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15 May 2019 00:53:01
WPG: Trouba, 3rd Round Pick 2020
EDM: Puljujärvi, 8th Overall Pick 2019

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15 May 2019 14:03:39
No thanks from Winnipeg. The Jets don't need wingers.

15 May 2019 15:04:04
Just because Pully was a 4th over all pick doesn't change the fact that after being rushed into the NHL for 3 years he is still a prospect that needs time in the minors to learn the NHL game if he can. The Jets would want an established center/ d-man not only prospects and draft choices.

14 May 2019 21:29:41
2nd round pick


Toronto needs to shed salary to sign Marner and needs a right shot d-man, Carolina needs more forward depth and has a ton of cap space.
Kadri + 2nd = Pesce
Kapanen = taking on Zaitsev cap hit

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14 May 2019 23:22:19
Kappanen is to much to give to take on Zaitsev he’s a good 4/ 5 dman just a million overpaid.

14 May 2019 23:43:24
A 3C that regressed badly this year and a second won't get you a top 4D. Kapenen is about right to get someone to take Zaitsev as a cap dump with his boat anchor contract.

14 May 2019 23:54:19
Maybe take the 2nd out, otherwise it’s good. Zaitsev is a lot more than a mil overpaid, Kap and Kadri would be good to cover the value of Pesce and Zaitsevs bad contract especially since Carolinas cap situation isn’t horrible.

15 May 2019 03:32:14
Pesce is an under-valued defenceman, but Toronto gives up way too much in this trade. Toronto is better off retaining like a million of Zaitsev's contract then giving up Kapanen.

15 May 2019 12:39:17
3 million for Zaitsev would be a steal almost every team would give up value for that.

14 May 2019 16:46:12
EDM- 2020 2nd
LAK- Campbell.

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14 May 2019 19:26:43
id do it, and kings have another goalie for backup. good post.

14 May 2019 15:31:15
Calgary trades T.J Brodie, Elias Linholm

Toronto trades William Nylander

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14 May 2019 15:58:55
Why would Calgary massively downgrade from Lindholm to Nylander with his bad contract and also give up Brodie to do it?

Pretty easy "take a hike" from Calgary.

14 May 2019 16:55:37
Not even close, I wouldn’t do Nylander straight up for Brodie OR Lindholm, let alone both together.

14 May 2019 20:16:06
Must be a troll post from one of the Jets other accounts. Maybe the Flames can try for Ehlers and his bad contract instead.

14 May 2019 20:34:25
Yes I know Lindholm just came of Great season and Nylander the ladder but saying Nylander is a downgrade is idiotic he was just as Valuable as Marner last season. Nylander will have a huge season next year he’ll out score Tavares mark my words ( pts not goals ) said Marner will lead the leafs in points an no one believed me. Everyone said I was crazy but who’s crazy now?

14 May 2019 20:54:55
I was waiting for the Leaf homers to show up to try and defend this disaster trade for Calgary. Lol.

An obvious tremendous downgrade for Calgary to a player with a terrible contract and the Leaf homers try to defend it!

14 May 2019 22:52:54
So terrible for Calgary! I don't get the people agreeing. Leafs fans say he's so great but all want to trade him. Woulda got lots before he signed that horrible contract. No teams going to take a guy who had 0.5 points per with that salary. Lindholm is the much better player at this point. Good faceoff guy, one of the better defensive forward and scored at nearly twice the rate of nylander.

14 May 2019 23:47:48
I’m definitely not defending the trade biasjoe. It’s not even close. You just use every chance you can to bash a leaf player. Are you going to say Ehlers is on a good contract with his performance? Considering Nylander had back to back 62 point seasons, I’m guessing he can bounce back. Do you think Ehlers will bounce back? Like I said a couple days ago, you and your homer bff sound like immature kids with every post.

15 May 2019 12:13:28
Nylander immediately Calgary's highest paid player but maybe 4-5 best player. laughable.

15 May 2019 14:08:18
So, pointing out facts "it's a massive downgrade for Calgary" and "Nylander has a bad contract" is bashing him?

Isn't it just stating the obvious?

15 May 2019 20:04:27
Why do you always deflect the question biasjoe? I’ll answer your question to show you how mature people respond. If Nylander continues to struggle then yes it is a bad contract. Do you think Ehlers has a good contract?

15 May 2019 21:09:36
Yes Ehlers has a good contract. He's a better player than Nylander and is signed to less. Pretty easy. See not like your immature "you hurt my feelings" responses. You do deflect a lot of questions about Leafs players though, by trying to drag anyone you can into the discussion instead of just dealing with the Leaf player.

16 May 2019 20:04:45
So both players have two good seasons followed by a terrible year and the .9 million cap difference makes Ehlers contract good and he’s a better player because? True homers looking to bash every teams players while thinking their players are gold, lol. You’ve got people thinking they should rename the site to flawed jets opinions, bahaha! Keep it up lad.

14 May 2019 00:36:51
to Arizona

to Pittsburgh

Joseph is a very good defensive prospect and would likely be the penguins' best defenseman after Letang in a short amount of time. kessel is kessel.

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14 May 2019 13:16:49
He is not a very good defensive prospect he had a bad season and isn’t close for Malkin. Very similar to Jakob Zubroil.

14 May 2019 16:47:35
Malkin? Where are you going with that vbbb?

14 May 2019 20:17:14
Jeez, you would think Joseph is the next coming of Orr if he can get Malkin straight up lmao. Anyways, for the proposal itself? Not even close. Pittsburg will likely want a good prospect, a high pick and a roster player. Not one top 4 d prospect.

14 May 2019 20:35:04
Kessel i meant idk why I said Malkin.

14 May 2019 21:13:18
@vbbb because your gone completely mad and don't know what your talking about lol.

14 May 2019 23:12:14
Happy you really think Pierre Oliver Joseph a #2 dman in the QMJHL not second to best dman he’s a #2 dman on the average team is worth Kessel a PPG player in the NHL. POJ is a bust.

15 May 2019 06:31:45
No I don't that's not what I was talking about.

14 May 2019 00:33:16
to Edmonton

to LA

Koskinen's contract is very bad but Quick's isn't amazing, so while the kings will have a tough time making it go away Puljujarvi will be worth the cost. Quick is paid a little more than he really is worth anymore but he is still quite good so I think his value is lower than it should be for someone of his age and skill level, making it possible for the oilers to get rid of koskinen without totally ruining the trade.

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14 May 2019 05:53:44
Who do you play in net when quick is injured 5 games into season?

13 May 2019 17:34:00
Rumors that Vancouver trying to dump Erickson contract on Ottawa. Only way this works for Ottawa is

Van : Erickson, 10th overall

Ott : smith, Ceci


Smith has a significantly smaller contract than Erickson and could benefit from a change of scenery.

Ceci can be looked at in a couple ways.

1 - a top 4 right handed Dman is hard to come by
2 - his contract is up at season's end anyway leaving Vancouver a way out of his contract if they can't agree on a fair contract

And Erickson contract is yet another horrible contract and if Vancouver wants to dump him the will have to give up something good to do it. A 10th overall is a good pick but in a weak draft it won't be a game changer pick. So giving it up won't really hurt Vancouver and next year they'll likely be back in the lottery next year so rather than add me to years 1st and taking the risk it could be lottery they give up their current pick. As it will take a 1st to move a bum on a big contract.

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13 May 2019 19:20:53
Dump ster fi-re clap clap, clap-clap-clap

How about instead Ottawa trades their first round pick for. oh wait, never mind.

13 May 2019 19:34:36
Yeah. how about no. We’re not in a dire enough cap situation that we need to dump our first for trash to get rid of Eriksson.

14 May 2019 00:44:05
Ceci is so sucks. He sucks more than my baby boy sucked titties for oh so long that I get jealous. Nobody should trade anything for Ceci.

14 May 2019 04:06:19
Something new from Zamboni every day, lol. Keep it up.

15 May 2019 04:15:24
Erickson by far is the worst peice in this deal sorry to tell you.

15 May 2019 04:27:42
But his dump is not worth the 10th ova. Maybe a decent prospect for that return but not the 10th ova.

15 May 2019 22:16:35
is eriksson the worst piece or smith?

13 May 2019 17:32:11
Pens: Kassel + Jack Johnson

Wild: spurgeon + zucker

Other pieces may be needed but this could be a basis for a trade. Salaries are about even.


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14 May 2019 00:48:52
Oh no. But this will never do. Fat and lazy Kessel is still much better than Zucker the Sucker. Spurgeon is not so much better than the Johnson to make this trade happen.

12 May 2019 21:14:39
Edmonton Oilers:
- Alexander Nylander

Buffalo Sabres:
- Jesse Puljujarvi

Swap of prospects who need a change of scenery. Both haven't really worked out for their clubs.

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13 May 2019 13:39:17
Fair trade.

14 May 2019 00:55:41
They both suck. May as well keep Puljujarvi. He’s bigger and played more games. If he cannot score, he can at least hit, yes?

15 May 2019 03:58:33
Edmonton needs to shed not take on salary unless it means LUCIC on the move. Nylander for Lucic is probably the best Edm can do.

12 May 2019 20:37:46
Flames Trade: Johnny Gaudreau, Garnet Hathaway
Avalanche Trade: Nathan MacKinnon.

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13 May 2019 10:12:45
That's not close. McKinnon is way better than gaudreau so more from Calgary easy. But why Colorado does that in the first place?

13 May 2019 13:39:39
Not even close for Mackinnon.

14 May 2019 01:15:01
why would the avalanche ever do this.


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