27 Feb 2015 01:39:56
Maybe selling out Maple Leaf Gardens & the ACC for years has finally paid off. I guess they're paying him out of their pockets. The leafs get a 5 million cap relief and I have a Clarkson jersey to burn. Chirp is going to be furious, a good thing just happened to the leafs. Please leave enough space on the page for his rant.

1.) 27 Feb 2015
27 Feb 2015 08:12:04
he'll spin in some negative way somehow. probably rant on how toronto shouldn't be able to spend its way out of mistakes or something, but make no mention of savard in BOS or pronger in PHI who are essentially the same situation, except if those salaries were counted those 2 teams would go wayyy over the cap.

2.) 27 Feb 2015
I don't think anyone has an issue with players like that being put on LTIR and not counting against the cap. I think most people to take exception to it believe that those contracts should not be tradable so that teams can't buy themselves out of a hole they were stupid enough to put themselves in. Kinda unfair to teams that can't afford to do it because you drove a FA out of their price range then got out of it in a way most teams couldn't. That's the only issue I see with it. Still very shocked that trade went down huge deal for Toronto