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26 Jul 2017 12:15:53
I saw this on Broad Street Hockey while discussing if Simmonds contract and Flyers development is out of sync and the possibility of trading him. Simmonds is a great leader, possesses many intangibles, and is a decent goal scorer by parking himself in front of the net. He's on an amazing contract that the Flyers won't get full value on as they won't be competitive until at least 2019-20. It's best to trade him to a contender that can fit his contract.

Oilers: Simmonds (2 years x $3.975MM)
Flyers: Puljujarvi (2 years ELC), 1st 2018

I think this is too much from Edmonton but Simmonds is more valuable to Edmonton on the ice over the next two years than Puljujarvi and a draft pick. I think it's justifiable though; 2 years of Simmonds at $3.975 is enticing seeing as how he's a cheaper version of Lucic on a cheaper AAV.

Wild: Simmonds (2 years x $3.975MM)
Flyers: Kaprizov (KHL), 1st 2018

I don't know what Foligno, Grandlund and Niederreiter will command as RFAs but I'd imagine Minnesota is tight to the cap. I'd ask for Vegas' 2018 3rd as well due to the KHL factor.

The other obvious flaw is that the original proposal had Puljujarvi = Kaprizov, which I don't think is true.

Eazy E

1.) 26 Jul 2017 15:41:47
Because he is a UFA in 2 years, If anyone will give up a prospect like Puljujarvi, which I think if some teams want Simmonds that bad they might, They sure won't be adding a 1st to a prospect like that for two years of someone.

2.) 26 Jul 2017 17:21:58
I like it tbh not sure if Edmonton goes down that path tho.

3.) 08 Aug 2017 22:43:57
The 1st won't be nearly as high as Edmonton has been picking at seemingly for the last 20 years so that pick isn't as sexy as its made out.



10 Jul 2017 21:49:16
Giroux is still a good, not elite, 1C but his age does not fit with where the Flyers are as a team. With his NMC, he needs to go to a team that lacks a legit 1C, fancies itself a true contender, can or easily could make moves to take the cap hit, and to where Giroux would accept a trade. That leaves:

Ottawa: Giroux ($8.275 until 2022
Philadelphia: Brassard ($5.0 until 2019), 2018 1st + 3rd, 2019 2nd

Ottawa made the ECF and Giroux could put push them further in the playoffs. Brassard and Giroux are the same age.

Montreal: Giroux
Philadelphia: Plekanec ($6.0 until 2018), 2018 1st, 2018 2nd (CHI), 2019 2nd

Montreal definitely thinks of themselves as true contenders, committing themselves to Price etc. Radulov didn't resign and the Habs need a player to play with Pacioretty, Drouin etc.

Eazy E

1.) 11 Jul 2017 00:51:42
Why isn't he elite?

2.) 11 Jul 2017 00:56:49
Personally think there are only a handful of players in the elite catagory. McDavid, Crosby, Karlsson, Price, Kane. he's a tier down from those guys IMO.

3.) 11 Jul 2017 02:10:16
McJesus: Giroux isn't elite because his production doesn't support it. As a Flyers fan, I would love to say that he is but reality doesn't bear that out. Injuries or not, he's a very good player, but certainly not elite.

I posted these trades because I see a window for trading Giroux to two teams that could use seriously him and that he could realistically play for. I'm suggesting Hextall shoulds 'Schenn' Giroux, aka trade a better player for a worse player with a shorter contract plus valuable picks.

4.) 11 Jul 2017 02:57:29
Okay if that's how you categorize it I definitely agree with that.
But imo I think there are superstars (Crosby mcdavid) and then elite players (backstrom Giroux) but I agree with that then.

5.) 11 Jul 2017 14:03:51
He's definitely fallen off but I kinda see it like mcjesus. Those other guys are far beyond elite. Elite puts you in the top 50 or so in the league, best player or 2 on each team (obviously some teams have none and some have 4) but those other guys are above elite. They're the top 3-5 world wide. I get the purpose of the trade though, makes sense. If habs can't land Tavares via trade or UFA next summer they may have to visit something like this.

6.) 12 Jul 2017 01:40:13
Montreal adds a lot.

7.) 12 Jul 2017 01:47:00
IMO there is Generational talent ( McDavid, Lindstrom and Price ) then Franchise ( Towes, Doughty and Holtby ) then Elite ( Duchene, Faulk and Brobovsky )

8.) 13 Jul 2017 21:40:00
So you think brassard + 3rd is worth plekanec + 2nd ?

9.) 15 Jul 2017 12:01:08
@ McJesus Christ

If you need to ask why Giroux isn't elite, You need to watch more games. He hasn't been elite, except in the flyer media, for a couple years now. He's a good player but SURELY not elite.



23 Apr 2017 18:24:17
Arizona: Voracek (82GP/ 20G/ 41A/ 61P) 7 yrs @ $8.25MM
Philadelphia: 1st 2017 Minnesota, 2nd 2018 Minnesota, Deangelo, Crouse (72GP/ 5G/ 7A/ 12P) ELC

Philadelphia does it for cap reasons, gain a solid LW prospect and RHD prospect. Simmonds can easily play 1st line LW.

Arizona does it because they have cap room and to not to ice a team full of propsects. Voracek would become the top point scorer on a team that was 27 in GF last season. Arizona also wouldn't be giving up any roster players making significant offensive contributions. Arizona would also retain their own 1st round pick in 2017.

Eazy E

1.) 23 Apr 2017 18:46:41
I'm not aware of Voracek's contract. Is that his legit contract or is that just what you're saying he should be at.

Because if that's truly his contract dear god that's brutal.

2.) 23 Apr 2017 19:31:16
Yup, that's voracek's real contract. He signed it after he had that one great year
with 50 assists and 85 points or whatever a couple of years back.

3.) 23 Apr 2017 22:03:39
Why would Arizona want Voracek especially with such a bad contract? If Voracek can barely get 60 points with Giroux and Simmonds/ Schenn he will get like 40 points on the Cayotes.

4.) 24 Apr 2017 06:20:58
That's the worst contract omg haha what was Philly thinkin.

5.) 24 Apr 2017 07:25:35
hell no from arizona. if their gm did this they'd be fired on the spot.



22 Apr 2017 15:14:07
Brassard (81GP/ 14G/ 25A/ 39P) 2 yrs x $5.0MM
Filip Ahl or Filip Chlapik
1st 2018

Ottawa: Claude Giroux (82GP/ 14G/ 44A/ 58P) 5 yrs x $8.25MM

Assumes Giroux waives his NMC which is more likely than waiving for most other teams because Ottawa is more or less home
Assumes Brassard waives his NTC.

Ottawa has cap space and needs a 1st line centre. Giroux had a down year but may have been playing injured. His production is an increase from Brassard and the Senators figure themselves to be a solid playoff team

Philadelphia does it for cap reasons and to get younger. The young defensemen will likely not come in time for the primes of the Flyers forward core.

Eazy E

1.) 22 Apr 2017 16:05:42
Im sorry but Ottawa isn't doing that. Claude giroux is getting old and his numbers have dropped recently. As for Brassard, he's proving he's a solid center man in the playoffs and filip chlapik is having an 80 point season. And you want to add a 1st rounder. Good luck with that philly

2.) 22 Apr 2017 16:19:37
Huge no from Philly.

3.) 22 Apr 2017 16:35:45
Giroux had a down season but is still a very elite player. Mediocre pieces won't get him.

4.) 22 Apr 2017 16:41:48
I think Ottawa probably says no.
It seems like Giroux is declining. A few years ago, he was probably a top 5 guy in the league and now. not even sure he's top 30. if his contract was not so big. then maybe I could see a deal, but over 8 million for a guy who seems to be trending down ., think Sens need to pass on this.

5.) 22 Apr 2017 18:41:22
Yes Giroux arguably overpaid, zero chance Philly does this. Sens need too add a prospect like Brown/ Chabot, not Ahl/ Chalpik. Ahl seems like a career AHL guy, I mean, his name is Ahl .
E. Karlsson for Gudas, Rubstov or LaBarge and a 2018 1st?

6.) 22 Apr 2017 19:39:38
Uh yeah no from philly. Not even close.

7.) 22 Apr 2017 19:40:42
I posted this because this is going to be debated in Philly all summer. I can see it going both ways as it really comes down to how one views Giroux's decline, if his injury this season was a factor at all, and what the value difference is between Giroux's and Brassard's production and contracts. I just wanted to hear some views.

8.) 22 Apr 2017 20:36:07
Not even on the same planet for Giroux.

9.) 22 Apr 2017 20:59:05
You Oilers guys on here are sensible. don't ya think Giroux is going downhill? I really wanted him as a Hab couple years back. Just seems like he has started his decline early for his age? If he was a 6.5 mill guy, then ya, but 8.25. Seems to much.

10.) 23 Apr 2017 01:11:43

an 80 point season in the juniors is basically nothing.



18 Jan 2017 21:20:02
Assuming the Flyers are deadline sellers and players will waive their NTC clauses:

Chicago: Streit (50% retained), BOS 2017 3rd
Philadelphia: CHI 2017 2nd, CHI 2018 3rd, CHI 2018 4th

Boston: Del Zotto
Philadelphia: EDM 2017 2nd
Calgary: Del Zotto
Philadelphia: Smid (LTIR cap dump), 2017 2nd, 2017 5th

Columbus: Neuvirth
Philadelphia: 2017 3rd

Dallas: Matt Read (Dallas needs an effective PK player)
Philadelphia: 2017 3rd

Anybody: Schultz
Philadelphia: Bag of pucks, future considerations

Eazy E

1.) 18 Jan 2017 22:06:43
pretty sure chicago don't want to give up draft picks with the draft being in chicago this year

2.) 18 Jan 2017 22:33:33
kaner, that's such a dumb point. so you're saying that if the hawks were offered a stud (NOT SAYING STREIT IS A STUD) for picks, they wouldn't wanna accept?

The trade for streit seems like an overpayment. But your point is stupid.

3.) 18 Jan 2017 22:40:27
I actually agree with Kaner for once. With them having the draft they want to draw attention to their NHL team and it is more interesting for people in Chicago to see their team draft players. I'm not saying they won't move picks I'm just saying they might hesitate to give up high picks like their first round pick. Cities that hold the draft tend to make a big deal out of it and like I said before it is more interesting to the people that are buying tickets and going to the festivities if they have draft picks. Obviously if they think it will make their team a lot better they will trade some picks but may want to resort to other assets to make their team better

4.) 18 Jan 2017 23:36:37
I agree with Top Shelf a real gm didn't care about where the draft is. If a trade is going to improve their team no matter where the draft takes place doesn't affect at all the how try value their picks. Its about the players available to draft.

5.) 18 Jan 2017 23:51:14
I've read several sources saying Chicago is concerned about having draft picks in this year's draft. As such, their net draft picks for this year is zero, as they are giving up their 2nd in exchange for a 3rd. The two other draft picks are in 2018 when this consideration is moot.

6.) 19 Jan 2017 01:09:13
Id hang onto the picks if I were the Hawks. the core is gettig older, going to need the odd draft gem here and there .

7.) 21 Jan 2017 14:41:30
Actually the hawks already have done that with high value prospects of: Nick smaltz, Tyler Motte, Vinnie hinostroza, Ryan Hartman, Gustav forsling, Ville pokka, Mark McNeill, and other prospects such as Drew Lebanc, Tanner Kero and others. Most of these huys have already played in hawks active roster and have played decent but all HAVE shown sighn of high promise by great performance on the ice, those players being, Tyler Motte, Ryan Hartman, Vinnie hinostroza, Gustav Forsling, and Ville pokka. The Hawks average age has gone down over the last 2 years from 28-29 to 26-28. Other words they don't need the draft picks as much as your saying they do. Aslo everybody needs to stop thinking that just because the draft is taking place in your teamcity that means you need to have draft picks for that! Chicago has a very smart GM in Stan Bowman and its even know that the great coach Scottie Bowman often helps with stan, so three of the greatest GM / coaches of all time are assisting our front office, they won't be dumb to stockpile or keep their picks.
By the way here's a trade rumor for the Hawks.

Toronto Receives:
Jason Van Riemsdyk

8.) 21 Jan 2017 14:44:23
Not true the hawks are getting younger and have some promising prospects that I'm already played most of this NHL season and it showed signs of promise especially Vinnie hinostroza, Tyler Motte, Ryan Hartman, Gustav forsling and a few more down in the minors like vile pokka, ect.

9.) 21 Jan 2017 14:46:45
By the way the Hawks would not trade Seabrook for Jason Van Riemsdyk the quality is just not there to match up with Seabrook what is more likely for the Hawks a trade for Van Riemsdyk is either a few draft picks such as the first second third and fourth picks either from 2017 or 2018 and maybe a few prospects such as Drew Lebanc or Mark McNeill.




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01 Aug 2017 16:34:36
It's funny how similar the Flyers and Habs are/ were. They have the highest regular season winning percentage out of the entire league since the Original Six era, although the Flyers' heartbreak in the Finals is legendary. I can totally see that culture in the Habs now that you mention it as it was exactly the same in Philly pre-Hextall. Thankfully we have an awesome GM who knows how to build a team and draft. For your sake, I hope you get a front office that recognizes the reality of the new NHL.

Eazy E



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01 Aug 2017 06:32:26
Sosa: thanks for your reply. Any ideas on a 1C fill in if Galchenyuk craps the bed? Could they trade for a 2C that could fill in for a 1C? When do you think owners will go for a rebuild? You're right, the Habs have almost zero assets besides picks.

Not today: very insightful (sarcastic) . For a halfway's intelligent person who follows hockey, one could make some very reasonable deductions about what a GMs plan is, especially if they say it outright. For example:

Philadelphia (my team) : rebuild on the fly, shed salary through trades without giving up picks, draft and build from the net out (confirmed via the last 4 drafts), now trade surplus veterans
Arizona: constant rebuild over, acquire veteran talent to be competitive, draft for depth
Pittsburgh Whiners: win now by diving
Tampa Bay: retain as many high skilled forwards as possible under the cap, inject youth on the blueline
Ottawa: win now by acquiring a 1C at the right price
Calgary: win arms race against Edmonton, be competitive now within Alberta, strengthen D corps
Vancouver: full rebuild
Los Angeles: shed as Brown and Gaborik contracts, re-tool on the fly
Vegas: build entirely through drafting, trade useful veterans at trade deadline for picks/ prospects, accept bad contracts with 2 years or less remaining

See how that works?

Eazy E



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31 Jul 2017 22:09:53
Legitimate question: can a rational Habs fan please explain what is going on with their franchise? What is Bergevin's plan? After Radulov and Markov departing, what moves can the GM do to get them back into contention? Who will be their 1C?

Eazy E



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14 Jul 2017 15:17:52
All of those are an overpayment for Duchene. He's a good player, but not worth that - at least I wouldn't pay that. Sakic has set the bar too high.

Eazy E



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11 Jul 2017 02:10:16
McJesus: Giroux isn't elite because his production doesn't support it. As a Flyers fan, I would love to say that he is but reality doesn't bear that out. Injuries or not, he's a very good player, but certainly not elite.

I posted these trades because I see a window for trading Giroux to two teams that could use seriously him and that he could realistically play for. I'm suggesting Hextall shoulds 'Schenn' Giroux, aka trade a better player for a worse player with a shorter contract plus valuable picks.

Eazy E




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