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09 Apr 2018 18:14:11
Edmonton: first round pick 2018 , puljujärvi , benson

Toronto: Nylander

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09 Apr 2018 20:30:58
No way from TO

09 Apr 2018 22:04:08
Wouldnt of I were Edmonton.

09 Apr 2018 22:06:32
Value wise, I see oilers fans saying no. But from the leafs, I don’t like it either. Nylander is a guaranteed top six forward for a long time and possibly a superstar in a cpl years and has unbelievable chemistry with Matthews. Those 3 pieces may turn into something great or may be nothing special. Leafs are not in a place where they’re desperate and need to take risks to try to hit a homerun with other prospects. They’re set in that regard. Focus on a youngish, yet proven Dman.

09 Apr 2018 23:18:52
Leafs need defense not more forwards.

10 Apr 2018 02:56:00
Makes zero sense from Leafs prospective they’re transitioning into a contender why trade for question marks.

10 Apr 2018 09:19:49
Lol "no way from TOR" got to be a joke. Jesse has at least as high a ceiling as Nylander, add to that a solid F prospect and a top 10 pick and its an easy no from EDM.

10 Apr 2018 14:06:12
Triplets, value wise I say it is enough. But timing of a trade like that for leafs is terrible. They’re ready to compete. If Nylander holds out for too much money and you need to get assets, then sure. But oilers wouldn’t give up cheap controllable assets for another forward to pay $8mill anyway and if he’s not asking for crazy money, leafs pay him and keep a dominant line together. It’s a no go both ways.

09 Apr 2018 15:31:30
Calgary Plans:

Curtis Lazar to VAN for Sixth Round Pick
Garnet Hathaway to ARI for Sixth Round Pick
Brett Kulak to TOR for Fourth Round Pick
Troy Brouwer, Second Round Pick to ARI for Seventh Round Pick

• Sam Bennett
• Rasmus Andersson
• Sam Reinhart

• Adam Fox
• Dillon Dube
• 2019 3rd Round Pick
• Mike Hoffman

( Sign Sam Gagner )

J Gaudreau - S Monahan - S Reinhart
M Tkachuk - M Backlund - M Frolik
M Hoffman - M Jankowski - M Ferland
K Versteeg - N Shore - S Gagner

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09 Apr 2018 17:23:36
Why even trade for Hoffman if he’s on the 3rd line lol waste. Calgary shouldn’t even make that trade they don’t need him.

09 Apr 2018 20:31:27
Mcjesus they need more scoring.

10 Apr 2018 01:23:45
Sign Gagner? You realize he’s under contract with the Canucks for another couple years right? lol, also Canucks say no to lazar for a 6th, we need picks not busts.

10 Apr 2018 04:35:55
Then go for a forward better suited for flames, not another LW and store him on the 3rd line makes no sense.

10 Apr 2018 05:20:48
Honestly Simmonds would be a nice fit. He could play 1st or 2nd RW and play PP/ PK.

11 Apr 2018 23:10:19
Ottawa says, "hahahahaha"

Then hangs up the phone.

09 Apr 2018 10:22:30
Calgary Flames:
• Adam Fox
• Brett Kulak
• Third Round Pick

Arizona Coyotes:
• Max Domi

Calgary Flames:
• Sam Bennett
• Rasmus Andersson

Buffalo Sabres:
• Sam Reinhart

J Gaudreau - S Monahan - S Reinhart
M Tkachuk - M Backlund - M Frolik
M Domi - M Jankowski - M Ferland
C Lazar - N Shore - T Brouwer

M Giordano - D Hamilton
T Brodie - T Hamonic
J Valimaki - M Stone

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09 Apr 2018 07:12:36
Edmonton Oilers:
• Kailer Yamamoto
• Darnell Nurse
• Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
• Jesse Puljujärvi

Ottawa Senators:
• Erik Karlsson
• Matt Duchene

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11 Apr 2018 23:15:40
Heck no from ottawa dream on oilers fans you'll have to do much better than that for both karlsson and duchene.

Some guy named Conner mcdavid would definately be involved and prob nurse as well.

You don't get a top 6 / top 3 elite center and a generational talent defenceman for prospects and projects in today's trade market.

09 Apr 2018 01:08:01
Dallas trades: guryanov, spezza, Lindell

Vancouver trades: Sutter, Goldobin, Hutton, 3rd round pick

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09 Apr 2018 14:14:28
Lindell is not being traded and especially not for that very underrated reminds me of Jacob Slavin.

10 Apr 2018 20:01:22
No no no no no no... rebuilding with old player... just... no

08 Apr 2018 15:53:22
Andrew Ladd
CGY 1st 2018 (probably 12th overall)

Brandon Sutter

Isles sacrifice a high pick to get rid of Ladd's contract. They get a useful (yet overpayed) player in return.

Canucks can afford to take on a bad contract. Ladd would have to waive his NTC but he's from BC so it's a strong possibility.

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08 Apr 2018 18:46:07
Lmao no not worth at all to do that for islanders are you serious?!

08 Apr 2018 18:48:05
If anything, it should be Ladd and a little for Sutter. Both contracts are albatrosses tho.

08 Apr 2018 20:11:16
That’s a big over payment to dump Ladd.

08 Apr 2018 14:37:10
Such an unrealistic trade I'm not sure why I'm posting this but I think it'd be kinda cool seeing Weber and Josi as a pair again not even sure how this works cap wise.

Montreal: Max Pacioretty 50% retained and Shea Weber

Nashville: Craig Smith, Mattias Ekholm,Elli Tolvanen And 1st rd 2019

Montreal: Gets a top 4 dman in Ekholm who could be flipped,a nice top 6 roster player, a prospect who is possed to be a star in the making and a 1st rounder to contribute to there rebuild.

Nashville: gets a number 1 dman on almost any team in the nhl obviously he isn't a top 5 dman anymore but he's still top 15 especially if paired with the right player ( a strong skater ) and they get a proven consistent 35 goal scorer.

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08 Apr 2018 14:52:03
Not a chance. Weber could barely stay healthy last year and when he was, he didn't look very good. Pacioretty only has a year left; my value of him is far lower than most because I think he's too soft and streaky.

Elkholm is a strong defenceman on a great contract and Tolvanen has amazing potential. It'd be terrible for Nashville without Smith or the 1st.

No, Montreal can live with that trade.

08 Apr 2018 14:53:42
PS Pacioretty scored 17 times last season, not 35. It was likely an offseason, but 17 is still terrible and I wouldn't trade great assets for hope that he returns to his old form.

08 Apr 2018 15:49:00
Well the habs were terrible his shooting percentage was at an all time low. He did all he could if he was on your team ( philly ) with Vorchek and Giroux he’d have a 40+ Goal season.

08 Apr 2018 15:52:31
Also I disagree Weber looked slow in neutral zone but other then that he was great offensively and defensively. Just sometimes he can get burnt off the rush by faster players.

08 Apr 2018 17:35:16
If I’m nashville I wouldn’t trade tolvienen straight up for Weber and patioretty. Tolvinen has potential to be better than patches. After next season patches is going to want a significant raise and As much as I like Weber now he’s going to get much slower and he still has another 6 years or so on his contract. Ekholm is on a fantastic contract. Nashville just won the presidents trophy and have good prospects in the pipeline so it doesn’t make sense to split up the group that’s been succesfull.

08 Apr 2018 18:03:17
It jus won't happen. Nashville doesn't need Weber or Patches. and Poile already got rid of that horrible contract of Webers, no way he wants that back.

08 Apr 2018 20:14:11
I wouldn’t exactly say trading Webber for Subban is getting rid of his horrible contract especially considering bergivan offered the trade originally ( stated in the post trade interview. )

08 Apr 2018 20:18:55
Hahahahaha. Nashville laughs. Wtf.

08 Apr 2018 20:30:59
vbbbvvbb: and you said my trade was bad. Elkholm, Tolvanen, 1st, Smith for 17 goal Pacioretty and a pretty good player but cancerous contract in Weber. Laughable.

The key part of your retort was "if. he'd". If Pacioretty wasn't soft, he'd have double the number of goals. If Weber didn't have a cancerous contract, he'd be worth way more. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Pacioretty only has 17 goals. GMs pay for production with players at his experience, not "if my shooting percentage was higher". Your trade is nowhere close.

Lastly, I think Nashville doesn't need to do too much right now other than play hockey; they obviously have a solid team and great contracts for the next few years.

If you want to fleece somebody, talk to Chiarelli and Bergevin. Oh wait, you have Bergevin. Have fun with that.

08 Apr 2018 20:50:22
Well I’m an leaf fan so my GM ( Lou/ Shanahan ) is considerably better then hextal so actually they can talk to bargain bin. And as a leaf fan Max Pac would be the leafs 3rd best winger behind Marner and Nylander. He actually may be better then them tbh but I’ll give them the benifit of the doubt considering they haven’t played on a team as horrendous as Montreal. Look at what a struggling duchene got. You can’t seriously say a gm would value patch as a 20 goal scorer they’re not as dumb as you. Anybody in their right mind know he’ll bounce back. Also it’s overrated how bad his contract is. As the cap keeps rising it’ll look better and better it is no worse then charas.

08 Apr 2018 23:25:38
This is hilarious
Both teams just walk away.

09 Apr 2018 00:08:13
Both team walk away? Are you saying Montreal wouldn't take this? They take this while laughing and running away in a heartbeat. Wow.

09 Apr 2018 00:08:54
See if it goes through on PlayStation.

09 Apr 2018 03:03:12
I have an Xbox 🤷🏼‍♂️ Also from what I remember Weber and Max Pac have ridiculous value compared to them lol ( Franchise mode )

09 Apr 2018 04:04:07
Lol easiest no for Nashville But i do agree with you tho on one thing, I’m also unsure why you even posted this.

09 Apr 2018 10:35:02
"Well I’m an leaf fan so my GM ( Lou/ Shanahan ) is considerably better then hextal"

I would disagree. Hextall is building his franchise from the net out whereas the Leafs are taking shortcuts that they drafted Matthews. The Flyers aren't as good as the Leafs now, but we will be in 2-3 years. We have a way more solid future blueline and have more goalie prospects in the system.

"Look at what a struggling duchene got. " True, but Duchene had another year on at a decent cap hit, is 2 years younger, and Dorion was involved in the trade. Poile >>>>> Dorion.

"You can’t seriously say a gm would value patch as a 20 goal scorer they’re not as dumb as you. Anybody in their right mind know he’ll bounce back. " Any GM, except Dorion, would take that 17 goal year into account while valuing him. No GM, not even Dorion, would trade the assets you were proposing.

"Also it’s overrated how bad his contract is. As the cap keeps rising it’ll look better and better it is no worse then charas. "

Weber is on contract until 2026. 2026! And he's already regressing. What are you talking about Chara for? His contract expires this year and he re-signs for another year at $5MM. How are they in any way comparable? How clueless are you?

09 Apr 2018 13:46:48
I was comparing his contract now to Charas 1st contract he signed in Boston.

10 Apr 2018 05:39:59
Hahaha Charas first contract in Boston was signed at 29 years old and was 5yrs/ 37.5 mill. Weber’s was signed at 28 years old and is 14yrs/ 110mill. Yeah buddy, virtually identical. Clueless.

10 Apr 2018 05:52:45
Cap hits were 7.5 vs 7.9 but when you’re signing a guy at 28 or 29 there is a huge chance, probably 95% or better, that that player will be worth less at 34-35 than he is today. So having that 5 year term means you either won’t want him by the time it’s up or can bring him back much cheaper. The chances of a guy being worth the same or more at 35, 36, 37 or 41 than he is at 28-29 is virtually zero meaning webers contract has taken all the burden off the player and put it all on the team. Weber’s a really good player, but his contract is the absolute furthest thing from a team friendly contract in the league.

08 Apr 2018 09:50:14
Philadelphia Flyers:
• Wayne Simmonds

Calgary Flames:
• Sam Bennett
• Jon Gillies
• 2019 2nd Round Pick
• Rasmus Andersson

#2 Trade -

Montreal Canadiens:
• Brendan Gallagher
• 2018 2nd Round Pick

Calgary Flames:
• TJ Brodie
• Mark Jankowski

2018-19 Projected Line-Up

J Gaudreau - S Monahan - W Simmonds
M Tkachuk - M Backlund - B Gallagher
M Ferland - N Shore - M Frolik
G Hathaway - C Lazar - T Brouwer

M Giordano - D Hamilton
J Valimaki - T Hamonic
B Kulak - M Stone

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08 Apr 2018 12:32:13
Galagher is worth considerably less than brodie, a 2nd for jankos ok value but he wouldn't be traded.

08 Apr 2018 14:23:11
Mtl takes that.

08 Apr 2018 14:55:34
Philadelphia doesn't need any more goalie prospects. Take out Gillies and Bennett and give us Fox.

08 Apr 2018 17:30:21
MB wants to build around Gallagher 's leadership and even if they get a LHD DMan for him. they won’t sacrifice him.

09 Apr 2018 03:02:34
I’ll say it again. You must not be a Flames fan. Your trades are always over payment from Calgary. MTL likes Gallagher but no way he’s worth Brodie alone let alone adding a very promising C in Jankowski.

09 Apr 2018 10:19:51
I'd take Eazy E trade

Wayne Simmonds


Rasmus Andersson
Adam Fox
2nd Round 2019.

08 Apr 2018 01:55:08
Vancouver Canucks:
• Brandon Sutter
• Adam Gaudette
• Olli Juolevi
• 2018 1st Round Pick

Ottawa Senators:
• Erik Karlsson

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08 Apr 2018 06:03:16
Canuks should just keep those pieces. And continue with a rebuild. Karlsson at that age won't be the difference for that current Canuks team.

08 Apr 2018 15:54:02
Lmaooo. Why are you guys acting like that trade is fair. Karlsson, a 2 time norris defenceman, is not going to be dealt for this little. Dream on bud

08 Apr 2018 17:31:58
U crazy? That’s the future of the Canucks
Stop thinking you’re going to get the moon for EK.

08 Apr 2018 17:38:10
Agree with yup, nucks are in rebuild, makes no sense for them to give up those assets for yes, arguably the best d in hockey, but he’s in his prime now and if they're not going to win now then it’s stupid to give up those young assets.

08 Apr 2018 17:47:57
So you're telling me that a guy who played 5 games in the nhl and still hasn't registered a point yet but is still a good prospect, as well as brandon sutter who has just 11 goals and juolevi who is still an unproven defenceman with no NHL experience can get you EK in his prime. i'm sorry but even though Ottawa has had a bad season, this trade is even worse just because the value is not there and its going to be a big gamble from Ottawa's perspective.

08 Apr 2018 19:32:18
It’s not that it’s not enough value, it’s solely based on the fact that Vancouver is rebuilding, giving up young good prospects for Karlson sets them back in their rebuild. You draft young guys, develope them then when you’re close to being able to do damage then you acquire vets. Chicago is a good example. they drafted seabrook, Keith, Kane Toews etc when you have a good core then you can start giving up picks and young assets for vets, nucks aren’t there yet that they can or should be trading away prospects. If they made this trade they’d still be bottom of the barrel team.

08 Apr 2018 19:49:58
I understand they don't want to give up their future, but then why make a trade for karlsson then. You know ottawa is going to ask for something big in return

08 Apr 2018 20:23:22
This package could get EK %100. I never said I couldn't. I could even argue that it's not enough.
I said that Vancouver, to me, isn't in the right position to give that away for that player at this time.

08 Apr 2018 23:27:13
@Yup he’s arguing with me.

09 Apr 2018 00:06:30
@yup i don't think you know what's fair value buddy. You said in an earlier post that Patches, Alzner, Byron for Eichel, Ristoleinen, S. Reinhart is a fair trade. Soo...

09 Apr 2018 04:06:19
Crazy attack relax bud jesus.

09 Apr 2018 13:46:22
Hahahaha. Ya. And that was complete sarcasm. You can't actually think I meant that. Lmao. That was clearly a troll. Wow.

07 Apr 2018 15:34:17
Canadiens gets :
- FLA 2018 1rst rounder
- Owen Tippett

Florida gets :
- Max Pacioretty
- MTL 2nd Rounder.

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07 Apr 2018 18:39:14
Mtl does this Panthers I don't know. Depends how high they are on a former top 10 pick I believe. 2016 right?

07 Apr 2018 18:45:40
No from Florida, Tippett has tremendous upside and is exactly what they need, a young RW sniper. Also they might be very keen on keeping their first in this draft with very strong d prospects, something that they definately should get.

07 Apr 2018 22:18:38
I think Florida says no. however, depends on how much pressure GM feels to make the playoffs next season. Tippett has great upside, and Florida has a great young talent base, however maybe need a little more of a veteran presence. I still think Florida says no,
Would be a lot to give up for 1 year of Patches.

07 Apr 2018 23:30:21
At least I’m not getting ripped into pieces, thank you everyone for your opinions!

08 Apr 2018 00:17:12
I would think that replacing Tipett by Borgstrom might make it for both teams.

08 Apr 2018 01:47:04
Not a chance Florida considers.

08 Apr 2018 09:43:14
Thats seems better ya.


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