18 Aug 2022 17:24:46
Wow, congratulations CGY fans! Kadri turned you down once, but adding him today is huge news.

To clear space I'd propose:

ARI: 2022 1st + Lucic or Monahan
CGY: Futures

CGY is rightfully in win-now mode, and that 1st is going to be a late one. A 1st is the price of admission to dump either of those contracts, and with the Kadri news, the time is now.

Well done Treliving. You took a lot of crap from CGY fans, but you've had an off-season for the books?

1.) 18 Aug 2022
18 Aug 2022 18:05:24
Wow (again) …I didn’t see MTL taking the Monahan contract. They’ll have some interesting moves to make to become cap compliant.

It will be a three-horse race between MTL, CHI & ARI for this Season’s “Toilet Bowl”?.

2.) 19 Aug 2022
19 Aug 2022 01:00:42
Good Call @Chickenfoot.

You the Man with this Prediction! Much Respect!