14 Aug 2021 22:04:02
T.D.W.D.(the dubas way out)....

...Blame it on Hunter.

To Calgary:

Mitch Marner - 10, 903,000
Morgan Reilly - 5,000.000
Peirre Engvall - 1.25
Liljegren - 835,698


Matthew Tkachuk -7 mil

Noah Hanifin - 4.95 mil

Nikita Zadorov - signed at 2.2

Brett Ritchie - 900,00

1.) 15 Aug 2021
15 Aug 2021 11:20:40
Calgary hangs up.

2.) 15 Aug 2021
15 Aug 2021 19:41:23
Ya uhhh little one sided there bud.

3.) 15 Aug 2021
15 Aug 2021 22:46:55
Any leaf trade is lopsided. You could post mathews for her and so. eone would find a way for leafs to add.

4.) 16 Aug 2021
16 Aug 2021 00:01:00
You know what's funny?

Leafs fans.

Just about every trade they propose would be great for Toronto and terrible for the other team (or teams) involved. Usually it involves the team taking on a big increase in cap hit with no thought whatsoever if they can afford it or not.

Calgary isn't going to Toronto a huge favor by taking on the Leafs cap problems and sending back some of their own best players in return.

5.) 17 Aug 2021
17 Aug 2021 02:36:53
Marner straight up for Tkachuk, who says no, curious to see who people think has more value to a team.

Imo Marner earns the money he makes being a top 5 point producer in the league, but does a player with grit and sandpaper like Tkachuk who can also put up a lot of points have more value.

How about just ignoring the cap hit, who is the better player?

6.) 17 Aug 2021
17 Aug 2021 18:08:54
Calgary laughs and hangs up. 11M for a guy who can't score when the games matter? NO THANKS!

7.) 18 Aug 2021
17 Aug 2021 20:05:16
@Chickenfoot No need to hang up, just make a counter offer.

If you retain 3 mil per year on Marner trade our soft left winger who becomes invisible when the games matter for your soft right winger who becomes invisible when the games matter.

8.) 18 Aug 2021
17 Aug 2021 20:29:36
With no cap value, I think Tkachuk and marner are close in value. adding cap makes marner worth less. Hanifin probably worth more than reilly for contract status.

The only reason reilly is being thought about in a trade, is his contract is up. everyone knows this. Swap Tkachuk for gadreau. And Toronto retains the 900k to make marner 10m.

9.) 19 Aug 2021
19 Aug 2021 00:01:27

If I were building a lineup, Marner is not in it. At any price.

11M for a sweetheart like that is a non-starter. He's barely a PPG player.

You said CGY hangs up, and I agree with you. No basis for a deal from Calgary's perspective.

10.) 19 Aug 2021
19 Aug 2021 04:21:07
@Chickenfoot Normally I'd agree but what my counter offer was trading him for Gaudreau with 3 mil retained on Marner. I wouldn't consider it at all for anyone but Gaudreau and even then only with a big chunk of Marner's salary retained by Toronto.

Even then I'd only do it because Calgary is strong at LW and weak at RW. Trade our soft offensive LW for their soft offensive RW.

Mind you my math was a little off, I should have said 3.5-4 mil retained on Marner instead of only 3.

11.) 19 Aug 2021
19 Aug 2021 12:48:29

A counter-offer is best made when there is some basis for a potential deal. (I'm a deal-maker in a different industry, and I don't see a potential deal here for either side, thus my response. )

I base this on:

- Dubas has shown little interest in learning from mistakes and adjusting course. Instead, he has stubbornly doubled down on the "we can and we will" mentality when it comes to breaking up the 4 guys consuming half his cap.

- Dubas is unlikely to deal Marner and hold back salary because it would be a tacit admission that he lost (badly) his Marner negotiation.

- Trades are made for a variety of reasons, but generally, you trade what you have an abundance of to address a weakness. The leafs should trade Marner, but the return should focus on D, Goaltending, and prospects or picks. They don't have enough of any of those 3 things. Gaudreau is an exciting player, but they help at D and G more.

- Ultimately, the leafs have neither the cap space, prospects, or draft picks to ever fix their top-heavy lineup, which has never won anything. It's over. When Scooby doubled down on his core this summer, ownership should have fired him and hired an experienced GM do the obvious.

- The next leaf GM will have to break up the 4 big contracts and rebuild. They have nothing in the system, and 3 picks next year. Its obvious what they need, and what they don't. Trading Marner will be key, but Gaudreau is the wrong return, and this GM won't trade him regardless.

12.) 19 Aug 2021
19 Aug 2021 15:35:34
It was a sarcastic counter offer.

I know Dubas won't trade Marner just like Treliving has stubbornly refused to trade Gaudreau.

13.) 19 Aug 2021
19 Aug 2021 18:12:00
It's very difficult to detect sarcasm in the written form minus tone, but I agree with you that Scooby is unlikely to learn and change course. I get the sense Gaudreau will be traded, but I guess time will tell.