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08 Mar 2021 15:11:35
John Tavares

2nd round pick
Purpose of this trade to get rid of Tavares terrible contract.


2nd round pick


1.) 08 Mar 2021 16:32:28
Hard no from Toronto. Tavares isn’t a terrible contract, but Okposo is.
Winnipeg doesn’t accept either.

2.) 08 Mar 2021 17:08:17
Yeah I’m sure the leafs are actively shopping Tavares and his “terrible” contract as we speak. I’m not sure if I’m a genius or other people are just stupid.

3.) 08 Mar 2021 17:11:41
Good one, but you'd have to throw in a 1st or some prospects to get Buf to bite.

4.) 08 Mar 2021 17:15:22
The Jets would never do this trade to get Hall a pending UFA at the end of the season for PLD a 22 year old signed to a reasonable contract.

5.) 08 Mar 2021 17:58:17
Terrible for both leafs and jets.

6.) 08 Mar 2021 18:31:16
So, Tavares gets traded for a pending UFA and an actual terrible contract in Okposo? Lol, no shot from Toronto.

And the Jets traded Laine for PLD, just to trade him for Hall? PLD regardless is way more valuable than Hall, no shot from Winnipeg.

7.) 08 Mar 2021 18:31:58
Why would Leafs trade Tavares? I don't see a team that is trying to move forward and win a cup making a move like this.

8.) 08 Mar 2021 19:18:36
Tavares has a no trade clause, he came to Toronto on a home town discount, he's not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

9.) 08 Mar 2021 19:48:24
Tavares is still near a PPG on a supposed down year.

10.) 09 Mar 2021 17:51:35
I can't seeI can't see Tavares waving his no-movement Clause although I don't think it was a HomeTown discount he isn't worth much more than what he's being paid.

11.) 09 Mar 2021 18:45:44
Nobody said he was worth more. I think what he meant was SJ was offering $13 million and he chose his home town.



25 Feb 2021 00:37:45



1.) 25 Feb 2021 03:28:53
Ehlers and Nylander do the exact same thing and play the same style and have same skill set. Tavares won’t waive and the leafs won’t trade a player that choose to play there.

2.) 25 Feb 2021 12:10:08
Ehlers > Tavares
In terms of Contract, Age and Winnipeg’s positional needs

But in terms of production obviously Tavares is better but I’d say no from both

25, Ehlers (6.0 @ 5 years)
30, Tavares (11.0 @ 5 years)

3.) 25 Feb 2021 12:37:38
Who plays 2c in Toronto? Is tavares 3c in Winnipeg? Or do you put tavares dubois and statsny on a line together?

Tavares worth more, if a team wants him, and Toronto would look like 0 class team, to trade him right now.

4.) 25 Feb 2021 12:44:20
100% Tavares is worth more but not to Winnipeg, I’m sure they’d value Ehlers much higher due to the reasons I gave

5.) 25 Feb 2021 14:11:42
Lol Tavares would take the 1c position from Schifele before he loses it to Dubois.

6.) 25 Feb 2021 14:18:33
The Jets have no need or want for a 30 year old, 31 before next season starts, $11 mil per Tavares who is beginning to show a decline in his game. Besides he doesn't own any Jet PJs.

7.) 25 Feb 2021 15:41:02
Other way around, Ehlers 100% has more value IMO. He seems to have taken another step this year.



22 Feb 2021 02:40:35



1.) 22 Feb 2021 07:20:58
I think the Blues would prefer to keep the younger, cheaper player because he’s on a hot streak this season. He’s not as quite established as Nylander and for that I’d say no from TO aswell.

2.) 22 Feb 2021 15:50:53
The cap?

3.) 22 Feb 2021 17:58:19
that's a hell no from blues. Dermot is not needed.



21 Feb 2021 08:07:35
A change of scenery for three players in need of that.

Toronto get




1.) 21 Feb 2021 12:19:35
Since when do any of those players need a change of scenery tho?

2.) 21 Feb 2021 15:09:36
This is a troll post lol This is meant to get jets fans/ Colt/ leafs fans attention.

3.) 21 Feb 2021 15:22:33
Why would the Jets downgrade from Ehlers to soft, disinterested, overpaid Nylander?

4.) 21 Feb 2021 16:58:51
For the 2nd island. for the 2nd.

5.) 21 Feb 2021 22:52:33
Toronto gets Thomas by giving a 2 rd pick? That makes no sense. Thomas is worth a mid first himself.

6.) 22 Feb 2021 04:15:12
Jets were shopping Ehlers earlier but not now. With Laine gone and the way Ehlers is playing now that's no longer the case.

Even if they were still shopping Ehlers a second isn't enough to make the difference between him and Nylander.

7.) 22 Feb 2021 11:42:14
Ehlers is super underrated man

8.) 22 Feb 2021 19:16:54
Toronto gives up nylander for Thomas
StLouis gives up thomas for ehlers
Winnipeg gives up Ehlers for nylander

The 2nd either belongs to StLouis or Toronto but wasn’t specified nor helping in this deal

All teams pass
Tor because Thomas hurt his thumb gaming plus protocol
StLouis because wingers aren’t needed plus protocol
Winnipeg because Ehlers is greater than nylander.



20 Feb 2021 02:45:48



1.) 20 Feb 2021 04:59:07
Pretty easy no from Winnipeg. Engvall is not needed and basically worthless.

2.) 20 Feb 2021 20:37:53
I agree Engvall is not needed by jets but stating he is worthless is rude. Considering it’s going to take you a lifetime to be worth what he makes during this contract. Plus the dude can kick your butt on the ice any day

So if what he is as you stated being worthless
What does that make you compared to him?

Insulting pro hockey players is worthless.

3.) 22 Feb 2021 01:59:59
Craigger triggered.

Absolutely right, to make nhl is a great accomplishment, and he is an amazing player. Engvall has little value at the nhl level though, when compared to other nhl players.

4.) 22 Feb 2021 19:20:37
Engvall is as valued as any 4th line player is

5th round pick
Prospect taken in 3rd/ 4th rd in 2-3previous drafts
Another 4th liner player
Throw in to make cap work

Copp is a 3rd liner so no deal.




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04 May 2021 20:41:09
Would you rather face the jets in playoff or the Habs ?

Would you rather face the Oilers or the leafs ?


1.) 04 May 2021 21:02:59
As a Habs fan, oh boy that's tough. To get out of the division, would probably have to face them both, I'll say the Leafs, maybe just because it hasn't happened in so long, and perhaps if Habs could win the 1st game, it may get into the head of the Leafs ( all the 1st rd crap) . I doubt it though, Leafs look to strong.
Sure would be nice to have fans in the seats for these playoffs, even just watching at home here on the TV, it would be such an amazing atmosphere!

2.) 04 May 2021 22:01:53
Leafs are best
Jets 2nd
Habs 3rd
Oilers 4th

Leafs have a deep offensive team, statistically the 4th best defense in NHL and a questionable goaltending tandem of 3 goalies who can get very hott

Jets have a comparible but slightly weaker offense then leafs, bad defense and a great goalie

Montreal has a solid all around team but no star players unless if price regains his form which is a possibility.

Oilers have a terrible team outside of McDavid and Drais. A good defense can shut them down.

3.) 04 May 2021 23:07:40
Don’t matter to me.

4.) 05 May 2021 00:27:26
Nylander is wrong again, I think the jets are the weakest link! They are playing terrible with only few games left! Oilers win the north probably against the leafs.



01 May 2021 18:42:43
Unpopular opinion, I think the leafs will get nothing for Rielly, the team will still be a top team in the east and and he will just walk in free agency !


1.) 01 May 2021 20:25:41
He still got another year on his deal why even talk about it right now. a lot of things can change by then.

2.) 01 May 2021 20:48:56
I’m pretty sure it’s FairTrade4all. Sound familiar Barrie?

3.) 01 May 2021 20:45:37
That’s what he does habby. Check his profile, he only talks about the leafs. He thinks the oilers are gods gift to hockey. I’m trying to remember his old username from years ago. It’s not chirp, yup, or ebs. There was a troll just like Barrie years ago, I know it’s the same person. Anyways, it would be nice to hear from some people from years ago. Ovi, chirp, yup, Shankar, I hope everyone is well.

4.) 02 May 2021 06:03:42
Chirp and Yup still make the odd appearance, very rare however.
What about Unbiased Jim? Him and Habby had some classic back and forths back in the day.
Oh no. not Fairtrade4All. Lol, how about Montreals Finest.?

5.) 02 May 2021 16:24:43
Shankar and Ovie are still in the site’s fantasy league.

6.) 02 May 2021 18:08:11
I forgot about unbiased Jim Sosa. I enjoyed him and habby going at it, lol. I’m sure we’ll get a couple guys back if the leafs or oilers actually do something in the playoffs.

7.) 03 May 2021 04:35:26
Haven’t seen a few users in years. McJesus Christ, Vbbbb, Colt. Having troubles remembering a few

8.) 03 May 2021 08:23:14
VB is on here lol.

9.) 03 May 2021 15:46:18
So is colt.



19 Apr 2021 01:49:28
Unbelievable win from the Canucks tonight !!
The leafs won't ever win a cup ! They are the new San Jose Sharks of the early 2000 era.


1.) 19 Apr 2021 05:06:50
Well let's hope so, however, its one game.

2.) 19 Apr 2021 12:15:34
Was amazing what the Canucks did just putting up a fight. But did you watch the game? Or just see the result? Leafs dominated in possession, zone time, shots, scoring chances, hit multiple posts. Holtby was unbelievable. It’s not an excuse, it was a game they need to win, and not to take anything away from Vancouver, it was an amazing feat, but people are talking about it like it was some epic embarrassing game. very simply, they got goalied.

And for a goalie to be off for 3 weeks and then have to play behind an exhausted, out of practice team, would be so hard. What Holtby did as an individual was absolutely incredible. He could have let in 8 last night and it would have been understandable. All the credit in the world to a battle like that.

3.) 19 Apr 2021 22:50:42
@Sampsons right. Holtby was absolutely phenomenal. Hats off to the Nucks though (cept Edler), but that Holtby windmill save was remarkable on top of everything else he did.



10 Apr 2021 22:50:07
Nick robertson
Is worth more
Then the entire jets roster




21 Feb 2021 08:12:40
Unpopular opinion
I think that the blues when healthy look better then the leafs and have a good chance of reaching the Stanley cup final over the Avs or Vegas.


1.) 21 Feb 2021 15:31:15
Possibly but I wouldn’t bet on it. Petro was a big loss. Don’t think they Beat Vegas/ Colorado in west. I think Dallas/ Saint Louis are about equal.

2.) 21 Feb 2021 18:40:33
I think the Leafs look pretty tough., they get past the Blues.

3.) 01 Mar 2021 12:53:37
Knights/ Panthers Cup is my prediction.




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01 May 2021 18:37:49
The hab should make a pitch for Gaudreau or Monahan! They need raw talent, they have less talents then the leafs.




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30 Apr 2021 18:13:39
No way both decline!

Rielly for ekholm and a second round pick.




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27 Apr 2021 04:46:37
Kerfoot is garbage! Sandin and Mikheyev for Backlund should do.




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25 Apr 2021 19:30:01
Nylander is again the most delusional guy on here period.

Bergevin said he would not trade price for a 40 goals scorer a few years ago, if Montreal trade for less then that they lose the trade.

I would trade
Nuge and Smith for a solid goalie like price! With price with the oilers we would beat the leafs in 4.




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18 Mar 2021 20:10:32
Memarcus joe you are wrong.





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