22 Nov 2020 05:37:55
Three Team Trade

To TBL - (2021) 4TH Round Pick and (2021) 4TH Round Pick
To OTT - Yanni Gourde, (2020) 2ND Round Pick and Gabriel Fortier
To NJD - Tyler Johnson, (2021) 2ND Round Pick and Maxim Cajkovic

( DET, TBL )

To TBL - (2020) 4TH Round Pick
To DET - Braydon Coburn

( FLA, TBL )

To TBL - (2020) 1ST Round Pick and Noel Acciari
To FLA - Alex Killorn

TBL Available Cap Space : 17,553,333

(Considering the tax in TB, here are my contract comparables)

M Sergachev > N Hanifin (4.95 @ 6yr)
A Cirelli > A Kerfoot (3.50 @ 4yr)
E Cernak > D Hamilton (5.75 @ 6yr)

O Palat - S Stamkos - N Kucherov
A Cirelli - B Point - A Barré-Boulet
B Goodrow - N Acciari - B Coleman
P Maroon - C Paquette - M Stephens

V Hedman - E Cernak
M Sergachev - R McDonagh
C Foote - L Schenn

1.) 22 Nov 2020
22 Nov 2020 06:08:17
2020 draft already passed and no one’s paying anything for Killhorn great player but every-team wants to see Tampa burn + a team could sign Hoffman for same price. Tampa will have to give up a lot more that I can promise.

2.) 22 Nov 2020
22 Nov 2020 15:30:11
Cernak is the worst of the 3 RFAs I don’t think he comes out of this with the biggest contract.

3.) 22 Nov 2020
22 Nov 2020 15:49:19
@jbs I disagree but I respect your response. :) and @Nylander Killorn is signed fairly cheap for someone who puts up 40+ points consistently

4.) 22 Nov 2020
22 Nov 2020 16:35:51

As a Wings Fan, I would jump in on Gourde in place of Ottawa.

Not much interested Couburn unless we get a sweetener.

Regarding your point on Killorn, I agree he is a good player. Just worried he may be a product of Tampa’s team that gets him those points. Unless he goes to another deeply skilled roster, I would be a little concerned.

5.) 22 Nov 2020
22 Nov 2020 17:13:12
@datsyuk I’m 100% with you on Killorn. But I added Coburn to DET cause of their atrocious defence

6.) 23 Nov 2020
23 Nov 2020 11:59:08
jbs is correct, Cernak will 100% get the lowest AAV if the terms are comparable. He's important to TB, but his talent level isn't Sergachev's or Cirelli's.

First two trades could be the sad reality of what TB needs to pay, still hoping it's less, though.
I can see a team paying for Killorn, we wouldn't have to add there for sure and also think we want to keep him. But if we trade him, he wouldn't fetch a 1st+ but maybe a mid pick + prospect or something, rather.

RFAs going to sign bridge deals, 2-3 years. TB can't afford to pay the AAV for 6+ years for any of them right now and it's also club policy to get a 2-3 year bridge after the ELC before you then get a bigger long-term deal. Even Kucherov and Point did it. Cirelli, Sergy and Cernak won't be an exception to this.

7.) 23 Nov 2020
23 Nov 2020 14:57:07
The problem with a lot of these “ditch a player” trades for Gourde and Johnson and Killorn is that they have some or full control of the process. There’s a huge team advantage for Tampa in negotiating player contracts in a low tax state and it’s got them a lot of players signed to less than market value.

However, it also forces the team to give trade protection to players that typically wouldn’t get it in other markets. 2nd/ 3rd liners rarely get NTC or NMC like these guys, but if you’re asking them to take $4M instead of $5M+ because of the tax savings, they need assurance they won’t be traded and making $4M while paying Ontario/ NY/ Cali taxes in a year or two.

2 of these trades have guys going to areas (OTT and NJ) where their ‘take home pay’ would be significantly less than it is now. Add that to the Escrow the players already owe off their pay this season and I find it hard to believe the player agrees.

8.) 24 Nov 2020
23 Nov 2020 23:32:18

I can understand that point regarding our defence. It’s not great by any means but it’s starting to get a little crowded with meh guys.

Still would need the add to take him or at least consider a lower return (not huge, mid pick maybe)

Just don’t see us taking bodies right now unless we’re getting picks/ prospects.

9.) 24 Nov 2020
24 Nov 2020 00:41:32
I agree actually @datsyuk_fan13

10.) 24 Nov 2020
24 Nov 2020 18:30:12
Teams are more concerned about making tampa worse then making their own teams better. They won’t help out tampa because that’ll just allow them to be a dynasty. It’s more likely a RFA signs an offer sheet ( a second buyout window is opened ) and Killhorn is bought out even tho he is a good player on a good contract. Think about it in a political sense country A could benefit by trading with Country B but country A does not want to help shift balance of power so they choose country 3 to trade with ( while the same benefit is not gained by choosing country B, country A still benefits and country B is weakened. )

11.) 24 Nov 2020
24 Nov 2020 18:52:59
@nylander they would help them out because they are team that have the cap space to do it and are teams that want future assets. Maybe Tampa might have to pay a little more given they have no leverage in the situation but you’re making it sound like teams are out to get them lol and why would they care if Tampa became a “dynasty” the teams helping them wouldn’t even care cause they’re not in a spot to compete yet.

12.) 25 Nov 2020
25 Nov 2020 07:47:00
@Sampson: You should really read the article Allan Walsh I think it was published in The Athletic. There is no such thing as a tax advantage (or at least it's super miniscule) .

Apart from that, the control argument is only partly valid. You saw it with Johnson (and Hornqvist, too, but Johnson is obviously the better example here because he's one of the players in question) .
He has a full NTC, he wouldn't need to go anywhere if he doesn't want to. He was approached and provided the team with a 6-8 team trade list, because players want to playx where they're wanted. After TB couldn't find a deal with those 6-8 teams, he expanded that list.
I mean, of course it's not like he has NO trade protection, but it certainly seems far from "TB cannot move him at all", too.

13.) 25 Nov 2020
25 Nov 2020 12:19:39
We will see time will tell but there is a reason Tampa hasn’t made a move yet.

14.) 25 Nov 2020
25 Nov 2020 19:16:23
Pretty bang on with Sergachev AAV, even if he was able to get that term down to 3 years.

15.) 25 Nov 2020
25 Nov 2020 19:47:24
I did read Allan Walsh’s article. I’ve also seen him interviewed about it. He said most guys have tax guys and accountants that are smart enough to get creative and make up MOST of the difference. Nowhere does he say there’s no difference.

Secondly, I never said “they couldn’t move him at all”. I said they have full or atleast some control over the situation. Meaning I find it hard to believe you send them to a poor team, in a worse city, with worse weather and less take home pay lol some guys would take less pay for a better team, or a nicer city to live in etc. But to downgrade in every aspect AND take a pay cut? What’s their motivation?