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22 Apr 2021 22:34:48
Ott : Ryan Dzingle, 2021 1st, Logan Brown, Johnny Thychonic

Cal : Matthew Tkachuk

Ott : Colin White, Erik Brannstrom, a 2023 1st (Top 10 protected), a 2024 1st, Chris Teirney

Buf : Jack Eichel

M. Tkachuk Eichel Batherson
B. Tkachuk Norris Stutzle
Formenton Pinto Dadonov
Jarventie Anisimov C. Brown

Sanderson Docker
Chabot Thompson
Klevin Zub


Seattle takes Murray

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21 Apr 2021 23:29:07
Nsh:Johansson,Fabbro, Ellis

Mtl:Weber, Caufield, Byron

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21 Apr 2021 20:33:24


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21 Apr 2021 21:04:06
No from Toronto.

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21 Apr 2021 22:36:03
Toronto says no. Reilly is better than Dumba and Hartman isn't worth much.

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22 Apr 2021 02:46:54
Easy no from Toronto what is their incentive?

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21 Apr 2021 16:43:56
At The Draft.

Philadelphia Trades

Toronto Trades
2nd Round Pick 2021

Thoughts ?

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21 Apr 2021 22:46:49
Value is ok but I don't see Philly trading Konecny without getting a top 6 forward in return. I don't see Toronto trading their best LD for a 3rd pairing / taxi squad RD either.

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22 Apr 2021 05:26:31
I’d love to see how your brain works I’d like to sit down and just talk to you to see what’s going on inside of there.

Value wise this is bad for leafs and needs wise it is 10x worse.

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23 Apr 2021 00:01:22
I think the same of you Nylander.

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23 Apr 2021 04:05:33
Do you really think The Leafs will be able to resign Rielly after next season? Plus The Leafs have Drafted 2 pretty good Defencemen in Sandin and Liljegren, so with that said would you rather have Kerfoot signed one more year longer than Rielly, or Konecny signed long term?
It's a good business hockey trade.
You never seem to look beyond one season by your responses over and over on here.

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21 Apr 2021 02:09:01
Jack Eichel C
Colin Miller D

1st 2021
Cam Fowler D
Brayden Tracey LW
Josh Manson D

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21 Apr 2021 05:27:38
Take out Cam Fowler and Manson because they hold zero value to Sabres.

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21 Apr 2021 10:20:44
I agree with Nylander and even if they did hold value to the Sabres, there still isn’t enough quality going to Buffalo.

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21 Apr 2021 19:17:41
Easy no for Buffalo in terms of both fit and quality.

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19 Apr 2021 23:17:20
Oilers BIG UFA Signing !!!


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20 Apr 2021 12:28:35
Why not just resign Barrie? He’s been solid, can pay Seattle to take Neal aswell. 2 years left after this season @ 5.75, it would easily be a contract they’d be willing to take with compensation.
Resign Barrie 6 x 4
Convince Seattle to take Neal with a 1ST, and maybe Benson or Lavoie

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20 Apr 2021 13:16:24
I think more teams should stick to 4-5 year max contracts seeing how fast they can become awful.

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20 Apr 2021 17:30:42
NotACasual - Barrie has been great but Hamilton is Bigger and can defend better with also putting up the points. IMO he is a much better player. Oilers need more size in their line up.

Websjac - If that's the case, then sign Hamilton to 5yrs @ $8M - $8.5M.

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19 Apr 2021 11:41:47
I have a weird feeling that Brad Treliving is going to sign Marcus Sorensen and Adam Larsson this summer. Idk why, just a weird feeling. If he does then remember I said it haha

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19 Apr 2021 16:16:48
I don’t know if he will or not. Depending on price, Larsson would be a nice pickup for any team. I like the way he plays, unfortunately they traded Taylor Hall for him and that’s a tough thing for the guy to live up to. He shouldn’t have been a 4th overall pick and he shouldn’t have been traded straight up for a 70-80pt 24 year old forward. None of that’s his fault.

If you can get him to be your #4-5, it’s a solid add to almost any team.

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20 Apr 2021 07:53:07
I agree sampson

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20 Apr 2021 12:39:12
Larsson replaces Hamonic.

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20 Apr 2021 23:41:25
Yeah there’s lots of those guys out there which is why I said depending on price. Like zach bogosian at $5.3M or whatever he was making in WPG and BUF was bad value.
Same player, now with Stanley Cup experience playing a bottom pair role is valuable for $2M-2.25M. Leafs have him for $1M. I imagine he will get some offers with a raise in the off-season.

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22 Apr 2021 21:20:37
So the free agent signing was Calgary signing Larson and somehow Larson would be a replacement for Hamonic, who plays for the Canucks.
Pretty hilarious that this is the same guy who questioned another commenter hockey knowledge.

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18 Apr 2021 10:24:20
LA: Turcotte, Vilardi, Clague, Byfield, 1rd 2021


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18 Apr 2021 12:38:49
Such an overpayment but it would most likely get it done. Good post

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18 Apr 2021 16:24:34
Take out Turcotte and it’s fair.

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19 Apr 2021 15:40:23
History shows that two top prospects and a 1st gets it done

Byfield Thomas and a 1st would be something I can see happening keep in mind that 1st is a top 10 pick possibly top5 but if your LA they’re not ready to make this move they have a lot of good young guys in the system but until you see what they can do at the nhl level it’s still hard to say where they are look at the leafs they got guys like Matthews and marner who were able to step right in and be top players I don’t see any of the kings prospects being able to do that right now.

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