18 Feb 2015 01:50:06
MY mock draft 2015
only top 10

1) buffalo chooses mcdavid- let's watch buffalo turn into a dynasty with this kid

2) edmonton chooses eichel- edmonton does something right for a change and takes this stud

3) carolina chooses hanifin- a cornerstone #1 dman

4) arizona chooses marner- with the likes of dvorak and domi( london teammates) already in arizona, they choose this uber skilled but small forward

5) toronto chooses d strome- I'm a sens fan so I hate this pick but a hometown future first line center

6) cbj chooses zach werenski- a great dman to add to a weak d core

7) njd choose pavel zacha- new jersey loves their czechs and is in serious need of a great forward prospect

8) ottawa chooses oliver kylington- ottawa loves swedes and in a few years him and karlsson could be nasty

9) philly chooses lawson crouse- a big steal at 9 and a future line of crouse g and voracek would be deadly

10) minny chooses mikko rantanen- minny loves their fins upfront and they add yet another great one

everyone happy?

1.) 18 Feb 2015
This is possible but I have a very hard time seeing the CBJ passing on Crouse though. He seems to fit their system perfectly.
Oh and I would be thrilled if the leafs got Strome just so much patience, poise, vision and hockey IQ in him, I would have him ranked 4th on my personal list.

2.) 18 Feb 2015
18 Feb 2015 07:52:28
Reasonable. No way IMO that Kylington slips to #8 tho

3.) 18 Feb 2015
I really hope the team that misses the playoffs by a few points wins the lottery LOL

4.) 18 Feb 2015
@ProDepth It would basically be a gigantic show of Bettman flipping off the entire group of teams who tanked for McDavid

5.) 18 Feb 2015
I think Kylington is the biggest wild card in this draft.

6.) 18 Feb 2015
18 Feb 2015 15:52:34
Yeah but just imagine the Kings somehow miss the playoffs. Adding McDavid or Eichel to the kings. scary

7.) 18 Feb 2015
What about edmonton trading down for hanifin ++?

8.) 18 Feb 2015
@Oilers_11 Yeah but what if Hanifin gets taken 2nd? Then you're hooped

9.) 19 Feb 2015
I can't see Ivan Provorov slipping/being passed on by by the top ten choices in the draft. He looks like to be the real deal. He is the best defensmen in this draft.

10.) 19 Feb 2015
Everyone is expecting Edmonton and buffalo and Toronto to pick first overall. There's only one pick, and it might not even go to that team. You have a lot of teams like Carolina, Buffalo, Arizona, Tornto, and Edmonton but only one Connor McDavid. 4 of those teams will be really disappointed in a few months.

11.) 19 Feb 2015
Prodepth I get where you are coming from with regard to mcdavid, but to say those other 4 teams will be disappointed in this deep a draft is just ignorant.

12.) 19 Feb 2015
@thejazz97 then you get Eichel +++ whatever you traded the pick for

13.) 20 Feb 2015
Yeah sorry I didn't mean they'd be disappointed about their pick but that they missed out on McDavid.