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25 May 2019 00:47:30
MTL: 1rd 2019


Winnipeg gets a 15 overall pick in this draft and clear up money that they need while MTL gets a good young player at a good salary

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25 May 2019 02:23:50
No from Winnipeg.

25 May 2019 02:37:30
No chance Winnipeg does this trade.

25 May 2019 04:13:54
I like it, though since Ehlers is on WPG he’s probably worth closer to a top 5 pick and an a prospect lmao.

25 May 2019 05:14:47
No thanks. We'll just keep Ehlers.

25 May 2019 00:43:55
Win: Trouba

Detroit: Mantha,Cholowski

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25 May 2019 02:39:02
Not enough for Trouba.

25 May 2019 05:17:17
It would be a start. It might need someone else other than Mantha though, since Mantha is a winger.

25 May 2019 06:41:46
Yeah not enough for trouba imo

25 May 2019 21:07:26
That is too much for Trouba. overrated! Anyways Detroit need their young players to rebuild.

24 May 2019 22:33:33
To Dal: Nazem Kadri

To Tor: Radek Faksa and Julius Honka

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25 May 2019 03:21:55
That’s a firm no from a leafs POV Dallas takes that and runs.

25 May 2019 04:15:13
I’d take Faksa over Kadri any day. He may not be as good, but if I’m not mistaken, he’s younger and definitely not as big of a headache as Kadri is.

25 May 2019 12:55:57
Kadri got suspended a couple times but he’s a leader and a presence in the locker room.

24 May 2019 14:43:02
Detroit:Chowlosoki, AA


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24 May 2019 15:43:37
For Trouba unsigned, that would be in the ballpark. Although it might take someone other than AA, as it doesn't look like he can handle playing center.

The Jets won't likely trade Trouba unsigned, they will probably move him in a trade and sign deal to get maximum return.

24 May 2019 15:44:54
I tried answering this twice in the NHL Talk thread, but the responses never came up.

24 May 2019 16:05:29
This would be a great place to trade Trouba to but this proposal is not enough from the Wings. The Jets want a better roster player and a A prospect or a #1 pick included which the Wings don't have or would want to trade.
Also some of my replies haven't been posted as well.

24 May 2019 17:17:26
Trouba and more for AA and more would be a good start. What would the 'more' pieces look like?

24 May 2019 18:53:21
Trouba unsigned to DET doesn't make sense. they don't need Trouba for one year to see him walk and lose AA for it. They are in a rebuild and i thought AA was going to be part of that.

24 May 2019 20:58:39
Trouba is from Detroit and would resign.

25 May 2019 00:11:18
Detroit can have Trouba and any or all of Little, Perreault, Kulikov.
Jets will take AA and consider offers for the others.

24 May 2019 16:17:45
why don't my comments get posted wtf.

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25 May 2019 23:29:25
haha boogie sucks to be you!

24 May 2019 03:26:26
Montreal: alzner, 3rd
Edmonton: Lucic, 2nd

bad contract for bad contract. edmonton gives higher pick because of contract difference?

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24 May 2019 05:20:22
Anything can happen I guess but if I'm gm of Montreal I don't even consider this. I think alzner is costing the habs 3.5 mil per year right now with him in the minors and tbh I'd sooner have him in the lineup then lucic.

24 May 2019 10:52:03
Add the 8th overall and it’s closer.

24 May 2019 15:57:07
Bad history with Lucic in MTL. They wouldn't trade for him. Also, we don't have any cap issues so Alzner is not a problem right now.

25 May 2019 12:16:18
Lol not a chance in hell we take Lucic. Like vbbbvvbb said at the 8th and it's closer. Lucic is buyout proof. NMC. Awful.

24 May 2019 02:19:55
MTL: P. Byron, D. Weise, N. Juulsen.


EDM: M. Lucic, D. Nurse, K. Yamamoto.

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24 May 2019 03:55:14
Big no from Edmonton are you high

24 May 2019 05:21:49
Probably not quite a big no from Montreal as I'm sure they would love to have nurse but I still think it's a no.

24 May 2019 05:31:29
Montreal needs size in a big way, Giving up Nurse would hurt edm, but there are ample D coming up. Suzuki and Yamamoto may be a good line match. Byron's speed with McD may just work out well.

Great trade for both teams!

24 May 2019 06:21:37
No thanks. looks like Juulsens eye is going to be ok. and I think he's going to be a good one. .
And not sure, but with the length of Lucic contract, could that maybe cause some cap headaches down the future . I know as of now Hans are in good shape, but this deal still has some length to it.

24 May 2019 16:43:58
No from Habs.

24 May 2019 00:00:31



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24 May 2019 03:55:41
Montreal should hang on to Suzuki

24 May 2019 05:05:55
Nope Martinez is on the wrong side of 30 for MTL to be giving up Suzuki for.

24 May 2019 05:23:03
I don't think Montreal will be trading Suzuki any time soon unless it's in a package for a more impactful player.

24 May 2019 10:53:56
Grundstrom will be a very good 2nd line player I’d love him back in Toronto.

25 May 2019 12:15:01
No chance at all mo treal trades suzuki. Especially for someone like martinez. He is way too old for us. Suzuki looks like he's going to be CHL player of the year.

23 May 2019 17:01:24
WPG: Trouba, Ehlers, Perreault
PHI: Couturier, Myers, 11th Overall 2019

Basically it's a Trouba for Couturier plus all the additional adds. Jets get a solid #2 C, a RHD prospect plus a high 1st Round Pick this year. This also saves them cap space to resign Myers. Flyers get a #1 RHD, a top 6 LW and a veteran mid 6 W. Both build on their weaknesses and get better.


Connor - Schiefele - Wheeler
Vesalainen - Couturier - Laine
Copp - Lowry - Appleton
Dano - Little - Roslovic

Morrissey - Byfuglien
Niku - Myers
Beauleu - Poolman

Ehlers - Giroux - Vorachek
JVR - Patrick - Koneckny
Perreault - Laughton - Hartman
Lindblom - Knight - Morin

Provorov - Trouba
Gostibehere - Sandheim
Hagg - Gudas

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23 May 2019 17:27:22
Are Perreault and Ehlers worth an 11th overall pick?

23 May 2019 18:45:38
Couturier is the best piece in the deal so no from Philly. He’s their 1C.

23 May 2019 18:48:33
Philly won't trade their 1C. They have no one to take his place.

23 May 2019 20:32:53
Well I mean Giroux can take his place?

23 May 2019 22:00:57
Don’t forget philly doesn’t make the trade because Trouba wants big $, Ehlers is a question mark and Perrault is a cap dump.

23 May 2019 22:32:42
Very bad for Philly. Heavily favours WPG.

24 May 2019 16:08:42
Myres who would be a 6/ 7 d-man on the Jets and an 11th over all are not enough for Ehlers and Perreault even with the 1st part of the trade taken into consideration.

23 May 2019 14:08:15

To Toronto Maple Leafs :
• RD Johnny Boychuk (6.0 @ 3YR)
(25% Retained Salary) works out to be 4,500,000 @ 3YR

To New York Islanders :
• RD Nikita Zaitsev (4.50 @ 5YR)
• RW Jeremy Bracco (ELC)
• 53RD Overall Selection in 2019

[ Leafs shed a bad contract and acquire an established TOP 4 stay at home Defencemen, Islanders get younger and add a 6/7 defencemen, a solid prospect who put up 79 points in the AHL this year & a draft pick. Bracco is also from New York ]


To Toronto Maple Leafs :
• LD T.J. Brodie (4.65 @ 1YR)

To Calgary Flames :
• LW Patrick Marleau (25% Salary Retained)
• RW Kasperi Kapanen (RFA)

[ Marleau moves really close to home and provides the Flames with more needed veteran experience, Flames also acquire a top 6 RW. Leafs acquire a TOP 4 Defencemen & shed salary. Brodie is also from Ontario. ]

Leafs Projected Defence 2019-20 :

T.J. Brodie - Morgan Rielly
Jake Muzzin - Johnny Boychuk
Travis Dermott - Ron Hainsey

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24 May 2019 01:30:46
Calgary one isn't bad but that terrible for the islanders.

24 May 2019 03:58:27
They take a younger defencemen who could play better benifiting from a change of scenery and his contract is only 2 more years than boychuk's. Plus they get a young prospect who put up 79 points in the AHL & a pick. How is that terrible for the islanders. I swear some of yall got something against the leafs.

25 May 2019 21:55:40
zaitsev is the cap dump not boychuk. it would be the leafs retaining salary, not the islanders.

23 May 2019 13:37:31
To Ottawa Senators :
• 8TH Overall Selection in 2019
• RW Kailer Yamamoto
• LW Milan Lucic (6.0 @ 4YR)

To Edmonton Oilers :
• LW Zack Smith (3.25 @ 2YR)

Breakdown :
Oilers get a decent bottom 6 LW who could help out their penalty kill unit and given an opportunity can put up points. Oilers also shed a bad contract and get some cap relief.
A good penalty kill unit would be :
Smith - Khaira
Sekera - Russell

Senators get a TOP 10 pick to help out their rebuild considering they lost their pick to Colorado, and get a promising prospect with speed. Yamamoto can fit on the right side with Tkachuk - White. Senators also get a gritty veteran to protect the young guys.

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23 May 2019 14:07:29
Cant the Oilers jus buy out Lucic? Would be better than sending 2 1st rounders.

23 May 2019 15:19:37
If they buy out Lucic it makes things worse.

23 May 2019 16:22:24
Its amazing how hard it is to get rid of a contract like Lucic's. Gm's should beware.

23 May 2019 16:40:35
Can’t buy him out but it wouldn’t be hard to deal with if two teams were to retain salary. Say Oil retain 2M the next team would have to retain maybe 1M and they’d actually get something for him.

23 May 2019 20:03:51
Oilers in the cap situation they are in, and needing skill up front need that 8th pick. Can't see that pick moving unless it moves them up in the draft. If the deal would go down, I'd say 2019 2nd or 2020 1st would be more so the offer.

23 May 2019 21:44:39
The Oilers have nothing to offer to move up. If they move back they’ll be a better team next year and that’s what they need IMO.

25 May 2019 12:12:37
lmao uh no from oil.

25 May 2019 21:17:41
That is insane. I get that Lucic is a cap dump, but Oilers should not have to give 8th overall pick and one of their top prospect and only get Zack Smith. Unless Holland is dumb enough to do this, that is a pathetic trade. Ottawa would have to give up their 1st round pick of 2019 (Columbus' pick) and 3rd round pick. Zack Smith is not an upgrade on Lucic.

25 May 2019 21:56:44
sadly he probably is.


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