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20 Feb 2019 21:01:01
edm:sekera,puljujarvi,2020 1st and 2019 2nd

edm:lucic,rieder and 2019 1st
ott:duchene(if he resigns 6mil x7)

the reason i think ottawa takes that deal is as of right now edms 2019 1st will be in top 3 picks and ottawa is in a rebuild and with there pick and edms 1st pick that will give them 2 of 3 first picks in 2019 draft

20 Feb 2019 21:10:12
Duchene i'm sure will seek more than 6mil per season. Also i cannot see ottawa taking that, however if both Duchene and Stone are moved i read Ott needs to hit the cap floor so Lucic's contract could be needed, but again no from Nash and Ott. Oilers can wish.

20 Feb 2019 23:09:25
No from Nashville and Ottawa.

21 Feb 2019 00:14:15
Did I seriously just read a Lucic for Duchene proposal? Ottawa would be better losing Duchene for nothing than take on another boat anchor contract. Bobby Ryan and LUcic would take up over $13M in cap space.

21 Feb 2019 16:30:53
zamboni if your read all of it and see edm is sending there 2019 1st round in that trade which is what ott wants it will be a top 3 pick in draft and with the luck edm has it could be 1st over all. lucic gives oilers the space to have duchene and if ott loses stone as well they will be under the floor cap next yr so lucic will get them to the cap floor then ott will have 2 1st round picks in the first 3 picks in draft.

21 Feb 2019 20:03:43
Isnt Ottawas pick colorados this year? they have no 1st round pick this year.

20 Feb 2019 00:56:33
friedman said habs could land duchene if MB can talk to him and resign

Habs-lekhonen-suzuki-1 st pick 2019

sens- duchene

20 Feb 2019 03:31:58
Habs add conditional a 2nd in 2020 if Duchene re-signs if not it becomes a third in 2020.

20 Feb 2019 05:09:35
Friedman talking out his ass again.

20 Feb 2019 13:01:45
He could name every team in the league and say the same thing.

20 Feb 2019 14:14:39
That’s not enough from the habs.

20 Feb 2019 22:15:11
Definitely no where near enough from Habs of the can talk and resign him lol

kotkoniemi, a 1st 2019,

Plus either
a 1st 2020 / Suzuki
Habs take on smith.

21 Feb 2019 12:36:50
lol No Rambo, a signed Duchene does not get you KK and two firsts you putz.

18 Feb 2019 13:36:57
Edmonton: Puljujärvi
Carolina: 2 round pick 2019 (Carolina)

18 Feb 2019 15:46:50
Um no thanks brother.

18 Feb 2019 16:24:01
Carolina says no. They would rather take a chance with their own drafting.

18 Feb 2019 23:25:33
Zamboni now I really don’t know what your problem is.

19 Feb 2019 04:34:05
Puljujarvi looks like a nothing prospect in the AHL if you didn’t know he was a top 5 pick his value is 100% based on 2 years ago.

19 Feb 2019 19:24:17
And vb I don’t know why you still go on this site as you’re the biggest clown to ever be on here.

17 Feb 2019 20:30:06
EDM : Jesse Puljujärvi, 5th round pick

MTL : Charles Hudon, 3rd round pick

The picks can be a bit different 'cause I know Jesse is 4th overall pick but it seems like he's going to end up being a third liner and Hudon also but he's more ready to help a team like Edmonton

17 Feb 2019 21:08:33
Third line is a lot higher than I see Puljarvi ever making it. Unless you mean in the AHL. We should just take what we can get for him now before he’s worthless.

17 Feb 2019 21:31:31
They have pretty similar career stats and Puljujarvi is 4 years younger. Lol if the Oilers allow Puljujarvi to develop in the AHL he’ll be a good player. I know there’s talk of trading him but unless they get a top 6 player back it just seems crazy to trade him when he’s only 20.

17 Feb 2019 21:32:49
You’re a donut, no.

17 Feb 2019 21:33:44
Rather keep him in the AHL (as it’s rumoured) and play it out on the oilers terms not what he and his agent want. Follow what Yzerman did with Drouin.

17 Feb 2019 22:45:29
IF pool party sucks then why do teams want him?

No he Will be a good player in 1-2 years just takes time.

17 Feb 2019 22:56:17
Zamboni what’s your deal bud.

17 Feb 2019 22:56:33
Jk I know you’re just trollin.

17 Feb 2019 23:48:21
Puljujarvi isn’t the type of kid to not report from what I can tell so him playing in the AHL won’t be an issue.

18 Feb 2019 09:17:54
Puljujarvi gets more then this.

18 Feb 2019 09:18:26
Relax, people are being delusional here. Puljujarvi is 20, Hudon is 24.
Puljujarvi has a good frame and good speed Hudon is 5'10". The difference between them isn't a 3rd and 5th round. I would offer Hudon, 2019 2nd and 2019 4th for him. Oilers will obvs decline.

17 Feb 2019 05:46:46
Edmonton trades RNH to Avalanche for Jost and Barrie

Colorado needs more offensive depth. Edmonton wants a puck moving defenseman. Jost gives us a forward back to replace RNH. Still young with lots of potential.

17 Feb 2019 06:23:59
Damn that’d be great but like jeez losing Nuge leaves such a huge hole it’s tough but that’s a really good offer for Nuge I don’t think Colorado would be too quick to even do that either.

17 Feb 2019 20:57:59
Thanks McJesus. I’m still pretty new at this. I know trading RNH depletes our own scoring depth, but we don’t really have any good trade pieces. We drafted too many busts.

18 Feb 2019 00:52:25
That’d be a good trade for oilers. Jost will be a very good scoring forward and Barrie is what the oilers have been after for the last year or so. Honestly I think it’s too much from Colorado, given jost’ age and ceiling I think they (col) should hang on to him, if they are to trade him I think they’d want someone who is a bit younger and more of an offensive threat than Hopkins. Nothing against Hopkins but if scoring is what Colorado is after than I think jost will be a better scorer than Hopkins and with maker and Timmins making the team next year I don’t think this trade will make them better.

18 Feb 2019 09:14:15
No from Colorado the fact you think this is even clost Mcjesus it shows your true biased.

20 Feb 2019 14:52:15
dont trade jost for rnh who doing nothing with offensive team. and i think barrie will stay avs for long time.

17 Feb 2019 02:09:32
Oil: Puljujarvi

Canes: Adam Fox + 2019 1st

This is a package I’d see oilers potentially accepting if they were offered.

Would Hurricanes accept this? I could see it. They certainly do not need Fox as their d prospect pool is very deep with skill. So I think he would be expendable and then the 1st round pick as extra to sweeten the deal since Puljujarvi has top line potential ( : ( ) and is 20 and if he gains some confidence back he and Aho can maybe be that lethal duo like they were in the past. I don’t want him traded but if this was an offer I think oilers should consider it.

17 Feb 2019 05:20:00
As much as I would love this as an Edmonton fan, I just can’t see Carolina accepting this. Fox is a highly rated defenseman. I have a hard enough time seeing Carolina trade him for Puljujarvi alone, let alone throw the 1st in.

17 Feb 2019 05:22:55
We'll don Waddell is the GM so yeah maybe. But no sane person would make this trade. i'd actually have fox higher in value then puljujarvi and I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one. straight up I could see it possibly happening if the canes thought they could get some kind of Finnish connection thing going there but no way they add a first.

17 Feb 2019 07:07:56
Faaaaaair enough cousins.

17 Feb 2019 13:27:39
Toronto: Fredrick Gauthier

Philly: Travis Sanhiem And 1st 2019

That’s a deal i see Toronto potential accepting.

Look man I know he’s a 4th overall pick and he’s on the all mighty oilers but the reality is he’s done nothing since his draft year at this point he could get a similar player like Alex Nylander or Maybe Fox And 2nd. Griffin Rienhart is obviously something you’re looking at as an comparable but no team will make that mistake again.

17 Feb 2019 16:38:46
Vb this is also a terrible argument you just made. What kind of comparable trade was that like Gauthier is not and was never in the same ball park as Puljujarvi so nice one.

17 Feb 2019 17:01:33
Griffin Reinhart did not cross my mind once when writing this so no haha just stating oil have potentially ruined him here and if this trade was offered they should accept it. He’s only 20 years old and still has a very high ceiling if that potential is unleashed one day when he has confidence.

17 Feb 2019 20:13:43
Pully is a project player that was rushed into the NHL which was a huge mistake. Just because he was a #4 draft pick doesn't mean that the Oilers should expect a 4/ 5 forward or a 2/ 3 d-man in return.

16 Feb 2019 08:46:20
Florida Panthers - Mike Hoffman
Edmonton Oilers - 2019 1st-Round Pick + Tyler Benson

(Florida gets a first and decent prospect for a rental, oilers upgrade on the wing)

Carolina Hurricanes - Dougie Hamilton + Roland McKeown
Edmonton Oilers - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

(Carolina surpluses defence, and adds needed top 6 c and oilers gain a top 4 defencemen)

Ottawa Senators - Mark Stone + Matt Duchene (pre contract negotiation talks with both players)
Edmonton Oilers - Jesse Puljujärvi + Kailer Yamamoto + Oscar Klefbom
(Sens get 2 good promising prospects and a top 4 dman, oilers get upgrades in their top 6 offensive positions)

Arizona Coyotes - Michael Grabner + Christian Fischer
Edmonton Oilers - Brandon Manning + Matt Benning + Zack Kassian + 2019 4th-Round Pick
(Oilers get better in their bottom 9 and arizona get bettet defensive depth and get grittier)

Leon Draisaitl - Connor McDavid - Mark Stone
Mike Hoffman - Matt Duchene - Alex Chiasson
Milan Lucic - Jujhar Khaira - Michael Grabner
Tobias Rieder - Colby Cave - Christian Fischer

Darnell Nurse - Adam Larsson
Kris Russell - Dougie Hamilton
Alex Petrovic - Kevin Gravel

Mikko Koskinen
Anthony Stolarz

16 Feb 2019 16:07:08
That's a much better return for Hoffman then the connor brown one I've been seeing . I'd be super hesistant to trade that 1st though if I were the oilers gm.

16 Feb 2019 17:39:31
Our defense still sucks and if oilers can get that arizona trade that would be very nice lol.
No from oilers on the first two, no from oilers on the ottawa one because we direly need klef and no way we can resign both those players.

16 Feb 2019 19:58:01
The first two are pretty good. Though I would hope we could get Pesce over Hamilton. Ottawa flat out rejects the third trade. Puljarvi isn’t any good and Yamamoto isn’t ready and probably won’t be for a while. Ottawa can get better return trading those guys separately. The Arizona trade I’m not big on either. Grabner is pretty old and is injured right now. Fischer is 4th line player and doesn’t bring anything to the team we don’t already have. Although you targets the right guys to move out, but Edmonton might be better off amassing picks and prospects instead of 31 year old wingers and 4th line grunts that we have lots already.

15 Feb 2019 23:16:22
EDM: Puljujärvi
WPG: Petan, 2nd Round Pick 2019

Oilers get a speedy LW that has experience playing with McDavid at the World Juniors.

Jets can send Puljujärvi down the the AHL this year and then reunite him with Laine next year.

16 Feb 2019 06:08:51
This is starting to get tedious. Petan is a throwaway play that has 0 value and a 2nd alone doesn’t get you Pulj. Just stop with this crap already.

16 Feb 2019 16:15:34
The Jets would definitely have to add but on the Oilers Petan would be a top 6 player as he just hasn't been able to crack a deep Jets roster. Add one of Perreault, Copp, or Tanev and a 3rd might be a fairer return for Pully.

16 Feb 2019 17:41:49
Petan is a top 6 forward haha man.

16 Feb 2019 17:55:03
I would think Edmonton would want more, but Petan would be a good player for them. The Oilers need some young players that have been developed correctly, but just don't have a spot on their current team, so that the Oilers can't screw them up.

16 Feb 2019 21:29:59
Puljarvi isn’t exactly a top 6 player either. Saying Petan has zero value but Puljarvi is worth more than a 2nd+ is a little hypocritical. Puljarvi has 7 points more than Petan while playing 33 more games this year. So who has the better ppg?

15 Feb 2019 17:44:14
Mtl: Hudon, Cale Fleury, 3rd rd

Edm: Puljujarvi

15 Feb 2019 19:44:50
no lol.

15 Feb 2019 20:12:00
Not enough.

15 Feb 2019 20:19:08
Why would oilers even do that? No value . would rather just send him to Bakersfield.

15 Feb 2019 21:08:42
I think we are better off with Pool. None of those incoming players from Montreal are anything special. Puljarvi still has potential. He’s doing better this year. Give him time. He might come around.

15 Feb 2019 22:11:59
Hes doing worse this year Zamboni what are you talking about? He had 20 points in 65 games last year and now has 9 points in 45 games this year. Offensively he's doing worse and I'm pretty sure he's not much help defensively. So Zamboni can you explain to me how he's doing better this year?

15 Feb 2019 23:12:32
Pool party is having a less offensive year this season compared to last, but to be fair this year has been very frustrating watching him on the 3-4th line every game with 8-12 min a game. Even when he gets a chance to play in the top 6 he gets less than 5 minutes or a couple shifts until he is moved off and its effin ridiculous that happens he's never got a full game in playing in the top 6 and no wonder he has trouble finding consistency and confidence when the coach won't give you a legit chance.

15 Feb 2019 23:16:53
A decent prospect a 3rd round pick and an nhl player who can match his offensive production I'd say is pretty generous. you can't hang on to the high draft pick value forever if he soon don't start producing this could be the best offer you ever get.

15 Feb 2019 23:17:58
I know most oilers fans would say if this is all we can get we will keep him but myself as a habs fan would not give anymore then this right now for him.

15 Feb 2019 23:57:13
You’re right too BoomBoom. I don’t know what I was thinking there. Puljarvi is actually doing a lot worse than I thought. I should probably do a quick check before posting if I’m not sure next time.

Maybe we should just give up on him. There still isn’t a lot coming back in return, but at least it’s something. Another year like this one and we won’t even be able to give him away. His stats are so bad right now it’s obvious he is not an nhl caliber player. He should be sent down and developed properly before we ruin him permanently.

16 Feb 2019 03:10:15
Thoughts are Oilers would only trade him if they got a can't refuse offer.

15 Feb 2019 14:51:18
Edmonton Oilers -
• (C) Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
Carolina Hurricanes -
• (RHD) Dougie Hamilton

Edmonton Oilers -
• (LHD) Darnell Nurse
Toronto Maple Leafs -
• (C/RW) William Nylander

Edmonton Oilers -
• (2019) 1st-Round Pick
• (C) Tyler Benson
• (RHD) Matt Benning
• (G) Cam Talbot
Florida Panthers -
• (LW) Mike Hoffman
• (G) James Reimer

Edmonton Oilers -
• (C/RW) Kailer Yamamoto
• (2019) 3rd-Round Pick
New York Rangers -
• (LW) Mats Zuccarello

Edmonton Oilers -
• (LW) Milan Lucic
• (LHD) Ethan Bear
• (2020) 1st-Round Pick
Los Angeles Kings -
• (2020) 3rd-Round Pick

Edmonton Oilers -
• (RW) Ty Rattie
• (LHD) Brandon Manning
Arizona Coyotes -
• (RW) Christian Fischer

Edmonton Oilers Line Combinations:

Mats Zuccarello - Connor McDavid - William Nylander
Mike Hoffman - Leon Draisaitl - Jesse Puljujärvi
Jujhar Khaira - Colby Cave - Christian Fischer
Tobias Rieder - Brad Malone - Alex Chiasson

Oscar Klefbom - Adam Larsson
Kris Russell - Dougie Hamilton
Alex Petrovic - Kevin Gravel

Mikko Koskinen
James Reimer

Canadian Cup Favourite after those

15 Feb 2019 14:58:29
Not Canadian Stanley Cup favourites. Awful goalie situation still, the bottom 6 and bottom pairing defensmen aren’t good, maybe average at best.

15 Feb 2019 15:40:25
No from oil.
No from oil.
No from oil.
No from oil.
No from oil.
Yes from oil.
Not even close to be a cup contender.

15 Feb 2019 16:21:31
A lot here. going to be hard to be brief, but I’ll do my best.

First two trades, I think we need RNH more than we need Nylander. And Nurse is better than Hamilton in my opinion. I like the physical play of Nurse, while Hamilton is a pussy.

The third trade, Hoffman is good, Reimer we don’t need or want.

The fourth trade, do we really want to be trading a recent 1st round pick for a pending free agent that we can’t afford to re-sign? Is Zuccarello going to drag us into the playoffs all on his own?

The fifth trade, LA can't afford to make, and I don’t think they are foolish enough to accept that anyway.

The sixth trade, sure, why not?

15 Feb 2019 19:59:25
McDavid wouldn’t even be able to entice a team to take Lucic.

15 Feb 2019 13:48:40
Oilers - Cam Talbot, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Jesse Puljujärvi, 2019 1st Round Pick
Ducks - John Gibson, Josh Manson, Ryan Kesler (cap dump)

Oilers - Kailer Yamamoto + Kris Russell (25% Retained Salary) + Ethan Bear
Hurricanes - Dougie Hamilton

Oilers - Darnell Nurse
Leafs - William Nylander

Oilers - 2020 1st Round Pick + Brandon Manning + Ty Rattie
Rangers - Mats Zuccarello

Oil Projected Line Combinations:

Leon Draisaitl - Connor McDavid - William Nylander
Mats Zuccarello - Ryan Kesler - Tobias Rieder
Milan Lucic - Colby Cave - Alex Chiasson
Jujhar Khaira - Kyle Brodziak - Zack Kassian

Oscar Klefbom - Dougie Hamilton
Alex Petrovic - Adam Larsson
Matt Benning - Josh Manson

John Gibson
Mikko Koskinen

14 Feb 2019 23:44:49
To EDM- Cam Talbot, RNH, Yamamoto, 2019 1st
To PHI- Ghost, Couturier, Simmonds
Sounds like Talbot has a real possibility of going to philly reguardless, because he has a relationship with carter hart and would be a good mentor. I feel like value is there. Maybe make a condition on the pick of simmonds resigns.

15 Feb 2019 02:05:25
Way to much from philly. Take out couturier and yamamoto and i say its a deal.

15 Feb 2019 03:50:35
I’d absolutely say no to that deal if couturier isn’t included.

15 Feb 2019 03:52:01
Oilers don’t need an aging Simmonds tbh (I mean we could certainly use him lol but not worth it at his age and decline happening already) but if Ghost/ provorov and couturier are there it’s really interesting.

15 Feb 2019 16:28:33
If Simmonds is worth at least the 1st, then the rest of that package doesn’t come anywhere close to getting Couturier and Ghost. Not even close.

16 Feb 2019 08:48:10
Flyers would not include Simmonds. They should take advantage of Edmontons cap woes. Take on Lucic's contract (buy him out or test for one seadon) and ask for Pulijarvi or yamamato to be included in any Talbot trade. Here is what i propose:

Philly gets Talbot, Lucic, Yamamoto

Edmonton gets Elliott and much coveted cap space. The cost of digging out of the cap mess.

14 Feb 2019 23:26:34
Edmonton won't trade with the flames, but the flames have intrest in talbot





15 Feb 2019 01:32:13
If the Flames offer a better pick I’m sure the Oil would gladly trade with them.

15 Feb 2019 03:52:54
I don’t think Edmonton gives a rubbish where Talbot goes lol he has to accept the trade tho.

14 Feb 2019 18:30:52
Oilers: Talbot + Nurse

Flyers: Elliot + Provorov.

14 Feb 2019 18:52:45
You know what, if philly plans on offering a contract extension to Talbot and they in fact want him for long term I think that’s very interesting. Oilers upgrade with a more offensive dman while philly get Nurse back this is for sure interesting and I’d take this if I’m Edmonton.

14 Feb 2019 18:59:54
Absolutely not how can you think that’s a fair deal? Talbot isn’t bad cause of Talbot . Talbot is bad because Edmonton is terrible . The issues go deeper then the goaltending . P.

14 Feb 2019 19:08:08
I know provorov is having a down year to, while nurse currently has his career high for points (although provs is 41 from last year) but nurse for sure fits phillys style of tough hockey.

14 Feb 2019 19:19:04
I can't see Philly trading to get Talbot as they have had enough goalies that will not lead them to the playoffs and Provorov is much better than Nurse.

14 Feb 2019 19:48:53
donahuej i'd be lying if i said i know what you're talking about lol because i have no clue. Nobody said Talbot is bad haha.

14 Feb 2019 20:20:10
Lol that trade says Talbot is bad! Not delusional.

14 Feb 2019 20:53:27
I like the goalie swap, both need a backup but for different reasons, Edmonton needs a serviceable backup to Koskinen next season, while Philly needs a veteran backup to ease Hart into the starter role and both him and Talbot are friends.

The defense swap may interest Edmonton for cap reasons but I don't see Philly wanting to let go of Provorov this early.

14 Feb 2019 22:41:56
haha what how does it say he's bad! Oilers need to lose some cap and he's a ufa its almost guarenteed talbot is going to get traded haha.

14 Feb 2019 22:42:29
Yup i agree with your points Drwdave, not sure how willing philly would be to let go from provorov.

14 Feb 2019 23:01:42
Philly I’m sure says no easily. Provorov’s ceiling is a lot higher than Nurses. If they want Talbot and it sounds like they do, it’ll be for a lot smaller deal I think.
Also DrwDave I’m sure Provorov is going to be making more money than Nurse next year so it doesn’t help Edmonton with cap.

15 Feb 2019 01:11:55
Isn’t Provorov projected to be top 5 defenseman and potential Norris candidate? I don’t know if Philly would be willing to make that trade. Nurse is good, but not that good.

15 Feb 2019 02:07:10
Why nurse so overrated

12 Feb 2019 21:23:33
Oilers Trades;

EDM: McElhinney, Hamilton, Ferland, 2019 1st rdp (CAR)

CAR: Draisaitl, Manning, Talbot, 2020 3rd rdp
EDM: Ceci, Dzingel, Smith

OTT: Spooner, Benning, Rieder, 2019 1st round pick (CAR), 2020 2nd rdp if Dzingel re-signs
EDM: Lewis

LA: Lucic, 2019 1st round pick (EDM)
EDM: Brown, Kapanen

TO: Larsson, Yamamoto

12 Feb 2019 23:06:44
Wow, no from oilers on all of them i'd say. Not trading Drat for hamilton (main piece), #2 is not worth giving up our 1st round pick, same for #3 and the last trade makes an even bigger whole in our lineup if we traded Larsson away (assuming none of these trades happened) . Good ideas but not going to happen.

12 Feb 2019 23:33:51
If we could get Kapanen and Brown for Larsson is a good trade. Adding a recent first round pick in is too much. Leafs probably don’t want Yamamoto anyway - they have a lot of depth at wing already. Kapanen and Brown are middle six players. I don’t think either is a real long term top line player to play alongside McDavid. Yamamoto might just be the best forward here. We should wait and see what we have first before throwing him in as an extra in any trades.

13 Feb 2019 04:48:09
Kapanen has the speed and skill to be a great linemate for mcdavid. Just heard that he has the most goals in the whole league for any player without a powerplay goal. If we put him with Connor and some pp time he would be a 30 goal man easily. I would make that trade for sure. We have surrounded the fastest player on the planet with guys that can’t keep up with him. This guy would be able too. Not many have that speed and a lot of the guys with that speed don’t have the skill to finish, they’re more of penalty killers and checkers. And the Ottawa one is a lot of nothing besides the 1st rounder. Doesn’t seem bad for us.

13 Feb 2019 15:58:22
He’s fast enough to keep up with McDavid. i'm not sure if he has the skills to be a long term partner. But he’s probably better than anyone we’ve been using as McDavid’s wing man so far.

13 Feb 2019 17:13:43
Why would kap not be able to be a long term winger for mcdavid? What other skills does he need to possess that he already doesn't have.

14 Feb 2019 00:21:38
You can’t say Yamamoto might be the best player after he really has done nothing for the oilers and hasn’t been lights out in the AHL. I don’t even know if he will have a higher ceiling than Kap either. I personally would love to get Kapanen but I don’t know anyway oilers could get him tbh that works for both teams (and no we aren’t trading Larsson) .

14 Feb 2019 00:22:56
Why does McDavid need speed on his wings so badly? He needs finishers. And I feel the Oilers can get decent wingers (the least valuable position) without giving up a 20+ minute solid defensive D. I for one am a big Larsson fan and the Oilers can’t afford to lose him.

12 Feb 2019 20:13:41
Edm - Lucic, Yamamoto, Talbot

Fla - Hoffmann and Reimer

Basically a cap dump and change of scenery

12 Feb 2019 20:18:48
That is terrible for Florida. Talbot is no better than Reimer and you can’t dump Lucic’s contract and a decent prospect for Hoffman.

12 Feb 2019 21:15:14
You seriously think Talbot is no better than Reimer. Too much snow from Toronto has affected your brain. Lucic would be revamped in Florida and Talbot takes over from Luongo next year. He might even get up to 5-goals.

12 Feb 2019 21:37:58
Talbot is hard to measure. is he good? Like 2 years ago. or is he not? Hoffman could maybe get 40 getting passes from McDavid. Reimer would be good back up. however may have to do to much as the Finnish goalie isn't quite proven. Would adding a 2nd maybe help? From Edmonton.

12 Feb 2019 21:48:40
Hard, unapologetic pass from Florida. This stinks.

12 Feb 2019 22:10:24
Oh man oh man this is going to be a no from Florida i'd say.

12 Feb 2019 22:43:20
Florida is dumping salary to make an attempt to sign Panarin and Bobrovsky. Last thing they want is Lucic and his $6M boat anchor contract.

12 Feb 2019 23:36:36
Reimer 30 years old 2.81GAA .913 save % career
Talbot 31 years old 2.59GAA .915 save % career

This year Reimer has better #’s. Both goalies were solid back ups for years and each had a couple really good seasons as a starter. Of course Lucic would be revamped, lol.

12 Feb 2019 16:13:05
WPG: Roslovic, Perreault

12 Feb 2019 16:23:59
Need to add IF oilers going to trade nuge.

12 Feb 2019 16:31:29
Roslovic is a young version of Scheifele who will be their #2 center next season at 1/ 4 the cost of RNH and Chevy will not trade him.

12 Feb 2019 16:49:54
Isnt Roslovic a player with a high ceiling? I think with the upcoming Cap issues Jets are going to face, would be better to keep the young cheaper player,

12 Feb 2019 17:17:11
Winnipeg can afford to do this, so if Edmonton is agreeable to this proposal, Jets might be as well.

Roslovic might still turn into a top 6 player. Right now he’s not doing a whole lot on Jets, but he’s still young.

Perrault is a little older. I don’t know how much interest Edmonton would have in a guy who’s over 30. Remarkably consistent though, he would be a good guy to add for middle six duties.

RNH is a good choice for Jets. He can play center, which is the position Jets would be playing him. And he still has term left on his contract, which gives Jets three playoff runs with him on the team. If they can afford this, Jets would have to seriously consider if it were presented to them.

12 Feb 2019 19:43:53
No from Oilers. easy no.

12 Feb 2019 20:41:02
The Jets won't be moving Roslovic. Other than that RNH would be nice to have.

12 Feb 2019 21:40:05
Could they afford RNH. with Laine, Connor. and not sure is Morrisey signed?

12 Feb 2019 06:03:51
Edm - Milan Lucic and Jesse Puljujarvi

Mon - Karl Alzner, Charles Hudon, Josh Brook, 2020 2nd and 2019 5th

12 Feb 2019 11:07:05
Apologies, we cannot. As soon as you click send the trade becomes official as per section F-4.1 of our terms of use. The players and the league office have been notified; Lucic and Alzner are boarding planes to get to their new teams ASAP. Next time be more careful.

12 Feb 2019 14:45:08
That is terrible, MTL says no for sure.

12 Feb 2019 15:38:33
If Edmonton is going to trade Puljujarvi it’s going to be for a similar player who can or is close to being an impact player, but I still don’t want to trade him, he’ll come around sooner or later.

12 Feb 2019 18:29:22
I’m happy shipping poolparty out for anything resembling value. He was already supposed to be McDonagh, that ship sailed. Let’s maximize what’s left. It’s safe to say he’s not the star we hoped. He may be a decent player down the road. But He still has a bit of that top 5 pedigree and name right now so trade him while someone else still believes he has a chance. Get 2-3 lesser known or lesser hyped pieces and hope they hit. There’s guys in other teams systems picked in the 2nd and 3rd round that could become better players than him but aren’t valued like him yet. If we had the staff in place to do it, we could identify a couple of them and increase the odds of hitting. He’s just the final reminder of the disasterous Peter Years.

10 Feb 2019 20:05:25
Edmonton: 3rd round pick

Columbus: Bemström

Edmonton need RW and bemström is a future star.. would prob make the team next season

10 Feb 2019 21:35:05
If he's a 'future star', I doubt CBJ trades him for a 3rd. And looking at DB, 28 Points in 33 Games as a 19 year old center is a no-no from CBJ.

10 Feb 2019 21:35:37
If he’s a future star Columbus won’t trade him for a 3rd round pick.

11 Feb 2019 02:29:19
I never heard of the guy. His stats in SweHL are really good. Top of the league. Only a couple old guys like Derek Roy have more points. Who knows if Columbus would be willing to trade him. He’s doing good for a 4th round pick. They might just want to hold on to him for now.

11 Feb 2019 04:58:18
@zamboni he's 4th on his own team in points. there are more then a couple people ahead of him. Still pretty good stats for a 19 year old though.

11 Feb 2019 06:08:00
His team is high scoring. I went through team by team. Even though he’s fourth on his own team, his 28 points is good enough to be tops on almost every other team in the league.

11 Feb 2019 12:02:10
I live in sweden and cheer for Djurgården (bemströms team)

He is beast, most goals in shl and just getting better every game. he's shot in pp is lethal.

11 Feb 2019 14:30:51
Tied for 11th overall.

11 Feb 2019 17:11:14
11th overall is very impressive considering quite a few of those guys ahead of him are ex-NHL players that are quite old and not good enough for the big leagues anymore, but still want to play competitive hockey. After you take out guys like Derek Roy, and only look at guys his own age, Bemström shoots up to about top 5.

No matter how you look at it, Bemström looks good. For a late round pick, he could be a real dark horse and squeak into the NHL and play a good game. Now that I’ve been turned on to him, I’ll keep an eye out for him. Always enjoy seeing how projects like this turn out.

11 Feb 2019 18:01:48
If Bemstrom is a future star why would Columbus give him up for a 3rdpick?

11 Feb 2019 18:08:24
Swechamp do you have any insight on how Joel Persson looks this year?

11 Feb 2019 23:34:34
I can't see him being nhl ready, sure he is good but not good enough to help oilers.

09 Feb 2019 03:43:27
Oilers: Benning

Rangers: DeAngelo.

09 Feb 2019 04:10:49
Ya thinking a change of scenery would help both players/ team?

09 Feb 2019 06:06:52
I think Oilers could benefit more from DeAngelo being a better puck mover and Rangers get a guy who they won’t have to scratch often like DeAngelo apparently was.

09 Feb 2019 11:47:04
Dylan strome is almost 1 ppg with Chicago coming where he was struggling with Arizona so sometimes a change of scenery works.

09 Feb 2019 15:24:05
Deangelo is worth more and is getting into groove. NYR not trading him.

09 Feb 2019 19:40:54
Ya. might be a decent trade for all involved. players, team ect . Worth a try.

09 Feb 2019 23:15:35
Edmonton has too many defensemen already. They might want to trade Benning, but probably won’t want another defenseman in return.

Rangers could use Benning as cheap replacement to set up to trade Shattenkirk or Staal after if they can. So makes sense for them. They might have to send a forward or pick/ prospect back to Edmonton though.

10 Feb 2019 15:30:43
DeAngelo is 100% better then Bening and he's still young and will be way better once fully developed. Massive no from NYR and definitely not and add from NYR lolllll.

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