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16 Feb 2018 18:58:47
BUF: Georges
WPG: 4th Round Pick

16 Feb 2018 21:13:29
I could see the Jets picking him up for depth.

15 Feb 2018 19:13:52
A Buffalo writer on SB Nation wrote an article about the Flyers and Sabres rumors are made 3 mock trades which I didn't think were too bad

BUF: Kane, Lehner, 2018 second round pick
PHI: Sanheim, Stolarz, Lehtera, 2018 first round pick, 2018 second

BUF: Kane, Johnson
PHI: Sanheim, Lehtera, 2018 first, 2019 conditional third (didn't mention what the condition was, guessing it has to do with re-signing)

BUF: Lehner
PHI: 2018 second round pick and either Stolarz or Sandstrom

Personally, I wouldn't want to give up Sanheim in part of a deal for Kane unless he's already extended. I'd like if the first turns into a second or Buffalo adds a 2019 second if Kane does not re-sign. Not a huge fan of the third trade because Philly is not competing for a cup right now and I don't think upgrading Elliott (or Neuvirth depending who they'd get rid of) next year with Lehner is worth giving up that package. But overall at least in my eyes it's pretty realistic value wise

16 Feb 2018 01:40:11
From a Buffalo stand the only reason I would give you Kane and Lehner would be because of Sanheim and a 1st.

16 Feb 2018 02:44:43
All are trash. I think that the whole story is click-bait - at least it'd better be. I don't want cancer Kane anywhere near the Flyers. Lehner is not worth any of our defensive prospects. Lehtera will be buried next season - we have plenty of cap space next year.

15 Feb 2018 03:45:10
Galchenyuk foR reinhart
1 for 1

Montreal needs a center and Galchenyuk could change things around for Buffalo. I’d even add a 3rd going to buffalo.

15 Feb 2018 05:04:05
Not too bad. Galchenyuk to play on Eichels wing and Reinhart to play centre for Drouin. Possible that this creates a pretty good line for 2 different teams.

15 Feb 2018 05:34:10
Yeah and they’re quite similar, both drafted top 5, similar builds and stats. both need a change of scenery.

15 Feb 2018 15:21:51
I'd be all for it!

15 Feb 2018 16:12:49
Galchenyk is literally our best forward rn he's playing really well so nooo.

16 Feb 2018 00:08:29
@mtl4life. That’s the point, he has needed a change for a long time. He’s playing good right now so teams will be more inclined to trade a top prospect for him. Habs have tried to trade him multiple times and teams weren’t willing to pay. He’s playong well but he’s not turning this thing around for the habs. They’re done. Get a 21 year old centreman with a ton of upside and get on with it.

16 Feb 2018 03:24:55
not going to lie this is the best trade I've seen in a while but i still don't know.

14 Feb 2018 23:04:18
The Calgary Flames send Sam Bennett to the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for Max Domi.

The Calgary Flames send Rasmus Andersson, Dillon Dube & 2nd Round Pick to the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for Sam Reinhart.

The Calgary Flames send Curtis Lazar & Matt Stajan to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for Carl Hagelin

J Gaudreau - S Monahan - M Ferland
M Tkachuk - M Backlund - M Frolik
M Domi - M Jankowski - S Reinhart
C Hagelin - R Lomberg - G Hathaway / T Brouwer

14 Feb 2018 23:18:45
I think 1 and 3 are good. but 2nd proposal is giving up a lot of people for one player.

14 Feb 2018 23:45:23
#1 isn’t terrible but I think arizona banks on domis potential over Bennett’s at this point.

#2 I think flames are paying a steep price, but if they really believe Reinhart can turn it around, I guess could be alright.

#3 makes Pittsburgh worse going into the playoffs. Not something Rutherford would do at all. He’s always a guy to tweak and add. Not take a disappointing prospect and a depth veteran for a key part of their team (even if he’s a bit over paid)

14 Feb 2018 23:49:50
#1 . Maybe. Pizza man has some kind of pull with Arizona.
Value is probably close

#2 Sorry, No 2nd round pick for Calgary. That is property of the New York Islanders, so #2 is impossible.

#3 Laughable. Calgary's turn to try to get something useful
for Lazar. Ottawa fans can probably feel the pain

15 Feb 2018 00:26:04
No from Arizona
Big no from Calgary
3rd is interesting, potentially from Pitt but idk.

15 Feb 2018 15:18:57
#1 - i think ARI would want more
#2 - meh, not bad but don't know if BUF would really want all those pieces.
#3 - nope, your stuck with Stajan.

14 Feb 2018 10:39:11

Calgary Flames acquire -
(RW) Sam Reinhart

Buffalo Sabres acquire -
(C) Sam Bennett
(2018) 3rd Round Pick


Calgary Flames acquire -
(LW) Mike Hoffman

Ottawa Senators acquire -
(LD) Rasmus Andersson
(C) Adam Ruzicka
(2019) 2nd Round Pick

Projected Lineup

J Gaudreau - S Monahan - M Ferland
M Tkachuk - M Backlund - M Frolik
M Hoffman - M Jankowski - S Reinhart
R Lomberg - C Lazar - G Hathaway

M Giordano - D Hamilton
T Brodie - T Hamonic
B Kulak - M Stone

Deadline Plans: Dump Brouwer + Prospect/Pick, Matt Stajan (Retained) to Contender.

14 Feb 2018 11:11:37
First of all you don't acquire F
Hoffman to play third line. Second of all that return won't come clost to get him. Anderson I imagine Ottawa would want. But the pick has to be a first imo. Third of all Bennett is a bust while Reinhart is not even tho some players picked behind him have putstated him. Still worth a 3 times more the Benett who let's admit really sucks. Overall terrible post.

14 Feb 2018 11:22:27
No from BUF and OTT.

14 Feb 2018 16:24:37
Trade 1 is close, think a little more from Calgary is needed though to make this one a go.

2nd trade is not even in the ballpark to get Hoffman's services.

14 Feb 2018 23:00:37
Are we quick to write off a 21 year old. Bennett is not a bust yet.

15 Feb 2018 05:24:16
@DonCherry. I always think the same thing. Ppl on here call any first round pick that isn’t scoring 20goals by 20 years old a bust. Unless of course they play for their own favourite team, then they’re trying to trade 23 year olds, calling them ‘practically a 1st rounder’ because he was picked 15th 5 drafts ago haha

I wouldn’t say Bennett is for sure a bust yet, but I would think he has shown a little more than Reinhart that his ceiling may be lower offensively than originally expected, so I would want an add for sure if I’m buffalo.

Bennett to me kind of reminds me of Kadri. He was a top pick, expected to be an offensive star and had tons of skill and a bit of a mean streak at times. but was also at times nearly written off in Toronto. Rather than a change of scenery, he got a fresh voice in Babcock who convinced him to change his game but it took till he was 25. Now he’s playing the best defensively he’s ever played and ironically putting up great offensive numbers too. Bennett has lots of time to become a really good NHLer, just needs patience and the right voices.

13 Feb 2018 16:46:48
Not mine, just saw these and thought I would see what you guys think.

E. Kane

1st 2019
2nd 2018
C J. Kyrou

R. Nash

1st 2018
D J. Zboril

D. Mike Green

1st 2018
RW J. Leivo
D A. Borgman

13 Feb 2018 18:39:49
Sorry to burst your bubble. Darmstrong Stated he is not trading his top Prospects (Thomas, Kyrou, Kostin, ) Top rookies (Dunn, Thompson), Top draft picks (2018 2nd, 2019 1st) or Fabbri for a rental type deal.

Also out of all the guys that have been rumored to the blues. I would think Kane would be the least palatable player with his locker room BS, On ice BS and Personal BS. Besides the fact that he is cold as poo right now.

13 Feb 2018 18:42:45
If toronto wants Mike for that price I am down with it. Good deep draft this year Hopefully Kenny H and his team don't f this draft up plenty of good potential players. Hell I would be will to dump Nyquist, tatar, and a few others for as many picks in the top 93 picks this year.

13 Feb 2018 18:44:59
I can actually see all of them happening. not sure Green is what the Leafs need? I think they need more of a tough hard noses Dman. they have skill in Gardiner and Reilly. obviously Green wouldn't hurt em, but If Leafs could find an Intimidating Dman. (big hitter, crease clearer. ) . I think would help em out.

13 Feb 2018 19:16:55
If I were blues I’d hang up.
Leafs don’t need offense from the point, they need a real defender.
If I were Bruins I would be curious at that. I know where zboril was drafted but don’t know a lot more, so clearly depends how they view him. However that pick should be very late and the big heavy game bruins play could be a great fit for Nash. I think the east is as open as it has been in a long time for these playoffs and with the way they have been playing i think the Bruins should look to capitalize. Rask is playing the best he has in years, have one of, if not the best line the league and a lot of youth outperforming expectations. As a leaf fan, I don’t wanna see them get better. But if I were Sweeney, I’d be tempted for sure.

14 Feb 2018 00:44:45
Redwing, you saying old poo? Cause poo is fairly hot when it first comes out, clearify please.

14 Feb 2018 05:01:15
I'm sorry let's say cold as 5 week b old poo in Alberta on Christmas day.

14 Feb 2018 16:27:53
lol @ Colt, never change bud.

14 Feb 2018 16:31:51
#1 Acquiring Kane is a mistake. Too much trouble I would
never give that for a rental that's been nothing but
trouble his whole career.

#2 Overpayment for a rental, but Nash might have a bidding
war that nets this type of return in the end. You Could
be onto something with a realistic trade there.

#3 Looks like a good trade value wise, but I don't think the
leafs are in a cap position to take on Green's Salary
unless they move out another salary in another trade.

07 Feb 2018 01:48:26
Zemgus Girgensons + Josh Gorges (25% Retained) to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for Nikita Soshnikov + Calle Rosen + Dominic Moore + 2017 3rd Round Pick.

Girgensons is playing pretty bad right now. But he has played decent, like, in 2014? Ish? Maybe he can revitalize his career in Toronto? Even if he doesn't, he's a better fourth line centre than Moore right now, and better than Gauthier. And this allows Aaltonen to stay in the AHL for a year after this. And Zemgus could slot into 3C if Bozak leaves. For Buffalo, they have centre depth. Eichel. ROR. Reinhart. Larsson. And Casey Mittelstadt coming up. They can afford to give up Zemgus. As for Gorges, he's basically a slight upgrade over Polak, although not much. Still, I'd rather see Gorges than Polak, cause Babs will play him over Carrick 100%. And for Buffalo, they get a middling pick, two decently young europeans (Sosh can actually become something, Rosen looked decent but he may just be AHL caliber), and a guy they can replace Zemgus with for the time being.

Zach Hyman - Auston Matthews - William Nylander
Patrick Marleau - Nazem Kadri - Mitch Marner
James van Riemsdyk - Tyler Bozak - Connor Brown
Leo Komarov - Zemgus Girgensons - Kasperi Kapanen

Ron Hainsey - Morgan Rielly
Jake Gardiner - Josh Gorges
Nikita Zaitsev - Travis Dermott

*If that isn't enough, i'm willing to up the third to a second (the lower of the SJS/ TOR pick) . I'd like Girgensons, cause I feel he's only playing bad cause he's on a bad team.

07 Feb 2018 14:03:13
I would be all for this deal as a toronto fan.

07 Feb 2018 14:25:22
#1 I highly doubt sabres trade Girgensons for that.

#2 josh George’s was already technically traded to Toronto from MTL and said he wouldn’t go. I know a lot has changed with the roster of the leafs since then, but I don’t think it was a decision about winning vs losing because he chose buffalo over here lol I think it was more a personal decision and doubt that has changed.

07 Feb 2018 15:16:54

True. Maybe his decision changes though, if Torontos the only biter on him at the deadline? Cause he'd probably wanna get out of the hellhole known as Buffalo. Lol. And if it isn't enohgh, maybe bump the third to the second? I can't see Zemgus worth any more than that - he only has 9 points this year anyway.

07 Feb 2018 16:59:04
Yeah. I don’t think it’s a terrible offer, just think that they might bank on Girgenson bouncing back if those are the type of offers they’re getting for him.

05 Feb 2018 05:27:16
LAK- Kane, 4th rounder

BUF- 2018 1st, 2018 3rd, Nick Shore, Conditional 2019 2nd if he resigns in LA

How does this sound? Too much or too little on either end or do you guys think it's fine? LA gets a top 6 scoring winger to help secure them a playoff spot, Buffalo gets some picks to either trade for other assets before the deadline or deepen their prospect pool and they get a bottom 6 center to strengthen their depth.

05 Feb 2018 05:39:21
Sounds like not what buffalo wants in return compared to their asking price.

05 Feb 2018 06:46:18
The deadline prices this year are ridiculous right now honestly.

05 Feb 2018 16:46:09
Yes they are I agree.

04 Feb 2018 00:32:47
I have some trade idea and would like hear your thoughts.

Trade #1
Montreal trade
Calgary trade
Bennett and 2018 1st

Trade #2
NYI trade
Tampa Bay trade
Foote, Johnson, 2018 1st and 2nd

Trade #3
Buffalo Trade
Vancouver trade
Virtanen and 2nd in 2018

Trade #4
Toronto trade
Jvr 2nd in 2018
2018 1st, Roy and Fluery.

04 Feb 2018 02:44:53
If islanders didn’t think they’d be able to re sign taveres I think that package wouldn’t be too far off, but it doesn’t sound like they are going to trade him I don’t see the need for Vancouver to trade away a youngish asset for Kane if they aren’t making the playoffs, they could have him for nothing in free agency. Think that’s a overpayment from Carolina for JVR, he’s a pending free agent said that’s a lot to give up for a rental if they don’t make the playoffs. I guess if they really think they can make it and make it past the first round then maybe, but they’re clearly not contenders so if anything they’d want their young guys to get playoff experience like the leafs last year. Also if they’re going to trade away that package I’d think they’d want a centerman coming back.

04 Feb 2018 03:03:46
Vancouver is so far out why would they trade for a UFA rental? They would just try to sign E. Kane in the off season without giving an assets away for nothing.

I don't see Carolina giving up their 1st for that. They are just outside and I just don't see them trading their first for a rental with new ownership, I think they keep the pick and try to get better for years to come not right now. JVR isn't the difference in them making a deep run or not they just aren't that good of a team right now.

02 Feb 2018 18:25:10
Patches, Alzner, Byron
Eichel, Ristoleinen, S. Reinhart.

Buffalo gets a top stud in Alzner on a great contract, Fastest best winger in the league Byron, and Patches himself. Montreal gets an ok center hopefully becomes their number one. A project D man and a throw in Rienhart just to even out a 3 player for 3 player deal.

02 Feb 2018 19:04:46
Please trolling. It was funny the first time.

02 Feb 2018 19:16:16
Do you think it will stop? 🤔.

02 Feb 2018 20:03:25
It wasn’t funny the first time. Every fan base has some morons. I believe a poster by the name of FairTrade4all (Let’s Be Real Now) posted on a daily basis that nobody other than an elite player would be an acceptable return for Eberle. Hmmm!

02 Feb 2018 20:23:36
I don’t think Montreal considers this without at least adding buffalos 2018 1st rounders. the guys going to Montreal aren’t bad prospects but not enough on their own to get Alzner. Old, left handed, immobile, stay at home defence earning twice as much as they should don’t come around too often. MB job could be at stake here, so he’ll really need to capitalize on his return for Alzner!

02 Feb 2018 21:50:15
where to start.

03 Feb 2018 16:50:29
Alzner is not earning twice as much as he should. He's actually quite better then Emelin and only cost an extra million o I'm happy with him so far.

25 Jan 2018 15:35:33
Phi gets Bobby Ryan, Zack Smith
Ott gets Ryan O'Reilly, Jordan Weal
Buf gets Travis Sandheim, Phi 2nd

Ryan will be inspired in Philly, provide extra scoring for playoff push. Smith provides playoff grit.. Ottawa reunites Duchene and O'Reilly who were at one time dynamic in Colorado. At the very least they will be very strong on faceoffs to help boost their sad puck control. Buf gets high end D prospect and a pick and rids themselves of long expensive contract from previous management. Ottawa future plans not affected much as they replace Ryan's contract with O'Reilly's.

25 Jan 2018 15:56:06
So Philadelphia trades Weal (6 G, 8 A in 42 GP $1.75MM until 2019), Sanheim, and a 2nd for Bobby Ryan (6 G, 13 A in 36 GP $7.25MM until 2022)?

Ryan's contract is pure cancer and he leaves a lot to be desired as a player - inconsistent, injury prone, lacking in intensity. The Senators are stuck with Ryan for a long, long time.

25 Jan 2018 17:28:06
Lolllllll Ottawa literally robs everyone.

25 Jan 2018 18:13:46
And buffalo trades oreilly for Sanheim and a 2nd?! Ok.

25 Jan 2018 21:44:12
Philly gets Zack Smith too.

25 Jan 2018 21:45:43
I'd say weal goes to buffalo instead with a 3rd and that 2nd goes to ottawa, the rest sounds good though.

Easy E I honestly think you need to do some research before commenting from now on.

Bobby Ryan -
You say injury prone - lately yes

Lacking intensity - sometimes yes sometimes no he's like kovalev

Inconsistent - not even close, outside of last season when he was plagued by health issues and injuries he has been a 60 point per year player and will be again when he gets by his soft hands.

25 Jan 2018 22:24:12
NBR, Ryan sucks. Get over it.

30 Jan 2018 10:43:55
TSS, you know Ryan does NOT suck. If he sucks then so do guys like toews Duchene turris marner voracek Schwartz etc as his stat totals are in the same ball park so you tell me. do they all suck to?

24 Jan 2018 16:56:36

- Kane
- Lehner


- Sprong
- Maata
- Jarry
2018 first

24 Jan 2018 17:37:31
They can’t afford Lehner with their cap issues.

23 Jan 2018 20:53:53
Different kind of trade here.
Two players who are ready for the NHL (as from what iv read) but lacks the opportunity to make their teams.

Oil: Simpson
Sabres: Bailey

Dillon Simpson has 0 opportunity to make the oilers and the games he was able to play he actually did quite well imo. As for Bailey he just can’t get it going for either nhl or ahl team, and because edmontons need on the wing and buffalos need for lhd’s maybe change of sceneory and more opportunity works for both players? If not, just a thought.

24 Jan 2018 00:04:20
Don’t know much about either but you seem to. So I’ll take you word for it lol can’t imagine either has a big value advantage.

24 Jan 2018 02:44:51
If Bailey gets it together he’d be a steal. Buffalo may try to get a bit more but this could work.

23 Jan 2018 14:36:45
Kempe + 2018 1st + Conditional 4th (becomes 2nd if Kane resigns) for Evander Kane

Matches Buffalos asking price and helps them beuild for the future. LA has been slipping as of late and this might spark something and get them back in a playoff spot.

23 Jan 2018 14:55:24
It might be the asking price and I’d be interested in waiting to hear from a kings fan, but I wouldn’t do it if I’m LA. Kempe is 21 and on pace for a near 30 goal year. He may become as lethal as kane, be much cheaper for the next cpl years and have no attitude problem. I think that’s a big thing. Especially in a market like LA. Between the temptations and oppourtunity for trouble in LA, the history of Kane finding trouble regardless where he is, and the bruised reputation of the kings over the past few years (Richards, voynov, stoll) that they seem to be leaving behind them, I wouldn’t risk it. If you got him cheap, okay, maybe take a chance. But to give up all these assets and then have to commit years and cap space to him afterwards, I’d avoid it. But hopefully a kings fan will comment.

23 Jan 2018 19:04:23
I want to see E Kane in Vegas! Lol.

23 Jan 2018 20:59:14
Lol yup how long do you think he would last there before being suspended by the the team? One game? Two games.?

23 Jan 2018 21:04:58
Don’t ruin a good thing in Vegas by adding a dick.

23 Jan 2018 21:08:55

We all know that's a bad idea.

24 Jan 2018 11:15:20
You can see him in Vegas talking into his ‘money phone’ Every weekend on instagram, but George McPhee isn't that dumb to actually bring him there lol.

07 Feb 2018 23:57:06
IMO the value is fair for Kane and with so many LW UFA this year that may be more than Botterill will get in return for Kane. I sort of really hate this trade because it only reminds me that Murray was offered Pearson, Green, 3rd and 1st for Moulson and Ehrhoff. LAK drafted Kempe with that 1st round pick. Can you imagine Buffalo's left side with Pearson, Kempe and Laine (if Murray had not rushed the rebuild) . So yes the value is there, no it reminds me of the Murray nightmare.

21 Jan 2018 19:33:37
Draft day deal
Mtl) 1st
Buf) Mittlestadt

Buffalo drafts Zadina or Svechnikov

Buffalo don't need centers but LHD and Wingers

Mtl gets a 1st center for the future

Mtl) Patch
Car) Gauthier + E. Lindholm

Mtl) Price (3 mil retained) + Petry + 1st
Cal) Hamilton + Anderson

Mtl) Weber (2 mil retained) + Juulsen
?) pick (draft Hughes)

Drouin Mittlestadt Gauthier
Galchenyuk Poehling Gallagher
Hudon Danault Lindholm

Hughes Hamilton
Mete Anderson

Cayden Primeau

21 Jan 2018 20:02:35
Wowwwww retaining $3M for 8 more years now on Price? He hasn't even played a year of that big deal yet and you guys already want to trade him with retaining for 8 years. Too funny. Thought he was the best in the world. Keep him!

21 Jan 2018 20:04:10
honestly the buffalo trade could work for buffalo and mtl. If mtl continues that way that pick will be top 5 and buffalo could trade Mittelsatd and hope for first or at least top 3.That way they would of had upgraded they're pick 8 overall top top 5 or even top 3 overall and its a win for them. Mtl does this because the quality of a center they get isn't really seen in this draft. Don't get me wrong Zexina is very good but mtl might not be able to get him. Think this is not terrible.

21 Jan 2018 20:39:29
Lol this is all over the place yikes.

21 Jan 2018 21:05:49
And retain that much on Weber?
Retaining that much money for that long just isn't smart what so ever. That's terrible.

21 Jan 2018 22:36:07
I think the Montreal trade would have to be a draft day trade, if that pick turned into a lottery winner I’d be pissed if we gave up Dahlin for Mittelstadt. Also fully agree with yup, that’s way too much salary to retain for too many years.

21 Jan 2018 23:41:20
MTL aren't trading their first and all the trades are horrible jeez who the hall is this guy.

22 Jan 2018 16:39:48
No Buck. A deal between Montreal and buffalo around Patches and Middlestadt is so so so terrible for buffalo.

23 Jan 2018 00:57:49
I haven't even heads of some if these guys. mtl not reading price bad season notwithstanding. They don't need a revolving crease like the leafs have been.

20 Jan 2018 19:53:45
What do the oilers need for next season?
1. New support coaching staff. This one ain’t working.
2. RH dman who can play PP.
3. RH Center who plays on 3rd line.
4. A scoring winger to play with Mcdavid
5. A good winger for the second line

Trade: Maroon for a NHL prospect for the
Oilers: RNH + Benning
Sens: Hoffman + Pageau
(Oilers get the scoring winger and centre and Sens get #2 centerman behind Duchene. Brassard is better fit for 3rd line. Also, Sens get a RHD to push Ceci. )

Oilers: Klefbom + 3rd Rd
Jets: Trouba
(Jets are good on Right with Big Buf and Myers. Oilers get their RHD. Klefbom is better than he is showing this season. He must be hurt) .

20 Jan 2018 20:07:01
Sorry but why are oilers adding to Trouba?

20 Jan 2018 20:07:01
You're overvaluing edmontons players slightly.

20 Jan 2018 20:19:17
Why would the Jets downgrade to Klefbom just for a 3rd round pick?

21 Jan 2018 22:20:15
I'd change pageau to Smith as he'd fit better in edmonton than pageau he's easier for ottawa to move because of his contract seeing as how big nuges contract is and how he has had history with injuries and inconsistency. other than that I don't mind it.

Wheres the maroon part come in? And with what team? It's just sortve floating there

Brassard will most likely end up in pitsbergh or go back to Columbus.

20 Jan 2018 17:17:45
BUF: Ristolainen, Reinhart
TOR: Kapanen, Liligren, Marleau

Leafs upgrade defense. Rid themselves of Marleau contract which they might regret next year or year after. Reinhart fills the void. Sabres get two high end prospects.

20 Jan 2018 17:37:53
Come on man. If you’re a leafs fan, you’re killing our reputation on here. If you’re not a leaf fan. ruin your own fan bases rep. Stop these.

20 Jan 2018 17:48:27
Buffalo wouldn’t take that entire package for Ristolainen alone.

20 Jan 2018 18:36:01
Hahahahaha. Entertaining.

20 Jan 2018 20:08:34
Omg lmao bruh.

20 Jan 2018 20:48:39
Lol I only see one high end prospect + a negative contract
For both risto and Reinhart
You took leaf fans to a whole new level.

20 Jan 2018 22:46:51
Jim. appreciate your comments, but if you are a leafs fan, what don't you like about it? Kapanen has proved himself a little bit at the NHL level but sample size is not that big yet. I stand by what I said about the Marleau contract, especially when you have pricey contracts to renew in the next couple years. So is the problem the inclusion of Lilligren? You get a good tough D for this year's playoff run for someone who could be top 4, could be the next David Rundblad.

21 Jan 2018 01:35:45
I don’t think Jim’s comments were conveying that the leafs were over paying, the trade is extremely loo sided in the leafs favour. Risto is a big rh Dman that is top 3 and yet to reach his full potential and Reinhart is s top 6 winger that if he found consistency would be a top tier player. You are offering buffalo a unproven winger who yes could be top 6 but isn’t at this point and may never be, Liljegren is a very good prospect but had yet to play a nhl game and is therefore in proven and a 38 year old winger. That leafs package is no where near enough for 2 young and relatively proven players that are yet to reach their full potential.

21 Jan 2018 06:38:52
Yeah Greg, I don’t know if my comment was somehow misleading, I was not complaining that the leafs were giving up too much lol I don’t want to part with liljegren, but that package doesn’t get you risto. then you have them sending us Reinhart too? Not near enough going to sabres. To get risto, need TOP prospects AND a 1st round pick, or start with a young roster player with star potential (nylander or marner), neither of which options I would want to do. Just pointing out tho that your lowball offers make people think all leaf fans assume we can get other teams stars with our leftovers. Not the case.

13 Jan 2018 04:26:43
Buffalo: Sam Rienhart

Calargry: Sam Bennet

Both players need a change of scenery. Both put up similar numbers could be a good trade for both.

13 Jan 2018 06:50:10
Hmm . Kind of interesting. I think Reinhart holds a little more value.

13 Jan 2018 08:15:02
Reinhart has more value than Bennet.

13 Jan 2018 15:16:22
Is crack pretty cheap around you?

12 Jan 2018 20:13:56
2018 2nd & Conditional 3rd if Ducks make it to conference final, if not 4th.

Evander Kane

12 Jan 2018 20:21:56
Lool the asking price is much higher.

12 Jan 2018 20:57:00
As always I am sure the "asking price" is.
They can ask. but the getting rate has traditionally only been a 2nd for a UFA.

12 Jan 2018 21:14:17
Ya no this is not even close to what buffalo will accept lol.

12 Jan 2018 21:14:53
Lol. Let's be real now, he will get more.

12 Jan 2018 21:55:03
He will get more.

12 Jan 2018 22:09:01
Kane has a bad rep and has been a trouble maker.
Good skill. but trouble .
What do you think he'll net back bearing in mind his salary may hamper deals with teams tight on cap space?

12 Jan 2018 23:45:29
Lets be real. you do make a good point, however, I think there is going to be a higher price paid for Kane. He's not some guy on the back half of his career,
I can see one of the true contenders offering up a 1st and a pretty decent prospect. maybe even a little more.

13 Jan 2018 01:52:10
Eric Staal return.

13 Jan 2018 02:14:19
The price is going to be a 1 rd pick b+ d prospect and a Conditional rd pic and i bet a couple teams well offer that and there scout well choose whos the best prospect and take that one.

13 Jan 2018 05:29:42
Let's be real now, You're way off.

13 Jan 2018 15:19:16
Crack kills.

14 Jan 2018 04:48:45
Are you talking about me yup.

20 Jan 2018 11:53:39
You are crazy if you think Ducks are getting Kane for a 2nd and a 4th. What are you smoking? It’s going to have Larsson+ coming back to Buffalo.

12 Jan 2018 18:33:16
Toronto: Mitch Marner,Kaspari Kappenen,Jake Gardiner and 1st 2018

Buffalo: Rasmus Ristolianen and Alexander Nylander


Toronto- Acquires an elite first pairing dman who logs 27+ min a night. Alex Nylander provides a replacement to Mitch Marner.

Buffalo: Marner would help form a powerhouse line with 2 near equal offensive talents ( Eichel-Marner ). Jake Gardiner would temporarily play first pairing with Dahlen and Kappy would be solid on the 3rd line with 2nd line potential.

12 Jan 2018 21:16:23
Risto is not elite, but he’s good. Has the potential but rn not close to elite.

12 Jan 2018 21:18:30
Well this is terrible.

12 Jan 2018 22:16:16
Take out the 1st.

13 Jan 2018 01:56:13
Well no one gave they’re opinion on the trade? Also I believe that’d be more fair @ I tookdonscherry.

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