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07 Aug 2022 13:17:33
Arizona trades:
Jacob Chychrun

Ottawa trades:
Jake Sanderson
Shane Pinto
2023 1st

Is it enough for Chychrun or does Ottawa need to add?


1.) 07 Aug 2022 14:37:56
Hell no from Ottawa. Sanderson is untouchable.

2.) 07 Aug 2022 15:00:45
I thimk that might be a little much.

3.) 07 Aug 2022 15:09:41
Ottawa gives up way too much as Sanderson should surpass Chychrun in skill and talent in a couple of years. But then adding Pinto and a 1st is just a ridiculous add that Chychrun isn't worth.

4.) 07 Aug 2022 18:39:21
Chychrun is a nice piece, but this doesn’t seem like a sincere offer for OTT. This would be a HUGE overpayment for OTT, and i can’t imagine why they’d consider it.

5.) 07 Aug 2022 18:47:58
Take out Sanderson and add Docker. Pinto is a really good NHL ready prospect.

6.) 07 Aug 2022 20:01:34
ARI wants a Young Player + a High-End Prospect + 1st Round Pick =

Shane Pinto, Mathieu Joseph, Alex Formenton or Erik Brannstrom +
Tyler Boucher, Lassi Thomson, Jacob Bernard-Docker or Ridly Greig +
2023-1st Round Pick-OTT

@MoxNix's offer is what they want, but I agree OTT won't include Jake Sanderson, but they'll have to give to get, as Chychrun (who I think is overrated and has health issues) is in High Demand and ARI isn't in a situation where they have to move him, so they'll simply wait until they get what they want.

7.) 08 Aug 2022 05:03:21
Like I said, you 2 are delusional beyond belief. And clearly I'm NOT the only one who notices that.

Young player is Alex Formenton
High end prospect is Docker or Thompson
2024 1st is the 1st
Ottawa also needs cap room to make this happen so a contract move of Zaitsev to fit Chychrun is pretty much mandatory, and Arizona has the space to facilitate that kind of move for a sweetener like Sokolov.

And without Crouse involved that's still an overpayment by Ottawa.

Arizona will NOT get their asking price for him and will likely get much less like in every trade for a guy with injury history and 1 year left till RFA status who has NO intention of resigning with that team. So get over yourselves.

8.) 08 Aug 2022 05:13:33
YOU are the one who is delusional if you think Alex Formenton and Docker or Thomson plus a first is going to cut it for Chychrun.

And you expect them to take on a cap dump too? That costs extra.

And then add Crouse too? ROTFLMFAO.

9.) 08 Aug 2022 14:56:05
Obviously a cap dump costs extra why do you think Sokolov is in there as a sweetener. Sweeteners aren't meant to be the major top end players prospects or picks, they are meant to be solid mid level prospects or 2nd/ 3rd round picks, enough to make it happen. The only cases where it takes more than that is when the cap dump in question is no longer a viable option in a teams top 4 or top 6 and costs a cap hit of 6 million or higher which in Zaitsevs case neither point is true. He can still put up top 4 minutes when needed and is under 5 million cap hit. Yeah he's a cap dump that's not in question but he's not that bad of a cap dump like you let on.

It 100% meets their requirements no matter what you say.

Formenton is a roster player with Top 6 potential and is still under 25 years old. On Arizona he will easily be a top 3 forward, top 6 at worst the second he gets there.

Docker and Thompson ARE high end prospects no matter what you think. High end does NOT meat number 1 prospect and never did. Ottawa wanted a high end prospect for Stone, did Vegas give us Cody Glass or Peyton Krebs? No! They gave us Erik Branstrom who was like Docker and Thompson considered by hockey personnel as a high end prospect. But he was NOT their TOP prospect by any stretch of the imagination. They fact they say high end prospect and NOT top prospects means any top 10 to top 5 prospect on the team with value will do just fine if they are interested. And not only is Arizona interested in both guys but both guys also fit the criteria perfectly whether you agree or not.

And a 2024 1st unprotected is more than enough to fit the 1st they want seeing how a 2025 1st was litteraly just traded elsewhere, and not just any elsewhere, I believe it was to your Calgary Flames.

As for Crouse, yeah I added him, because like I said before, Chychrun has injury history, and is on record that he don't want to stay in Arizona anymore. Which both take away from his value. And Ottawa is currently a bottom 10 team. Yeah they made some great additions in the off-season so far and adding Chychrun would be another one, however a bounce back year in the first year may not be a total guarantee as sometimes players take a couple years to get used to the new teams, look at Matt Duchene for instance. And other times they never really do, Erik Karlsson, and Kyle Turris are prime examples, he'll Mark Giordano too hasn't been the same since Calgary days nor had Phaneuf. So yeah, that 2024 1st unprotected still carries crazy value compared to a team like Calgary or Colorado or Tampa who were all among the bottom 20 picks due to strong years. Picks values are based on projection to a point yes but more so they are based on the most recent success or lack there of in which case Ottawa has been a bottom 10 team since 2018 making their picks more valuable at this point in time.



07 Aug 2022 02:36:48
Calgary replaces Tkachuk

San Jose trades:
Timo Meier

Calgary trades:
Noah Hanifin
Connor Zary
2023 1st
2024 2nd.


1.) 07 Aug 2022 03:10:15
Cancel that, I forgot all about Meier's $10 mil QO.

2.) 07 Aug 2022 04:15:21
If you could get him to sign a long-term deal for cheaper on a sign & trade it might work, but what would you feel comfortable paying him. We should have about $15-17mil to sign him and Weegar if Hanifin is moved.



23 Jul 2022 21:40:04
Montreal trades:
Josh Anderson @5.5M UFA 2027

Calgary trades:
Sean Monahan @6.375M UFA 2023
Matthew Philips @750k RFA 2022 or Jack Beck @750k RFA 2022
2023 1st round pick

Montreal eats the last year of Monahan's contract and receives a 2023 first round pick + their choice of 2 prospects in the mold of Habs coach Martin St Louis.

Calgary gets a big power forward with speed who brings even more grit, physicality and toughness to the top 6 than was lost with the departure of Tkachuk. He'll score some goals too maybe a lot of them if he's on a line with Huberdeau and Lindholm.


1.) 23 Jul 2022 22:38:56
Easy and quick no from MTL. They’re getting calls on Anderson, but they’re not trying to trade him. I can’t imagine why they would trade him, but it they do, it’ll be for an offer they can’t refuse, and this ain’t it.

I had to google Beck & Phillips…neither is much of an incentive to take on Monaghan’s contract. A 1st would be part of ANY offer MTL is receiving for Anderson, who is on a great value deal. This is a homer deal for CGY, and doesn’t come close for Anderson let alone the cost of dumping Monahan.

I’d try ARI for dumping Monahan, but why not keep him and let him ride out his final year on LTIR?

2.) 24 Jul 2022 00:27:09
Not interested. J. Anderson: 19G+13A=32PTS+153Hits in 69GP/ 17:14ATOI)

Cheaper + More Physical Options that I've extrapolated their stats to match Anderson's 69GP/ 17:14ATOI:

Austin Watson (15G+9A=24PTS + 315 Hits) @1.5/ UFA23
Nathan Bastian (17G+8A=25PTS + 292 Hits) @825k/ RFA23
Alex Chiasson (20G+14A=34PTS + 104 Hits) @750k/ Free Agent
Garnet Hathaway (16.5G+14A=30.5PTS + 294 Hits) @1.5/ UFA23
Mark Kastelic (16G+16A=32PTS + 414 Hits) @821.7/ RFA23

If we're going to make a Trade and give up Assets, go after Alex Tuch (15.5G+33.5A=49PTS + 41 Hits) @4.75/ UFA26

Huberdeau replace Tkachuk's Physicality fine and anybody will be more Physical than Gaudreau, so better to go after Talent than Size & Grit for another Top-6 Forward IMO.

Bastian & Kastelic could be Future Josh Anderson's or even better, so I'd be trying to acquire them to play Bottom-6 Roles now and go from there, otherwise stick with Duehr & Klapka or convert Michael Stone to a RW lol, cause Anderson is Overrated!

3.) 24 Jul 2022 03:04:15

Anderson is better than any of those options except maybe Alex Tuch but Buffalo won't trade him. Montreal would trade Anderson if they get the right offer. I'm assuming they'd want a first round pick (preferably in 2023) and a prospect.

Huberdeau has some size but isn't very physical.


If they can keep Monahan on LTIR all year of course that works. I've mentioned that before. Monahan only has 1 year left on his contract and only makes 875K more than Anderson.

If you don't think my proposal is enough then what would be enough?

You're not getting Pelletier, Coronato or Wolf. Probably not Kerins either. Poirier or Kuznetsov maybe. Just about any other prospect should be available.

4.) 24 Jul 2022 04:27:58
Not interested in trading Anderson, but if a team forces their hand with a Godfather deal, then that’s to be determined. Monahan, Pelletier, or the others are of zero interest except CGY diehards.

IF Anderson were to be traded I can’t think of a reasonable return from CGY that makes any sense for either team. If someone wants a big boy who skates like the wind, who is on a good value deal, they’ll pay though.

? Homer Deals.

5.) 24 Jul 2022 04:50:44
My point was A) Josh Anderson isn't that great B) Let's try to find the next "Josh Anderson" C) We can find much better Players for that kind of $$$ and for less of an Acquisition Cost D) Let the Bottom-6 Guys be the Physical Aggressor's and Let the Top-6 focus on Speed & Skill

I know you're not a fan of Kessel, nor was @6.8-8mil, but hypothetically speaking, if we were to sign him for $2.5-3mil, he would contribute substantially more than Josh Anderson at 0 Acquisition Cost

Kessel typically takes 300-400 Shots/ Season, Scoring on 9-12% of them = 27-36 Goals. He wasn't able to do that in ARI obviously, but in CGY he probably will; look at what he did in Pittsburgh. He can also Pass and be a Playmaker as well. To me he's low risk, because if he does well you can use or Trade him for Assets and if not, you can Trade or Waive him and we have a Ton of guys to replace him. So let's keep Picks & Prospects and Monahan will be on LTIR, so isn't hurting us.

6.) 24 Jul 2022 05:03:56
If you think Pelletier would be of no interest to Montreal you don't know a thing about him.

7.) 24 Jul 2022 18:13:15
If you read my comment I stated I can’t think of a reasonable return for Anderson that would be acceptable to either team.

Some teams have more obvious fits for trades. Others don’t. I’d rather keep Anderson. I like a lot about his game, he’s on a great value deal, and I really like what he brings to the Habs.

I’ve seen Pelletier play so I’m familiar with the player. If he’s as good as you think he is you shouldn’t let him go. I see an undersized player who at 21 hasn’t had a cup of coffee in the NHL yet. I don’t think his game translates from junior the NHL. Maybe the kid will surprise me and have a long and productive career. Just because I don’t see the same potential in him doesn’t mean he won’t be great for CGY. All I can offer is my opinion, and my opinion is I’d rather have Anderson.

8.) 24 Jul 2022 19:50:38
Who's giving Pelletier away I clearly said you wouldn't get Pelletier.

9.) 25 Jul 2022 00:16:28
You are unintentionally hilarious Mox…. ?…. You brought up Pelletier…nowhere do I suggest him, except to say I don’t see him as you do, and I was trying to be nice about it. (Your exact quote was “You’re not getting Pelletier, etc”) . KEEP HIM?He’s ALL YOURS?

You initially also suggested Monahan, and when I explained he has no trade value without sweeteners, and it’s better if he stays on LTIR. Then you say, “if they can keep him on LTIR of course that works. I’ve said that before, etc. ”. You’re hilarious man. You can never admit fault. Thanks for the laughs as I wait through this excruciating layover?.

10.) 25 Jul 2022 02:06:50
I mentioned the players you wouldn't get because there's no way you're getting any of them and a first.

Monahan is there for cap reasons, one year of similar cap out for the cap coming in (875K difference) . Montreal could use him too. Not only would he help insulate Dach but if he rebounds he'll be better than Dvorak and if he doesn't that'll help with the tank.

I specifically suggested Phillips because he's a center who puts up a lot of points in the AHL and because he's a player that could thrive under Martin St Louis.

You say I'm hilarious yet you saying Montreal has no interest in Pelletier or any of the others is the funniest thing in this thread. Montreal (most teams in fact) most definitely would be interested in Pelletier, Coronato, Wolf, Kuznetsov, Poirier and Kerins. Montreal would be particularly interested in French Quebecois players Pelletier and Poirier because they're both French and skillful.

11.) 25 Jul 2022 10:44:40
Dance Mox dance. Hilarious! Monahan can’t help insulate anyone because he has serious health issues that make him more of an LTIR candidate than anything. For reasons stated I have zero interest in him, and just because a player is French it doesn’t mean MTL wants or needs him. You’re a Homer, and you overvalue your team’s prospects. If they’re so great keep them, and if Monahan can rejoin your lineup, he’ll be able to insulate your lineup?. There is certainly zero appeal for MTL to entertain this for Anderson when so many teams are allegedly interested in a player who isn’t even on the market. Stay down champ…. this ain’t your night ?.

12.) 25 Jul 2022 16:22:05
@Chickenfoot, what's your definition of a Homer, just so I'm clear on the term.

13.) 25 Jul 2022 20:52:24
I’ve heard rumours that the ask is fairly big for Anderson but I wouldn’t touch him at full salary. What should he be at 3.5M?

14.) 26 Jul 2022 00:19:08
Anderson around $4mil/ yr would be better considering the amount he gets injured. Not quite as Good as Toffoli overall, but he is More Physical and a Better Scorer at Even Strength, just not as good Defensively or as a Sniper on the PP.

15.) 26 Jul 2022 01:05:58
28 and only two seasons above 70 games, only one above a 40 point pace. Career average of 36 points over a full season. I don’t know enough about him but he can score and has potential for more offense but at best best case scenario he finally hits 50 points and is almost worth his 5.5M cap. Worst case scenario he has another 30 point season and he’s a really expensive 3rd liner. Retain 2M on him and his value is high otherwise better ways to spend your money.



22 Jul 2022 22:17:05
A few Tkachuk trade proposals from thewincolumn

St Louis Blues
Jordan Kyrou, Klim Kostin, Zachary Bolduc, a2023 first-round pick, and a 2024 second-round pick.
The Flames also take on the final two years of Marco Scandella and his contract.
Note: The Blues would have to trade Vladimir Tarasenko in another deal to free up cap space, or they can restructure this deal if Tarasenko waives his no trade clause to go to the Flames.

Calgary Flames
Matthew Tkachuk

Ottawa Senators
Jake Sanderson, Shane Pinto, Ridly Greig, a 2023 first-round pick, and a 2024 second-round pick.
The Flames would also take on the contract of Nikita Zaitsev, which is why the 2024 second is included in this deal as well.

Calgary Flames
Matthew Tkachuk and Juuso Valimaki

Detroit Red Wings
Jakub Vrana, Simon Edvinsson, Filip Zadina, and a 2023 second-round pick

Calgary Flames
Matthew Tkachuk

New Jersey Devils
Jesper Bratt, Yegor Sharangovich, Kevin Bahl, a 2023 first-round pick, and a 2024 second round pick

Calgary Flames
Matthew Tkachuk.


1.) 22 Jul 2022 23:40:17
Way way to much for Tkachuk. I’m guessing he returns a solid young roster player but nothing special, A prospect and 1st.

2.) 23 Jul 2022 00:37:12
I like the STL deal (similar to my proposal) of Kyrou + Tarasenko + Bolduc + 1st (prefer Jake Neighbours though)

NJD deal would be my 2nd choice. OTT deal is more for the Future and DET deal sucks IMO.

3.) 23 Jul 2022 01:04:31
I like the St Louis and NJ deals. Ottawa and Detroit deals both suck.

4.) 23 Jul 2022 04:55:40
He'll NO from Ottawa that deal is horrible for so many reasons. Cap issues like crazy to follow for one. Auctioning the future for 1 guy, no thanks, and adding a 2023 1st, no thanks.

Change the 1st to 2024
Change Pinto to Jarventie
Change Sanderson to Formenton
Change Grieg to Branstrom
Change the 2024 2nd to a 2023 2nd
And you probably closer to a real deal.

Otherwise it makes 0 sense.

5.) 25 Jul 2022 03:47:54
" I’m guessing he returns a solid young roster player but nothing special, A prospect and 1st. "

You were dead wrong. Tkachuk returned a first line winger, a top pairing defenseman, a prospect and a first.



14 Jul 2022 18:42:23
Calgary trades:
2023 1st round pick
Connor Zary @894K RFA 2024
Sean Monahan @6.375M UFA 2023

Chicago trades:
Patrick Kane @10.5M UFA 2023

Similar to a post I made early but without salary retention. No need for retention now for obvious reasons. Maybe a bit of an overpay but not if Kane extends for 2-3 years in Calgary.


1.) 14 Jul 2022 19:25:22
How is that a overpay ? haha a 1st round pick and a prospect and capdump isn't enough

Will cost alot more than that at the deadline.

2.) 14 Jul 2022 19:37:22
With a 2-3 Year Extension between $6-6.5mil/ yr similar to Pavelski, Giroux & Malkin, sure! CGY should sign FA Dylan Strome as well then.

3.) 14 Jul 2022 19:43:48
Zary is in a lot of your trades, but from the outside he doesn’t look like a special prospect either physically or stats-wise. He’s 20 and hasn’t played an NHL game yet.

If Kane moves he’ll bring back a big return. Much bigger than Zary, a 1st, and a cap-dump who may never play again.

Easy no from CHI.

4.) 14 Jul 2022 19:49:06
Don't be ridiculous, any deadline deal would almost certainly require heavy retention. This actually saves Chicago more than 4 million in cap space.

A first + a top prospect + 4 mil cap space is more than fair for a rental. Monahan could rebound next year too, if he does it's a very nice haul for Chicago.

5.) 14 Jul 2022 19:58:58
What are you talking about Swechamp!? That's equivalent to TWO 1st Round Picks + a 3rd. Won't get any more than that without Huge Retention on Kane

CHI Traded Dach & let Dylan Strome walk. Sean Monahan & Connor Zary would be great replacements. If Monahan rebounds, they Trade him for even more Picks/ Prospects and if he doesn't they're playing for League Worst to win the Connor Bedard Draft Lottery anyways. Also, Monahan falls off the books after the season, but he will get moved or by the Trade Deadline or could be an LTIR candidate, in which insurance pays his salary I believe and they're credited with additional Cap Space.

6.) 14 Jul 2022 21:22:14
@Chickenfoot Zary is a good prospect who will more than likely make the NHL within a couple years and be a pretty good player.

He might've been ready this year if he hadn't broken his ankle blocking a shot during the preseason last year. A year ago before the injury he was Calgary's number 1 prospect but the injury combined with players like Wolf, Pelletier and Coronato having outstanding rookie seasons in the AHL (or in Coronato's case College Hockey at Harvard) dropped him down several spots.

7.) 15 Jul 2022 00:58:12
Further to what @MoxNix, Kirby Dach hasn't looked very good statistically either, but he's still highly valued and coveted

Assuming he's 100% healthy, Zary will have a much better year with a full training camp and playing in the AHL Heat's Top-6.

8.) 15 Jul 2022 04:13:24
Zary actually played 9 games for the Heat 2 years ago scored 7 points (3G 4A) and looked good on the top line.

Then he went to Flames training camp was looking pretty good there but broke his ankle (or maybe it was his foot) blocking a shot in a preseason game. By the time he was ready to play again the Heat were doing great. They weren't going to mess with the top 6 chemistry so he got stuck in a bottom 6 role for the year. As it often does after recovering from an injury like that it took him a while to get going again too.

Next year he'll either be back on the top line again or centering the second line.

9.) 15 Jul 2022 11:41:20
Even as a rental kane would get 2 1sts plus a better prospect. Id like to see kane in Calgary but would never waive unless calgary's 1st in the league at the deadline.

10.) 20 Jul 2022 04:14:39
Mox, if I’m wrong about your Zary, I’ll be happy to acknowledge it. That trade is very light for Kane. Fan bases tend to over-value their prospects. Kane will draw a LOT more. That’s not an insult, it is simply a non-Flame fan point of view. I respect you love your flames, but come on man, this isn’t close.




MoxNix's banter posts with other poster's replies to MoxNix's banter posts


05 Aug 2022 09:26:04
Huberdeau resigned for 8 years.

1. $7M SB, $3.5M Salary
2. $7M SB, $3.5M Salary
3. $7M SB, $3.5M Salary
4. $9.5M SB, $1M Salary
5. $9.5M SB, $1M Salary
6. $7M SB, $3.5M Salary
7. $9.5M SB, $1M Salary
8. $5M SB, $5.5M Salary

Full NMC. Years 7 & 8 have partial NTC…can be dealt to 12 teams.


1.) 05 Aug 2022 18:47:16
I really believe that the Flames won this trade in a big way.

2.) 05 Aug 2022 18:59:52
I'm happy for the Flames that they were able to sign a guy of his calibre to a longterm deal, after watching a couple guys leave.
However, im not sure how good this will look after he reaches age 33++.
Thats the issue with UFA in the NHL. you get paid for what you did. Ad a Habs fan, im far to familiar with that. (Price, Weber, Gallagher ect) .
I wish the deals were 5 years max. and after age 35 . 3 years max . maybe even 2. for RFA., I still would keep them 8 years.
I totally understand the player getting all they can, they follow the rules of the CBA. I just find that these longterm deals to aging stars really handcuffs some teams

Then again. the GM, didn't need to sign him that long. ( probably lose him though if not 8 years)

However, I am happy for the Flames, and Huberdeau. good for smaller markets as well!

3.) 05 Aug 2022 21:12:50
How does it all work with Signing bonuses MoxNix? That still goes against the Cap right?

4.) 05 Aug 2022 23:45:50
I agree with Sosa. Right Now the deal looks great for the Flames and should ease the loss of Tkachuk quite a bit. But I think the last 4 or 5 years might get a little sketchy, since they can't move him until the last 2.

5.) 06 Aug 2022 00:44:52
Yes of course signing bonuses count against the cap. But signing bonuses especially big ones like in Huberdeau's contract (same for Looch) make a contract "buyout proof" because:

"Signing bonuses are paid to the player regardless of a buyout. Therefore, as explained in the buyout caphit formula above, signing bonuses are excluded in the equation when determining the total buyout cost, and are included in the AAV value when determining the remaining caphit. " - Capfriendly.

6.) 06 Aug 2022 01:52:06
Thank MoxNix. I thought they were, but wasn't sure how it all worked .

Are you happy with this?

7.) 06 Aug 2022 03:28:43
I have mixed feelings about it.

I think they overpaid by about a million a year in salary and 8 years is a long time for a guy who's going to be 30 by the time the extension kicks in and 38 before it ends.

I don't like the heavy bonuses making the contract essentially "buyout proof" either.

On the other hand I'm happy they're going to have Huberdeau for quite a while and would much rather have him on a contract like that than little johnny.

I'm happy to see the last of little johnny. What I don't like is the way the whole fiasco went down with Bonehead Brad being stupid enough to let it happen in the first place!

8.) 05 Sep 2022 04:09:21
for the first 4 years they have Markstrom (And Mangy, Anderson, Kadri) so the long term although scary is likely during the rebuild after the Flames move their chips in for 2-3 seasons at least. Guys will waive the no trade when the team starts rebuilding.



13 Jul 2022 23:46:18
"It's not about the money"

Yeah right ya little ___ then why did you sign with Columbus?


1.) 14 Jul 2022 04:11:26
Well obviously it’s not about the money if he took less? Calgary dodged a bullet IMO. Would you be surprised if in three years Gaudreau has like a 60 point season? With 4 years left on his contract making 9.5 it’ll be tough for Columbus to add to all there young talent.

2.) 14 Jul 2022 06:19:49
Gaudreau picks a non playoff team just to be closer to family, says alot about him as a player. He clearly doesn't wanna win and that's not the type of attitude you want on a team. MacKinnon takes discounts to benefit his team .

3.) 14 Jul 2022 13:22:39
I think Columbus has just as good as a chance to win as Calgary.

4.) 14 Jul 2022 14:10:07
I honestly think he just wanted to get outta the media, he’s been rubbish on every year by the fans/media. I think it was just too much for him so he went to an irrelevant team in a state that has low taxes and fairly close to his home.

5.) 14 Jul 2022 14:51:23
@Ebsolutely Yeah it was for less but the first report I read (about 10 minute after he signed) said it was 12 million per year!

Besides he was never honest about his intentions. I agree we dodged a bullet, but if he'd been honest even bonehead Treliving might have traded him.

6.) 14 Jul 2022 15:57:57
When has McKinnon ever taken a discount? If he makes less than 11M on his next contract then I’ll agree it’s a discount but he hasn’t done it yet.

7.) 25 Jul 2022 19:28:45
you don't think his 6.30 @ 7 Years wasn't a discount? Lmfao. He was in his 3rd season trending upwards every year and at the time of the deal he put up 52Pts knowing that he'd only get better, then the dude puts up 97Pts 2 seasons later. Okposo, Lucic, Backes, Eriksson signed 6mil deals that year lmfao so yeah it was a clear discount.

8.) 29 Jul 2022 18:26:28
Scheifele, Gaudreau, Monohan, Huberdeau, RNH without looking it up, all these guys were signing around 6M around the same time. All equally impressive first 3 seasons. 52 points gets you maybe 4-5M back then, he got 6.3M because of his potential. 21 year olds don’t take discounts they take what they can get. Those guys you named were UFA’s all proven vets and all overpaid. You obviously know they aren’t comparable to his situation. It was a safe bet on his end and on the teams end.



27 May 2022 05:01:31
Jakob Marktrom

to anyone for

a bag of pucks.


1.) 27 May 2022 05:55:57
Lol I was just saying to a few buddy’s that the Oilers fans would want Markstrom gone and I was curious how Flames fans would react. I thought Zadorov and Gudbranson were actually pretty good, Backlund was the best Flame, Tkachuk and Toffoli were mostly invisible. Just some of my thoughts, what do you think?

2.) 27 May 2022 16:40:06
Before this series started, I picked Flames in 6, and wasn't going to be suprised if it went only 5. Markstrom definitely let the team down, but so did a lot of other key players. Tkachuk, Toffoli seemed almost invisible in game 5. Seems like the Flames weren't able to play there game against the Oilers.
Also, have to give the Oilers credit, Wow, what a series they played. Draisitle and McDavid, Kane, Hyman, Bouchard. RNH, these guys played really well, while the 1st 2 i mentioned were about as dominant as any 2 players i have ever seen.

My?, what does everyone think of Colemans disallowed goal?

3.) 27 May 2022 19:07:06
Didn’t understand everyone saying Calgary had better depth. Oilers are pretty deep, just need to play better D.
Sosa, I definitely didn’t think it was enough to over turn the call, but I guess I can see it both ways.

4.) 27 May 2022 23:24:42
Ya Ebs, it was a close one. Although I was cheering for Edmonton, I wanted a game 6 lol, it could have went either way. if he didn't touch it at all it woulda went in! So that one is going to sting for them and Coleman for awhile i'm sure.
I think where the depth thing comes in is maybe D? And deffenitley in net. Who woulda thought though that Smith was the better of the 2 goalies, and he wasn't great. just was there when needed I guess
Maybe the Oilers don't get enough credit for the depth? . i'm not to sure.

5.) 28 May 2022 01:58:33
I actually think there D cores are really similar. The difference is there 3rd pair of Gudbranson and Zadorov are big physical D and the Oils is Barrie. Lol I’ve really liked Kulak on the 3rd pair.
Yeah I’ve never been able to say the Oilers goalie was better and there coach was better before. And yeah Sosa I think there depth is as good as any teams I’m just worried about the D/ team D being able to handle the avalanche.

6.) 28 May 2022 21:28:15
It will be quite a task to have to handle MacKinnon and the boys. The one X factor ( well 2) will be how do the Oilers handle Makar and Byram. Byram is from my town, so I'll be cheering for him to be successful, just not to win the series lol.

Kulak was a good addition for the Oilers, he makes a good first pass and can skate well.
I think this will be a good series vs the Avalanche., . The whole team will have to be just as good as they were against the Flames. its deffenitley possible for them. When you have 2 guys who can competely dominate a team like McDavid and Draisitle can. however, MacKinnon is also capable of that. Will be fun to watch.

7.) 02 Jun 2022 23:09:16
I’d take Markstrom on the leafs.

8.) 24 Jun 2022 04:56:18
Tkachuk had a hand injury that wasn't disclosed until after the playoffs were over. Probably happened in game 2 I think it was against the Stars, he fought with I think it was Klingberg. Afterwards while sitting in the penalty box he kept looking at his hand, rubbing and shaking it. At the time I didn't think it was all that serious, figured it was just sore knuckles or something since he kept playing.

Flames actually had a bunch of injuries.

Tkachuk's hand
Zadorov had 3 broken ribs also incurred in the Dallas series
Tanev got injured in game 6 vs Dallas with a separated shoulder and a torn labrum. There were rumors of a neck sprain too though he denied that one.

Those are just the disclosed injuries all of which happened in the first round. I read an article speculating the defense core was already hurting before the playoffs even started. The author figured Anderson, Hanifin and Gudbranson were all nursing something after that vicious game vs the Predators right near the end of the regular season (the second last game of the year IIRC) . That one was a battle for the ages, neither the Flames nor the Preds were quite the same again after that game!

9.) 24 Jun 2022 05:10:11
Oh yeah, it's also been disclosed Lucic had an AC joint sprain (in the shoulder) . Not sure when that one happened but it sounds like he had it throughout the playoffs so I'd guess it happened in that game vs the Preds too.



05 Feb 2022 22:59:27
Thought I'd help the poor Leafs fans out with a more realistic trade for a few of their unwanted players.

G- Mrazek - 1.9M (50% retained)
LW/ C -Kerfoot - 1.75M (50% retained) UFA 2023
LW- Ritchie - 1.25M (50% retained) UFA 2023
2nd 2022
3rd 2023

To any team willing to send a bag of pucks back in return.

If they don't want to retain salary then the cost goes up to a first and a second.


1.) 06 Feb 2022 16:09:53
What’s with the poor leaf fans comment? The only reason Kerfoot is in every trade proposal is to upgrade on defence. He would be 4th in scoring on the flames roster and is a very versatile player. I see more flames proposals than anything on this site, for Pitlick.

2.) 06 Feb 2022 16:41:21
I’ll agree that I don’t see a team giving anything up to trade for Mrazek or Ritchie but Kerfoot has value.

3.) 06 Feb 2022 20:30:06
Exactly Ebs. Every team has a couple players that are dead weight. Every fan base also has some delusional ones. The non leaf fans that obsess over every move they make, clearly don’t have a lot going on in life. Not talking about you Mox, but social media is full of them.



08 Aug 2021 11:00:19
HockeyBuzz says Gaudreau trade talk picked up again yesterday with the following teams interested in him

NY Islanders
Montreal Canadiens
LA Kings
Ottawa Senators
Minnesota Wild

I'm very skeptical of that list, Montreal and Ottawa have a player they might be willing to trade that Calgary would be interested in but the others don't really have what Calgary would be looking for in return.

Calgary's biggest need is a top 6 right shot RW.

Montreal has 3 of those in Toffoli, Anderson and Gallagher. I can't see Montreal trading Gallagher, he's been a core player for them for years now. After the year Toffoli just had and the chemistry he has with Suziki and Caufield I can't see them trading him either. That leaves Anderson, a player the Flames tried to trade for before who happens to be a Sutter type player too, big fast and physical.

Ottawa won't want to trade Batherson but after the chemistry Connor Brown showed with Mangiapane at the Worlds this year, Calgary should be interested in him if Ottawa is willing to trade him.

I'm a little skeptical of Ottawa being interested in Gaudreau because they already have Brady Tkachuk and Tim Stutzle at LW. Unless they want to play Stutzle at center which apparently he can play.

The Isles are probably the only one of those teams that is on Johnny's list of 5 teams he can be traded to. However if he isn't getting extended in Calgary I believe he'd waive for Montreal or Ottawa because it gets him closer to where he calls home if negotiations don't work out the way he wants there either. I doubt he'd waive for Minnisota or LA unless they offered him a pile of money first.


1.) 08 Aug 2021 12:18:56
Hockeybuzz sucks.

2.) 09 Aug 2021 01:37:07
I don’t think I would trade Anderson for Gaudreau. Habs need Anderson style player more than Gaudreau type.
More size and toughness and more grit. Anderson can also score goals in the tough areas.

3.) 09 Aug 2021 03:26:47
Muzza01. I agree 100%.

4.) 09 Aug 2021 04:48:17
@muzza01 I’m a flames fan but I 100% agree, Gaudreau is very good offensively but he’s not the type of player they need.

5.) 10 Aug 2021 03:18:39
Thank guys.
I think Gaudreau is a great offensive player. But he plays to much of a finesse game.
Where as Anderson is the player the Habs needed for a long time. Wish they would have signed Perry for another season or two.

6.) 10 Aug 2021 14:13:51
LMAO really MoxNix. Hockeybuzz? Usually what Eklund reports is the exact opposite of what actually happens.

7.) 10 Aug 2021 19:33:41
Muzza. I was really disappointed when Habs didn't get Perry back.

8.) 12 Aug 2021 04:32:26
Same here Sosahabs24. Very disappointed in Habs not signing Perry. I thought he played very well with the Habs. He was the exact kind of player they needed and lacked for so long. Having Anderson and Perry was great for the Habs. Adding size, toughness, and grit. Perry wealth of experience and a cup winner.




MoxNix's rumour replies


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08 Aug 2022 05:13:33
YOU are the one who is delusional if you think Alex Formenton and Docker or Thomson plus a first is going to cut it for Chychrun.

And you expect them to take on a cap dump too? That costs extra.

And then add Crouse too? ROTFLMFAO.




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08 Aug 2022 04:40:50
I've been thinking about this one for a while. I don't like it.

I wouldn't mind Carlo but Hanifin is worth a fair bit more than him. I wouldn't mind Smith either but he's UFA after next year so adding him doesn't make much difference.

Calgary doesn't need Forbert or Zboril. They'd just be 2 more surplus defensemen on a team that already has too many defensemen. Neither of them is worth trading Valimaki for.

Adding Looch and Smith leaves the return a bit lacking for Calgary. Calgary doesn't have to move looch now, his cap hit off the books next year and Boston can't afford to take on Looch's full cap hit anyhow. If Boston wants to do that with Calgary retaining salary on Looch Boston would have to add more than just Smith.

I don't see a player on their roster that would work for both teams so that leaves a pick or prospect. A 2nd isn't quite enough for Calgary and a first is a bit too much for Boston so maybe add Valimaki and Boston's 2023 first round pick.

Hanifin + Valimaki + looch with 50% retention on Looch


Carlo + Smith + Boston's 2023 first (lottery protected)




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07 Aug 2022 23:08:05
"The last 20 games roughly after Chabot got hurt and the kids were given a chance to play they won far more than they lost"

Why aren't you using the same flawed logic to conclude Chabot is a bum and the mediocre kids are better than him too?




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07 Aug 2022 22:54:55
Add causal fallacies to the list above. Just because the Sens won a couple more games than usual when a player is in the lineup doesn't mean that player is the reason why they won.




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07 Aug 2022 22:51:11
soft more eh? Do you call a lateral in football a ladder roll too?





MoxNix's banter replies


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06 Aug 2022 03:28:43
I have mixed feelings about it.

I think they overpaid by about a million a year in salary and 8 years is a long time for a guy who's going to be 30 by the time the extension kicks in and 38 before it ends.

I don't like the heavy bonuses making the contract essentially "buyout proof" either.

On the other hand I'm happy they're going to have Huberdeau for quite a while and would much rather have him on a contract like that than little johnny.

I'm happy to see the last of little johnny. What I don't like is the way the whole fiasco went down with Bonehead Brad being stupid enough to let it happen in the first place!




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06 Aug 2022 00:44:52
Yes of course signing bonuses count against the cap. But signing bonuses especially big ones like in Huberdeau's contract (same for Looch) make a contract "buyout proof" because:

"Signing bonuses are paid to the player regardless of a buyout. Therefore, as explained in the buyout caphit formula above, signing bonuses are excluded in the equation when determining the total buyout cost, and are included in the AAV value when determining the remaining caphit. " - Capfriendly.




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04 Aug 2022 00:35:51
Because Sandin isn't that good.




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03 Aug 2022 14:02:45
In the long run NJ is going to regret trading Zacha instead of keeping him and trading Bratt.




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03 Aug 2022 00:43:45
Actually I think Mangiapane would be a better fit as first line RW.

Huberdeau - Lindholm - Mangiapane
Toffoli - Kadri - Coleman
Pelletier - Monahan - Virtanen
Rooney - Ruzicka - Dueher/ Lewis

Maybe Pelletier on the second line and Toffoli or Coleman on the 3rd line.