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09 Aug 2022 06:31:44
3 team trade






Armia-Pitlick-Byron or Evans

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09 Aug 2022 12:26:12
MTL respectfully declines.

I really like Anderson and I hope he isn’t traded. He isn’t on the market, but apparently teams are calling. If so, only a Godfather offer should move him.

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09 Aug 2022 13:15:38
Puljujarvi might work for the Jets for a 3rd or something, but not Anderson.

Anderson isn't a cap dump yet, but is heading that way quickly. He is a bad contract though, so I trust Chevy wouldn't have any interest.

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09 Aug 2022 14:27:45
In the short term the Jets win this trade but the last 2/ 3 years Anderson becomes a cap millstone around their necks. Pully is pricing himself out of the NHL because to keep him next year his cap hit will be well over $3 mil per season which he hasn't shown he is worth. Also the Oilers and Habs wouldn't be happy with their return in this trade.

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08 Aug 2022 19:18:20
To Ottawa Senators :
LD/RD - Jakob Chychrun (4.60 @ 3 UFA)

To Arizona Coyotes :
1st Round Pick - 2023 (OTT)
C - Shane Pinto (ELC)
RD - Jacob Bernard-Docker (ELC)
RD - Nikita Zaitsev (4.50 @ 2 UFA)

B Tkachuk - J Norris - D Batherson
A DeBrincat - T Stutzle - C Giroux
A Formenton - M Joseph - R Greig
K Parker - D Gambrell - A Watson

T Chabot - J Chychrun
J Sanderson - A Zub
N Holden - T Hamonic / E Brannstrom

C Keller - L Cooley - D Guenther
L Crouse - S Pinto - N Schmaltz
N Ritchie - N Bjudstad - B Hayton
C Fischer - N Smith - Z Kassian / A Ladd

J Moser - J Brown
S Gostisbehere - J Bernard-Docker
P Nemeth - T Stecher / N Zaitsev

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08 Aug 2022 23:17:34
Hard pass.

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09 Aug 2022 01:45:59
Not the worst one I've seen here. However, Chychrun seems to be getting offers what I'd feel Ray Bourque woulda got back in the day. and he's no Ray Bourque. Deffenitley different in the salary cap Era.

Pinto Docker and a 2nd I feel is enough. However i know Coyotes will want a 1st for this guy.

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09 Aug 2022 02:45:06
OTT would need to add some compensation for taking on Zaitsev and not sure how good Chychrun’s or Brannstrom will do at RD otherwise it’s good.

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09 Aug 2022 16:53:07
Change the 2023 1st to a 2024 1st instead, as the 2023 1st is too much of a risk as Ottawa has a lot of new names who may or may not mesh well with the current team, safer to keep the 2023 1st as a fall back option, and use the 2024 1st as the bait like Florida did in the Tkachuck trade just incase, seeing how 2024 is going to be the strongest draft class since 2003. Not worth losing out on that pick.

also i would change Pinto to Formenton as Ottawa don't exactly have a fall back option for Pinto but the do have a few for Formenton in Grieg and Jarventie.

Docker or Thompson would do in that spot, Thompson probably makes a bit more sense for both sides as he carries a shade more value for Arizona and Docker has the UND chemistry with a lot of Ottawas other prospects they may not want to give up.

May have to add something like Sokolov to sweeten the deal a bit to get Arizona to take Zaitsev as well.

Otherwise it's a far better proposal that certain other folks on here would post in an Ottawa deal lol.

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08 Aug 2022 19:05:01
To Calgary :
4th Round Pick - 2024 (ARZ)

To Arizona :
1st Round Pick - 2025 (FLA)
LD - Jusso Valimaki (1.55 @ 1 RFA)
LW - Milan Lucic (5.25 @ 1 UFA)

To Arizona :
3rd Round Pick - 2023 (BOS)
RW - Chris Wagner (1.35 @ 1 UFA)
LD - Connor Clifton (1.00 @ 1 UFA)

To Boston :
LW - Milan Lucic (2.62 @ 1 UFA)

6th Round Pick - 2023 (ARZ)

B Marchand - P Bergeron - D Pastrnak
T Hall - D Krejci - J DeBrusk
P Zacha - C Coyle - C Smith
M Lucic - T Frederic - N Foligno / T Nosek

H Lindholm - C McAvoy
M Grzelcyk - B Carlo
D Forbort - M Rielly

C Keller - N Schmaltz - D Guenther
L Crouse - L Cooley - B Hayton
N Ritchie - N Bjudstad - C Fischer
Z Kassian - N Smith - C Wagner / A Ladd

J Chychrun - J Brown
S Gostisbehere - T Stecher
J Valimaki - C Clifton / P Nemeth

J Huberdeau - E Lindholm - A Mangiapane
J Pelletier - S Monahan - T Toffoli
D Dube - M Backlund - B Coleman
K Rooney - A Ruzicka - T Lewis

M Weegar - R Andersson
N Hanifin - C Tanev
O Kylington - N Zadorov

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08 Aug 2022 19:21:44
Lucic 50% Retained, i cant see it on my end so you probably cant either idk why.

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08 Aug 2022 20:08:12
I hear ya Casual. I can see the first one, but I don’t see him going back to the B’s. Cap space is just too scarce, and I don’t get the sense BOS management or fans are as sentimental as they are eager to make the most out one more chance with their aging stars.

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08 Aug 2022 23:21:34
@chickenfoot yeah I suppose you’re right. I just wanna see Lucic, Bergeron, Krejci play together one last time. Maybe if they even signed Chara too.

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08 Aug 2022 23:25:12
Boston would have to do better than a 6th round pick.

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09 Aug 2022 00:26:16
CASUAL: That would be cool Casual. Lucic on the Bash Brothers line with Thornton was just fearsome. Lining up against them several times a game would put your head on a swivel. I travel to Boston fairly regularly and they even had a “Bash Brothers” illuminated sign in the TD Garden concourse. How many 4th lines are THAT beloved by a fan base to get the star treatment? Amazing.

LUKOWICH: if ARI got that package from CGY, they or anyone would trade Lucic for a 6th in my humble opinion. His contract and play mean you’re not making a hockey trade for him, it’s a cap trade for compensation at this point.

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09 Aug 2022 02:52:42
Not interested in giving up Top Assets for dumping Lucic at this point. Unless we needed the Cap Space to bring another player in, we might as well just keep our 1st and use his Cap Savings for Huberdeau next season

Valimaki + Lucic sure, but we should at least get a 4th-7th Round Pick back in exchange.

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08 Aug 2022 05:13:32
ARI : Chychrun

CAL : Mangiapane, Zary, Poirier, 2023 1st (unprotected)

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08 Aug 2022 15:22:44
way too much for chychrun in both this trade and the ottawa trades. this guy is so overrated!

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08 Aug 2022 15:23:17
i'm not even sure i would make an offer for chychrun at all.

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09 Aug 2022 12:29:51
VERBAL: is your handle a reference to the character in the movie “The Usual Suspects”? (GREAT movie🤜)

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09 Aug 2022 14:20:51
Chychrun isn’t worth FIVE 1st Round Picks which is essentially what you’re proposing here.

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07 Aug 2022 13:17:33
Arizona trades:
Jacob Chychrun

Ottawa trades:
Jake Sanderson
Shane Pinto
2023 1st

Is it enough for Chychrun or does Ottawa need to add?

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07 Aug 2022 14:37:56
Hell no from Ottawa. Sanderson is untouchable.

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07 Aug 2022 15:00:45
I thimk that might be a little much.

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07 Aug 2022 15:09:41
Ottawa gives up way too much as Sanderson should surpass Chychrun in skill and talent in a couple of years. But then adding Pinto and a 1st is just a ridiculous add that Chychrun isn't worth.

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07 Aug 2022 18:39:21
Chychrun is a nice piece, but this doesn’t seem like a sincere offer for OTT. This would be a HUGE overpayment for OTT, and i can’t imagine why they’d consider it.

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07 Aug 2022 18:47:58
Take out Sanderson and add Docker. Pinto is a really good NHL ready prospect.

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07 Aug 2022 20:01:34
ARI wants a Young Player + a High-End Prospect + 1st Round Pick =

Shane Pinto, Mathieu Joseph, Alex Formenton or Erik Brannstrom +
Tyler Boucher, Lassi Thomson, Jacob Bernard-Docker or Ridly Greig +
2023-1st Round Pick-OTT

@MoxNix's offer is what they want, but I agree OTT won't include Jake Sanderson, but they'll have to give to get, as Chychrun (who I think is overrated and has health issues) is in High Demand and ARI isn't in a situation where they have to move him, so they'll simply wait until they get what they want.

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08 Aug 2022 05:03:21
Like I said, you 2 are delusional beyond belief. And clearly I'm NOT the only one who notices that.

Young player is Alex Formenton
High end prospect is Docker or Thompson
2024 1st is the 1st
Ottawa also needs cap room to make this happen so a contract move of Zaitsev to fit Chychrun is pretty much mandatory, and Arizona has the space to facilitate that kind of move for a sweetener like Sokolov.

And without Crouse involved that's still an overpayment by Ottawa.

Arizona will NOT get their asking price for him and will likely get much less like in every trade for a guy with injury history and 1 year left till RFA status who has NO intention of resigning with that team. So get over yourselves.

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08 Aug 2022 05:13:33
YOU are the one who is delusional if you think Alex Formenton and Docker or Thomson plus a first is going to cut it for Chychrun.

And you expect them to take on a cap dump too? That costs extra.

And then add Crouse too? ROTFLMFAO.

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08 Aug 2022 14:56:05
Obviously a cap dump costs extra why do you think Sokolov is in there as a sweetener. Sweeteners aren't meant to be the major top end players prospects or picks, they are meant to be solid mid level prospects or 2nd/ 3rd round picks, enough to make it happen. The only cases where it takes more than that is when the cap dump in question is no longer a viable option in a teams top 4 or top 6 and costs a cap hit of 6 million or higher which in Zaitsevs case neither point is true. He can still put up top 4 minutes when needed and is under 5 million cap hit. Yeah he's a cap dump that's not in question but he's not that bad of a cap dump like you let on.

It 100% meets their requirements no matter what you say.

Formenton is a roster player with Top 6 potential and is still under 25 years old. On Arizona he will easily be a top 3 forward, top 6 at worst the second he gets there.

Docker and Thompson ARE high end prospects no matter what you think. High end does NOT meat number 1 prospect and never did. Ottawa wanted a high end prospect for Stone, did Vegas give us Cody Glass or Peyton Krebs? No! They gave us Erik Branstrom who was like Docker and Thompson considered by hockey personnel as a high end prospect. But he was NOT their TOP prospect by any stretch of the imagination. They fact they say high end prospect and NOT top prospects means any top 10 to top 5 prospect on the team with value will do just fine if they are interested. And not only is Arizona interested in both guys but both guys also fit the criteria perfectly whether you agree or not.

And a 2024 1st unprotected is more than enough to fit the 1st they want seeing how a 2025 1st was litteraly just traded elsewhere, and not just any elsewhere, I believe it was to your Calgary Flames.

As for Crouse, yeah I added him, because like I said before, Chychrun has injury history, and is on record that he don't want to stay in Arizona anymore. Which both take away from his value. And Ottawa is currently a bottom 10 team. Yeah they made some great additions in the off-season so far and adding Chychrun would be another one, however a bounce back year in the first year may not be a total guarantee as sometimes players take a couple years to get used to the new teams, look at Matt Duchene for instance. And other times they never really do, Erik Karlsson, and Kyle Turris are prime examples, he'll Mark Giordano too hasn't been the same since Calgary days nor had Phaneuf. So yeah, that 2024 1st unprotected still carries crazy value compared to a team like Calgary or Colorado or Tampa who were all among the bottom 20 picks due to strong years. Picks values are based on projection to a point yes but more so they are based on the most recent success or lack there of in which case Ottawa has been a bottom 10 team since 2018 making their picks more valuable at this point in time.

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07 Aug 2022 02:36:48
Calgary replaces Tkachuk

San Jose trades:
Timo Meier

Calgary trades:
Noah Hanifin
Connor Zary
2023 1st
2024 2nd.

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07 Aug 2022 03:10:15
Cancel that, I forgot all about Meier's $10 mil QO.

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07 Aug 2022 04:15:21
If you could get him to sign a long-term deal for cheaper on a sign & trade it might work, but what would you feel comfortable paying him. We should have about $15-17mil to sign him and Weegar if Hanifin is moved.

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05 Aug 2022 20:45:53
Just seen this rumor on YouTube earlier today thought I'd make 1 slight change.


Thompson/ Docker
2024 1st (lottery protected)

The change was a lottery protected 2023 1st to a 2024 1st lottery protected.

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05 Aug 2022 22:31:16
Quantity doesn't return quality.

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05 Aug 2022 23:36:43
No Monix it doesn't you're right. But when quality in quantity is offered its 100% does.

Formenton is already middle 6 forward status with top 6 potential and is easily one of the fastest player's in the game, that is quality whether you agree or not.

A 1st in any draft from any team is also quality, let alone from a team that just had the 7th overall.

Whether it's Thompson or Docker it don't matter, they are both GOING to be Top 4 dmen in the league no matter where they end up and both have already proven to be NHL ready, that is also quality.

And Sokolov is going to be a middle 6 big body power forward who will also look great on a pk and like the rest, already has NHL experience and looked great in that time, that is also quality.

Trades like the Matthew Tkachuk deal are extremely rare and in this case are extremely unlikely. Chychrun is RFA next year, Chychrun also already on record that he is NOT coming back to Arizona long term, and Chychrun has injury history. All those things guarantee noone will be getting fleeced by Arizona the way Calgary fleeced Florida.

This means an offer like this, that actually is rumored and being talked about by actual respectable sources is among the TOP offers that will get for him by far. Especially considering this is an even BETTER haul than Vegas even gave up for Eichel, Ottawa gave up for DeBrincat, or LA gave up for Fiala, who should all carry more value than Chychrun carries now.

I swear you only comment here to argue like a troll who has nothing better to do. There is a reason you are NOT an NHL GM, you would get laughed out of the league and either would NEVER complete a trade or if you did you'd get fleeced every time and turn an NHL team into a PeeWee hockey team in your first couple years lol 1 sided trades are NOT what teams look for, nor has it ever been. And Superstar for Superstar"s" trades are a gm just asking to be fired while the other is hailed as a hero. Lol.

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05 Aug 2022 23:49:43
@Moxnix there’s a ton of quality there…Think of it this way
Formenton >> Dube
Thomson > Zary
Sokolov = 2nd
Ottawa 1st + Zaitsev = Calgary 1st.

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06 Aug 2022 01:53:55
I think somewhere in this deal, Shane Pinto needs to be going the other way.

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06 Aug 2022 02:04:07
Dube > Formenton (Dube is a Centre)
Thomson = Valimaki
Sokolov = 2nd
Ottawa 1st + Zaitsev = Ottawa 2nd

ARI will want more, like Tyler Boucher or Jake Sanderson. They might consider Shane Pinto or Erik Brannstrom instead.

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06 Aug 2022 02:26:44
Can someone explain how it is possible for an OTT 1st PLUS Zaitsev to be = to an OTT 2nd?

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06 Aug 2022 02:33:27
No HockeyDad you are vastly overrating Ottawa bottom 6 players and mediocre prospects. There isn't much quality in your proposal.

Zaitsev is a good bottom pairing defenseman who's overpaid by about 1.5 million a year.

Formenton is a good bottom 6 forward but with the sex assault scandal he's a HUGE RISK. Nobody is going to touch him now.

Neither of those two is going to cut it as the main piece in a trade for Chychrun.

Lassi Thomson is a mediocre defensive prospect who may or may not eventually become a decent bottom pairing player. You compared him to Calgary's Connor Zary a center. Talking apples to apples I wouldn't trade any of Calgary defense prospects Mackey, Poirier or Kuznetsov for Thomson. Valimaki I might consider trade for him just to gain some cap space. Valimaki has been disappointing so far but still has far more upside potential than Thomson.

Sokolov is a big guy who might become a good bottom 6 but that's about it.

Bernard-Docker isn't any better than Thomson. Just another mediocre D prospect who might eventually become a decent bottom pair guy.

You want Chychruns it's going to take better players or prospects than that.

Sanderson, Pinto and a 2023 first probably gets Arizona talking. The pile of mediocrity you proposed isn't even close. I don't care what Bruce Garrioch or some other Senators schill says, it isn't true.

Agree6 Disagree21

06 Aug 2022 02:59:59
Furthermore your proposal has Arizona adding Crouse to the deal too. Ottawa gets the two best players in the deal, takes on a problem player (Formenton) a first and a pile of not much else.

That's a one sided trade heavily favoring Ottawa!

Try to come up with something realistic for once.

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06 Aug 2022 03:18:31
Sohabs not a chance dude that's why Formenton is there. Ottawa has the depth on the wings to replace Formenton with Grieg or Jarventie for example. Pinto is NOT so easily replaced. So Ottawa should NOT add him to any trade right now nor should they have to with the other young talents they have like the ones mentioned.

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06 Aug 2022 03:26:28
Trevor A

Formenton > Dube that is a fact sorry to tell you.
Sokolov takes away Zaitsevs negative value.
And Thompson =/ > Zary
A 1st in any draft is still a 1st.

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06 Aug 2022 03:37:04
No Monix you are seriously unrating middle 6 player with Top 6 potential and high end prospects as you always do.

I wouldn't take any of those guys for Thompson period, he's more valuable than all 3 combined, and Valumaki is a HELL NO!

As for Sanderson, Pinto, and a 2023 1st? Lmfao we're talking a trade for Jacob Chychrun here, NOT a starting point for a Connor McDavid trade. Would you like Ottawa to trade DeBrincat, Norris, Batherson, Stutzle, Sanderson, Chabot, Pinto, and 5 1sts for Chychrun instead? Or is that NOT enough either? Lmfao get bent with your lame low ball evaluations.

Agree11 Disagree7

06 Aug 2022 04:19:46
Because Zaitsev has negative value, duh 🙄

Who wants a $4.5mil Bottom-Pairing D-Man!? Better to use the $$$ elsewhere and to give the spot to a younger guy, like Thomson or Docket who neither have proven anything yet. They’re the same as Jusso Valimaki and only get playing time in OTT because they only have 2 Good Defensemen: Chabot and Zub. They wouldn’t get playing time in CGY

So what Formenton is Fast, he’s also Small. He’s only had 1 Good Season. Let’s see if he can replicate it, then we can talk about whether he has Top-6 Potential or not. He’s definitely not better than Dube at this point. Sokolov will probably end up being better

Ottawa won’t be bottom dwellers anymore but if they don’t fix their Defence, they’ll struggle to make the Playoffs. @MoxNix is right, this isn’t near enough for Chychrun and other Teams can & will easily beat this group.

Kylington + Zadorov + Zary + 1st for Chychrun & McBain. At lease they’d be getting 2 NHL Players they can use, not just a Small one who’s Fast. Whoopee 🙌.

Agree16 Disagree14

06 Aug 2022 04:26:45
There you go again, according to you every Sens prospect is a superstar in waiting and every Flames prospect trash.

Get real dude, a few year's ago Ottawa had one of the best prospect pools in the league but all those top prospects, the ones who actually had true top 6 potential (Tkachuk, Norris, Batherson, Chabot, Stuzle) are all IN the NHL now. What's left isn't nearly as good as those three.

Now you're being completely ridiculous. I never suggested anything even remotely close to "DeBrincat, Norris, Batherson, Stutzle, Sanderson, Chabot, Pinto, and 5 1sts" for Chychrun.

In fact what I did suggest was the 2 least valuable of those players and ONE first. Get your story straight and stop making things up.

If you don't like having your proposals critcized then put some thought into them for a change and stop making absurd lowball proposals. No GM is going to trade a number 1 RD without getting qaulity assets in return! If he did he'd be fired before the ink is dry!

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06 Aug 2022 04:37:51
Before Nylander gets on all his alias accounts to make a mountain out of a molehill again, I do know Chychrun is a LD not a RD like I mistakenly said in my last comment.

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06 Aug 2022 04:39:54
Talk about a Homer Trade 🤩

Chychrun AND Crouse for this!? roflmao 😂 🤣 🤪.

Agree12 Disagree13

06 Aug 2022 04:52:38

You are insane.

As if Sanderson Pinto and a first (no doubt you'd want it lottery protected too would be remotely close to enough for McDavid.

Agree7 Disagree11

06 Aug 2022 04:58:43
I wouldn’t even bother anymore on this one @Mox, these guys thought Connor Brown was worth a 1st, they think Toffoli is only worth a 2nd and that all 1st Round Picks have the same value

At least MyBad knows Zaitsev has negative value but that’s about it on this one. Another example of fans overrating their Prospects and underrating ours.

Yup CGY absolutely sucks guys, that’s why we won our division. How’d OTT do again with all their amazing talent!? 🤔 Yeah, that’s what I thought


Agree13 Disagree13

06 Aug 2022 06:33:34
Gotta give to get. If I'm the GM of Arizona, i don't see anything that makes me wanna move those 2.

Agree11 Disagree7

06 Aug 2022 14:30:39
Boys…. take a breath…it’s a beautiful day…. and the insults look a little more childish on a screen than you may be intending.

Just the other day someone said, “ Stooping to personal attacks now I see. Thanks for showing everyone exactly what kind of person you are. ” The irony sometimes is funnier than intended. 😂

Don’t take it so personally, it’s just b-s’ing about theoretical trades. Who cares if some name on a page doesn’t agree with you? It’s all good boys…wait till at least 10am and pour yourself a cold one…and make it a great day👍.

Agree9 Disagree7

06 Aug 2022 14:59:37
too much from Ottawa.

Agree8 Disagree5

06 Aug 2022 15:20:05
OMG Monix listen to yourself dude that is a troll if I had ever heard one. Every single one of those guys before graduating the prospects list were at one point or another among the Top 100 prospects in the NHL according to actual reputable sources including dobber hockey and TSN rankings, I ain't over valuing a damn thing. You are just undercutting them because they are sens prospects, for what ever reason you seem to think the sens got nothing of value outside the top 2 lines, Sanderson, and Pinto, which is simply NOT true. Sens have drafted far better than most teams for years now hand do have a cupboard of talent in the system whether you like to admit it or not.

I do believe Docker was ranked 56th and Thompson 87th or something less than 2 years ago. And Formenton 3 years ago was 52nd all According to dobber hockey.

And considering this is NOT my proposal outside the pick change, and was actually posted by a legit source outside you or me on YouTube, yeah I'd say the value 100% is still there for all these guys.

Agree12 Disagree9

06 Aug 2022 15:33:43
Trevor A Connor Brown is worth a 1st, Dorian is a dumbass who settled for a 2nd so he could free up cap to go after Giroux and have cap space left for Joseph, Formenton, and Branstrom if trades can't be made for decent value with those guys. It's called a rushed trade to make priority signings. In case you hadn't noticed it was also made the very 1st day it was allowed, but yeah take your lousy shot lol.

And last I checked Calgary still got bounced embarrassingly by Edmonton lol. Ottawa was also one of the most injury rattled c.v. struck teams in the NHL last year and wasn't far off from them in the North division the year before with our rookie team to your seasoned vets.

I'd gladly bet you Ottawa finishes better than Calgary this year with or without a possible Chychrun addition. Not that that determines prospects value. And not that you'd have the guts to even take that bet lol.

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06 Aug 2022 16:51:59
Dobber Hockey LOL That explains a lot!

Should we tell him that's a FANTASY LEAGUE site?

Agree1 Disagree9

06 Aug 2022 17:25:30
I’d happily take that bet. CGY >> OTT 💰

I’ll not only take that bet, I’ll raise you by betting Mangiapane scores more Goals than DeBrincat and Dube Scores more Goals & Points than Formenton this Season too

CGY now has the Best Playmaker in the League and with a few more tweaks will be even better than last season, especially since Coleman, Zadorov & Toffoli will be in their 2nd Seasons with CGY so will be more familiar, confident and comfortable out there.

Agree10 Disagree11

06 Aug 2022 17:50:32
Better qualify that with goals in the NHL because while Dube certainly will be in the NHL, Formenton may not be!

Agree3 Disagree10

07 Aug 2022 02:47:57
Well considering tsn rankings were as close as they were to it I'll take that fantasy league over this one lmfao they seem to hame a much greater grasp on what value is than you do. Ottawa could have Connor McDavid and you'd STILL low ball his value massively Monix lmfao if McDavid were a Sen and we wanted to trade him, what could we get from your evaluation there superstar? A 2nd, a new washing machine, and a pale of fish? Lmfao.

Agree6 Disagree4

07 Aug 2022 02:59:24
I'll gladly accept that upped anti as well. Huberdeau is far from the best playmaker in the league FYI, he had Barkov to feed off of all along, who's he got now? Mangiapane and Lindholm? Lmfao That's a big time downgrade if I ever saw one. I'll gladly bet DeBrincat Stutzle and Batherson outplays that trio anyday.

Hell even Tkachuk Norris Giroux might out play them too, less likely but possible for sure.

And incase you hadn't seen the latest on the hockey Canada scandle, the girl in question came out and claimed it was consensual. So Formenton nor Batherson will be going anywhere anytime soon. Keep up.

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07 Aug 2022 03:32:01
You don't seem to realize Barkov and Huberdeau weren't even on the same line!

Agree6 Disagree6

07 Aug 2022 03:38:02
You get your hockey knowledge from random YouTube videos, Dobber Hockey and trashy TSN?

No wonder you're so clueless.

Agree4 Disagree7

07 Aug 2022 03:46:20
Why do you keep trying to derail the conversation about your own proposal for Chychrun to Ottawa into trash talking Calgary player prospects and fans anyhow?

Agree4 Disagree7

07 Aug 2022 03:51:03
You are Insane MyBad! Glad you love your Senators, but you’re delusional if you think those 2 lines have a chance of putting up more points than CGY’s #1 line

Huberdeau had the most Assists in the NHL with 85, that’s more than Twice as many as any of your Senators except Giroux…. Who played with Barkov & Huberdeau too! You think he’ll play as well with Younger less experienced guys like Tkachuk & Norris!? You’ll be lucky to get 60 points out of him this season, both Mangiapane & Toffoli can & will do better than that on Line 1

Barkov > Lindholm
Lindholm >> Norris & Stutzle

You think DeBrincat will score 40 Goals or more Points in OTT without Patrick Kane feeding him or getting Top Line minutes!? Ha! Fat chance!

I like Batherson, but similar to Formenton, let’s see if he can replicate it and for a full season at that

I like the direction OTT is going, but without improving their Defence, your forwards will be playing in their own zone the majority of the time, so won’t have time to be scoring, unless they on the pp.

Both FLA & CGY had Superior Defence last Season. CGY by far has the more Superior Defence >>> OTT.

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07 Aug 2022 04:14:29
Baddie's posts in this thread would make a great study on logical fallacies.

strawman arguments
hasty generalizations
appeal to authority
ad hominen attacks

Probably missed a few but those are his gotos.

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07 Aug 2022 04:33:45
What's the difference Monix? All you do is trash talk Ottawa players and undercut them at every turn. At least what I say is true. Ottawa has a far stronger overall system that Calgary right now and that's a fact. Calgary has what? That line, no defense and 2 decent prospects in Zary and Poirier? Who are both 1 dimensional players.

Sorry if Ottawas 10th string prospects carry more value than Calgarys 1st string.

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07 Aug 2022 04:56:42
Lmfao Norris just scored 35 goals, and Tkachuk is easily one of the BEST true power forwards in the league easy and gets under players skin to boot. And both guys being near a point a game. Adding Giroux to a line that did that kind of damage with Batherson and never lost a step with Joseph replacing Batherson? Yeah I have no doubt what so ever they can at least keep that up and likely do better than that with Giroux.

As for the other like, Stutzle had a rough start then when Batherson joined his line he lit the league up nearing a point a game and Batherson was over a point a game, and now you add a 40 goal scorer to that duo in DeBrincat? Yeah thanks for coming, I'll enjoy winning this bet.

Then either Formenton Pinto and Joseph or Grieg Pinto and Joseph if Formenton is included in a possible Chychrun deal is arguably going to be one of the BEST 3rd line trios in hockey either way.

And Norris or Stutzle >> Lindholm any day of the week. Lindhold had Johnny Hockey and Tkachuk to help pad his stats all along, and remains to be seen if he can operate with new linemates yet or not. Lol.

And yeah DeBrincat likely will get 35+ goals if he's playing with Stutzle and Batherson lol Norris would have reached that with Batherson had both guys had NOT gotten injured at different times for extended periods lol and Stutzle is an even better playmaker than Batherson so save your breath you wanna compare that lol

Calgary Defense was better these last few years only because Dorian won't give the kids a chance to play and keeps bringing in old duds. Do yourself a favour and look at the results when Branstrom or Docker or Thompson were in the lineup, they were a winning team with them in, and a losing team without them in. It's NOT rocket science to figure out why Ottawas defence was so bad. Lol

If they add Chychrun, and bring up Sanderson, for a 2 pair, and bring up Branstrom and either Docker or Thompson which ever they don't get rid of, and ship out Zaitsev Hamonic Holden like they should, they instantly change from terrible defense to arguably BEST in the league by a mile. That's the whole point of a legit Chychrun trade. And NOT these one sided fleece Ottawa garbage trades you and Monix keep mentioning. Even without him though, Sanderson and the kids coming up is a huge change in dynamics back there.

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07 Aug 2022 05:30:22
You truly have tunnel vision MyBad. You live in a Fantasy World where all your Prospects are Great even though the Stats and Numbers don’t suggest or confirm that and that the ones with Zero NHL Experience will put up Top 50-100 Numbers at their Position

Stutzle & Norris being better than Lindholm is absolutely hilarious. FYI - Lindholm Scored 42 Goals and 40 Assists and was a +61

How do we make this bet happen. Easy Money!

💵 💰 💵.

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07 Aug 2022 12:41:56
And we thought the koolaid in Toronto was strong.

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07 Aug 2022 18:29:59
what's with all the hate hahaha! isn't this just supposed to be fun?

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07 Aug 2022 20:13:25
Are You Not Entertained!?

I'm having fun with it, just mirroring the tone of the other posters! It's a forum to discuss, banter & challenge ourselves/ others in regards to our/ their hockey knowledge and proposals

Don't have to agree, but I see this as a passionate & competitive hockey debate. I haven't experienced anybody crossing the line or getting abusive

P. S. Calgary Flames >>> Ottawa Senators.

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07 Aug 2022 21:49:12
The only delusional ones are you and Monix Trevor A. The stats actually do support me NOT you. Like I said go look up the teams record with Thompson or Docker and Branstrom vs the teams record without those kids. The stats like you said, don't lie. The last 20 games roughly after Chabot got hurt and the kids were given a chance to play they won far more than they lost which as a fan who wanted losses at that time for a chance at a better pick it drove me nuts. Also the stint when Zaitsev and Holden were out injured and Hamonic hadn't been acquired yet. Both times we had winning records. The overall record was a result of injuries, c.v. protocols, and having the old useless bums on the blueline behind 1 good pair of Chabot and Zub. Facts.

Norris and Stutzle are BOTH better than Lindholm no question. Lindholm had not 1 but 2 100+ point players to feed off of and pad his stats of course he should at least be a point a game lmfao 🤣 Norris and Stutzle were BOTH just 10 points shy of a point a game in their soft more years playing with other rookies and soft mores and NO 100 point players to pad their stats, do the math dude.

You tell me how you wanna do this bet? I can't wait!

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07 Aug 2022 22:51:11
soft more eh? Do you call a lateral in football a ladder roll too?

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07 Aug 2022 22:54:55
Add causal fallacies to the list above. Just because the Sens won a couple more games than usual when a player is in the lineup doesn't mean that player is the reason why they won.

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07 Aug 2022 23:08:05
"The last 20 games roughly after Chabot got hurt and the kids were given a chance to play they won far more than they lost"

Why aren't you using the same flawed logic to conclude Chabot is a bum and the mediocre kids are better than him too?

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08 Aug 2022 05:08:11
It does whe it happens year after year. Same exact thing happened when they each had their debut runs the year before as well. You can talk all you trash you want, facts and stats and history don't lie, you do.

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09 Aug 2022 17:10:46
Wow been a while since I posted in here and it's gone full WWE lol glad to see some common sense for once in here though lol, a few new names here but I see there's some new trolls right MoxNix and TrevorA? Lol don't worry, it can be our little secret lol.

I can actually say this is a solid trade all round that is a fair hockey trade for both teams. I'm kindve suprised to see none of the original trolls have a comment on this one yet to be honest LMFAO.

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05 Aug 2022 19:57:01
STL Trades: 10.775 million
RW-Vladimir Tarasenko @7.5/UFA23
LD-Marco Scandella @3.275/UFA24
LW-Jake Neighbours @ELC

EDM Trades: 10.6 million
RW-Kailer Yamamoto @3.1/RFA24
RW-Jesse Puljujarvi @3/RFA23
RD-Tyson Barrie @4.5/UFA24
2023-1st Round Pick-EDM

EDM secures the Top-6 RW they want & need + an LD to replace Duncan Keith/STL receives Two Top-6/9 RW Prospects + the Right Shot Power Play D-Man they don't have while at the same time opening up a spot for LD Scott Perunovich

EDM insists on local Oil Kings Star Jake Neighbours coming back in exchange for a 1st, since they're giving up two of their RFA's

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