06 Jul 2018 14:41:28
It's very simple the leafs need a RH defenceman! St Louis needs a RW this could be a match made in heaven
TML - Nylander, 2nd 2019
STL - Parayako
I guarantee if the leafs make this trade they win the cup

1.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 16:05:37
No from Saint Louis imo unless if they’re actually willing to trade Paryanko and in that case good deal but I’ve read the rumours and I believe teams asked about Paryanko at the draft but they were shut down.

2.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 16:27:00
I don’t think it’s bad. I would hate trading Nylander because I believe he could be great. But parayko is what leafs need and you don’t get good players trading junk. I’d do it.

3.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 19:09:59
Why would st. Louis do that. They have Thomas, kyrou tarasenko on the right wing. They will be fine. No need to hurt our defense for that. Sorry.

4.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 19:34:33
Not enough for Parayko.

5.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 19:48:13
Leafs17 it’s enough for him value wise but as redwing said It does not help the blues they're already stacked at the RW.

6.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 20:43:09
I don’t know vbb’s. The guy is a stud. Let alone a RH beast of a defenseman. I love Nylander but I’d do it in a heart beat.

7.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 21:27:57
Actually it's not enough. A winger does not have the same value as a rhd with 35 40 pts. Besides we have tarasenko perron kyrou Thomas on right nylander is not needed.

8.) 07 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 22:51:19
Redwing - "No need to hurt our defense for that, sorry"

With a name like redwing and saying "our" in a blues trade like that, you aren't fooling anyone original Colt.

9.) 07 Jul 2018
07 Jul 2018 02:35:49
No you’re not fooling anyone Colt. Being online, I really don’t understand why people try and hide and make new accounts. If people would stop being so extremely bias and hate on every other team, maybe you could gain respect from people and not have to go into hiding.

10.) 07 Jul 2018
07 Jul 2018 03:13:38
He hasn't really played center at all so i'm going to say Nylander is a wingers. Wingers and defencemen don't HAVE THE SAME VALUE. Especially when the defencemen is as good as Parayko at that age. No from STL

11.) 07 Jul 2018
07 Jul 2018 05:21:25
@Franchise Billy: no one on this thread said that Nylander was a centre, everyone acknowledged him as a RW. Also it was said that D are worth more than wingers. Don’t know what the ALL CAPS reminding us of that is for lol.

12.) 07 Jul 2018
07 Jul 2018 05:30:34
Nylander has the potential to be a star. Paryanko is a stud but I look at this trade as a young Phil Kessel who got Seguin and Hamilton for A sad mans prime Shea Weber.

Nylander can be a PPG player. Was on pace to out produce Sanko mid way through the season but no I agree blues don’t make this trade but leafs do.

13.) 07 Jul 2018
07 Jul 2018 06:56:58
Ubiased jim i didn't even read what he said i just saw the trade and spat milk outta my tiddies

14.) 08 Jul 2018
07 Jul 2018 22:57:01
Do I rant like that guy did seriously.