05 Jan 2018 05:42:13
Buffalo Sabres:

- Darnell Nurse

- Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Edmonton Oilers:

- Jake McCabe

- Ryan O'Reilly

Oilers get a solid centre with great two way skills.

Buffalo helps their defence by acquiring Nurse. Literally nobody on the Sabres blue-line plays a physical game so this would really help them.

ROR contract decreases his value ever so slightly.

But the question is, is the difference between Jake McCabe and Darnell Nurse big enough to fill the difference between RHN and ROR?

1.) 05 Jan 2018
05 Jan 2018 07:37:42
No big time from Edm.

2.) 05 Jan 2018
05 Jan 2018 09:30:44
Um the question is rather is the difference between ROR and RNH big enough to make up for Nurse being worth quite a lot more than McCabe and my answer to this would definitely be no.

3.) 05 Jan 2018
05 Jan 2018 13:32:51
Woah, huge no from Edm.

4.) 05 Jan 2018
05 Jan 2018 16:09:49
No from Buffalo O’Rielly is a great 2way Center and can play 1st line. Nuge is an okay 2nd liner but is no where near O’Rielly. Nurse is extremely overrated and there isn’t really a gap between him and McCabe. He will be a good 5 defensman.