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03 Oct 2022 01:59:19
Yotes. Sandin Knies 1st 2023 kerfoot kallgren
Leafs Chychrun 2nd 2023 3rd 2024

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05 Oct 2022 00:25:07
Not sure what people expect Arizona to get for this guy. There best offer that we know they have gotten was Pulijujarvi and 1st and Arizona countered with Holloway and 1st to which the oilers declined.

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05 Oct 2022 18:43:19
Arizona is in no rush to make a trade for Chychrun. They can take all the time they need. They'll get a haul for him or they'll simply wait.

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05 Oct 2022 23:41:24
They’ll be waiting until he’s a UFA then. Not sure how big of a gap one of Holloway/ Broberg and 1st is from Knies, Sandin and 1st. Honestly I’d prefer Knies and Sandin to a single one of them.

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07 Oct 2022 01:20:23
There is no comparing the EDM and TML packages VB…that’s a joke to think Sandin and Knies = Holloway and Bromberg!

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07 Oct 2022 10:29:59
I don’t think Knies and Sandin=Holloway and Broberg.

I think Knies and Sandin=Holloway

And >Broberg as a 2 for 1

Sandin is still very young probably 2 or 3 years from making an impact. he was among the top 10 youngest dman in the nhl last year. He has all the tools to be a top 4 dman and has good hockey sense. Knies has been excellent in the NCAA last season and is in the top 50 of every prospects rating in every list I have seen.

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01 Oct 2022 23:30:06
Leafs. Chychrun

Yotes sandin Knies kerfoot

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02 Oct 2022 00:32:09
Drop Kerfoot and add a 1st from Toronto.

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02 Oct 2022 21:49:42
A 1st is a given, the eventual return will dwarf this suggestion.

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02 Oct 2022 22:26:25
To get Chychrun, do the Leafs maybe need to part with Nylander for him? If im Arizona, I'd want someone who is young and is an established player.

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30 Sep 2022 17:10:14
Ok let me take another run at this hopefully without get the same tired comment "One sided" that its Calgary trading a bag of pucks for the best player in the league.

Oilers trade Puliarvi, Foegle and a second to Arizona for Chychrun

Arizona trades Puliarvi to Calgary for Kylington and a third.

Edm gets much needed high end defense, Cgy gets much needed skilled right wing, Ari gets a 3rd, a 2nd, and a skilled defensmen who can be used in rebuild or traded for a decent return, foegle can be flipped for a bag of pucks.

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30 Sep 2022 19:07:57
well if you were hoping to not get that comment you will have to change the trade. Chychrun reported asking price is atleast a first and a top prospect. so if your not willing to part with your first and one of broberg, holloway, or Bourgault. then your not getting him. especially for that package pulliarvi has some value but not high enough to get you chychrun.

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30 Sep 2022 22:20:53
Understood Wingsfan 19 and I am actually a Flames fan but I was thinking as a whole picture it is a 2nd,3rd, Kylington for Chychrun plus whatever they can do with Foegle.

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02 Oct 2022 21:51:12
A 1st is a given in the package for Chychrun.

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04 Oct 2022 18:06:00
Kylington has more value as a puck moving D who had a break out season last year than puljaarvi does. So CGY says no. But I’d give a 2nd and middle prospect for Pu.

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30 Sep 2022 11:42:54
Pierre Engvall LW
Alex Kerfoot C
Justin Holl D

Jeff Skinner LW
(50% retained)

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30 Sep 2022 14:18:36
I'm not sure why Buffalo would do this trade? skinner had a nice bounce back season last season which added to his value and Kerfoot is the only piece from Toronto that has any real value to them and if they are going to retain salary I suspect they are going to want more in the area of picks or prospects not a 4th liner and a 6/ 7 dman trade makes little sense for Buffalo, does not make them better.

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02 Oct 2022 13:32:42
Holy since when do 4th liners but up 50+ points?

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02 Oct 2022 21:52:29
LesHabitants: all you offer are leaf-friendly deals.

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30 Sep 2022 02:57:53
Leafs. Chychrun
Arizona 2nd 2023 Robertson Niemela

Ducks Muzzin
Leafs 2nd 2023

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30 Sep 2022 03:38:26
Not even close. Arizona politely hangs up on Dubas.

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02 Oct 2022 21:52:59
What SeaBass said🤜.

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26 Sep 2022 02:41:42
to Detroit Red Wings:
(LD/RD) Oliver Kylington [2.50 @ 2 UFA]
(C) Adam Ruzicka [762k @ 2 RFA]
Third Round Pick in 2023

to Calgary Flames:
(LW/RW) Tyler Bertuzzi [4.75 @ 1 UFA]

to Ottawa Senators:
(LD/RD) Juuso Valimaki [1.55 @ 1 RFA]

to Calgary Flames:
Second Round Pick in 2023

J Huberdeau - E Lindholm - A Mangiapane
T Bertuzzi - N Kadri - T Toffoli
S Milano - M Backlund - B Coleman
M Lucic - C Eakin - D Dube

N Hanifin - R Andersson
M Weegar - C Tanev
N Zadorov - M Stone

J Vrana - D Larkin - L Raymond
D Kubalik - A Copp - D Perron
P Suter - R Fabbri - F Zadina
M Rasmussen - A Ruzicka - O Sundqvist

B Chariot - M Seider
O Kylington - F Hronek
O Maatta - J Oesterle

Believable24 Unbelievable23

26 Sep 2022 20:40:38
So, Ottawa gives up a second rounder and gets Valimaki? Am I right in seeing that?

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26 Sep 2022 22:19:12
Valimaki wouldn’t make Ottawas roster, however, I wouldn’t mind Kylington for a 2nd.

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27 Sep 2022 01:51:34
@seabass2011 yeah, idk if you mean that in a good or bad way.
@hockeydad Kylington is definitely worth more than a 2nd.

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27 Sep 2022 08:26:32
@NotACasual. information seeking way. Trying to figure out who's going where and for what. It's slightly confusing as to who's picks are going where.

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28 Sep 2022 01:12:40
Kylington thinks he's a forward 30% of the time so I think he could be an allstar 1 day but right now he's lost without Tanev covering for him. Id rather valimaki over kylington cause still got faith in valimaki if he wasn't so injury prone.

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24 Sep 2022 19:29:42
to Calgary Flames :
(LW/RW) Conor Garland [4.95 @ 4 UFA]

to Vancouver Canucks :
(LD/RD) Oliver Kylington [2.50 @ 2 UFA]
2ND Round Pick in 2023

Yes I'm aware the Flames would have to make cap space but how's the trade value wise. Flames get a needed Top 9 F, Canucks get a needed Top 4 D.

J Miller - E Pettersson - B Boeser
A Kuzmenko - B Horvat - N Hoglander
I Mikheyev - C Lazar - V Podkolzin
T Pearson - J Dickinson - J Dowling

O Ekman-Larsson - T Myers
Q Hughes - O Kylington
D DeKeyser - T Dermott

J Huberdeau - E Lindholm - T Toffoli
A Mangiapane - N Kadri - C Garland
S Milano - M Backlund - B Coleman
M Lucic - C Eakin - D Dube

N Hanifin - R Andersson
M Weegar - C Tanev
N Zadorov - J Valimaki

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24 Sep 2022 13:10:00
Montreal: Christian Dvorak, Kaiden Guhle and 2024 top 10 protected 1st changes to a 2025 unprotected 1st

Winnipeg: PLD+ cap dump

Montreal gets a very good 2c and Winnipeg gets a solid package for a player who wants to go.

Believable4 Unbelievable35

24 Sep 2022 13:30:39
Way too much in my opinion. Montreal wants to tank for Bedard and can potentially just sign PLD.

Agree14 Disagree4

24 Sep 2022 15:52:39
If PLD doesn't want to sign long term the Jets will trade him to a team he wants to play with, for a better return than this. Winning teams like NYR, LA, Florida, Colorado and Tampa have the type of players they would be willing to trade that the Jets would want in order to get PLD and ability to sign him long term.

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24 Sep 2022 16:44:23
I wouldn't part with Guhle for him. Guhle will be a top pairing Dman in 2 to 3 years.
Habs just acquired Dach, he will hopefully become that number 2C, also with this upcoming draft, maybe they don't get Bedard, but Fantilli would be a good pick, if it Habs are in top 3, which, there is a good chance.
I like PLD, but not enough to give up Guhle. He has the opportunity to be a cornerstone player for the Habs for the next 10 years plus.

Agree15 Disagree5

24 Sep 2022 20:44:49
That's a fairly easy no from Winnipeg. Plus Dubois has never said he wants to go.

At this point of the off season, Winnipeg isn't going to trade a top 6 center without having an equivalent top 6 center coming back. Barring that, it would take an exceptional offer to get Winnipeg thinking. A TDL value offer now, doesn't offer any enticement.

Guhle is alright, but as an LD doesn't give Winnipeg anything they need. Dvorak as an expensive, average 3C doesn't add much value and there is less than a 0% chance Winnipeg would agree to wait to until 24 for a protected pick.

All in all the Jets get at least this value at the TDL this year. The extra value of Guhle is more than offset negatively by have to wait 2 drafts for a protected pick.

There's just no logical reason for Winnipeg to consider this. Teams don't trade star players for pieces they don't need or protected picks years in the future.

Agree3 Disagree16

24 Sep 2022 20:52:09
Additionally, the Jets wouldn't lower Dubois' value by attaching a cap dump to him. Why would any team do that?

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25 Sep 2022 00:09:28
Easy no from MTL. They’re not trading Guhle OR a 2023 1st for a player who isn’t a difference maker. WPG has zero leverage to demand a package like this. The player clearly isn’t going to re-sign and the other 31 teams know it.

IF MTL wants him, they can sign him in 2 years as a UFA, but who knows if Gorton or Hughes like what he brings, let alone how much he’d want? Just because the player prefers the team doesn’t mean the team wants the player.

I hope WPG gets a good return for the fans to be happy about, but this is pure fantasy.

Agree15 Disagree14

28 Sep 2022 14:46:31
MTL turns it down. we can't give up our best D prospect for PLD. Pretty much just echo everything Sosa said.

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