17 Feb 2020 06:25:05
3 possible trades for the flames just because I don’t think they can make the playoffs, I’m the biggest flames fan ever.
Trade one:
Travis Hamonic to Winnipeg for jack roslovic a pick or prospect.

Trade two:
tj brodie, Sam Bennett to Toronto for Kasparov kapanen.

Trade three:
Johnny g and Noah Hanifin to flyers for Travis Konecny, Morgan frost, issac Radcliffe and a 1st rd pick.

Say if any of these trades are fair, if not make them fair.

1.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 10:36:47
Leafs take that trade in a heartbeat. Brodie becomes their second best D man and Bennett brings some physical play.

2.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 12:54:34
Bodie is not better then Muzzin, Barrie or Rielly.

3.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 13:27:20
Define no from Winnipeg. The Jets can just wait until the summer and try and sign Hamonic then. No need to waste assets on him.

4.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 13:47:16
Brodie more complete D man than barrie . So much better in his own end. Reiley hurt and not playing for another month or two . Brodie creates more offence than muzzin but not as good in his own end. This trade would be a surefire win for the leafs.

5.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 15:27:52
The Jets won't give up Roslovic for a UFA rental as they are not that close this season to having a cup winner. So why roll the dice on Hamonic, as the Jets need more than just him to be a serious contender. If they want him wait until July 1st.

6.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 18:50:44
Flyers say no. Konecny is 4 years younger, signed for 6 years, has more goals then Johnny. Flyers also don't need Dmen they have 1 to many already.