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27 Jan 2021 15:49:58

William Wallinder

2nd Round 2021

3rd Round 2021


Vince Dunn

And sign Dunn to extension - 5 Years - 4.6 M AAV

Looks good future to defence - Hronek, Stecher, Seider, Cholowski, Dunn.

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27 Jan 2021 09:07:49

2021 2nd,
Wolanin/Reilly/Zub (whichever STL. wants)

St. Louis:


Gives Ottawa a solid young d-man, and gives St. Louis a cheaper d option and a solid near NHL ready guy.

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27 Jan 2021 06:12:11
AZ-Schmaltz,3rd 2021

CGY-Pelletier,2nd 2022, 4th 2021

Calgary seems to need a little more fire power to become an elite team and Arizona needs to tear down the walls that were never there and start investing in future picks and younger players.

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27 Jan 2021 11:11:35
No from Calgary. No way you’re getting Pelletier

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27 Jan 2021 12:19:11
Is Pelletier that good?

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27 Jan 2021 12:51:14
@jandersonBPF not only is he offensive but he’s also very good defensively and is very hard working. He throws hits too, he’s like a smaller, less douchier Tkachuk. He’s a incredible leader and is captain material for sure

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26 Jan 2021 21:27:00
Oilers Trades to help them get Goalies.

Fleury ($800, 000 retained)
2021 2nd round pick (NJD)



2021 6th round pick (PIT)

2021 5th round pick (NJD)

2022 3rd round pick (EDM)

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26 Jan 2021 22:05:05
Idk about you but those all heavily favour the Oilers, why would Vegas do that when they’re already tight on cap and why does Buffalo wanna take back more salary when they are also strapped.

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26 Jan 2021 11:01:13
To Winnipeg Jets :
LW/RW - Kevin Fiala
(2021) 2ND Round Pick

To Minnesota Wild :
RW - Blake Wheeler

Kyle Connor - Mark Schiefele - Kevin Fiala

Nikolaj Ehlers - Pierre-Luc Dubois - Mason Appleton

Andrew Copp - Paul Stastny - Mathieu Perreault

Jansen Harkins - Adam Lowry - Trevor Lewis

Josh Morrissey - Dylan Demelo

Nathan Beaulieu - Neal Pionk

Derek Forbort - Tucker Poolman

Zach Parise - Nick Bjugstad - Blake Wheeler

Mats Zuccarello - Marcus Johansson - Kirill Kaprizov

Jordan Greenway - Nick Bonino - Marcus Foligno

Joel Eriksson-Ek - Victor Rask - Ryan Hartman

Ryan Suter - Jared Spurgeon

Jonas Brodin - Matt Dumba

Ian Cole - Carson Soucy

As I was looking at Minny’s lines on daily face off I realized. holy crap their C Depth sucks lmao

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26 Jan 2021 14:32:55
I think Minny would stay with the younger guy and try and find a top 6 center. Also, I don't see the Jets moving their captain, who has committed long term to the team, unless he asks to be moved.

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26 Jan 2021 15:04:15
A. Wild need to rebuild their team is awful B. Jets aren’t trading their captain C. There is not a chance Kaprizov is not on 1st line he is absolutely insane as a leafs fan I’ll admit he is just as Good as Marner.

Also have you been living under a rock everyone knows Minnesota has awful centre’s.

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26 Jan 2021 15:35:15
I think what Marcus told me earlier about his contract being hard to move would also come into play. as good of a player as Wheeler has been, he's getting really close to slowing down due to age. So, I don't see him moving on.

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26 Jan 2021 17:17:24
If the Jets start losing and fall out of playoff contention by the trade deadline then Wheeler may be traded to a contender if he will move his NMC. I don't think the Jets will do anything until they play some games with PLD in the lineup.

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26 Jan 2021 20:29:12
Wheeler has a full no trade clause but this might be the one scenario where he waives since he’s from the twin cities area. Not sure what fialas contract looks like so that will depend on whether or not this is fair value.

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26 Jan 2021 20:32:45
This trade cannot work as Minnesota has no cap space remaining. Wheeler makes 8.25m for the next 4 years and fiala has one year left at 3m. Wild don’t have the cap space to take on the extra 5.25m.

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25 Jan 2021 15:07:20
[ Source Finnish Publication lltalehti and Puckempire on IG ]

It was believed that Patrik Laine wanted out of Winnipeg due to mistreatment from Blake Wheeler, Mark Schiefele and Paul Maurice.

“Inside Sources”, claim that Patrik Laine was mistreated by forwards Mark Schiefele and Blake Wheeler, and that Paul Maurice was “too weak to defy them”.
“Wheeler felt his position on the right side of the no.1 chain was threatened because Laine was originally a right winger. Wheeler was also not enthusiastic that a young man from Finland would become almost as popular in Winnipeg as Teemu Selanne. Outside the rink, Wheeler and Schiefele threw sand at Laine’s skates in almost every possible way. Wheeler in particular was a master at speaking behind the backs of a Finnish young man for things he certainly did not want in.”

Thoughts ? That’s a big yikes

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25 Jan 2021 16:13:24
Yeah, you have to take that one with a grain of salt. They have always exaggerated any of the reports around Laine. However, the general gist of friction between Laine, Wheeler and Schiefele are generally true.

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25 Jan 2021 16:34:46
If true, which will probably never be revealed, not a good look for the top players on the jets. Wasnt too long ago that Kane got run out by the same group, though buff seemed to be at the helm of that disconnect. Wheeler and Schiefle were still there though and could've stepped in. Just sucks to see good talent leaving over issues like this if true. For a team that seems to be in tough to attract free agents, kind of alarming.

Sure, Kane may have quite the ego, as does Laine, but each team needs a good mix. Kane now seems to be really admired by his Sharks teammates as I'm sure will be the same in Columbus for Laine.

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25 Jan 2021 16:49:53
I don’t think Kane is admired lol buddys is over 30 million dollars in Debt and probably spends a million on coke a year.

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25 Jan 2021 17:05:10
Apparently Wheeler came out and apologized for his mistreatment of Laine. Not a good look for him at all -_-

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25 Jan 2021 17:32:31
Wheeler kind of contradicted himself in his interview. He said at first, "yeah maybe I could have handled him better" and then said "well maybe I coddled him too much". Likely, he tried to support Laine, but was probably very demanding on him.

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25 Jan 2021 18:44:37
As a captain Wheeler should be the person the players can go to if they are having problems with other players or how Maurice handles them. It seems that if they go to Wheeler he doesn't represent them but is a player that represents management. If this is true no wonder so many young player are wanting out of Winnipeg. The sooner Maurice is let go the better off the Jets will be.

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25 Jan 2021 19:56:59
If this is true, if i was Chevy, I would have looked at moving the aging Wheeler, not the young talented future Rocket winner. Attitude Reflects Leadership.

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25 Jan 2021 20:47:51
The only thing with that Sosa, is that Wheeler has already committed long term to the team and would be harder to move with his cap hit in a flat cap world.

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25 Jan 2021 21:22:59
Ya. I understand ya on that Marcus.

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26 Jan 2021 10:09:51
Sosa wheeler also has a full no trade clause which makes trading him even that much more difficult.

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26 Jan 2021 11:42:26
I always find it funny that some random hockey fans like ourselves can make judgement on who treats who badly in NHL circles.

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26 Jan 2021 15:05:16
Lol also who goes on Instagram and says wow that’s a credible source.

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26 Jan 2021 15:38:05
balsam8. I know for me personally, om jus going by what I read on some sites from actual Sports reporters. but I agree with ya. , sometimes we do judge without any knowledge of what actually goes on.

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25 Jan 2021 01:37:38
Leafs got to add another fwd

Tor: Sammy Blais
Stl: Pierre Engvall

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25 Jan 2021 04:39:47
Add another forward? I thought they had so much 'depth'

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25 Jan 2021 05:24:44
Both are meh. AHL players in a real league. the old 21 team league.

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25 Jan 2021 07:19:30
“Leafs got to add another fwd” *trades a forward* lmao

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25 Jan 2021 16:31:53
Yeah no reason to want engval. non at all.

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25 Jan 2021 17:37:39
They don’t need another forward at all. I actually like Engvall.

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23 Jan 2021 18:30:05
Tor: Greenway
Minn: Kerfoot 2nd

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24 Jan 2021 17:57:35
I wouldn't do that if I were Minny. I believe they are looking for a top 6 center not a bottom 6 one.

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24 Jan 2021 19:25:30
Too early to tell what Greenways offensive potential is based off his stats. Could stay a 30-40 point guy or could become a 50 point guy. He’s a point per game to start this year. He’s also 6’6” 225 so I’m thinking Minny would rather hold onto him.

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