07 Feb 2024 22:22:34
tor: liljigren, robertson, 2024 5th

arz: dumba (50%), 2024 2nd (wash), 2025 3rd

a case could be made to upgrade the wasington pick to arizon's. but this move would pay it forward into getting tanev out of calgary. while still keeping our first, for potential big game hunting or, restocking our own empty cupboards.

options: saros, tarasenko, wennberg, eberle, texier, henrique, mittelstadt.

1.) 08 Feb 2024
08 Feb 2024 13:20:38
Looks pretty good to me tbh

2.) 08 Feb 2024
08 Feb 2024 16:25:12
Dumba is awful. He absolutely fell off of a cliff. Dennis Gilbert and Jayden Struble are far better players that can be had for a 7th. Dumba doesn’t belong in any pro hockey league even the SPHL.