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15 Jun 2019 02:13:33
Leaf sure should not sign marner to what he is asking

Leafs marner
Car pesce Julian gauthier and 28 overall pick

Carolina gets a super star rw to play with aho and build around

Tor gets a good top 4 right shot dman with a good contract a top prospect that could play next year and a 1st round pick. Other pieces could be added but this would be base of trade but leafs can have 3 players over 10 million so you trade one. And you build down the middle.


1.) 15 Jun 2019 02:42:55
Any team that spends to the cap can have 3 players making more than $10 mln. It’s not a big deal.

2.) 15 Jun 2019 03:00:22
You’re so clueless. I’ll bite to the troll leafs have almost 30 million in cap space theoretically once they unload Horton, Zaitsev and Marleau leafs can afford to sign him to 20 million per season if they wanted to. If the max cap hit wasn’t just over 15 million which you probably didn’t know. Marner is the last player leafs trade he’s the heart and sole of the organization and a hometown boy who grew up as a leafs fan. He’d probably take a discount to stay. As for the trade again point to your lack of Knowledge Julian Gauthier is so far from a top prospect it made me chuckle when the remark was made he’s average in the AHL and is underwhelming as a prospect a top prospect is a potential franchise player. You need help if you think Julian Gauthier is a potential franchise altering player. Pesce and 2nd/ late 1st gets Nylander jersey that was signed by Marner maybe. But not Marner skates let alone him. Just a terrible attempt at a troll.

Leon Draistle for Pesce, Julian Gauthier and the 28th?

3.) 15 Jun 2019 03:33:48
Very underwhelming return

4.) 15 Jun 2019 12:42:44
Change JGauthier to Aho and the Leafs listen, at the same time everyone out here Teams don't trade young star players like Marner they just don't, Dubas would never make a trade like that and keep his job.

5.) 15 Jun 2019 14:20:34
Aho= Marner.

6.) 15 Jun 2019 15:19:40
Vbb stop talking about the cap like you have a clue.

7.) 15 Jun 2019 15:31:12
Just offer sheet him 12,5m?

When kapanen and marner gets offer sheet they can't sign both.

8.) 15 Jun 2019 16:20:08
First of all Marner>Aho for sure let me know when Aho cracks 95 points.

@Habby I actually wrote a 2000 word research project about the why there is a Salary cap in the NHL so I have as good as an understanding as anyone on that. Much more then you I’m assuming.

As for Swechamps troll comment leafs can easily Mach that with the potential departures of Horton, Marleau And Zaitsev which free up over 15 million in cap space on top of the 8.5 they already have.

9.) 15 Jun 2019 16:47:31
Don’t usually agree with vbbb but the leafs cap issues are a completely overblown story. They need to make some moves for sure (like several teams) but it’s not some problem that can’t be solved and it doesn’t they are going to lose any of the young players they want to keep to offersheets

Do yourself a favour and open up an excel spreadsheet and run some numbers instead of spewing statements that make you look foolish.

10.) 15 Jun 2019 17:26:50
First of all Draisaitl > marner 50goals and signed at 8,5 while marner will get 11+

And who is the troll here? All you do here is hate on lucic.

11.) 15 Jun 2019 19:04:37
Drais plays almost 3 more minutes a night then Marner and Drais was glued to McDavid this season for the most part I don’t think he was the 2C a lot I could be wrong. Anyway Marner is 120 point+ player with McDavid and McDavid would take Kucherovs scoring title with Marner. Drais is a 85 point player on Toronto. Both are great players but contracts aside you’d be foolish to Take Drais over Marner. Unless you’re the Montreal Canadiens who need a Center like Lucic needs tape for his ankles.

12.) 15 Jun 2019 19:56:13
Montreal Canadiens don't need a center anymore VB, actually with all those prospect coming up and the ones in already MTL might have to trade one of Suzuki, Phoeling or Danault in a couple years. Domi, Danault, Kotla, Phoeling will be one of the best center lines for years to come.

13.) 15 Jun 2019 20:13:28
So what’s Marner without Tavares? A 75 point player? I don’t know who I’d take because I don’t watch a lot of Toronto games just like you probably don’t watch a lot of Oiler games. Also I’ve heard you say RNH played with McDavid all year so which is it, Nuge or Draisaitl?

14.) 16 Jun 2019 00:30:58
I never put down Nuge before ever he’s a solid 2C. Marner is also better then Tavares.

15.) 16 Jun 2019 17:06:36
Wow a 2000 word research project lol boy did you stop me in my tracks lol. What was that grade 9?




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11 Aug 2019 02:11:45
EVeryone on se pages are crazy everyone is a home remodel and can't just look and see what a good player is. Some players are underrated forsure like Barkov he is by far the most underrated player in the NHL. But marner and Mathews are great players we get you don't like the leafs but you still have to see how great they've are. Drais is not a product of mcdavid vb I would like you to go to last year when mcdavid was out and see what drais did he was in real. So maybe we should look at what a good player is and stop be homers.
Vb and Marcus are the worst by a lot.


1.) 11 Aug 2019 04:57:49
Vbb and marcus mean well, i mean some of the time they aren't wrong but they built such a bad reputation so people just disagree with them for the sake of disagreeing with them. But yeah Matthews and Marner are superstars but Marner plays with tavares and people act like he carries that line but he has a lot of help in doing so. And matthews is a great player but is ranked too high up above players who have accomplished more than him at a steady pace.

2.) 11 Aug 2019 05:08:31
This can't be Finest. He would never praise the Oilers.

3.) 11 Aug 2019 07:15:20
The leafs aren’t annoying, it’s leafs media and the propaganda-fuelled fans that are intolerable. Matthews and Marner are good players but reading what some fans say about them and hearing the same old broken record BS from sportsnet and TSN as they compete to see who can lick more leafs brown balloon knots than the other is just far too much to handle.

4.) 11 Aug 2019 10:08:44
I’m not denying Drais isn’t a good player I’d say he’s better then Tavares but on the leafs he’s a 70 point player imo.

5.) 11 Aug 2019 13:39:17
And vbbb stokes the homer fire again. Let me explain cause I'm positive you still don't get it. By saying drais is a 70 point player on the leafs would lead people to believe in your opinion that marner would be a 130 point player on the oilers which then in turn would make him better then McDavid.

6.) 11 Aug 2019 13:43:32
Before I get into this this let me just start with saying that I think marner is a real good player and his skill set is perfect for today's nhl. I also feel from start to finish last year he was the leafs best player. But there was only a handful of players on the leafs last year who were under less pressure then marner. When he signs his new massive contract that won't be the case for him anymore.

7.) 11 Aug 2019 13:46:00
How he responds to this is left to be seen but I would like to see that first before I put him up there with the elite players in the league. I mean I could easily see Tavares out scoring him this season.

8.) 11 Aug 2019 16:28:09
This is rich, coming from the guy who says that Kotkaniemi is equal to Laine in value. Lol. Now that's a real homer.

9.) 11 Aug 2019 19:06:24
How is Barkov underrated? The guy is said to be like a top 5-10 center in the league. Also like the original poster said, take a look at what Draisaitl did without McDavid in the lineup. When he gets hot he can carry a team. Just don’t think he would have the consistency without McDavid.

10.) 14 Aug 2019 11:28:46
chirp, who would think that 2 multi million dollar media corporations that own the leafs wouldn't blast their product over both of their owned networks. this is a new thing. owning something and advertising it.

i will, as always have, give you that leafs fans are trash.



25 Jun 2019 15:55:12
Tor marner and a 3rd
Car pesce teravinon (wrong spelling) and leafs 1st.


1.) 25 Jun 2019 16:42:05
Lol leafs take the 4 1st round picks before that. I would take Noah Dobson over that whole package.

2.) 25 Jun 2019 22:47:50
It's a puzzling to me why you can't just google Teräväinen's name. You're already on the internet, and i'm pretty sure typing '' (wrong spelling) '' takes as much time as just copying and pasting his name. All you need to do is open a new tab man.



08 Jun 2019 23:59:25
Jets fans gunna be upset sounds like trouba for kadri is gunna happen think the leafs add a little something and it's not sandin and a 1st.


1.) 09 Jun 2019 01:09:33
Boy I hope your wrong! Where did you hear this?

2.) 09 Jun 2019 03:39:23
That would be a Leaf fan's ultimate fantasy. No chance Kadri gets near a top pairing defenseman for a return, let alone a young 1D.

3.) 09 Jun 2019 11:51:22
I’d actually prefer a Pesce type player and contract. Trouba thinks his sh*t doesn’t stink, just like the jets fans. “Ultimate fantasy” is yet another exaggeration by biasjoe. Trouba is good but he will want 8+ and he’s not worth it. I’d like to see the Jets keep him, too bad he wants out like the rest of their decent players.

4.) 09 Jun 2019 14:01:25
If leafs trade Kadri and move Nylander to 3C I’ll cry. Nylander does not deserve a 3rd line role.



06 Jun 2019 15:30:14
Just reading through this jets don't trade lain unless it's a crazy offer and over pay. Trouba is being way over valued on this page couple guys are stating a asking price of which is for a top 10 NHL dman which trouba is not he may not even be top 50.


1.) 06 Jun 2019 16:08:29
Trouba is in the top 50 but yes he is being overrated by a few guys on here but that's really nothing new for this site on any rumour site for that matter.

2.) 06 Jun 2019 17:32:04
I've seen a few of the Jets fans say that some deals were very close for Trouba. We usually just shoot down the garbage offers such as the ones currently on the first page. If you're offering less than Trouba would get as a pure 20 game TDL rental, you're offering garbage.

3.) 06 Jun 2019 19:25:11
You shot down RNH, Bouchard and the 8th overall, how is that garbage? Might not be the right trade but it surely isn’t garbage.

4.) 06 Jun 2019 19:52:28
Now that is just an outright lie Ebsolutely. That offer has never been made for Trouba. If you're making it now, I could see that trade getting serious consideration.

I believe you were referring to an offer that was made for Laine. I just said that the offer would need to start with one of the players the Oilers wouldn't trade. I didn't call it garbage.

5.) 06 Jun 2019 21:01:15
In 2 1/ 2 weeks we'll see which camp is right about what Trouba will get the Jets in trade.

6.) 06 Jun 2019 21:44:31
My bad, your right it was for Laine. But you actually shot
It down because “it was a low ball offer”. Regardless I think we need to be a little more open minded about Jets player returns especially when they want to leave. The GM may not hold out but instead trade them for the best offer he gets if it’s in the ballpark.

7.) 06 Jun 2019 22:07:38
I agree Ebs, Chevy will trade him for the best deal available. However, if the offers were similar to the ones on the main page when I made this comment, then the Jets would just keep Trouba as an own rental as the offers on the main page weren't even TDL value.

8.) 07 Jun 2019 10:55:48
Love the name probably Vertius because he’s petty Marner is And will be a better player then Elias Pettersson.

9.) 07 Jun 2019 10:58:00
Memarcusjoe just curious, what is it you would expect to get for Trouba at the deadline?

10.) 07 Jun 2019 14:17:32
I would expect what any top end player would get at the deadline. If we just use picks/ prospects it would be, a first + A/ B prospect + C prospect or lower pick. Depending where the first was, one of the other pieces could be dropped out or reduced.

11.) 07 Jun 2019 14:34:35
If that offer would’ve been for Trouba it would’ve been getting “serious consideration”, lol. The 8th overall or Bouchard would not be in the deal. RNH would be a great 2nd line center for Winnipeg and one of Bouchard or the 8th overall would be more than enough.

12.) 07 Jun 2019 17:21:55
in what world is trouba top end player, not even top end player on his own team.

no one wants to play in rubbishtipeg.

13.) 07 Jun 2019 20:37:14
Winnipeg has a top 5 team they’re far from rubbish but Trouba is wayyyy worse then jets fans think he’s no Seth Jones.

14.) 08 Jun 2019 23:51:15
Memarcus the closest to that return lately had been an extended Mark Stone, who i'd argue had a lot more value than 20 games of Trouba. And he didn’t get a first as part of the deal.

15.) 12 Jun 2019 01:10:45
the sens didn't trade an extended mark stone, they traded mark stones expiring contract. Vegas came to terms on their own.




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08 Sep 2019 00:29:25
I think it be a one for one trade heiskanan is a top young d.




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01 Sep 2019 16:28:50
Why would leafawven do this Larkin would be 3rd line c.




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22 Aug 2019 22:24:28
HOw was I biased I said it's not enough for the jets and that Nino would be a top 6 winger in the peg.




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22 Aug 2019 16:51:32
I don't get your hype on ehlers but that's a side point. But look at what nino did when givin the chance to produce which he wasn't in minny he took off was one of the best wingers down the stretch. The trade offer is not enough but Nino would forsure play in top 6.




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22 Aug 2019 14:27:00
Niño would be top 6 he would play over ehlers and vesa. Now saying that jets don't so this deal not enough value and I do believe the jets are listening on liane I don't think they are fans of his attitude.





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