14 Jul 2018 01:35:55
EDM: Puljujärvi, Nurse, Lucic
MON: Pacioretty, Weber

1.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 13:19:57
Mtl don't need another bust ( Puljujarvi) they need actual impact players which Nurse is but not worth giving up on Price and Weber for 1 guy. Lucic is a good third line winger and is worth a lot to a team if he's being paid 2 million. So that's a huge no from mtl.

2.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 14:23:25
But the proposed deal isn't even for Price and Weber.

3.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 15:23:43
It's a No from Habs., however Colt, how can ups call Puljujarvi a bust? And where did Price come from in this trade?

4.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 15:56:36
No from habs Patches> Pulj and Lucic.

5.) 15 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 23:37:47
At this point I’d say nurse > Weber lol Weber can’t even skate yet.

6.) 15 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 23:58:27
Habs would deffenly take this pul for patch nurse lucic for weber weber on a worse contract and i bet the rest of his he be hurt 80 percent of the time.

7.) 15 Jul 2018
15 Jul 2018 01:07:11
Yah he's healthy for almost his whole career. Gets one injury ( not to serious) gets surgery and is fully healthy then all the sudden he’s out 80% of the time? 🤔 hmm makes sense. Replace Weber’s feet with Cement blocks and he’s still one of the best dman in the nhl due to his IQ, Shot and Physcaity. He’s the type of player to age gracefully.

8.) 15 Jul 2018
15 Jul 2018 03:20:11
Weber is a stud, I’d love him on the leafs. Unfortunately, in the cap era his value is not where it should be.

9.) 15 Jul 2018
15 Jul 2018 03:45:33
I love Shea Weber, and that’s from an accused ‘Hab hater’. I just don’t like his contract, and that’s enough to ruin a players value weather you like to admit it or not. If he was signed to 4more years at 7 mill or 5 years at 6 mill I would trade Nylander for him, or liljegren, Bracco ans a 1st. But till he’s 41?! No thanks.

10.) 15 Jul 2018
15 Jul 2018 14:56:24
Unbiased Jim right now he’s a 9 million dollar player and when he starts to age he’ll still be able to play 20 + minutes a night on both special teams. I’m one of the “ few “ who don’t mind his contract due to salary cap rises and If he retires Nashville endures the cap penalty. Also in the last 3 years of his contract his actually salary is 1 million so cap floor rebuilding teams would love him so he’d be easy to trade. Imagine that shot from the point on the leafs PP or the presence on the PK.

11.) 15 Jul 2018
15 Jul 2018 15:42:14
He would be easy to trade? If the guys 37 or 38 and hasn’t won a cup yet, you think he’s waiving to go to a rebuilding team again so you can win a cup without him?! And saying ‘when he starts to age” like it hasn’t already happened. he's turning 33 in a few weeks and has now had a cpl knee surgeries since he last played. I wanna see him play for a while before I’d trade for him to see what we would be buying, and the problem with that is by missing half this season atleast by the time he plays 30-40 games to show, he will be another year older.

12.) 15 Jul 2018
15 Jul 2018 19:17:52
I don't think he has to accept a trade does he jim? i don't think he has any type of no movement clause in his deal. I could be wrong I never checked it out as I had no interest in him being traded.

13.) 16 Jul 2018
15 Jul 2018 23:26:48
He dosent have a no movement clause and that’s a fair point with seeing him play after injury.