02 Mar 2015 07:20:24
LOL connolly for a pair of 2nds, guess he isn't very highly valued at all, like most on here though. that top 30 or wtv in goals per 60 mins played stat that I kept hearing at nauseam didn't seem to make him worth much at all.

not to mention giving up a 1st, 3rd, and gudas (who imo has similar value alone compared to coburn) for coburn is hilarious. biggest overpayment that I've seen in while. great steal, hextall, great steal.

1.) 02 Mar 2015
Yes connoly is a bust

2.) 02 Mar 2015
I was going to comment I thought that was a smaller return than people had suggested it could be.

Though 2-2nds isn't exactly "bad" depending on how Boston does

3.) 02 Mar 2015
I think that was a terrible deal by the lightning. Gudas, a 1st & 3rd for a 30 year old average d man. They could have had Polak for Gudas alone. Polak was the 1st name that I could think of, but there had to have been better options for cheaper. Personally, I hope the leafs keep Polak.