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30 Mar 2023 22:48:24
to Winnipeg Jets :
RW - Travis Konecny ( 5.50 @ 2 UFA )
FLA’s 1st Rd Selection in 2023 (MTL)
D - Justin Barron ( ELC )

to Montreal Canadiens :
C/LW - Pierre-Luc Dubois (RFA)

to Philadelphia Flyers :
RW - Josh Anderson ( 5.50 @ 4 UFA )

P Dubois - N Suzuki - C Caufield
J Slafkovsky - K Dach - B Gallagher

K Connor - M Scheifele - B Wheeler
N Ehlers - C Perfetti - T Konecny

J Farabee - S Couturier - C Atkinson
O Tippett - K Hayes - J Anderson

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31 Mar 2023 01:49:16
Jets make out like Bandits

Konecny is really underrated IMO.
If your Philadelphia, who would you rather have? Anderson of Konecny?

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31 Mar 2023 02:08:26
Why would Philly do that? That's a massive downgrade for them.

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31 Mar 2023 02:12:39
This makes zero sense for anyone but the Jets. I really don’t understand why Philly is involved either.

Why would MTL give up a 1st… from a VERY deep ‘23 draft no less…PLUS Barron…PLUS Anderson?

IF Anderson is traded…it won’t be as a throw-in for someone they can sign for nothing in a year.

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31 Mar 2023 15:33:26
This trade is only good for the Jets and the Habs. Philly gets nothing.

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31 Mar 2023 19:31:06
Philly-hey let’s trade our best player who’s still young for a aging overpaid 3rd liner who will be retired by the time we start competing.

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30 Mar 2023 11:22:57
to Montreal Canadiens :
C/LW - Pierre-Luc Dubois (RFA)
D - Logan Stanley (RFA)

to Winnipeg Jets :
FLA's 1st Rd Selection in 2023
RW - Josh Anderson (5.50 @ 4 UFA)
D - Lane Hutson (unsigned)
D - Justin Barron (ELC)

P Dubois - N Suzuki - C Caufield
J Slafkovsky - K Dach - B Gallagher
S Farrell - C Dvorak - M Hoffman
H Pinard - J Evans - J Armia / D Gurianov

M Matheson - D Savard
K Guhle - J Edmundson
L Stanley - A Xhekaj

K Connor - M Scheifele - B Wheeler
N Ehlers - C Perfetti - J Anderson
M Appleton - C Lucius - N Niederreiter
M Barron - A Lowry - K Stenlund

J Morrissey - N Pionk
N Schmidt - J Barron
B Dillon - D Demelo

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30 Mar 2023 13:18:03
I don't see there even being a slight chance Winnipeg does that.

The 1st round pick is good and would be required in any deal.

Anderson isn't waiving for Winnipeg and is behind Connor, Ehlers, Wheeler, Perfetti, Niederreiter and Namestnikov on the wings in Winnipeg and has an awful contract for a bottom sixer and isn't good enough defensively for that role.

Hutson is okay, but is a tiny LHD that the Jets don't need at all and with his size is a long shot to be a full time NHL regular. Montreal probably doesn't want to trade him anyways.

Barron is a good piece.

I appreciate that you're trying to give Winnipeg value, but most of it is in a position or positions that do nothing for the Jets and Anderson takes away a fairly large chunk of that value.

I'm not sure Montreal is the best place to send Dubois.

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30 Mar 2023 15:28:15
Jets don't need to trade PLD for a quantity of pieces. They would rather get 1 quality player or PLD. Also adding Stanley makes this trade too one sided for the Habs.

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30 Mar 2023 18:20:31
Instead of giving all that up, just wait till next off season and sign him without giving up anything.

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30 Mar 2023 18:26:56
PLD is a really good player , but really what GM would give all that for someone they know is interested in coming there. Maybe, as someone said in the post below he gets traded and signs long term somewhere else. That's fine. But what GM is gonna try for him when it's not even a secret that he desires to be a Montreal Canadien. Really this is all up to PLD, and Hughes/ Gorton.

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31 Mar 2023 02:14:15
This is a ridiculous trade proposal.

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31 Mar 2023 14:12:58
@sosa that’s exactly how you acquire a player- “we’re not willing to give up anything for you and you mean nothing to us”. If a team trades For PLD and show interest at meeting his and his family’s needs, he will sign with them b4 the offseason.

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31 Mar 2023 15:53:51
Ya I see your point HockeyDad. However, I'd rather keep the package offered than have PLD. if he wants next off-season to join those players and be part of the Montreal Canadiens, well, let the negotiations begin.
If it were me, as a GM I'd call the shots on this one. Although he is a really good player, he's not a franchise player.
Although small, Lane Hutson is not someone I want to give up in this new NHL where the little guys can thrive and use there skill.

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31 Mar 2023 16:36:15
Way too much for PLD. He's a good center that plays as a 70pt player and MAYBE has PPG potential, but he's not a bonafide top line center.

They're trading a top 15 pick in a veery deep draft, giving up Barron who has solid top 4 potential and Hutson who's one of the best D prospects in the league.

No way the habs trade Hutson. That guy has superstar potential and his advanced stats are monstruous. Will it translate to the nhl? Maybe, but his ceiling is sky high

This is way too much

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01 Apr 2023 17:59:32
Dubois is a very good C. Full stop.

He is not a “great” center. He is a good 2C for a contender, which MTL is not, and won’t be for a few years.

The whole league knows where the player wants to play, because his agent deliberately announced it publicly.

WPG has a good asset, but in terms of the trade market, it is a distressed asset. The return they receive will reflect that.

MTL may trade for him this summer, but WPG will not receive full market value for a guy who MTL can sign as a UFA after next season.

It’s always possible that WPG will trade him to another market after re-signing him. A team needing a 2C for a Cup run may trade for him, but any such offer will reflect the fact that they’re unlikely to re-sign Dubois before he hits unrestricted free agency and can call his shot.

WPG has great fans and they deserve some good news. I hope they get a fair return, but they won’t get full value for Dubois.

It’s an open secret that WPG has a broken room. You simply can’t bring back Scheifele, Dubois & Wheeler. It’s time to start again and:

- trade Scheifele and Dubois before the draft and be done with both of them. (Scheifele is a talent, but he has a well-deserved reputation for being a cancer. He should never where a letter for an NHL team again. )
- buy out the final year of Wheeler for 2.75M x 2 years.
- get some more picks in this pivotal draft. (They only have 5)
- graduate some more prospects from the system
- bring optimism back and restore a functional dressing room so that young players are coming into a stable and healthy environment.

Chevy is a smart guy, and he will do the right things. He was patient this year, but will be prudent this coming offseason, especially if they miss the playoffs. Stripping the C was worth a shot, but it’s obvious the core 3 have to go.

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29 Mar 2023 12:02:29
Friedman said on his podcast that Jets and Habs have talked about Dubois and that he's 95% sure that Dubois ends up in MTL. I don't really see how the habs can trade for him especially if he can sign as a FA next year, but Friedman mentions that talks are ongoing.

Any suggestions for a trade?

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29 Mar 2023 19:07:03
If the Jets don't sign PLD to a long term contract he should be made available to a team that gives the Jets the best return.

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29 Mar 2023 20:13:59
Wonder if Anderson and Florida's 1st would do it. Be hard for me to see Anderson go.

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29 Mar 2023 20:15:12
Personally would just wait till next season and sign him though. That would make alot more sense.

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29 Mar 2023 22:24:53
Sorry Sosa, no chance the Jets would consider taking Anderson back in the deal. He's paid far too much for a bottom six winger, is awful defensively and is owed more real dollars than his cap hit.

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30 Mar 2023 02:37:44
Well, that's ok. I would prefer to keep Anderson and just get PLD signed without giving up anything .

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30 Mar 2023 13:19:45
It's unlikely you'll have a chance to sign him if he isn't traded there this summer Sosa. PLD is likely traded to a team where he will extend this summer.

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30 Mar 2023 18:21:51
Well that's fine then. He's either there or he isn't. It's not really a big deal to me. I'm more curious to see what the Habs get at the draft . Then go from there.

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01 Apr 2023 18:23:05
I’m with Sosa.

Dubois isn’t integral to the Habs’ rebuild. I’m more interested in the talent that comes on board at the draft, and the prospects that graduate from the farm.

No matter what, I’m against trading Anderson, unless it’s a stupid haul.

The Habs would be wise to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past and avoid trading anything significant. If they still want him in a year, sign him then.

Hopefully WPG can get a decent return with another team. Dubois was invisible when the Habs swept WPG 2 years ago, so while he’d be a “nice” addition, he’s certainly not a “must have” for MTL. One more year of finishing low and drafting high would be better for the team long-term.

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24 Mar 2023 04:05:04
Not too sure about the value here, just wanted to try something completely new than what we see usually.

to PIT :
G - John Gibson

to ANA :
G - Thatcher Demko

to VAN :
rights to G Tristan Jarry
2023 1ST RD
D - Jan Rutta
RW - Alexander Nylander

Jarry's UFA rights aren’t much but it’s basically just a throw in to ensure they have a chance to replace Demko.
Jarry is 27 from BC, Demko is 27 from California and Gibson is 29 from Pittsburgh. All 3 goalies have been in trade spec for a bit.

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24 Mar 2023 14:50:36
This looks to be a pretty good trade. I like the hometown focus.

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24 Mar 2023 16:32:54
Interesting trade proposal. The Canuck shouldn't trade Demko as he's a good goalie who is only going to be better.
If the Canucks can sign Jarry to a reasonable, long term deal this trade makes a lot of sense and could happen.

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24 Mar 2023 20:28:16
Who’s giving the 1st round pick? I see no reason why Pitsburgh would swap Jarry for Gibson. He’s been awful for the past 4 seasons and Jarry is average as a starter. I think Demko has way more value then anything in this package and honestly I think at this point Gibson is in the Matt Murray in Pittsburgh situation ( former potential superstar who had a few amazing seasons that have faded away ) Demko has looked great since he got back from his injury.

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26 Mar 2023 09:41:22
I can’t see any of this happening.

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28 Mar 2023 18:26:56
I think it would cost more to move demko.

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17 Mar 2023 17:20:28
Mtl - harris-allen- 2nd pick 2023[almost a first)

Phi - hart

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17 Mar 2023 19:09:59
Easy no from MTL.

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17 Mar 2023 20:19:42
I usually agree with Chickenfoot but this time I think it is a fair trade.
I believe that Hart is going to be a very good player.
He was rushed into the NHL before he was ready and could be a top goalie if the Habs bring him along slowly.

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17 Mar 2023 21:12:35
Ya think so ChickenFoot? If Hart is available, I'd be in on this. I was gonna suggest at the draft Florida's 1st, straight up for Hart.

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18 Mar 2023 00:53:19
I appreciate you both Island Jet and Sosa…plus, it’s way more interesting to share a different take then just agree like sheep👍.

I respect both of your opinions and you may well be right. I definitely am not a fan of this trade, because I just don’t believe in Hart. But you may well be right.

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18 Mar 2023 03:03:04
For me, I look at the youth Montreal has. There is a really good group of kids 24 and younger, from the D to the Forwards, the one ingredient missing is a Goalie. Im not sold on Montembeault being this guy, and have given up on Primeau. I'm not sure about the other young guys in the system.
I know Hart was one of the most hyped up Goalies to come from the WHL since, well maybe Price. I haven't seen alot of him, I know he's had some really good moments as well as some really bad ones. I am hoping ( if he became a Canadien) that he can grow with the team and become the potential backbone in net that will be needed to one day compete for the Cup, if all goes well, say 5 years?
ChickenFoot, what are your concerns with Hart? Like I said, I haven't seen alot from him.

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18 Mar 2023 10:45:04
Well stated Sosa. I don’t like his game, consistency, and like you I feel like he’s overhyped. Would he have what it takes to survive playing in a Canadian market? I feel like we know who Hart is, so he’s not the prospect I’m looking for in net. That’s my two cents anyway. Good discussion fellas👍.

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19 Mar 2023 14:09:03
I wonder about the Panthers and Spencer Knight.
Goalies like Knight are typically untouchable, but Fla have Bob for another 3 yrs @ 10m per after this season (not trading him without significant retention), and Knight just signed an extension, 3 yrs @ 4.5m/ yr.
14.5m is a lot for a goalie tandem, and they have another pretty good goalie prospect in Guzda. That and Knight has spent most of this season in the Player Assistance Program.
One wonders if Zito might feel like moving on from Knight, and using him as a trade chip to shore up their d, which hasn’t been the same without Weegar. They don’t have much else to trade, and would likely be in on Parayko, Edmundson, or someone else if they had something to offer.
Certainly, the hope is Knight recovers, and when/ if he does, a number of teams (Mtl, Tor, Edm, among others) would probably make offers, were he available.
Zito has been very aggressive the past few seasons, and to sit still this deadline must’ve been exceedingly painful for him.

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19 Mar 2023 17:56:22
People can overcome substance abuse, but they are especially risky targets when it comes to trades.

I wish the best for the young man, but I’d be looking elsewhere.

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19 Mar 2023 18:45:45
I didn't realize Knight was in the Program. I do hope the kid can overcome this.
Montreal would not be a good place for him to resurrect his career. To much media, to many outside distractions ( not that Miami doesn't have those as well) .
Also, with the youth on Montreal, this could also be a bad thing for Knight. I know when I was in my 20's, and had a little money ( which these guys always do) . Was fun getting the boys together and off to the club or whatever. ( I don't know this guy, so I dont know what he likes to do obviously)

Burner89, im deffenitley not against this, as Knight is one of the best young goalies in the game, however just think there are better places for him in regards to his issues than Montreal.

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20 Mar 2023 02:11:32
@Chickenfoot, Sosa
Points taken.

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21 Mar 2023 14:42:58
Montreal has incredible pressure so playing in that market the player will have to have their mental health in order. Those mentioned are fine goaltenders but they would be better to find a tandem that has at least one young guy. They should not go for recycling from the herd of guys that move around.

My suggestion is keep Allen as the vet or trade for Jarry or even Lindgren then find a second year or third year guy like Toronto has in Woll. Only don’t go after Woll because he will be in the NHL next year. I am a leaf fan. It is important to the League to have the Habs back in the playoffs.

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16 Mar 2023 14:18:56
At the draft,

Canucks trade their next 3-1st round picks, plus this years 2-3rd round picks ,to whoever has the 1st overall pick.

Unless, of course, the Canucks win the 1st or 2nd overall pick, which is highly unlikely.

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16 Mar 2023 16:05:03
Rutherford might offer something like this. Guy is a wildcard.

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16 Mar 2023 18:15:24
If a team lands Bedard you don’t trade him. He’s is already debatably the biggest face ( popularity ) in hockey over McJesus and Crosby. This guy is all over social media. He becomes the face of your franchise then you build around him.

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16 Mar 2023 19:51:04
Definitely one of the more interesting posts I’ve seen here, kudos Renidrag 👍.

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17 Mar 2023 21:18:59
I'd want the Habs to so the same thing Renidrag, however, like VB said, I don't think that anyone would trade a guy like Bedard away.

I dont think they are gonna win the lottery, but I really hope that if Arizona was to win, he pulls a Lindros and refuses to sign with that train wreck of a franchise. I know I know. hes the kind of guy that could make this team possibly relevant, but enough is enough. just fold the damn franchise and let a whole new team get involved in a different city. New franchise,

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18 Mar 2023 14:44:02
If the Canucks want Bedard, they would have to try something like this, because they traded their own 2023 1st for Hronek, and the 1st they got for Horvat is top 12 protected. If I understand correctly, teams can only move up ten spots under the draft lottery rules. They must be pretty high on Hronek.

I agree with you guys, 1st overall is unlikely to be traded, but there might be some hefty offers made.

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18 Mar 2023 17:46:51
The Canucks did not trade there own 1st for Hronek.

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18 Mar 2023 18:21:31

The Canucks traded the Islanders 1st, that they got for Horvat.

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18 Mar 2023 18:35:19
Actually, scratch that.
It’s the Islander’s pick that the Canucks traded for Hronek, so they do have a shot at Bedard.

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18 Mar 2023 18:52:42
BURNER: like many observers, I have no idea what VCR are thinking with their contradictory moves. I definitely do not understand their trade for Hronek.

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18 Mar 2023 21:12:54
@vb, renidrag
Yeah, my mistake.

I think the Canucks are trying to retool, not necessarily rebuild. They are building around Pettersson, and appear to be looking for 24-25 yr old, team controlled players.
I heard a rumour that they may try to trade for Barbashev’s rights this summer to sign him long term.

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19 Mar 2023 01:35:02
Hronek is only 24 and RHD is there biggest need. Chances are that pick won’t be as good as Hronek.

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19 Mar 2023 15:36:25
I am a Leafs fan but would love to see Bedard in Canucks land. Home town boy, etc, etc.

It would be like McDavid coming to Toronto.

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21 Mar 2023 14:48:56
I would like to see Bedard in VCR and am also a Leafs fan. A package with Boeser, Demko, A first round pick or two, Miller and OEL should be sufficient?

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22 Mar 2023 12:15:35
Whoever gets the 1st pick is not trading it. Bedard is on a higher PPG production than McDavid was in his last year in the juniors and just topped 70 goals which is absolutely insane. Whoever drafts Bedard has a guy with a 100pts+ floor and a very high ceiling, and those players don't come around often.

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22 Mar 2023 12:18:19
The only way I could maybe see that pick being traded would be if the team that had the 2nd overall would trade it with a VERY VERY good young player. If VAN gets the 2nd, it would probably need to be something like Hughes and the 2nd overall for the team to pick first to consider it. Bedard is that good.

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24 Mar 2023 20:32:13
I’d definitely rather have Bedard then Quinn Hughes and Fantili. Quinn Hughes is a superstar but is probably the most flawed player in the NHL and Fantili looked like a make a wish player compared to Bedard at the world juniors. Like you said a 100 point floor is insane.

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15 Mar 2023 19:31:10
Arizona Trades
Cooley (Big-10)
1st Round Pick 2023 (Sens Pick)
3rd Round Pick 2023
2nd Round Pick 2024

Toronto Trades
NRobertson (AHL)(IR)
Der-Arguchintsev (AHL)

Trading for Matthews gives Arizona 2 extra years in the team long term, as they would have him next season plus the team owning his rights can sign him one extra year, NRobertson and Der-Arguchintsev aren't just a throw in as they have been on the same line both on The OHL and The AHL, and next season they both should be ready as full time NHLers.

Leafs will pull something like this at The Draft with Matthews NMC to kick in July 1 on an expiring contract, Arizona makes the most sense for not only Matthews going home like Tavares did in Toronto, but Cooley and Knies will stick together in Toronto, plus adding Crouse and Schmaltz and Draft Picks it's a very good deal for both teams and their needs.

Thoughts ?

Believable10 Unbelievable4

16 Mar 2023 00:47:44
How about you propose 10 more Arizona/ Mathew trades

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. ”-Albert Einstein.

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16 Mar 2023 14:43:54
All my proposals are different, the only thing that is the same is The Teams involved.
So when 2 GMs talk players for sometimes months are they considered insane?

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16 Mar 2023 18:23:15
Yes if you call up every day and offer a trade for a player that’s not available then yes that is insanity also if Mathews would hypothetically be interested in playing in Arizona why would Arizona trade for him when they are no where’s near competing ( Atleast 5 years away if you took McDavid and Mathews and added them to that pathetic roster ) why wouldn’t they just sign him as a UFA. Who in there right minds would give up anything for something they don’t need when they can get it for free a year later.

This makes zero sense for either team as it A doesn’t help the leafs win and B. Would just be dumb from the coyotes perspective.

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16 Mar 2023 19:55:55
I don’t think the Habs will trade a big package for Dubois, and I don’t think the Coyotes will trade large for Matthews.

Neither ARI or MTL are going to be competitive next year, so I think they’ll be happy to wait a year, sign their guy, and keep their assets.

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16 Mar 2023 20:03:37
No. Just you.

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16 Mar 2023 21:30:03
Woah Chickenfoot with a not so ridiculous take. I must be in the twilight zone.

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17 Mar 2023 14:03:03
Hey VB: will you be replying to more non-existent Moxnix messages today? Elvis perhaps?

Don’t break your meds in half…you definitely need the full dose.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone ☘️.

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22 Mar 2023 23:04:17
Trades like this are nice, but any team who truly wants to be a legit contender needs a goalie.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Dubas didn’t get a goalie. This win one/ lose one streak the leafs are on is proof of that, especially the 7 the Isles pumped on Samsonov.

VB: aren’t you glad you didn’t wager your Mom’s house in those imaginary trades you were offering? (The new owners probably wouldn’t let you live in her basement. )

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13 Mar 2023 15:01:26
At The Draft.

Arizona Trades
Cooley (Big-10)
1st Round Pick 2023 (Sens Pick)
3rd Round Pick 2023

Toronto Trades

I have posted a similar type of Matthews trade proposal with Arizona, but think if it happens it won't have so many moving parts and really just a Matthews alone in a proposal.

Arizona makes the most sense compared to any other team, Matthews in Arizona gives them the franchise saviour, Matthews can never hurt The Leafs being in a different division.

July 1 Matthews NMC kicks in and he will be on an expiring contract, no way will Matthews be unsigned July 1 and not traded before, it would be too risky hoping he re-signs, I almost believe Dubas knows now Matthews will be traded at The Draft with what he did trading for so much for the last kick of the can with Matthews a Leaf.

You're Arizona and this type of proposal is wanted by Toronto to get Matthews, I believe Armstrong from his situation would agree giving up this package.

Looking forward to The Playoffs but the business part of the offseason I believe starts at The Draft, and besides Matthews I see Karlsson traded also, plus Philadelphia will be very active also, I predict one of the biggest draft days ever including Bedard part of it all.

Thoughts ?

Believable9 Unbelievable12

13 Mar 2023 21:19:34
(Sigh) Another day, another pinball trade re Matthews to Arizona.

@pinball. How many days is this, anyway?
I’m going to assume that you aren’t doing this just to yank everyone’s chains and ask again, Why would the Coyotes do this?

You said so he can save the franchise. How? By helping them sell out a 5000 seat arena for the next 3 years? While they are paying him 12, 13, or 14m/ yr? This, when they have already been doing everything possible to cut costs?
By the time they get into their new, nhl standard arena (assuming it is approved), Matthews will be be 28-29 yrs old, and well into his next contract.
If they are banking on a trade like this to “save the franchise” now, then things are far worse than they look.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only rumours I’ve heard connecting Matthews to AZ are ones suggesting that he’ll simply go there as a ufa because he is from there. If that is remotely true, WHY would AZ gut their team and future to trade for him now if they can just sign him later? And, sign him closer to the time that their new arena is actually ready, and when their competitive window is hopefully starting to open?

For your Matthews to AZ post tomorrow, please include in your rationale that their gm is bent on career suicide, and/ or that their owner is another maverick that likes to do things simply because everyone else says they make no sense.

Chances are the Leafs will try to keep Matthews, and trade someone else (Nylander? ) to recoup for the future. But teams are recognizing more and more what a setback it is when their star players simply dump them for greener pastures.

Agree6 Disagree9

13 Mar 2023 22:33:31
You forgot to include Knies because he is from there also. Leafs get to pick any combination of first round picks and players equaling six and get to send anyone they want with Matthews and Knies.

Makes as much sense as what has been suggested.

If Dubas is retained the big three get resigned for another five years each. If not then Matthews signing will drag on. Willy is looking at ten million also.

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13 Mar 2023 23:16:28
Nope, AZ is already surviving on league tv revenue, and will continue to do so until the arena is built, again, assuming the referendum is successful.
They aren’t worried about selling out the Mullet arena.
The long-view diehards and visiting team fans are gravy at this point.

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13 Mar 2023 23:34:12
Since you must not understand why Matthews helps Arizona huge, I will explain it to you.

TV deals and exposer goes up (Money) .
Arizona Matthews Jerseys bring in revenue.
The Team value goes up.
Arizona is better right away having him on the team.

Arizona I believe will push hard for Matthews "IF" Toronto decides to trade him, which I believe will happen at The Draft if he is still unsigned long term by then.

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14 Mar 2023 02:10:15
And I’m telling you that AZ can get Matthews ONE YEAR LATER AS A UFA, WITHOUT setting their team back 5+ years with these trades you are dreaming up.
Like I said, AZ will be just fine with league tv revenue until then.

I’m not the first one on this site to point this out to you, but you aren’t listening.

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14 Mar 2023 03:00:31
Leafs are not trading Knies!
The only reason Toronto would consider trading Matthews before July 1 is only because if he isn't signed, he could and just might walk as an UFA and The Leafs can't trade him after July 1.
It's more a situation they will be forced to do, I would rather keep Matthews but Matthews holds all the cards starting July 1, Knies is a prospect you don't trade.

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14 Mar 2023 04:10:04
Burner - excellent points. Matthews will likely end up in the desert, but certainly not for a generous trade.

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14 Mar 2023 06:31:00
Matthews wanna win, he s gonna sign on the west coast but in anaheim, good young core.

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14 Mar 2023 16:53:08
You are still doubting what Dubas can pull off?
Arizona get's an extra year in signing him long term which also lowers his Cap hit being traded to the desert, plus having him next season.
Armstrong will offer a lot for Matthews if he is traded, and Dubas will take advantage of that imo.

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14 Mar 2023 18:26:25
Hey Pinball, in a word, yes. I doubt Dubas will be the one to make the decision on Matthews' future, and that of the team. I suspect there are big changes coming for your team, but then again, I would have expected Dubas to be gone in each of the last 2 summers too.

If the leafs are out in the first round, there is no way he can return as GM. Even if they win a round that wouldn't save your job in any other market, but MLSE isn't particularly "results oriented", so who knows?

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14 Mar 2023 18:38:59
In reference to Matthews, I love how "exposure" was misspelled "exposer" above.

Matthews was charged in 2019 for being an "exposer" for what he did to a female security guard in Arizona:

Matthews article

If you're a fan of irony, you have to see the humour in that. : )

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14 Mar 2023 18:55:17
Like I said dumb Mathews won’t be traded when was the last playoff team that traded there best player ( not sold ) it has never happened and never will. Just dumb and pointless to talk about. Also Arizona is losing 30 million dollars a year. No way can they afford to pay Mathews 11 million.

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14 Mar 2023 20:11:26
This year's team isn't the past ones, this is a solid deep team and once Knies is on this team even better, you are assuming they won't do anything in this upcoming playoffs, this time they are built for the playoffs.
And that's why Dubas will be running the show at The Draft and beyond, and Matthews will be traded "by Dubas" at The Draft if he isn't resigned by than.
My prediction, been right so far.

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15 Mar 2023 12:38:54
PINBALL: we will see. Are you really that confident in your goaltending? The numbers don't support that, but I'm curious what your comfort level is on a scale of 1-10.

VB: why are you calling Matthews "dumb" above? He seems like an intelligent person.

You are going to absolutely melt down when Matthews inevitably says "he loves Toronto, but I would like to test the market via Free Agency to see what is out there before I consider where I'm going to sign. I love Toronto and the fans but. " (Otherwise known as, "I'm signing elsewhere, so you better trade me for something to recoup some value". )

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15 Mar 2023 13:54:25
Wayne Gretzky traded after winning The Stanley Cup.
Any Player can be traded, maybe you are too young or weren't even born at that time, but yes it has happened.
Still think this will be maybe the busiest NHL Draft Day in history, as Philly is about to blow it up with their roster, Erik Karlsson etc.
Besides Matthews.

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15 Mar 2023 19:34:24
PINBALL: I think you’re bang-on with Draft Trading activity this June. It will be interesting to see all the movement.

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15 Mar 2023 20:23:53
Wayne Gretzky was never traded he was sold because the owner was in debt to the point where he could’ve potentially been homeless if he hadn’t have made that trade. It saved him from Bankruptcy.

@moxnix- if he comes out and says tomorrow “I hate Toronto, the staff and all of the fans. I’ll be heading to new team when my contract runs out. ” Then the leafs will simply hold him for another year and attempt another playoff run. Guarantee he won’t be traded.

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16 Mar 2023 14:05:48

- Moxnix hasn't been here in forever. but you keep addressing him as if you're responding to him. What is up with THAT?

- Gretzky was traded. fact. Of course Pocklington needed the money, but there were assets traded each way. Everyone knows it was a trade. It's only you who is to stubborn to admit it because it means you wer wrong. again. You're making a fool of yourself.

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16 Mar 2023 15:55:30
He's not going to get traded to Arizona at the draft. Why would Arizona mortgage their future for him when they can sign him the following offseason. Makes zero sense. But I don't even think Arizona is where he signs. He may be from there, but he has a certain lifestyle now that screams big city. He either stays in Toronto or he's heading west to the big city of LA.

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16 Mar 2023 18:27:02
LA wouldn’t make sense they have Kopitar, Danault, Byfield, Vilardi, Turcotte, Thomas, Madden down the middle.

I don’t think Arizona makes sense either for what you said. I think if he leaves Dallas, Carolina or Miami is where he goes as a UFA not via trade.

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17 Mar 2023 00:48:55
@vbbbvvbb so? Guarantee LA would prefer Matthews over everyone of them. All of those guys can be moved for winger depth or be moved to the wing themselves with the exception of Kopitar. Only other place I see is one of the Florida teams because he wouldn't get taxed on that salary if I'm not mistaken.

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18 Mar 2023 17:49:09
Mostly saying LA doesn’t make sense because they have huge Money allocated to Kopitar and Doughty. Just don’t think Mathews is worth the cap space they’d spend on him compared to the other suggested teams.

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