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06 Dec 2023 22:25:04
Montreal: Timmins, Abruzezes and 1st and for Xhekaj and Kovecvic and Pezzetta

Nashville: Liljegrin 1st Cowan for Lauzon and Carrier

San Jose: Timmins Abruzezes 1st for Sturm and Rutta.

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07 Dec 2023 00:35:08
I doubt Montreal trades Xhekaj, let alone send him to their division rivals.

Probably too much from the Leafs on the other 2 trades.

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07 Dec 2023 03:59:59
Lol what all of those Pieces outside of Xhajak who Montreal won’t move are waiver wire players and definitely aren’t worth a 1st. Maybe Carrier, Rutta, etc can return a 4th or late pick but they are a dime in a dozen.

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07 Dec 2023 18:09:32
Toronto gets hosed in each offer.

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06 Dec 2023 04:52:49
Edmonton: Jack Campbell, Dylan Holloway, Philip Broberg, 1st 2024 and 2nd 2026

Philly: Future Considerations

Edmonton gains 5 million of cap space and Holloway and Broberg haven't looked great

Philly takes on dead cap that'll last for 7 years post buyout but gets 2 solid prospects and 2 high picks for there rebuild. Holloway is built for flyers hockey.

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06 Dec 2023 14:40:24
Edmonton's 1st isn't in play without an asset coming back.

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06 Dec 2023 18:27:38
Wow VB………that just might be the worst trade posted on here. 😂😂.

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06 Dec 2023 18:30:14
3.85M in the minors for Campbell. I’d rather keep him down there for another season then think about a buyout over doing this.

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06 Dec 2023 18:30:37
Or pay extra to add Hart.

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08 Dec 2023 00:26:50
In order to get out of the Campbell contract the oilers will need to pay a kings ransom.

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09 Dec 2023 00:01:41
Vb is a bit dense and doesn’t realize worse contracts exist and wouldn’t cost this much to move. Buyouts are an option….

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09 Dec 2023 05:48:34
No team wants 7 years of dead cap via buyout. There is no worse contract. Campbell is literally 5 million of dead cap. He is not a nhl caliber player.

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09 Dec 2023 16:58:55
I agree probably no team would buy him out this offseason. Might have to have him buried in the AHL for another. 3.85M dead cap for another year then a 4 year buyout cost of 1.5M. Straight up it would take a lot to dump but I think taking back a contract would help the cost. Binnington/ Merzlikins maybe.

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10 Dec 2023 03:29:14
Binnington would be the most likely route imo.

Campbell, Broberg and a unprotected 1st 2024 for Binnington.

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06 Dec 2023 03:14:18
EDM - Cody Ceci
ARI - 2024 3rd

EDM - Philip Broberg, Jack Campbell, 2024 1st and 2024 3rd
CLB - Elvis Merzlikins and Andrew Peeke

EDM - Dylan Holloway and 2024 4th
CGY - Chris Tanev (50% Salary Retained)

Leon Draisaitl - Connor McDavid - Zach Hyman
Evander Kane - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins - Ryan McLeod
Warren Foegele - James Hamblin - Connor Brown
Adam Erne - Derek Ryan - Mattias Janmark

Mattias Ekholm - Evan Bouchard
Darnell Nurse - Chris Tanev
Brett Kulak - Andrew Peeke

Elvis Merzlikins
Stuart Skinner

Oilers upgrade significantly on D.

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06 Dec 2023 03:43:46
Definitely seems plausible 👍

I wouldn’t personally bet the Oilers season on Elvis, but EDM is known to be scouting CLB.

All in all this is very realistic to me👍.

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06 Dec 2023 18:27:45
Oil wouldn’t be able to take on the cap.

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06 Dec 2023 03:07:20
Arizona needs another defensemen, they’ve been targeting Hanifin but maybe they could get a cheaper option. The Coyotes hold 13 draft picks in 2024. Edmonton sheds around 3mil in cap and gets a little more freedom to target a needed defensive defensemen.

EDM - Cody Ceci
ARI - 2024 3rd

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09 Dec 2023 00:02:48
Rumor has it that Hanifin wants Boston and teams know it. Seems like a Debrincat scenario where flames will get a lesser return due to leverage.

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06 Dec 2023 03:00:10
If San Jose decides to rebuild this would help them out a lot, their biggest weakness is arguably D.

EDM - Philip Broberg, Jack Campbell and 2024 1st
SJS - Mackenzie Blackwood

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06 Dec 2023 18:26:07
Blackwood and his contract >>> Merzlikins, I’d take this 100%.

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06 Dec 2023 02:35:54
EDM - Campbell, Foegele, 2024 1st

CBJ - Merzlikins, Peeke.

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06 Dec 2023 02:57:21
Not enough if Campbell is involved. Since Broberg is on the block, would him being throw in be enough?

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06 Dec 2023 18:24:23
Merzlikins and Peeke aren’t great contracts either. Over 8M for the two of them. I think Foegele could maybe get them a 3rd at the deadline. Adding a 1st and 3rd to take on a bad contract (but 400k cheaper than there current goalie) while also gaining themselves over 3M in cap space for next season.

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06 Dec 2023 02:30:16
Broberg on the block, McMichael has been on the block for a while. Both players could benefit from a change of scenery.

EDM - Philip Broberg
WSH - Connor McMichael

Broberg was drafted #8 in 2019, McMichael drafted #25 in 2019.

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06 Dec 2023 18:24:43
I think that looks realistic.

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04 Dec 2023 23:19:56
Toronto- Tyler Myers

Vancouver- Tyler Bertuzzi

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04 Dec 2023 02:55:56
CLB - Elvis Merzlikins and Adam Boqvist
EDM - Ryan McLeod, Cody Ceci and 2024 2nd

- Merzlikins is open to a change of scenery
- Jackets have been trying to trade Boqvist and Peeke

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04 Dec 2023 05:28:13
I wouldn’t want Merzlikins unless Campbell is going back the other way. Could be good trade partners though.

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04 Dec 2023 15:28:36
Columbus wants to get rid of dmen not collect another.

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03 Dec 2023 22:26:13
CGY - Noah Hanifin (50% Salary Retained)
DAL - Conditional 2024 2nd, Logan Stankoven and Nils Lundkvist

Condition: If Noah Hanifin resigns, the pick turns into their 2024 1st.

Jason Robertson - Roope Hintz - Joe Pavelski
Mason Marchment - Matt Duchene - Tyler Seguin
Jamie Benn - Wyatt Johnston - Ty Dellandrea
Sam Steel - Radek Faksa - Craig Smith

Noah Hanifin - Miro Heiskanen
Esa Lindell - Ryan Suter
Thomas Harley - Jani Hakanpaa

Dallas is one of the teams interested in Hanifin and the Flames are willing to let teams discuss a contract to raise the value.

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04 Dec 2023 00:07:55
Won’t be Stankoven- he’s one of the best AHLers that Dallas would like to keep.

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04 Dec 2023 02:53:54
@Hockey_Dads I mean, they’d have to give up something. I think this would be a fairly reasonable offer. 1st + prospect + 6th defensemen for a top pairing defensemen who you’d likely extend long-term since you’re given the opportunity to discuss a contract before the trade so you wouldnt be trading for a rental.

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04 Dec 2023 15:27:21
Bischel, Bourque (French for Huberdeau) 2024 2nd.
For an extended Hanifin and 50% this season
Just slight change but seems in the ballpark.

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04 Dec 2023 17:12:56
Yeah hahahahaha Calgary isn’t getting Stankoven or Bourque for anyone on their roster. Awful deal. Calgary will get a 1st and a prospect equivalent to a 2nd for Hanfin tops.

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04 Dec 2023 19:26:41
30th overall is basically a second.

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05 Dec 2023 11:35:09
Actually, teams can no longer offer trade conditions based on whether a player re-signs or not.

It got to a point where every time a pending free agent was traded a conditional pick was included, so they stopped allowing it in 2020. 👍.

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05 Dec 2023 13:45:08
@Chickenfoot Thanks for educating me on that, I actually had no idea that happened.

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05 Dec 2023 20:16:36
33rd overall is basically a 1st then? Yeah they’ll get a late 1st and a 2nd or a middling prospect.

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05 Dec 2023 22:48:42
CASUAL: someone educated me on that actually as well when I had proposed a similar conditional pick shortly after the change was made in 2020, so I’m happy to pass it along👍.

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07 Dec 2023 03:21:40
Lol 😆

Bad deal for Dallas. I won't comment on the prospects. others have, but lindqvist. they just traded for him.


🚫 Homer trades.

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02 Dec 2023 18:22:28
DET : Seider

OTT : Chabot, 2024 2nd, Sokolov

Swap of a righty for a lefty. Detroit has lots of Rightys but no real Top end lefties and Ottawa is pretty much the opposite, and with the emergence of Sanderson and the way Chychrun has looked since coming aboard the Sens, using Chabot to get a near equal level right handed young right side dman like Seider makes a lot of sense.

Sanderson Seider
Chychrun Zub
Branstrom Hamonic

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02 Dec 2023 20:38:29
Detroit laughs.

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02 Dec 2023 21:57:30
I don't think you'll see Detroit trading Seider.

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02 Dec 2023 22:40:25
your trading for a future $10m RHD and not getting a 1st back, not even giving up a top prospect and to top it off, Chabot will be up for a new contract before you even lose control of Seider.

lets start the convo with Stutle anbd brannstrom, and detroit can add a 1st unprotected.

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03 Dec 2023 12:31:44
Why does Detroit laugh vbbbvvbb?

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03 Dec 2023 21:48:52
@Senslayer Assuming Detroit laughs because Seider is a RHD, 4 years younger and arguably the better player.

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04 Dec 2023 19:27:37
Not arguably better player, is better player.

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04 Dec 2023 23:57:02
Nathan you can say based on your own opinion that Seider is better but the fact is, stats don't lie dude. Seiders +/ - may be better, sure, but that only because that is a team stat, NOT an individual stat which is what you need to compare when comparing 2 individuals. And last I checked when I went to school, Chabot and his 0.59 points per game trumps Seiders 0.57 points per game. Am I wrong? No, I'm not!

When it comes to the stats they are relatively equal players in every way that counts. Hence the offer. Just because someone likes one better than the other based on the team they play for, doesn't actually make that one better lol. Seider is slightly better in some ways and Chabot is slightly better in other ways.

The reason I posted this trade wasn't to upgrade or downgrade either team, as it really doesn't do anything like that, it was to level out a lopsided blueline on both teams, a little more so for Ottawa sure.

Ottawa has Chabot, Chychrun, and Sanderson who are all Top 2 Level LHD who are Left Side Naturals

Detroit has both Seider and Edvinson who are Top 2 Level RHD, or in Edvinson case, will be that.

So instead of forcing them all to play less minutes or off sides, why not make a swap that would benefit both sides? Chabot would also bring leadership and a mentor like role for Edvinson, while Seider and Sanderson would be the perfect compliment for one another. And Chychrun and Zub together would be a solid 2nd pair for Ottawa.

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05 Dec 2023 04:09:55
At 22 chabot had.44 pts per game if you want to compare. I am not comparing points I watch the play away from the puck and Seider is far better and is only 22 lots of improvement still to come. I also not sure if any team would trade bonifide #1 dman.

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05 Dec 2023 11:44:38
I remember Stevie Y going off the board to draft Seider, and wow…did he ever know what he was doing.

Chabot has lost his game, but is still a young man, and can find it again. Nonetheless, at 8M/ season he is overpaid for what he currently brings.

DET has zero reason to consider this trade, especially since they’re under internal pressure to take a step this year.

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05 Dec 2023 16:08:16
Senslayer, this proposal is wrong for Detroit on so many levels, its difficult to choose where to begin, but, let me try;

1. Detroit is not trading Seider, their only legit RHD for the next 2 or 3 years.

2. despite your lofty claim, neither Chabot or Chychrun are a top pair LHD. Both are gifted offensively, but neither is know for their defensive zone play. I have been reading other Ottawa fans on other blog sites complain about Chabots D zone performance for the last 2 years.

3. Detroit is doing just fine with the 4 LHD's on their roster - and Chabot is not an upgrade defensively to Walman, Chiarot, Maatta, and might be on a par with Gostisbehere. In addition, Detroits top 2 NHL ready prospects are both LHD's, and one of them, Edvinsson, has a highjer upside than Chabot.

This trade makes zero sense for the Wings.

And, though I said Detroit is not trading Seider, if Ottawa did want to entice Yzerman to listen to an offer, it would need to include either Tkachuk or Stutzle. Other than that, there is nothing else that Ottawa has worth considering.

In essence. dont bother picking up the phone.

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08 Dec 2023 22:30:52
Chickenfoot Chabot hasn't lost anything. He's still a Bonifide Top 2 Calibre DMan, Ottawa just has an abundance of those who all play the Left Side now. Tough to fully showcase what he's got when he's sharing equal minutes 3 ways and still has Branstrom also on that side. Yet he's still getting pretty much the same point totals. And 8 million for what he does is a steal.

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08 Dec 2023 22:43:40
Nashan as I said before, the stats don't lie. Is Seider better defensively? Sure he is. But NOT to the extent you're letting on. He's slightly better at best defensively just like Chabot is slightly better offensively.

And at 22 Chabot was also playing 2nd string to Erik Karlsson and barely had any ice time and no legit defense partner while Seider was a Top Pair guy with the best defense partner Detroit could offer. Do the math, of course Seider would have an advantage at those times. That's like me suiting up with Scott Neidermeyer as my partner and you suiting up with John Scott as your partner and me putting up better points totals and claiming I'm better than you when I can't even skate backwards and can barely stop properly lol it don't make sense to compare rookie years.

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08 Dec 2023 22:59:16
Lago NOT true at all dude.

Point 1 ill give you some credit sure, but they do have Edvinson on the way for that role. What exactly do they have for the Left Side? Nothing!

To point number 2, Sanderson Chychrun and Chabot are ALL TOP 2 LHD. Name 5 LHD or Left Side Defense who trump any of them?

To point 3, Chabot is a major upgrade on any of those Left side guys no matter how you look at it. I shouldn't even need to explain why. And Edvinson, pretty sure is a right side dman, NOT Left side. I could be wrong there though, not gunna bother looking it up, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Though I highly doubt Edvinson will match Chabot let alone eclipse him like you say.

And Stutzle or Tkachuk, Detroit would be adding a lot more than Seider to get either one of those guys, don't make me laugh. They are both Franchise guys while Seider is upper elite at best which is below Franchise level. Any 1 of Chabot, Chychrun, Sanderson, Norris, or Batherson with a smaller much less significant piece or 2 would be well more than enough to get something done as they are all on Seider level.

The only DMAN worth even talking about involving Stutzle or Tkachuk for would be Makar who is well above Seider level sorry to tell you.

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