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06 Jan 2023 15:03:55
MTL : Monahan (50% retained at 3.187AAV), Edmundson (at 3.5M AAV until 2024), 2023 VGK 4th round pick

NYR : Lafreniere, Blais

NYR has around 5.3M in deadline cap space so with Blais offloaded, this trade fits under the cap.
Rangers get a solid 2nd line center rental who probably will play on their 3rd line, pushing Chytil to the wing in Lafreniere's spot. They get defensive depth for the playoffs and next year with a solid shutdown Dman in Edmundson to take Harpur's spot on the 3rd pair. They also get a 4th round pick to replace the one they already traded away

MTL gets a Quebecois, who has struggled to adjust to the NHL but with excellent potential. They also get another Quebecois who acts as a cap dump, who has underperformed but could maybe benefit from a change of scenery.

All in all, this trade is a gamble for both teams.

On one end, NY could be giving out a very good player that has been underperforming since his NHL debut. If Lafreniere reaches his projected potential, they might regret trading him for a rental and a 2nd/3rd dman, but for now, they are in a win-now mode and the pieces they are acquiring would help them make a deep push in the playoffs. It's also worth to note that they still have some very good prospects in their system with Othmann, Garand, Cuylle and Korczak, so they wouldn't be depleting their prospect pool.

On the other end, if Lafreniere ends up being a bust, trading both Monahan and Edmundson in separate trades for picks would have been more profitable for MTL. But they might end up in a similar situation as the Dach deal, with a good promising player who benefitted from a change of scenery.


1.) 06 Jan 2023 16:13:47
If you took out Lafreniere it would be closer. As is, it's an easy no for New York.

You're not offering a 2C you're offering Sean Monahan.

2.) 06 Jan 2023 16:48:51

Monahan is on a 55pt pace on a very weak habs offence. He's been playing a lot better this year, producing points, killing penalties and having a good faceoff %. You haven't watched him this year if you don't think he's a 2C

3.) 06 Jan 2023 17:32:47

That's the key, he's on that pace on a bad team that has nothing else to play instead of him. Quality wise, he's a low, low end 3C or ideally a 4C or 13th/ 14th forward.

On a decent team he's not going to get 17 minutes a game, he'll get 6 to 8, no PP time and his production will fall to his norm. Plus he hasn't played for a month and will likely get injured again when he she's come back as his history suggests.

Let him come back from his injury and keep his production at this levels all the way to the TDL and someone might be desperate enough to take a chance on him as depth.

If you really think he's a 2C on any team outside of a bottom feeder, you haven't watched his entire career.

4.) 06 Jan 2023 18:27:34
Typical habs opinion- we got paid to take on this horrendous player but will sell him to you for your #1 overall pick.

5.) 06 Jan 2023 18:40:15
It doesn't appear to be a fit for either team.

Ultimately I think the Rangers will trade Lafrenierre, but I think that will be in the summer or next season. They are pretty patient with their prospects, as they should be.

Edmundson isn't on the market, so you'd have to make an offer they can't refuse. This ain't it. IF they were to trade Edmundson, they'd bring back more in picks or prospects trading Monahan and Eddie separately.

6.) 06 Jan 2023 19:38:51

This proposal was written in the optic of it being made at the TDL, so yes, we would have to see more of Monahan after coming back from his injury.

But I wholeheartedly disagree with your take of him being a low end 3C. He would be a 3C rental on the Rangers, but can easily fill a 2C if needed.

This year, he was a pleasant surprise as he was driving his line and played with weak linemates, still producing close to 0.7PPG. He was also playing on the 2nd wave PP with linemates like Hoffman, Dvorak, Armia, Gallagher, just to name a few, who are all having weak offensive seasons. Play him with capable wingers and you'll get results, he's been good this season.

This offseason, he stated that it was the first time in years that he came in training camp healthy, with no lingering injuries troubling him, unlike the last few years. His "norm" is quite possibly not a 0.44PPG fringe 3rd liner like his last two years suggest, but might be closer to the years before he got his injury bug.

I think you're opinion is too slanted towards his last two years production. It's day and night compared to his last two seasons

7.) 06 Jan 2023 20:57:11

He said he felt good with no lingering injuries at the beginning of the year and what did he do? Get injured significantly again to the point that he's missed a month. That's the most consistent thing in Monahan's game. Getting injured and missing significant time.

Anyone can fluke a few guys games on a hot streak playing more minutes then they ever would on a good team.

He was traded to Montreal as a cap dump and hasn't done anything to change what he is. A smart GM can see through a few fluke games.

Could there be a desperate GM at the TDL? Sure GM's do dumb things all the time. I just can't see the Rangers or anyone else giving up a significant young player with tons of potential for a player that isn't going to make a difference on even an average team and likely won't make it through the rest of the year without missing time.

8.) 07 Jan 2023 15:21:57

You're talking as if he still has many years on his contract. If he's healthy come the deadline and ready for the playoffs, it's the only thing that matters. His injury history is not a big risk. I do agree that GMs might be reluctant to trade for him because of that, but he's a rental

9.) 07 Jan 2023 15:25:29
Also, "Anyone can fluke a few guys games on a hot streak playing more minutes then they ever would on a good team." is true but, Monahan wasn't playing more more minutes on the ice than with CGY. During his 2020-2021 he was averaging 17:41 minutes per night with 28pts in 50 games. He's average 17:22 minutes per night this year with a way better production. Like I said, it's day and night compared to his last few years

10.) 07 Jan 2023 17:46:23
There fine and all Mustafarr, you want to rely on a small sample size for production and I prefer to look at a larger sample size.

Either way, I can't see anyone giving away a piece with such high potential left for a player that still is a cap dump.

Could you get something for him? Maybe. Will it be a ton? Unlikely.

11.) 07 Jan 2023 18:35:53

Eh, I'm looking at a larger sample size than you. I feel like his last two seasons were outliers because of injuries. And this season might prove that.

Not saying he'll bring back a king's ransom, but there's a reason why there's talks of a first round pick ask for him

12.) 07 Jan 2023 21:01:50
@ Mustafarr

Okay, that's some interesting math there. Your sample size of 25 games is larger than my sample size of 185 games. Is that the new math they teach in school nowadays? Can you show me the formula for that?

You realize that these reports of a 1st round pick ask for Monahan are from Montreal reporters trying to get Montreal fans to click on their article right? Just like the ones about Anderson being a desirable piece.

I've already said GM's do dumb things all the time, so we can't rule it out, but if Montreal is getting a 1st, a GM is either making a horrible mistake or Montreal is taking back another bad contract or two in the exchange.

Anyways, as long as it's not Chevy being that stupid, I'm happy.

13.) 08 Jan 2023 01:18:57
Monahan is a career 60 point guy. Rakell got a 2nd+ and Copp got two 2nds+. I think these would be more realistic returns for him.

14.) 08 Jan 2023 17:42:24

Lol. I'm talking about a larger sample size than 185 games, say his past 4 or 5 seasons, for example. His last two seasons are outliers because of injuries, and this season's production shows that he's going back to his form before the injury problems.

For the sake of answering your question, because you so politely asked, say taking into account the past 5 seasons and this one, yes 362 > 185 holds true. He scored 111 goals and 262pts during that time, for a 0.72ppg production.

CGY initially traded Monahan as a cap dump because they needed the space to sign Kadri and didn't want to take the gamble of him not being able to go back to his former self. MTL had cap space, and got pleasantly surprised to see that his play, this season, resembled way more his usual 50-60pt production seasons than his play during the last two seasons where he had lingering back problems.

Now he's injured, so if I were a GM I'd wait until he plays a few games to see if his play is on the same level as before his injury this season, but my guess is he'll be fine, because the injury holding him back these past season were back problems, and this injury isn't related to his back. A competent GM will do his due diligence

I'm not saying the trade initially proposed would happen, if I'm NY I would consider how much of my future I want to mortgage my future or if maybe I'd prefer to use a prospect like Lafreniere to obtain a player like Kane, even though he's underproducing this season.

But MTL is not trading Monahan for peanuts, that's for sure.

15.) 08 Jan 2023 17:51:06

Yes I'd see a similar return as Copp. But it might cost a 1st for teams not willing/able to give out 2 2nds

16.) 09 Jan 2023 14:57:52
Don't think Lafreniere will be used for a trade for Monahan but I think he could be shipped in a trade for Kane for example.

Also memarcusjoe you're talking as if Monahan is the ultimate scrub lol. He's actually been good this season. I could see gms giving out interesting offers to Montreal for Monahan as a rental



04 Jan 2023 15:09:33
With MTL falling far down the standings, they currently have a combined 12.5% at the 1st overall with their pick and Florida's first. It's time to sell to increase that percentage and increase their chances at getting Bedard. They probably can't outtank Chicago or Anaheim, but with their combined odds, they might end up with better chances than both those teams if they drop far enough.

MTL : Joel Edmundson (Reported asking price is about as high as Gavrikov)
EDM : Puljujarvi, Xavier Bourgault

MTL : Monahan 50% retained for 3.187M AAV
COL : 1st

MTL : Allen, 2023 4th round pick
NJD : Blackwood

MTL : Drouin 50% retained for 2.75M AAV
PIT : Heinen, 2024 5th round pick

MTL : Anderson, 2024 3rd round pick
CGY : Lucic, Rooney, Pelletier

MTL : Dvorak
WSH : Protas, Lapierre

A lot of these players traded by MTL are skilled and are not benefitting at all from the team's overall abysmal offensive production. They will produce a lot more in a new, better offensive system. Even with very weak offensive support, Anderson is still on pace for 22 goals, Monahan is on pace for 53 pts, for example


1.) 04 Jan 2023 16:08:09
The Edmundson & Drouin deals make sense, but the others seem less realistic.

TSN suggested Drouin to FLA, and I’d say a 2024 5th or 6th would be plenty for a perpetual underperformer.

2.) 04 Jan 2023 18:08:57
All the deals look like they were proposed by Montreal reporters as they are slanted in the Canadiens' favour.

But you never know at the TDL.

3.) 04 Jan 2023 18:37:29

Yes, exactly. I think this year’s deadline will be a seller’s market and teams will overpay for rentals and short term contracts. The only trade that might not make as much sense in that aspect is the Anderson one

4.) 04 Jan 2023 21:58:58
I like the the Edmundson, Drouin and Dvorak one.
I'd rather re sign Monohan is possible.
Don't want to trade Anderson.
I'd be ok with the Allen one.

I think Hughes should focus on using his tradeable assets to find a goalie of the future. Not sure who that is out there, anyone have any suggestions?

5.) 04 Jan 2023 22:42:30
Wouldn’t be happy if the Oil made that trade for Edmunson. I’d do maybe a 3rd+.

6.) 05 Jan 2023 05:50:48

Seems to be the asking price for 2nd pair dmen this deadline. I doubt we're going to see anything less than that

7.) 05 Jan 2023 08:49:54
Kulak got a 2nd and a low end prospect which IMO is no where near as good as Puljujarvi and Bourgault. I just don’t think Edmonton should be the team trading for Edmundson. Curious if Montreal fans think he’s better than Kulak?

8.) 05 Jan 2023 15:11:26
He's the same type of player than Kulak. His first pass is not as good as Kulak but his defensive play is stellar. He kills plays defensively very well, has a very good net presence, he's physical and apparently has great leadership qualities. He's pretty much a prototypical 2nd pair shutdown dman

9.) 05 Jan 2023 18:15:37
EBS: Edmundson is head and shoulders better than Kulak.

Kulak had a good moments too, but wasn’t trusted in the Habs run to the Finals, whereas Eddie played huge minutes.

At only 3.5M for this season and next, you can guarantee that Edmundson will better than an 3rd, which is ridiculous. A shut-down D at that cap hit will bring the same haul as Chiarot did last spring, if he’s even traded.

10.) 05 Jan 2023 18:56:39
I don’t doubt that he brings back more I just don’t think the Oil should give up much more. I would be shocked if he brought back as much as Chiarot though.

11.) 05 Jan 2023 20:39:36
*Not the same type of player as Kulak.

Sorry forgot a word there

12.) 05 Jan 2023 21:02:50
EBS, do you mean you doubt he brings back more than a 3rd, or this trade proposal?

13.) 05 Jan 2023 23:26:25
I don’t* doubt he brings back more than a 3rd. I could see a team doing a 2nd+ similar to the Kulak trade, maybe a bigger + though. Maybe he gets a 1st+ but I’d be surprised and I just hope it isn’t the Oilers that do it.

14.) 06 Jan 2023 14:02:37
EBS - gotcha. MTL would be wise to keep him to mentor a D-corps that typically dresses 5 rookies per night.

With this in mind, and given the fact he's under contract next season too, there's no need to trade him unless a team blows them away with an offer.

The Hockey Writers site did an article on Edmundson's trade value that says it better than I could. In short, he won't be cheap to acquire, and they felt the Chiarot deal could be a blueprint. Time will tell.



31 Dec 2022 18:17:30
COL : 3rd round pick
ANA : Shattenkirk

ANA gets a 3rd to their draft picks stockpile and COL gets depth on their blueline until Manson comes back




31 Dec 2022 18:15:06
PIT : 5th round pick
MTL : Dadonov with 50% salary retention at 2.5M AAV

Dadonov massively underperforming with MTL. MTL gets a little bit of value out of him before his contract expires. PIT gets depth scoring with a low-risk move.


1.) 31 Dec 2022 20:43:07
Ya, id ask for a 2nd to start the negotiations. but would probably be a 5th like you said .
I'd be oknl with this.



31 Dec 2022 18:07:34
MTL : Anderson
NJ : Andreas Johnsson (for deadline cap space), Nolan Foote, 2023 2nd round pick

Why it makes sense:

For NJ : Holtz doesn't seem ready for the big league yet and Anderson brings size, speed and scoring. He is underperforming with only 12pts in 34 games, but should benefit from playing on a team that doesn't have abysmal offense like the Habs. He's on pace for 21 goals this season.

I see him on a line centered by Sharangovich, with Palat (when he comes back from injury) or Haula/Tatar on LW, to bring much needed depth scoring on NJ's 3rd line.

NJ also gets rid of Johnsson's cap hit, which adds space for potential rentals to add depth to their blueline, come playoffs time.

For MTL: It's rebuild time, they get a B prospect in Foote, with a ~0.57ppg production in the AHL, and add a 2nd rounder to their stockpile of draft picks. They also get leeway to negotiate Caufield's extension with the extra cap space gained.


1.) 31 Dec 2022 20:46:44
I wouldnt start any trade negotiations involving Anderson until I heard a 1st rounder was in play.

2.) 31 Dec 2022 21:56:50
Why would anyone give up anything for a long term cap dump like Anderson?

I understand Montreal fans wanting to dump that albatross, but they will need to add and/ or take back some bad long term cap if they have any hope of moving him. A young team like Jersey isn't going to hitch themselves to that anchor.

3.) 04 Jan 2023 02:06:54
Anderson isn’t on the market, yet apparently he’s drawing a lot of interest.

To get a guy that isn’t available you have to make an attractive offer. This ain’t it…by a long-shot.

MTL respectfully declines.




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01 Jan 2018 20:20:45
MTL : Pacioretty
EDM : Nugent-Hopkins

Value seems fair, though I may see EDM adding a bit. What do you think?


1.) 02 Jan 2018 10:29:37
IMO Montreal adds.



30 Nov 2017 11:32:09
Apparently, according to Eklund, the kings have made a push for Pacioretty and have offered a "top quality defenseman " + a "top forward prospect"

Would that mean Martinez/ Muzzin + Kempe/ Vilardi?(I can't guess of any more top fwd prospects) for Pacioretty?

I think the more reasonable offer is probably Martinez + Kempe for Pacioretty

I think the question now for the habs would be : do they want to get rid of their captain and lose a 35 goal scorer when the team as a whole has trouble scoring goals to otbain a top pair defenseman and a potential 2nd line forward.


1.) 30 Nov 2017 12:53:18
I already posted this a few days ago. Read a few lines down.




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30 Jun 2023 19:13:38
Getting Karlsson at a cap controlled 8M cap hit for Liljegren and a 1st? Unloading Murray's contract on top of it? Very, very unlikely, you're getting a 100pt Norris winner with that weak offer.
That first is more than likely to be a late one and Liljegren is a 24 year old that struggles to crack the leafs top 4, even after close to 150 games of nhl experience.
This is not even close to being enticing from SJ's perspective and I'm sure they'll get way better offers as the season progresses.




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22 Feb 2023 15:43:56
If Vancouver wants a fast rebuild, they'll probably have to trade him this offseason. No need to keep a capable goalie that could potentially make them a more middling team instead of a bottom dweller. If I'm VAN's gm and Buffalo really wants Demko, I'd ask for something along the lines of Ostlund, and two of the three 2nds that Buffalo has. If the trade were to be made before the deadline, I'd ask Buffalo to chip in Subban so that I at least have somewhat of a goalie tandem.




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22 Feb 2023 14:14:40
Part of their value is the fact that they’re rentals, pinball. If they were on bigger deals, teams wouldn’t be calling as much for them, because contracts that last for a few years can anchor teams. Acciari is not nearly the same player as Domi, so I’m not sur you can compare both trades




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14 Jan 2023 17:52:47
Don’t really see why florida woild trade Tkachuk, even if they get a solid 1st liner in Debrincat




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09 Jan 2023 14:52:10
I don't think value-wise, WPG accepts the trade. I think they would need a solid piece that could immediately fit on their roster. The only NHL player included in this deal is Hoffman who barely holds any value and currently plays like a fringe scoring 3rd liner, and that's not enough. They'll probably get better trades from other teams.

MTL has high hopes for Hutson so I think they might want to hang unto him until they see more of his development. His advanced stats are insanely good in the NCAA and show that his potential could be huge, but it's still a question-mark wether or not his skill translates to the NHL level.





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