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15 Oct 2018 00:11:09
Leafs- nylander
Vegas- Theodore

Leafs get a top 4 two way d man that's young and on a good contract. Vegas gets a young goal scorer that they can afford and need with the loss of Neal this off season.


1.) 15 Oct 2018 05:11:22
That would leave too big a hole on Vegas D.
There top two lines are alright with the two new additions of Pacioretty and Stastny.
First line stays in tact from last year Marchessault - Karlsson - Smith
And Pacioretty - Stastny - Haula or Tuch or Nosek.
Ya it would be pretty sweet to stick Nylander on that second line with Pacioretty and Stastny. But I think
Theodore is just too big a lose to that D. got to target someone else who can afford to lose a D man like that for Nylander.



11 Oct 2018 17:10:37
Leafs- Nylander
Preds- Fabbro and 2019 1st.

Preds are stacked on d and are looking for scoring which nylander can provide. Fabbro has no imidiate impact this year which if nylander doesn't sign than neither does he (for the leafs anyways), but if fabbro can reach his potential he'd be a solid two way defender that the leafs could use, he's cheap and they get the first to compensate for the fact that nylander is currently nhl ready. I don't think thenleafs cup window has opened I think it starts next year, so if Liljegren and fabbro can make the team next year the leafs d will be significantly improved hense their window opens


1.) 11 Oct 2018 17:51:57

If Nashville wanted to throw us a player we could use now too, say Jarnkrok, it would be something Leafs would have to consider. Not saying they would do it. Just saying they would have to seriously think about it.

2.) 11 Oct 2018 19:28:56
That is not a bad trade but tricky and Nash not give ennough.

Toronto don't need Fabbro and even less of a first choice.
Second problem; Nylander prouve he is very good, not Fabbro.

So Toronto run for the Stanley Cup and need one or 2 good defensman NHL Ready.

So trade refused and clearely not a good timming right now for that kind of trade.



02 Oct 2018 00:42:59
If leafs cannot sign nylander before start of season

Colorado- Conor Timmins and Col 2019 1st

Trade gets leafs a top tier affordable right handed defence prospect who can both push offence and is good defensively. Dubas May have fimiliarity with him as he's played for the greyhounds. Also get a mid-late first. Colorado gets a very good arguably elite winger to give them a scary top 6 to compete in the tough central division.


1.) 02 Oct 2018 05:27:15
Timmins is a great player. Ranked just as highly as Makar (maybe higher, depending on the review), he would be a good choice to target. Avs are loaded at RHD and with both Timmins and Makar, they can afford to let one of these guys go.

Some on this site may say Nylander has more value than Timmins, but don’t you worry about that. Timmins holds more value to us because he fills a glaring need and will be around for a decade. Nylander is greedy and selfish, not a team player at all. I would be more than happy to dump him on Colorado for Timmins and 1st. We have enough highly skilled forwards that trading Nylander for an elite RHD prospect player won’t significantly reduce our offense and would greatly improve our defense.

Either Timmins or Makar is excellent choice. And I think targeting Avs is a smart choice. Their own re-build is coming along nicely, and Nylander would complete the top six for them making them an offensive force.

2.) 02 Oct 2018 06:11:37
Leafs would love that, not sure if Colorado would do that. But interesting post!

3.) 02 Oct 2018 10:40:46
Again not saying this trade is bad for Toronto but saying Timmons is an “ elite d prospect “ prospect is ridiculous. He’s a second round pick who’s been shaping out very well similar to Travis Dermott. Saying he’s Elite- ( Hedman, Dahlin, Jones, Karlsson, Doughty, ETC) tier is ridiculous chill out with that label. I could see him being a very good player in the future but not at the elite level.

4.) 02 Oct 2018 13:34:48
First of all I didn’t say anything about Timmins being “elite” as of now. Second how about Weber or Keith to start with, both drafted in the second round lower than Timmins and are considered elite. Being drafted in the first round doesn’t guarentee “elite” status, it’s a trade that fills need for both teams.

5.) 02 Oct 2018 14:20:19

Calling a top 5 defense prospect an “elite prospect” isn’t so ridiculous. Coming from someone who has a very real tendency to contradict himself is hypocritical: one post you say Nylander is not a star, but then you’re pretty quick to throw the elite label on him. Nylander had 20 goals and 60 points last year and almost the exact same the year previous. Hardly what I would call elite. Maybe your definition of elite is different from mine?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you don’t like me hyping prospects and players, then don’t read my posts. I’ve already basically started to ignore yours, as they seem to be hyper-critical without contributing much in the way of conversation or debating the merits of the players involved.

6.) 02 Oct 2018 20:52:47
Subban also a second round pick. All multiple time Norris Finalists and a cpl wins over the last few years.

7.) 03 Oct 2018 02:47:21
Missing the point the reality is Timmons will never be in the Elite Catagory those you listed aren’t either. Elite is Orr, Coffey, Lindstrom, Harvey, ETC not Timmons and Friggin Subban.

8.) 03 Oct 2018 05:40:32
You don’t think Weber, Keith or Subban are/ were elite in their primes? All were considered top 5 D in the league for stretches with Weber considered the best for quite a while. i'd consider all of them elite at leas for long stretches of their careers. What about Chelios? Also of the 4 you mentioned Orr and Harvey came before the draft and Lidström was drafted 53 overall which is a second round today (3rd round at the time) . Where does Josi fit for you? He was also a second Round pick.

9.) 03 Oct 2018 16:04:16
@VBB Okay now I’m really confused. So you’re saying to be called elite, you have to be a surefire first ballot hall of famer? And yet you have called marner and Nylander Elite many times. Wouldn’t that mean you consider them in the likes of gretzky, Howe, Lemieux, Hull?!?! Lol

And you wouldn’t trade Nylander for anything shy of the next Bobby Orr? Hahaha come on man. You are getting more rediculous by the day lol Nylander has a chance to be an elite scorer because very few guys can put up 40 goals and 80pts and I believe that’s atleast a possibility for him. However I would never even think to suggest he would reach the status of top 100 players of all time let alone top 4/ 5 at his position lol craziness on a Wednesday.

10.) 03 Oct 2018 17:48:27
Ok, elite is top 10 0f all time? Alright, got your thought process now so can comprehend wtf you're talking about.

11.) 03 Oct 2018 19:23:54
So the trade is close to fair, you’re (VB) is saying that Timmins is not a elite defence prospect, which no where in the post did I call him a elite prospect, which is fair but by your standards nylander isn’t anywhere close to elite either, which is also fair to say. So the trade is a good forward for a good defence prospect that has lots of potential to be exactly what the leafs want/ need with the addition of a late first to even out the difference that nylander is currently a top 6 forward and Timmins is unproven.

12.) 03 Oct 2018 23:22:41
Mertle I was not referring to you at all and I don’t believe Nylander is Elite. It really depends what you consider Elite. I’d say the top 1% of NHL player of all Time belong in the elite category. Not saying second round picks can’t/ Haven’t gotten to the level I’m just saying he won’t. He’s a very good prospect and I’d love him on the leafs but I wouldn’t call him Elite. I’d consider Dahlin the only “Elite prospect “
Could see Petterson/ Svechnikov/ Zandina getting there but I’m not throwing the Elite tital at them.



04 Jul 2018 00:05:59
Not too sure what the aves salary situation looks like but was thinking:

Colorado- Timmins and Ottawa 2019 1st
Ottawa- Karlson

Colorado instantly becomes a condender, with Barrie Makar Karlson Johnson girard they'd have a great young d core to go with the strong forward core. Ottawa gets back their pick to potentially draft Hughes and gets a good defence prospect in Timmins. Karlson would have a good chance at consecutive deep playoff runs with a young Colorado team, Ottawa trades Karlson to the west and out of their hair.


1.) 04 Jul 2018 04:34:17
Timmons and potentially top 3 pick would not be a bad return imo. Maybe avs add a forward as well.

2.) 04 Jul 2018 05:03:17
Proposed the same deal.



02 Feb 2018 20:22:21
There's hardly any trades involving patches so I'll give Be it a shot.

Patches straight up for Sam steel

Montreal gets young talented center they want/need Anaheim adds scoring who adds immediate impact for their cup run now. I'm thinking that Montreal adds a mid round pick but to save getting my head ripped off by hand fans I didn't add. I think it works cap wise for Anaheim as they're a budget team and may exceed their internal cap to add a impact player right now


1.) 02 Feb 2018 22:11:07
While Steel is a very good prospect, I don’t think he’s proven enough to get Pacioretty. Also I’m pretty sure Marc Bergeron isn’t on a very loose leash and if this questionable move doesn’t work out his job will be very much in danger.

2.) 02 Feb 2018 22:37:34
Honestly fits both team needs absolutely but can’t see ducks pulling the trigger I don’t think they are going to have a successful cup run again this year but good post.

3.) 03 Feb 2018 01:28:11
Good post. It’s close. I think habs will want more to move patches, but don’t think ducks would add to steel for him. So I don’t see both teams being happy with it, but as close as I’ve seen in the hundreds of pacioretty ones lol.

4.) 03 Feb 2018 10:06:01
Sam Steel has proved nothing at the NHL level. Patches consistently 25-30 goal guy. Anaheim needs to sweeten the pot.

5.) 03 Feb 2018 17:04:37
Base on this and the comment

Patches + 2019 4th pick

Sam Steel + Mahura.

6.) 03 Feb 2018 17:09:11
I do agree that Sam steel is unproven but look at what’ is or could be available. there’s some young centerman that keep showing up in other posts like Dubois that are so unrealistic as far as the other teams wanting to give them up, Sam steel has the potential to be a top centerman and imo, if the ducks didn’t have getzlaf, Kessler, cokgiano etc then steel would be playing in the nhl, the ducks just have the luxury of allowing him to develope More with more ice time, which is definatley a good thing to do. Patches is a proven player and he’s definatley the best trade chip that Montreal has right now but Montreal fans can’t expect to get Dubois or barzal for him. So realistically steel is a very good option and by this time next year if they haven’t traded patches he’s not going to be worth half of what he is right now because he’ll be a ufa, if I was Montreal I’d cash in right now trade for steel, and draft a winger with this years 1st assuming they don’t win the lottery. And have Galchenyuk as your number 2 center.




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09 Jun 2018 01:12:12
Depth move for leafs to bring in some additional depth and playoff moral. May help the young guys try a little harder.

Leafs- 4th round pick conditional 7th and maybe a cap dump
Vegas- chick with her tits on the glass.

Vegas gets pick for the future to help them build on conditional 7th if she gets implants. Leafs get chick who's willing to do what it takes to get the crowd and guys going, may give young guys like nylander more reason to go to the corners and battle... what do ya think....is it enough or too much from the leafs?


1.) 09 Jun 2018 12:14:45
I'd spend a lot of time in the corners maybe a little too much. Plus she wouldn't need implants those puppies looked just fine the way they are.



12 Jan 2018 20:02:33
Hypothetical scenario.. you're building team Canada olympic team for the upcoming Olympics (nhl players are coming)... you can take 13 forwards 7 defence and 3 goalies... who you taking. If you're American who you taking?


1.) 12 Jan 2018 20:20:16
I can't participate, it will make me sad - lol.
Team Canada would be outrageous.

2.) 12 Jan 2018 21:52:07
Is anyone even really interested in the Olympic hockey.? Have to admit, I'm not. Maybe I'll tune in, but not the big event it's been in the past, where my whole life kinda stops and scheduled by the games lol
. Like Turkey said. To sad. lol.

3.) 12 Jan 2018 23:36:40
Im not usually a bitter person but just thinking about the team that Canada could put on the ice. I just made a mess in my pants. hah. Anyways yeah it’s too bad but has there ever been a time where Canada has so many top players in their prime that could be playing. you could say the same thing about the ‘mericans. February will be a sad month for what could have been.

4.) 13 Jan 2018 00:28:08
I've loved k get stop al hockey since I was a kid playing Nintendo and PlayStation. Always picked Canada. Hate that NHLer aren't going. I do love watching almost all winter Olympic sports. Some over my favorite two weeks. I think games with be super early morning hrs like Sochi, so with that and no NHLers the tv ratings for Canada and U. S games will be terrible.
I won't go out of my way to watch or stay up late or get up early for it like Sochi that's for sure.
I think the American team would be the most improved. Fuk sales I'm so sad no NHLers are going.

5.) 13 Jan 2018 02:04:10



6.) 13 Jan 2018 05:38:16
Come on Nylander. At least give credit to who wrote that lineup.

7.) 13 Jan 2018 05:38:40

8.) 13 Jan 2018 12:33:42
This was Chris johnstons Canadian from Sportsnet lineup
You can google it the read article.

McKinnon McDavid Stamkos
Marchand Crosby Bergeron
Benn toews Schiffle
Hall Tavares Stone
Ex: Seguin Giroux

Keith doughty
Rielly petrangelo
Giordano Hamilton
Ex: Vlasic Subban


No Weber. Getzlaf. Perry. Carter.
Keeping dominant World Cup line of Marchand Crosby Bergeron together.

I would probably have Vlasic Subban and burns in instead of Rielly gio and Hamilton myself.
There's a look and something close to what it could be.

What changes would you make?

9.) 13 Jan 2018 13:17:05
What lol I litterly made that up in my head lol. @yup.

10.) 13 Jan 2018 13:54:36
My lineup would look like

Hall McDavid Stamkos
Marchand Crosby Bergeron
Couturier Tavares Stone
Benn Getzlaf Scheifele
MacKinnon Giroux

Keith Doughty
Rielly Pietrangelo
Giordano Subban
Vlasic Parayko


11.) 13 Jan 2018 16:37:19
Someway I would have Brent Burns in. even If he isn't having a Norris kinda year., but No way he doesn't make my team.

12.) 14 Jan 2018 04:15:10
I'm actually more interested in it now. Let's face facts canada could have put 3 teams in it before and each one could have won it. So even if they had lost you probably weren't actually beating the best canada had to offer. right now I just feel like it's more of an even playing field. i'm actually a little excited for it now I think there's going to be more emotion and physical play then before.



06 Dec 2017 15:51:44
Arizona isn't going to be competitive any time soon and leafs need a upgrade on the back end.

Ari- OEL
Tor- nylander, dermott, kapinen and 2018 1st

Toronto lands a very good 2 way d man who at this point in his career I'm sure would like to play some actual meaningful games. Arizona gets 2 young controllable top 6 forwards one of which can play wing or center, good defense prospect who may be nhl ready next year and a mid to late 1st. Leafs may have to throw in a cap dump plus a puck depending on what Arizona's cap situation is.


1.) 06 Dec 2017 21:02:47
OEL is worth a ton, this might be what it takes to get him, however if this is what it would take, leafs pass.



01 Dec 2017 22:51:19
Based on doughty's recent comments I don't think he'll resign in LA. I do think Toronto would be a good fit for him and I think have the assets for him. Yes they could wait until he becomes a free agent but my guess is 30 other teams are going to be interested. LA does a signs doughty 7 years 10.5/year and trades with Toronto

LA- Doughty

Tor- nylander, dermott, kapenen and this years 1st

With nylander being a part of the package Leafs won't have to worry about giving his big raise and not being able too afford doughy. It's obvious leafs would get a right handed young(ish) top d man, and kings get top 6 winger possibly 2 depending how you value kappinen, s potential top 4-6 d man and a mid- later 1st. Good offer from leafs and for kings it's better than losing him for nothing. Like I said it'd be a sign and trade


1.) 02 Dec 2017 03:07:05
If he's just going to sign there as a UFA after next season, as you say. Then why trade that much for him. If he wants to sign in Toronto he will, and no need to worry about 29 other teams or having to trade for him to show him you want him. He'll damn well know you want him lol.
But, you will have to let one of Marner or Nylander go in the next comin years of Doughty comes to Toronto. Especially for more than PKs $9M which is what he says he's worth and what he wants.
If LAK knows he's not resigning with them they take this deal and run.

2.) 02 Dec 2017 04:41:25
Just for fun, It’s possible to have them all, just need a solid stream of cheap young players coming in like Chicago and Pittsburgh. That’s where Leivo, kapanen, Sosh, dermott etc come in. Theoretically:

Matthews $11, marner $6, nylander $6,
Marleau $6.25, kadri $4.5, hyman $2.25
Brown $2.1,

Rielly $5, Doughty $10.5
Gardiner $4, Zaitsev $4.5

Andersen $5

That’s $67.1 million worth of guys locked up for 1-5 more years after doughty would be available. The cap seems to be going up $2-3mill a year, it’s at 75mill today. Say it’s near $80 mill in 2 years. Gives them 13 mill left with 7 good forwards, a good top 4 D and a great goalie. With a few entry level contracts and a few cheap veterans for bottom pair D (Polak type) and 4th line (dom Moore type) and a cheap veteran back up, it can be done. The bargains this management got on guys like kadri, Rielly, zaitsev and Andersen over the past 2 years allow them flexibility. Also marleaus deal overlaps this by only a single year. Then 6mill more is free for raises or other shopping.

I’m not saying this will happen, it’s a long time till then and things can change. Leaf fans have been lead on by UFAs before lol but people saying it’s impossible isn’t true. For the first time in decades they have a management team that I believe can pull stuff like this off.

Anyway, criticize away lol.

3.) 02 Dec 2017 12:57:21
And @Unbiased, Marleaus up in a year, so 6 million free.

4.) 02 Dec 2017 21:30:08
Isn't this Marleuas first of three years? He has two more years after this one, no?

5.) 02 Dec 2017 23:56:29
I’m a huge doughty fan, I’d like to see him on the leafs I just don’t think he’d choose the be there if he hit the open market. That’s why I suggested the sign and trade. Leafs give up a bunch yes but they also get exactly what they want in doughty. But yeah I guess if he was to sign a contract knowing that he’d be traded to a team he didn’t want to go to he wouldn’t sign. I just wanted to get if the offered package would be acceptable for doughty.



30Jun 2017 19:24:16
What would it take from the leafs to pry Ilya samsonov from Washington. If Washington is in win now mode and already has holtby signed long term would a trade for let's say JVR, dermott and maybe a 2nd round pick for samsonov and maybe orpik or another plug as a cap dump. Anderson is good but st 28 years old by the time the leafs are contenders he'll be on the wrong side of 30. How far off am I?


1.) 30 Jun 2017 21:25:34
Jeez Jvr dermott AND a second? for a good goalie prospect AND a crappy cap dump? no thanks from the leafs that's way too much.




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15 Oct 2018 00:06:50
I posted this a couple weeks ago, I personally would do it based on needs of both teams, but I do think that Colorado should add a bit based on the fact that nylander is currently a proven top 6 forward and will get better and Timmins hasn’t proven anything at the nhl level. I like it tho, pull the trigger!




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15 Oct 2018 00:02:55
Unless the picks and prospects going to buffalo are Liljegren Sandin and marner to don’t think buffalo considers this. they need defence more than another small skilled forward.




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14 Oct 2018 18:36:15
Shattenkirk has been a healthy scratch, he’s overplayed and isn’t very good defensively. Only thing he’s got going for him is his handed ness. Leafs easily say no.




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03 Oct 2018 19:23:54
So the trade is close to fair, you’re (VB) is saying that Timmins is not a elite defence prospect, which no where in the post did I call him a elite prospect, which is fair but by your standards nylander isn’t anywhere close to elite either, which is also fair to say. So the trade is a good forward for a good defence prospect that has lots of potential to be exactly what the leafs want/ need with the addition of a late first to even out the difference that nylander is currently a top 6 forward and Timmins is unproven.




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02 Oct 2018 15:51:29
I like how there’s 3 centerman playing the top line.





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