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22 Jan 2019 18:52:20
STL- Petro


NylanderKappy Liljgrensandin 1st 2019 (+ if cap dump is needed)


1.) 22 Jan 2019 22:48:17
This is a new low for you, colt.

2.) 22 Jan 2019 23:07:14
Who is coming back with Petro for all that.?

3.) 23 Jan 2019 00:54:01
Holy this is brutal.

4.) 23 Jan 2019 00:57:28
It is suppose to have / in between players so it will be either or.

So nylander sandin 1st 2019
Or kappy liljgren 1st 2019

If they want to send a cap dump it would cost more.



12 Dec 2018 17:47:34
Marner Lijgren

Parayko Kostin or petro fabbri.


1.) 12 Dec 2018 18:21:44

2.) 12 Dec 2018 18:55:16
Marner>Both packages combined. Would much rather trade Mathews or Tavares.

3.) 12 Dec 2018 18:55:55
My job is done here.

4.) 12 Dec 2018 19:02:22
Mathews for Petro, Paryanko and 1st.

Not getting Marner for the whole blues organization he’s a hometown boy and the heart and sole of the organization. Mathews is better but Marner will always lead the leafs in point and be the best playmaker with Kane, Crosby, Backstrom and McDavid.

5.) 12 Dec 2018 20:31:05
Lol. no clue Colt.

6.) 12 Dec 2018 21:06:12
Lol No clue.

So when you want stl's best players it's ok to offer crap. They should just take it rebuild. When I make an undervalued offer to you then I have no clue. It's amazing how hypocritical you leaf fans really are.

Lol doesn't get much better than this. Oh by the way kypreos just said he doesn't see parayko or petro going to leafs lol.

7.) 12 Dec 2018 21:23:14
Kipper is also the one who said leafs would be a fit and sparked all theee talks last weekend lol who knows. I stick to Bobby mack and Dreger, they haven’t said much other than the obvious which was “changes coming in St. Louis and leafs would obviously have interest in good RHD”. Beyond that, we are all just speculating.

8.) 12 Dec 2018 22:20:40
When have I posted offers for any Blues players? No offers from me for either. My issue is your Parayko for Hall comment or your edmundson Schwartz and a 1st for Seguin. And when more was offered for Petro (wasnt my offer) than your crap offer for Seguin or Hall, you chastised the offer. Yes I am a Leaf fan, and yes if Petro was available I would be interested in him coming to the Leafs, and yes it would be a lot going to the Blues. Your arguing with me on the players in the offers which I did not validate as acceptable saying I said it was a good offer when I didnt. Again and I will say it slower the. offer. for. Petro . had. more. value. than. your. offers. for. Hall. or . Seguin. That is it.

9.) 12 Dec 2018 22:45:58
So by your logic, 'Kadri, Johnsson, Liljegren and a 1st' are crap.

I don't care who your team is [and you shouldn't be talking, STL is 29th in the NHL despite being picked as a top 10 team, got shelled by friggin Vancouver], a 30 goal scorer, a potential 20 goal scorer, a d prospect with top 4 potential EASILY and a 1st aren't crap. Get it out of your head. Petro with 1 year left isn't going to get much more than EK. Kadri, Johnsson, Liljegren and a 1st is better than what EK got for the same amount of term left. AND OTTAWA KNEW THAT THEY DON'T HAVE A FIRST AND STILL CHOSE TO SUCK.

You aren't getting Marner + Liljegren + Sandin + Nylander + Matthews for Petro. Stop it man. You were fine for so long, i don't get it man. If Petro's signed for the next five years or on Parayko's contract, sure, he gets like Nylander + Liljegren + Sandin or whatever offer you're asking, but he's NOT. HE HAS 1 YEAR. And Parayko, simply put, isn't as good as Petro, and although he's signed and is younger, he doesn't provide the same as Petro does.

And a team like STL is desperate right now. You guys just had a in-team fight, and trading Bortuzzo, Sundqvist, Binnigton, Walman, Gunnarson, Maroon and Barbashev isn't going to fix that team. Y'all need something of a shakeup, and its not your bottom six or bottom two dmen that go. Its someone big, unless y'all turn it around.

And remember, teams in sticky situations don't pull off all star trades, unless trading with Ottawa and Melynyk [Duchene]. Anyone with a clue would rather let St. Louis rot this season than overpay for Petro - they'd just go for someone else. Armstrong's going to get desperate, and your not going to end up with an overpayment, your going to end up with an underpayment if a deal every happens, like it or not.

10.) 13 Dec 2018 02:30:08
The thing you and leaf fans don't understand is that top pairing right handed dmen do not grow on trees. How long have you been searching for one. So the idea that the blues are doing bad and eould benefit by trading their best dmen for crap crap redundant piece is stupid.

11.) 13 Dec 2018 03:38:41
Again, Wait and see.

12.) 13 Dec 2018 04:19:34
We will. When one of the following happens will you be my n enough to admit your wrong. Cause if the blues sell really low on either I will come here and admit your right. Deal

1) petro gets extended
2) petro traded for great prospect,1st end 2019 another prospect. Example nylander, liljgren 1sr
3) same for parayko on trade but slightly smaller

If blues get crap then I will admit I am wrong. Can you.

13.) 13 Dec 2018 06:16:05
Nylanders not a prospect. You have great prospect, 2019 1st and another prospect. Nylander is an NHL player and has been for 3 years. Pick proper criteria and I’ll agree.

14.) 13 Dec 2018 12:30:18
Lmao n Petro with one year left DOES NOT get you Nylander, Liljegren and a 1st. Talk about over value.

15.) 13 Dec 2018 13:02:39
Set the criteria. If you tell me “Petros return without an extension will be a young top line player with term, a top prospect and a 1st round pick, over or under?! ” Then I will take that Under faster than you can imagine and if it’s over I’ll admit I was dead wrong and you know more than I do. I would put a condition on you if I am right, but I assume you will just go into hiding and come back with yet another new name again, so no point.

16.) 13 Dec 2018 16:41:02
Jim i will let you pick the value. You seem to know everything an i seem to know nothing.

This same rubbish went on before petro signed his contract. If i rember correctly it was like RNH for petro. LOL I give up.

Post all the trades you want. Make all the rubbish offers you want. Create all the quantity sheet for quality you want.

Petro will get a great return or armstrong will resign him.

I am offically tired of this and will now take my leave officially

Enjoyed this board for a while. was intersting but has ran its course.



10 Dec 2018 19:31:10
Blues waive goaltender Chad Johnson.

call up young guy Jordan Binnington.


1.) 10 Dec 2018 20:50:05
Johnson Arizona bound maybe?

2.) 10 Dec 2018 23:24:57
Robert bortuzzo also just beatbthe crap out of zach Sanford at practise, so maybe that, along with waiving a backup, will be the answer instead of trading from the core lol.



10 Dec 2018 03:01:45
Nylander liljgren 1st

Perron. Sundqvuist maroon

This shake up could help both teams. Not really sure how but figured I would save everyone here the bullsheet of a long made up reason. Lol.


1.) 10 Dec 2018 03:33:21
I don’t know a lot about Sundqvist but the the leafs are stacked at center. Unless he’s a 4th line center in which the leafs would be giving up way too much for with a couple older players. Maroon would be a great addition to the leafs but not at that cost. Any trade including Nylander would be built around Parayko or Pietrangalo. What do you think would be fair for Parayko and Maroon? Nylander, Liljegren and a 1st is probably pretty close. I don’t think you’d agree though.

2.) 10 Dec 2018 03:47:23
Nylander liljgren 1st

Honestly for parayko and maroon. Is defiantly better than most offers. Maybee a conditional pick added depending on going to conference and Stanley cup finals.

3.) 10 Dec 2018 04:09:11
I guess it depends on what Maroon could fetch at the deadline. He would get a 1st for sure. I think Nylander and Liljegren gets Parayko. You’re probably right about a small add from the leafs depending on their playoff performance. I’m still not 100% sold on a playoff spot yet with how tough that division is this year. There’s not a lot of room for error.

4.) 10 Dec 2018 15:01:36
@Leafs17, redwing1
Are you kidding?
Liljgren and Nylander is way too much for Parayko, Dubas laughs and hangs up the Phone.
If St. Louis is getting Liljgren then the leafs get Kyrou and a pick. Nylander straight up for Parayko is equal value.

5.) 10 Dec 2018 15:53:13
No, A 20 goal scoring winger does not get you RHD Parayko straight up.

6.) 10 Dec 2018 15:56:55
You are high my friend. Move aling then no parayko or petro for you. Lol.

7.) 10 Dec 2018 17:28:01
Well then it’s an easy no from Toronto.

8.) 10 Dec 2018 18:23:46
Thanks now just do us all a favor and make sure you get the other leaf fans to stop asking for them. LOL good luck with that.

9.) 10 Dec 2018 18:38:59
Maroon at 2 Deadline Deals was Traded both times for a B Prospect and first time a 4th Round Pick and then a 3rd Round Pick when Edmonton traded him to NJ, no Team is giving the Blues a 1st Round Pick for Maroon #Leafs17.

10.) 10 Dec 2018 19:38:50
hey pnball was maroons cap hit 1.75 mil wich would be about .75mil or less at deadline. that's a lot of wiggle room to get another player.



06 Dec 2018 14:58:09
Parayko Kostin


Nylander Liljgren! st 2029

Or parayko, Blais 3rd
Kappy, Sandin, Liljgren 1st.


1.) 06 Dec 2018 15:13:07
By 2029 we should be rebuilding again and my nephew will be draft eligible. Kid can really play! So I’ll say no from leafs.

2.) 06 Dec 2018 19:49:25
Parayko for kapanen, borgman, sandin and a 1st. No way does t. o. trade there 2 best d prospects.

3.) 06 Dec 2018 21:06:58
No way does blues trade their current best defenseman for Kappennan unless you over pay with d propsects. Its an esay answeer.

4.) 07 Dec 2018 00:22:53
Love how you speak so matter of factly Colt. Almost like you feel your part of any actual negotiations. No team gives up there 2 best dmen prospects in a single trade.

5.) 07 Dec 2018 04:48:07
And teams don't give up their best dmen for crap. If a trade doesn't meet teams needs then it's worth making the trade.

6.) 07 Dec 2018 10:54:35
Problem is, None of Kapanen, Sandin and a 1st are crap. They all carry a lot of value. Borgman, while nor being great can turn into a useful player. And your best dman is not Parayko, its Pietrangelo. Watched them both play for years, pietro is better than him. You overate Parayko. He is good, carries a lot of minutes but he is a 35 point dman 4 years running who is known for periodic defensive lapses. He is a real good top 4 dman.

7.) 07 Dec 2018 15:27:46
Do you know how to read. Current best Dman. Petro is injured be out for a month. Yes kap 40 50 pt guy, sandin,50/ 50 males it to mil, and liljgren top 4 potential. They are ok parts but you want a top pairing rhd Dman capable of pricing 35 40 pts and playing big minutes. For a bunch of smaller pieces. Hi about you do this

Parayko, Thomas, 2ndrnd pick

I am not making that prop but showing you that a bunch of little pieces (in comparison of the player wanted) does not equal the player.

Quantity doesn't equal quality.

At this point blues are not trading parayko. Since nylander + isn't on the table then neither would parayko. Find a different Dman to go after with lesser pieces.

8.) 07 Dec 2018 17:16:07
I don't care what your comparasion is, you don't compare Parayko to Matthews. you're so biased its funny man. Get your head out of your a** come on, the BLues are playing like absolute horsesh**, don't start getting weezy and asking for Marner + Likjegren + god + gretzky + lemieux + babcock + seventeen firsts for Parayko. You had this crazed obsession with Parayko way before, don't being this up again.

9.) 07 Dec 2018 17:37:04
It was a funny trade proposal. but the funniest thing is a leaf fan calling someone else bias!

10.) 07 Dec 2018 17:52:23
What do you mean i didn't comare mathews to parayko. I compared the idea of smaller lesser pieces for a superior player. SO its ok to go after a teams (current) best top pairing dman you want and offer several lesser peices to add up to a whole. But If someone asks for Mathews and offers several Lesser Pieces to make a whole then its bullsheet and completely bias of that person.

Get The F*** outta here with that sheet. You sir are a hypocrite.

11.) 07 Dec 2018 17:57:28
I didn't ask for anything. I don't want to trade parayko. The blues defense with petro hurt can't handle it. Even with petro we can not replace him.

Its Hilarious how much you over react because you can't get parayko for crap. I laid it out there for you.

Marner>Parayko>>Nylander>> Kapp

you don't want to part Marner, Nylander then you will be paying a premium in top prospects to get him. In fair value and team needs here are the trades that are possible.

Parayko, Blais 3rd
Kapp, Lijgren, Sandin

Parayko Kostin Schmaltz/ Peronuvich
Kapp Liljgren Sandin! st

Parayko, Blais 3rd

Nylander Liljgren

If you don't like it then move on to another player. The blues do not and will not trade you parayko unless it benifits them now or in the near future.

12.) 07 Dec 2018 18:48:20
Again speaking as if you were the GM. And funnt how you stress current dman. As far as i know piwtrangelo, though injured is still property of the blues. If a Parayko trade does happen I think you will be a little down due the return you would get.




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28 Feb 2019 09:10:29
Are the blues the Team to beat in the West and Central.

since the new year blues have the following



total 19-5-2

3rd place in central
4points from 2nd
5 points from 1st with 3 games in hand

Jordan Binnington

20gp 15wins 2loses 1otloss
1.61gaa .936 sv%.


1.) 28 Feb 2019 15:38:52
Binnington has been a great surprise. but your stats have to be wrong. 20 games played but WLO only adds up to 18.
I would not put my money on them. Too many other teams out there consistently better than them. They are having a great 2nd half though.

2.) 28 Feb 2019 17:14:06
We have seen goalies have a surprise run like this almost every year. for the most part it doesn't last. But the blues as a team have played much better since they have got their confidence back so we'll in fact Andre racicot could have played in net and won a few of those games. If the goaltending keeps up and they can keep playing this way they could do some damage come playoff time.

3.) 28 Feb 2019 18:52:32
Thunder, The stats are accurate

WHen he was first brought up after the blues put chad johnson on waivers he came in relief when Allen got yanked early. He played just enough minutes to be attributed a game played by the stats people.

4.) 28 Feb 2019 20:41:31
Man 7 + 12=19 you high thundertukey?

5.) 28 Feb 2019 21:03:42
I hope so. I want to hear from Tony X again on Twitter. However, habby has a good point and you see it all the time with young goalies. Andrew Hammond? The kid was lights out and now is lucky to be a back up right now I believe. If Binnington can continue this next year then he may be for real. Usually teams get the book on a young goalie and things change.

6.) 28 Feb 2019 21:52:18
That is for the whole team VB. I was only referencing Binnington
15 W + 2 L + 1 OTL. not seeing the 20GP.

7.) 28 Feb 2019 23:29:49
Look at any goalies stats there’s games not accounted for because of coming in relief or whatever the reasoning. Lol also no way Binnington continues like this but the difference with him is he has some pedigree as a top goalie.

8.) 01 Mar 2019 07:56:52
Binnington deserves to be in the Calder talks, he’s been fantastic. I still don’t see him or anyone else taking it from Petterson but he should def be in consideration.



12 Feb 2019 11:34:41
Have a difference of opinion on petro and muzzin with leafs gm.

He states that muzzin is better than petro.
I know he is wrong what does the board think.


1.) 12 Feb 2019 12:50:45

However, for the assets which Toronto gave up for Muzzin comparative to your (or the general) asking price for Petro, I’d say that it was better that Toronto got Muzzin and kept Kapanen, Johnsson and Liljegren.

Muzzin imo is a top 30 RHD - potentially #22-25 or so, and I think in general, he was a solid pickup.

In this scenario, picking up Muzzin over Petro based on asking price and team needs makes more sense for Toronto.

2.) 12 Feb 2019 13:58:32
I think Petro is a bit better of a player but Muzzin making $4.1 mln vs. Petro at $6.5 mln next year makes him more attractive to the Leafs when they are tight up against the cap. He's a good bargain for his salary and with Matthews/ Tavares/ Marner/ Nylander eating up like half the cap next year they are going to need as many bargains they can find to ice a 23 man roster.

3.) 12 Feb 2019 16:34:34
Muzzin is a good fit for the leafs because of his cheaper contract and the fact they didn't have to give anything from their current roster to get him. Who's better? Petro is a number 1 dman on a lot of teams and muzzin I'd have to check to make sure but I don't think would be number one on any.

4.) 12 Feb 2019 16:46:21
I'd say he's number one on Oilers and Canucks., maybe even Islanders and Rangers, Devils. there's a handful of teams. but those are only ones I can think of, and not a a true #1. Like Habby said, Muzzin is a good fit on Leafs, but Petro is better Dman. and really it didn't cost nearly what Petro would have been.

5.) 12 Feb 2019 17:35:49
I'd take klefbom from edmonton pulock from the islanders the other 3 teams I guess you could make the argument. But I'd say edler is better he's just injury prone. and will butcher was better last year as a rookie IMO. but yeah the rangers for sure have nobody better.

6.) 12 Feb 2019 19:47:05
I think Muzzin is a poor man's Shea Weber. he's solid all over. not on same level as a Weber, ect. but he does a little bit of everything well. I live in BC, and unfortunately see a lot of Canucks over everything else. and, always thought Edler was overrated. Klefbom, isn't as consistent when he's healthy. Living in West, don't see enough of Pulock or Butcher.

7.) 12 Feb 2019 21:13:39
For as bad as those two teams have been (van/ edm) I think both muzzin and klefbom have been pretty good. The question is would those teams be better if they had muzxin instead? not a chance IMO. i like muzzin too but he isn't as mobile and he doesn't have the ability to play 25 mins every game like those two guys can.

8.) 12 Feb 2019 21:14:37
That could also be the reason they are injured more lol.

9.) 12 Feb 2019 21:29:41
Thank you gents. I Agree the price on petro is steep. I also agree that muzzin was defiantly had for a cheap/ good price that didn't cost them much.

Thanks for you time.

10.) 12 Feb 2019 21:31:31
After Klefbom got hurt Nurse has 17 points in 24 games and was playing up to 30 minutes a night. He’s on pace 40 for this season so I don’t know if Muzzin is better. Muzzin might be the better overall D but I’d say Klefbom, Nurse and Larsson are all close in caliber just younger.

11.) 12 Feb 2019 21:28:32
With regards to pulock he does everything muzzin does and he's only 24.plus he still has some more offensive upside. Muzzin has been better then butcher this year.

12.) 12 Feb 2019 21:46:19
Wish we had Pulock. from what I hear.



10 Feb 2019 15:23:19
Blues change goalie and coach.

They went from last in the West to last wildcard spot with up to 3 games in hand on all teams around them.

Bennington has been on fire.
Berube system has taken over and blues have dominated play against some of the best teams.

Question, is this a hot streak or better goaltending and better system by coach?


1.) 10 Feb 2019 16:13:20
It's a combination of all 3 Colt. however, this team has a lot of good players who were severely underachieving all year. They may still make the playoffs, and could be a pretty scary team come that time.
So. what do you see them doing at deadline? Are they sellers? Buyers? Or jus stand pat.?

2.) 10 Feb 2019 18:33:30
The west is wide open still. LA could make the playoffs yet lol.

3.) 14 Feb 2019 13:33:03
Since this team went from last to 2 points from third with a game in hand. Shouldn't this team stand pat.



07 Jan 2019 23:46:52
So honest Question. How would you re-rank the top 25 prospects now. Just curious to what others thought.

sportsnews prospect list sep 2018

1. Elias Pettersson
2. Andrei Svechnikov
3. Rasmus Dahlin
4. Casey Mittelstadt
5. Eeli Tolvanen
6. Kirill Kaprizov
7. Miro Heiskanen
8. Filip Zadina
9. Conor Timmins
10. Adam Boqvist
11. Dylan Strome
12. Ryan Donato,
13. Robert Thomas
14. Martin Necas
15. Cale Makar
16. Kristian Vesalainen
17. Ilya Samsonov
18. Anthony Cirelli
19. Joel Farabee
20. Filip Chytil
21. Sami Niku
22. Klim Kostin
23. Henrik Borgstrom
24. Joe Veleno,
25. Brady Tkachuk,

I am not completely sure how to rank all of them but i would def do top ten like this

1 Elias Pettersson
2 Rasmus Dahlin
3 Brady Tkachuk
4 Kirill kaprizov
5 Miro Heiskanen
6 Robert Thomas
7 Conor Timmins
8 Casey Mittelstadt
9 Martin Necas
10 Cale Makar.


1.) 08 Jan 2019 04:18:15
Lots of love for the habs I see lol.

2.) 08 Jan 2019 04:18:54
From sports net I mean.

3.) 08 Jan 2019 04:30:04
Timmins is an interesting choice. He hasn’t played all year because of concussion.

The level of talent that has been pouring into the league the last decade is just incredible. Really, since Crosby’s and Ovechkin entered the league, the nhl has just really turned the whole game around. These kids today are fun and entertaining to watch. They are able to do things that simply wouldn’t have been imagined possible 10 years ago. And the game is much improved because of it.

4.) 08 Jan 2019 11:47:57
Cirelli shouldn’t be in the top 25 I’ll say that much. Love the kid and he plays an important role but it’s doubtful he ends up anything more than a 3rd line defensive centre with fairly limited offensive output. Got a high floor but not much for a ceiling and I think you got to give prospects value for their ceiling. He’s like Tampa’s 3rd-5th prospect to me def not on a league list like that.

5.) 08 Jan 2019 12:56:05
Putting Svech outside of the top 10 is very bold. He's actually having a solid-good rookie year on an offensively weak CAR team and advances numbers also suggest he's due for positive regression. He'd easily still be in my top 5.

6.) 08 Jan 2019 16:28:00
I think that was an oversight on my part.

7.) 08 Jan 2019 20:36:33
I don't see any reason why middlestat or necas should be ahead of svechnikov or kotkaniemi at this point. Or even Timmons and makar for that matter.

8.) 08 Jan 2019 20:41:39
Also kaprizov is doing less at 21 then tolvenen did as a 18 year old in the khl. Yet tolvenen doesn't get a mention? I'm even more surprised you ranked him over Thomas when IMO Thomas is superior to him in almost every thing. So in closing sportsnets list is a D- and yours is a D+.

9.) 09 Jan 2019 13:12:04
Kotkaniemi should be clost to Svechnikov at this point and in front of a lot of players on this list I'd even say he's top 5. Is production, defensive play, center positioning and young age makes him one of the players on the list that has the most ceiling. He could become a #1 80+ point center.

10.) 09 Jan 2019 13:21:36
1. Dahlin
2. Pettersson
3. Tkachuk
4. Svechnikov
5. Kotkanemi
6. Heiskanen
7. Thomas
8. Middelstad
9. Quinn Hughes
10. Tolvanen
Only 1 Canadian. Personally I’d take Zandina long term over a few of the above mentioned.

11.) 09 Jan 2019 15:34:34
Vbb list is much better.

12.) 10 Jan 2019 03:35:20
I’m surprised Frost didn’t make top 25. He’s doing outstanding.



17 Dec 2018 21:21:13
McKenzie reported last night, that while big names like Tarasenko, CP, and Petro are being discussed. The Blues are taking a heavy amount of calls on Steen, JBo, and Schenn.
He said he is hearing that there is a fit with Carolina.
Said Schenn would be a long shot.

Petro and VT would be a hefty return.

For VT he believes the asking price is 2 1st round picks and 2 top prospects.


1.) 17 Dec 2018 21:40:37
If his asking price is that then he’ll probably receive 2/ 3rds of that.

2.) 17 Dec 2018 22:11:34
Yeah Colt but that's just speculation. For all we know they have not even had discussions. My super secret sources were not there so it never happened.

3.) 17 Dec 2018 23:09:25
Honestly don't think Blues should do a whole lot, except figure a way to get Bobrovsky outta CBJ and sign him to a 6 year deal. keep the core. ya may have to give up Kyrou or Thomas and some picks with Allen. but this team has a lot of talent. I'm not sure what the issue is there, but this team shouldn't be this bad. Berube isn't the right coach obviously,
might be a long shot for coach. but what about next season trying to get Marc Crawford.?

4.) 19 Dec 2018 04:42:59
I agree to a certain point Sosa they need consistent good goaltending and if they can get that I actually think they can turn it around and make the playoffs.




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21 Apr 2019 21:46:04
He would be the best rhd that leafs have.




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21 Apr 2019 21:45:03
No good thoughts.




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10 Apr 2019 17:44:30
I have a tough time believing that NJ or NY will trade back and miss out on hughes and Kakko. Both players are nhl ready. Just don't see it happening.


NYR- Hughes

fills needs for both teams.




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07 Apr 2019 13:12:11
or that lucic would agree to go.




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31 Mar 2019 23:58:24
First of all parayko is a shut down puck moving defenseman with a he'll of a shot. If he is just a so so guy then why does every team including you and yours want him. There isn't one Dman on your team besides Reilly that is better. Parayko would be the #1rhd on your team end of story. No reason to be bhurt about not getting him.





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