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07 Dec 2022 15:20:22
1st 2023
3rd 2023 (Ottawa's pick)
Kerfoot (added for cap reasons and because leafs have 50 contracts so would need one going out if one was coming in).

Toews (50% retained)
Domi (50% retained)

Chicago gets a great young player who could immediately step into their top 6 along with a 1st (yes it might be late but any contending teams 1st will be late) and an early 3rd. Probably won't get a much better offer then that for a quarter of a season of Toews and Domi.

50% retention on the remaining cap hit of the Toews contract

4th round pick

Shouldn't be too much for the retention. Leafs retained 2.5 on Lehner a couple years ago and got a 5th so I feel like this is a fair offer for around the same retention.

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07 Dec 2022 16:03:25
The most that can be retained on any contract is 50% of the original salary.

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07 Dec 2022 16:48:25
A contract can be retained twice, Buffalo is retaining 50% of 5250000, which equals out to 2625000, but even if its only a 50% retention the Leafs can still fit under the cap with a full roster excluding Muzzin if they only carry one extra forward and one extra defenceman (most likely Malgin and Benn) .

Bunting Matthews Nylander
Domi Tavares Marner
Engvall Toews Jarnkrok
Aston-Reese kampf Holmberg

Rielly Brodie
Sandin Liljgren
Giordano Holl

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07 Dec 2022 18:00:05
Yes, a contract can be retained twice, but no more than 50%.
Also, eating over 5 million of a cap would fetch much more than a 4th.
Didn't Patrick Marleau return a 1stfo his 6 million contract.

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07 Dec 2022 18:28:33
I applaud what I see as a VERY realistic proposal, AND you're bang-on in your reply to Renidrag regarding involving a 3rd team to split the cap hit a second time.

Someone could make the argument that the 3rd should be a 2nd, considering Domi's season so far, but it's just great to see something posted here that you could imagine happening. (Even the compensation included for retention is bang-on. )

It would be interesting to see if the CHI GM would make a deal with Dubas after their previous public back-and-forth, but business is business, so they "should" be able to make something like this happen.

I'm thinking another team, other than regional rival BUF, would be a more likely 3rd party to help the leafs, BUT. this is the best trade proposal I've seen on here for a looooooong time, so big Kudos!

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08 Dec 2022 01:23:44
A 50% retention is the maximum allowed, so not sure how it would even be possible for another team to step in and retain 50% of the remaining 50% of the contract.

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08 Dec 2022 02:26:40
Renidrag - your interpretation is respectfully incorrect.

- One team can retain a maximum of 50%
- The contract can be traded again to proved additional cap relief

Example: David Savard traded by Columbus to TB via Detroit. (Amongst other similar transactions)

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08 Dec 2022 05:38:57

They are not eating 5 million in cap, only 2.675

Leafs got a 5th a couple years back for retaining 2.5 on Lehner so that’s the precedent I used.


Yeah I could see a team like Arizona or Anaheim being that 3rd team. Just whoever is out of the playoffs at the time and has cap space.

And yeah I guess Domi’s value depends on how well he plays up to the deadline. I mean the guy has 19 points in 24 games and that’s really good. If he keeps that pace up I could definitely see the extra puck being a 2nd instead of a 3rd. Just figured Ottawas puck would most likely be an early 3rd rounder. So it was the best one to offer for the time being.

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07 Dec 2022 14:54:00
Chicago Trades

Toronto Trades
2nd Round Pick 2024

Hawks rebuilding and really Domi isn't going to get them any more than a proposal like I posted.
Tie's Son comes home and is an improvement over Kerfoot.

Thoughts ?

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07 Dec 2022 18:30:42
I wholeheartedly agree Pinball. wow!

Domi's season on an expiring 3M deal is absolutely worth a 2nd. He'll bring a 2nd at the deadline or a comparable prospect, so you absolutely nailed this one.

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05 Dec 2022 22:15:54
Toronto Trades
Niemela (SHL)
1st Round Pick 2024

Vancouver Trades

Thoughts ?

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06 Dec 2022 01:07:21
I think the Canucks would have to add their 2023 1st.

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06 Dec 2022 02:08:50
OMG that’s bad…I’d love to read your file Pinball to get a better understanding of what you’re dealing with. This is probably the most delusional post you’ve ever posted. Wow!

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06 Dec 2022 13:27:18
Vancouver is looking to shake things up and Toronto is looking to win it all this year.
Horvat, LSchenn, Kerfoot and Holl are all UFAs after this season, so with guarantee players in this transaction after this season is Boeser for WNylander, Niemala and a 1st Rounder.
Vancouver wins the trade after this season by far, so because this is a trade for this season and next my proposal I believe is very fair.
That's my explanation.

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06 Dec 2022 15:25:43
Nylander >> Boeser
Kerfoot, Niemela, 1st = Horvat (this is around the price year after year for top UFA’s. It might get beaten by another team but it’s in the ball park)

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06 Dec 2022 15:55:58
Your first sentence is 100% correct: VCR needs to rebuild/ reshuffle, and your leafs are in "go for it" mode.

Everything after that is written from a leaf needs/ wants perspective, and I fully appreciate that you're too far gone to even consider something other than the leaf point of view.

Your trade value for Horvat & Boeser is HORRIBLY undervalued, and that yard sale you're offering is way OVER-valued. This is typical of all your proposals, and the comments reflect that. You may not see it, but obviously most here do.

On the topic of Niemela, who is a common inclusion of leaf fans, because leaf TV (Sportsnet & TSN) have talked him up. They talk EVERY leaf prospect or player up, but considering they share a 90% ownership stake in MLSE, maybe you should take their daily leaf hype with a grain of salt.

Niemela is a 20 year-old, undersized D, who will likely never play in the NHL. If he does it will be because he brings something to overcome his "generously listed" 160-pound frame. He doesn't have unbelievable stats in his playing history, and as a 3rd round pick, he has roughly a 54% chance of making the NHL. As an undersized player his chances are even less unless he shows something more than he has so far.

There are prospects, and there are top-end prospects. Niemela might be coveted amongst the leaf fan base, but that's more by default since your team tends to trade most of your picks to fix roster construction flaws.

In short, Niemela is NOT an important piece in any trade proposal, and if both Boeser & Horvat are traded, it will be for better packages than this.

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07 Dec 2022 00:54:02
Chickenfoot vs the world. Boeser has very little value. As Reindrag will tell you ( Canucks fan ) he is extremely slow and is a black hole outside of the ozone. ( Nylander is elite in 2 of the 3 zones ) . Horvat is a UFA and Schenn who has been playing really well should get a 2nd.

I wouldn’t move Nylander for that straight up because of what I mentioned with Boeser I just don’t think he is worth his cap hit to the leafs. Also the Canucks should target younger pieces then Nylander. Outside of the Pettersson connection he isn’t a great fit age wise imo.

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07 Dec 2022 10:04:46
“Chickenfoot vs the world”?

Man…this is a fan site where people exchange sports opinions. 😁 Sounds like you might need a little break and perhaps a good long walk outside. You are hilarious without trying to be👍.

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07 Dec 2022 12:54:58
Gonna guess Vancouver is likely on the list of 10 teams Holl wouldn't like to be traded to so that stops this deal in its tracks.

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07 Dec 2022 13:59:58
@ChickenFoot it’s VB, he likes to get hostile for some reason.

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07 Dec 2022 17:56:16
I just mean you’re trying to argue against a Canucks fan saying they need to add a 1st to push your tin foil narrative that every leafs Player has low value. If anyone is angry it is you who reply negatively to every single one of Pinballs posts when you could simply just ignore them and move on.

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07 Dec 2022 18:37:30
CASUAL - absolutely hilarious eh?

A fan comment forum is a lot like leaving your door open all night living on Main Street: you never know who is going to walk in, or what they may be dealing with.

: )

BTW, your Flames look like they're rounding things into shape nicely, and they are undisputably Canada's best shot at bringing the Cup home when Markstrom gets his game back. Good luck the rest of the way man.

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08 Dec 2022 01:53:22
VB…narrative? You’re in too deep pal, it’s hockey fans talking hockey. I’m not sure what kind of mindset you deal with but this is hockey talk…narrative is more of something you see on political shows.

As far as Pinball goes, I disagree with almost every post he’s ever written. If you read above you’ll see you’re wrong about that too. I give kudos where I think it’s due. You suggest “I could have simply moved on rather than replying negatively to his posts”. Well, I could say the same about you, but it just doesn’t bother me what you say. It’s words on a page. I’d have to respect your opinion to be offended by you.

By the way, when you said you watched the prospect 5x more than anyone else on this page, I laughed out loud. I could explain why but it would be lost on you. You are hilarious without trying. You do you…. I guess…and I’m flattered you find me so interesting 👍.

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05 Dec 2022 00:45:31
Flames trade Yan Kuznetzkov, Connor Zary and 2023 1st round pick to the Canucks for a re-signed Bo Horvat.

Flames badly need another centre with speed, Canucks need picks/prospects

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05 Dec 2022 12:36:01
Flames should hang onto Zary

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05 Dec 2022 12:43:33
- this puts CGY over the salary cap, let alone what Horvat would re-sign for.

- neither Zary or Kuzetzkov are the kind of prospects that will turn heads as trade pieces.

- Horvat is an NHL Captain, a Center, and at 27 is entering his prime, and will is on pace to exceed his career high goals mark of 31. In a 32 team league there will be at least 5 team who will submit competitive trade offers that will exceed this package.

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06 Dec 2022 10:32:30
Lindholm-kadri-backlund. and quite a few of their wingers are natural center's. Calgary needs wingers, not c's. Zary will probably be better then horvat anyway.

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07 Dec 2022 00:56:51
Take it from someone who watched Kuznetzkov play 5x more then anyone on this site he’s not good. Like he’s a bottom pairing AHL guy tops in his prime. Zero hockey sense. The only reason this guy went second round is because he was absolutely yoked at 15.

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04 Dec 2022 05:27:51
to Arizona Coyotes :
G - Cal Peterson ( 5.00 @ 3 UFA )
1ST - Round Pick in 2023 [ LAK ]
C - Alex Turcotte ( 894k @ 2 RFA )
C - Jack Hughes ( unsigned )

to Los Angeles Kings :
LD/RD - Jakob Chychrun ( 4.60 @ 3 UFA )

Kevin Fiala - Anze Kopitar - Viktor Arvidsson
Alex Iafallo - Philip Danault - Arthur Kaliyev
Trevor Moore - Gabriel Vilardi - Adrian Kempe
Carl Grundstrom - Blake Lizotte - Brendan Lemieux

Jakob Chychrun - Drew Doughty
Sean Durzi - Matt Roy
Alex Edler - Sean Walker

Believable4 Unbelievable8

05 Dec 2022 12:46:19
Peterson has been trending down for awhile now, and is expected to be put through waivers so that he can get his game back at the NHL level if he isn't claimed, which isn't expected to happen.

If you include him in a trade, you'll need to included a sweetener to dump his contract. He is not an asset, he is a liability.

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07 Dec 2022 00:57:25
That might be able to dump Petersens contract. Definitely not getting Chychrun.

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04 Dec 2022 05:27:11
to Vancouver Canucks :
LD/RD - Jakob Chychrun ( 4.60 @ 3 UFA )
LW/RW - Jordan Greenway ( 3.00 @ 3 UFA )

to Arizona Coyotes :
1ST Round Pick in 2023 [ VAN ]
1ST Round Pick in 2023 [ MIN ]
RW - Jonathan Lekkerimaki ( unsigned )

to Minnesota Wild :
RW - Brock Boeser ( 6.65 @ 3 UFA )

J Miller - B Horvat - C Garland
A Kuzmenko - E Pettersson - N Hoglander
J Greenway - N Aman - I Mikheyev
T Pearson - C Lazar - V Podkolzin

O Ekman-Larsson - J Chychrun
Q Hughes - T Myers
R Stillman - E Bear

K Kaprizov - J Eriksson Ek - M Zuccarello
R Hartman - M Boldy - B Boeser
B Duhaime - C Dewar - M Foligno
S Steel - F Gaudreau - R Reaves

J Brodin - J Spurgeon
J Middleton - M Dumba
A Goligoski - J Merrill

Believable3 Unbelievable9

04 Dec 2022 15:01:00
By the looks of this, the Wild are giving up a 1st and Greenway to get Brock Boeser.
Huge overpayment for Boeser.

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05 Dec 2022 12:36:30
how is that an overpayment lol?

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05 Dec 2022 12:51:16
- Minny has years of high cap hits associated with their contract buyouts of their 2 former star signings, and isn't in a position to add high-priced players. They'd likely rather have the pick to turn into a cheap player on an ELC.

- ARI will get a better offer for Chychrun

- VCR is headed for another rebuild, and need picks and prospects they can rebuild with.

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04 Dec 2022 00:52:33
Leafs trade Kallegrin, Kerfoot, Krall and Hollowell for Canuck's Schenn and Martin.

Gives Canucks two defense prospects, a BC born roster player, and a proven backup tender while Leafs get a physical defenseman and an Ontario born backup tender.

Believable0 Unbelievable10

04 Dec 2022 00:28:08
TO sends Abruzzee or Anderson, Shaw or Steeves, Kerfoot, and Robertson for Arizona's Crouse and Ritchie both with 50% cap retained. This trade could be run through a third team to reduce cap hit even more.

TO sends Hollowell and Clifford to Canucks for Schenn with 50% retained and a fifth pick.

Leafs get veterans with size, and numbers off the protected list while giving up good prospects and roster players.

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04 Dec 2022 01:45:12
Are you pinball?

Agree8 Disagree0

04 Dec 2022 04:21:47
What’s with all the disgraced posters assuming new identities? Moxnix and his lackey were easily spotted, but Pinball has no shame, so I’m thinking this is VB or Bossman.

Agree9 Disagree5

06 Dec 2022 03:11:16
I am not pinball.

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