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13 Jun 2018 03:27:23
Montreal trades

Andrew shaw, 2018 3rd

Edmonton trades

Lucic(1.75mil)retained, 2018 2nd.

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13 Jun 2018 04:36:51
not much of an upgrade either side.

13 Jun 2018 05:22:23
If the Oil are barely going to save any cap and not get better than Chiarelli will just stick by his mistake.

13 Jun 2018 03:25:04
Montreal trades:

Shaw, Pacioretty,Byron, 2018 3rd.

Edmonton trades:

Lucic(1.5mil) retained, 10OVA.

Montreal drafts- Tkachuk, Kotkaniemi.




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13 Jun 2018 04:38:26
either overvaluing your players or undervaluing top 10 draft pick.

13 Jun 2018 14:51:07
Well if rambo thinks Hoffman is worth the 7th OVA Patch is worth at least 5th OVA LOL.

But in all seriousness I think it's not to bad as Byron in a cheap 3rd liner at 1.2M Patch is on a cheap for 1 more year, Shaw's contract has 1 less year then Lucic to get this trade to work that 3rd might need to change to one of the late seconds and a 3rd next year with only 1 Mil retained on Lucic.

13 Jun 2018 16:39:28
not going to lie I don't know the value of a top 10 pick that much I thought I did but everyone values it much to then I do.

13 Jun 2018 03:17:58
• Chris Tanev
• Rasmus Andersson
• Dillon Dube
• Third Round Pick in 2018

• Third Round Pick in 2018
• Michael Stone

• Seventh Round Pick in 2018
• Curtis Lazar

• Kris Russell
• Brett Kulak

• Third Round Pick in 2018
• Troy Brouwer
• Fourth Round Pick in 2019
• rights to Adam Fox

• Nino Niederreiter
• Sam Bennett
• Adam Ruzicka
• First Round Pick in 2019

Free Agent Signings:
• Michael Grabner 2M x 1YR
• Derek Ryan 2M x 2YR
• Kris Versteeg 2M x 2YR

Johnny Gaudreau - Sean Monahan - Nino Niederreiter
Matthew Tkachuk - Mikael Backlund - Michael Frolik
Micheal Ferland - Mark Jankowski - Michael Grabner
Kris Versteeg - Derek Ryan - Garnet Hathaway

Mark Giordano - Dougie Hamilton
TJ Brodie - Chris Tanev
Kris Russell - Travis Hamonic

Brodie and Tanev would be a stellar pair imo. Russell and Hamonic would be shut down while Brodie and Tanev would be puckmoving defence. Giordano and Hamilton would bring offence to the defence.

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13 Jun 2018 05:26:21
1. No from Calgary
2. Could maybe happen
3. Maybe but I’d think he’d be worth at least a little more
4. Probably a no from Calgary
5. No from Calgary. I’d think they rather buy him out than give up Fox no?
6. No from Minny.

13 Jun 2018 09:58:18
Fox won't play for a canadian team. He wants to play in america. that's why i threw in fox's rights to seal the deal although a sign and trade to an american team could be appealing

14 Jun 2018 19:44:46
Wow, no chance. Anderson for Tanev would be an overpayment. Calgary keeps Anderson. No way they trade Kulak for Russel. And giving away fox for free? Sure they get rid of Brouwer's contract, but they can get a bit more for Fox.

13 Jun 2018 00:48:29
Some pretty crazy (and frankly disturbing) stories coming out of Ottawa. If true, good luck trading Hoffman for fair value.

Hey Rambo, still think Hoffman is worth Nylander? Here's an updated trade proposal:

Ottawa: Hoffman
Edmonton: Lucic

That's IF the Oilers want to rid themselves of the Lucic contract badly enough. They may take the high road and want to avoid the situation all together.

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13 Jun 2018 01:57:18
Hoffman is still a good player on a decent contract. Some teams will definately give a much better offer than that. Also it is important to note that it was not Hoffman that is the at fault here, his girlfriend was the one sending the threats. Now we don’t know if Hoffman even knew (however it is likely that he did) but there is surely more to the story than what we know at this point and as such I doubt his value drops this drastically. If teams are willing to pay good value for players (themselves) that were accused of much worse then I am sure Hoffman is worth much, much more than Lucic.

13 Jun 2018 02:07:15
I’ve seen several hockey wife’s tweet about it so it’s more than likely true. But that doesn’t mean Hoffman knew or was involved in the nasty stuff. Don’t think it would affect his trade value all that much.

13 Jun 2018 03:42:05
Ottawa adds.

13 Jun 2018 03:16:57
Yah that’s a no from sens maybe if they added the 10th ovr.

13 Jun 2018 03:54:22
Haha I'm admittedly trolling Rambo with the above offer, but if after the dust settles, it's clear that Hoffman new about the harassment and lied about it, it's definitely going to negatively impact his trade value.

Ottawa will be forced to trade him at that point to save face, all GM's will know that Ottawa is in a jam and their hand is forced, and they will subsequently low ball.

Adding to that, who's going to want to share a locker room with that kind of guy?

This is just pouring gasoline on the raging tire fire that is the Ottawa Senators organization at the moment.

13 Jun 2018 04:13:04
Yes. Some of the hockey wives have somewhat confirmed that Hoffman's girlfriend/ fiance said those abhorrent words and if true (seems like it is), is absolutely disgusting. But i don't really understand how that affects Hoffman's trade value? IF Hoff defends her actions once proven that she said all those horrible things, then absolutely, career ruining. But for the moment, Hoff can't control what his girlfriend says, especially if he didn't know about it.

Just don't understand how something that Hoffman had no control over (to an extent) is considered career ruining and he is now UNTRADEABLE, yet Slava Voynov is garnering lots of interest from multiple teams.

Other than this Hoffman has never been perceived as a locker room problem .
However, if he does defend her actions once she is proven guilty, i'm def. going to have to change the name .

13 Jun 2018 13:20:41
His trade value definitely takes a hit from this. Don’t know how you can think it doesn’t.

13 Jun 2018 13:25:52
It affects his value because she goes where he does. You don't think that that could have been one of the things that tanked Ottawas season? It also appears this stuff has been happening for a long time but crossed a line with the Karlssons unfortunate situation. Just because its kept private doesn't mean he isn't bad in the room and now Ottawa has to trade him. No matter how good a player teams aren't going to take him if his baggage can sink a season unless its extreme value.

14 Jun 2018 22:59:04
Cool story bro. I was unaware that a players girlfriends factional actually affect their on ice value of the player themselves lol does she play for him too?

I had 2 crazy chicks when I was a bit younger but neither of their actions affected my job performance or value to my employer it's called personal and professional lives being kept separate. and the nhl is just like any other business. if the guy performs well like Hoff does it should have no affect on his value. actually it might raise his value as now more teams know he's available and found end up as a bidding war.

15 Jun 2018 16:23:52
More delusions from Rambo island hahaha.

18 Jun 2018 21:08:15
Delusions? It's called common sense unsportsmanlike. you should try using yours sometime. your wife's actions don't affect your work place value, nor does mine, nor does Hoffman's.

Will he defend his wife if he believes her story? He wouldn't be much of a man if he didn't now would he? It's called trust in a relationship and him giving her the benefit of the doubt.

12 Jun 2018 22:35:16
10TH Overall

Jeff Skinner
Justin Faulk.

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12 Jun 2018 22:08:29
Sens trade Karlsson to Vegas for

Ottawa: Karlsson(resigned)

Vegas: 1st round 2019, Shea Theodore, Cody glass and B level prospect

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13 Jun 2018 02:50:25
Hes staying in OTT if resigned

13 Jun 2018 13:26:44
Everyone assumes the resigned in these trades is agreeing to stay in Ottawa. Its more likely he's agreeing to extend in the new city before the trade.

14 Jun 2018 23:00:18
Sens don't want Cody glass nor do they want any trade from vegas.

12 Jun 2018 21:45:52
Mtl) Scherbak + Galchenyuk
Clb) Nuutivara + Wennberg

I think Colombus needs better wingers cus exept Panarin, Atkinson and Anderson aren't just good enough

Mtl gets a top 6 c plus a good depth dman

Panarin Dubois Galchenyuk
Bjork Foligno Atkinson
Scherbak Dubinsky Jenner

Werenski Jones
Murray SavaRd
Cole ? (Johnson will leave )

Pacioretty Wennberg Zadina
Lehkonen Drouin Gallagher
Byron Danault Hudson
Deslauriers Plek Shaw

Alzner Weber
Reilly Petty
Mete Juulsen/ Nutivaara

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13 Jun 2018 01:48:59
No from Columbus. I think Wennberg is as good or better than galchenyuk. I know points don’t show it, but he can actually play 2 way center on a playoff team and is more consistent all round player. And I don’t think there’s enough of a gap between the others to balance it however Nutivaara is extremely young and was a late late pick I believe who is already really outperforming expectations aswhere Scherbak hasn’t really lived up to his hype and draft spot. I’d bet on Nutivaara for sure at this point.

12 Jun 2018 20:51:04
Edm: Ryan Strome + 3rd round pick

Tor: Kadri.

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12 Jun 2018 21:06:12
Lmao okay.

12 Jun 2018 21:11:57
you’re funny.

13 Jun 2018 01:51:19
one of the best contracts in hockey with back to back 30 goal seasons for another chiarelli mistake lol no thanks. Might as well get scheifele for lucic and Josi for Larson while you’re at it.

12 Jun 2018 20:31:56
Toronto: PK Subban
To Nashville: Travis Dermot + lilgeren+ Kadri + Kapanen +1st

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12 Jun 2018 20:57:50
Please no I’m not trying to destroy every aspect of depth on Toronto for a star player.

Of course PK is a star, but man, I would rather see Toronto wait it out and get EK or Myers next summer, or get a cheaper option like Miller or Tanev this summer. Trading away our 60 point 2C when we have minimal centre depth, a middle 6 RW, two top young d prospects/ players and a 1st will j set us back more imo.

I just can't see toronto blowing it up this much.

12 Jun 2018 21:06:50
Toronto is better off not making this trade for sure.

12 Jun 2018 21:31:21
I like Subban and he would be a huge addition to the defense in Toronto, but I agree with top shelf. That’s way too much youth to give up. I’ve been saying all along that I think the leafs should target a top 4 instead of a top 2 while waiting to see how Liljegren develops. Tyler Myers would be an ideal defenseman IMO. Winnipeg could get the most value for him right now coming off his best year.

13 Jun 2018 01:55:08
No way. Especially when the rumours are that he has already worn out his welcome in Nashville’s dressing room. I Want no part of PK. Plus with Matthew, Marner and nylander getting paid, we need Good players on ELCs like dermott, liljegren and kapanen to play big roles here and can’t afford to give up a 30 goal man making 4.5 mill in Kadri right after our other 4 mill/ 30 goal man in JVR is probably walking in a cpl weeks.

12 Jun 2018 20:28:58
Ryan O'Reilly to mtl
Pacioretty + Petry + 2019 1st + Charlie Lindgren to buffalo

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