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04 Jun 2020 01:42:57
Ok with Eichel not happy in Buffalo how about we try this

Montreal 2021 Conditional 1st (Condition is 1st if Montreal makes the playoffs 2nd + 3rd if not) + Suzuki + Norlinder

Buffalo Eichel

I think that would be enough but may require a 2022 unconditional 1st as well

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03 Jun 2020 23:01:43
Tor: Manson Kesler (LTIR)

Ana: Kerfoot Hollowel 2021 2nd

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03 Jun 2020 18:59:35
Ok to make everyone happy I'll even throw more sens assets it this proposal and see what you guys say.

Just not I saw an article on Facebook that got me thinking of this, it was one that said malkins wife would like him to play on another team where he's the number 1 center and not in Crosby's shadow, and I kindve agree with what she had to say, so I came up with a 3 way deal between Ottawa, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh as I can't see Eichel wanting to play second fiddle to Crosby either, so.

Ottawa : Eichel, Okposo

Buffalo : Malkin, Islanders 1st in 2020, Gustafson, Duclair, Ottawa's 2nd in 2021

Pittsburgh : L. Brown, Ryan, Wolanin, White, Chlapic, Columbus 2nd in 2021

Buffalo doesn't exactly downgrade much with Malkin as he's proven even at his age he can still put up crazy numbers when he's not Crosby's shadow. Buffalo also gets another solid winger for the top 6 with duclair, a future starting goalie, and a couple picks for the future one of which could be as high as 13th overall in a deep class. Pretty solid haul for Eichel plus they get rid of Okposo to boot, win win right?

Pittsburgh would likely want at least some players who can help them now and with Ryan's contract nearly up, he would be perfect as renewing him if they wanted to would actually save them some cap, plus playing with Crosby could easily rejuvenate his career. Adding White who can take over that 2nd line center spot in Pittsburgh or even 3rd line don't hurt either. Wolanin would fit nicely on pens Blueline and would be a ton cheaper than resigning Schultz. Chlapic is a bit of a project but makes for a great role player in bottom 6 plus already has NHL experience. They also get a 2nd next year that could be something good. And finally Brown, under Crosby's guidence and mentorship I have no doubt he could finally break out and become the stud Ottawa expected him to be when they drafted him. All in all that's also a very solid haul for a guy in his twilight year's like Malkin should he want to listen to his wife and be "The Guy"

As for Ottawa, yes, I do believe that is an insane amount to give up for Eichel, especially if they also take Okposo, but, if any team can afford to give up a haul like that it probably is Ottawa at this point, considering the rest of the young guys they have in the system as well as the picks on their way in this year's draft as well. Yes they get that dumb contract by at least Okposo can serve as veteran presence for now. Meanwhile Ottawa Finally lands that number 1 center who is still locked up for 6 more years in Eichel, plus have the means to draft his future line mates as well.

Say Ottawa wins the lottery and picks Lafreniere with San Jose pick and gets 2nd or 3rd drafting Byfield or Stutzle with their own pick. That means either a 1 - 2 punch of

Lafreniere Eichel Batherson
Tkachuk Byfield Formenton

Or straight up

Lafreniere Eichel Stutzle

If you think this isn't enough by Ottawa you're crazy!

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03 Jun 2020 19:31:46
Pittsburgh would never do that lol.

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03 Jun 2020 19:43:00
No. If you think that IS enough you’re crazy.

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03 Jun 2020 21:21:16
“ Just not I saw an article on Facebook that got me thinking of this, it was one that said malkins wife would like him to play on another team where he's the number 1 center and not in Crosby's shadow“


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03 Jun 2020 21:22:19
Oh and this is a great example for Quantity for Quality, zero chance Pitty touches this offer.

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03 Jun 2020 21:40:43
Vertius you are trolling right? If not, maybe hockey isn't the sport you should follow dude, as you clearly don't know value.

A middle 6 goal scoring forward, a top 15 pick in the deepest draft since 2003, a 2nd rounder the following year, a future starting goalie, and a 33 year old who has a good 5 years or so left in him and is still putting up a point a game and is a solid back checker for a top line center who's not a lot better if at all and has gone without a playoff game in his entire 5 year career, as well as a bad contract they desperately need to move. On what planet is that NOT great value for Buffalo? I seriously want to know?

And then you got the Pittsburgh deal where I'm going on malkins wife's comments. Pittsburgh moves a superstar in his twilight years, which might I add still carries value just NOT PRIME VALUE! Getting a a middle 6 center with top 6 potential in White (yes he had a softcore slump but his rookie year he was competing for the Calder just like Hertl so who's to say he can't bounce back? ), A middle 6 overpriced winger in the last year of a bad contract in Ryan who can get back to top 6 status beside Crosby like Dupuis and Kunitz and Hornqvist before him, and would be half the dollar amount to keep, so current contract status is null and void in debates. A guaranteed top 6 potential kid who under Crosby could blossom into top 3 center status when Crosby retires in Brown. Justin Shultz 2.0 at a fraction of his price tag in Wolanin. A serviceable bottom 6 center in chlapic. And a draft pick in the early rounds next year. Yeah that damn good value for a top guy in his twilight years.

What do you honestly expect? McDavid Draisaitl and Nuge for Malkin and Mackinnon Landeskog Rantanen Makar and Byram for Eichel? Like seriously dude? Get real!

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03 Jun 2020 21:59:13
EP 40

https:/ / hockeytroll. ca/ 2020/ 06/ 03/ evgeni-malkins-wife-would-be-ready-to-leave-pittsburgh-so-that-her-husband-becomes-the-best-center-in-the-world/

Proof of his wife's comments.

Also your comments are proof that you massively underestimate Ottawa assets. I'm MOT repeating value again, go Google it if you don't agree. If Brown, Gustafson, White, Duclair and that top 15 pick this year were owned by another team like say the Rangers you wouldn't question their value so I'm not sure why a location like Ottawa makes much of a difference? I honestly think you know these proposals are great value for everyone involved and just make dumb comments like this to troll me and some others on here. Especially when I go away for a while and come back to some of the piss poor proposals you guys post, like before pageau was traded and someone posted pageau for a nobody prospect, enforcer, a 4th and a 6th. Your irritating at best.

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04 Jun 2020 00:30:39
Instead of insulting my hockey knowledge, you should look at your own.

Logan Brown is 22 with 9 points in 29 career NHL games. Sorry to break it to you, but his value isn't much of anything.

I'm not sure which Ryan you're talking about, but I genuinely hope it isn't Bobby because as much as I love the guy, his contract means his value is negative.

Again, I'm not sure what Wolanen you're talking about, but I'm praying it isn't Christian Wolanin because he's 25 with a grand total of 15 points in 43 NHL games and, with that little success by 25 means his value is next to nothing. He's a bust.

Colin White had one semi-decent year before falling back this current year, that with the fact he's in the first year of a SIX year deal with an AAV of 4.475, and his value is really low as well. Even if he did get 41 points again this year, I'd still say he's moderately overpaid, but he only managed 23 which is much worse.

I like Filip Chlapik a lot, he put up really good numbers in the AHL this year, but considering he's 23 with little NHL success (11 points in 56 games) much like those above him, his value isn't anywhere near what you'd like it to be.

Unfortunately, it isn't that I, or anyone else, is undervaluing the Senator players like your narrative would suggest, it's that you're over-valuing them, quite heavily. You offered a bunch of potential busts considering their lack of success compared to their age, one guy who got overpaid for one decent year and then immediately fell back the year after, and a second. So, I don't know what you're think that package is worth, but I can promise you it's nothing close to what you're hoping for.

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04 Jun 2020 01:21:32
Yes Malkin wife says he should be traded, I’m sure Rutherford is getting right to the phones to make her wishes come true. It’s also not enough, I like White and Brown could be good but Ryan is negative value, Wolanin is nothing special, Chlapik is meh, would say nothing special as well and the 2nd doesn’t do a lot in this trade. Penguins are contending, this deal pushes them towards a rebuild when they’re ready to win now.

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03 Jun 2020 00:12:21
Kerfoot, Liljgren, Engvall, 2nd 2021
Rackell, Kessler (LTIR)

Anaheim gets 2 young forwards that they could really use during their rebuild and a young defenceman who would likely be able to step into their bottom pair starting next season.

Rackell seems to need a bit of a shake up to get back to where he was a few years ago. Imo the ducks get a lot for him in this trade while also unloading the Kessler contract.

Leafs clear a bit of cap and they could then sign a proper 3C like Brassard as Kerfoot hasn't really seemed to fit into their system and Engvall trailed off after a hot start.

The leafs could also trade Johnsson for picks if they potentially want to sign someone like Brodie or Vatanen in free agency or maybe they could package him with Dermott and a couple prospects (not Robertson or Sandin) for a top 4 RHD.

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03 Jun 2020 15:48:01
Value wise not bad but why do the leafs need Rakel lol it'd be stupid spending those assets on another forward.

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03 Jun 2020 16:22:56
Vb just imagine the top 6 though. 4 guys who have hit the 30 goal mark in their career and two that have hit the 20 goal mark. They have one of the best set up guys in the league in Marner and probably one of the best grinders/ power forward in Hyman.

Their bottom 6 would have so many options as well and they would have a ton of depth with guys like Agostino, Petan, Robertson, Brooks, and Korshkov.

And again yes those assets could be used elsewhere but the leafs have so many at this point that they would be fools not to try and pick up as many good and affordable players as possible. After this trade they would still have Mikheyev, Johnsson, Dermott, picks, and decent prospects they could move as well.

They could also simply trade these guys for cap space and sign someone in free agency.

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03 Jun 2020 20:57:30
This is not a fair trade as the Leafs are giving up too much for Rakell.

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02 Jun 2020 17:59:30
People are talking about how Eichel is disgruntled as he should be due to the lack of success from the Sabres franchise. I can say with near certainty he will not be move the far more likely scenario is the Sabres make a couple of moves to help them compete now.
Buffalo- Dylan Cozens, Rasmus Ristolainen 2nd round 2020 and 1st 2021

Calgary: Johnny Guadreau and Noah Hanfin

These teams are very familiar with blockbuster deals and it makes a lot of sense for both. Guadreau is probably going to be moved as it's pretty heavily speculated he is moving back east after his contract is over. Losing Hamonic and Bodie ( plays right side with Gio ) opens up a few holes on the right side and the Sabres left side is pretty weak after Dahlin so a Hanfin/Risto swap could benefit both teams.
Dylan Cozens is a top 5 nhl drafted prospect currently and can step in the Flames lineup as a 2C.

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02 Jun 2020 23:44:50
I don't see Eichel being happy in Buffalo. He has a lot of good points. however, I think Buffalo should look at moving him. I think he needs the spotlight,
I think he is the best American player in the game, I think he should be in LA? ) Not sure if there is a trade to be made. but that is something Buffalo should explore.
I'm all for small market teams, and even though in same division as Habs, I have always respected the Sabres. I jus don't think with the Ego that Eichel has, he will ever be happy in Buffalo.

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03 Jun 2020 09:34:12
That package from the Sabres isn't enough to get the Flames to trade Gaudreau and Hanifin. Besides Buffalo has traded and signed players the past three seasons to try and surround Eichel with talent which hasn't been enough to improve them or make their captain happy.

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02 Jun 2020 12:40:26
Jack Eichel

2020 1st (Arizona)
2021 1st
Ty Smith
2021 2nd

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02 Jun 2020 15:54:01
Just don’t think Buffalo does this as it would just set them back so much. Unless he asks for a trade he won’t be moved.

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02 Jun 2020 16:45:26
Vb say he did ask to be moved. Then how is it?

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02 Jun 2020 17:13:01
As soon as he’s asked to be moved then his value instantly drops. New Jersey would have to atleast need to include Hughes or Hischer why would they even want to role potentially 3 franchise Cs so redundant. Ask yourself this “would any team pay more then this? ” I think they get a better offer then that for Eichel.

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02 Jun 2020 12:21:03
2 Trade Proposals to help fix The Leafs RHanded Defence problem.

Trade #1

Buffalo Trades

Toronto Trades

Trade #2

NYRangers Trade

Toronto Trades
Liljegren (AHL)

Projected Defense after these Trade Proposals.


I would keep developing Sandin in the AHL and he would be the first call up with injury.

Thoughts ?

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02 Jun 2020 15:23:47
No thanks on DeAngelo.

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02 Jun 2020 15:56:07
Yah Deangelo does absolutely nothing for the leafs he was moved up to forward because he was so bad defensively.

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02 Jun 2020 18:16:45
vbbbvvbb 53 points in 68 games and a plus 12 this past season making him tied for 4th overall for points by an NHL Defenceman overall this season.
That ends your argument of any value to The Leafs a Team based on scoring goals.

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03 Jun 2020 15:52:14
Basing points as the main contributor of value of a dman ends your argument. He played heavily sheltered minutes and like I said at times he was moved up to forward. The leafs need a shut down dman not another winger in DeAngelo.

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01 Jun 2020 15:09:55
Savard (extension in place)


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01 Jun 2020 17:11:27
To much for an underwhelming season from both Anderson and Savard.

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02 Jun 2020 01:52:09
Savard is really good, not flashy but a solid top 4 RhD. I’d say this is fair but I depends what’s the extension. If it’s like 4.75 million for 6 years it’s good imo. He’s not worth 6 million tho.

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