18 Sep 2017 11:08:40
R.Nugent-Hopkins for R.Murray

Then, flip Murray & a prospect or high pick to Winnipeg for Trouba

R.Murray + Pick/Prospect for J.Trouba

Winnipeg gets a needed LHD
Edmonton gets a needed RHD
Trouba gets his wish and leaves Winnipeg

Win Win needs Situation

O.Klefbom - J.Trouba
A.Sekera - A.Larsson
D.Nurse - K.Russell

1.) 18 Sep 2017
18 Sep 2017 15:24:28
trouba never said he wanted to leave wpg. He didn't want to play leftside and wants shot at top 4 def.

2.) 18 Sep 2017
18 Sep 2017 21:54:19
Well, he did ask to be traded last offseason and I guess he might still want to be.

3.) 19 Sep 2017
19 Sep 2017 03:41:40
Might fit team needs but I don't think Oil should have to give up RNH+ for Trouba.

4.) 19 Sep 2017
19 Sep 2017 13:51:37
@Ebsolutely. I'm not an RNH hater, I think he is a good player, but you definitely add to RNH to get trouba. To get a young RHD that can play all situations and put up some offense too, you're going to have to pay. Trouba probably offers a little more all round game than Larson but maybe not quite as sound defensively, both would be similar age at trade time and Larson cost the oilers Taylor Hall. Hall is a top 5-10 LW in the game. RNH isn't a top 30 center. Chiarelli set the market price on these types of deals with that trade and has made it difficult for other teams to make them, he is not exempt from it now.

5.) 19 Sep 2017
19 Sep 2017 14:41:18
There is a need for an add to RNH for Trouba. Especially since Winnipeg has depth at centre with Little and Scheif locked up.

6.) 19 Sep 2017
19 Sep 2017 17:46:46
It would take at least a 1st rounder with Nuge to get Trouba maybe even a decent prospect.
But Winnipeg has no interest in Nige with Schiffle and Little locked up as mentioned above. Would have to be a third team involved.

7.) 19 Sep 2017
19 Sep 2017 22:01:16
There is a third team mentioned in the trade above. I believe he has nuge going to columbus, Ryan Murray and an unnamed prospect to Winnipeg for trouba to the oil.

8.) 20 Sep 2017
20 Sep 2017 01:41:24
Okay fair enough Unbiased Jim. If Nuge has the same season as last your right. I guess that's his value now but I feel he has better numbers in him.