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21 May 2018 22:18:57
Probably way off.. and of course I want to see him on my Habs.. but what about a Buffalo and NYI blockbuster...
Tavares on a sign and trade plus a small add due to age difference.
For Jack Eichel.

I'm not a huge Eichel fan due to his personality..I think his ego may be to much to have someone who is coming in the league with even more hype than he did.. Dahlin..
Buffalo gets a strong leader in Tavares..reunited with Okposo.. NYI still gets to have a Star center..


1.) 22 May 2018 01:48:53
Islanders won’t be adding anything extra.

2.) 22 May 2018 03:08:38
No way buffalo touches this Eichel is 20 and is almost as good as Tavares. I’d trade Austin Mathews for Jack Eichel as a leafs fan. And I wouldn’t trade Mathews for Barzel and a player you could get for free in Free agency. In two seasons Eichel will out produce Tavares career highs I’m calling it right now. With that being said if I were buffalo I’d trade O’rielly and sign Tavares to be the 2 c.

3.) 23 May 2018 16:37:28
I wouldn’t trade Matthews for Eichel first off. Secondly, buffalos ownership has committed to Eichel with that massive contract and has apparently allowed him atleast some input on firing and hiring or coaches and gm lol they don’t do that and then trade him 10 months later.



17 Jan 2018 04:51:28
If I'm Garth Snow, does the emergence of Barzal change my way of thinking????
I have been obvious about my desire for the Habs to land Tavares.. ya it's still a crap shoot... however... if I am Snow.,, I build around Barzal.. I don't let Tavares get to July 1st, but trade him for top dollar.. yes !! I want my Habs to get him , however.,I have 2 trades.. who ya take.
FOR Tavares

2nd 18,× 2(both)
1st 2019

These deals are both on the contingent that he signs 8x11 at 88 once he is traded.


1.) 17 Jan 2018 06:08:49
I take Horvat, Joulevi, Van 2018 1st over
Galchenyuk, Lindgren, Juulsen, two 2018 2nds, 2019 1st.

2.) 17 Jan 2018 06:11:16
Horvat is the most proven of all this. I think Juolevi has more value than pretty well all the Montreal pieces. And that Van forst this year should be pretty good.

Make he Montreal 1st 2018 not 2019 and it changes it a bit. It still prefer Van package over Montreals.
Mainly becaUs Horvat is proven and the other two pieces are more potential than any of MTLs.

3.) 17 Jan 2018 07:29:26
Uhhhh no you definitely don’t build around barzal you keep Tavares who is a top 10 player in the world lol. I see your reasoning but no way, I really do think he will resign in New York and imo neither of these trades are enough to get him (im talking value wise not as he’s a UFA) .

4.) 17 Jan 2018 08:09:31
Good points both Edmonton Boyz.

McJesus. yes Tavares is top 10, however, resign him for 8 years, puts him at what? 35? Or Barzal, focus on him, Bellows. ext. In 8 years both are in middle of Prime. I get what your saying

Wouldn't surprise me however, at end if career. m Barzal, more points than John Tavares
I really like Tavares, however, I often wonder, is he a Superstar. or Really good player. there is a diffdefence.

5.) 17 Jan 2018 14:02:55
I think Mtl shouldn’t sign Tavares
We already have bad contracts

Not to mention that 80 million goalie.

6.) 17 Jan 2018 15:12:37
I would say having that 80 million dollar goalie is a good reason to get an 80 million dollar centreman to go with your 80million dollar defensman because they are so committed now, after those moves and trading sergachev, deciding to go another direction now will set any rebuild back many years before it even begins.

7.) 17 Jan 2018 16:19:33
Too much for a rental because Tavares would never re-sign in Van.

Montreal would be better off to just snag him at UFA time w/ o losing assets.

8.) 17 Jan 2018 17:54:40
I think one of the reasons Tavares might stay in NYI is the emergence of Barzel. Not saying it's the only reason, but it's one of many and it does help a little.

9.) 17 Jan 2018 18:20:36
Tavares is a superstar now, and you don’t trade those players. Barzal emerged as a very fun player to watch this year but tbh he had to play two extra years in junior! He wasn’t projected to be this good but unreal player for islanders now his skating is phenomenal but you still don’t trade Tavares. You keep him and you have him, Barzal, bellows, and all those other guys who will come up.

10.) 17 Jan 2018 22:49:03
I agree you try to keep Tavares if you can, and as much as he is saying the right things about wanting to stay, he isn’t holding any talks. As a management team you want to show patience with him and respect him by at the same time the deadline is coming and if he isn’t going to stay, you have to make a plan. You can’t have the best player your team has seen in decades walk for nothing.



30 Nov 2017 22:18:34
!Habs aquire Cracknell from NYR for Holland.

Huh?? Anyone else have any idea why this was made.. Bergevin must be bored?? Or is it jus so he can say he did something.?


1.) 01 Dec 2017 03:44:24
I don't like this. Holland is a pretty good depth forward. Cracknell is not.

2.) 01 Dec 2017 04:58:29
A little of both? Trying to make it look like he's trying.

3.) 01 Dec 2017 06:11:42
I’m surprised Holland wasn’t on the starting roster. I thought he was pretty good in Toronto.

4.) 01 Dec 2017 13:52:37
Holland was signed for 2 years next year being a one way contract. i guess they couldn't see a situation where he would be making the starting lineup this year or next year so they traded him for a guy who brings about the same value to laval and is a ufa at years end that they don't even have to try and find a place for next season. Not hard to figure out guys.

5.) 01 Dec 2017 14:10:45
Apparently holland ask for a trade when he saw Daniel carr + byron Froese being call to play for the big team and not him.



19 Jun 2017 20:01:17
send Tanev and Virtanen
send Kane and Beaulieu.


1.) 19 Jun 2017 21:38:06
I think buffalo passes on this one. If virtanen was more ready I think it could work.

2.) 21 Jun 2017 01:54:46
No way from Van. I wouldn't trade Tanev for Kane and Virtanen for Beaulieu.



17 Jun 2017 19:03:04
Beaulieu to Sabres for a 3rd... hmm not sure how I feel bout that..
Must be something else in the works


1.) 17 Jun 2017 19:06:30
Yeah he must have a trade for a dman coming back I'd assume.

2.) 17 Jun 2017 19:20:10
It's obviously the best deal the Habs could get for him.

3.) 17 Jun 2017 19:22:16
Great deal for the sabres.

4.) 17 Jun 2017 19:37:46
Definitely something in the works in order to help the loss in Defense.

As for this trade though, I see it as pretty reasonable. Beaulieu is good but often overrated in terms of value. So I think Montreal got the best they could for him because there are a lot of teams that have their own Beaulieu type that aren't worth what the Beaulieu asking price started as.

Either way, I hope Beaulieu turns it around for Buffalo and Montreal finds a way to make up for their loss in defensive depth.

5.) 17 Jun 2017 20:03:32

6.) 17 Jun 2017 21:44:47
Really think beaulieau will excel on the Sabres.




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03 Jul 2019 08:27:44
Let's all be honest.. we all care more what Kawhi is going to do.. than all this RFA UFA stuff.


1.) 03 Jul 2019 17:24:15
Well the hockey off season has been pretty boring. But I'm ok either way with kawhi if he leaves the raps will suck this year and get a top pick I think, unless they have already traded it, don't think so though and when players like gasol and Lowry come off the books they can be big free agent players again and build another contender which will be fun to watch or he stays and they are probably still a contender to make the finals which will be fun to watch too.

2.) 04 Jul 2019 12:23:37
Kawhi to the Lakers I think. They’ll have the top 3 players in the NBA debatably I mean KD, Westbrook And Harding are probably better then Kawhi but yeah.

3.) 04 Jul 2019 15:55:33
KD maybe. russ definitely not. and harden only offensively.

4.) 05 Jul 2019 00:58:23
As much as I was a bandwagon fan for the playoffs and championship, Come on and go to LAL already man! We all know you want to. If you %100 wanted to stay in Toronto it would have been announced the first opportunity. The fact he didn’t means he has a decision to make and is hesitant to break Toronto’s hearts. Just go to LAL, we won’t be mad bro. Thanks for the championship.
BUT! That said, because the entire same team is signed for one more year, mayyyyybe he signs a one year deal with Toronto and try’s to repeat? Then goes to LAL?
Kinda funny Lebron pitched him and said hey man I’ll be gone in two years then it’s your team and I’ll adjust my game and we’ll make it work. If that’s genuine, that's interesting.
But hey, just go to the Lakers man, best of luck and thank ya.

5.) 05 Jul 2019 11:25:39
Nah he's staying in Toronto.

6.) 05 Jul 2019 13:59:55
I actually think he stay and signs a 2 year then signs a super max contract with a team.

7.) 06 Jul 2019 17:03:39
Crazy. I actually thought the Clippers were our of it and had Lakers tables first possibility, Raptors then Clippers. Kinda crazy he picks the Clippers. Best of luck To him!



03 Jul 2019 08:18:38
Jus wondering, I know Habs won't get him now.. but does Aho have to sign with Carolina? At 8.4.. or can he hold out? Apparently he wanted more before. And... can another team swoop in.. and offer 9.5? Not sure all of the RFA rules, other than the compensation


1.) 03 Jul 2019 17:24:42
Nope the deal is the deal.

2.) 04 Jul 2019 12:18:24
No he’s locked in to the contract he signed, just comes down to where he’ll play it out Montreal or Carolina. He asked for more but never expected it, started high for negotiations.

3.) 04 Jul 2019 12:24:59
He already signed the contract if Carolina matches they retain him with contract he signed.



02 Jul 2019 03:10:25
Dont get me wrong.. Panarin is a good hockey player, but in what world is he worth what he's going to get.. he is now the 2nd highest paid player in the game.. seems rediculous to me. This is why I see another Lockout coming.. .. and, always seems like the damn Rangers are the team driving up these salaries..
Sad thing is, sounds like Isles and Jackets had bigger deals..
No offense to Panarin, good on him, but I can name 20 guys at least that if pay more for .


1.) 02 Jul 2019 05:01:58
It's the same thing every year most ufas get over paid.

2.) 02 Jul 2019 05:24:39
Ya., but I think this one was over the top.

3.) 02 Jul 2019 06:20:57
That’s how the salary cap is now. Also, this years free agent class was weak imo. Like TSN has Mike Smith as the 15th best free agent available? Bunch of players got
overpaid because for lots of teams it was overpay or don’t improve the team and have the board, owner and the fans on your ass.

4.) 02 Jul 2019 11:06:23
Thank you Marc Bergevin for not overpaying and going for the best fit for the MTL Canadiens. What a player that Aho. Aho who is better than Marner and plays center was the best RFA after Point. Toronto will look silly now when Marner gets 11 million wich he still will bcuz of William Nylander.

5.) 02 Jul 2019 13:15:06
In what world is Point/ Aho better then Marner? Both are stars but Marner is a tier above them both.

6.) 02 Jul 2019 14:23:15
Vb. I wouldn't say that Marner is a tier above either Aho or Point. I will say he is slightly above them atm. But it's not a tier above.

7.) 02 Jul 2019 15:39:09
Vbbb I've never heard anyone say aho was better then marner although you could almost make a case for it. But I have heard a lot people who think point is better and I think if you could actually poll nhl gms and executives you would be surprised how many of them would think that point is better.

8.) 02 Jul 2019 15:52:53
Vb how exactly is Marner a tier above Point? One year age difference, Point is a Center and had a higher ppg. Point also got more Selke votes without having the Toronto media to prop him up.

9.) 02 Jul 2019 16:25:57
I would be very surprised if an NHL GM thought Point was better then Marner. Point had a huge Benefit of playing on the best power play in the NHL where as the leafs were among the worst.

10.) 02 Jul 2019 17:13:10
Point was usually on the 2nd power play unit though.

11.) 02 Jul 2019 17:23:27
This year he spent more time on the first unit but last year he didn't and still s ores over 30 goals.

12.) 02 Jul 2019 18:28:35
even the Toronto biased sportsnet had point as the number 1 rfa this year.

13.) 03 Jul 2019 10:02:39
VB leafs were 8th in PP%. That’s hardly “among the worst”.



30 Jun 2019 22:14:44
Hmm Habby , Turkey and other Habs fans.. what you think of the Shaw trade??? What is Bergevin clearing cap room for???
For me Shaw was finally playing the way I expected him to. So I have mixed feelings on this. Guess We will see what tomorrow brings.


1.) 30 Jun 2019 23:05:16
Duchene is Plan A And Anders Lee is plan B

Duchene will get around 9.5 million

Lee will get abit over 7 million.

2.) 30 Jun 2019 23:23:59
I think it's safe to say he has reason to believe he can sign one of the ufa. Shaw had a real good year for us and he's still a good middle six player when healthy.

3.) 30 Jun 2019 23:26:47
He's also one hit away from retirement and we have guys coming who can take his spot in the lineup now. Essentially we got a 2nd and a 3rd and 3 years of shaw for 2 2nds so it was pretty good asset management too. maybe we can get a debrincat caliber player with that 2nd pick lol.

4.) 30 Jun 2019 23:27:59
Yeah vbbb duchene will have to want at least 9.5 I think too why would he settle for less then skinner?

5.) 30 Jun 2019 23:30:11
Vb. where does your guy Gardiner fit in all this?

6.) 30 Jun 2019 23:32:23
And. hell no they better not pay Lee over 7.

7.) 30 Jun 2019 23:36:30
Maybe we just cleared room to sign Kincaid and donskoi and to make sure we stay 10 mil under the cap again this year lol.

8.) 30 Jun 2019 23:52:09
. really don't like the Delauries trade. not at all.

9.) 30 Jun 2019 23:58:00
You don't like it? A 4th round pick for a plug come on man.

10.) 01 Jul 2019 03:20:05
No I dont. also think he wasnt utilized the way he shoulda been. the guy was high energy who was capable of a fee goals. . He was a guy who no matter what the score played hard. I didn't think much when he was signed a few years ago, but i like his game. Played with emotion, wasnt a robot like the rest of em.

11.) 01 Jul 2019 03:59:07
Now we just have to get rid of byron.

12.) 01 Jul 2019 05:18:39
Huh? Get rid of Byron? This must be a troll.

13.) 01 Jul 2019 05:27:25
Deslaurier would have been great to have on the team 10 years ago. But there is really no place for him now you need your 4th line players to have skill now to be successful.

14.) 01 Jul 2019 07:34:54
I dunno. I like the guy who can go out and be a menace for a few shifts. keep the pretty boys on there toes. Guess same reason i like Kassian.

15.) 01 Jul 2019 11:36:29
Habby I think if any of us said Shaw was one hit away from retirement yesterday, you’d be singing a different tune.

16.) 01 Jul 2019 15:21:37
That's not true leafs17 I've talked about shaws injury history on here a few times. I also argued with a few of you leaf fans that he was better then Connor brown which I still stand by of course that argument went pretty quiet this year hey? He's a good middle six forward when healthy but his injury history is longer then most. We have players who can replace him now for cheaper and I wish him all the best.

17.) 02 Jul 2019 14:00:00
I think that was you and Jim like every other argument. Brown is still a middle six forward but couldn’t crack the leafs forward depth.

18.) 03 Jul 2019 05:22:31
See how you stepped in on this one leafs17 and tried to start an argument?



15 Jun 2019 02:01:40
Yay Raptors!
So I wanna ask Torontonians..., what is more important... This .. or the Leafs winning a Cup.
As a Canadian, The Jays and Raps are the Countries team.. they are both unofficial team Canada.. the whole country gets together for this kinda thing.., even my mother, who had never ever watched a basketball game, became a big time 'Bandwagon" ( sorry mom) Rapts fan.
I know the Leafs are loved throughout the country, however,there are 6 other Canadian teams, so there are a lot of people who aren't fans.. ( yup until Mathews is gone,I'm one of the nonefans)...
So .. Toronto,, what means more..?? To the city..??


1.) 15 Jun 2019 03:10:09
Hockey Is Canada’s sport it’s not even a question.

2.) 15 Jun 2019 14:04:30
Fair enough VB.
However if Leafs make finals, don't expect the same country unity that we jus seen with the Raptors, or like we did with the Jay's back in early 90s.
( my Habs wouldn't have whole country behind them either)

3.) 15 Jun 2019 19:08:51
Ohh I agree but there is probably 10x more hockey fans then Basketball fans in the country. A lot of the fans you speak about when you say the whole country was united are casual fans but hockey is Canada’s nation national pride.

4.) 15 Jun 2019 23:17:45
I agree VB.




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12 Jul 2019 02:49:07
Ya, Habby, I think Brook is going to be a really good Dman. time will tell. Byram also could and I think will he a really good Dman. or he could be Griffin Reinhart? As of right now, Gallagher is a really good player in the league, Mete is a regular who is also really young, so, I can see Brook and Mete being part of Habs top 4 for years to come .




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11 Jul 2019 21:49:28
As much as I like Byram. , the kid literally grew up jus down the street from my parents. I would still rather keep the Montreal package.




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08 Jul 2019 16:08:49
I don't see why Toronto would have to add?
Also, neither team would do this .




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03 Jul 2019 08:14:10
Oh. Forget it

We still have to give the 1st, 2nd and 3rd., my bad.




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03 Jul 2019 08:13:15
Is that even a thing? Allowed? Are they allowed to do that.
So basically its all you said from Habs for Aho and Fluery? Umm yes please! .





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