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03 Apr 2018 21:04:32
Buffalo trades Ryan O'Reilly to Carolina for Noah Hanifin.

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03 Apr 2018 22:58:46
Pretty easy no from Carolina. I’m a big fan of oreilly but the age gap too big for Carolina to accept that.

04 Apr 2018 03:32:19
@ McJesus Christ97 OK that is a fair response. If I can read between the lines, do you think the exchange of talent is fair?

04 Apr 2018 04:20:16
Defenetly not @GMTM.

04 Apr 2018 05:14:10
Yeah no not fair.

04 Apr 2018 13:44:00
Buffalo needs to add. Only way this is considered from hurricanes end is if hanifin is an RFA holdout demanding an insane contract. And even then, O’reilly Has a 7.5 mill cap hit and is a really good player, but far from a bargain. They would just pay the much younger Dman that’s in high demand everywhere and then trade him for more.

04 Apr 2018 14:08:59
No because of contract, talent and age.

03 Apr 2018 19:00:54
Canucks loui eriksson palmu 2 rd pick

Vegas 7 rd pick

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03 Apr 2018 20:58:04
Honestly with the Canucks cap situation I’m not to bothered about Ericsson’s contract, especially not when we’d loose a 2nd and Palmu. We’re in a position where pics are important. If it was just Ericsson and Palmu then it would be alright but the second? No way.

04 Apr 2018 00:39:57
Honestly even if the Sedins stayed wed have don’t **** cap room that keeping loui doesn’t hurt them all. He’s the most expensive contract and it’s still only 6 million so they are fine.

04 Apr 2018 06:53:17
It's not like Vegas GM is a brand new idiot to the league. They aren't just going to take your crap contracts. People need to stop thinking this.

04 Apr 2018 13:50:58
McPhee’s a very smart man as he has put on display this year and last. Also Canucks are not in a position to be giving assets to get rid of money. Keep the prospects and picks and build. Then move one down the road with Erikson if you need the space. Imagine if buffalo gave away picks and prospects to get rid of money 3-4 years ago. Now they’re still not good, still not paying their new core big money (besides Eichel) and they have 2-3 less prospects. Those contracts could be gone on their own by the time you’re ready. You don’t give up assets to be $25 mill below the cap instead of $19 mill lol you give it up to be $10 mill instead of $4 mill below to make a play for Tavares.

03 Apr 2018 16:24:54
islanders sign and trade tavares
Blues- Fabbri, Parayko, 1st
Islanders tank for a year, get another high pick/picks if they make more trades. Rebuild around Barzal

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03 Apr 2018 17:10:29
Don’t know if it’s fair but I totally agree with the fact that NYI has to trade and forget about JT in order to build around Barzal.

03 Apr 2018 17:44:14
That would have to be one heck of a sign and trade. What terms are we talking.

03 Apr 2018 17:54:41
A signed Tavares will potentially get a better deal imo.

03 Apr 2018 18:33:48
Thats not going to happen if nyi sign him the going to keep him and or he just signs with whatever team he's wants.

03 Apr 2018 19:30:12
St. Louis would want Sorokin the GOAT in that trade. Garth is asking for too much. Typical!

05 Apr 2018 04:56:38
I feel people don't know how sign and trades work. He wouldn't be signing with NYI expecting to play there and then flipped for a haul. he'd agree to an 8 year deal with another team. he'd have to sign that deal with NYI. Part of that agreement would include the trade. NYI would get something somewhat small in return for helping the team/ player get the extra year. They aren't getting 8 years of Tavares return for adding the year and they aren't keeping him in this situation. He essentially is agreeing to terms with another team NYI will just get something instead of nothing for helping facilitate the deal.

05 Apr 2018 19:40:09
In the people got a 2 rd pick for before july 1 for the negotaion rights for tavares that it not 2 very good players and a first rd pick that would be a good trade if he was a rfa.

03 Apr 2018 06:17:06
Tor nylander

Edm larson

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03 Apr 2018 07:57:43
Nice troll.

03 Apr 2018 13:46:54
The second Chiarelli traded Hall for Larson he lost about 40% of value. To compare, even with age diffrence i'd say Hall and Nylander are clost in value right? Larson is not even clost from those guy in terms of value. he's a good top4 RHD but is he elite? New Jersey fans even called him a bust saying they expected a more complete defensemen at number 4. What makes you think he is remotly good enough to get a top tier 22 year old center/ winger. And beside now that Edm traded a big assets for a dimunish in value defensemen to fit the teams need, they won't trade him unless New Jersey let's them redo they're mistake and get Hall back. AHAH.

03 Apr 2018 15:33:13
I’ll take Hall over Nylander anyday but I’d take Nylander over Larsson for sure.

03 Apr 2018 17:33:50
Yeah, hall is showing that he’s a very elite winger and therefore is better than Nylander. Now, keep in mind that he’s 4-5 years older and this is the first time where he’s kinda taken the league by storm. Nylander has lots of time to match him. But today, it’s hall for sure.

02 Apr 2018 22:33:25
Buffalo trades Rasmus Ristolainen to
Edmonton for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

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02 Apr 2018 23:16:45
I feel like Buffalo needs a quality d man a lot more than they need another quality centreman.

03 Apr 2018 00:08:58
@ unsportsmanlike
Thank you for your comment. I am looking for feed back regarding the fairness of the trade. RNH gives the sabres a piece so I can trade ROR for a defense-man. If I can dump sufficient cap I have capital to sign John Tavares. Then I have JT, Eichel and RNH as my top 3 centers to build around.

03 Apr 2018 00:07:56
At least it would be fair it they're was a quality centerman like Draisalt going back to Buff. RnH is a second line center. Does usaly don't get a top tire big D man.

03 Apr 2018 00:47:50
Don’t think buffalo is trading Risto.

03 Apr 2018 01:30:13
Keep Risto. Especially if you get 1st overall Dahlin. That top pair of along with a #1 center Eichel and 2 ROR. Then build around that. maybe Middlestst can replace ROR as 2 center in a few years even.

03 Apr 2018 02:52:44
Considering Risto has the 3rd highest toi in the nhl, is only 22 and is a 50 Point + dman easily on a playoff team he’s worth a lot more then Nug3 from leafs I’d give Marner, Rielly+ or Nylander.

03 Apr 2018 03:27:38
Buffalo needs risto more than they need Nuge so easy no from Buffalo.

03 Apr 2018 04:05:46
Drai is on a 35 point pace when not playing with McDavid
He’s not what you want especially with his contract.

03 Apr 2018 04:37:14
I think Buffalo already has an RNH. with I believe more upside in Reinhart. would need more for Risto. and I like RNH. I think Buffalo is a solid goalie away from being a pretty good team, the young guys are going to keep maturing. Risto is a key young guy., probabably 2nd to only Eichel. They won't move him.

03 Apr 2018 04:54:58
Borje where do you get that? Just curious because i just read an article on the Athletic from end of January that said he has spent about half his time to that point away from McDavid and while his 5v5 scoring was down it was still 2 points/ 60 which they said was somewhere between Malkin and Barkov and top line production. I don't think a 35 point pace would be considered top like production. At that rate if he got 15 5v5 min/ game he'd get 41 points not counting powerplay and short handed. He has 13 non 5 on 5 points this year (has struggled on PP) .

03 Apr 2018 06:01:46
Jbs32 don't worry about Borje, all he does is spew oilers hate. It's funny. He's just an idiot hater.

03 Apr 2018 12:58:53
No from Buffalo, simply because they have an abundance of natural centers (Eichel, ROR, Middelstadt, Reinhart), and are VERY thin on D.

03 Apr 2018 17:45:07
I’m not an idiot hater Yup. In fact, I don’t mind you at all.

03 Apr 2018 18:46:58
Sorry, he’s at a 37.17 pace without McDavid. Small sample size as he only has played away from him 37.5 % at even strength and 100% of the time together on pp. when he is away from McDavid his line is outscored by a ratio of 57.1%-42.9.

03 Apr 2018 18:54:08
Would I want Drai on my team? Of course. At 22 he is still getting better. Would I give up Risto for him? Not a chance.

03 Apr 2018 19:41:41
How is risto a 50 pt dman if he’s never got 50 pts before. Also has never had a season + lol. Not taking anything away from him but where’s the hype coming from he’s never done anything in buffalo yet? Yes he’s a good dman but where is all this value coming from is he the new parayko from last year (colt joke) but just wondering.

04 Apr 2018 00:05:58
No no, You are just a hater. Literally the only thing you post is Oilers hate on Oilers posts. It's nothing new and I don't expect it t change. You're Flames finished the year strong tho hey. should pick up a decent prospect with the 1st round draft pick, Oh wait.

04 Apr 2018 02:24:17
I’m a leafs fan ( btw ) if he can play 30+ min in the nah you’re a top 2 dman on any team. Risto has all the tools to be great he just needs to get out of Buffalo.

04 Apr 2018 05:32:22
Yup are you still living those lottery dreams that make all Oiler fans act so superior from June until November when the Oil are out yet again? I guess the Flames will have to settle for finding another Johnny, Ferland or Brodie a little later and develop them. Much like the Oil have done with.

04 Apr 2018 21:53:40
That last one from borje is kinda funny tho lol.

02 Apr 2018 21:12:28
With Plekanec gone, mtl might want to get assets by taking a bad contract:

Van: Edler, Hutton

Mtl: Schlemko

Mtl takes Edler for Schlemko to get the somewhat talented Hutton.

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02 Apr 2018 21:56:28
Banning hangs up and nearly passes out from laughter.

02 Apr 2018 22:29:58
Edlet is worth a late first + a B prospect.

02 Apr 2018 23:30:02
Lmao canucks are going to have like 20 in cap space lol edler the most talent player there lol do you even look up stats or anything.

03 Apr 2018 00:55:22
Your trying to say Edler is a bad contract?

02 Apr 2018 19:35:46
Edmonton: Milan Lucic( Cap ), Jesse Puljujarvi and 1st 2018 8th-11th ovr

Arizona: OEL And 2nd 2018

Edmonton: gets cap relief from Lucic's contract. OEL brings a new element to the team of an elite defender that can log top minutes. Could help them make that extra step in the playoffs.

Arizona: OEL likely won't resign ( speculation ) so they should maximize value if that's the case. Jesse Puljujarvi could make out well on the top line with Keller and Stephan. They can use the 1st to draft a potential replacement for OEL. Ty Smith?

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02 Apr 2018 19:49:42
Edm needs elite wingers
This is why they Will keep Puljujärvi.

02 Apr 2018 22:35:03
Patrick Kane is an elite winger. Jesse Puljujarvi isn’t his potential is Blake Wheeler esq. Blake Wheeler is a game changer but not elite like Kane, Jagar, Howe or Marice Richard.

03 Apr 2018 00:49:30
I think that your a bit mixed up
Wheeler is elite
Kane and Jagr (was) are franchise.

03 Apr 2018 03:29:52
Lol Wheeler is on pace for 90 points I’m pretty sure that’s elite. Wheeler is a damn good player if Puljujärvi could get near wheeler for potential that would be unbelievable.

03 Apr 2018 12:59:54
Lol if Pulj becomes Wheeler, i'm keeping Pulj. Wheeler is an absolute tank, great everywhere around the ice.

03 Apr 2018 14:05:36
Puljujarvi won’t become as good as Wheeler the chances are very slim.

04 Apr 2018 21:57:20
First player comparisons to Gordie Howe and Maurice Richard! Haha never thought, even through all the rediculous stuff I read on here, I’d see gordie howe brought up in a Jesse Puljujärvi post! Lol simply amazing.

05 Apr 2018 13:17:19
Unbiased Jim can not read. Reread what I said.

02 Apr 2018 09:06:34
Okay so obviously mtl needs a good center. Ok maybe getting a real 70 point number one center is not realistic without dealing Carey Price or Pacioretty +++ but maybe a good #2 center who gets 55+ points like an O'Reilly type. he's still young too, so it fits. I prefer Granlund though and he's only 26. So maybe:

Mtl: Gallagher, Lekonen, 2 rd 2018

Wild: Granlund

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02 Apr 2018 16:20:14
No thanks. Sign a center or tank for 3 years and draft one.

02 Apr 2018 19:09:00
Can’t see Montreal giving that up.

02 Apr 2018 19:52:52
Granlund isn’t a Center anymore.

02 Apr 2018 23:53:23
Gallagher having a his best year but i doubt he gets 30 goals next year.

03 Apr 2018 04:40:01
Gallagher isn't measured just in goals. But, I can see 30 again. more likely a 25 goal man. in this day, that's really good., and all the other aspects of hos game make him more valuable than just goals.

02 Apr 2018 05:21:02
Buffalo trades Okposo, McCabe, 2019 2nd, and 2020 2nd to Calgary for Brodie.

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09 Apr 2018 03:06:58
This one has legs. If that 2020 2nd was a 2018 2nd then it’s a lot closer as CGY’s draft picks this year are minimal.

02 Apr 2018 00:29:06
Buffalo trades Viktor Antipin to
Toronto for Connor Carrick.

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