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31 Jan 2023 19:30:24
Trade markstrom to chi

For Patrick Kane

And run with vlader and wolf as the goalie pair

Calgary gets scoring and Chicago gets goaltending

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31 Jan 2023 22:15:27
Yup, great idea, I know chicago needs a high paid under preforming goalie for the rebuild.
Somebody is day drinking.

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01 Feb 2023 04:03:21
CHI respectfully declines.

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31 Jan 2023 17:56:30
Leafs need to add some grit and a backup tender as Murray is looking like he's going to LTIR.

Leafs trade

2023 first
Dryden McKay

Coyotes trade


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31 Jan 2023 12:51:46
Sharks Trade

Leafs Trade
Joey Anderson
NRobertson (LTIR)
1st Round Pick 2023
2nd Round Pick 2024

*Sharks retain 50% of Meier's expiring contract.

No need to explain why both teams would look at this proposal, as one is rebuilding and the other getting ready for a playoff run.

Thoughts ?

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31 Jan 2023 14:30:34
I don't think dubas is allowed to use any picks beyond this summers draft anymore. Don't want to screw over the next guy up if you can't make it past the first round.

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31 Jan 2023 14:58:42
Pretty good return for SJ however if Dubas then trades him at the draft they should get the same back or even go for good young established Dman? If they figure out a way of signing him and keeping Matthews and Nylander that would be even better.

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31 Jan 2023 16:32:23
I think SJ does that trade all day long.

I think it makes more sense to target a shutdown D or 3C pest who can draw penalties and give the leafs some PP time.

Meier is a good player and target, but that’s a lot to give up for the kind of guy the leafs already have in abundance.

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30 Jan 2023 19:22:22
Toronto trades Sandin, Knies, Robertson 2023 1st, Kerfoot

Detroit trades Hronek, Bertuzzi

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31 Jan 2023 15:00:20
Basically four late first round picks. I think that is too much. Remove Knies and add Heinovan (spelling? ) .

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30 Jan 2023 19:29:05
3-Way Trade:


- Edmundson to EDM (25% retained)
- Dadonov to EDM (50% retained)

- Gallagher to ANA (25% retained)- - Ylonen to ANA
- 3rd (2023) to ANA
- 5th (2024) to ANA


- Gallagher to EDM (retains 50%)


- 1st (2023) to MTL
- 5th (2023) to MTL
- 5th (2024) to MTL
- Foegle to MTL (clears 2 years x 2.75M)
- Puljujärvi (Clear Cap)

- 3rd (2023) to ANA


- MTL gets a 1st & 2 5th, and clears Gallagher's contract off the books. (Gally waives to get another Cup shot near home)

- ANA turns available cap space into 3 picks and a prospect to retain 2.438M x the next 4 seasons.

- EDM gets a big, top-4 D, for this season and next, and hometown boy Gally at a fraction of his current contract, and a guy (Dadonov) who might fit in beautifully with the talented top-9 in EDM in exchange for a 1st, 3rd, and 2 5ths, while getting the salary relief to make much needed additions.


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30 Jan 2023 22:08:00
Hard pass from Edmonton edmunson is a train wreak health wise so I don’t see it happening.

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31 Jan 2023 01:53:52
not bad at all value wise imo, but the only issue I have with it is that I don’t think Montreal will ever trade Gallagher. I think he’s possibly a Hab for life, he’s a great leader.

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31 Jan 2023 03:36:29
Gain 2 injured players and lose the 1st rounder in a good draft year. pass from edm.

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31 Jan 2023 10:14:40
It will be fascinating to see what Kenny will do. The lineup is amazing, but incomplete, and there’s no cap space to work with.

But…Kenny is a HOF GM, so you have to figure he’ll come up with something great.

He better too, because whatever he does, or doesn’t do, he will be judged accordingly. Ultimately he’ll have to put it all on his he line and take a major risk because he can’t risk doing little or nothing.

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31 Jan 2023 15:07:27
Oilers need to find a way to get out from under the Campbell and Nurse contracts. Problem is that they both have no trade clauses.

If they could convince Arizona to take them there could be a trade Center if around Chykrun, Crouse and Ved (goalie) . Edmonton would have to throw in Puliarvi and a few more prospects and/ or picks.

Big thing is convincing Nurse and Campbell.

This is a bid deal but if done would really help the Oilers . I am not an Oilers fan.

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30 Jan 2023 16:51:44
detroit: bertuzzi
Calgary: phillips 24 second

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30 Jan 2023 19:35:34

Phillips is too small to have a future in CGY, and Bertuzzi (head case) would probably benefit from Sutter keeping his head in the right place.

My guess is that Stevie Y would insist on a 1st, but he might be happy to just have him gone.

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30 Jan 2023 19:57:16
if its a first i tfor sure won't be a 23 first.

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30 Jan 2023 11:57:48
A. Kerfoot C

E. Rodrigues LW

N. Robertson RW
N. Abruzzese RW
M. Knies LW
1st 2023

N. Bjugstad C
J. Chychrun D

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31 Jan 2023 15:10:54
Replace Knies with Neimien (spelling) and get a late pick.

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27 Jan 2023 14:01:48
Toronto trades Alex Kerfoot to Chicago, 50% retained, to Chicago, for future considerations.

Toronto gets some much needed capspace for any potential other trade, the Blackhawks get a player to help with their tank.

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27 Jan 2023 15:48:32
Or leafs trade hit to Minnesota for a pick and 0 retention. I'd class kerfoot as a mid class rental depth peice and not a salary dump. So you would easily get a 4th from a bubble team looking for some depth. Or trade holl and send mann and simmonds to the minors for the same cap. They are more expendable for kerfoots special teams contribution.

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27 Jan 2023 15:58:34
That’s just dumb the leafs just keep Kerfoot for a playoff run. He has been lights out for the leafs in playoffs. I think the leafs extend his contract in the off-season.

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27 Jan 2023 21:33:45
Kerfoot is whats wrong with the Leafs in a nut shell!
Too small, to soft and at $3.5 mil too expensive for what he brings! Can wait to see him go!

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28 Jan 2023 00:53:21
You’re talking about a guy who out produced Mathews and Marner in the 2021 playoffs.

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28 Jan 2023 11:37:15
the issue with the leafs is they lack the physical play that wears down the opposing team over a 2 week battle.

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28 Jan 2023 16:27:18
That’s what was said about the Penguins core and they won 3 cups.

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30 Jan 2023 00:00:08
True. but the Pens stars rose to the occasion when needed.

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30 Jan 2023 15:28:58
Then if the leafs stars don’t then they don’t and they won’t win the cup. it’s as simple as that the leafs need Rielly, Mathews, Marner, Nylander and Tavares ton carry the team due to cap structure. IF the leafs get a Stanley cup caliber Matt Murray who stands on his head like he did in Pittsburgh then the leafs can win.

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30 Jan 2023 16:54:46
RENIDRAG: the only thing list as the cost of dumping Kerfoot is "futures".

Are you suggesting CHI lets the leafs dump salary at the draft at no actual cost, or are you thinking of something else?

In a cap-strapped league no one is giving that kind of cap relief for nothing, so I'm curious what you have in mind.

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