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17 Feb 2018 23:46:22
Oil: Nuge + Klefbom
Yotes: OEL

Oil: Maroon
Boston: Frederic

Oil: Letestu
Jets: 3rd.

18 Feb 2018 02:15:50
Id say a bit much from Edmonton on the first one, espec considering OEL wouldn't be on an extension.

Second one is a no from Boston, Frederic was a 1st before, don't think Boston gives him up this early.

Third is fine imo.

18 Feb 2018 05:07:05
A 4th or 5th, maybe even a 6th is more in line with Letestu's value.

17 Feb 2018 09:50:28
OTT: Smith
Bos: spooner

Ott: Ceci/hoffman/Anderson
WPG: Myers 1st 2018 perreault

Ott: pageau/paul

Van: vanek

17 Feb 2018 13:00:56
Horrible for jets. Don't need goaltending
Anderson has had a bad season.

2nd trade doesn't make sense for either team.

17 Feb 2018 21:53:00
I agree with tyhockey, you're offering a bottom pairing D-man, a winger the Jets don't need and a goalie the Jets don't need for two good players and a first. No chance.

16 Feb 2018 03:43:09
Darren dreger reported at the intermission that patrick maroon could be on the move before the deadline, apparently chiarelli has been fielding calls from winnipeg and boston for the big winger.

13 Feb 2018 16:46:48
Not mine, just saw these and thought I would see what you guys think.

E. Kane

1st 2019
2nd 2018
C J. Kyrou

R. Nash

1st 2018
D J. Zboril

D. Mike Green

1st 2018
RW J. Leivo
D A. Borgman

13 Feb 2018 18:39:49
Sorry to burst your bubble. Darmstrong Stated he is not trading his top Prospects (Thomas, Kyrou, Kostin, ) Top rookies (Dunn, Thompson), Top draft picks (2018 2nd, 2019 1st) or Fabbri for a rental type deal.

Also out of all the guys that have been rumored to the blues. I would think Kane would be the least palatable player with his locker room BS, On ice BS and Personal BS. Besides the fact that he is cold as poo right now.

13 Feb 2018 18:42:45
If toronto wants Mike for that price I am down with it. Good deep draft this year Hopefully Kenny H and his team don't f this draft up plenty of good potential players. Hell I would be will to dump Nyquist, tatar, and a few others for as many picks in the top 93 picks this year.

13 Feb 2018 18:44:59
I can actually see all of them happening. not sure Green is what the Leafs need? I think they need more of a tough hard noses Dman. they have skill in Gardiner and Reilly. obviously Green wouldn't hurt em, but If Leafs could find an Intimidating Dman. (big hitter, crease clearer. ) . I think would help em out.

13 Feb 2018 19:16:55
If I were blues I’d hang up.
Leafs don’t need offense from the point, they need a real defender.
If I were Bruins I would be curious at that. I know where zboril was drafted but don’t know a lot more, so clearly depends how they view him. However that pick should be very late and the big heavy game bruins play could be a great fit for Nash. I think the east is as open as it has been in a long time for these playoffs and with the way they have been playing i think the Bruins should look to capitalize. Rask is playing the best he has in years, have one of, if not the best line the league and a lot of youth outperforming expectations. As a leaf fan, I don’t wanna see them get better. But if I were Sweeney, I’d be tempted for sure.

14 Feb 2018 00:44:45
Redwing, you saying old poo? Cause poo is fairly hot when it first comes out, clearify please.

14 Feb 2018 05:01:15
I'm sorry let's say cold as 5 week b old poo in Alberta on Christmas day.

14 Feb 2018 16:27:53
lol @ Colt, never change bud.

14 Feb 2018 16:31:51
#1 Acquiring Kane is a mistake. Too much trouble I would
never give that for a rental that's been nothing but
trouble his whole career.

#2 Overpayment for a rental, but Nash might have a bidding
war that nets this type of return in the end. You Could
be onto something with a realistic trade there.

#3 Looks like a good trade value wise, but I don't think the
leafs are in a cap position to take on Green's Salary
unless they move out another salary in another trade.

12 Feb 2018 03:30:59
Oil: Maroon

Bruins: Bjork.

12 Feb 2018 05:52:13
Bruins say no, big time.

08 Feb 2018 04:47:52
Since every year Marc Bergevin always goes for other teams 4th liners at trade deadline..

Mtl 5th round pick for Boston Matt Beleskey

08 Feb 2018 18:16:34
This year mtl ate sellers and not buyers so this comment is idiotic.

07 Feb 2018 19:24:56
I don't know if Boston needs him but the rumours are going around so let's try some out

- McDonagh

- 2018 first round pick
- spooner (good player just needs a new home )
- McQuaid ( slight salary dump slight good player )
-debris or Bork ( I'd say Bork has more value and he's a great prospect and great nhl player )

07 Feb 2018 21:07:17

07 Feb 2018 23:05:52
If you want my opinion, Boston shouldn't do it.

08 Feb 2018 08:46:21
No team will pay such a ridiculous price for McDonagh. Rangers GM is high anyways, see his asking price for Rick Nash, lol.

06 Feb 2018 05:52:54
Leivo + Sosh + Liljegren + Gardiner + 1st

Kane + Bogosian

Let me explain why. Leafs need guys who will drop the gloves, as well as play hockey.
Saturday against Bos the Leafs played with fear. Dermott gets hit(knee on knee) and no one even went up to Backes.

Trade Bozak Moore and JVR

06 Feb 2018 06:09:47
Could see buffalo accepting it yup.

06 Feb 2018 07:32:52
yes from buffalo, hell no from toronto.

06 Feb 2018 11:05:29
I agree the leafs would get man handled by the Bruins with their current line up but I don’t want those guys. Bogasian hurts himself getting out of bed in the morning and Kane can go drag down another team. I’d rather Maroon. I really wish leaf fans would stop trading Liljegren. He is a big, right handed defenseman that most teams are looking for. Let’s see how he develops before trading him. The leafs are NOT winning the cup this year so let’s not trade away the future like they’ve done so many times before.

06 Feb 2018 16:07:44
Leafs17 what would do you think leafs would offer for Maroon, or a type of player comparable to Maroon?

06 Feb 2018 17:15:02
Until Liljegren proves himself. he is only a prospect at his time. and I never understand why right or left hand matters.

06 Feb 2018 19:08:26
If lillegren is out of the deal is it any closer? Leivo, shosh, gardiner and 1st for kane and bogosian? Still sounds pricey for the leafs, kane a UFA at seasons end and i'm not sold on bogosian. whose he replacing, polak? Seems silly to trade all that just to improve the 6th defenceman and a rental.

06 Feb 2018 20:15:26
Maybe Ristolainen instead of Bogosian.

06 Feb 2018 21:36:57
Yes Balsam he is only a prospect but like I said, the leafs are NOT winning the cup this year. Why trade away these kids for two guys that will not make them contenders? I did not say until Liljegren proves himself. I said let’s see how he develops, big difference. I could see a small trade because Toronto has too many forwards and they could use some defensive depth. I’m not even going to get into why right or left matters.
I suggested Kapanen for Maroon a few weeks ago McJ and I believe it was mixed feelings on that. Maybe Soshnikov or Leivo plus a 2nd? I’m not sure.

06 Feb 2018 23:39:42
Both of those offers I think Edmonton could gladly accept imo, and Toronto or any team in this league could use a maroon type player just sucks oilers can’t keep him.

07 Feb 2018 21:29:23
I agree 100% with mcjesus, maroon is too slow. Unless he comes with mcdavid, why would you want him?

29 Jan 2018 20:41:08
Boston potentially looking to add a RW before the deadline

Bruins: 2nd.
Nucks: Vanek

Vanek is playing quite well for Vancouver this year and he’s certainly always deadline trade bait.

29 Jan 2018 21:02:10
Makes sense. I wouldn't mind seeing them do that because it’s almost certain leafs are going to match up with them in the first round. Vanek is not someone I see making them a ton better lol.

29 Jan 2018 21:47:36
Jim. it all depends on what Vanek shows up. some games, he is the most dominant guy out there. almost looking like he's toying with his competition. then others. May as well be in the AHL. I don't know If I have seen a player who can be so . Moody? Maybe that's the word.
Personally, I'd like to see him on Pens. I've been saying it awhile. but him and Crosby could be lethal.

29 Jan 2018 22:28:40
Yeah. He’s kinda like kovalev used to be. Best player on the ice and then non existent. I just don’t see him having the work ethic or grind to be successful on the Bruins. They play simple style, but you have to be willing to work your ass off. Just don’t see him doing that consistently for 20-25 regular season games and what they hope is a long playoff run.

29 Jan 2018 22:46:47
Ya . Bruins are, and always have been a hard working, grinding team. Can't see him as a fit there. and I like your Kovalev comparison.

28 Jan 2018 21:05:27
Boston/San Jose

Matt Beleskey and Paul Postma for Paul Martin.

Almost same cap hit.

Why for the bruins, it brings help for the playoff push and easier to buyout in july...

Why for the Sharks, to replace the injured players till end of the year and next year. Maybe returning to the western conference where he had success would bring him back to shape..

Let me know if its realistic value wise. thanks.

25 Jan 2018 21:46:04
Saw this on several sources, Tampa Bay got calls on Slater Koekkoek from many teams. They said Ottawa and Boston were the most interested. I still think he can turn into a solid 2way top4 D (puts up solid numbers, 25GP,8P while just playing 11 min a night) , but not on the Lightning because they already have Hedman and Sergachev as their LHD. I think the Lightning would want a young dman back preferably a RH one. When Hedman is healthy again i think he could be available. So i'm just trying to predict 2 possible deals for him:

OTT: Koekkoek
TBL: Ceci

BOS: Koekkoek
TBL: Zboril

Idk, Tampa adds a little on both probaly but as a base maybe. I know Zboril is LH but didn't find any RHD on Boston that would fit into a deal like this. Are these maybe close or could you see another team being interested in Koekkoek?

25 Jan 2018 22:15:20
Lol Koekkoek will be a depth defense
He's worth as best as a guy like Kapanen.

26 Jan 2018 05:18:43
I don't think Koekkoek is going to be a depth guy. I think he will be/ already is a 3rd pair guy that could step into top 4 if needed due to injury. Obviously his trade value is low right now since Cooper has an aversion to playing him. He was good in minors last year and shown glimpses this year. doesn't get either of those guys though they won't get his true value in a trade.

24 Jan 2018 11:13:08
Edmonton: Carlo
Boston: Yamamoto

Edmonton gets a right shooting defenceman and Boston gets a high upside 2nd line LW behind Marchand.

Does it fit needs and, if so, who adds?

24 Jan 2018 12:19:24
So a young proven defensemen for a forward prospect that is overated by edmonton fans. Ya sounds fair. lol.

24 Jan 2018 13:54:24
I say oilers add. Yamamoto looks like he could be pretty good but a big RHD that has 130 nhl games at 21 has got to get a better return. Especially when they wouldn’t include him in Duchene or landeskog talks. They won’t now flip him for that.

24 Jan 2018 17:58:40
No from Boston they need their dmen.

23 Jan 2018 19:48:11


23 Jan 2018 20:41:55
Now this has my attention, but I believe Boston’s d core is not that great and they should keep McAvoy for sure.

23 Jan 2018 21:08:34
Don't think Boston does that because they have good centre depth. And their pretty weak on the blueline.

14 Feb 2018 14:42:22
Are you kidding McAvoy for that bum. lmao.

20 Jan 2018 23:34:33
Ott: hoffman
Bos: zboril, 1st round pick, heinen

20 Jan 2018 23:42:52
too much for Hoffman.

20 Jan 2018 23:46:22
Lol wtf how is that too much?

21 Jan 2018 01:19:02
Fair deal, but why would ottawa trade hoffman. Making trades just to make trades is stupid. But the value is there in this trade

21 Jan 2018 02:57:08
Boston not taking down their future.

21 Jan 2018 16:30:09
@Mcjesus how is that NOT too much? The Hoffman ones always make me wonder with you lol I said Yamamoto (a talented winger selected 22nd last draft) straight up for Hoffman and you say it’s too much from oilers. But bruins sending a 22 year old winger with 10 goals and 31 pts in his first 40 nhl games, a 20 year old Dman picked 13th overall 2 drafts ago and a future first isn’t enough?!?! I agree with so much that you say on here, but this one always throws me for a loop.

21 Jan 2018 17:12:13
2 1sts for Hoffman? I agree to much. I’m not sure who Hinen is either.

21 Jan 2018 17:13:32
Well I personally don't value Hoffman as much as people on this site tbh. The guy only started to play good after he was 25 and he's meh. Has a good chemistry with the guys he okay with but I do not think he's worth a 20 year old blue chip D prospect and a first. One or the other with small add.

21 Jan 2018 18:15:04
Danton Heinen is a center/ wing that is on pace for a 62 pts season right now at 22 years old. If he was anyone else’s young player they would be high on him for sure.

21 Jan 2018 19:01:19
Hello Mcjesus. lol.

21 Jan 2018 20:25:13
I had no clue who heinen was but after searching him up this trade is even worst. Wow that guy is good. 22 year old kid drafted in y round and has 31 points already this year? . Not on past for 62 tho more 57 but still not bad.

22 Jan 2018 04:16:51
Well he played 41 games of an 82 game season, and has 31 points. Don’t know how that’s a 57 pt pace and not 62 lol but sure, you’re right Bucky.

20 Jan 2018 20:54:07
Possible trade deadline deals:

Mark Letestu and Mike Cammalleri to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for Tom Kuhnhackl, Andrey Pedan and a 2018 3rd Round Draft Pick.

Antti Raanta and Luke Schenn to the New York Islanders in exchange for Jaroslav Halak, Mitch Vande Sompel and a 2019 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Marco Scandella and Jordan Nolan to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for Leo Komarov, Jeremy Bracco and a 2018 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Evander Kane and Benoit Pouliot to the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for Michael Amadio, a 2018 1st Round Round Draft Pick and a 2019 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Rick Nash (25% Retained) and Michael Grabner to the Boston Bruins in exchange for Matt Beleskey, Anders Bjork and a 2019 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Max Pacioretty (50% Salary Retention) and David Schlemko to the St. Louis Blues in exchange for Robert Thomas, Dmitrij Jaskin, Robert Bortuzzo and a 2017 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Any of these close?

20 Jan 2018 23:03:19
If pitt gave a right handed dman Instead i think that would work better.
idk if that’s worth it for Toronto maybe just go for scandella don’t see a reason to go for Nolan.

According to buffalo gm I don’t think that’ll be enough lol but I’d say that’s fine.
Can’t see why rangers would want Belesky but that’s a good trade for Boston if they are going all in.

For Montreal I could see wanting one more piece or a better piece back than bortuzzo If patches is 50%.

21 Jan 2018 00:01:51
Ty @MJ.

21 Jan 2018 00:38:33
Stl one is bad. They are not trading robert thomas, jordan kyrou, tage thompson or Klim kostin for A RENTAL! . I get that patches has value. don't get me wrong. But he holds no value to a team where their weakness is centers and right wings and absolute strength is LW players. Blues are not 1 player away from a cup. So in this instance 3 of the 4 players are Center/ right wingers and 1 is lw/ rw. SO it doesn't make sense to deal your only prospects (with thomas being the closest) that cover a position of need. Especially with Paul Statsny being a ufa at end of the season. SO once again this will and should not happen.

21 Jan 2018 02:58:46
Redwing. You're Colt aren't you!
You're more a Blue homer than a redwing fan. Your name is a funny disguise tho.

21 Jan 2018 06:33:10
Yeah. I’m 99% sure redwing is colt.

21 Jan 2018 23:42:59
I like blues and redwings. But no one ever post about redwing trades on this board. I'm from Michigan moved to stl after highschool. All my friends are blues fans. I watch both teams but let's be honest since Babcock left they are aweful. Hard to watch.

05 Jan 2018 21:09:59
Arizona - Anthony Duclair


Boston - Ryan Spooner and a 4th round pick

05 Jan 2018 02:11:31
Alright. Its starting to get to that time of year to start selling for my Sens.
OTT: Brassard
CBJ: '18 1st

CBJ gets a top-6 Center who could even play behind PLD and be a good 3rd line Center.
OTT: Smith
BOS: 3rd

BOS gets a good gritty 200ft LW. great on the PK. Can play anywhere in lineup.
OTT: Oduya
WPG: 5th

WPG gets a veteran LHD who has loads of playoff experience and 2 Cup rings. Good for a cup run.
OTT: Thompson
NJD: 4th

NJD get a defensive center to replace what they lost in Henrique (defensively), and a great PK and faceoff man. Good in playoffs.
OTT: Burrows
DAL: 6th

Apparently there has been *some* interest in Burrows. which is absolutely dumbfounding, but ok.

Buyout Dion's contract at the end of the season (1.65m for the next 6yrs)...

Not very fun trades, but small trades that would allow for our young players to get some time in the NHL.

*I am aware that Sens would have to take back some contracts*

Let me know what you guys think. kind of nothing trades, but still.

05 Jan 2018 07:40:30
Burrows is worth a 6th.
Can’t believe you guys traded a actually good prospect for him.

05 Jan 2018 16:14:50
Don’t think Brassard would won’t to go back to the jackets. But he dosent have an NMC so that dosent matter.

29 Dec 2017 01:15:03
So panthers are in a rebuild / slash hopeful for play offs but doubt it but you never know anyways

- Keith yandle

- bruins 2019 1st rounder
- bruins 2018 3rd rounder
- maybe McQuaid

29 Dec 2017 05:39:33
Bruins still need to draft amd are not on contendèr mode.

24 Dec 2017 04:03:53
Source-Elliot Friedman and Nick Kyprios

Apparently the pens are looking to trade Letang and there rationale is that they won a cup without him. He's been playing terrible defensively and apparently he's not listening to the coaches and the organization is fed up. He's a number 1 dman with great offensive ability. The pens are thought to be looking for 2 forwards.

A few ideas-

Pens- Letang

Min- Parise


Islanders- Barzal and Ladd ( .5 mil retained) for cap.

Pens get that young 3rd line C + Ladd would help them.

Pens: Letang

Arz: Dovorak And Duclair

Pens: Letang

Boston: Krejic and a 1st 2018!


24 Dec 2017 05:21:50
You can't be a number1 D man and terrible defensively. To be a true number 1 D your team needs to be able to rely on you in any situation with or without the lead. Letang is extremely talented offensively but with his injury history and if he's as bad as to be described as terrible defensively and isn't listening to coaches your not going to get the value his offensive production may suggest.

24 Dec 2017 12:28:42
Okay so according to you Parise = Krejci, 1st = Barzal, Ladd?
Jesus Christ.

24 Dec 2017 13:19:59
No I don’t believe each team is giving up equal value I have no idea what he’s worth and no one else on here knows either. I could see him returning something sinmilar to those deals. And Jbs while I get what you’re saying Letang drives the break out for an Hockey team he is basically a PK Subban with a better first pass and a worse one timer. He is a 1 d on pits.

24 Dec 2017 19:27:03
Kypreos suggested they would consider moving Letang. And Friedman suggested that they would want a center AND a winger if they were to shop him.
They both added that Rutherford seen the team win last playoffs without him and could maybe look to move him for some scoring help.

24 Dec 2017 22:06:50
He might be the best D on pitt but he's not a number 1 D is what i'm saying. Even at his best he's not a 1 D because of his defence. His value has to start at an offensive, PP specialist D that has to be sheltered defensively. Then take into account injuries and the rumours he's been tough to coach recently. Throw in that its proven he's not key to winning a cup and his contract and i'm not sure what his true value is, could be what you have there but i know i wouldn't give someone like Barzal for him.

25 Dec 2017 08:39:56
Alright, TB offers Johnson and Sustr, here we go.

20 Dec 2017 14:36:45
If Bennett continues to produce up until the trade deadline:

Curtis Lazar + Micheal Ferland for Zachary Senyshyn + Conditional 2nd 2018
Condition: Becomes 3rd if Bruins don't make the playoffs

Boston gets their big, power forward LW that can fit into a top 6 role, they are not a great offensive team and this could help them generate some more goals heading into the playoffs. Calgary gets a RW that could step into the 3rd line next year after Jagr is gone. Ferland's value is at its highest and if Bennett proves to be a good player they need to give him good minutes.

20 Dec 2017 14:43:27
The reason to sell high on Ferland is because if he gets bumped to the 3rd line his value will drop but in a team like Boston he’ll still get good minutes and will play with good players which will lead to similar production as in Calgary. At the very least Boston gets a 15-20 goal scorer with a great physical presence.

20 Dec 2017 16:37:54
Why the desire to trade Ferland? Ya need guys like him on your team. and he's one of those guys come playoff time that plays like every shift is life and death. I'd love to see Habs get a guy like him.

20 Dec 2017 17:43:49
I’m just exploring possibilities. While I do love him as a player if more skilled players that can contribute more offensively are ready for a top 6 role it makes no sense to not give it to them. The only player that can be moved out of the top 6 is Ferland. His value is high because he can play with top end players but if you put him on the 3rd or 4th line he loses his value and because just another grinder with limited offensively ability. As I said we should ONLY explore the opportunity of moving him if we are in a specific situation.

20 Dec 2017 19:55:55
I see what your saying. However, I think he brings something to the Flames that can't be measured in stats. Obviously teams are always trying to improve, he's just a piece i'd keep and let play. I believe whatever he could fetch, would not be as valuable as he is to the Flames.

21 Dec 2017 02:27:42
No from Boston they’re very high ( in assuming) on they’re 1st rd pick.

21 Dec 2017 13:53:38
Ferlands perceived value to other teams may drop if he’s not scoring at the same clip and not on the top line. But his value within the flames organization shouldn’t budge. They know what he is and what he does. I think they just want him in the line up regardless of where. Can’t always look at trade value over value to your team. Flames have high end, high paid forwards with skill but it’s guys like Ferland and tkachuck etc that turn a good regular season team into a good playoff team. They will be happy they didn’t panic about his value in April.

21 Dec 2017 13:56:19
And not saying Boston would even do it. That’s a lot to pay for a guy that has been a bottom 6 most of his career. On the Old bruins, Ferland would be a fan favourite. I can’t get a read on what Sweeney’s bruins are going to be though.

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