martin Pospisil - Mikael Backlund - Blake Coleman
AJ Greer - Adam Ruzicka - Dillon Dube

Mackenzie Weegar - Rasmus Andersson
Noah Hanifin - Nick DeSimone
Jeremie Poirier - Ilya Solovyov

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11 Nov 2023 11:47:41
I think he gets moved but those packages seem high. he may get less. I find players that whine don't bring as much value.

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11 Nov 2023 17:32:03
You’re right @balsam8 I think I’m overvaluing Zadorov quite a bit actually.

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11 Nov 2023 21:55:08
If the leafs give Minten or a 1st for Zadarov I’ll never cheer for them again.

He’s barely a upgrade on Gio ( the leafs 6dman ) and this puts them over the cap.

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12 Nov 2023 00:46:02
Would be #3 on leaf’s d-core.

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22 Nov 2023 21:00:01
Delusional. No chance Van gives up anything near that for Tanev. No chance. They may give that up for Hanifin but unlikely since he's a rental.

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10 Nov 2023 13:35:05
Dylan Holloway for Joel Hofer

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10 Nov 2023 19:30:21
Good idea for oilers to pursue. Not sure if Holloway gets it done.

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09 Nov 2023 20:37:11
Without getting into any serious logistics,

Would there be some sort of possible trade between jersey and Nashville? …

NJD get
Josi 50% retained

NSH get
2024 1st
2024 3rd
2025 1st
2026 1st (conditional) - if jersey wins the cup in 2024 or 2025 the pick stays a first - if they lose it becomes a second

Basically you get josi who I think will actually play well into his 38 age and would really put them over the top plus he’s Swiss and half the guys on jersey are Swiss for 2 1sts and a great d prospect

Get a great goalie whose still young.

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10 Nov 2023 04:06:38
Completely unrealistic

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10 Nov 2023 16:15:01
I like the idea of Nashville rebuilding.

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09 Nov 2023 19:53:03
Lindholm 50%
Hanifin 50%

2024 2nd
2025 2nd

Coyotes believing it's time to go for it

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10 Nov 2023 04:07:42
Imo they can get a way better return if they retained 50% on both Hanifin and Lindholm if they were to trade them separately.

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10 Nov 2023 16:15:58
I don’t think both of those UFAs are worth Guenther alone. He’s looking like a superstar with 7 years of term control.

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10 Nov 2023 17:11:45
Coyotes believing its time to go for it? what is "it"? . a new location? some fans? lol.

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10 Nov 2023 18:05:43
VB you need to watch more hockey and lose the blinders, how many superstars get cut and end up in the ahl. Casual that equates to 3 first and 2 seconds, pretty good return.

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11 Nov 2023 02:33:45
Nashan- Elias Petterson, Mitch Marner, William Nylander, Cale Makar, both Tkachuks, Quinn Hughes, Leon Drais, Etc tons of elite high 1st rd picks take time to make it to the NHL. Guenther will not be moved for any UFA including William Nylander ( leafs fan ) Guenther due to his term control absolutely has more value then Nylander even if it’s a sign and trade.

Some people like Nashan for an example don’t understand that not all 1st round picks have equal value for an example the 1st overall pick last year had far more value then the 32nd pick. 3 1sts from a team like Vegas for those 2 might be fair but a elite top 10 pick has the value of 3 1sts imo.

Guenther 9th overall and Geekie 11th overall will not be traded for 2 UFAs Or probably at all.

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12 Nov 2023 00:51:54
I do understand what you mean about first round picks. I can give you many examples where a lower pick turns out better than a higher pick. Take Guenther for instance, I would take Johnston from Dallas on Guenther who cracked a much tougher roster than the Yotes have. Last point. To improve through trade comes at a cost other teams aren’t giving first line and top 4 D away.

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13 Nov 2023 18:19:36
Obviously not all 1st round picks pan out I never said that but I am saying Guenther has been drafted recently and his value has not been lowered due to poor play. He absolutely has more value then those UFAs.

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13 Nov 2023 21:24:26
For a team making a push for playoffs the ufa’s are more important than project players. Hence why teams give up draft capital and prospects for now improvement. Good convo thou, which I’ve found over some of these trade proposals. 😂😂😂😂.

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09 Nov 2023 19:52:13
I know people will disagree with me but the jets should trade for Elias Lindholm



The jets get rid of some cap and assuming calgary will be sellers, it works out for both teams.

The Jets bring in some more forward depth in Lindholm while Vilardi is injured and they can put lindholm on the top line until Vilardi returns.

getting rid of schmidt can give the jets a lot of salary cap and it opens a spot for either heinola or chishom.

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09 Nov 2023 20:57:02
Lindholm would be a great spot for him if he would agree to extend. I would think every team could come up with a much better offer even for just a rental though.

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09 Nov 2023 21:02:49
Calgary would get a far better offer for lindholm.

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09 Nov 2023 21:15:11
Camp dump, an ahl forward and a third for a top forward. Hard no from Calgary.

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10 Nov 2023 04:09:01
Lindholm would fetch a way better offer than that, this really ain’t close. Also, if they trade Lindholm then they’re obviously intending on rebuilding so those pieces wouldn’t be enticing to them.

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08 Nov 2023 16:24:32
BIG Shake-up for the Oilers !!!

2025 2nd round pick (PHI)
2025 5th round pick (CAR)

Campbell($2M retained)
2024 1st round pick (EDM)
2025 1st round pick (EDM)

2024 3rd round pick (ARI)



2025 4th round pick

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08 Nov 2023 21:26:46
That Arizona trade is absolutely awful. Durzi is averaging 25 minutes a night for the Yotes.

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07 Nov 2023 23:03:15
EDM - Jack Campbell, 2024 1st & Dylan Holloway

ARI - Matt Dumba

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08 Nov 2023 21:27:50
Man is Dumba ever bad I don’t think he makes Edmonton's lineup. But to dump Campbell that seems about right.

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07 Nov 2023 22:52:53
To Edmonton Oilers:
RD - Chris Tanev (2.25 @ 1 UFA)
(50% Salary Retention)

to Calgary Flames:
1st Round Pick in 2024 - EDM
C/LW - Dylan Holloway (925k @ 1 RFA)


Darnell Nurse - Evan Bouchard
Mattias Ekholm - Chris Tanev
Brett Kulak - Cody Ceci

Holloway has not looked good at all but i think he could benefit from a change of scenery.

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08 Nov 2023 00:55:50
I’m not sure I’d pay Tanev is worth a 1st, but if the market is competitive then it could happen.

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08 Nov 2023 02:17:07
Holloway has looked decent and he deserves to be given a shot in the top 6. Oil would love Tanev but I don’t think this would be a smart move.

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08 Nov 2023 21:28:29
That’s to much.

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07 Nov 2023 20:40:49
EDM - Campbell (50% retain), 2024 1st (lottery protected), 2025 1st

CAR - Kochetkov

If Carolina buys him out after the season it’ll cost both teams around 750k a season for 6 years. Campbell at 2.5M in Carolina could end up being a good contract.

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08 Nov 2023 02:20:44
-500k cap space for CAR and +500k for EDM. Hurricanes are signing Halak over bringing Kochetkov up.

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09 Nov 2023 00:53:31
Two firsts is probably too much with 50% retention.

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07 Nov 2023 19:34:09
Marner, Samsonov, Klingberg and Liljegren


Lindholm, Tanev, Zadorov and Markstrom

Knies Matthews Nylander
Bertuzzi Lindholm Tavares
Robertson Domi Jarnkrok
Gregor Kampf Reaves

Reilly Tanev
Zadorov Brodie
Giordano McCabe

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08 Nov 2023 21:29:56
Lol just dumb. Marner won’t be traded. Kling signed in Toronto this summer and would make team look bad if traded.

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09 Nov 2023 01:32:20
No. what's stupid is just accepting that we have only 2 top 4 men and not realizing that in order for this team to improve that 1 of the top 4 have to be traded to do so. Also, players get traded all the time when they sign 1 year deals.

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09 Nov 2023 12:05:20
Leafs would rather lose with the big 4 then win without. They are a family. Would you rather be poor with your family or trade your Daughter for 10 million.

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09 Nov 2023 19:44:57
That is hilarious. Any management team that is ok with losing needs to go. Glad to see your ok with a crap team vb.

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11 Nov 2023 02:36:59
Not saying I am okay with it but it doesn’t take a genius to see that the leafs will not move the big 4.

“A captain always goes down with the sinking ship”.

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07 Nov 2023 15:46:34
Was listening to a podcast and was thinking:

Allen @50% retained
Monahan @ 50% retained
Savard @ 50% retained
2024 MTL 2nd

2024 EDM 1st

Edmonton gets a steady goalie, a bottom 4 pairing defensive D-Man, and third line center scoring depth all at a good price

Montreal gets picks and a good right wing prospect but takes on Campbell contract - they could then buy him out or trade him afterwards with a pick and prospect of their own to another team for cap relief?

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07 Nov 2023 16:44:05
Too rich from MTL, drop the 2nd and Savard and it’s a maybe.

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07 Nov 2023 17:51:34
- MTL can only retain on one more deal. (3 is the max per team)

- agree with Hockey Dad’s take.

- not sold on Bourgault, personally.

- I have a soft spot for EDM, and would like to see them succeed. Managing a cap makes some eyes glaze over, but it’s everything when you’re building a winning team.

- EDM has been dealing with bad contracts and cap hits forever. Kenny is the best EDM GM in 15 years or so, but that Campbell contract is unforgivable.

- in a cap world, teams like EDM and the leafs can’t address roster gaps without creating new ones. Neither can ever complete their rebuild because of contract/ cap mistakes you just can’t address by trading or free agency. Both trade too many picks too, and aren’t graduating enough contributing roster players on ELC’s to help fill out their rosters.

- NJ will become the model of building slowly through the draft and carefully re-signing their own talent to sensible deals. (I. e. Hughes @ 8x8 & Hischier at 7x7.25)

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