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31 Dec 2017 05:15:36
*confirmed trade

Calgary trades goalie eddie lack to new jersey for defenceman dalton prout.




19 Nov 2017 03:45:44
Just for fun, one more price trade and i'm done.

Mtl- carey price + brendan gallagher
Col- j. t. compher + a. j. greer + jonathan bernier.


1.) 19 Nov 2017 05:34:41
And how was that for fun value? Lol
Terrible for Montreal.

2.) 19 Nov 2017 05:53:28
Idk. Just trying to make it resemble the patrick roy trade somewhat lol.



17 Nov 2017 18:05:21
Canadiens- carey price + 3rd round pick

Canucks- bo horvat + ben hutton

Montreal gets their center and defence, vancouver gets "the greatest goalie on the planet"


1.) 17 Nov 2017 18:45:21
Yes! The daily Price trade. Friday edition. Nice!

2.) 17 Nov 2017 19:59:39
Why does everyone wanna trade price to Vancouver when they have the best goalie prospect in the nhl?

3.) 17 Nov 2017 20:02:37
I agree these a getting old yup. But I'm sure Price could get at least Horvat tho No? . Maybe not Hutton on top of that but at least Horvat and maybe Virtanen.

4.) 17 Nov 2017 20:15:36
Because he is from there area. Is basically the big reason he would be linked there.

And they would be able to afford him. And if you take Demko out of the picture it's a decent fit with their rebuild on the fly. But, Price isn't being traded, Montreal stuck with that $10.5M contract now I think.

5.) 17 Nov 2017 20:40:56
Can we jus let the guy go back inbthe ice. (whenever that may be) And see if he can put his horrible start behind him.
His contract makes him pretty hard to trade, and I don't want to see thay anyway. Had a horrible October. Give the guy a chance.

6.) 17 Nov 2017 21:49:17
Agree with Sosa, give him a chance. Habs should rebuild, but that ship sailed when they went older with Weber over subban, traded a 19 year old stud D prospect for drouin (at least he’s still very young as well), signed Price to that extension and gave Alzner all kinds of cash. Price is a great goalie who had a terrible start like rask, Andersen, talbot etc. The others just played long enough to get back on track and he got hurt. Relax.

7.) 17 Nov 2017 23:51:08
I've agreed with what Sosa saying since day one of these Price trades. Lol.

8.) 18 Nov 2017 03:55:13
My poor wording. I wasn’t telling people to agree with Sosa and give Sosa a chance lol I meant “I agree with Sosa, give him (price) a chance”.

9.) 18 Nov 2017 16:28:52
Yes I know. I agree with Sosa, You guys (Habs fans) need to just chill and give Price the chance back. Not going to be able to trade that $10.5M now. Especially if he's playing like garbage now. And if he starts playing like the best goalie in the world again, Then you'll be screaming we're keeping him, he's the best! . again.



17 Nov 2017 04:02:03
Coyotes- dylan strome

Senators- 2018 2nd round pick.


1.) 17 Nov 2017 04:28:49
Too much for a career AHL guy.

2.) 17 Nov 2017 08:22:31
How does this have 4 believables?

3.) 17 Nov 2017 11:38:29
Hhhhaaaa lool no.

4.) 17 Nov 2017 14:10:52
Lol. Coyotes aren't just giving up on him for that and giving him away. No reason at all.

5.) 17 Nov 2017 18:37:10
He’s a 20 year old 6’3” centre who is top 20 All Time OHL points leaders lol who the hell would give up on that potential for a 2nd?! Get real. Sens fans didn’t want to trade chabot for Duchene who is the same age, picked 15 spots behind strome, and has accomplished the same in the NHL, which is nothing. Although strome has 15 pts in his first 12 AHL games.



06 Nov 2017 01:32:32
Confirmed trade*

Ottawa trades turris, hammond, prospect bowers, a 1st and 3rd in exchange for duchene

Nashville trades two prospects girard and kamenev and a 3rd in exchange for turris (with extension-6yrs 36m)

Colorado trades duchene in exchange for hammond, girard, kamenev and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


1.) 06 Nov 2017 03:47:42
Sakic did absolutely amazing, nashville did a really good trade Ottawa gave up way too much!

2.) 06 Nov 2017 04:08:45
Honestly Pierre Dorion isn't the smartest GM in the NHL
He gave up a first and Turris to get Duchene
He also traded Dahlin (possibly to 9/ 6 forward) for Burrows
And he traded Brassard for Zibanejad who is now Nyr 1st center.

3.) 06 Nov 2017 04:19:06
Lol. It's a good trade all around. Sakic did not do "absolutely amazing" Pick and prospects are unproven. Will know in a few years.

4.) 06 Nov 2017 04:34:09
Dorian essentially gave up two 1st a 3rd andrew Hammond and kyle turris to get duchene who is really not any better then turris lol.

5.) 06 Nov 2017 07:01:04
Easy no Habs fans. You have MB at the throne. Can't make fun of any other teams GM when he's your guy.
This Duchene trade isn't as bad as you guys are making it out to be.
Good deal all around for all teams.

6.) 06 Nov 2017 08:09:11
I think nashville did alright. ottawa didn't give away chabot, white, brown or any roster defencemen and the 1st rounder will be a late one.
Colorado on the other hand didn't get anything near what i thought the ask was, still no top 4 defence.

7.) 06 Nov 2017 12:28:33
Yes yup and you guys have chirelli lol. What's your point? Stop trying to make yourself believe everything is all peachy in edmonton.

8.) 06 Nov 2017 17:23:15
Edmonton has chirelli and ottawa has dorion yes. but to compare them to marc bergevin you would have to be retarded.

9.) 06 Nov 2017 18:41:40
Facelift you shouldn't use that word. But anyway I'm fine with my gm. I mean he was smart enough not to give up what it took to get duchene. Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don't make.

10.) 06 Nov 2017 21:48:16
My apologies habby.
With the canadiens trading away sergachev for drouin, pk for weber, andrighetti for martunsen, beaulieu for a 3rd, and draft picks for ott and dwight king, not to mention letting radulov, markov, emelin and dubnyk all walk for nothing and the likes of price, patches, galchenyuk, shaw, plekanec all swirl through the rumor mill i have a hard time believing there's a move out there bergevin wouldn't make.

11.) 07 Nov 2017 03:26:55
Radulov going does sting a little I won't lie. I do think they made a reasonable effort to resign him but he decided on Dallas. i actually love the drouin and subban deals so maybe that's where our opinions differ mostly. the ghetto deal looks awful I agree but he had a load of opportunities to break out with the habs and never did and would have probably been lost on waivers if they didn't trade him. and dubnyk? Come on did he even play a game here? every team has lost players and traded players who gave gone elsewhere and played better. but a lot of times keeping them means you lose someone else who are already playing well for you.




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06 Jan 2018 05:16:27
*confirmed trade

Montreal trades al montoya to edmonton in exchange for a conditional 4th.


1.) 06 Jan 2018 07:47:38
I think the condition is if he starts 7 or more games it's a 4th. 6 or less it's a 5th.
Looks like he's starting 6 games?
I hope LB clears waivers and he just gets some playing time down in the AHL. That's what he needs, to just go play some games. Would be good.
Unless he gets claimed on waivers.

2.) 06 Jan 2018 15:56:52
Another 1mil off the books for the habs next year.

3.) 06 Jan 2018 19:12:28
Fire Chiarelli if he gets claimed. I know it’s not a huge deal but still Montoya isn’t worth it. Pretty sure we could’ve gotten the way younger, possibly better, Pickard for nothing. I don’t know how Montoya got anything let alone a 4th.

4.) 06 Jan 2018 22:52:15
Fire Chiarelli because he didn't trade for a D at the beginning of the season when knew Sekera would be out for 35 games and Gryba and Auuvitu aren't full time guys. Good part time step in few games for injury but not full time guys.
Or, for him not making a deal for a winger in say early November when we knew we needed another top six and maroon wasn't having a year like last, Moto was sent down and Pul had a bad training camp and started in the A.

Or, not making a deal for a back up goalie when Talbot was injured and LB couldn't handle day in day or starter role (still very surprised they didn't give at least one look at Ellis).

Don't fire him for trying to send a young backup down to the AHL to hopefully play more. Which is what LB needs to do. He needs to just simply play more.
Hopefully no one claims him, but so be it if they do. As I still like Ellis in the goali prospect depth pool.

Also, I wouldn't fire Chiarelli right now, but those are more reasonable reasons over putting a young back up on waivers.

5.) 07 Jan 2018 00:48:29
I’m totally exaggerating when I say fire him for that, I just think it’s a dumb move. Considering your points above about Chiarelli not making any moves this season is probably done. So why lose Brossoit while also giving up a 4th, assuming he gets picked up? Do you think Pickard would’ve been the better option anyway?

6.) 07 Jan 2018 05:36:07
Should have fired him for the hall trade lol.

7.) 07 Jan 2018 06:28:13
Should have fired Bergavin for the Subban trade.
The Sergachev trade. The Radulov signing (non signing) .
The Alzner signing. Man his list can go on and on. We don't really need to go there tho hey Habby.
I feel like it's going to go in circles like similar convos in the past. Let's stop now before it begins. Both teams suck right now and hopefully things are better soon.

8.) 07 Jan 2018 14:57:31
Hey yup we can really go there if you like. no team has been as bad as the oilers for the last 12 years and it's looking like the legacy might just continue. having all those top picks for years and they are still in the basement? But you are right there is really no need to talk about it anymore.

9.) 07 Jan 2018 18:34:16
I thought you were talking about Chiarelli, the current GM. So I brought up Bervavin, the current GM.
Now you're talking 12 years? Stay on the topic you brought up bro.

I can't defend the oilers 12 years. They have been terrible. That's a fact. Lol. I absolutely hated MacT and Lowe. They are god awful. But Bergavin should have been run out of town long ago as well!
Do you like Bergavin? Are you at all Surprised he still has a job?

10.) 07 Jan 2018 23:15:54
Both GMs suck but Chiarelli is much worse. Traded Seguin and Hall for Basically nothing. Although Larsson is decent he’s not a top 5 player in the nhl for his position ( Hall and maybe Seguin ) . Not to mention Barzal for nothing. Subban got Weber and that was his worst move. Drouin for Sergechev isn’t bad.

11.) 08 Jan 2018 01:21:25
Sergachev for Drouin wasn't a bad trade?
That's by far the worst out of all the ones either GM has done. Seguin wasn't even an Oiler. THE OILERS NEVER TEADED BARZEL, lmao. They never had him. It was a pick. 15 other teams passed up on him. Oh my god can you believe Dallas took Gurianov instead of Barzal? Worst GM in history. See how stupid that sounds years later. Instead of saying the Barzal trade was bad, say a pick for Reinhart was bad. That it was. Bad gamble that was now looking back at it hey. Chiarelli has made some bad moves, I've never said he hasn't.
-Subban for Weber.
-Sergachev for Drouin.
-Screwing up with Radulov, few hrs later signing Hemsky thinking he could replace.
-Screwing up with Markov then signing Strait.
-Signing Alzner to a terrible deal.
-Two 2nds for shaw then sign for 6 years.
-Galchenyuk $4.9M?
-Extending Plekanec.
-Semin experiment.
-Signing a goalie $10.5M for 8 years.
-Trading Goerges.

12.) 08 Jan 2018 02:16:03
I'm actually not suprised at all I like the weber deal and the drouin deal. i also like that markov was not resigned I miss radulov a little but even his 5 year deal may not look so good when he decides to get lazy again. paid a bit much for alzner but every team does that in free agency from time to time. i would have rather kept gallant as coach but he's not French so that couldn't happen. i honestly can't think of a good deal chirelli has made in years even before he came to edmonton. Talbot I guess that don't even look so great now tbh.

13.) 08 Jan 2018 04:09:03
Trading Gorges lol really digging deep now yup. galchenyuk 4.9 yeah it looks a little pricey now but the guy did score 30 goals a few years back he was obviously going to get paid a little. semin streit and hemsky were all low risk signing I mean it's not like they are paying beniot pouliot 1.3 mil a year for the next 3 years after this one. And honestly shaw who battled concussions most of last year and is probably still not 100% has been decent and when healthy has given them exactly what they expected from him. but if you wanna talk about bad signings sekera lucic Russell and mark fayne come to mind pretty quickly. and please the hall for Larrson trade is by far the worst move either GM has made with there current clubs.

14.) 08 Jan 2018 04:59:50
Mark Fayne wasn't Chiarelli. He's one of the last MacT signings around and MacT was absolutely terrible. so was Lowe. And Eakins.

15.) 08 Jan 2018 05:10:03
You do know I've criticized my GM many many times. He's. It the best in the league, but I don't mind him. And I don't mind coach Todd, But I have a feeling he won't be the coach at the beginning of next season. I actually wouldn't fire him, I would fire all his assistants, Our special teams are trash this year.

Tell me honestly Habs fans, Are you surprised Bergevin still has a job? Or happy he still has a job?

16.) 08 Jan 2018 11:32:11
You know. The oilers adtually did trade Barzal. They traded the 15th pick at the time the pick was to be made. Why do I remember that? Idk, I just remember Sportsnet going crazy about it cause it was Chiarellis first trade as GM.

17.) 08 Jan 2018 12:22:05
And honestly @yup, if your criticizing the DROuin/ Serg deal that much, reexamine Eberle/ Strome and Hall/ Larsson. Also look at Russells latest contract. I'm not hating, but you went on quite a tangentm but failed to point out some of your gms mistakes. You've always been a believer in the Hall trade, but looking at it now, Jersey clearly robbed Edmonton, just like how Pittsburgh robbed Toronto with Kessel. Its simple. I think the rrason a lot of people aim at hating on you is cause youve defended a lot of PC's actions. I remember you saying that hall trade was good, the Eberle trade was okay, but the Maroon trade was 'AMAZING'. Cmon.




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13 Jan 2018 21:24:32
If ottawa is adding karlsson and the islanders tavares, shouldn't the hawks be adding patty kane? I mean, come on you homer.




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13 Jan 2018 21:19:58
10,000 dollars i think would be a fair bet.




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10 Jan 2018 22:14:10
As a sens fan from ottawa i agree 100% with frippers view, man that was well said.




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09 Jan 2018 22:45:35
Ottawa says no, much rather keep brassard then trade him for ahl garbage and a 2nd.




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09 Jan 2018 15:05:52
Oilers say no, gardiners a plug. if kapanen is so great, keep him.





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