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15 Feb 2019 23:20:04
It's no secret Anaheim needs a shake up and Getzlaf is a good trade option he's still a PPG 1C in the right situation and a two way beast. I'd rather have him then Monahan in the playoffs.

Calgary: Ryan Getzlaf ( 1.25 million retained )

Anaheim: Mark Stone ( Cap ), Sam Bennet And 1st 2019

Calgary- gets a 1c to play in the 2C role for a playoff push and a few more seasons.

Anaheim- Gets two solid pieces for a shakeup they desperately need.

PS- Getzlaf hasn't lost a step Anaheim is just terrible and needs a shake up

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16 Feb 2019 05:34:25
Micheal Stone whoops.

16 Feb 2019 05:45:51
1. Michael Stone not Mark
2. Not enough for Getzlaf
3. No need for Getzlaf
4. Anaheim wouldn't trade their captain to a rivalry team

16 Feb 2019 14:43:07
4 is the only one I agree with. He’s getting old and has a big contract yes he’s still real good but his value is low I think this is an offer Anaheim looks at for sure. Maybe because is a riveraly team the ask for a peice like Dubé.

16 Feb 2019 17:41:24
No this is a very easy no from ducks .

16 Feb 2019 21:26:35
Anaheim has cap issues and wouldn’t want to retain salary for one thing. The return is less than stellar as well. Stone has 11 games to his credit this year and is a bottom pairing defenseman. Bennett is not a top 6 player, so Ducks would have a huge hole to fill on that 1st line. Besides all this, losing their captain leaves them without an adequate leader to guide the team through its turnaround.

17 Feb 2019 14:04:28
Trade our Tkachuk for Ottawa’s Dzingel, a 2nd this year and a steady left hand D

15 Feb 2019 23:16:22
EDM: Puljujärvi
WPG: Petan, 2nd Round Pick 2019

Oilers get a speedy LW that has experience playing with McDavid at the World Juniors.

Jets can send Puljujärvi down the the AHL this year and then reunite him with Laine next year.

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16 Feb 2019 06:08:51
This is starting to get tedious. Petan is a throwaway play that has 0 value and a 2nd alone doesn’t get you Pulj. Just stop with this crap already.

16 Feb 2019 16:15:34
The Jets would definitely have to add but on the Oilers Petan would be a top 6 player as he just hasn't been able to crack a deep Jets roster. Add one of Perreault, Copp, or Tanev and a 3rd might be a fairer return for Pully.

16 Feb 2019 17:41:49
Petan is a top 6 forward haha man.

16 Feb 2019 17:55:03
I would think Edmonton would want more, but Petan would be a good player for them. The Oilers need some young players that have been developed correctly, but just don't have a spot on their current team, so that the Oilers can't screw them up.

16 Feb 2019 21:29:59
Puljarvi isn’t exactly a top 6 player either. Saying Petan has zero value but Puljarvi is worth more than a 2nd+ is a little hypocritical. Puljarvi has 7 points more than Petan while playing 33 more games this year. So who has the better ppg?

15 Feb 2019 21:40:27
WPG: Ehlers, Petan
OTT: Stone

Jets then sign Stone to an 8 year $8M contract. They get a better player at a little higher cap rate and will be much better defensively. Also noted, Stone is from Winnipeg.

Sens get a 23 year old top 6 Forward on a great contract for another 6 years. Plus add another NHL ready player.

Jets lineup:
Connor - Schiefele - Wheeler
Laine - Little - Stone

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15 Feb 2019 22:00:02
No from Ott. Petan is a throwaway player and not enough to close the gap between Ehlers and Stone.

15 Feb 2019 23:09:40
If Ottawa can get back Ehlers in a trade for Stone i think that would be a significant piece Ottawa can be happy with, but like vert said Petan will not make up the rest of the difference. Jets need to add something more or a more better piece than Petan. With that said tho, i cannot imagine Winnipeg wants to move Ehlers, because if they do Stone better be guarenteed to re-sign in Winnipeg.

15 Feb 2019 23:49:42
Easy no from Winnipeg. Winnipeg is going to be strapped for cash after this season, and Ehlers is a steal at $6M and locked in long term. By the end of that contract he will be severely underpaid for the output he’s capable of.

15 Feb 2019 23:52:27
No chance from Winnipeg. Rental players have never, ever returned an Ehlers calibre player. Stone will be no different. It will likely be the Jets 1st, Petan and Stanley of the Jets go after stone.

16 Feb 2019 03:07:25
Petan is a throw away at this point but if he got more ice time in Ottawa, maybe he grows to the player he was supposed to be. Dylan strome has 31 points in 34 games for Chicago when he had 16 points in 48 games with Yotes, playing with his old buddy from junior but quite a turn around playing in a new place. Sometimes need a change and Winnipeg just has to much talent to get the ice time.

16 Feb 2019 03:07:58
But still no at this point.

16 Feb 2019 03:25:57
I can't see the Jets trading Ehlers, a very good young player who is signed long term to a very reasonable contract.

15 Feb 2019 17:44:14
Mtl: Hudon, Cale Fleury, 3rd rd

Edm: Puljujarvi

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15 Feb 2019 19:44:50
no lol.

15 Feb 2019 20:12:00
Not enough.

15 Feb 2019 20:19:08
Why would oilers even do that? No value . would rather just send him to Bakersfield.

15 Feb 2019 21:08:42
I think we are better off with Pool. None of those incoming players from Montreal are anything special. Puljarvi still has potential. He’s doing better this year. Give him time. He might come around.

15 Feb 2019 22:11:59
Hes doing worse this year Zamboni what are you talking about? He had 20 points in 65 games last year and now has 9 points in 45 games this year. Offensively he's doing worse and I'm pretty sure he's not much help defensively. So Zamboni can you explain to me how he's doing better this year?

15 Feb 2019 23:12:32
Pool party is having a less offensive year this season compared to last, but to be fair this year has been very frustrating watching him on the 3-4th line every game with 8-12 min a game. Even when he gets a chance to play in the top 6 he gets less than 5 minutes or a couple shifts until he is moved off and its effin ridiculous that happens he's never got a full game in playing in the top 6 and no wonder he has trouble finding consistency and confidence when the coach won't give you a legit chance.

15 Feb 2019 23:16:53
A decent prospect a 3rd round pick and an nhl player who can match his offensive production I'd say is pretty generous. you can't hang on to the high draft pick value forever if he soon don't start producing this could be the best offer you ever get.

15 Feb 2019 23:17:58
I know most oilers fans would say if this is all we can get we will keep him but myself as a habs fan would not give anymore then this right now for him.

15 Feb 2019 23:57:13
You’re right too BoomBoom. I don’t know what I was thinking there. Puljarvi is actually doing a lot worse than I thought. I should probably do a quick check before posting if I’m not sure next time.

Maybe we should just give up on him. There still isn’t a lot coming back in return, but at least it’s something. Another year like this one and we won’t even be able to give him away. His stats are so bad right now it’s obvious he is not an nhl caliber player. He should be sent down and developed properly before we ruin him permanently.

16 Feb 2019 03:10:15
Thoughts are Oilers would only trade him if they got a can't refuse offer.

15 Feb 2019 16:05:46
Here's a thought considering the way Dallas management is acting with their stars plus the stars poor performances this year especially benn and Seguin.

Ott : stone, Duchene, dzingle, Ceci, Paul

Dal : Seguin, benn, Klingberg

Dallas with all the ex sens basically becomes sens west lol.

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15 Feb 2019 18:07:07

15 Feb 2019 20:39:55
So DAL downgrades at every position for. Paul?

15 Feb 2019 21:10:26
Omg. This has to be one of the worst proposals I’ve seen on this site yet.

15 Feb 2019 21:39:46
The package coming from Ottawa of UFA's, top 9 player, bottom 6 D and c+ prospect dosnt even get you 2 of those players together. Seguin and been is too much for that package and so is Klingberg and Been.

15 Feb 2019 21:44:44
Topshelfslappers what is so funny? Do you want me to add that the Ottawa guys agree to resign? Because that's the only thing that's lopsided about this deal in Ottawa favour?

Duchene and stone are expected to make close to the same as Seguin and benn make now salary wise. And both Ottawa guys are and have been all along better defensively that the 2 Dallas guys and currently better offencively this season as well, don't believe me look it up! Besides that it's been what? 3 - 4 years now that benn and seguin have not bee themselves? How many years does it take for their value to drop when it took Duchene one year according to you all to drop value significantly even though his play got much better?

As for Klingberg he's a great offencive Dman but needs work defencively, clearly an upgrade on Ceci and cap friendly I get that but that's nothing that dzingle and Paul value can't make up for especially seeing as how Klingberg would take on an EK/ SJS like 2nd pairing role in Ottawa as he ain't bumping chabot the way he's been going and demelo being the compliment to that, I rather see him on the 2 pair with Lajoie.

As for Dallas the get a brand new top line that already has a chemistry about them as well as a Dman with past experience playing with Methot in EKs absence and a kid they drafted and were once very high on who could more easily slip in to a role with main team their than in Ottawa as they have an older team with not as many young guys to have to out play to get a spot. Paul could easily slip in bottom 6, Ceci in top 4 and the other 3 most likely top line but could work anywhere in top 6, and with spezza coming off the books this offseason it's more than affordable for Dallas. Maybe Dallas even flips dzingle, and Ceci, and a 1st in 2020 to Edmonton for nuge who's on the block as well, leaving them with plenty top 6 line combo possibilities, and enough cap to go after panarin as well in offseason.

Panarin Duchene radulov
Nushishkin nuge stone

Or vice versa either would be great and they still have hanzel, Dickinson, Daska, coumeau, and Cogliano for bottom 6 of top of my head, plus gives all their you dmen a spot to fight for like lindell, heiskenen, Honka, with Klingberg gone, while Ottawa gets a solid cap friendly 2 pair dman and 2 long term vets to build the young guys around.

Benn Seguin Ryan
Tkechuck white brown
Formenton pageau Batherson
Paajarvi teirney boadker

And chlapic, balcers, Norris, give em some flexibility to use a forward or few to upgrade the Blueline a bit more and hopefully Move smith, heck teirney value should also be a lot higher now after the season he's had as well.

16 Feb 2019 00:12:02
Extensions would have to be in place first for Dallas to consider. You never said anything about that. Instead you left it to the reader make that assumption. Pretty tall order expecting all those guys to be signed and traded by deadline. Ceci is terrible. Shouldn’t even be in nhl. Dallas would never take him on. Klingberg is a righty. If anything he would be playing with Chabot, not 2nd line.

16 Feb 2019 02:35:12
😭😭😭Omg this ain’t a troll is it. ‘Klingberg is surely an upgrade on Ceci’. Nah, you don’t say LMFAO😭😭🤣

The fact you even think that this stuff is close to equal value is hilarious, don’t come at anyone saying anything about how the Ottawa side of this deal is even close to fair. Its legitamately Dallas’ three best players for Ottawa’s second and third best players and a bunch of others that equate to zero in the grand scheme of the trade bud.

Three or four years benn and seguin haven’t been themselves? Huh? Benn won an art ross two years ago bud😭😭🤣 what are you on about man. Seguin and Benn are now app worse than Stone and Duchene unsigned oh give me a break, you can’t be serious when saying this stuff🤣🤣🤣🤣. Ask any man on the street in any part of Canada or the US i'd they know hockey and they'll take Benn and Seguin 10/ 10. You want to know why? Cause Ottawa has no leverage w either UFA, their career stats (Benn/ Seguins) are superior, their contracts are locked in and their advanced stats are just as good. And the Klingberg thing is just a whole mess lmao Klingberg EASILY himself pulls in. That package minus one of Stone or Duchene, loool.

Stop thinking every teams going to get hosed like ottawa did w. karlsson. Dorion made himself a fool and paid the price. No one else is doing that. No ones trading the three faces of a franchise for two UFAs and extras.

This is the equivalenr of me saying hey Kadri, Nylander, Brown, zaitsev and gabriel gagne pull in benn, seguin and klingberg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 get a grip bud.

16 Feb 2019 08:45:19
I honestly don't know if Rambo is for real or if he's just pretending to be this super biased Ottawa fan. John Klingberg is not and upgrade to Ceci he's not even on the same planet. he's a top 2 defensemen while Ceci is a bottom pair at best and sometimes not even worthy of being a bottom pair defensemen. A Nathan Beaulieu type guy but Beaulieu is better. Benn and seguin are worth so much more then 2 UFA even if they're signed because those guys are not worth 8 million. Stone and Duchene are good players but at 6.5-7 million each tops. Dzingel has the value of a late first tops while Paul barely has any value. Add Chabot and White and take Dzingel and Paul out and it's closer.

16 Feb 2019 19:49:49
Ok first off Seguin and benn up till as you say, 2 to 3 years ago were better offencively than stone and Duchene I'm not arguing that, but defensive game was and is most definitely on the side of Duchene and stone no question. As of last year the offencive edge had greatly diminished and this year that offensive edge has most definitely been taken over by stone and Duchene, anyone not ignorant to the sport can clearly see that!

And the fact that they can both be signed even cheaper than the Dallas guys also works in their favour as does the current situation in Dallas putting Seguin and benn against Dallas management with the remarks made about them recently by management. If the Hoffman EK stuff this past year affected their value the way it did why would this be any different?

As for Klingberg, yes he's worth more than Ceci but Ceci whether you or I agree or not still carries value in any trade talks in the league, and that's a cold hard fact, add a top 6 forward in dzingle, who posts 40+ points a season, and has a ton of speed like he does, and a prospect originally drafted by Dallas in the first place and has a good chance at making their lineup now. That definitely makes up the difference between Klingberg and Ceci, that much is very clear!

16 Feb 2019 21:26:39
As for the person saying Klingberg would be paired with Chabot in Ottawa if this happened, do you follow how the game is played?

Klingberg is an offencive Dman who somewhat struggles defensively, while Chabot is mainly offencive Dman too I'll be it a little better defensively. You don't put 2 of those types together unless on the powerplay. Demelo compliments Chabot just fine, leaving Klingberg on 2nd pair in Ottawa likely with Lajoie!

And boomboom, go smoke some more wacky tobacky bud, your comment is a joke. Stone and Duchene are Ottawa's best 2 forwards and arguably best 2 players currently and top 40 players in the league respectively while Seguin currently barely gets in that status at number 40 while benn is in the worst year of his career since his breakout season and don't even make top 50 right now.

As for Ceci he's bad yes, but still a top 4 Dman and still better than most dmen in the league today. The only ones better are the big names, and elite prospects, of which Dallas does not have 4 or 5 of those even with Klingberg, 2 maybe 3 tops including Klingberg.

16 Feb 2019 22:20:01
Wow with all these super valuable elite players you would think the Sens wouldn’t be in

*Checks Standings*

Dead last 😂

Ceci is hot garbage, just like this proposal.

17 Feb 2019 03:17:10
Unsportsmanlike so is 85 percent of the dmen in the league don't kid yourself.

Also, stats don't lie, look it up.

And while Ottawa does have solid players, stone Duchene Chabot Lajoie pageau dzingle teirney demelo tkechuck white and even paajarvi looking good with sens

they also have the handicap of not so great players with bad contracts holding them back like smith Ceci jaros

They also have those like borwieski Ryan boadker who might not hurt the team but don't really help it much either

Add that to the kids they continue to leave in the minors and juniors rather than have them in the main lineup where they should be and can help like balcers Batherson chlapic brown and formenton

And if you don't see my point on the evaluations of stone and Duchene vs that of Seguin an benn plus the situations then you clearly don't understand the game!

In the past if you want offense you go for Dallas guys and if you want defensive forwards you take the Ottawa guys, as of now however, in either category you take the Ottawa guys, especially fully signed.

17 Feb 2019 10:46:43
Please provide “stats” that show Ceci is better than 85% of the D-Men in the NHL. Go ahead, I’ll wait here.

17 Feb 2019 17:16:26
He's a top 4 Dman who puts up points and is only out played offensively or defensively by the big names like EK, doughty, Pietrangelo, Jones etc, or has less potential/ outplayed by the elite young defence like dahlin, Chabot, heiskenen, Rielly, etc. Stats are on NHL. com for any further proof.

Now it's your turn unsportsmanlike, please provide any kind of stats you can possibly find stating he's worst than anyon outside those perameters.

How'd you put it? I'm waiting.

17 Feb 2019 18:17:23
Hey look at all those awesome stats you did not post.

I asked you for stats that show he is better than 85% of the defensemen. Your flawed opinion that he is a top 4 d-man who puts up point is not a stat.

Here's an ACTUAL stat: Cody Ceci has a pts/ 60 of 0.016. That's not even in the top 100 for defensemen in the NHL. Just because Ottawa is a DUMPSTER FIRE with zero defensive depth which forces Ceci to log huge minutes does not mean he is effective in doing so. He is also a huge reason why Ottawa has THE WORST goals against in the league (of the 296 defensemen listed, his minus 19 is the 289th) . Sounds like he's getting outplayed defensively by a few more players than the "big names" there genius.

School's out kiddo.

21 Feb 2019 15:50:14
First off I said nhl. com for stats proof you're just too lazy to look and I'm not transferring every detail on there for comparison, I'll be here all year if I did that.

2ndly, whatever that first bit you posted about pts/ 60 of 0.016 that's not even a real stat, what exactly is that supposed to be, ppg? If so, what's the 60 of 0.016? You make no sense.

And 3rdly and most importantly, plus minus, can't even be used as a top contributor in this pretext, as Ceci played and still plays on one of the weaker if not the weakest defensive teams in the league. Let's look at that mighty defence depth Ottawa has.


In the past you can add


But the fact is Chabot demelo and Lajoie were never around at the time of EK and Methot so really that depth chart never really changed.

You talk trash about how bad Ottawa's players are but truth be told their forwards are some of the best in the League and usually include at least 3 in top 100 and 2 in top 50, up front they have tons of depth more than most teams, heck they just got rid of 3 big guns and a depth guy last year and still have enough to role 4 solid lines and have a handful of young guys left in system waiting their shot. The defense is the problem in Ottawa outside a couple guys, always has been. Proof? Watch the Chicago game, scoring not an issue. Getting scored on is!

You wanted to be educated. You're welcome!

21 Feb 2019 20:24:18
Hahaha did you just claim points/ 60 isn't even a real stat? It's points per 60 minutes genius. Shining more light on all the things you don't know about hockey. No wonder you are out to lunch all the time.

And you're right about Ceci playing for one of the weakest defensive teams. You know what contributes to weak defense? Weak defenseman. Like Cody Ceci.

Are you seriously unable to connect the dots here? I honestly think you are trolling because natural selection should have removed somebody this thick from the gene pool by now.

15 Feb 2019 14:51:18
Edmonton Oilers -
• (C) Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
Carolina Hurricanes -
• (RHD) Dougie Hamilton

Edmonton Oilers -
• (LHD) Darnell Nurse
Toronto Maple Leafs -
• (C/RW) William Nylander

Edmonton Oilers -
• (2019) 1st-Round Pick
• (C) Tyler Benson
• (RHD) Matt Benning
• (G) Cam Talbot
Florida Panthers -
• (LW) Mike Hoffman
• (G) James Reimer

Edmonton Oilers -
• (C/RW) Kailer Yamamoto
• (2019) 3rd-Round Pick
New York Rangers -
• (LW) Mats Zuccarello

Edmonton Oilers -
• (LW) Milan Lucic
• (LHD) Ethan Bear
• (2020) 1st-Round Pick
Los Angeles Kings -
• (2020) 3rd-Round Pick

Edmonton Oilers -
• (RW) Ty Rattie
• (LHD) Brandon Manning
Arizona Coyotes -
• (RW) Christian Fischer

Edmonton Oilers Line Combinations:

Mats Zuccarello - Connor McDavid - William Nylander
Mike Hoffman - Leon Draisaitl - Jesse Puljujärvi
Jujhar Khaira - Colby Cave - Christian Fischer
Tobias Rieder - Brad Malone - Alex Chiasson

Oscar Klefbom - Adam Larsson
Kris Russell - Dougie Hamilton
Alex Petrovic - Kevin Gravel

Mikko Koskinen
James Reimer

Canadian Cup Favourite after those

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15 Feb 2019 14:58:29
Not Canadian Stanley Cup favourites. Awful goalie situation still, the bottom 6 and bottom pairing defensmen aren’t good, maybe average at best.

15 Feb 2019 15:40:25
No from oil.
No from oil.
No from oil.
No from oil.
No from oil.
Yes from oil.
Not even close to be a cup contender.

15 Feb 2019 16:21:31
A lot here. going to be hard to be brief, but I’ll do my best.

First two trades, I think we need RNH more than we need Nylander. And Nurse is better than Hamilton in my opinion. I like the physical play of Nurse, while Hamilton is a pussy.

The third trade, Hoffman is good, Reimer we don’t need or want.

The fourth trade, do we really want to be trading a recent 1st round pick for a pending free agent that we can’t afford to re-sign? Is Zuccarello going to drag us into the playoffs all on his own?

The fifth trade, LA can't afford to make, and I don’t think they are foolish enough to accept that anyway.

The sixth trade, sure, why not?

15 Feb 2019 19:59:25
McDavid wouldn’t even be able to entice a team to take Lucic.

15 Feb 2019 13:48:40
Oilers - Cam Talbot, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Jesse Puljujärvi, 2019 1st Round Pick
Ducks - John Gibson, Josh Manson, Ryan Kesler (cap dump)

Oilers - Kailer Yamamoto + Kris Russell (25% Retained Salary) + Ethan Bear
Hurricanes - Dougie Hamilton

Oilers - Darnell Nurse
Leafs - William Nylander

Oilers - 2020 1st Round Pick + Brandon Manning + Ty Rattie
Rangers - Mats Zuccarello

Oil Projected Line Combinations:

Leon Draisaitl - Connor McDavid - William Nylander
Mats Zuccarello - Ryan Kesler - Tobias Rieder
Milan Lucic - Colby Cave - Alex Chiasson
Jujhar Khaira - Kyle Brodziak - Zack Kassian

Oscar Klefbom - Dougie Hamilton
Alex Petrovic - Adam Larsson
Matt Benning - Josh Manson

John Gibson
Mikko Koskinen

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15 Feb 2019 05:18:18
Hurricanes trade: Ferland, Faulk

Panthers trade: Hoffman, Brassard

Agree4 Disagree16

15 Feb 2019 16:23:40
Panthers looking for picks and prospects, not another free agent and an expensive and overrated defenseman stripped of his captaincy.

15 Feb 2019 01:28:48
Florida Trades
6th Round Pick 2019

Toronto Trades

On the surface it looks like a lot for Hoffman but the Leafs will clear lots of Cap for the Trade Deadline plus Next Season and add a Top LWinger for Tavares and Marner.


Agree3 Disagree19

15 Feb 2019 02:37:03
On the surface it looks like not enough for Hoffman.

15 Feb 2019 03:48:45
🙄🙄 bruh no come on.

15 Feb 2019 04:08:46
I understand the LW depth isn’t something to write home about. However, Tavares and Marner are looking to have career years, Hyman must be doing something right. Do you watch the games or just look at point totals? Hyman is a work horse and he compliments the skilled players nicely. Marleau will need to be replaced after next season but Johnsson is looking pretty good too. Brown would be a nice add on to land a top 4 defenseman.

15 Feb 2019 12:47:36
Yes #Leafs17, I watch the Games yes Hyman has done ok with his grind game but putting Hyman on the 4th line makes a better 4th line and Hoffman with Tavares and Marner makes that line even better, it's a domino trade where you can trade for a Defence man like McQuaid and a Centre like Glendening after this one.

15 Feb 2019 13:16:43
I’m just saying that defense should be a top priority. They have 2 solid defenseman. Gardiner will walk and I think Dermott will be just fine sliding in his place. If Brown is to be traded, it should be part of a package to get a top 4 RD. Otherwise it will be Kapanen or Johnsson that will have to go to address the defense. .

15 Feb 2019 15:42:44
pinner you wish bud.

15 Feb 2019 16:25:51
Again, Florida s looking for picks and prospects, not another pending free agent. This trade makes no sense to them. They want to free up as much salary as possible. Taking on Gardiner and Hortons dead weight contract makes no sense.

15 Feb 2019 17:28:54
I'd imagine brown and Gardiner for Hoffman, then Florida plays a 6th for Horton? Toronto should be sending a 1st or a top prospect for taking horton.

15 Feb 2019 21:12:26
Isn’t Horton on permanent LTIR? What’s the need to dump him? Toronto can afford his salary and it doesn’t count against the cap. Why give up assets for a guy that doesn’t affect cap in any way whatsoever?

15 Feb 2019 01:24:23
Carolina Trades
6th Round Pick 2019 (Flames Pick)

Toronto Trades
IScott (WHL)
4th Round Pick 2019 (Blues Pick)

A lot on here keep pointing that the Canes are looking for Scoring Forwards I don't believe that's there main focus with there Prospects, they aren't stacked but they do have some on the main team as well in the AHL, they are deep in DMan Prospects but not in Goal, adding IScott would be a huge step forward in getting that good Goaltending Prospect and IScott is a good one and will be a Starting Goaltender in the NHL in the future.

For the Leafs everyone knows they need some Grit up front that can play a Top 9 roll and Ferland addresses that, Faulk addresses that Top 4 RHanded shooting Defenceman so this Trade gives them that final push for this year's Playoffs, if they could make this Trade the only thing left would be a Glendenning type playing Centre on the 4th Line and maybe a McQuaid type as depth but even if that didn't happen this Trade Proposal does give them the best shot this year.


Agree1 Disagree15

15 Feb 2019 03:49:17
It’s still a easy no from Carolina.

15 Feb 2019 04:12:10
You’re going to upset vbb’s. Apparently Faulk is the worst defenseman in the nhl, lol. I like the idea of Ferland but I don’t know about trading away a goalie prospect. I’m already regretting them letting McElhinney go.

15 Feb 2019 04:50:46
Faulk is a very overrated dman. Stats prove it. Last 3-4 years he has a horrible plus minus. All other dman on the hurricanes are decent or good.

15 Feb 2019 07:15:51
Canes have a good goalie prospect in Nedeljkovic. Not saying this is a terrible trade I just don’t think it’s the type Carolina would want.

15 Feb 2019 12:39:41
This isn’t even close. If Dubas offered this his number would be blocked. Carolina wants a 1st+ for Ferland alone, that package doesn’t equal a 1st+, and you want Faulk too? Keep dreaming, that’s a joke of an offer.

15 Feb 2019 16:27:05
Why would Carolina want a free agent defenseman coming in? They aren’t going to re-sign Gardiner. The year have no use for him and can’t afford him.


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