08 Sep 2016 20:45:24
If Gaudreau goes to Philly or Jersey let's be realistic instead of hating on me for the trade. Let's be reasonable.

- Johnny Gaudreau
- Ivan Provorov
- Brayden Schenn
- 3rd Round Pick

- or -

- Johnny Gaudreau
- Oliver Kylington
- Taylor Hall

Reason being hall has proved more and they just got him, so give up a little more to get they to bite. Then hall comes back to bite Oilers on the ass.

1.) 08 Sep 2016
08 Sep 2016 21:48:12
They're not giving up gaudreau + to get hall. I think the philly one is closer but still maybe light. Provorov is obviously the main piece and people view him very differently. If I were the flames, neither would do it, but flyers one intrigues me a little more. Pick should be higher probably tho.

2.) 08 Sep 2016
08 Sep 2016 21:59:58
Flames only have Little J and Mono as impact forwards till Tkachuk can make the squad. They'd need more of an impact forward like trade #2 instead of what you proposed from Philly.
Perhaps Simmonds instead of Provorov to tweak the Philly offer?

3.) 08 Sep 2016
08 Sep 2016 22:16:52

Good effort, but I don’t see any of them happening.

The easy one first: NJ-EDM. Points-wise, Hall and Gaudreau are similar players based on their track records (although Hall’s is longer) . I don’t see NJ trading Hall after they just got him and I don’t see Calgary wanting Hall at the expense of Gaudreau. Frankly, as a GM, I’d take Johnny Hockey because I think he’s slightly more skilled and, if you believe rumours, less cancerous in the dressing room. It seems to me that anything connected to Edmonton has that odour to it, whether it is justified or not.

PHI-EDM – I can see how you arrived at such a proposal, but it would go a bit against Hextall’s DNA to this point. PHI does have defensive prospect depth, but it is far from guaranteed that the Sanheims and Morins will pan out to trade their best defensive prospect. I could see Schenn, Sanheim, and a late pick, but the gulf between what Calgary would want and what Philly would give is too large. As a Flyers fan, I would love Gaudreau, but not for Provorov+. Both teams have good things going with building their rosters so I don’t see the basis for this trade.

Calgary will sign Gaudreau after the World Cup but before the first game of the regular season, Hall will be in Jersey for the next few years, and Provorov will be on the Flyers blue line for many years to come.

4.) 08 Sep 2016
08 Sep 2016 23:01:50
Wow. How long before we see posted;
Cal Gaudreau
Ed Yak and a 4th
Cal Gaudreau

We know some posters that will think those are fair trades or one side toward the Flames. lol
Gaudreau is not leaving Cal.

5.) 08 Sep 2016
08 Sep 2016 23:05:15
@Island jet

Dont forget
Trouba for gaudreau
Since u value him so high.

6.) 08 Sep 2016
08 Sep 2016 23:18:19
So Calgary gives up their MVP and top defense prospects for Hall? He is good but not nearly as good as Gaudreau, Treliving would be fired on the spot. The Philly trade is ok. Doubt Calgary accepts just because they are already good on defense and need to improve on offense and Schenn does not make up for losing Gaudreau.

7.) 08 Sep 2016
08 Sep 2016 23:23:58
Schenn just got 60 points FYI. I think it's a pretty decent package. And Hall isn't nearly as good as Gaudreau? Ohh okay. Lol.

8.) 09 Sep 2016
09 Sep 2016 00:26:45
Ebsolutely all I was saying is that Gaudreau is to valuable offensively to the Flames to give him up for a downgrade (Schenn) . The value is good and it is a good ideas but Calgary is set defensively and needs help up front so I don't think it would happen. Also I do believe Gaudreau is much more valuable than Hall. He produces more, 2 years younger, still on the rise (Hall may have hit a plateau but you never know as he is reunited with Henrique), and he is not locker room cancer (reportedly, very well could be false) .
.89 PPG (Over the past 2 years)
15 +/ -
42 PP
384 shots
14.1% shooting % (Average over 2 years)

.76 PPG (Over the past 2 years)
-5 +/ -
18 PP
444 shots
9% Shooting % (Average over 2 years)

Every category is the previous 2 years combined as Gaudreau has only played 2 years in the NHL. Hall does shot more but Gaudreau out performs him in every other category.
To be fair I have not seen a lot of Hall's play but I have seen Gaudreau quite a bit so I am mostly relying on stats but I feel that Gaudreau is better than Hall.

9.) 09 Sep 2016
09 Sep 2016 00:47:00
Gaudreau is better than Hall but I want to see Hall in a new environment. Gaudreau has been on a competitive team with good leadership. Hall hasn't had that situation yet.

10.) 09 Sep 2016
09 Sep 2016 00:35:35
Bias akert.

11.) 09 Sep 2016
09 Sep 2016 02:02:56
xcing. If you look at Halls season before the one where he got hurt (so his last full season) and then combine it with this last season, Hall actually has more points per game than Gaudreau. Obviously yeah last 2 seasons like you said Johnny is better, but Hall had an injury riddled season the year before this last season (not saying that's an excuse) but if we compare two complete years, Hall actually has better stats. And yes Iv already done all the statistics and I discussed this same subject about 2 months ago. Not taking anything away from what you said, but what I'm saying is true also.

12.) 09 Sep 2016
09 Sep 2016 02:05:57
So Gaudreau relies on the PP to get points. I don't know does that stat make him look better? I don't know the exact stat but Hall got a good percentage of his points against playoffs team. He plays a big fast game. Halls also most likely going to be on a better contract. I don't know it's definitely close I think.

13.) 09 Sep 2016
09 Sep 2016 02:34:15
Umm k99 just saying. Ever heard of a guy called Sam Bennett?

14.) 09 Sep 2016
09 Sep 2016 08:25:15
1st trade is good but second one is also good but can't see them trading hall when they just got him but if they did want Gaudreau it would have to be a swap for hall to get Johnny hockey.

15.) 09 Sep 2016
09 Sep 2016 15:16:14
Sam Bennett aka can't do a pull up boy. 3rd line grinder moved into a top 6 role with the lack of real top 6 forwards on the team. Too little to play the heavy game he wants to play. you mean that Sam Bennett?
No . never heard of him. lol.

16.) 09 Sep 2016
09 Sep 2016 16:28:30
K99 knows nothing about hockey.