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04 May 2021 20:40:08
If leafs fail in playoffs




Rielly (extension in place)


1.) 04 May 2021 21:14:23
If? :-)

2.) 04 May 2021 21:43:09
Reilly can get more with an extension in place, I’d keep Nylander over that package honestly. Could probably get a better Dman for Nylander.

3.) 05 May 2021 00:59:30
Nylander + kerfoot for rakell Manson and comtios.

4.) 05 May 2021 01:21:22
A 2nd for rielly? Are you kidding me? When’s the last dman as good as Rielly was traded? Erik Karlsson?

5.) 05 May 2021 01:32:32
Lol I was thinking of Corey Schnider lmao he’s on the Islanders. Leafs can still get more tho. The 1st trade would be alright if Manson was 50% retained but I would not take the deal without that. I also see no need for Comtouis he’s a good player and the leafs just don’t need him with Mathews, Tavares and Robertson as goal scorers. I’d rather Sam Steel.


Toronto: William Nylander

Anaheim: Sam Steel and Josh Manson 50% retained

Toronto: Vitali Kravstov and Brayden Schnider

Rangers: Rielly



Mystery goalie

Gives the leafs plenty of cap space. Possibly resign Foligno or pickup Schwartz? Maybe both.

6.) 05 May 2021 04:31:48
I doubt Anaheim trades their best player for nylander to be honest.

7.) 05 May 2021 12:28:49
I like those trade Nylander.

8.) 05 May 2021 18:02:48
Habby nobody proposed a deal for Lindholm/ Gibson what are you talking about?

9.) 05 May 2021 22:51:39
Ok best forward then.

10.) 06 May 2021 23:22:10
Since Toronto still has Dubas who won't trade Nylander, who does Toronto actually give up in that anahiem deal?

Also how does every player involved on both sides of that trade end up on Leafs lineup? 😆



30 Apr 2021 16:09:43
Rielly (extension in place) for Pulock


Rielly for Jones

Which one and who says no?


1.) 30 Apr 2021 16:56:13
Islanders most likely declines and Columbus definitely declines.

2.) 30 Apr 2021 17:02:21
Tbh I think Isles would say no to first one and I think Tor would say no to second one.

3.) 30 Apr 2021 18:13:39
No way both decline!

Rielly for ekholm and a second round pick.

4.) 30 Apr 2021 23:12:24
How about sign hamilton in the office season, trade reilly for 1st and a high prospect.

5.) 30 Apr 2021 23:47:00
Both decline. I actually like Barrie’s suggestion. I really think Sandin can replace Reilly before long. Who knows?

6.) 01 May 2021 16:03:44
Why would the leafs trade Rielly for a worse dman who is only slightly cheaper and also a UFA makes no sense. If anything it’d be a lesser dman signed to term like Esa Lindell for an example.

7.) 01 May 2021 18:00:52
Yes they would need someone with term if trading Reilly.

8.) 03 May 2021 17:20:26
Doesn't make much sense.

Rielly, Pulock and Jones are all UFAs after next year. Rielly and Pulock both have a cap hit of 5 mil/ year now while Jones's cap hit is 5.4 mil/ year. Jones will be getting by far the biggest raise of the three and Pulock might even have to take a pay cut.



25 Apr 2021 20:44:17
Leafs got to solve 3C whole this offseason

Backlund 2mil retained



1.) 26 Apr 2021 02:34:39
Calgary says no to that one. Even without the retention it'd be a no.

Backlund probably is available for the right price but that isn't it.

Mykayev and a 2nd probably gets them talking. Might even convince Calgary to take Kerfoot back to balance cap but if you want them to retain salary on Backlund it'll take more.

2.) 26 Apr 2021 07:51:38
@moxnix I think it would create a huge hole for Calgary if they were to trade Backs. He’s our best defensive forward behind Mang. @hockeyisloaf there are cheaper options that the leafs could look at. Backlund at 5mil would hurt them imo, Backs is overpaid obviously but he’s not a bad player

3.) 26 Apr 2021 07:54:14
I think some cheap options would be Derek Ryan, Casey Cizikas in free agency. Also I think they should add a player like Brandon Tanev if they could. Maybe Kerfoot + for Tanev

4.) 26 Apr 2021 08:40:50
@NotACasual Backlund is good defensively but Calgary needs to make changes in the core and he's one of the older, higher paid players too.

Mikeyev isn't a center but he's good defensively too. He's also younger, faster and much cheaper freeing up cap to use on another player. And though he isn't a right shot he is a RW, the Flames' weakest position.

Ryan probably gets resigned for a lot less (freeing up more cap) . Ruzicka or Gawdin could center a 4th line now and last's year's first round pick Connor Zary might already be better than either of them.

5.) 26 Apr 2021 15:18:30
There is this huge misconception that Kerfoot is a bad player and not a competent 3C when reality he is one of the most versatile players in the game. He can play top 6 wing or 3C. He is average in both roles he doesn’t stand out ever in a bad way and he usually doesn’t stand out much in general. ( he does make some clutch plays ) . The reason why fans always propose to trade him is because Mathews, Marner, Nylander and Tavares combine for half of the teams roster place. It’s very hard to ice a team with 4 players making that much not to mention the flat cap. Look at what the leafs had to do with Johnsson and Kappanen. Kerfoot is in that same boat now. People have been blinded so much by seeing him in so many proposals that they forget he’s a good player. Kerfoot>>>Tanev ( Brandon ) . No stats say he’s a bad player in any aspect. He’s definitely a better player then Andrew Mangiapane lol as of now.

6.) 26 Apr 2021 16:40:25
@Nylander Nobody wants Kerfoot. That's why he's still a Leaf. Even though they don't want him either!

That should tell you everything you need to know about his value.

7.) 26 Apr 2021 18:00:36

I’d be happy to keep Kerf tbh. I do like him as a player, he's probably 0.5-1M overpaid but he's definitely a good third line guy and can slide up and down the lineup. i'd obviously rather allocate his salary towards a better player (thats what all contenders would rather do), but if it came to dumping him for negative value or keeping him, i'd much rather keep him. Well still be able to resign both Chucky and Hyman and keep Kerfoot this offseason; next ones the one where you find a taker for rental Kerfoot with the Rielly contract upcoming.

8.) 26 Apr 2021 20:47:07
I wouldn't keep Rielly. Rather trade him for a Parayko/ Chychrun type.

9.) 26 Apr 2021 22:02:31
If we could, I'd be totally open to it. Honestly, trading Mo is the right move for the franchise cause frankly, he's pretty highly valued around the league despite probably not deserving such high value. Still, I just got this feeling he's going to be a leaf lifer, whether that's the right decision or not. Idk why, I just feel like mgmt considers him part of that core with the four forwards as well.

10.) 26 Apr 2021 23:36:04
I’m sure anyone would but neither team is trading those players. @ Paryanko/ Chychrun

Not once has Kyle Dubas or any analyst ever suggested that the leafs were trying to trade Kerfoot. Leafs fans put him in deals because he’s the only expendable player on their whole roster making over 2 million. I’m not sure how that’s to hard to comprehend.

11.) 27 Apr 2021 02:44:14
@hockeyisloaf moving Rielly would be the dumbest move ever. There’s no guarantee that you’d get Chychrun or Parayko type defensemen. It’s easier said than done

12.) 27 Apr 2021 04:46:37
Kerfoot is garbage! Sandin and Mikheyev for Backlund should do.

13.) 27 Apr 2021 06:40:05
@Barrie92 Problem with that is Sandin is a left shot LD and Calgary is fine at LD. Liljegren is a right shot RD, he'd be more likely to get ice time in Calgary.

They're both Swedes so either would fit in well with all the Swedish players already playing for Calgary.

14.) 27 Apr 2021 14:04:29
They could get a much better player if they were to trade Sandin. Backlund isn’t a major difference maker and isn’t worth trading their best defensive prospect. Most Calgary fans have this conception that each of their players is worth insane value- there’s a reason y’all are one of the worst teams.

15.) 27 Apr 2021 15:54:38
Sandin is easily worth a top 10 pick at this point. I’d be confident rolling Muzzin, Sandin and Dermott on left side.

16.) 27 Apr 2021 17:01:41
Barrie is right, Kerfoot is garbage. He’d slide right in to the oilers top 6.

17.) 27 Apr 2021 17:42:40
@Toronto17 Oilers don't have a top 6, they have a terrific 2, a single top 6 player and a whole lot of bottom 6 players.

@Websjac You've got it backwards, it's Toronto fans who have this conception each of their players is worth insane value. You seem to think your rejects are better than good players on most other teams.

The funny thing is Backlund is a player the Leafs could really use. A good two way center who's strong defensively, wins a lot of faceoffs and good enough to play with or against anyone. Of course Toronto fans know all of this which is exactly why they want him.

18.) 27 Apr 2021 19:30:07
@Mornix I’m not denying Backlund is a good two way player, but he’s 32 and declining. I just said Sandin who is a top 10 defensive prospect is much more valuable and the add would have to be like Zary and Backlund for Sandin or somethin.

Also I’d gladly take Kerfoot on my Sens, he’s 26 (6 years younger than Backlund) and has more points (20 vs 18)- most of which come without playing with Marner, Matthews, etc,

19.) 27 Apr 2021 20:30:44
That was my point MoxNix. An oiler fan calling any forward garbage is comical considering the rotation of forwards they’ve shuffled through their line up the last few years. I’d bet he thinks Ennis is a stud now that he’s not a leaf. I agree with Mikheyev and a 2nd as being close. Sandin and Mikheyev like Barrie suggests is absurd and it’s the usual garbage that comes from Barrie. I’m curious Barrie, what would the mighty oilers have to give up for Backlund?

20.) 28 Apr 2021 01:34:29
Sandin is worth a top 10 pick? Yes you value him based on the total of four games he's played this year? Come on shake your head.

21.) 28 Apr 2021 03:48:31
Sandin has been elite at every level and is up there with with Noah Dobson ( although I’d take Noah Dobson ) you hope a top 10 pick trajects at Sandins pace yes he hasn’t played a lot of games that’s because he is a 20 year old player on a top 3 team in NHL. He’ll get more time next year.

22.) 28 Apr 2021 06:40:21
He has not been elite anywhere yet. and this is coming from a guy who stated on here that he loved the pick by the leafs when they drafted him. I was hoping he would slip to 35th for the Habs. he’s been good everywhere he’s played but not elite.

23.) 28 Apr 2021 06:43:55
Noah Dobson on the other hand was close to elite in his draft year and was elite the 2nd half and playoffs of his last junior season.

24.) 28 Apr 2021 15:23:26
Sandin has been elite at the AHL level in a 2way role as was he in the World juniors. In the SHL for what he did at his age was on par with what any other dman in recent history has accomplished in SHL aside from

25.) 28 Apr 2021 20:17:15
He was good at the world juniors but to call him elite there you would have to also consider Romanov elite not sure you would want to do that but that’s neither here nor there. but if he was elite before he was drafted like you say then why did he fall to 29th in his draft year? The truth is if he wasn’t with the leafs you wouldn’t know he existed.

26.) 28 Apr 2021 21:03:48
Actually I was a big fan of the SooGreyhounds that year with Morgan Frost leading the way and he’s who I wanted the leafs to draft but you’re right in the OHL he wasn’t elite being the yongest dman on the soo greyhound.

27.) 29 Apr 2021 06:08:25
Or in the AHL or in Sweden before he went to the OHL.

28.) 29 Apr 2021 15:09:01
@Nylander whatever it is you're smoking you need need to share!



24 Apr 2021 01:57:02



1.) 24 Apr 2021 15:39:57
LOL, not a chance!

2.) 24 Apr 2021 18:43:01
What year for the 1st?

3.) 25 Apr 2021 02:39:18
@seabass2011 doesn’t matter, still not enough.

4.) 25 Apr 2021 04:37:45
Toronto fans really really want to dump Kerfoot.

Flames won't be trading Mangiapane for that but it probably gets you Backlund.

5.) 25 Apr 2021 15:15:32
Isn’t Mangiapane just a hyped up 3rd liner I don’t see him being worth more then a 3rd from a team like Detroit.



21 Apr 2021 20:33:24



1.) 21 Apr 2021 21:04:06
No from Toronto.

2.) 21 Apr 2021 22:36:03
Toronto says no. Reilly is better than Dumba and Hartman isn't worth much.

3.) 22 Apr 2021 02:46:54
Easy no from Toronto what is their incentive?

4.) 24 Apr 2021 00:36:45
I agree with Nylander and MoxNix.

5.) 25 Apr 2021 03:38:41
Lmfao Didn't Hartman get a 1st for him last time he was traded? Lol isn't worth much pfft. Players value don't go down that drastically that fast

6.) 25 Apr 2021 05:47:52
Yes they do. look at Vanek to NYI and then to Montreal 2 months later.




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03 May 2021 13:51:02
Which is better?

McDavid and MacKinnon


Matthews and Eichel


1.) 03 May 2021 17:16:15
Pretty sure both questions are simple answers.

McDavid is on a league by himself, and Eichel isn't quite in the same category (IMO) as the other 2 . he's been injured and it just hasn't gone the way it should in Buffalo. He still may get in the conversation with these guys. I just don't think its no

Id be more curious to see who do you all think is better?
Matthews or MacKinnon?

2.) 03 May 2021 22:26:51
I'd definitely say MacKinnon since when he came into the league the avs were pre bad. Matthews was surrounded by good players when he first got there and as a result, the team instantly became good.

How bout this. Matthews certainly a much better goal scorer but MacKinnon is the more complete player who can dominate the game in many ways.

3.) 04 May 2021 00:40:02
I'll agree with that .
For me to say that Matthews is a special player. he will need to make his teammates better. he doesn't. , Mitch Marner sure does though

Matthews is a probably the best goal scorer in the game ( atm), however, I bet McDavid would blow him out of the water if that's all he focused on in the offensive zone.

4.) 04 May 2021 00:42:22
How bout

Draisaitl vs Matthews?

5.) 04 May 2021 03:37:14
Mackinnon had Landeskog and Iginla. That’s a lot better then Johnsson and a 20 year old Nylander.

6.) 04 May 2021 06:06:15
WTH VB? Huh?

7.) 04 May 2021 15:52:32
Speaking to hockeyisloaf.

8.) 04 May 2021 20:42:31
First and it’s not even close.



28 Apr 2021 15:37:45
Who's the better pick?

Jakob Chychrun


Charlie McAvoy


1.) 28 Apr 2021 20:31:35
I'll take Chychrun. I think he has the higher ceiling.

2.) 29 Apr 2021 00:08:49
Charlie McAvoy and it’s not close. He is a right handed jacob Slavin.

3.) 30 Apr 2021 14:27:04
I'm with Sosa. Chychrun.



26 Apr 2021 21:01:08
Is Jakob Chychrun available and if so, asking price?


1.) 26 Apr 2021 23:20:17
Why would he be available? He’s a core piece on a rebuilding team. I’d imagine OEL is tho.



17 Apr 2021 17:50:10
Who would u rather have?

Morgan Rielly or Seth Jones


1.) 17 Apr 2021 19:46:24
Seth Jones. However, maybe Reilly gets overshadowed by Marner and Matthews, both are good D men. but I give the edge to Jones.

2.) 17 Apr 2021 20:36:49
Seth Jones.

3.) 18 Apr 2021 01:16:15
Jones is better all around so I would take him.

4.) 18 Apr 2021 10:54:11
Rielly is better offensively but as a all around dman Seth Jones is better.

5.) 18 Apr 2021 14:23:57
Jones. Rielly is great at a few things, Jones is near great at everything.

6.) 18 Apr 2021 15:01:11
Is Reilly really better offensively? Don’t you think jones offensive numbers would be considerably better playing on the leafs pp unit instead of Columbus?

7.) 18 Apr 2021 16:28:02
Jones doesn’t have the skating ability to be better then Rielly on the PP IMO.

8.) 18 Apr 2021 19:15:46
He doesn’t necessarily have to be better on the pp then Reilly for this. The question asks who would have more points Jones on Toronto or Reilly on Columbus. I think it would be be jones in Toronto. and even if it was close to the same jones would be considered better by everyone on here including you.

9.) 19 Apr 2021 01:14:56
2 seasons ago Rielly scored 20G. 5 of them were GWG and only 3 were PP. 17 5v5 goals as a Dman. How is that a guy that milks points from a good PP? My answer remains the same, Jones is better all around, but Rielly is far better offensively.

10.) 19 Apr 2021 05:01:05
So you don’t think playing on pp and usually out 5 on 5 with either the matthew’s line or the Tavares line could inflate his stats slightly more then what jones is on the ice with in Columbus? You must not think much of the leafs top 6 forwards.

11.) 19 Apr 2021 05:02:20
And to say far better offensively is a complete and total joke as the stats don’t even really back that up.

12.) 19 Apr 2021 12:37:18
Okay. If you’re going to say Riellys numbers are better because of PP when that’s not true, and bring up who they play with, why not also mention that Jones has played 5v5 with Zach Werenski for 3+ years where Rielly has had a rotating door of players. Most common partner in his career by minutes played.

Paired with Ron Hainsey for twice as many Minutes as any other Dman (1700:00) Followed in order by Zaitsev Gardiner, Hunwick, Polak, Marincin.

Jones plays with another top end offensive, Mobile partner and has for years. Rielly, until this year with Brodie, has never even had a guy that belongs on a top pair, let alone a guy that could help him create at his speed and skill. 3 of those guys aren’t even NHL players. He’s the better individual offensive player, and it’s not particularly close.

13.) 19 Apr 2021 15:03:49
Ok so jones has had to share the offensive responsibilities while Reilly has been the go to guy seems like that’s more of a reason to support my side of the argument. See the difference in karlsons production since having to share time with burns.

14.) 19 Apr 2021 20:42:43
There’s definitely 2 ways to look at it, but the Karlsson and Burns one is a whole different story again. You’re talking 2 guys who’s best years we’re behind them and then put them together at like 30 and 34 years old. Not exactly comparing the same thing as 19-26 year olds like Rielly, Jones, Werenski over the past 3-4 seasons, but I get your point. Karlssons numbers were dropping regardless, he was 30 yrs old and had a terrible injury and Surgeries he never fully recovered from.

15.) 19 Apr 2021 22:43:07
Your argument is similar to the leaf fan boys on overdrive right now. They are saying Hyman has been better this year then boeser and toffoli. even though they are leading their teams in scoring and well Hyman is not.

16.) 20 Apr 2021 15:23:00
You’re taking it to different lengths but okay. What they said on Overdrive was that Toffoli has been impressive with 21G and 32Pts in 40 games. But that Hyman with very similar points, 33 in 43, while being a far more complete player has been equally or slightly more impressive. But you must have heard it differently than I did. I’ll concede.

17.) 20 Apr 2021 16:50:40
Sorry, the other point they made was consistency, where Toffoli started with 18G in 26 or 27 games, half of them in just a handful of games against Vancouver when he tore them up, but then has cooled off. As where Hyman brings the same thing every night. I don’t think it was meant as any slight on TT. He’s a goal scorer and most are known to be streaky.

18.) 20 Apr 2021 19:30:54
And hymans points totals are not inflated at all playing with marner and matthew’s right? I would bet my entire fortune thst he wouldn’t be leading Vancouver or Montreal in scoring this year.

19.) 20 Apr 2021 21:50:45
I’ll concede. You’re correct. In the debate of 3rd line talent playing in top 6, Toffoli is better, okay?



15 Apr 2021 22:30:22
Where does Nolan Patrick get traded to?


1.) 15 Apr 2021 23:18:02
Seattle probably takes him.

2.) 16 Apr 2021 05:16:33
I don't follow him or Flyers, especially this year. why is he getting traded. ? Just not working out?




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26 Apr 2021 20:47:07
I wouldn't keep Rielly. Rather trade him for a Parayko/ Chychrun type.




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14 Mar 2021 20:44:56
The point of this trade is that the leafs need a more defensively sound 1d to replace Rielly.

If lindholm isn't they guy, who do u suggest?




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11 Mar 2021 00:04:51
I checked Bertzuzzi's cap hit and it's basically the same as Kerfoot.
So it works cap wise.

What else do u think?
Any adds or subtracts from the leafs side?




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06 Mar 2021 15:35:31
Why so many unbelievable.




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19 Feb 2021 23:29:38
Anaheim won't be competitive for a while my guy.





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