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17 Jan 2018 18:29:37
Pitt is apparently looking for a third or fourth line depth centerman and Letestu was brought up as an option.

Oil: Letestu
Pitt: 4th

Oilers clear out UFA and Pitt gets what they are seeking for? Not to mention he played in Pitt already.

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17 Jan 2018 20:01:47
That's been a rumor for a month or so now. They are interested in him for sure. If they don't go after a big name because of cost, This is their fit.
I like him, think he's worth a 3rd myself. Such a utility guy can play any situation. Would be a good fit. Maybe he signs a one year deal back in Edm in the off season too. He's from 2 hrs away from Edm I'm pretty sure. Loved it there. Great guy.

17 Jan 2018 20:02:22
I would think that Pitts looking for a more impact player for a deep playoff run for their 3rd C.

17 Jan 2018 20:53:40
Letestu is a good depth player and didn’t he actually put up decent offense and was used on the PP a bit? (Maybe just while other guys were hurt?! ) but I would think he’s worth a third and mid prospect or Maybe even a late second on its own if someone really needs him. Again I can point out what the caps paid for a guy like winnik from the leafs to do pretty much the same job.

17 Jan 2018 20:55:26
Just looked, it was last season I was thinking of where he had 16 goals. Pretty good for a guy like that.

17 Jan 2018 21:08:34
I have wanted to pawn of Pleky to pits for their playoff push, lol. Retain 50% on him so they can afford it and he is a good shut down center. Unfortunately i think your proposal is better - damn! lol.

17 Jan 2018 21:31:36
I’ve always thought bozak would be a good fit there behind sid and malkin, already has great chemistry with kessel if they tried splitting the big 3 on different lines again and bozak is good on draws, skilled enough to put up points and play PP if needed, but can check and PK really well. Problem is pens wouldn’t pay leafs enough to justify leafs losing him for the playoffs either.

17 Jan 2018 21:49:10
Letestu has been 1st Power play with McDavid. Drai. Lucic and Klefbom/ Sekera for all of last year and most the first half this year. Kills penalties. Takes lots of important draws. Great 5 on 5 4th line player. A utility knife for sure. Would be a good fit, and familiarity having already played for Pitts for two years.
16G 19A 35P last season. Not bad for $1.8M for what he brings. He is very very liked in the dressing room as well.

18 Jan 2018 01:50:33
Would like to keep Letestu but I think edmonton should trade their UFA’s! Maroon, Letestu and camallari. And I put the 4th because he has produced too much but honestly I could see him getting a late 2nd he’d be a good playoff pick up.

18 Jan 2018 03:31:47
Huh, guess i didn't know Letestu as much as i thought. My bad.

17 Jan 2018 17:45:02
Leafs and Florida shake things up.

Leafs- marner, dermott, kapinen and 2018 1st

Florida- Ekblad

Toronto gives up a potentially elite winger who in my opinion isn't being used properly in Toronto, another potential top 6 winger, a potential top 4 d man and a mid- late first. Florida is a dumpster fire who need scoring and as good as Ekblad is, he isn't panning out to be the franchise type d man he was supposed to be but clearly for the leafs he instantly improves their back end. Florida clearly isn't winning any time soon and they get back some real good assets for the future. Toronto gives up a lot but they get the d man they need and to they'll have to give to get.

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17 Jan 2018 18:08:13
That still does not get you ekblad imo.

17 Jan 2018 18:40:02
Fair value or not Toronto doesn't make that trade.

17 Jan 2018 18:54:18
The only reason that doesn't get Ekblad is because Florida probably has no interest in trading him no matter the return. If they were willing to trade him that most definitely is more than enough. A top line winger, a 2nd/ 3rd line player, a dman looking every bit a top 4 dman and a 1st. That equals more than enough.

17 Jan 2018 20:53:09
No from leafs Eklblad hasn’t proved as much as Marner.

17 Jan 2018 21:10:01
Doesn't get you a future Norris winner.

17 Jan 2018 21:49:45
Lol. Ekblad > Marner.

18 Jan 2018 03:38:53
A future Norris winner? As good as he is the defenceman with the most points almost always wins the Norris, I highly doubt he’ll ever outscore Karlson or Hedman and guys like that. What if dermott was switched with Liljegren and the first became a 2nd? Florida still doesn’t consider?

17 Jan 2018 16:40:43
Maple Leafs - Coyotes

Maple Leafs trade Kadri, Gardiner, JVR, Kapenen, Nielsen a 1st Rd pick in 2018 and a 2nd Rd pick in 2019 to the Coyotes in exchange for OEL, Dvorak and Crouse.

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17 Jan 2018 17:08:46
Ah, the ever so common 7 for 3 trade.

17 Jan 2018 17:42:19
DONt think leafs do this.

17 Jan 2018 18:13:54
Also no from coyotes.

17 Jan 2018 21:01:42
Yeah, don’t need to say leafs or coyotes. Just a simple not happening is enough.

17 Jan 2018 16:37:28
Travis Sanheim + 2018 1st (2019 if Flyers miss playoffs) for Evander Kane

Nolan Patrick for Max Pacioretty + 3rd 2018

Mike Green for 3rd 2018 and Isaac Ratcliffe

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17 Jan 2018 17:52:26
Not a chance they trade Patrick for Pacioretty what the F.
Green is worth more.

17 Jan 2018 18:14:21
Hahahahahaha wtf.

17 Jan 2018 21:03:01
So Nolan Patrick, Sanheim and a 1st for patches and kane essentially? No.

17 Jan 2018 05:06:57
NYI receives: trouba, Connor, 1st

WIN receive: tavares

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17 Jan 2018 07:20:53
this is just really bad.

17 Jan 2018 17:52:53
I can't see the Islanders doing this or the Jets wanting to pay Tavares what he'll want.

17 Jan 2018 18:56:00
So what if.
Winnipeg can rent Paccoretti and become VERY serious cup contenders this year. Could be worth it to net Winnipeg their first cup.

From the Islanders. what if?
They get Trouba and Conner AND make a deal to get Tavares back at UFA time next year because it's quite doubtful he will re-sign with Winnipeg.

They probably sacrifice this year's playoffs but NEXT year and going forward wow.

A Draft lotto hope with Calgary's 1st, 2 additional 1st's, 2 - 2nd's
Tavares back, Trouba in the lineup with Conner.

Could give NYI a boost to serious contender status.

Not such a horrible trade for either side.

Great trade proposal!

17 Jan 2018 21:14:56
Let’s be real now. where did a pacioretty rental come into play? You meant Tavares I assume? And regardless who it is, you’re not getting Trouba, Connor and a first for any rental without conditions on signing. A 23-24 year old top 4 RHD, top F prospect and a 1st? Setting a team back 3 drafts minimum to recoup that for one run.

17 Jan 2018 22:01:18
Duh . yes Unbiased. Tavares. my bad.

17 Jan 2018 04:51:28
If I'm Garth Snow, does the emergence of Barzal change my way of thinking????
I have been obvious about my desire for the Habs to land Tavares.. ya it's still a crap shoot... however... if I am Snow.,, I build around Barzal.. I don't let Tavares get to July 1st, but trade him for top dollar.. yes !! I want my Habs to get him , however.,I have 2 trades.. who ya take.
FOR Tavares

2nd 18,× 2(both)
1st 2019

These deals are both on the contingent that he signs 8x11 at 88 once he is traded.

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17 Jan 2018 06:08:49
I take Horvat, Joulevi, Van 2018 1st over
Galchenyuk, Lindgren, Juulsen, two 2018 2nds, 2019 1st.

17 Jan 2018 06:11:16
Horvat is the most proven of all this. I think Juolevi has more value than pretty well all the Montreal pieces. And that Van forst this year should be pretty good.

Make he Montreal 1st 2018 not 2019 and it changes it a bit. It still prefer Van package over Montreals.
Mainly becaUs Horvat is proven and the other two pieces are more potential than any of MTLs.

17 Jan 2018 07:29:26
Uhhhh no you definitely don’t build around barzal you keep Tavares who is a top 10 player in the world lol. I see your reasoning but no way, I really do think he will resign in New York and imo neither of these trades are enough to get him (im talking value wise not as he’s a UFA) .

17 Jan 2018 08:09:31
Good points both Edmonton Boyz.

McJesus. yes Tavares is top 10, however, resign him for 8 years, puts him at what? 35? Or Barzal, focus on him, Bellows. ext. In 8 years both are in middle of Prime. I get what your saying

Wouldn't surprise me however, at end if career. m Barzal, more points than John Tavares
I really like Tavares, however, I often wonder, is he a Superstar. or Really good player. there is a diffdefence.

17 Jan 2018 14:02:55
I think Mtl shouldn’t sign Tavares
We already have bad contracts

Not to mention that 80 million goalie.

17 Jan 2018 15:12:37
I would say having that 80 million dollar goalie is a good reason to get an 80 million dollar centreman to go with your 80million dollar defensman because they are so committed now, after those moves and trading sergachev, deciding to go another direction now will set any rebuild back many years before it even begins.

17 Jan 2018 16:19:33
Too much for a rental because Tavares would never re-sign in Van.

Montreal would be better off to just snag him at UFA time w/ o losing assets.

17 Jan 2018 17:54:40
I think one of the reasons Tavares might stay in NYI is the emergence of Barzel. Not saying it's the only reason, but it's one of many and it does help a little.

17 Jan 2018 18:20:36
Tavares is a superstar now, and you don’t trade those players. Barzal emerged as a very fun player to watch this year but tbh he had to play two extra years in junior! He wasn’t projected to be this good but unreal player for islanders now his skating is phenomenal but you still don’t trade Tavares. You keep him and you have him, Barzal, bellows, and all those other guys who will come up.

17 Jan 2018 22:49:03
I agree you try to keep Tavares if you can, and as much as he is saying the right things about wanting to stay, he isn’t holding any talks. As a management team you want to show patience with him and respect him by at the same time the deadline is coming and if he isn’t going to stay, you have to make a plan. You can’t have the best player your team has seen in decades walk for nothing.

17 Jan 2018 04:14:35
CGY - Glenn Gawdin + Matthew Phillips + Jaromir Jagr

MTL - Max Pacioretty


C, Glenn Gawdin GP:43 G:35 A:45 P:80

RW, Matthew Phillips GP:45 G:30 A:38 P:68

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17 Jan 2018 04:31:31
Other than Jags the Senior citizen. who the Mofo are dem guyz?

17 Jan 2018 05:12:31
No from Montreal. While the potential for the prospects is there it’s a massive risk. Phillips is very risky due to his size and neither show elite potential.

17 Jan 2018 05:21:13
The two prospects are actually a little intriguing I didn't know calgary had gawdin I think he was a stl pick Phillips is like 140 lbs soaking wet but he's a little spark plug for sure take out jagr and add jankowski and I'd actually like it lol.

17 Jan 2018 14:04:30
Start with Dube or Bennett
Add from there.

17 Jan 2018 16:32:54
I don't think Bergie is THAT dumb.

What was the comment yesterday Bergie blocks area code 403? lol
Sorry Calgary does not have any assets good enough to get Paccoretti. Calgary would be lucky enough to have the assets right now to net Lee Stempniak.

17 Jan 2018 17:55:29
Well you're dead wrong let's be real now. Calgary has some good prospects.

17 Jan 2018 19:19:28
lol Let me guess. You must be a Flames fan because only Flame fans think their prospects are hot stuff.

Realistically. they have very little to offer for prospects of interest other than maybe Tkachuk. Can't see him getting moved for a player with a short contract term left like Paccoretti though.

Sorry, but I foresee Calgary using their 3rd rounder to net a minor role playing UFA rental. Not much hope of netting a top 6 rental.

17 Jan 2018 20:06:17
Actually I'm an Oilers fan and I hate the Flames. Lol. I live a little closer to Calgary than Edm too.
But I know that guys like Valimaki, Dube, Fox, Anderson, Jankowski, Tkuchuk, To say those aren't good pieces is very untrue. They aren't amazing but they aren't trash. If Calgary offered Valimaki, Jankowski, Dube/ fox/ Anderson Montreal would be retarded to say no.
But Calgary wouldn't offer that. And as noted above Pacioretty isn't really a for there some think.
But to say they don't have good assets is so off.

17 Jan 2018 21:12:45
It take atleast a potentially elite prospect.

17 Jan 2018 21:51:19
Name some example elite prospects you expect back for Pacioretty? This should make me laugh.

17 Jan 2018 04:02:46
MTL: Max Pacioretty + Ryan Poehling + 1st
CLB: Pierre Luc Dubois + Jack Johnson

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17 Jan 2018 04:32:18
Not nearly as bad as your one up above.

17 Jan 2018 04:33:06
I wish lmao.

17 Jan 2018 03:56:36
CCY: Anderson, Bennett,Jankowski, Kylington

Mtl: Gallagher

CRY gets a energy top 6 winger on a good contract that also brings good offence.Mtl starts to rebuild by trading a forward before he hits his rpime so that they get top return with I believe this is. Very good RHD prospect that I would really love to add to are not so hot prospect pool and a guy who I believe needs a ch age of scenery asap while he still has value and a possible future second line center but even if he become third line energy center would still be good.Kylongton could become a decent top 4 RHD.Does flame tale this?They seem to be willing to pay the price for good players that they want( Hamonic=2 first round pick and second

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17 Jan 2018 04:03:07
No from Calgary.

17 Jan 2018 04:04:01
Big no from flames wtf

17 Jan 2018 04:05:55
It was actually Hamonic + 4th for 1st + 2nd + conditional 2nd.

17 Jan 2018 04:32:44
Oh Hells ya to this.

17 Jan 2018 06:12:35

17 Jan 2018 12:26:35
Just a couple days ago you guys wanted to get rid of Kylinton and Lazar for are second? Now you're getting a really good player for 1 bust, I really good prospect and 1 23 year old center who isn't top of line but could be a decent third liner. Does one of those prospect have crazy value that Idk.

17 Jan 2018 16:49:48
Thats a lot to give up. I could care less about Kylington but Bennett, Jankowski, Andersson as well?

16 Jan 2018 23:55:22
WPG: Mason, Dano
NYI: Nelson, Halak

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17 Jan 2018 00:36:18
Winnipeg would consider it nyi say no.

17 Jan 2018 01:21:01
This favours Winnipeg
No from NYI.

17 Jan 2018 01:51:50
I can't see the Jets doing it. They just don't really need either player. Maybe they would take Nelson at the TDL for a pick, but that's all I could see them do with this scenario.


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