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22 Feb 2020 13:02:22
WPG: Roslovic
FLA: Trocheck

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22 Feb 2020 13:46:22
Yikes Trocheck > Roslovic big time

22 Feb 2020 16:12:55
Points wise they're basically the same this year, so no reason for the Jets to get older and not any better.

22 Feb 2020 12:44:40
Habs: Dubois

Columbus: Drouin and Romanov.

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22 Feb 2020 13:52:44
I wish Columbus would consider. Romanov is great but not proven yet. Drouin is good but like maybe 2/ 3 of Dubois good. Idk it’s not bad but I really think Columbus hold on to Dubois. After next year Romanov might change that tho. He’s nhl ready this year and might hit 20 points.

22 Feb 2020 05:01:07
Apparently via Complete Hockey News on Facebook that eastern conference teams are having serious talks regarding Mikko Koivu and Zach Parise and Koivu was asked if he’d waive his NMC. Which teams do you think they are and what’s their value?

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22 Feb 2020 11:22:22
how reputable is this page on facebook? is it actually accurate at all or is it like this site where it's pure speculation or people making things up? i saw the post you are talking about and they don't seem to give any sources on this.

22 Feb 2020 13:46:46
It’s very accurate

22 Feb 2020 00:29:41
Habs and Avs are potentially discussing a Price deal.

MTL - Price, Kovalchuk
COL - Byram, Grubauer, Jost, conditional 2nd (becomes 1st if the Avs get to the finals)

That's pretty much the price to pay to get Price (no pun intended)

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22 Feb 2020 02:44:36
That’d be really emotional to see Price in another jersey, and I ain’t even a habs fan

22 Feb 2020 06:35:11
I can't see it. Better not anyways.

22 Feb 2020 08:56:49
Why would montreal get rid of price. As a Habs fan I feel like he ain’t going anywhere. Maybe think about a backup who has term and can finish the season. Next year let’s have 2 GOALIES. Let primeau mature another year or two!

Is it too much to ask to let our star prospects prove themselves in a legitimate multi year campaign with Laval.?

22 Feb 2020 15:50:55
In what world are the AVS going to do that trade.
They have to many Ufa coming up and taking on price contract would not be worth it. Maybe if Phillip danault or max Domi are involved but even then I think it's a stretch.

21 Feb 2020 21:34:20


Carolina offered this to mtl, waiting on answer from Marc Bergevin.

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21 Feb 2020 22:24:25
if this is legit, Bergevin would be stupid not to take that.

22 Feb 2020 00:34:34
I'd want a little bit more if I was Bergevin. Bean is not a sure Top4 D and that 1st round pick looks like it will be a pretty late one. Add Haydn Fleury and it's closer.

I think, though, that this Bean and a first could work next year, if he hasn't been traded yet and he's about to become an UFA

22 Feb 2020 02:12:02
I’d take that in a heart beat from Montreal perspective

22 Feb 2020 06:36:32
Not sold on Bean, like Mustafarr said, maybe Fluery. that would do it.

22 Feb 2020 07:43:39
Petry getting a 1st+ any prospect is a huge win for Montreal, adding Fleury is insane.

21 Feb 2020 20:30:32

2020 2nd


2021 5th

sign Bogosian 700K

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22 Feb 2020 00:45:11
explain to me how manson gets a dman better than him offensively, a good middle 6 winger, a good ahler and a 2nd?

22 Feb 2020 07:16:19
Barrie for Manson doesn't make sense, Anaheim is rebuilding.

But take him out and the trade is closer anyways.

21 Feb 2020 19:19:51
mtl- domi-mete-kovalchuk

clb - nuutivara- anderson

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21 Feb 2020 23:01:09
Not horrible if Anderson had good offensive number. I like Nutti but idk about his value. I would like Ryan Murray part of the deal as a add on.

22 Feb 2020 00:35:44
Not good for MTL. Both CBJ players are having terrible years. They could get a lot more for Domi and Kovalchuk alone

21 Feb 2020 19:01:30
New York Rangers:

Alexandar Georgiev

6th Round Pick 2020

San Jose Sharks:

3rd Round Pick 2020

Barclay Goodrow.

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21 Feb 2020 19:13:24
Georgiev will get more imo.

22 Feb 2020 02:12:27
EP40 is right

22 Feb 2020 07:17:57
Unbiased NHL Fan is right about EP40 being right.


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