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28 Nov 2021 04:44:18
Canucks- Boeser, OEL, Myers, Poolman
Senators- Murray, Zaitsev, Zub, Norris

Both teams need to change things up. Senators just placed Murray on waivers, while the Canucks are severely underachieving while over the cap. Ottawa gets back some useful experienced players to pair with their young core, while the canucks create a bit of cap space and get a young centre in Norris allowing them to trade Miller for some more assets. Overall, the teams are swapping bad contracts with one real quality player heading each way.

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28 Nov 2021 05:32:09
No way the Sens trade Norris. He's their best center and they don't have much for centers besides him.

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28 Nov 2021 08:02:33
Murray was on waivers, Zaitsev is a cap dump. So Zub and Norris for Boeser, OEL, Myers and Poolman? Not a chance, huge bias in favour of Ottawa. Vancouver has no need for Murray or Zaitsev.

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27 Nov 2021 23:29:28


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27 Nov 2021 21:32:52
To Minnesota Wild :
W - Brock Boeser ( 5.87 @ 1 RFA )

To Vancouver Canucks :
W - Kevin Fiala ( 5.10 @ 1 RFA )

To Minnesota Wild :
W - Blake Wheeler ( 8.25 @ 3 UFA )

To Winnipeg Jets :
(2022) First-Round Selection ( MIN )
W - Jordan Greenway ( 2.10 @ 1 RFA )
C - Victor Rask ( 4.00 @ 1 UFA )

K Kaprizov - J Eriksson Ek - B Boeser
M Zuccarello - R Hartman - B Wheeler
M Foligno - N Bjugstad - R Pitlick
N Sturm - F Gaudreau - B Duhaime

J Miller - E Pettersson - K Fiala
N Hoglander - B Horvat - C Garland
T Pearson - J Dickinson - V Podkolzin
T Motte - J Dowling - A Chiasson

K Connor - P Luc-Dubois - N Ehlers
A Copp - M Schiefele - E Svechnikov
P Stastny - V Rask - J Greenway
J Harkins - A Lowry - D Toninato.

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27 Nov 2021 23:22:08
That might be a bit much for Wheeler when you factor in his age and contract. But I like the Winnipeg Jets trade. But I’d rather have Foligno rather than Rask.
The Canucks and Wild trade is intriguing as well.
Both players very similar in stats. But Boeser has a size advantage which holds well for playoffs.

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27 Nov 2021 21:18:08
To Ottawa Senators :
C - Bo Horvat ( 5.50 @ 2 UFA )

To Vancouver Canucks :
(2022) First-Round Selection
D - Erik Brannstrom ( 863K @ 1 RFA )
C - Chris Tierney ( 3.50 @ 1 UFA )

To Minnesota Wild :
W - Brock Boeser ( 5.87 @ 1 RFA )

To Vancouver Canucks :
W - Kevin Fiala ( 5.10 @ 1 RFA )

To Nashville Predators :
W - JT Miller ( 5.25 @ 2 UFA )

To Vancouver Canucks :
W - Filip Forsberg ( 6.00 @ 1 UFA )

Filip Forsberg - Elias Pettersson - Kevin Fiala
Nils Hoglander - Chris Tierney - Vasily Podkolzin
Tanner Pearson - Jason Dickinson - Conor Garland
Tyler Motte - Juho Lammikko - Alex Chiasson

Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Tyler Myers
Quinn Hughes - Tucker Poolman
Erik Brannstrom - Travis Hamonic.

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27 Nov 2021 14:05:01
With Horvat and Miller are unhappy in Van.
And in my opinion ever since Scheifele & Wheeler came back the Jets seems to struggle. Seemed like the locker room was better without Wheeler.
So why not make a trade


I'm pretty sure this trade wouldn't work because of $$$ contracts.
But maybe get people talking.
Sure would be nice if WPG could get Horvat and Miller.
My opinion is that Wheeler has to go.

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27 Nov 2021 15:02:56
Yeah Vancouver can't afford those contracts unless Winnipeg retains salary or takes a bad contract back.

Can't see retention happening with both players being signed through 2024.

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27 Nov 2021 16:18:42
I can't see the Jets wanting to part with Scheifele.


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27 Nov 2021 17:56:43
Considering that it sounds like Miller and Horvat are the ones warring against each other in the dressing room, it's probably not a good idea acquiring both of them. That's just moving the problem from Vancouver's dressing room to yours.

Not to mention there is no chance Scheifele and Wheeler waive for Vancouver.

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27 Nov 2021 20:17:20
Jeez people are gullible lol.

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26 Nov 2021 21:49:26
To Seattle:
LW-Milan Lucic @5.25mil(UFA2023)
RW-Tyler Pitlick @1.75mil(UFA2022)
LW-Justin Kirkland @750k (RFA2022)
LW-Demetrios Koumontzis (Rights)
2022-2nd Round Pick-FLA

To Calgary:
RW/LW-Brandon Tanev @3.50mil(UFA2025)
2022-4th Round Pick-CGY
To Toronto:
2022-4th Round Pick-CGY

To Calgary:
LW-Ilya Mikheyev @1.65mil(UFA2022)

Coleman-Backlund-B.Tanev (ShutDown)
Mikheyev-Dube-Mangiapane (Energy)
Scratches: Rucizka & Duehr

Un-do the initial trade for Pitlick and compensate Seattle for taking on Lucic's Salary with a 2nd Round Pick + 2 Prospects.

-Love Lucic, but Calgary needs to shed Salary
-Toronto needs to shed salary + Mikheyev asked for a Trade
-Calgary saves 3.5mil this year and 5.15mil next year if Mikheyev walks

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26 Nov 2021 22:45:13
Seattle responds with an emphatic no.

Toronto doesn't want to trade Mikheyev. If they trade him anyhow they'll want a bit more than a 4th coming back. At least a 3rd or they might ask for a player like Valimaki, Mackey or Pelletier instead.

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26 Nov 2021 23:22:16
No way Mikheyev is worth Valimaki, Mackey or Pelletier. Maybe a 3rd with retention, but that defeats the point. Toronto has to dump someone. A 4th Round Pick for a UFA2022 with 0 playoff points in 12 playoff games, seems pretty fair to me.

What’s the problem with the Tanev trade? Seattle is playing for draft position = last place. Is a 2nd RD Pick and 2 prospects not enough compensation to take on Lucic, who is still a good player and even greater team member? I don’t see it being worth a 1st RD Pick or any of our 1st round prospects. Tanev’s a 3rd line player, not a SuperStar or Top-6 remember.

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27 Nov 2021 06:40:37
I never said Mikheyev is worth those prospects, I said Toronto might ask for one of them.

That second one is basically Seattle giving up Tanev taking on Lucic and Pitlick's cap hits for a 2nd round pick and a couple AHL players who will likely never make it to the NHL.

Calgary would be getting a good bottom 6 player in the deal and gaining 3.5 million in cap space. Great deal for Calgary but nothing in it for Seattle other than a 2nd round pick. Cap space is at premium with the flat cap and Seattle knows it, they won't be selling it that cheaply.

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27 Nov 2021 16:39:17
There's reports that the cap will increase to $82.5 next season.

Toucher on the ask vs. value on Mikheyev. Toronto can ask whatever they want. Glad we agree he's not worth Pelletier/ Valimaki/ Mackey.

Maybe I need to upgrade my drafted prospects or add a 2023 3rd/ 4th Draft Pick, but I felt a 2nd Round Pick + a former 3rd Round Pick in Justin Kirkland (won't make the Flames, but maybe makes the Kraken) + a recent 4th Round Pick in Koumontzis would be enough.

Seattle won't be ready to compete for a couple years at which point Lucic's salary falls off the books. Pitlick can be traded at or before the deadline for a Pick or comes off the books after this season. In the meantime both fill 2 roster spots, with Kirkland possibly getting playing time there as well.

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26 Nov 2021 18:41:23
To Calgary Flames :
C - Bo Horvat ( 5.50 @ 2 UFA )

To Vancouver Canucks :
(2022) First-Round Selection
(2023) Second-Round Selection
C/ W - Dillon Dube ( 2.30 @ 3 RFA )
D - Juuso Valimaki ( 1.55 @ 2 RFA )

To Columbus Blue Jackets :
W - JT Miller ( 5.25 @ 2 UFA )

To Vancouver Canucks :
(2022) First-Round Selection
D - Jake Bean ( 2.33 @ 3 RFA )
W - Max Domi ( 5.30 @ 1 UFA )

N Hoglander - E Pettersson - B Boeser
M Domi - D Dube - C Garland
T Pearson - J Dickinson - V Podkolzin
T Motte - J Lammiko - A Chiasson

O Ekman-Larsson - T Myers
Q Hughes - J Bean
J Valimaki - T Poolman / T Hamonic.

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26 Nov 2021 20:19:57
I think teams like Boston, Islanders Panthers and even Buffalo might be willing to pay more.

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26 Nov 2021 21:16:28
That’s a Hard No from the Flames IMO. We can find a much better player (s) for that package. If Vancouver will take back Monahan or Lucic and a pick or prospect, sure, but we’re not giving up the equivalent of two (2) 1st Round and two (2) 2nd Round Picks for Horvat who could just walk after 1 3/ 4 seasons.

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26 Nov 2021 21:34:53
Not bad though the picks might be a bit too much. Make it a first or two seconds or take out Valimaki and I'd do it.

Trading Miller makes sense for Vancouver if they give up on this season. IMO they should.

I don't think Vancouver would trade Horvat though. He's one of the few top 6 players they have who has grit. His contract is reasonable and at 26 years old he's young enough to keep around for another rebuild / retool.

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26 Nov 2021 18:36:49
Bo Horvat is drawing interest around the league and apparently is very unhappy. JT Miller is very unhappy with the young guys aswell. This would be my proposal for Horvat.

To Calgary :
C - Bo Horvat ( 5.50 @ 2 UFA )

To Vancouver :
(2022) First-Round Selection
(2023) Second-Round Selection
C/ W - Dillon Dube ( 2.30 @ 3 RFA )
D - Juuso Valimaki ( 1.55 @ 2 RFA )

J Miller - E Pettersson - B Boeser
N Hoglander - D Dube - C Garland
T Pearson - J Dickinson - V Podkolzin
T Motte - J Lammiko - A Chiasson

O Ekman-Larsson - T Myers
Q Hughes - T Poolman
J Valimaki - T Hamonic

J Gaudreau - E Lindholm - M Tkachuk
A Mangiapane - B Horvat - B Coleman
S Monahan - M Backlund - M Lucic
T Pitlick - A Ruzicka - T Lewis

N Hanifin - C Tanev
O Kylington - R Andersson
N Zadorov - E Gudbranson.

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26 Nov 2021 21:36:28
Hadn't heard Horvat is unhappy. What's your source for that?

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26 Nov 2021 23:00:55
@moxnix it was on Twitter, haven’t seen a confirmation yet tho. Apparently JT Miller is also unhappy with the younger guys. It had Canucks fans going crazy.

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26 Nov 2021 23:45:12
Of course they're not happy, nobody likes losing. Hard to go from being a highly ranked team to being last in the division the past couple of years, but whining or complaining about it doesn't help.

The veterans, especially, need to bear down and fight, not flight. Show some class and professionalism and keep your venting and frustrations to yourself and/ or in the locker room. I find it so unprofessional and weak to see players wanting out of bad situations that they themselves are a contributing factor too. JMO.

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27 Nov 2021 01:08:20
@moxnix and JT Miller and Bo Horvat had beef apparently but head coach denies it.

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27 Nov 2021 09:41:19
Miller isn't happy that's for sure not sure if he's wanting to be traded yet though. I also think the media is making a way bigger deal than it really is out of that video clip where they ask him if he thinks everyone's bought in and he just rolls his eyes

Horvat I think that's mostly just people trying to stir things up on twitter like usual, including the part about him having a problem with Miller.

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