05 Feb 2024 18:48:52
Couple Hawks trade ideas.

CHI: Connor Murphy (50% Retained), VAN 2024 2nd
TOR: TOR 2024 1st, Noah Chadwick

CHI: Tyler Johnson (50% Retained), TOR 2026 2nd, OTT 2024 3rd
NYR: Kaapo Kakko, Zac Jones

CHI: Lukas Reichel, TBL 2024 1st
ANA: Trevor Zegras

CHI: Boris Katchouk
Any Contender: 5th

1.) 06 Feb 2024
06 Feb 2024 22:21:17
Not sure teams will give out more value like a first for 2nd and 3rds. Like for your first trade, I think toronto is more likely to give a 2nd or a 3rd + for Murphy instead of giving a 1st and getting back a 2nd

2.) 08 Feb 2024
08 Feb 2024 13:24:27
I think the first and second trades are close imo but that Zegras one is really bad. I don’t know too much about Katchouk so idk about the last one.