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08 Jul 2020 04:53:31
Edmonton Oilers:

Jesse Puljujarvi

2nd Round Pick 2021

3rd Round Pick 2021

Columbus Blue Jackets:

Joonas Korpisalo.

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07 Jul 2020 23:59:53
Tor: murphy
Chi: Johnsson Bracco 2021 4th

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08 Jul 2020 05:16:47
Murphy is decent, I would be fine with the leafs trading this package for him, but I’m not sure if Chicago would accept as they already traded Gustaffson and Keith and Seabrook just aren’t the players they used to be. They don’t really have much depth on defence is my point.

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07 Jul 2020 18:08:12
mtl- domi-mete- 2nd pick in 2020

clb- nuutivara-dubinsky-korpisalo

habs sign hoffman 2year 13M




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07 Jul 2020 18:39:42
No way Montreal takes that. Dubinsky has negative value and you probably need Nutivaara simply to make up for adding him. So no way Korpisalo makes up all that from Montreal.

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07 Jul 2020 17:12:30
Vesalainen for logan brown.

Jets get their centre, Sens get winger to play with the depth at centre they will have after draft.

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07 Jul 2020 17:34:36
No thanks from Winnipeg. The Jets don't need a 3-4C.

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07 Jul 2020 18:00:16
I like Brown and with his size I think he could develop into a top 3 center, given time which is what he would get with with Jets. Its just that the Jets have a few 3/ 4 centers and what they really need a #2. If trading Ves I would like the Jets to bundle him with another play (s) or draft picks to get a true #2 center. Maybe sign TB's Cirelli to a RFA offer sheet which the Jets wouldn't do. The trade is fair but would it really make the Jets better?

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07 Jul 2020 15:12:31
As long as Arizona's 1st Round Pick still goes to NJ with the lottery protect in the Taylor Hall Trade, I have a 3way Trade that will help all 3 Teams in all ways.
My Trade Proposal is.

Buffalo Trades
Eichel (NJ)
Jokiharju (Tor)

New Jersey Trades
JHughes (Buf)
Zacha (Tor)
Severson (Tor)
(Arz's 2020 1st Round Pick) (Buf)

Toronto Trades
Hyman (NJ)
Kerfoot (Buf)
Kapanen (NJ)
FGauthier (NJ)
Dermott (Buf)

Trade Breakdown.

Eichel / Jokiharju
-JHughes / Kerfoot / Dermott /
(Arz's 1st Round Pick 2020)

JHughes / Zacha / Severson /
(Arz's 1st Round Pick 2020)
-Eichel / Hyman / Kapanen / FGauthier

Hyman / Kerfoot / Kapanen / FGauthier / Dermott
-Zacha / Severson / Jokiharju

Thoughts ?

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07 Jul 2020 16:36:46
This trade makes more sense if you take out Toronto. And jokiharju.
If Hughes does well in the play in round.

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07 Jul 2020 17:07:44
Monkeyful to start with to take out Jokiharju and Toronto it's not enough for Eichel of just Hughes and a mid round 1st Round Pick, plus Hughes isn't playing in the playoffs because NJ isn't in the playoffs.
How come anything Toronto on this site is looked at in a bad way, either The Leafs Players have no value or let's just take them out completely like you posted.

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07 Jul 2020 17:15:07
Take Kappanen, Gauthier and Hyman and add to Buffalo and they still decline. Eichel will not be moved.

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06 Jul 2020 22:20:02
WPG: Vesalainen
EDM: Pulujarvi

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06 Jul 2020 22:41:12
Why would the Jets trade a very good prospect for a malcontent who thinks he's a top 6 forward? Is he better than Connor, Laine, Ehlers or Wheeler? I like Pully but he's worth at best a 2nd round pick and that's being generous.

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07 Jul 2020 00:32:56
Puljujarvi isn't worth Vesalainen. Why would the Jets overpay to get a player that they have zero need of and is at best a 3rd line forward for Winnipeg?

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07 Jul 2020 11:24:14
They are both wingers, so your argument that Puljujarvi would only be playing 3rd line is meaningless, as that's where Vesalainen would be playing too.

Less than a year age difference but Puljujarvi has over 130 more NHL games played than Vesalainen. Puljujarvi was a point a game player in his league last year, while Vesalainen wasn't even half that. Even if you compare AHL numbers Puljujarvi has better numbers 37 pts in 53 games vs 43 in 82 for Vesalainen.

So please, explain to me why exactly Vesalainen is a better prospect than Puljujarvi? Because it doesn't look that way. I can understand saying you don't want him because he is a malcontent and holdout. But to say that he will only ever he a 3rd line player and is worse prospect than Vesalainen doesn't hold true and is just typical Winnipeg wieners being weenies.

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07 Jul 2020 15:44:19
Pully has played over 130 games, some games on McD and Draisaitl's wing and still did nothing. Unlike the Oilers who rush players into the NHL the Jets in typical Jet fashion are letting Ves learn the North American game with the Moose, so in the long run he should develop into a better player. Also Pully's not playing in North America isn't the same as the game he plays in Finland and there still is his attitude which is something no team really wants to deal with. Plus with Maurice as his coach he would be starting on the 4th line which he wouldn't want to do. He would refuse to be sent down to the Moose and if he did the Jets would risk having some team claim him off wavers so the Jets would get nothing in trading for him. No Memarcusjoe and I understand hockey and the Jets needs unlike some posters.

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07 Jul 2020 16:32:17
It's pointless to try and give reasoned explanations to a troll Islandjet. Common sense is not common for him.

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07 Jul 2020 17:20:49
Memarcusjoe I know its pointless to try and reason with some some posters but there are others that appreciate thought out explanations of why some Jet trades are not wise to do from the Jets point of view.

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07 Jul 2020 17:39:52
I agree Islandjet. I just meant in this particular case, where he wants us to defend a statement that neither of us made. He prefers to base his argument on something that he wants us to have said rather than address what we actually said.

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06 Jul 2020 18:31:13
Toronto Maple Leafs:

Kasperi Kapanen

Edmonton Oilers:

Jesse Puljujarvi

1st Round Pick 2021

3rd Round Pick 2021 (becomes 1st if Kapanen scores 55+ points or Oilers are conference champions in playoffs)

And imagine Oilers get Laff

+ Sign Erik Haula

Lafréniere - McDavid - Draisaitl

Yamamoto - Nuge - Kapanen

Chiasson - Haula - Kassian.

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06 Jul 2020 19:28:08
Kapanen’s 45 points aren’t worth nearly that package IMO. I don’t think I’d want to give up a first alone for him unless maybe if it was a late late one. Also the Oilers are going to walk through Chicago 😈.

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06 Jul 2020 19:50:28
Leafs pass, not because of value, but because if Kapanen is traded a top 4 RHD will be coming the other way.

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06 Jul 2020 22:24:29
Kapanen isn't worth a 1st let alone adding Pully. He also won't get a top 4 d-man.

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06 Jul 2020 22:26:48
What a ridiculous price to pay for Kapanen. Enormous overpay. Not a chance.

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06 Jul 2020 22:58:16
Way to much for Kappy fair value is Bear or Puljujarvi and 2nd or 1st 2020.

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06 Jul 2020 23:04:26
Islandjet will Roslovic get you that d-man, because Kapanen is much better then Roslovic.

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07 Jul 2020 02:17:11
The 1st is way too much for Roslovic while Pully alone is too little.

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07 Jul 2020 04:41:02
May I remind everyone the Barclays Goodrow fetched a first round pick. So saying that Kapanen, someone younger then him, who expires as an RFA wouldn’t fetch a first rounder is highly unlikely in my opinion.

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07 Jul 2020 07:41:06
When did Kapanen become Pastrnak? Must've missed that.

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07 Jul 2020 13:36:54
Wow, so if Kappy scores 55+ or the Oliers are conference champs he gets Pul and 2x 1st round picks?

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05 Jul 2020 23:41:52
**freeing cap trade**

Flo: Johnsson
Tor: Brown and Wallmark

Then trade Kerfoot for pics and sign ufa RHD to play top pair

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06 Jul 2020 13:27:47
Why would the leafs do that?

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