18 Nov 2021 20:24:12
If Eichel actually returns pre-playoffs like he says he is.

Vegas Acquires:
Julien Gauthier (Buriable Contract)
2022 3rd Round Pick
2022 6th Round Pick

NY Rangers Acquire:
Reilly Smith

Vegas Acquires:
Pierre Engvall (Toronto retains 7.5% - Buriable Contract)

Toronto Acquires:
Mattias Janmark
2022 6th Round Pick (NYR)

Vegas alleviates 7 mill in cap space, which will be enough to get them to the cap ceiling - both Engvall and Gauthier are decent 12/ 13 forwards but more importantly are buriable contracts with Engvall's slight retention.

There's not going to be many teams that will line up to help Vegas, but Toronto has enough space to replace Engvall with Janmark with little harm done to the roster, which is all-in-all and upgrade for the team, and the Rangers have nearly 6 million in cap space, more than enough for a quality top 6 player in Smith.

Again, if Eichel Kucherovs, then none of this needs to happen. But Eichel himself said he wanted to play in the RS, and if he does, Vegas needs to maneuver one way or another.

1.) 19 Nov 2021
19 Nov 2021 00:58:56
Honesty thinking he’s going to have to Kucherov whether he likes it or not.

2.) 19 Nov 2021
19 Nov 2021 08:08:06
Yeah that's what I thinks actually going to happen, its just that Eichels super outspoken on stuff (not saying the surgery was the wrong decision, imo Buffalo was totally in the wrong there), but the way he conducted his interview with Elliotte Freideman after the trade kinda showed that he's not really shy to back down, and if he wants games before the playoffs, itll kinda be tough to convince him otherwise. Will be interesting though.