10 Feb 2016 00:50:35
Jacob Trouba
Adam Lowry
Ondrej Pavelec

Mark Fayne

This would provide the cap room to Winnipeg to resign Ladd; provide a replacement RH D for the third pair and the #1 center they need, allowing Little and Scheifele to play in the right roles.

For Edmonton, they get a RH D, who can fit into their top 4 - and who is asking for a lot of $$, which Winnipeg doesn't have (budget team) . Pavelec is a salary dump that Edmonton either keeps next year as a 1B behind Talbot - or moves of the opportunity presents. Lowry, another RFA looking for a significant increase, fits in Edmonton's third line.

1.) 10 Feb 2016
10 Feb 2016 03:46:06
Edmonton wouldn't need Pavelec, maybe add a prospect or a pick instead.

2.) 10 Feb 2016
10 Feb 2016 03:53:51
Pavalec is for a cap dump. If anything Oil would probably have to add a decent pick or something.

3.) 10 Feb 2016
10 Feb 2016 04:43:03
Trouba and lowry would help a lot, i dunno where pav would fit in. Can't see fayne doing much for the jets either.

4.) 10 Feb 2016
10 Feb 2016 15:19:50
Well the Oilers could just send down Nillsson who's been dreadful for the last 3 months.

5.) 10 Feb 2016
10 Feb 2016 19:39:12
Nilsson is history now. The Oil could actually use Pavelec.