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24 Jan 2023 15:06:45
Stl - tarasenko 50% retention

Nyi- bolduc 2023 1st and beavullier (cap dump)

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24 Jan 2023 08:52:01
to Vancouver Canucks :
First Round Pick in (2023)
LD - Jeremie Poirier [ 823k @ 3 RFA ]
LW - William Stromgren [ unsigned ]

to Calgary Flames :
LW/RW - Andrei Kuzmenko [ 950k @ 1 UFA ]

to Vancouver Canucks :
First Round Pick in (2023)
C - Marco Rossi [ 863k @ 3 RFA ]
C/LW - Sam Steel [ 825k @ 1 RFA ]

to Minnesota Wild :
C - Bo Horvat [ 5.50 @ 1 UFA ]

J Miller - E Pettersson - B Boeser
I Mikheyev - M Rossi - C Garland
V Podkolzin - S Steel - N Hoglander
T Pearson - C Lazar - J Dakota

D Dube - E Lindholm - T Toffoli
J Huberdeau - N Kadri - A Kuzmenko
A Mangiapane - M Backlund - B Coleman
J Pelletier - A Ruzicka - M Lucic

K Kaprizov - B Horvat - M Boldy
F Gaudreau - J Eriksson Ek - M Zuccarello
M Foligno - R Hartman - J Greenway
B Duhaime - C Dewar - R Reaves

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24 Jan 2023 12:16:34
Both of these look plausible Casual. (I could see VCR wanting a 2nd in lieu of one of the prospects listed, but definitely the values look reasonable. )

On a side note, it’s interesting to see that MIN only has 2 more years after this season with the debilitating cap recapture penalties of 14.7M related to the Suter and Parise buyouts. Can you imagine how the conversation must have went when Billy G had to tell ownership his plan was for them to write huge cheques for those two to NOT play for his team? That would have been an interesting day to be a fly on the wall….

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24 Jan 2023 13:43:39
Holy god way to much for Horvat. Apparently you guys have no clue how good rossi is. He’s more untouchable then Kaprizov in Minnesota.

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24 Jan 2023 14:53:39
The fact that VB thinks it doesn’t makes sense seals it for me - good one Casual👍

Horvat is a 6’ Center with 30G & 19A in 46 games. As a team Captain he has character, and at 27 is just entering his prime years. The bonus is that VCR will even allow teams with acceptable offers to negotiate an extension, which the player is open to as well.

Rossi 5-9 and 183, also a Center, and at age 21 has played 28 NHL games with zero goals, 1 assist, and is -1. (In the AHL he has 7G & 13A in 20 games. )

VB…are you sure it’s everyone else besides you who “has no clue”?

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24 Jan 2023 15:43:55
Minnesota is a playoff bubble team, no way they should be trading their best prospect and a 1st IMO.

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24 Jan 2023 16:45:32
I would think the Canucks would be focusing on Kuznetsov from the Flames and the Horvat return is meh.

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24 Jan 2023 19:31:09
@Renidrag i was literally gonna put Kuznetsov too lmao damn it
@Chickenfoot lmao
@Ebsolutely im sure they'd love to make a push now, Fleury aint getting any younger

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24 Jan 2023 19:51:07
In two years they’ll be mostly out of the buyouts and Wallstedt will probably ready. Trading a high end prospect and a first isn’t smart when it could maybe be a lottery pick.

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25 Jan 2023 01:47:53
We will wait and see the eventual return of a 1st and decent prospect from this saturated market. Bookmark this thread and then we will all look back and look at this as a laugh. Rossi is the only centre prospect in the wild pipeline and is their future just as Laf and Byfield won’t be moved same goes for Rossi.

There is what 5 contenders with 1st round picks this year and the market has Chychrun, O’Rielly, P. Kane, Towes, Horvat, Kuzmenko, Taresanko, + more yeah way to many assets to go around to see a big return this year. This will be a buyers market. If anyone here has any knowledge on business they will know the more of something available the less valuable it becomes.

Teams will take the best bang for their Buck and would certainly rather pay a 2nd and a prospect for O’Rielly then give up a top 10 prospect for Horvat.

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25 Jan 2023 01:56:11
EBS - no chance MIN will be a lottery team.

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25 Jan 2023 11:59:09
There in a lottery spot right now.

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26 Jan 2023 15:09:58
just wondering would any body else like to see a Pelttier Ruziskan and Duehr line.

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23 Jan 2023 20:43:43
Toronto Trades
Woll (AHL)
Niemela (SML)
1st Round Pick 2023
3rd Round Pick 2024

Vancouver Trades

With The Canucks after the coaching change about to make major roster changes as well this is the type of proposal I believe they will be looking at, it will also stockpile some prospects including a 1st Rounder and a 3rd Rounder as well as make them have a better chance at drafting BC Boy Bedard being worse for the rest of this season.

Leafs should be all in and simply put this would be a game changer imo getting these 3 players.

Thoughts ?

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23 Jan 2023 23:27:06
- VCR declines. They will get offered more elsewhere, especially in separate trades.

- TOR doesn’t own a ‘24 3rd to trade.

- VCR says upgrade that ‘24 3rd to a 2nd, and give us your ‘24 4th for taking back Kerfoot’s contract. (There’s a cost for cap dumps in the NHL. )

- With these tweaks VCR says you get 2/ 3 of your trade targets, and since TOR is low on picks and top-end prospects, the deal as constituted is a no-go.

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24 Jan 2023 04:05:25
If you where an NHL GM you would never get a trade made ever, your demands are unrealistic.
I can admit the 3rd Rounder in 2024 belongs to Arizona which I stand corrected, so make it a 2023 3rd Rounder which they do have.
As for value with Kuzmenko and LSchenn being UFAs after this season asking for what you are asking for is unrealistic.
Look at past trades no matter who it was at a deadline, if anything my proposal is to much to offer Vancouver.

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24 Jan 2023 10:04:48
PINBALL…to be called “unrealistic” by the guy who posts the most one-sided, leaf-friendly scenarios is the greatest compliment you could make. Thank you!

I am happy for you that you “can admit” you can’t trade the same draft pick to two separate teams in two separate trades.

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24 Jan 2023 10:36:38
If it’d cost a 3rd to dump Kerfoot just imagine what’d it cost to dump a less productive Josh Anderson.

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24 Jan 2023 12:23:44
Doubt Holl waives his no trade clause to play for Vancouver. Not when the Leafs are in a better position. Vancouver may be looking to unload guys but they are going to get a lot for each of them individually come the deadline that will be be better than what they get from the Leafs here.

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24 Jan 2023 12:37:18
VB - you and Pinball often seem like the same person for your “unique” insights. Wow😄

Most GMs calling MTL ask about Anderson more than anyone else, according to insiders like Pierre Lebrun and Darren Dreger. Your opinion of Anderson shows that you really don’t see the game like hockey people do, and it looks hilarious in print.

Most would view a 6-3, 227 power forward, who skates like the wind, with 14 G in 45 games, a real addition to any playoff lineup. His performance in the playoffs 2 years ago when he rattled opposing D with his speedy zone entries and big hits would make him a key addition for ANY playoff lineup. At 5.5M x 4 more seasons, especially with a rising cap, you definitely have a uniquely hilarious view that somehow he’s a cap dump.

If he were to be traded it would be for a return that reflects his actual value as opposed to whatever it is that you see in him as a player.

Much like Pinball, the fact that you usually carry the opposite opinion to most hockey people, I can only imagine what you see and think when you watch a hockey game. Whatever it is that you see, I hope you’re enjoying it to the fullest👍.

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24 Jan 2023 13:57:43
You just described Zach Kassian game to an absolute tee and look at what the coyotes payed for him…. ohh wait. Yeah let’s be real if the rebuilding habs were offered anything of value for any of there plentyful veterans wingers they’d have been traded by now.

Kerfoot is literally outproducing Anderson in a lesser role while being a reliable PKer and centre. Anderson underlying metrics are awful and the only value he provides to GMs is the old school skate fast and hit hard GMs. He is not an asset to an analytical GM and that’s a fact. Now whether or not analytics speak the full tale is up to debate I actually believe a player like Anderson provides more value then what his stats represent but again black and white always holds more value then the eye test in the business world.

You don’t see any rumours of Kerfoot being available aside from Pinball including him in proposals which I’m assuming you consider him a credible source? But want to know who was on TSNs draft trade bait board last year? Josh Anderson being payed 5.5 million to produce at a sub 40 point pace over a 82 game pace.

My thoughts is Kerfoot and Anderson are equally valuable 3rd line players. Kerfoot is a Swiss Army knife at a cheaper cap his and Anderson provides a rare skill set for a 3rd line but don’t kid yourself thinking he holds value to a contender without retention.

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24 Jan 2023 15:04:24
OMG…talking hockey with you is zany and funny for all the wrong reasons.

Kassian comparable to Anderson? Kerfoot not showing up in trade rumours besides Pinball’s? Lessons about the business world? Wow😅

IF…Anderson were to be traded, or Horvat, whatever happens is likely to be “wholly different” from the stuff you write. That’s about the politest way it can be said. The eventual reality will be very different from whatever reality you’re working with.

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24 Jan 2023 15:50:20
He’s only ever had more than 30 points twice in his career. At maybe 3.5M he would have medium to high value.

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24 Jan 2023 23:00:07
Chicken foot vs the world

You said zero facts to support your obvious baseless claim. Also you made up some nonsense about how I compared Anderson to Kassian when in reality I said that he is a fast skater in proportion to his size who hits. Which is a fact. Anderson is obviously better but in reality he is overpaid that is only debated by people who have clear bias.

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25 Jan 2023 02:05:07
“Vs the world”? 😁. That’s HILARIOUS without trying to be. You may not have a firm grasp on things if you see things like that.

It’s really hard to take your opinions seriously. I’m quite sure that whatever happens at this trade deadline that the eventual reality will be much different than how you see things unfolding. Time always tells the truth. Eventually it’ll be obvious whose predictions made more sense😁.

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23 Jan 2023 17:15:01
Oilers Going All-In

EDM; Horvat ($1M retained), Schenn

VAN; 2024 1st, Barrie, Yamamoto, Petrov/Lavoie


EDM; Gavrikov

CBJ; 2023 2nd, Puljujärvi, Savoie

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23 Jan 2023 20:50:32
Boston can give more than that for Horvat and Schenn. and supposedly has already.

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23 Jan 2023 23:28:40
🚫 Homer Deals.

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22 Jan 2023 19:47:19
Canucks- Miller, OEL, Podkolzin, Dermott, Rathbone
Predators- Johansen, Sissons, Glass, Fabro

Canucks and Predators trade bad contracts and swap young players. Canucks gain future cap flexibility while the Predators get offensive help to try and make a playoff push.

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21 Jan 2023 17:23:21
Bo Horvat

New Jersey:
Erik Haula
Simon Nemec
1st Round Draft Pick

Triple H down the middle would set them up for a long long time.


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21 Jan 2023 18:28:12
I don't see this happening. I think Horvat would want to go to a contending team, and that's not Jersey. Also, I don't see them giving Nemec up yet.

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21 Jan 2023 18:45:11
You're delusional if you think a rental is gonna fetch that package... Nemec was literally just drafted 2nd overall, why would they trade him away.

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21 Jan 2023 18:48:54
Let me rephrase, Horvat will get a really good return but just not this kinda return. Nemec alone is worth more.

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21 Jan 2023 19:33:01
seabass - The Devils currently sit in 4th in the entire league. How aren’t they a contender?

NotACasual - Why would you assume he’d only be a rental? They only have 48,000,000 committed to the cap next year and all there big players are locked up? They will have plenty of space to sign Bo to an extension and they are only going to get better, so they will be challenging for a cup.

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21 Jan 2023 21:34:48
- NJ IS a contender now, and will be for awhile. That is a certainty.

- this would be a steep price to pay, but it’s going to take something steep to get Horvat, so it’s definitely plausible.

- to include Nemec, NJ would need to think they had a shot to re-sign Horvat, who is unlikely to forego the chance to be UFA.

Lots of “ifs”, but this is one of the more risky, realistic, and interesting proposals I’ve read here in a looooong time🤜.

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21 Jan 2023 23:39:59
I don’t think they’d trade Nemec for a signed Horvat. They have a strong 1-2 down the middle already. Plus I agree there not ready to be trading young players for veterans.

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22 Jan 2023 03:35:52
I don’t think Nemec is on the table for Quinn Hughes let alone a player they can sign for free in 5 months.

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22 Jan 2023 09:42:06
@1ManWolfPack i think he'll get a really good return no doubt but why on earth would NJ trade Nemec after just drafting him 2nd Overall. He's probably worth a signed Horvat alone

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23 Jan 2023 00:49:23
I am a Canuck fan and I really like Horvat, but I have been following Nemec for about 3 years, the kid is going to be a true #1.
Canucks would be adding to get him.

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21 Jan 2023 17:12:15
Sharks Trade

Leafs Trade
Knies (Top-10)
Woll (AHL)
1st Round Pick 2023

*Sharks retain 50% of Meier's expiring contract.

San Jose will be looking at trading Meier for the right price, Knies could potentially be a Top 6 power forward every team wants, Woll is killing it in The AHL and SJ is looking for a future goaltender, adding a 1st Rounder should seal my proposal.

Meier would fit like a glove on The Leafs Top 6, moving Jarnkrok to the Bottom 6 also makes the forward group stronger, yes Meier would probably demand close to 8 million after this season as a RFA, but deal with that in the offseason.

Thoughts ?

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21 Jan 2023 18:46:30
Probably not enough

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21 Jan 2023 21:40:47
If I were the leafs I’d be targeting a shutdown D and grit. Meier is a career -31, and the leafs seem to have plenty of scoring.

I’d get a big, scary, shutdown D and someone up front who can play responsible minutes while being an absolute pain to play against. Those are two ingredients that help teams win playoff series.

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22 Jan 2023 16:26:18
After last night’s embarrassing no-show of a game, I double down on my suggestion that the leafs need a big shut-down D and a shut-down forward who can stir things up and draw penalties.

The leafs have a very talented lineup with some obvious holes to fill if they are serious about winning a playoff round. They need a heart transplant to go with the talent, and Meier and players like him won’t do it.

MTL is 6th or 7th from the bottom, and playing a bunch of kids and farm hands. I thought they’d win 7-0. What an embarrassment!

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21 Jan 2023 09:28:26
to Toronto Maple Leafs :
LW - Andrei Kuzmenko [ 950k @ 1 RFA ]

to Vancouver Canucks :
First Round Pick in (2023)
LD - Rasmus Sandin [ 1.40 @ 2 RFA ]
RW - Ty Voit [ 817k @ 3 RFA ]

Andrei Kuzmenko, 26
40Pts in 44GP

Rasmus Sandin, 22
15Pts in 41GP

Ty Voit, 19
63Pts in 40GP (OHL)

Andrei Kuzmenko - Auston Matthews - Mitch Marner
Michael Bunting - John Tavares - William Nylander
Alexander Kerfoot - David Kampf - Calle Jarnkrok
Zach Aston-Reese - Pierre Engvall - Wayne Simmonds

Morgan Rielly - TJ Brodie
Mark Giordano - Timothy Liljegren
Conor Timmins - Justin Holl

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21 Jan 2023 14:32:40
- I’m thinking a team planning a long playoff run that already has lots of scoring would be more inclined to add defensive depth and sandpaper.

- Kuzmenko is on pace for 35 goals. Goal scoring is still the hardest thing to do, and he might bring an even bigger return.

- this is Scooby Dubas’ last chance to win “a” playoff round. Whatever move he makes to add for a playoff run will have to be especially careful and effective. Whether it’s this proposal or another, he better get it right. This group of sweethearts has yet to prove anything beyond the regular season.

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