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25 Feb 2018 16:53:34
Tomas plekanec kyle baun to toronto for rinat vailev kerby rychel and a 2 nd


1.) 25 Feb 2018 19:57:19
4 people still think it's unbelievable lol.



22 Feb 2018 22:35:37
Price out indefinitely with a concussion


1.) 22 Feb 2018 23:41:21
And Webber shut down for the season. Wonder if Patches is on the blocks again to raise those lotto odds even further?

2.) 23 Feb 2018 00:08:56
Just the media friendly way of saying they have officially entered the Dahlin Cup. Tanking hard now.

3.) 23 Feb 2018 01:22:45
Fallin for Dahlin!

4.) 23 Feb 2018 01:23:43
I'm actually not impressed by it. you guys all no my stance. if ya finish last. no number 1 overall. can't reward crap play.

5.) 23 Feb 2018 05:43:02
Price is a lemon so I'm sure his injury is legit.

6.) 23 Feb 2018 05:43:36
But Jim you'd know more about tanking then I would lol so you may be right.

7.) 23 Feb 2018 05:46:35
They would probably be tanking more if price was playing lol.



21 Feb 2018 17:44:43
Jerabek traded to caps for 5th pick


1.) 21 Feb 2018 19:16:28
What you think of this? I'm kinda disappointed . I don't think he was given much of an opportunity in Montreal. I'm not saying he was going to be a star. but at least he could move the damn puck.,
Woulda like to have seen a bigger sample size.

2.) 21 Feb 2018 19:26:02
Your right Sosa he wasnt given much of a chance a crowded blue line at the beginning of the season kept him in the minors and lately he was scratched in favor of morrow for some reason. he was the best dman for laval while he was there. that being said I think it came down to him wanting anew one way contract that the habs were not interested in giving him. So they traded him for another draft pick. it didn't cost them anything to get him so at least this way they get something for him albeit not much.

3.) 22 Feb 2018 17:41:06
Stupid move. how can you assess a guy who hasn't played enough games to be expendable.



21 Feb 2018 16:11:45
Tomas plekanec to the penguins is as good as done according to sources.wait and see I guess lol


1.) 21 Feb 2018 17:50:24
Could be. what ya hope we get back?

2.) 21 Feb 2018 18:25:54
Hope we get a 2nd.

3.) 21 Feb 2018 18:52:14
I would like to do this

Mtl:Chuck, Pleky, Lindgreen

Pitt: Sprong, Pouliot, Sheary.

4.) 21 Feb 2018 19:03:03
2nd would be great. Might have to take back some cap space.

5.) 21 Feb 2018 19:10:20
Unfortunately it’s probably going to be a 3rd.

6.) 21 Feb 2018 19:12:27
Colt. are you thinking Pouliot? Like as in Derrick, who is a Canuck now. ?

7.) 21 Feb 2018 19:15:51
I hope we get a 1st back Sosa lol.

8.) 21 Feb 2018 19:41:48
Colt pouliot isn’t even on the team anymore bud.

9.) 21 Feb 2018 19:42:25
Ok. Maybe this colt65 is in fact MontrealsFinest and Goldenshowers after all.

10.) 21 Feb 2018 21:07:32
I like both team not and blues.

11.) 21 Feb 2018 22:09:34
Real Colt was Blues and only Blues.

12.) 22 Feb 2018 02:50:34
No I always liked Mtl as well sosa.

13.) 22 Feb 2018 03:58:01
Yes Golden Showers you did.



24 Jan 2018 04:32:39
William nylander for ryan mcdonagh seems to be getting a lot of buzz. Who would do it from a leafs perspective I don't think I would


1.) 24 Jan 2018 05:16:37
I know I'm in the minority but I don't think the leafs are a cup contender. They are a couple years away. They are still learning how to win. They are having a tougher time this year because they are not playing back up goalies and teams are not taking them lightly. I'm surprised they have been holding a playoff spot all year. Playing in a crappy division helps but I'll give them credit. You don't pick which division you play in.
I would trade UFA's and continue building through the draft. They are still a couple pieces away. If you trade Nylander you are just creating a hole upfront.
That being said Toronto loves trading young players for over the hill players.

2.) 24 Jan 2018 06:01:37
Leafs could get a better suited player than McDon. Like a RHD.

3.) 24 Jan 2018 06:25:43
Everyone sleeping on Nylander. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I think he’s a better player than Marner. Then again, Marner hasn’t had the luxury of playing with The Big Cactus.

As for the trade, not a chance Toronto touches that. Maybe if McDonagh was 24 or 25. He’s 28 and will sign his next contract at 29. Assuming he stays that’s probably a 7 or 8 year deal at 7M+ per year. A 37 year old McDonagh making 7M/ year is nerve racking. I’ll play it safe with Willy.

4.) 24 Jan 2018 07:19:13
I’m with you VanCity. I’ve been saying for a while now the leafs need to wait for Liljegren to develop before doing anything big. If this kid doesn’t turn out to be what they are hoping, then maybe you trade a good young talent to get a solid defenseman. I really hope they stick to the supposed “plan” that’s been talked about. It they could get a decent 3-4 d man without losing Mathews, Marner, Nylander, or Kadri, go for it. I don’t even want to lose Hyman or Brown either so I definitely don’t like a deal losing Nylander.

5.) 24 Jan 2018 13:14:54
I wouldn’t do it from the leafs, but it makes me think for sure. And @VanCity, a 28 year old top pair d is an over the hill player? Lol and when was the last time the leafs traded top young talent for an over the hill player?

6.) 24 Jan 2018 13:33:16
Larry Brooks out of NY wrote that he thinks Tor and NYR should make a trade are kind Nylander and Mcdonaugh.




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21 May 2018 13:04:57
Because of the knights success this season which statement holds more value?

1 every team in the nhl is a stanley cup contender
2 every nhl Gm should be ashamed of themselves besides george McPhee and whoever makes the final


1.) 21 May 2018 13:21:23
3. The expansion rules were overly generous.

2.) 21 May 2018 13:29:17
4. Minnesota, columbus and floridas gms are dweebs.

3.) 21 May 2018 13:42:17
Well I’m not sure if Brendan Shanahan/ Lou Lamorello should be ashamed for losing Brandon Liespic so I’ll go with option 1.

4.) 21 May 2018 16:35:27
The expansion was NOT overly generous.

Was there a single person at the start of the year saying VGK will win their division. Or make the playoffs. Or win a playoff series. Or go the the Stanley cup final?

There is just no explanation for this. It's unreal. Nobody thought it would happen. They were dead last in pre season rankings for a reason. You simply can't explain this success. And they were no let handed this to them. It's unreal.

5.) 21 May 2018 17:12:04
I have to disagree somewhat Yup.
The expansion draft was a little more generous than the last wave of Expansion.
Then again, I may jus be jealous cause this team puts mine to shame. and the coach. shoulda been Habs coach IMO.

6.) 21 May 2018 17:59:09
They got James Neal and fleury in an expansion draft. That's not generous. Let alone some of the others. Some of it was gms panicking. And the reason they were supposed to be bad was because they are an expansion team not many people looked at the players to make an assessment.

7.) 21 May 2018 19:14:33
Umm I’ll take Dumba over Tuch and Haula anyday that was a good move on Minnesota’s part. No one anticipated the break out of Willam Karlsson but Columbus made the right choice at the time picking Ryan Murray over him although Karlsson is better now. Now the Florida deal was terrible.

8.) 21 May 2018 23:15:52

I would too, but why in hell would Minny leave Dumba unprotected then? If they went for 3D it should have been Dumba, Suter and Spurgeon, with Brodin as an exception.

Chuck Fletcher was really stupid that day, as was Dale Tallon. Kekalinen didn't too bad, WKarlsson never showed any sort of brilliance, but I mean, they gave up a 1st and a 2nd for Vegas to take him and dump Clarkson, and avoid taking Josh Anderson or Jack Johnson, but really, they shouldve given up a 1st and a 2nd to take some AHL lifer and dump Clarkson. Giving up Karlsson looked kinda silly then because they couldve just made Vegas take some AHL nobody like Winnipeg did w Chris Thorburn, but instead gave up a roster player who is now tye star of Vegas.

9.) 22 May 2018 03:12:08
Las Vegas had the leverage they probably forced them to give Karlsson.



27 Apr 2018 18:28:38
Jj daigneault and dan lacroix let go and dom ducharme hired as an assistant coach for the habs. My guess is joel bouchard will be hired as the new head coach of the laval rocket soon


1.) 29 Apr 2018 15:03:55
Your guess is wrong. Being the coach in Laval means to let MB and whoever the Rockets gm will be, let you pick who plays and who doesn't and stuff like that. Your control is limited which Bouchard won't settle for. Mark my word.

2.) 30 Apr 2018 00:13:46
Colt that's not always the case. An example of this was when guy Boucher coached the farm. He did things his way and coached his style and played the guys he wanted.

3.) 03 May 2018 12:48:50
Guy Bouvjer never coached the farm.

4.) 04 May 2018 18:35:53
Guy Boucher did coach the farm and had pretty good year actually.



26 Apr 2018 18:11:28
2nd round predictions
San Jose in 7
Washington in 6
Tampa in 5 maybe 6
Winnipeg in 6


1.) 26 Apr 2018 22:18:35
I got:
Vegas in 6
Nashville in 6
Penguins in 5
Tampa Bay in 7.

2.) 27 Apr 2018 12:47:37
Vegas in 6, Preds in 7, Bruins in 7, Pens in 5.



08 Apr 2018 09:45:27
We'll carey that's how you end a season. The same way you started.


1.) 09 Apr 2018 00:07:29
Lol. Ya his last play of the year summed up his season totally.
I still have faith in the guy. , but. He will now be making a crap ton of money. Better earn it next season.

2.) 09 Apr 2018 10:15:34
Sosa I'm 100% confident he can get back to top form. I'm just not sure it can happen in montreal. i don't think he played a focused full game all year. I'm not sure what the problem is. Injuries, health, family reasons, or he just don't want to be here anymore. I think a move out west would be the best thing that could happen for him.

3.) 09 Apr 2018 13:25:10
I don't see him being moved. but, didn't think PK was going to be traded either. so ya never know.

4.) 09 Apr 2018 15:35:54
I don't think they want to trade him I'm just wondering if a situation will arise where both sides might decide it's the best thing to do. If he doesn't ask for a trade or at least hint at one. The habs will never move him. I just think he regrets signing long term there and not because they sucked this year and missed the playoffs cause his play was a huge factor in that happening. But he just seems distracted and I think because of personal reasons he would rather be closer to home. and maybe he will work things out over the summer and actually come to camp ready to play like he can again.

5.) 09 Apr 2018 17:19:50
I see what your saying Habby., however I'm trying (hoping) it's just a really bad season and that he will bounce back. but what you say about him being distracted, deffinetley hold some merit. he did not seem engaged in games like he usually is.
It was like watching a different goalie this season.
Hopefully Bergevin can also get him some help this next season, a healthy Weber would be nice as well.

6.) 10 Apr 2018 05:13:07
I always thought when Price was at his best, he still never looks overly engaged. He obviously is, but when he’s on, everything looks easy and effortless for him. So I think when he struggles, he still looks like he’s not trying his hardest and might seem distracted but I think it’s just his personality. Looks great and cool and calm when he’s playing well but can be a bad look if he’s not making the saves he needs to make.

7.) 10 Apr 2018 17:46:17
I agree Jim. I guess for me, I'm just used to him looking that way, and stopping every thing. now. it's a crap shoot . per say. .
But I have faith in him.

8.) 10 Apr 2018 17:58:17
That's true jim. But I noticed a difference in him this year. from 1 period to the next in a lot of games he looked like 2 completely different people. end off one period looking like his dominant self and start the next one looking like different man. Even on the times he wasn't playing bad he still looked out of it sometimes. he couldn't stay focused for a whole 20 min period IMO.

I was saying this right from the start of the season. when his nutrition came up I said yeah that could be doing it. But things really didn't improve afterward. when you have watched every nhl game he's ever played it easier to see things about him. Back in his 2nd year when he struggled he still looked engaged. this year he didn't.

9.) 10 Apr 2018 20:01:01
Yeah, I don’t watch him every game but probably one game a week or so I’ll watch plus whenever he plays the leafs obviously and he definitely looked average at best this year. No idea why, I’ve just heard people say it’s that he doesn’t care or try anymore and I don’t believe that at all, because that’s what he looked like when he was winning the Vezina and hart and Olympic gold too. He’s just so effortless as it is.

10.) 10 Apr 2018 21:39:50
My theory is he still cares he just has other things going on which is limiting his focus. what those other things are? I don't know. but it's something, I'd bet the farm on it. If I was to guess I'd say it's family distractions. So I guess it's possible to be resolved by next year. We will see.



25 Mar 2018 10:27:31
So maybe it was the right move for price to come back this year. Anyone else think the habs should offer niemi a contract for next season? You know just to be safe lol


1.) 25 Mar 2018 18:53:33
Well Habby, you know how I feel about Price., however, this has been one brutal season. I totally would try and re sign Niemi. I don't think Lindgren is quite ready, and as much as I like Price, it's always good to have insurance in a veteran goalie to baxk up, in case this season repeats itself.

2.) 25 Mar 2018 23:21:39
I think lindgren is more then ready to be a back up and play like 15 to 25,games but if price struggles like this again next year we might need someone who can handle a bigger work load. i'd offer niemi a contract at least we might need a starter if this keeps up.




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21 May 2018 00:47:01
Wild adds for sure.




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30 Apr 2018 00:00:13
Yeah if I'm la I don't give up on vilardi for this.




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22 Apr 2018 16:25:03
Similar players ones 21 and one is 24 that's the reason leafs would add and I think it would have to be more then a 3rd tbh.




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20 Apr 2018 12:52:35
I like mittlestadt as a player but I'm not sure if he's ready to be a top line center just yet. habs could end up trading for another player who would be better playing wing. At least for a year or two.




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16 Apr 2018 23:44:45
All I was trying to say is the habs have a enough players like connor brown don't need another.





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