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24 May 2024 23:41:28
Necas 4 zegras

As base who add?

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25 May 2024 03:13:07
I think it's doable straight one for one depending on what Necas gets signed for.

Here's an interesting thing completely unrelated to your proposal. I've been wondering though. is this the year we see Montreal give Necas or Jarvis an offer sheet as "revenge" for the offer sheet to Kotkaniemi? Both would individually be a great addition to the Habs forward group.

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25 May 2024 11:52:36
Small add by Caroline. Zegras is younger, and could potentially be a center.

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24 May 2024 20:15:11
Philadelphia Trades

Toronto Trades

Philly and Toronto balancing out needs, Philly is stacked at RWing and thin at LWing, and Toronto the opposite of more LWingers compared to RWingers.

Thoughts ?

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24 May 2024 20:46:08
Flyers trade an NHL player with 11 goals and 23 points last season.

Leafs trade an AHL player with 0 goals and 0 points in the NHL last season.

Because "balancing out needs".

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24 May 2024 20:50:46
My mistake, I was reading Robertson's playoff stats this season lol.

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24 May 2024 22:20:40
NRobertson and Brink are basically the same type of player, same age, both RFAs, and their point totals are basically the same.
One is a LWinger the other is a RWinger is the only difference between both players.
Like I stated Philly has more depth at RWing compared to LWing and visa versa with The Leafs.
Are you still going to try and sell this isn't a fair trade for the other team that isn't Toronto?

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24 May 2024 16:17:25
3 team trade.

Calgary Trades

Chicago Trades

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2024(Chicago)

*Chicago retains 1.5 million each year of SJones remaining contract.

Flames rid themselves of Huberdeau as it hasn't worked out and get 2 players out of it in Jarnkrok and Frasor Minton.

Chicago with a ton of Cap get a LWinger who should do well on Bedard's line as well as Liljegren and another 1st Round Pick to compensate retention of SJones remaining contract.

Leafs add huge adding SJones as a Top Pairing RHanded shooting Defenceman, what Treliving will be focusing on.

Thoughts ?

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24 May 2024 16:50:47
Come on Pinball this isn't a fairtrade. The Leafs trade spare unproven parts to get Chicago best d-man and let them have the privilege of retaining $.
Spin away in trying to justify this trade but its so in favor of the Leafs.
Try and post at least one unbiased, proLeaf trade proposal and you will be taken more seriously.

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24 May 2024 18:55:10
Chicago is getting Huberdeau, Liljegren and a 1st Round Pick for SJones, explain how that's spare parts please?
Your logic has no base.

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24 May 2024 19:40:23
I actually think it’s not too bad tbh, makes sense for all 3 teams. But I doubt anybody takes Huberdeau

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24 May 2024 20:26:37
Pinball Liljegren is at best a small, timid bottom pairing d-man and the first is close to being a 2nd.
Then the Leafs get a true 1st pairing d-man with 25% retained in Jones and you think this is fair?
Chicago would never do this trade and only an equally blind Leaf fan would think that this is a fair trade.

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24 May 2024 20:29:56
Skip TO. Huberdeau for Jones.

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24 May 2024 20:33:06

I think you should delete your account or at least lock yourself out of it so we can stop seeing these nonsense one sided trade ideas.

I think you must be addicted to counting the # of disagrees you can accumulate in 1 week.

I think even at $8 million with the $1.5m charity retention by Chicago, that would put $62.4 million out of the $87 million team salary on only 6 players.

I think you forget the Leafs can't win in the playoffs with a team built around 5-6 guys taking up more than 70% of the teams salary.

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24 May 2024 20:40:16
I think you forgot Huberdeau has a full no move clause, and you're delusional if you think he's waiving it to be traded to Chicago who is further from contending than Calgary is.

But we all know you don't think about these trades beyond what the benefit would be for the Leafs.

We all look forward to tomorrow's post where you suggest another bottom dwelling team is going to trade their best player to the Leafs for their least valuable players on the trade block.

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25 May 2024 02:41:53
Huberdeau hasn't done well in Calgary at all, so yes a chance to play with Bedard and an original 6 is why he would welcome that trade.
This proposal helps all 3 teams in their situations.

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25 May 2024 15:45:09
DrwDave I agree with you comment about Pinballs one-sided proLeaf trade proposals.
Every day he recycles the same trades involving small, timid, overpaid, unwanted Leaf players and defends why this is a great trade for both teams. So sad.

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23 May 2024 22:11:41
Edm: Campbell, Holloway sj: 5th round. Edmonton needs cap relief and sj is looking like the only team that could take him, he fits the timeline of sucking for next few years and Holloway is a good young guy for rebuild. Maybe a 5th is high.

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25 May 2024 11:57:21
For a cap dump of a total of 15m you'll need to up your draft picks substantially. At least 3 picks over the next 3 years probably 2nd and 3rds.

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23 May 2024 16:14:46
Winnipeg Jets
- Nickolaj Ehlers ($6m x 1 year)

Columbus Blue Jackets
- Damon Seversen ($6.25m x 7 years)

Winnipeg acquires a top 4 RHD with significant term who can be paired with Morrissey with identical cap hit. The contract term would also be beneficial for the Jets who have had some difficulty in the past with attracting free agents to Winnipeg. The Jets would have their top line center, starting goalie, and top line defense all locked in for the next 7 years.

Columbus has a logjam at RHD with Gudbranson, Seversen, Boqvist and Jiricek. What they lack is a scoring top 6 forward like Ehlers. Trading Seversen frees up a spot for Jiricek to be on the NHL roster next season and gives the Blue Jackets more financial flexibility to sign their top players to long term deals.

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23 May 2024 16:53:33
I would hope Chevy steers clear of that contract. It wasn't good when it was signed and will continue to look worse and worse all the way until Severson is 36.

Plus, Severson is an offensive defenseman that is below average defensively, the exact opposite of the type of defenseman Winnipeg needs beside Morrissey.

Ehlers should not be in play for that type of player and contract.

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23 May 2024 17:02:18
I like the trade. Gives covers both teams needs. Only downside is Severson is another small defenceman. But if the Jets could sign Dillon & Demelo Their Defense would look great.
Morrissey Demelo
Dillon Severson
Samberg Pionk.
Plus Ehlers gets re-united with his buddy Liane (maybe) . Ehlers has a M-NTC contract.

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23 May 2024 18:09:49
The Jets need at least 2 big, physical d-men not Severson.

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24 May 2024 19:00:36
Seversen is listed as 6'2" 202 lbs on NHL. com.

On the current Jets roster he'd be the 3rd tallest defenseman and their tallest right handed D.

Not sure you can call him an offensive defenseman when his best season of his career was getting 11 goals and 39 points 5 years ago.

But maybe this summer will be different and for once free agents will actually want to sign with the Jets and won't have to get overpaid to live/ play in Winnipeg.

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24 May 2024 19:42:10
It’s good value wise but needs wise not so much. Jackets don’t need another winger and Jets don’t need another offensive defensemen.

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23 May 2024 15:04:14
Anaheim Trades
3rd Round Pick 2024(78th Overall)

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2026(Lottery Protected)

Thoughts ?

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23 May 2024 16:03:45
Are you imagining a world where Toronto finishes in the bottom 20 in 2 years? Lottery protected 1st round pick lmao

Way too much quantity for a Ducks roster that's already pretty complete.

Its weird that you think Zegras is the answer to the Leafs defense and goaltending issues, Gibson and Gudas are right there for the taking yet you want the guy who has flare but nothing much else.

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23 May 2024 16:16:46
Bottom 5* in the next 2 years.

Seriously, why would a playoff contending team need lottery protection on their 1st round pick?

Turn your brain on.

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23 May 2024 16:22:37
Every team that trades a future 1st Round Pick usually put lottery protection as part of the deal is why.
With Zegras a Leaf Domi, Bertuzzi probably not resigning and a buyout of Kampf, players like Grebyonkin, Cowan and Quillan would be the next wave of forwards.
Doing that you will have over 12 million to get 2 good Defencemen probably as UFAs like Zadorov and Myers from Vancouver as The Canucks don't plan on resigning either player.
This deal clears the way for the next group of young forwards on cheap deals to start.
Anaheim wants to trade Zegras that's become obvious.

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23 May 2024 14:17:41
I don't know what truth there is with Ottawa wanting to trade Brady Tkachuk. But. WPG should be all over that. Perfect line mate for Scheifele.


I'm sure WPG would have to add like maybe Heinola or more.
But Connor gives OTT speed and scoring.
WPG get tougher/gritty and scoring.

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23 May 2024 16:44:04
No way Ottawa would do this trade.

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23 May 2024 16:55:36
I can't see Ottawa moving Brady, unless he demands a trade and if he does he won't be interested in Winnipeg.

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23 May 2024 01:26:51
Detroit Red Wings
- Robby Fabbri ($4m x 1 year)
- Justin Holl ($3.4m x 2 years)
- 2024 2nd round pick

Winnipeg Jets
- Nickolaj Ehlers ($6m x 1 year)

Ehlers - Larkin - Raymond
DeBrincat - Compher - Kane
Rasmussen - Copp - Sprong
Bergeron - Veleno - Fischer

Ehlers is rumored to be available and I know WPG is losing 3 defenceman to free agency and 2 are rightys.

If I'm undervaluing or missing any of Winnipegs needs, what can Detroit add/what do you think the ask would be for Ehlers in a trade?

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23 May 2024 03:37:57
Detroit doesn't really have the pieces Winnipeg needs. The Jets are looking for a top 4 RHD or 2C with term or team control.

A quantity package of bottom of the lineup players isn't likely to garner any interest.

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23 May 2024 13:24:59
Fabbri can at least be slotted in a top 6 role and do alright. Not what Ehlers can do obviously though. Holl however is awful. Yes he's a RHD, but the Jets would be better off getting a LHD to play the right side lol.

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23 May 2024 16:53:13
I would hope that the Jets would get a better return for Ehlers then this one. They really need to improve their defense and getting a big, physical top 4 d-man should be their #1 priority.

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23 May 2024 00:19:32
Pittsburgh Trades
Reilly Smith
Ryan Graves

Toronto Maple Leafs Trades
Mitch Marner
Bobby McMann
Nicolas Robertson RFA rights
Alex Steeves RFA Rights

Penguin’s get two young guys who need a new opportunity. Plus Marner could be a great fit for Crosby and potentially could sign there. McMann is a good fit for Sullivan’s system.

Toronto gets a big solid defenseman who fell out of favour with Pittsburg however will have continued success in the NHL and could be a great fit for the leafs. Reilly is a big vet that is a proven playoff performer. Both players seem like fits in Berube’s system.

Thoughts ?

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21 May 2024 21:38:20

I saw this trade in an article. Thought it was interesting trade. I think it fits both teams needs. Pretty much same salary going over. Only thing is Ehlers is a UFA after next year.
But that would give NYI a chance to see if he actually fits their system. But pretty sure he would look good on their #1 line.
Ehlers Horvat Barzal.
Pulock gives the Jets a RH quality defenceman.

Believable4 Unbelievable5

21 May 2024 22:26:42
Needs wise that works for both teams. Obviously the Islanders would need to be certain that Ehlers is extending at a reasonable salary.

I can't see Pulock waiving though.

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21 May 2024 23:59:14
Pulock might, being from Manitoba. Closer to parents and family. Jets have pretty much same chance as NYI to win the cup. Gives him a chance to go home.
Could go after Bolduc or Romanov . Younger and cheaper. But can’t see NYI trading neither one away. Bolduc LD and even though Romanov is LD he can easily play Rightside. Most Russian D play both or opposite sides.

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22 May 2024 02:03:07
Almost all defenseman can play their off side, but the Jets need that right shot. So, trading their best trading chip for a square peg when you have a round hole, doesn't make sense.

They shouldn't consider Bolduc or Romanov if the ask is Ehlers.

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22 May 2024 17:21:39
I like this trade but would like to see the Jets include Pionk for either Romanov or Bolduc as part of a 2 for 2 deal. I believe that this trade would help both teams.

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22 May 2024 20:40:09
Islandjet, Winnipeg can't really afford to make a lateral move of an RHD for yet another LHD. The Jets have nowhere to play them.

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21 May 2024 20:49:50
I know WPG will hire Scott Arniel as the next head coach. But why not go outside the box and hire an outsider. Rikard Gronborg! Great Coach in Europe. He would attract a lot of Swedish free agents (Lindholm).
Also adopt a strong playing style that I think could/would compete in the NHL.

Crazy Yes. But thoughts?

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21 May 2024 22:28:41
I'd like to see the Jets and the NHL in general look outside the box and start bringing in new blood, instead of just shuffling coaches from place to place.

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22 May 2024 17:38:01
I like the outside the box idea as I really believe that the Jets have to go outside the organization for their next coach.
They should also look at Quenneville, I know he still has to get Bettman's blessing, or Gallant as they are proven winners.
If the Jets hire Arniel it will more of the same soft Jets that never take the body, play a passive penalty kill and predictable power play.

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