21 Dec 2017 13:27:13
Canucks brock boeser

Sabres Jack eichel

Who adds....?

1.) 21 Dec 2017
21 Dec 2017 14:25:40
Canucks hands down.

2.) 21 Dec 2017
21 Dec 2017 15:51:51
If we went based on potential, I guess you would say Eichel., however, this Boeser kid in unbeleivable! . That goal he scored on Price, wow. what a release.
Eichel seems to have a better than anyone attitude., above the team sorta thing. No, I'm not 100% on that., my own non professional opinion. I'm probabaly wrong.
However. back to original question, I guess Canucks would add., However, they wouldn't bother exploring this trade at all.

3.) 21 Dec 2017
21 Dec 2017 16:52:46
I think boeser has more value 5 most goals in the nhl and played less games then the other people in the top 5 and play on worse lines.

4.) 21 Dec 2017
21 Dec 2017 17:19:53
Lmao Eichel is better don’t even try to convince anyone’s he’s not.

5.) 21 Dec 2017
21 Dec 2017 19:06:31
jack eichel all name lol I this boeser going to hit 40 goals this year.

6.) 21 Dec 2017
21 Dec 2017 21:26:09
Considering he just fractured his foot no I don’t think he is man.

7.) 21 Dec 2017
21 Dec 2017 22:03:09
Lol show how much you no hockey he played the next game it's just a bone bruise.

8.) 22 Dec 2017
22 Dec 2017 01:59:17
Centres have more value.

9.) 22 Dec 2017
22 Dec 2017 03:31:05
Depends Van City.9 times outta 10 your probably right

If. u had never seen the game in your life. and seen both players play. who would u say is better player? Today. not yesterday
, not tomorrow. I'll take this Boeser kid.

10.) 22 Dec 2017
22 Dec 2017 15:05:44
Sosa, I get what you’re saying but when you’re trading young star players, you can’t look one day at a time lol. Fabian brunstrom had a hat trick in his nhl debut in 2008. For that day he was the best player in the league, doesn’t mean you trade top picks stamkos Or Kane who were top picks the 2 years before like eichel is. These guys were scouted a long time and had the concesus of a lot of bright hockey minds telling us they’re the real deal. Boeser might be a great player for a long time, we don’t know. but you don’t undo years of scouting a kid like eichel for a hot streak.

11.) 22 Dec 2017
22 Dec 2017 17:36:05
The guy has 19 goals in 32 game tie for 4 in goal scoring that's not a hot streak it's skill and look at the 2014 nhl draft DavidDavid Pastrnak is the best player out of that draft and he was picked 25 it doesn't matter were your picked lol it's the out come.