19 Feb 2015 21:42:05
Just a thought. Give me your feed back

Do you think the Bruins would consider trading Rask? He won the vezina last year and is signed long term but the Bruins are doing bad and IMO will miss the playoffs so what type of moves will they make if they miss the playoffs MANAGMENT?, Chara, etc

1.) 20 Feb 2015
The core is still young enough. Maybe they deal Chara to get younger but they'd have a hard time replacing him. I feel they might just do some minor retooling and hope to stay healthy next year

2.) 20 Feb 2015
Rask for Quick. Add if needed. Changes up the net for both sides. Could bring life.

3.) 20 Feb 2015
No, because if they trade rask they'll continue missing the playoffs for the next couple pf years until subban reaches an elite level

4.) 20 Feb 2015
No chance they trade Rask. not even 1%

5.) 20 Feb 2015

IMO any trade involving Rask boston will lose. They should however trade a player with significant value. I imagine they would want to hang on to Rask, Bergeron, Hamilton, Pastrnak and Chara because I can't see them getting a lot for him so may aswell keep him. Maybe trade away a Krejci or Lucic?

6.) 20 Feb 2015
Maybe if/when Subban steps up.

7.) 20 Feb 2015
What do you guys think Rask could fetch? One young roster player (already established), good prospect and a first?

8.) 20 Feb 2015
^ more than that IMO Benn.

He's only 27, signed long term and has accomplished a lot. #1 goalies are probably the rarest commodity in the NHL, let alone elite #1s.

I think you're looking at a very good prospect or two, very good established player, and some high picks

9.) 20 Feb 2015
Ok thx.