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27 Mar 2020 16:20:53


Mtl gets a good defensemen for the farm team. Ya Stanley might never play in the nhl but if he's plays a few AHL seasons it would be worth the pick.


1.) 27 Mar 2020 17:35:35
Very easy no from Winnipeg. Montreal doesn't really have anything available that would interest the Jets for Stanley.

2.) 27 Mar 2020 20:33:03
Coming from the most biased person on this site, your response didn’t have any value to be honest with you. Go back to bed.

3.) 27 Mar 2020 21:33:52
I don't think the Jets would want to dump Stanley just yet. They may as well keep him playing for the Moose as a 4th round pick is n't going to replace him on the Moose.

4.) 27 Mar 2020 22:59:01
I don't think anyone is more biased than you MM. Every post you make is biased and you have demonstrated many, many times you have no knowledge of player values.

5.) 28 Mar 2020 18:13:29
All you can ask is why? Lol.

6.) 28 Mar 2020 18:46:55
Don’t think there is anything the Canadians could offer that’d entice to move an b- prospect? Suzuki, Kotekneimi, Petry and the next 3 1sts for Stanley? Let me guess Canadians would have to pay more to dump Petry. You’re a clown.

7.) 28 Mar 2020 19:42:03
Reading comprehension is very important Vbbb and a clown like you obviously doesn't have any. You missed a key word "available" of course, but it doesn't suit your narrative, so I guess it's not surprising.

8.) 28 Mar 2020 21:50:43
Everyone is a available for the right price.

9.) 29 Mar 2020 09:25:48
Stanley could be had for a middling pick, don’t kid yourself biased Winnipeg’s fans. You guys are becoming worst then Leafs fans!

10.) 29 Mar 2020 16:37:23
That statement definitely emphasizes your lack of hockey knowledge Marc.

11.) 29 Mar 2020 18:30:28
I know I'm wasting my time but MagicMark why are you always so negative and angry? I don't recall you posting anything that isn't an insult. Try and explain your argument with facts and serious opinion not childish rants then people would take you seriously. .

12.) 30 Mar 2020 15:19:19
Obviously picks don’t seem to interest the Jets for Stanley.
Although a 4th is very low, I was thinking min would be a 3rd + in terms of pick value.

What kinds of pieces would the Jets be looking for in return? An equivalent forward? Package Stanley with picks for a roster Player?

Not saying he’s going to move or not, just speculating on what kinds of pieces Jets would like back if they moved him.

13.) 30 Mar 2020 19:01:13
Jets fan won't accept anything less than McDavid for Stanley.

14.) 30 Mar 2020 19:40:48
Stanley was a 1st round pick in 2016 you honestly believe he's regressed to being worth only a 4th round pick after 4 years in the AHL?

He's worth more than a 4th TO THE JETS because they can utilize him on the farm team and get more value from him there than they would get for the 4th round selection.



10 Mar 2020 01:42:04



1.) 10 Mar 2020 17:31:47
Lol. Finally we agree in something Marc. I jus put that in a feed on the other page.

I do believe Oilers would want a little more.

2.) 11 Mar 2020 04:06:53
If Oilers could have gotten Brook or any other half decent prospect or depth player, don't you think they wouldn't have done it already? Until big P comes back and prove he can play at NHL level most GM's will be basing his value off his play in Edmonton, not what he is doing overseas in a much lower level league. Oilers blew it big time with big P. Now they want someone to bail them out. Good luck with that.

3.) 11 Mar 2020 06:05:45
I’d hang onto Pully if I was Edmonton. And if he doesn’t wanna resign, then ship him off as a package at the Draft

4.) 14 Mar 2020 01:47:32
Pul blew it himself by not performing with the opportunity he had. Then feeling entitled to not having to go down and develop as a young potential star when he needed to. He had the absolute best opportunity of a lifetime to play with two superstars Such an idiot. He blew it all on his own. Oilers wanted to develop him and he felt entitled to top minutes while not playing well. Get it right. 😂.



07 Mar 2020 00:25:23



1.) 07 Mar 2020 12:14:56
Wouldn’t trade tatar for that package. Nylander has been meh and losing the title of being a good prospect. And while Strome is good he isn’t worth taking Seabrook as well as giving up a good top 6 and a really good 19 year old.

2.) 07 Mar 2020 13:04:17
I agree that package doesn’t get Tatar with Seabrook there.

3.) 07 Mar 2020 22:08:53
Why is KK on third line anyway? He was a third overall was he not? Either play him top six or put him in ahl to develop. Am I wrong?

4.) 08 Mar 2020 00:07:32
He is in the AHL.

5.) 08 Mar 2020 01:41:23
He’s been in the AHL for the last month so no I guess your not wrong.

6.) 11 Mar 2020 04:14:54
Well that's a good place for him then isn't it? I don't follow Habs closely obviously. I just know they are not very good right now.



05 Mar 2020 21:32:15



1.) 05 Mar 2020 21:52:58
I can't see Chicago wanting to take on another boat anchor contract at any cost.

2.) 06 Mar 2020 07:27:48
Hinostroza hasn't been on CHI for a while now lol.

3.) 06 Mar 2020 14:42:13
Why when chicago can resign Crawford for half price for only 1 or 2 years?

4.) 06 Mar 2020 18:06:18
I wasn't aware that teams can throw in other teams players in their trades. hinostroza has been on arizona's team for like 2 years now. did you just buy nhl 18?



23 Feb 2020 18:29:09

Philly:Hagg, Couturier


1.) 23 Feb 2020 23:44:10
No from both teams. Imo.

2.) 24 Feb 2020 06:10:58
Philly isn’t moving Couturier lol.

3.) 23 Mar 2020 15:17:55
As if Montreal's defence wasn't bad enough already...




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10 Mar 2020 01:40:56
Is Saku Koivu a Hall of Fane candidate?


1.) 10 Mar 2020 08:51:52
Due to injuries I would say no.

2.) 10 Mar 2020 17:25:48
As Habby said. his injuries and illness hold him out. Although he had a solid career, it was not spectacular.

Maybe more of a Habs fans question? Does his #11 belong in the rafters? I will also say no to this.

3.) 11 Mar 2020 04:31:46
He didn't win any cups or hardware that I know of. I didn't check so I could be wrong. But I don't think so. No. He is not good enough to get in HHOF. 832 points in over 1100 games doesn't even get you more than a mention as possible candidate. Like right here for instance.



10 Mar 2020 01:34:17
Any chance that Jason Pominville becomes a Hall of famer?

-Stanley Cup champion

-Olympique Gold winner

-All Star

-80 point player


1.) 10 Mar 2020 08:52:14
I don’t think so.

2.) 10 Mar 2020 15:27:10
Pominville won Olympic gold?
What year? He’s American is he?

3.) 10 Mar 2020 17:28:46
Your not serious are ya? If Theo Fluery or Mats Naslund or Kevin Lowe. ect ect aren't in. then why would Pominville be in? Kovalev isn't in, nor should he be, but he had a better career .

4.) 11 Mar 2020 04:35:21
Pomminville never won a Stanley Cup. I'm less sure about the fold but I don't think he won a gold medal either. He never won any major individual awards either. 730 points in over 1000 games played are not HHOF numbers.

5.) 11 Mar 2020 18:35:04
Lol no chance he’s a HOF and I like Pominville.



01 Mar 2020 23:47:38
Is Jumbo Joe going to the hall of fame after retirement?


1.) 02 Mar 2020 14:05:50
I’d say so.

2.) 02 Mar 2020 15:22:43
Oh yeah. He was scoring 100+ points when the league was all about size and not speed and skill.



19 Feb 2020 00:49:35
Anybody thinks Mike Green will make the hall of fame?


1.) 19 Feb 2020 06:01:23
You’re kidding right?

2.) 19 Feb 2020 14:22:24
The Hockey Hall of Fame? Maybe his hometowns hall of fame. but not the big one in Toronto
I hope your kidding.

3.) 20 Feb 2020 19:16:29
Didn’t he win a Norris? Or 2?



09 Jan 2020 01:55:21
MTL: Brook

Edm: Pulijujarvi


1.) 09 Jan 2020 15:45:55
I'd be interested in that. however, I think Holland will want more .
The deal I wish they woulda made, was Puluwhatever to Blues for Fabbri.
I like Brook, but if there is one D prospect I'd be willing to part with, it would probably be him.

Anywone know how Juulsen is doing?

2.) 10 Jan 2020 04:00:31
Jullsen is still having issues man. I'd be surprised if he's ever the same again. Too bad too cause he looked like he was going to be a stud defensively.

3.) 10 Jan 2020 14:49:06
Ya that's go bad. I agree Habby, the thought of having Romanov, Mete, Fluery, Brook, Juulsen and Primeau behind the forwards was something I was excited to see in the future.
I really hope the kid can get his health back, I'd hate to see a kids dream done after that unfortunate incident. after he had a small taste of NHL action.




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31 Mar 2020 21:22:19
Ahah, the trolls acknowledges he’s got completion lmao.




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31 Mar 2020 12:00:16
Brown might be worth a bit more then Pul but if so it doesn’t really add up tho. Both same draft, Puli has debatably been more successful in the nhl. Idk I feel like Pul is a good player he might become a Panarin type player but he needs to realize that you can either make excuses or get result not both.




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30 Mar 2020 13:08:19
I’m not sure about Brown value at this point. I think he has the potential to become a big top 6 center that plays with an edge, he has to bring it to the NHL tho. Hasn’t been able to do it yet on one of the worse teams in the nhl. His value might be close to Jesse Pulijujarvi imo.




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29 Mar 2020 09:25:48
Stanley could be had for a middling pick, don’t kid yourself biased Winnipeg’s fans. You guys are becoming worst then Leafs fans!




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27 Mar 2020 20:33:03
Coming from the most biased person on this site, your response didn’t have any value to be honest with you. Go back to bed.





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