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04 Mar 2024 18:58:34
Pittsburgh Trades

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2024
3rd Round Pick 2024 (NYI Pick)

*Pens retain 50% of Rakell's remaining contract.

Pittsburgh free falling out of the playoffs and needing to get younger and draft picks will be looking at making deals similar to this, Dubas who knows NRobertson well would I am sure welcome him in The Pittsburgh organization.

The Leafs looking to bolster their lineup get a better version of Jarnkrok in Rackell and can see his style fit in very well in Toronto and can play on any line as well as wing or centre just like Jarnkrok but has more offence capabilities.

Thoughts ?

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04 Mar 2024 20:55:49
Hope not for Toronto. Rakell is not close to being with that.

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05 Mar 2024 16:28:42
Rackell has never really been the same guy as he was back in Anaheim. I figured he coulda flirted with 40 goals playing in Pittsburgh, however he has regressed.
If I were Leafs management, maybe small tweaks, nothing to major.

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05 Mar 2024 18:08:43
Rackell is a shell of his former self. Pit is stuck with him.

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04 Mar 2024 17:12:44
Colorado Trades
6th Round Pick 2024

Toronto Trades

Thoughts ?

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04 Mar 2024 18:09:49
Value is there, although I think maybe Toronto could ask for a 5th

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04 Mar 2024 18:10:25
With Francouz being out, I think this is a good deal for Colorado and gives them a bit more depth between the pipes for cheap

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04 Mar 2024 19:30:16
I'd prolly look for a 5th or Package one of our small wingers in the ahl for a higher pick.

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04 Mar 2024 21:49:12
Why? Jones is good depth.

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04 Mar 2024 22:49:26
Agreed vbbbvvbb. Our goaltending isn't steady enough and injuries could happen down the stretch and in the playoffs. As inconvenient as it is I'd rather have three goalies on the main roster.

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03 Mar 2024 16:14:59
Anaheim Trades

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2024
3rd Round Pick 2024

*Ducks retain 50% of Vatrano's remaining contract.

Imo makes sense for both Teams.

Thoughts ?

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03 Mar 2024 17:36:37
That’s a fairly nice package but Vatrano is on pace for 40 goals on a bad team. Two playoff runs under a 2M cap hit is gonna cost a lot. Maybe if the third had a condition to turn into a 2nd/ 1st based on playoff success?

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03 Mar 2024 22:03:59
Vatrano about to turn 30 years old in a few weeks having the best season of his career, imo getting a young winger in NRobertson plus a 1st and a 3rd for a rebuilding team is pretty fair for The Ducks.
McMann is on an expiring contract and a UFA after this season and I bet he signs back with The Leafs so he is more for roster size for Toronto and for Anaheim just for this season.
I think this would be a great trade for both Teams imo.

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04 Mar 2024 14:43:12
Toronto is really lacking forwards.

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04 Mar 2024 21:24:41
Don’t really think his age is relevant, it’s still 2 years of him in his prime. I agree I think this is a big package for him I just thought considering the season he’s having, the cap hit/ term that the 3rd could be conditional. Keep McMann.

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05 Mar 2024 16:12:28
NYR likely makes an aggressive offer for Vatrano that I don't think we'd be able to compete with.

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03 Mar 2024 14:04:06
Ottawa Trades

Toronto Trades
Grebyonkin (KHL)
1st Round Pick 2024 or 2026 (Sens choice)

*Sens retain 50% of Tarasenko's expiring contract.

I have brainstormed many different ideas of what if anything The Leafs could do before the deadline, I believe there is one more move to make to improve the forward group.

Thoughts ?

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01 Mar 2024 16:56:51
Leafs Deadline deal

1. Washington: Jensen and Dowd (50% retained) For 2024 1st 3rd NYI, Timmins, voit and Niemala

Bertuzzi Matthews Robertson
Jarnkrok Domi Nylander
Knies Tavares Marner
Dowd Kampf Mcmann

Reilly Jensen
Brodie Liligrin
McCabe Benoit
* Gio LTIR *


To Explain the Roster shift.

Marner and Matthews is to predictable as they will get shut down so they should diversfy the lines and have Tavares and Brodie more realistic roles. Also will have one extra Goalie and defencemen to rotate in and out.

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01 Mar 2024 18:33:12
It's important note only dowd is 50% retained for the deal.

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02 Mar 2024 19:55:13
we just traded for lyubushkin and your already benching him until an injury. nty.

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02 Mar 2024 19:58:26
A 1st for those 2 is steep. Maybe Simplify it to Timmons, Volt and 1st for the two. But I don’t think these 2 will require a 1st but that’s a trade I wouldn’t hate as a leafs fan.

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02 Mar 2024 21:04:38
seems like an overpayment from TOR

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01 Mar 2024 14:40:56
Ottawa Trades
6th Round Pick 3024

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2024

*Ottawa retains 50% of Tarasenko's expiring contract.

For Toronto they add upfront that can only help for the playoffs, NRobertson and McMann have played well enough that they have trade value, adding the 1st Rounder Ottawa would insist on because of the retention.

For Ottawa it's another year out of the playoffs and they will be shipping out players on expiring contracts like Tarasenko and looking towards the future, in my proposal The Sens get 2 forwards that will give them some more depth at The NHL level plus a 1st Rounder.

Thoughts ?

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01 Mar 2024 20:33:58
Tarasenko is not needed. Rather the pick and the younger players.

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02 Mar 2024 19:56:41
tarasenko has been one of my targets all season, he has the tools needed to do well in the playoffs.

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02 Mar 2024 19:58:49
Senko doesn’t return a 1st.

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03 Mar 2024 14:10:07
Toronto doesn't need a scoring forward they need defensive depth.

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05 Mar 2024 16:14:44
Tarasenko may fetch a first if it becomes a bidding war for his services. Otherwise return is likely a prospect and a 2nd.

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01 Mar 2024 00:57:36
NJD - Vanacek, Holtz, 2025 2nd, 2024 3rd

BOS - Ulmark.

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01 Mar 2024 12:43:57
the rumoured package for Markstrom was Holtz + 1st + another asset (not named Vanecek) with some retention on Markstrom but the deal fell through cause the Flames wanted another asset on top of it for the retention. so I think the Bruins say no on this one.

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01 Mar 2024 15:26:31
I don’t believe the Flames would turn down a 1st, Holtz + for Markstrom. Bruins are also in more of a position to trade Ulmark. They have to pay Swayman this offseason and Ulmark only has this and next on his contract.

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01 Mar 2024 17:36:34
They turned it down because it’s a weak draft, that’s why they turned down 1st + Ceci from EDM for Tanev and 1st from DAL for Tanev.

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01 Mar 2024 20:27:56
The Flames are selling everyone for picks. Are they going to be better next year? Should have traded Markstrom when his value is high considering the market and his play at this time. The rumour is they turned down the better pick from Edmonton because they didn’t want to take salary back right? Questionable move IMO.

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02 Mar 2024 20:00:11
I think Markstrom is better than Ullmark. Ullmark and Swayman stats are clearly inflated due to the bruins being so good.

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03 Mar 2024 17:38:46
Don’t think he’d still be a good target for the Devils? Bruins can do a quick retool and Ulmark is the most moveable.

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29 Feb 2024 13:44:36
Time for Oilers to Trade Bouchard !!!

Option for replacement;
NYI - Noah Dobson

Could a trade be made here ??

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29 Feb 2024 15:17:48
Don't think the Isles move Dobson. One of the best well rounded dmen in the league currently. He's probably there for the foreseeable future.

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29 Feb 2024 15:25:51
Sweet Lou loves Dobson, who is a potential Norris candidate this season or very soon. I haven't such an effortless skater in recent memory. A few strides and he's down the ice. Very impressive to see at ice level.

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29 Feb 2024 07:19:14

Anh- Henrique

Col- Oskar olausson-behrens-1st pick col 2025- 4thpick 2025-joahnsen

Anh retain half on Allen,henrique

Habs-4th pick col

Anh- olausson-behrens-1st pick- Johansen

Col- henrique-allen

I've seen this rumors but with Callum Ritchie , pretty sure avs don't want to part ways with Ritchie so I swap him with olausson and swap the 3rd for a fourth seems more fair

Mtl- armia half retain- 4 the pick col

La - kaliev

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29 Feb 2024 03:33:07
Tanev gone but now hanifan to Carolina for D'Angelo, 1st and Anderson and flames trade with la involving markstrom and gavrikov

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29 Feb 2024 03:55:08
Dangelo I’m guessing is a no, ufa and has stated won’t play in Canada. Not sure Anderson is wanted either. Why would Gavrikov be involved to old for what seems to be flames plan.

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29 Feb 2024 04:07:45
Markstrom gone gives Anderson a splitting share and hanifan kinda has flames hands tied so a first and a couple replacement players maybe best they can do. Offensive and defensive d to somewhat offset there losses this year and frees up money for futures.

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29 Feb 2024 04:10:21
Gavrikov and Anderson signed through next year to. Find a place for vladar this offseason if at all possible.

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29 Feb 2024 01:19:01
After season. If rumours are true petterson and van are having difficulty, so to Chicago for 2024 1st(tb) , 2025 1st(Chicago) 2025 1st(tor). Big jump for both but if petterson doesn't wanna resign, throwing it out there.

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29 Feb 2024 15:29:43
If VCR can't work out a deal with Petterson, and they actually did trade him, they'd want a player who can help them now for a Cup run instead of futures, IMHO.

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29 Feb 2024 16:16:19
From what I've seen an 8yr. deal is imminent and likely to be signed in the coming days so Pettersson can stay a Canuck. If things fall through then I'm assuming whoever is making a trade to get him will get to discuss an extension before hand and the return will be astronomical.

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