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24 Jun 2021 20:39:26
Morgan Rielly is apparently willing to take less money to stay with the Leafs. Good for them honestly, he’s a solid defensemen.

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24 Jun 2021 18:57:40
Dylan Strome


Cody Glass

Who says no?

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25 Jun 2021 03:39:09
Vegas they don’t need strome.

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25 Jun 2021 05:40:25
Glass isn't going to be what they were hoping for. However, don't see Strome as a Knight.

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24 Jun 2021 13:57:33
L. Brown
10th overall


TB 2nd
OTT 3rd







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24 Jun 2021 14:27:14
We’re definitely not giving up enough for both Tkachuk and Mangiapane.
I like the idea of Henrique and tbh I think that’s enough for Anaheim, maybe if we add a late round prospect and then they can use the 2nd, 3rd and prospect in their package for Eichel (it’s rumoured Henrique is in their package, but I think Buffalo would prefer picks) .
I’d rather keep Mete and Formenton, they’re both hard workers and round out the roster. Also for cap and expansion reasons I think Tampa’s better to keep one guy instead of two.

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24 Jun 2021 17:06:16
In your dreams maybe but in reality. Not a chance!

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25 Jun 2021 04:57:40
Not a chance, you’re not getting Tkachuk unless Batherson involved and you want Mang on top of that? Yikes.

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24 Jun 2021 13:20:16
Oilers Off-Season

Expansion Draft;

SEA - Neal
(for taking Neal the Oilers don't trade away Lagesson before the draft and send him with Neal to the Kraken)

EDM - Reinhart, Ristolainen

BUF - Bear, Benson, Turris, 2021 1st

EDM - 2021 2nd

DET - Jones, Khaira

Reinhart 5yrs @ $5.5M
Coleman 3yrs @ $4.5M
Mrázek 3yrs @ $3.5M
Larsson 3yrs @ $3M
Smith 1yr @ $2M
Yamamoto 2yrs @ $2M
Oleksiak 3yrs @ $3M
Goodrow 3yrs @ $2.5M
Bozak 1yr @ $1M
Koekkoek 2yrs @ $850K



Draisaitl - McDavid - Kassian
Coleman - Reinhart - Puljujärvi
Holloway - McLeod - Yamamoto
Goodrow - Bozak - Archibald

Nurse - Ristolainen
Oleksiak - Bouchard
Samorukov - Larsson


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24 Jun 2021 16:26:38
Reinhart scratched for some reason? And he won't be signing for that unfortunately for you.

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24 Jun 2021 04:41:57
To Buffalo:

Mikeal Backlund
Connor Zary
2021 2nd round pick


Mikeal Backlund or Connor Zary (Buffalo's choice)
2021 1st round pick (#12)

To Calgary:

Sam Reinhart

All kinds of options for Calgary

Johnny Gaudreau - Elias Lindholm - Matthew Tkachuk
Sean Monahan - Sam Reinhart - Andrew Mangiapane

Johnny Gaudreau - Elias Lindholm - Matthew Tkachuk
Andrew Mangiapane - Sean Monahan - Sam Reinhart

Reinhart can play center or wing, Tkachuk and Mangiapane can play either wing and I've always thought Monahan would be really good at LW.

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24 Jun 2021 11:03:00
Good trade. Reinhart + Zary I think makes sense for Buffalo.

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24 Jun 2021 11:11:48
Buffalo jumps on that 100%. Zary and 1st for Reinhart would absolutely get that deal done.

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24 Jun 2021 13:20:32
Terrible for Buffalo Backlund holds negative value to them. Rienhart is one of the most consistent players in the game and is easily worth more then Zary and a 2nd. Zary and 12th overall would be a solid offer. I bet Vancouver offers Buffalo the 9th overall for Rienhart. Rienhart is a Vancouver native and Benning is said to be looking to aggressively make moves this off-season. That’s his own words from his season ending interview. Something around Rienhart+ for Tkachuk also would make sense in a vacuum due to Tkachuk asking for a trade “rumoured”.

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24 Jun 2021 14:28:58
@Nylander highly doubt Tkachuk would rather play in Buffalo then Calgary.
12 + Zary is better than 9, so Buffalo would jump on it.
Backlund holds little value so doesn’t make sense for Buffalo to take him.

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25 Jun 2021 03:42:03
I didn’t see Zary + 12th for Rienhart. That’s a solid deal. Maybe Vancouver offers the 9th and a prospect to put bid but I think it’s a solid offer.

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25 Jun 2021 04:58:51
@nylander all good, I seen that offer and I think it’s solid aswell.

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23 Jun 2021 23:36:38
To Vancouver :
Morgan Rielly (long term extension in place)

To Toronto :
(2022) First-Round Selection
Nils Höglander
Olli Juolevi

Rielly is from Vancouver so I wouldn’t see why he wouldn’t resign long term. I can’t see them resigning Edler, Hamonic or Chatfield.

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24 Jun 2021 02:53:34
Vancouver is pretty high on Hoglander I don't think they'd give up him and a first for Reilly.

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24 Jun 2021 13:20:54
Vancouver doesn’t take that.

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24 Jun 2021 15:49:25
Doubt Vancouver does that even with the extension cause Hoglander’s pretty valuable there.

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23 Jun 2021 21:40:08
To Buffalo : 12th Overall Selection, Dustin Wolf, Ryan Francis, Connor Zary, Juuso Valimaki and Mikael Backlund

To Calgary : Jack Eichel

Their asking price is a 1st, top 6 f, top 6 d, and 2 prospects. So I think this offered would hold up but might get outbid by LA.

Johnny Gaudreau - Jack Eichel - Elias Lindholm
Andrew Mangiapane - Sean Monahan - Matthew Tkachuk
Jakob Pelletier - Adam Ruzicka - Dillon Dube.

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23 Jun 2021 23:03:55
As you say quality not quantity. 12OA is good, Zary is a late first, Valimaki really hasn’t been impressive in the NHL and the rest is 2 late round prospects and a player who Buffalo has no use for.

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23 Jun 2021 23:16:50
That’s pretty interesting, but I feel like Backlund isn’t really anything that Buffalo wants. I think if Eichel goes one way, Monahan goes the other way, and then you drop like Wolf from the package. Monahan (after a down year) + Zary + Valimaki and 12 probably holds up well, but the issue is both ANA/ LA. If ANA ponies up Zegras or Drysdale like its reported and LA offers whatever they can (Any combo of their young forwards/ dmen - Byfield, Turcotte, Vilardi, Anderson-Dolan, Bjornfort, Durzi, etc etc) those two probably beat any offer on the table. Its probably going to be an overpaymenr for Eichel, but its going to a be an absolute colossal package considering the amount of assets those two teams have to offer up.

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23 Jun 2021 23:43:32
Thats 6 peices for 1, I just don't see that happening. Teams can also only have so many contracts ect .
I think in order got Calgary to get Eichel, some valuable NHL players are going to have to go the other way.
Maybe a large package that brings on Eichel and Risto, with Someone like Tkachuk and others going the other way. Hannifan has been getting better, but may be someone that Sabres would want in the deal?
I think those 2 Flames and the 1st and Zary could get this done?

Could another scenario for Eichel be. ya you can have him a little cheaper but your taking Skinner and his contract as well?

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24 Jun 2021 01:53:13
Take out Ryan Francais, Backlund and Wolf they hold no value. “Wolf holds more value to Calgary. ” Tkachuk, Zary and 12th overall.

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24 Jun 2021 03:26:08
No Eichel please. Especially not without a 100% clean bill of health from the Flames doctors after successful neck surgery/ rehab or whatever winds up happening.

Even with a clean bill of health IMO Eichel is vastly overrated. He's never lived up to the hype around him.

Still with a clean bill of health I could probably learn to live with Casual's proposal. If Buffalo wants Monahan instead of Backlund then forget it unless Zary and more are taken out of the deal.

Really though the Flames would be far better off targeting Reinhart in a trade for Monahan. Reinhart can play RW (Calgary's big need) or center. That gives them a lot of options for the top 2 lines. Just a couple examples:

Johnny Gaudreau - Elias Lindholm - Matthew Tkachuk
Andrew Mangiapane - Sam Reinhart - Dillon Dube

Johnny Gaudreau - Elias Lindholm - Sam Reinhart
Matthew Tkachuk - Mikael Backlund - Andrew Mangiapane

Reinhart is on record saying he doesn't want to go through another rebuild and he's an RFA now. So yes he's available and he can probably be signed for about what Monahan makes making it an easy deal to put together as far as cap is concerned.

And no the Flames aren't trading Tkachuk, nor would they want Ristolainen.

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24 Jun 2021 11:15:49
@tss I actually agree with that, I was going to add Monahan instead of Backlund but I wasn’t too sure. Thanks for replying!

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23 Jun 2021 21:29:57
Just for the Gaudreau haters. Gaudreau is 11th in the league for points since entering the league ahead of Backstrom, Giroux, Panarin, Schiefele, Rantanen, Stone, Barkov, Kopitar, Malkin etc. He is behind MacKinnon by 4 points. Crazy Calgary fans that want to trade him makes my head hurt, if he’s willing to resign then why trade him? He’s our best player, stop listening to Eric Francis.

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24 Jun 2021 01:54:17
Doubt he resigns it’s not just Eric Francais. I’ll wager 500 on it.

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24 Jun 2021 04:16:10
Most "skilled" player sure. If all you count as "skill" is puck handling and passing.

But not the "best" player.

The Flames best player right now is either Tkachuk or Lindholm. Gio was up there too until recently.

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